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-. u
Ilexes,' County
creative, Talks
0:: A. Program
"" Cept'mIMy. C.' R. Holmes "was!
,tha r t speaker at the meeting f
the lit. "dead Rotary dub held Tues
day ni. ftt at the Hotel Hertford. Mr.
Holmes spoke on the accomplishments
of the ,1351-General (Assembly.
ment that it is easy for outsiders to
stand by and critkare the Legisla-
ture, it is hia belief the General As
sembly "did a grand lob.
. Pointing' out that a majority1 of the
members of ,the 1951 (Legislature were
committed to promisee to hold a line
against" Increasing taxes, Mr.- Holmes
told of the work of the (Appropna-
tions Cpmin&tee, which sat for hoars
each day for a period of eight weeks,
listning .to (pleas' for even greater ap
propriations than . requested by the
Advisory - (Budget ' Cominittele. The
'. report on estimated income eased the
burden "of this work, he said, and per
mits appropriations td he made to
do a reasonable pob for the State
without raisin (taxes.
The greatest demands - made the
committee,. Mr.,;, Holmes . reported,
came from school teachers,' who de
sired additional increases ever a pay
program favored by the General As-
. The IReDrenen-bitivn Mtated he had
no apologies to make for taking the
stand of holding the line on appropri
.ations in order to halt the trend to
ward higher tax levies.
the Legislature passed upon bills
which provided all requests for State
mental institutions, hut did cut down
on funds for construction of perm an
ent mprovementjtin 'State Buildings.
(He than reported on the discussions
and work conducted in connection with
several vtafewide ' t " which 'drew
much attention d:v ' the Legisla
tive session, -and t v included 'Hie
f amot?a flying !wmn "which was
Powell bin and a measure which limits
weight loads on, secondary roads.
Superior Cat
Adjc jn:d fti jay
The (April term of Superior Court,
in Bftaaion Rem Oturt to-AoV. mm Ad
journed on (Friday after completion of
the case in which IS. E. Elmore was
charged with assault with a deadly
weapon, iniiictang serious wound to
, Jack KeeS. . ,
Judge Chester Morris had planned
vt sojourned, itne court (term Thurs
day night but the .trial of - Elmore
dav. V.? ,i'..v;"-''. c:':i:-:Mr-
' Elmorewas found guilty by a jury
of a charge of assault with a deadly
weapon. , uoage iMorra sewtenied m
more to iaaLfor a natfod cit 12 n 1K
months, sentence to ha YnmMfeA htmd
payment of a fine of f 500 and costs
oi court Tfle W0 to be paid to Jack
on probation for a period of three
years. - i
' In the cass of ni!henf. V.nt Jr
charged with driving drunk, the jury
retarnea a vewect or not guilty and
ue aexencant was released. , -
- A jury found iPaul ttlowis,. Jr.
guZ!y as cl; e& of driving drunk
an j ..jrrj was cned soo and costs
N (five djvorce actions were heard by
. tr.e luouiit on Thursdav and ii!nwna
gr'"-" i in each of the ac"n. :
C--" r V7alteii C continued
live cc j urJul the nen t -n cf coni.
' is a Tr"rirj, ja t I z aJ-
Jol in c u ' i Vrrtia or-,
I-i-Ji. 'mT 'ton vs.
T. D. ; J ori't' f
court e jrj ; .r lr:onthe
r j tLct .' - . t had f:ied
to cc;f,!y v. xtnv real fr--n a Jus
tice er. reaw v... ., ri r 'i t
d,"-ndant oiEiSt coirily -tfe:.t
of the lower couIt., ,
v a.
: 9 EfCOpsJ VL "
T' "t. Reverend .Tho
d. z., i; op of r r
C?ru r - - '
? vl. J. at i
it" ' i i '3 ;c." -
tlon of f se
i H. XvV ' t
c -s s i x
Legion To Tzzsr
Gzrzz Saturday Night j
- Something new In the way of sports
will be presented at ithe Perquimans
Hush i School Memorial 'jaerd- Satur
day night. April 28, ':at eight o'clock
when the Wm. Paul. Stalling vm
of the American Legion will, sponsor
a donkey basketball game. " . j
(Donkey baseball has been witnessed
here on several occasions but playing
the game of basketball from the back
of a donkey is sometring different and
sports fans desmng the hilanou?, can
expect plenty of .action and laughs
from thifl contest. .; i
(Francis Nixon, chairman of the com
mittee in "charge-of the game, stated
the contest will 3e played with the1
Legion (Five battling the Perquimans
All-Stars. - - i
The Legion . Invites everybody to
come out and en joy the fun. .
1 'An expected Communist attack ex
ploded, on the Korean war front this
week, when ak estimated half million
Chinese and North Koreans struck at
UN positions" at three points on the
front V Numerical Buperiortty of the
Communists chopped holes In the UN
defenses and iRed gains were reported
up to 18 miles. Censored reports from'
the battle lines eay the iReds are pay
ing heavily, in tilled and wounded, as
compared , with UN losses. General
Bidgeway, UN Commander, reported
the battle had been joined and that
the outcome could be decisive.
- The Off ice of 'Price Stabilization, on
Wednesday, announced ail order to
some 75,000 manufacturers to reprice
a vast range of products. . The net
result of the order is expected: to
mean a reduction in the general level
of manufacturers' prices. The order
covers products ranging from re
frigerators and TV sets to breakfast
cereals and soup; mixes. The pro
ducers ordered to roH back prices; it is
estimated, do about 70 billion dollars
worth of business, a year. , ,
' line ibemate crime investigation com
mittee will continue Its work of search-
ing out crime in the US at least until
September, and maybe longer, accord
ing to a report issued Wednesday from
Washington which stated Senator Her
bert O'Connor of Maryland wMI suc
ceed Senator Kefauver as chairman of
Governor W. Kerr Scott, 'this, week,
started a boom for the re-ielection of
Harry S. Truman as President. On a
trip to Washington Governor Scott
urged the National Democratic Com
mittee to open its national campaign
around Labor Day of next year in
North Carolina. IA committee accom
panying Scott to the Capitol, Suggest
ed tiie opening rally be held at Scott's
Haw River. Home. Later, when ques
tioned by reporters Governor Scott
stated when the MacArtihur business
settles down Truman will be stronger
than ever. -
Lccd Craft Do'rd
; Perquimans County youths , will
have a holiday from (Selective Service
during the month of May, according!
yt -announcement -made Monday byi
Mrs. Blanche Caropen, clerk to the
local Draft Board. ; She stated that
the Board had been notified there will
be no calls for selectees during the.
next month, either for pre-induction
examinations or induction. . - ; -
'ITrs. Campen also reported thai a
nuir.lcr of co!l4e students, who are
re:Mmr.ts wih Co local board, had
made injuiries concerning the exami
nation to be given ly Selects Service
to f? tewfne ftare da JT-'jons.
' L coi.ection with fc-mh
the loc&I cleik stated Nationsl 11--.1
quarters for Selective Service is now
ur' - j ail students, regardless of 3s air
..c standings, to take t!-e t : 'i.
he ter'js will be given on t"y 1
ij r 1 tJ. ana eri .-a...on c. .
f i'st j r-y ta obtained af se
lective service o'klea.
ted To
r.I: 3 r.:c Office
-aotrme..t was made at the
- 7 of if nd heli on
4 uds7 and . ' v l;y of Isst v ock
A C3:r 1 r::i cf tie re-T rr- - -' ji
of , Cecil C. Vinslow of Hertford, to1
t 9 p-"t as E: net Drpi-y Crand
sr c! the Z.I jtJi for 1. .a Tit
I- "riut ' . ' -
T -. 1 'sb of tlje Pei:i""r.s Lr-n
i.'j. i:j,ia. 'F. a a. :r, "i f -
t ' 3 1 ' " v- i t .1 C. "
!'. r. r ! ji t,
Ut .J
Rr",. 7
Game With Plymouth to
Be Played Here Eri-
day Afternoon
Coach l Elie IFtearingV high-flying!
Perquimans .High School baseball!
team will meet another Albemarle!
Conference foe in a contest to be
played in Hertford on (Memorial field
Friday Z afternoon, beginning at 1:30
o'clock. The Indiana' opponent will be
the Plymouth High nine,
The game today will be number
eight in the season for the Indians
and they will be after their eightii
victory of " the season. In contests
played last ' Wednesday and Friday
Perquimans chalked up victories num
ber five ami six at the expense of
Chowan and Columbia.
Perquimans trounced Chowan in a
return game by a score of 11-1 be
hind the strong pitching of Vernon
White, who allowed four hits, struck
out IB batters and gave no walks. The
Indians collected 15 hits, Scored 11
runs and committed two errors. Vance
Bright with two bingles for three
trips to the plate, was the leading
hitter for the 'Indians. :v "L -t''"!
On Friday 'Perquimans tangled with
Columbia in -a seven inning :. contest i
with Perquimans winning by a 12--1
margin. ' Winslow and Wulf did the
pitching for , the Indians, giving up
only one hit while . their teammates
collected 13 hits, scored 12 runs and
committed two errors. Clyde Lane
was the leading hitter for the Indians
in this game, collecting four safeties
in four times at bat.
On Tuesday of this week the In-!
dians traveled to Windsor to play' a
return game with the Windsor club;!
which was counted in- the State, play
off series, in which Perquimans Is
competing tins year.
. (Alter a slow start, which . saw
Windsor take a 2-0 lead, iihe Indians
had a field day in the sixth and col
lected eight runs, to feature the 10-3
victory for Perquimans. Hunter with
three hits and Vance Bright with two
wese - the- leading, hitters for, the In
dians who had 14 nits for the game,
lian 'JKogerson . went the route on
the mound for Perquimans, giving up
nine hits. '.. ;.--.v
The victory was the second of the
season for the Indians over' Windsor,
and ithe eighth straight for-the 1951
i season,
F. A. McGoogan, Supervisor of the
Soil Conservation District was elected
to serve as president of the Hertford
Lions Club for the year 1951-52 at a
meeting of the club held at the Hotel
Hertford 'last Friday night McGoogan
will succeed Clinton Eley as club
Other officers elected at the meeting
were: T. P. Byrum, first vice-presi
dent! I. C. YageL second vice-presi
dent; A. T. Lane, third vice-president;
Sidney , Blanchard, secretary; J. T.
Lane, tail twister; Thurman White,
Lion Tamer, and Bill Oox and A. H.
Edwards, directors,
The members discussed plans for
their annual ladies' night party, and
the date of May 18, was set for this
event j
Godwin Rites Held
Monday Afternoon
Sunday morning at 6:16 o'clock at (the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Durwood
Barber in Winfall fter an illness of 1
five ccys. r',;' 5 ZK-':;.,'
(Funeral services .were; conducted
Monday afternoon' at 8 o'clock at the
Lynch Funeral Home by the Rev. J. S.
Gr&Tit pastor of .the iWonfaH Metho
dist CI iu Ji. Burial followed in Cedar-
wood Cornet jry. ' . ,. .-"
In, adi,lion to Mrs. Barber, sur-
vivox4 include bis wife. Mrs. Nancy
Hams' S, "Godwin; a stepson, Claude
; .3-7 on, of Hertford : two , other
JLters, Mrs. (Harold Hurdle, and
urs. George IBoaoh, both of Hertford,
Route Two; a brother, lArchie God
win of Hertford; a sister, Mrs. W. M.
Miller of Charlotte and nine grand-
children. - 1
(He was the son of the late James
Combs and Mrs. IBeuna Meekina God
win. '
Pallbearers were J. L. Nixon; Clyde!
layden, George Caddy, J. M. Lane,
Ben Pike and W. D. Kogerson.
il'r. and Mrs. iRabert Louis Steven-s-n
of Howte Two, announce the birth
or a json, Gary KkLa -l, feorn at Albe-
mar'a Hospital on Tuesday, April
recorder's Court
Majority, of Hearings
(Center Around Traf-
fic Violations
(Perquimans Recorder's Court con
veoed here Tuesday after a week's
recess due to the Superior Court term
lat week, with 19 cases listed on the
oocKet. Twelve 01 tnese cases were
cited to court for violation of the traf
fic; laws. : - . -
A fine of $25 and costs were taxed
against Allan Smith, who entered a
plea of guilty to a charge of speeding
75'. miles per hour.
VAmanda Eega and James Roulac,
charged with speeding, entered pleas
of guilty and paid fines of $10 and
Costs of court were taxed against
George Wedmore, D. S. Myers and
John Hunter on charges of speeding.
Each of the defendants entered pleas
of guilty. .
Victor Eckburg entered a plea of i
guilty to a charge of entering a state!
highway without stopping, causing
property damage. He was fined $15
arid costs. -''k;'; .' ''"'I ' ,
A fine of $25 and costs were assess
ed against Hiobert Turner who entered
a plea of guilty to charges of driving:
without alieense. : ;- -' j
Herbert Winslow, Negro, was fined'
$10 and costs on a charge of driving
with insufficient brakes. 4
William Halsey submitted to a
charge of passing a vehicle on a curve.
He paid a fine of $10 and costs.
William Hoffler, Negro, submitted
to a charge of driving without a li
cense and .paid the costs of court
4 Bonnie Taylor. Nesrro. charged with
being drunk, entered a plea of guilty
and paid the costs of court. I
'Charlie Williams, Negro, was fined
$2 'and costs on a charge of being
dfunk on the streets of Hertford,
ilsaac Jones ' and Ella Wilson, Neg
roes, were taxed .with the costs of.
C(jurt on charges of mutual assault.
i'JHienry Gordon, Negro, was found1
girilty on charges of driving after
Ms license had been revoked and carry-1
ing a concealed weapon. He was given
a 90 day jail sentence, suspended upon
payment of a fine of f250. ,J
Richard Nixon, 'Negro, entered a
plea of guilty of being drunk on the,
highway. H was sentenced to four
days in jail.
The State took a nol ipros in the fol-l
lowing -cases: George Long and Wil
liam Owens, charged with reckless
driving, and Bill Parker, charged with
destroying property.
Highway Accident
fe'iesUfeOf Child
Marvin Hugh Caddy, 4-year-old son
of Marvin and Willie Hurdle Caddy,
01 Mew mope, was killed Tuesday
night at about 8 o'clock when he was
struck by a car driven by Eugene
White, Negro.
The accident which claimed the
child's life occurred in front of the
church at New Hope. Patrolman B,
R. Inscoe, who investigated the acci
dent, reported the child was struck by
the right front fender and bumper of I
the . car.
The body was removed to the Lynch
Funeral! Home in Hertford pending
iuneral arrangements.
Survivors, besides the parents, in
clude one brother. Marshal Irvin
Caddy; his maternal ; grandmother,
Mrs. W. C. Hurdle and his paternal
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H,
Pre-School Clinics
Underway In County
- Pre-echool clinics for Perquimans
County children were (started this
week by the District Health Depart
ment, which reminds , parents that
State law (requires (children to be im
munized against diphtheria, whoooinr
cougfl and Smallpox before entering
Clinics were held this week at sev
eral points in the county, and will be
conducted Monday at Winfall, May
znd at Hertford Grammar School, May
9th at Hertford colored school, May
1 at WinfaJl VlBay Branch and Ni-
eanor colored schools, and in Hertford.
on Tfturadaye tram 1 to 5 P. M.
Opens Offices
In Hertford
vr. uougias (McQueen, uniropracTor,
an assciate of Dr. 'A H. Thorson, of.
IW.. ir t. ik -.. .1.
Elizabeth City, has opened offices In
weraora, m trie Jlertlord 'Banking
Company. Building. He will observe this amount decreasing as repayment
ofrice hours here, for h present, OB'of the debt' is made on an annual
Wednesday and Saturday afternoon.
School Committees
Re-elect Teachers
For Coming Year
Perquimans County school commit
tees, in . meetings - held during th
week, re-elected principato and teach
ers for the white schools for the term
opening next Septembr.
Miss Thlma Elliott was re-elected
to "the position as principal of Hert
ford Grammar School and James P.
Snipes was re-elected principal at
Central Grammar 'School.
The resignation of Ounice S. Rid
dick, sixth grade teacher at Central
Grammar School, was accepted.
Members of " the faculty at both
grammar schools and at the high
school were re-elected, subject to ac
tion by the (Board of Education.
National Home Demonstration Club
Week is here again! Perquimans
County Home Demonstration Club
women will observe the week of April
30-May 5.
The activities will begin with a radio
broadcast on Monday, April 30 from
10:45 to 10:55. Six of the Perquim
ans County Home Demonstration Club
women will take part on this pro
; On Tuesday, May 1, Chowan County
is having a House 'Furnishings Clinic
in Edefcton. Perquimans County Home
Demonstration Club women are invit
ed to attend. Miss Pauline Gordon,
specialist in Home Management and!
House Furnishings from State College
will conduct the clinic. Miss Gordon
will meet with the Club members in
the Court House at 2:30 P. M., and
fcom there she will take them to a
furniture store and demonstrate the
selection and arrangement of furni
ture. ,
The Spring Federation Meeting will
be held on Friday, May 4, at 2:30 P.
M.. at the 'Perquimans County Central
Grammar School. The speaker will be
C. R. Holmes, County Representative.
There will be a tea following the pro-
trvnm . - .
The activities wall end with the an
nual luncheon for the county commis
si oners on Monday, May 7. Bethel
Club Will be hostess for this luncheon.
. Home Demonstration Club women
are urged to listen to the broadcast
and attend the meetings in obser
vance of National Home Demonstra
tion Club Week; 1
Belvidere Scene Of
Good Neighbor Event
Members of the Belvidere Home
Demonstration Club were hostesses at
a good neighbor supper served at the
Belvidere Community House last
iinursday evening, rne supper was
sponsored by .the Elizabeth City
Chamber of Commerce and invitations
were extended to friends and neigh
bors throughout the Belvidere section,
including the county farm and home
agents, I. C. Yagel and Mrs. Nina
B. White.
One hundred and thirty-eight guests
were present and enjoyed .the old
fashioned country dinner. L. W,
Midgett presided and the Rev. Carl
Yow gave the invocation,
S", A. Twiford, Mayor of Elizabeth
City, extended greetings to the guests
and the response was given by Wil
liam C. Chappell. r W
Walter P. Sumner, chairman of the
Good Neighbor Committee, then in
troduced the speaker for the event, N.
Elton lAydletVwho spoke with humor
and wisdom. '
A word ; of appreciation for the
supper was given by Mr. Midgett and
G. C. Meads and a response of this.
incMsafco was riven oy mra. uerome
Hurdle, president of the Belvidere
County Bonds Sold At
Low Interest Rate
Perquimans County's 1175,000
worth of school bonds, authorized at
a special election held last January,1
were void htis week to the R. S. Dick
son Company of Raleigh, at the low
average irtberest rate of 12.7653 per
cent .per annum, it was reported Wed
nesday by Charles E. Johnson, County
The sale, of the bonds was conduct
ed by the Institute of Government,
and the consummation of the sale now
makes available, the 1 funds for the
comnletion nf th cniin&v flrihnnl Ihii.iM-
ing program. - - '
Interest mawments. nfc ftJw s.nntwri
mate 2 per cent rate,, will cost thel
county anDroxbnatelv 'S4.R00 mv rear.
Bicycle Pcii&On
Saturday Concludes
Program on Citizenship
Given at Club Meeting
Hundreds of Perquimans County
school children have ' been working
feverishly this week completing scrap
books, posters and slogans to be enter
ed in the second annual Safety Cam
paign being sponsored b ythe Perquim
ans (Business and Professional Wo
man's Club. The campaign comes
to a close Saturday afternoon, when
two mammoth bicycle parades will be
staged through downtown streets. The
first parade for white children will
start at two o'clock while the parade
for Negro children will begin at .3
P. M.
Some 62 prises will be awarded by
the BPW Club for the 'best scrap
books, posters 'and slogans. These
items were turned in on Thursday
night and are now being graded. A
number of prizes will also be awarded
to winners in the bicycle parade.
The parades, expected to draw hun
dreds of spectators, will be under the
direction of the Hertford Junior
Chamber of Commerce.
Final plans for the climax of the
Safety Campaign were made at the
dinner meeting of the BPW Club held
Tuesday night at the Hotel Hertford.
Honored guests at .this meeting were
members of the Hertford Girl Scout
troop who had completed the first aid
classes given by the Club under the su
pervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Gruenwald.
Julia Ann Stokes responded to the
welcoming remarks and presented Mrs.
Gruenwald with a gift, given by the
Girl Scouts.
Mrs. Charles E. Johnson, soloist,
rendered a number of musical selec
tions. Mrs. Nina B. White, public affairs
committee chairman, had charge of the
program, which included a craiz on the
names ;of county officials. The win
ner of this contest was Mrs. D. M.
Jackson. ' '"
Mrs. White then talked briefly on
the topic of "Take Time To Be A
Good Citizen." She fr!gMiteh!tyier .talk
with suggestions for action at home,
in school, in cities, state and the na-
Town Election
Set For Monday
Nominations of candidates for the
offices of Mayor and 'Commissioners
for the Town of Hertford will be de
termined in the primary election next
Monday, April 3d, it was reported to
day by W. G. Newby, Town Clerk.
Two candidates; Mayor V. N. Dar
aen and T. E. Raper, are seeking the
nomination for the post as mayor,
while seven candidates are entered
in the race for .the four posts as com
missioners. These candidates are B.
C. Berry, M. J. Gregory, W. H. Hard
castle, Robert L. Hollowell, Edison
Harris, Henry Clay Sullivan and W.
Ray White.
Election officials named, to conduct
the election are Mia. B. G. Koonce,
Registrar, D. J. Prftchard and Mrs.
J. H. Satch well, judges. There will be
one voting .precinct for the balloting,
and this will be located in the Court
House. The polls will be open from
6:30 A. M., until 6:30 P. M.
Mrs. J. R. Webb Named
Auxiliary President
The Auxiliary of -the(Wm. Paul
Stallings Post of the American Lesion
held its 'April meeting last Friday
night at the home of Mrs. IT. R. Webb.
Mrs. Tom Skipsey had charge of the
program, which was presented .on Pan
America. : : .
During the business session, Mrs.
Webb was elected president of the
Auxiliary for the coming year.
Mrs. James Snipes was appointed
as program chairman for the May
The Hertford Grammar School .will
hold its annual Music Festival in the
auditorium of the school on Friday
night, April 27, beginning at 8 o clock,
it was announced by Miss Thelma El
liott, principal. The public is invited
to attend. A eilvei' offering will be
taken. ' ? ,
Mr. and Mrs. OUndsey Bunch an
nounce the birth of a eon, born Sun
day, April 22nd, at Chowan Hospital.
Mrs. Bunch before her marriage was
Miss Norma Winslow. . - , .

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