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April Term of Court Ad-
' journed' Thursday By
Judge Morris .
The Awil Item of Perouimana Su-
perior Court convened here Monday,
witih" Judge Chester Morns of Curri
tuck presiding. A total of 21 cams
, wer listed on the criminal. . docket,
and there was little hope- of any
cases, other than a few divorce a
tic-ns, being disposed of on. tithe ciyijl
calendar. :.
1A nol proa was taken "by the State
in the cases in which Booker T. Har-
roll, Negro, was charged with driv
ing drunk, and Sleeker Alexander
was charged with being drunk and
difKirrierlv. v;. ;v:v I
In iHie""TtrsE"' case " tried, that of
wife Ons fire to woodlands, a -J
dered by Judge Morris,
A verdict of not guilty was re
turned by the jury in the case of Jo
seph Armstrong, Negro, charged with
driving drunk. ."":' -'UA:
The case of Trannte SpeEman, Ne
gro, charged with manslaughter, in
connection with a log truck-echool bus
- accident, which resulted in the death
of Jrene Foreman, in February, 1960,
was started late Monday afternoon.
The case went to the jury about 11
A. M. Wednesday morning and a ver
dict of not guilty was returned by
the jury, some 40 minutes later.
Spellman was released by the , Court.
On Tuesday Solicitor Walter Co-
hoon took a nol pros in the cases in
which Roosevelt Smith, Negro, was
ehorvpa -with -"' itwwrwutsiTw and Ta.iv
ceny; Maurice Saunders was charged
with reckless driving and James
Langston, was charged with driving
The case of Posie Moore, charged
with driving drunk, was continued un
til .the next term of Superior Court.
The Grand Jury returned no true
bilk in the cases in which John Grant
was charged with breaking and enter
ing; and Myrtle Harrell was charged
with being an. accessory after the
tact "Not true fWu was also re
turned in the case in which Jack Keel
was charged with assault.
Two more eases; those tljMJfMor
ris. Jr.. and GfA-VwiriM
charged with driving drunk, ; were
heard Wednesday afternoon. The jury
deliberating the Morris case 'reported
at five o'clock St -was" unable to reach
a verdict and Judge Morris ordered,
the. members ito return Thursday to
. continue deliberations.
The lEure case was expected to reach
the jury sometime Thursday .morning.
This left six criminal cases on the
docket at the recess of the court
Wednesday night.
Near the close of the Wednesday
afternoon sessions Judge Morris or
dered T. -J; Baas to be placed in jail
because Bass had entered the court
room in a drunken condition.
Tc iflpn April 23
' The Perquimans Business and Pro
fessional woman 3 viut wiii sponsor
its second annual bicycle and safety
contest during the week of April 23
' to 28, it was announced here .today.
.'' ,-Plans' for: the contest were com
pleted at a business Meeting of .tflie
x Club members, held last Friday night
the home of Mrs, Viola Nachman.
C t The contest will be divided into five
j categories, with a large number of,
, prizes to be awarded winning entrants.
The categories, any or all of which
, school children may enter, are Bicycle
V Scrapbooks, Safety Posters, Logans,
Bicycle Parade and Sale Riders. The
, first three of these contests 'will be
carried out though the' schools in the1
1 county, and childnen erttering'are ad-
vised that all scrapbooks, (posters, and
- slogans must be turned in to teachers
4 by Thursday! April .26.
i , A mammoth bicycle parade 'will' cM ,
v max the safety campaign, and will
, be held in (Hertford on Saturday
April " 28, weather ipermitting. The
parade will be under the supervision
i of the Hertford Junior Chamber of
. wuuuvivvt .... -.. -
All 'contests; conducted in connec
tion with the safety campaign, will
be -divided into classes, ' it was ' an-
nounced. Children in grades one
4 uirougu naive, wm De in group I;
- children in grades four through seven
will be in group 2, and students in
irrades eight through .02 will be in
4.1. .V il .. . . -T. I .
' group three.
" Complete instructions regarding the
rules !ox the contest may be' obtain
ed by any child, desiring to enter,
irom this teacner, and the prizes will!
,be awardsd a certain number to: each)
K'vuj ouu om unuviuuai Eomegc -
Annud Safety Drive
The grand jury,' alt the April term
of Perquimans Superior Court, made
its report Ito the Court at IZ:45 V, M.
Wednesday -after having passed on all
bills sent by the court and complet
ed inspections c county offices . and
properties. ;v;;V;'- -';:.f ""''"i'
Inspection of county offices led the
grand Jury to report all were in good,
clean condition and all records and
Ales in order the grand .jury report
ed minor repairs needed at three
school buildings, and a thorough
cleaning of the Court House attic.
The jury reported the jail in good
condition inside and out, and the in
terior exceptionally clean.
. . reported it ocfc
vOn examination of .the County Home
condition and recommended ' the entire
interior ibe painted, screens installed
and new furnishings installed in each
bedroom. Also recommended was re-
pairs to ' the , porches, heating and
lighting systems' and periodical in
spection by County Commissioners
and Health Department.
M. J. Gregory signed the report as
chairman of the Grand Jury.
SercorM Clubbers
Miss -Perquimans County of 1961
will be picked joy out-of -county judges
on the Senior 4-IH Club's program
Thursday, April 26,' at .'8 o'clock in
the"lPerquimans High ''School audi
torium. The program, which was
worked up by the "Senior 4-H Club
members with ' 4-H Clubber (Bobby
Smith as chairman, is the result of
senior" 4-H Club members' determina
tion to have a record player and mi
crophone for 'recreation purposes. ' All
money from the sale of tickets, which
can ibe ' bought rrom any 4-H Club
member, will go toward .the purchase
of a combination 'record player and
micophone. 44H'er Bobby Smith
stated that any club or organization
that wishes to help with the sale of
tickets and making the program a
successwould have the privilege of
using the machine in thear organiza
tion. . . '
The program will consist of & short
play by eighth graders Virgil Cope
land, IBilly v Baker, Barbara Edwards,
Phyllis Trueblood, Carolyn Eure and
Joanna Williford. Also other high
school organizations will contribute
to the program.
The winner of the beauty contest
will be selected and Crowned that night
and will 'be presented a cup' with her
name and IMias 'Perquimans County
of 1951 engraved upon it. Those n-
itcrinsr the contest are as follows
Irene Hunter, Bettae Ann Matthews,
Janice Sumner, Earlene Chappell,
Frances Sutton, Janice Yagel, Barbara
Lee Sawyer, Suzanne Towe, Marion
Elliott, Eva Russell, Emily Ann Sum.
ner, Nellie Cartwright, Margaret But
ler, Shirley Copeland, Nonie Lou
Lane, Barbara Butt, Mary. IDunsmoor,
Mary Beth , Perry, (Louise Jordan,
Katherine Hurdle, Kaye Stanton, Sal
ly. Overton, Marion Elliott, Elizabeth
Proctor, Doris Jf aye Allien and Vir
ginia Gay.
Rites May For
l."rs. Joyce Ifcrre'l
Mrs. Joyce Brattain Harrell, 69,
widow of the late Charles M. Harrell'
Sr died last Saturday morning at
7 80 o'clock eit the Aibemarte Hospital
after a long iUnefia.: : ?v k.
She was a native of Davidson, the
daughter of John 'Eli and Mary Honey-
curo OBrattain.: '-1 -'"'
Survivors are-' a son,1 Charles M.
Harnell, Jr., a daughter, (Hans. Joyce
Gray, of Alexandria, Vs., three sis
Anrs, Mrs.' Cyrus Codvin of (Davidson,
Mrs. Sumpter Templeton of Moores
cille, Mrs. George Smith of Cornelia,
and a brother, W. A. OBrattain of Charr
Jotte. , (
IFuneral services were conducted
Monday morning at H o'clock at Ithe
graveside in Cedarwood Cemetery by
the iRev. A. L. Chaplain paator of the
Hertford Methodist Church. Pallbear
er were John Wileon, Walter and
i'asre Brattain, T. S. Mitchiell and T.
J. Harrell. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. 'Wendell & Benton
announce' the birth of a daughter.
'wenay uuae, on Avril 10.-
To Conduct Beauty
Contest April 26
til!.,. II!Im4'm
Sc: J domination
For Tovn Office
Large Vote Expected to
Be Cast In Primary
On April 30
Nine candidates are seeking thfe
nomination to represent the Town of
Hertford as Mayor and Cpmmissiiners
at Ithe primary election ito be held on
Monday, April 30, it was reported to
day by W. G. Newby, Town Clerk,
with, whom the candidates had filed for
office. ,u . ,
: The list for candidates include all
members of the present board. Mayor
V. N. Darden is seeking re-election
and he is opposed by T. E. Baper, who
filed as a candidate for the office last
Seeking posts as Town Commis
sioners are incumbents B. C. Berry,
M. J. Gregory, W. H. Hardcastle,
Henry Clay Sullivan, and three resi
dents seeking the office for the first
time, W. Kay White, (Robert L. Hoi
lowell and Edison Harris.
Interest in the election has been
on the upswing for Ithe past few days
and a representative vote is expected
to be cast in the primary on April
30. (Registration books for the pri
mary close this Saturday and Mrs.
B. G. Koonce, registrar, stated several
new names were added to the books.
Challenge day for the election will be
observed next coming Saturday.
Only one polling place will be open
ed for the town election, this is in
accordance with past procedure, and
this voting precinct will be located
in the Court House. The polls will
be open from :30 A. M., until 6:30
P.M. .
There are no individual contests in
the Town election concerning the of
fices as Commissioners, that is no one
candidate is running against another,
but the commissioners will be nomi
nated by voters casting ballots for
four of the candidates, and the four
candidates receiving the highest num.
ber of votes will be declared.the nomi
nees." ' . ' . . ', "
Likewise there are no 1 zones or
wards connected with Ifchft election
Thus-Tioiera when casting1 itheir-bal-
lots, 'mrsy vote for any four of the
seven candidates listed 'for these
posts. . ' ' ;,'
Bethel Ruritans
To Give Program
iFriday night is the time, and the
auditorium . of (Pertjuimans High
School is the place for the Woman-
less Wedding sponsored by the Bethel
Ruritan Club. ' '
The Bethel Ruritans have prepared
a hilarious program of entertainment
with a cast of characters including
well known community ingures elab
orately costumed to fit the parts they
will take. ,
Taking the spotlight as the blush
ing bride, Rosebud Delicatessen High
tower, will be tall and lanky F. A.
McGoogan, with (Perquimans County
Farm Agent, I. C. Yagel, as the
lucky bridegroom, Archibald Hercules
Bernard iF, Proctor will officiate at
the nuptial event, , in .the role of the
Reverend Hogwash Hackensack Stoop
nagle. ''.;';':-1 ''"'.''..':,'."'.'';
Completing the cast will be best
man, Julian Long; maid of honor,
Earl Topping; matron of honor, Em
mett Long; mother of -the bride,
Warner Madre; mother of the bride
groom, T. K. Kirby; 'father of the'
bride," Elliott Layden: father of the
groom,' Edgar Long; grandmother of 1
the bride, J. JDPhilhps; disappointed
suitor, A. Houston Edwards; brides
maids,' Flijtemah. Lijing, Boy S. Chap-
peii ijsnnw . CRhillips, Charles Ward;
flower girl, I. C. Long; ushers, Billy
White and Charles Skinner, Jr.
'' Special musk for the occasion will
be rendered by Jamie P.' Snipes, with
piano' accompaniment. !.';!'
(No small part of the (entertainment
will be, provided by the costumes worn
by the characters, and me commen
tary on the ' event by (Ruritan J. T.
Riggers, Perquimians County School
' ! ffProceeds derived from the Woman
less 'Wedding will be used by tite Ru
ritans for their building fund. 1 They I
have just recently completed the
Bethel Community Building.
; ? " 'f-ri.U'l'''
. w. '- ':. i :. .- .y . .
The Hertford Chapter of the Order
of Eastern Star will hold fa rpcnrtm.r
mating 1 next Mondav nieht at the
'odoe rooms.. 'All members are unred
County f.ta Idled
Accidsntelly By j
Discherged Shotgun
Funeral Held Monday
;For Henry ElUott Ofi
Mather Henry Elliott, 3d, promi
nent Perquimans County farmer, of
near Woodville, died instantly at about
11;30 o'clock last Saturday morning,
at his home, when an automatic shot
gun was discharged accidentally, blow
ing away the top part of his head.
A short time before the accident!
Elliott, who lived near the Woodville
Airport, had asked his wife for Sonne
rags with which to clean his gun. He
then went to his work shop, adjacent
to his home. His youngest son, Jo
seph Elliott, six, was standing on the
back porch of. the home and heard the
blast. The boy went to the work Shop
and discovered nis. father lying on the
ground fatally injured. He returned
to the house and reported the acci
dent to his mother.
Sheriff M. G. Owens and Coroner
Dr. C. A. Davenport were called toj
the 'scene and. conducted an investi
gation. Later the day Dr. Daven
port conducted an inquest ait which
a large number of witnesses testified.
Sheriff Owens testified to the coron
er's jury that he was familiar with the
type of gun, owned by Mr. EHidtt, and
that it was a Belgian-made automatic
shotgun so constructed that when
finsd normally or intentionally eject
ed the shell from the gun. This did
not occur, according to Sheriff Owens,
when the gun discharged killing Mr.
Elliott, thus showing an accidental
firing of the gun.
i'The coroner's jury, composed of R.
Ci Murray, V. N. arden, Wayland
Butler, C. W. White, L. B. Sitter-
siin and E. L. Jennings returned a ver
dict of death bv accident.
IFuneral services for Mr. Elliott were
conducted Monday afternoon at four
o'clock at Elizabeth City.
'Survivors' include his wife, Mrs.
Catherine Whitehurst Elliott; two
daughters, Marion 16, and Alice Faye,
8; ' two sons, Carlton, 13 and Joseph
(iiutty, tj; Ilia Marcuta, lui. euiu mia.
Tnh Flliott: three sistersMrs. Tom
White, of Winfall; Mrs. Weldon Hollo-
well, Edenton, and Miss Minnie Belle,
Elliott RFD Hertford, and two bro
thers, L. B. Elliott and J. A. Elliott,
both of RFD 3, Hertford.
Perquimans Indians
Win Two Games Over
Mobbsvine Nine
'Perquimans High School's baseball
team, shooting for its sixth straight
championship in the Albemarle area,
chalked up victories number three
and four at the expense of Hobhsville
High School last Friday and Monday
afternoons. The Friday contest was
played at Hobbsville with the Indians
winning by an 8-2 count. Earl Roger
son, star hurler for the Indians, pitch
ed the first seven innings and was
then relieved by Winslow. Rqgerson
struck out nine batters and walked
two, allowing two runs in the fourth
inning. :
Garland" Walker was the best hit
ter for the Indians, getting two bingles
for four trips to the plate.
iPerquimans scored one run in the
second, third and fifth innings and had
a field day in the fourth when the
Indians collected five runs. : The In
dians got " eight runs on seven hits
and committed one error while Hobbs
ville got two runs on four hits and
committed four errors.
iRogerson was again the winning
pitcher in the game Tuesday, when he
did the hurling for nine innings, giv
ing up three hits and striking out sev
en batters. His control was excel
lent and he gave no walks. : -
Vance Bright was the big man with
the stick for the Indians hitting safe
ly five times in five tries at the bat
Perquimans got two runs in the first
inning, two in the fourth and four in
the seventh in Tuesday's game' while
Hobbsville, tallied its lone score in
the second inning. (Perquimans had 8
runs on 10 hits and made three er
rors while Hobbsville scored one run
on three hits and committed no errors.
On. Friday afternoon of this .week
the Indians will play Columbia here
in Hertford and will meet the Ply
mouth nine here on Memorial Field
next Friday, April 27; " . , ,
The Tnual recitals for music pu
"iM of Mrs. 1R. M. iRdddick have been
TiTinnTMd as follows: . high school
rnU !M.v 15t grammar school pu-
o,im.vw 9 A . "Ponenta and friends are
iv Twid to attend the pro-
m Destroyed J
District ATU and ABC officers cap
tured a huge 200-gallon still, arrest-
e done man, and poured out 30 gal
lons of whiskey in a raid conducted
last Saturday about three miles from
ATU agents Jack Gasldll and Felix
O'Riley and ABC officers A. B. Baum
and B. V. Halstead, who took part in
the raid, found the upright copper
still in a woods near Buzzards Fork
about three miles west of Hertford,
They destroyed the still and 460 gal
lons of mash and .poured out the il
legal whiskey.
Arrested at the still was Lee Step
ney, Negro, of Hertford. Two other
men got away from the officers before
they could be apprehended.
Central PTA Names
Officers For Year
The Perquimans County Central
Grammar 'School Parent-Teacher As
sociation met Monday evening in the
school auditorium with .the president,
Carl Yow, presiding.
'America" was sung by th group.
Mrs. J. C. Chaffin conducted the de
votional and aflter Scripture and re
marks sang "The Lord's Prayer," ac
companied by Miss Dorothy Maynard
at tho piano.
The speaker for the evening was
Don Helms, director of the Elizabeth
City Boys' Club. He spoke on the
subject "Recreation Is a Must,'' in
which he pointed out results of the
recreation program in his club and
the effect it has on the lives of the
boys and the community at large.
A group of seventh grade boys sang
"Shortinin' Bread."
The treasurer's report w$s given,
after which the president' message
was read. , 7, MSL'X..
Mr. "Snipes spoke on results of the
insurance plan used this year. .
'Room representative chairman, Mrs.
Jack Benton, gave a report of what
had been accomplished in .the various
rooms by her group. j
Reports were given of two study j
group meetings held recently and the
last one to be held was announced.'.
It will be in the home of Mrs. Joel
Hollowell with .the Winfall group.
A motion was carried, to sponsor,
the Girl . Scouts next year and that
$50 be appropriated to these PCCG
Girl (Scouts to be used in making
awards and necessary supplies.
Announcement was made that post
ers were to be mads for next meeting
to be judged as to art and safety.
The nominating committee sub
mitted the following officem, who were
approved by the association: Presi
dent, Mrs. W. H. Mathews1; vice
president, Mrs. Tom Riddick; secre
tary, Mrs. Delyiri Eure; assistant sec
retary, Miss Johnnie White; treasur
er, Mrs. Charlie IRogerson.
Mrs. Edwin 'White's first and second
grade won the attendance award.
A picnic supper will be held at 6:30
prior to the regular May meeting.
Peanut Allotment
Perquimans Couuty has .been assign.
ed a new peanut quota for 1951, ac
cording to an announcement made this
week by W. E. White, secretary of
the IPMA Committee.' The new quota,
almost identical with (that of 1950,
was made in accordance with the
higher acreage peanut bill recently,
passed by Congress affecting Virginia
and North Carolina growers.
Instructions for applying the in
creased acreage were given PMA of
ficials at a meeting held last Thurs
day at Tarboro.
)PMA offices are using the average
peanut acreage for 1948, 1949 and
1950. and applying a factor of .2004
to this average to get the increase
for the county. .
Mr. White reported that ' very
shortly every peanutl producer in the
county will receive notice of his re
vised allotment, and this will be his
acreage for 1951. He added that in
figuring these revised allotments, there
will be changes in each form, and
some farmers will have higher acre
age allotments, as compared with Ithe
three year average and some will be
lower. . '
At Meeting Monday
For Perquimans
May 3 Set As Date For
Proposals To Be
Opened Here
Sealed bids for the construction of
an addition to the Hertford Negro
School, will be received and opened
by the Perquimans Board of Educa
tion on Thursday, May 3, it was re
ported today by John T. Biggers,
County Superintendent of Schools.
IPlans for .the addition, which con
sists of five classrooms, a combina
tion library and lunchroom, and a
heating plant, have been completed by
the architect, J. W. Griffin, and are
in the hands of a number of contrac
tors expecting to bid on the construc
tion. iPmliminary estimates as to the
cost of the project have been set at
$65,000, the funds to be made avail
able through the sale of bonds, author
ized at the special bond election last
The addition, according to the plans,
is to be constructed adjoining the pres
ent school structure and will enable
the Board of 'Education .to complete
the consolidation program for all
county schools.
This project is the third in a series
of five to be constructed under the
program adopted by the Board of Edu
cation some two years ago when funds
were made available by the State for
sclmolhouse construction.
The second project, the Union School
for Negroes at Winfall, is rapidly
nearing completion and will be ready
for occupancy by the students at the
opening of the new school term next
September. It is the desire and hope
of thi members of the Board of Edu
cation that the Hertford project can
be finished in time for use by the
school students before the end of the
next school term.
Projects number four and five, of
the program calls for construction of
a lunchroom at the Hertford and Cen
tral Grammar .Schools, and action on
these propects is expected to be start
ed just as soon as contracts are let for
the addition to the Hertford Negro
Start Operations .
First of May
iArtmciai oreeaing 01 cauie in rer
quimans will become a reality soon.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Association held in Elizabeth City
Thursday evening, May 1 was set as
the date to start operations. ,
IFrank Skinner, Route 3, Hertford,
Chairman of the board of directors,
presented the charter for the organi
zation, the name of which is the Al
bemarle Breeding Cooperative, Inc.
Skinner then introduced J. F. Brown
Extension Specialist from State Col
lege, who had been invited to attend
this meeting to guide the directors in
planning the work of the cooperative.
Frank Jessup of Hertford was em
ployed by the directors as technician.
Jessup reported that a refrigerator
and insemination kit had been pur
chased and 'that temporary office
space had been provided in the Agri
cultural Building at Hertford. Other
equipment such as filing case, micro
scope, and sterilizer are to be pur
chased later. Edgar White of Hert
ford offered his serivces as secretary
and treasurer of the cooperative and
was accepted by the board. He was
instructed to notify the manager of
the stud at Asheville of the date this
cooperative plans to begin operations
in order that a mailing schedule may
be worked out by that time.
Approximately isixty members have
been signed up in Perquimans County.
Chowan and Pasquotank reported la
smaller number, while Currituck and
Camden did not report any.
Rotarians Plan
Ladies' Night Party
Hertford Rotarians at their weekly
meeting held Tuesday night at the
Hotel Hertford made plans for hold
ing their annual Ladies' Night party
on Tuesday, May 16, at Harvey Point.
Herbert Mxen, president of the club,
named Jack Kanoy, Charles Henc,
Robert Hollowell and Dr. C. A. Dav
enport as a committee to arrange the
pogram. W. F. Ainsley, Dr. A. B.
Bonner, the Rev. Charles Wulf , and
Henry C. Sullivan were named as
committee to handle decorations and
secure (favors.
It was announced that Mr. Nixon
aim mr. itanoy wiM represent ttie IOV
cal (Rotary Club at the District Rotary
Convention to be . held in-(Rocky
Mount the first part of next week. .

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