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The 105 additional , State Highway
patrolmen authorized at lbs presentl
session of the Uenerai wuaamuy, ..wui
receive training in ifce Highway Pa-i
' trol Training (School at the, InaSatata
of Government, diapel lliu, iiy 7
through June 16, Col James B. Smfth,;
cornqsanding officer of the rtitroi, re-
iThii addition will briny e Patrol
up to fea newly-aathoiiied strength
.of 628 men.
Qualified men interested in becom
ing highway patrotanen and in attiena-
fog the six-week school should submit
' their applications immediately to CoL
1 Smith. The present Starting salary
far patrolmen is $2,508 a year. ;
The increase in Patrol personnel was
-authorized by the General Assembly
to help meet present traffic problems
on North Carolina highways, brought!
about by increases in motor vehicle
registrations, in drivers and in paved
road mileage;
CoL Smith -stated that candidates
must be citizens of the United States,
been a resident of the state for five
years, be between 21 and 31 years of
age and not subject to induction int
the armed forces under present se
lective service - regulations; must
weigh at least 160 (pounds: be. at least
five feet 10 inches in height; have
completed a high, school education or.
the equivalent; be of good moral char
acter and have no criminal record;
and have no relative now employed by
the Department of Motor Vehicles, of
which the Patrol is a Qmt r
'All persons filing applications whi
meet stated qualifications will be
given thorough character investiga
tion and will be asked to report fo
rigid physical,, mental and oral exami
nations. All prospective patrol mei
will be required to meet the earn
physical standards as those require
by the Army. .
IRecruits attending the school wil
receive board and room but no salarj
during the training period. The
course of study will cover crimina
law and procedure, traffic control, liq
uor law, firearms, fife saving and Pa
trol technique and behavior.
Interested men ' may obtain appli
cation blanks by writing or telephon
ing the North Carolina State High
way Patrol (Headquarters, New Rev
enue Building, Raleigh, N. C, or the
State Highway 'Patrol Troop Head
quarters in Greenville, Elizabeth City,
Fayetteville, Greensboro or lAsheville,
N. C. Completed applications should
m returned to Vol. James K. smatin,
Commanding Officer, North Carolina
State Highway Patrol, New Revenue
Building, Raleigh, N. C
The 'Woman's Missionary Society of
Up iRiver Prienda Church met tar
day afternoon . at the home of l!r.
Ernest 'White, wfcA Urs. Ernec TTLll
and Mr. Charlie 'White att hos
tesses. "JVu'Jh of Our Thiers" was'
used as (he opening 1002; Urs. lia-
ford Winslow conducted the devo
tional, which consisted of a reading on
faith and pajetv Ni.y
(Miss Dempsey Winslow gavn th
lesson from the study, book and. h
following persons cave readings: .Mrs
Tom Riddick on Africa: lira. Arha
'Winslow; Cuba; Mrs. Charlie White,
Jamaica; Ours. SabeMa Winslow, Pal
estine, ana jars, William Winslow on
Mexico. ; .;"':', . :. -v V..
Two hundred and twenty-eight chap
ters of the Bible were reported a
read, el .visits made, 131 cards sent
and seven floral offerings (made durin
the . past month, r Five well equippet
sewing bags were sent to the Ameri
can Friends ' Service Committee re
cently. ' -
Delightful refreshments were served
by the hostesses and a very enjoyable
social hour foUowed. Sixteen mem
bers were present and one visitor?
A repoi. ei . i on. . ' '
theEtr-:'-; -tr -i
miauion i' owed JU '
had an ellaiatei A. J
could be recruited for lib. 4 fc .
tivities. The rort w" ' ' "
group consists of t "
100 white females and i. v
males. The overall num'T L., .
an estimated 115 w'ho m?:. c " 1 t
skilled and aemi-tldd wc l.- i
130 who-are under 43 year tl ts
and are deemed, traindle for. Jots re-'
quiring aV"a.
Mr and Mrs. . Detvin Esre . erier-
taaned at .a areweu party ij: - -;y
nisrht in honor of their son, ITXo. A:.ei
Euro, who left Friday momUj Car
Iallas, Texas.
Those present were Kisses wahna
Ann. Caddy, Mary Ester Camaara,
Peggy iStokley, Alice ProcSor, rr.lzra'
.an. I :
,wit ILoT -
'yE:'!,r 'r
Ilall3 L-.-i. .
.Umr'uk.3,. r '
j Cure, Hr. U
and Mrs. Pi
ilrs. If. L. I,
Yeates, Haivn L
i T
1 .
. J, i?
r'T. r-.
. j.
..t Core,
' Sfrs. AdJe V
was honor J
on her edhtiwji I .
Mrs." Walter ILjt
' ', 'f .'Winrall
' ;i ;.J 14 ly
j A and lu.n.
Claude .White ; t t'.d ome.of lire.
White.' . Vs ---J
(Paring the evenin ; friands and
relatives showered her with many.
lovely gifts, catw and Cowers. rf
A birthday cake bearing eighty
candles centered a the. duung , room
taMe..'-;::''!;?' Cirh'':- A H'.
oJuinnn n nnn ri nnnnrLrinnj-LArii'ij-rfiri'iMiii 11 mWWlV ""--------'-- -r"i 1
Km md wlndrfoOB but lh Tvrm
twew mutual Hie Imurance Co. ol
Csteabw, Okie offm yoe Ike and
"miM owfoo"wfclcli Miidw
liwwoMt agoltut low or daaage
Phone 8448 or S198 '
Former Resident
Weds In Florida
Announcement has been received
here- of ithe wedding of 'Miss Helen
Feme Douglas, daughter of Mr. and
IMrs. Ernest Stevens Douglas, of Jack
sonville, Fla., and formerly of Hert
ford, to Elmer Apple. Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer' Apple of Daytona
Beach, Florida.
FThe ceremony waserformed in th
Springfield IMefchodist Church, at Jack
onvQle, by the Rev Shelby A. Wil
son, pastor of the church, on Friday
.... ...
CLEAR-EYED, erect, upttand-
big,' the Ameriesn Boy Scout
dopicH.dependobitity. At an '
ego of "trretponilble youth" ,
he may be trusted m matter
that would tai many of bb
elder. . . ,
You can have full confidence
' in the dependability of our or
. ganiiatioa. Oay or night, we
ere ready and willing to a-
tume el burden of ratponti
Miy. ,-
Week Day Shows Conticmons
J From 88
Saturday Conthraoua From 1:30 .
Sunday 2:15, 4:15 and 8:15
Thursday and (Friday,
April 26-27
. Gene Tierney, John Lund
and Thelma Ritter in
Saturday, April 28
Joel McCrea and
iWanda iHendriz in
iSunday and Monday,
April 29-30
iBob Hope and
v Marilyn Maxwett in
Tuesday and Wednesday,
May 1-2
Paul Douglas and
Debra Paget in
.s "14 HOURS"
Friday and Saturday,
April 27-28 . ,
Abbott ft Cost alio in
Hi-Way 17
Drive-in Theatre
: Two Shows Each Night
la-Car Speakers
Modern Rest Roomd. ' Snaek Bar
' - Admission 48
Children Under 12 Free In Cars
Friday and Saturday,: V
April 27.28. 4
Deaa Martin and '
.v.: Jerry Lewis fat ;
Sunday, AprB" 29 " -' ' '
. ". Saba and
Walter iHudd in -.
Monday and Tuesday,
April 80-May 1-.-, ,
, Ronald Reagan and
- Ruth Hnssey la -
' "LOUSA" -
:r. .' , , 1- 1 o 1.
Wednesday and Thursday,
May 2-8-
' - Ray Milland and
Hedy -Lanlarr ta "
r ,1,
CaniGl's znd in
greatest in25 years!
If C V,-J nf fv r"Jn a Mtt9rM turn h!
Umlfm IIHN VHI UVir IVISsseV m VIW wvasw avwsj
V r S i0 -.
C :
CrCICihY-Ve't-J sor
, vlceable , t,(i..v; Nl "
h TCPS:::S-ood lo&U mat
Ja$t- "
CACiriS plaailng nd em
, fortable '' "--- B - -
You'll be proud of the wcy your
boot stand outl
r.:i c a. Ar.:r ta.t;t qjvxt::.zz o.
For Quick Results Try a Weekly Classified Ad!
ejEaS good '.Dosibjs!
1 ..' i-2
When you look at the times we live in Li : and then take a look at .
this new Chrysler Windsor.. ; . you might almost think we'd had
advance information and special-built this car just to fit these times I
Certainly it treats your hard-earned and tight-stretdied doUars
with a respect that's hard to find in a good many things you buy
To begin with, the Windsor line is' the least-priced of the three
lines of cars we build at Chrysler. To buy one gets you all the
basic goodness Chrysler engineering means, at .the very lowest
cost. That's food sense in 'itself. ,s ' . -
In powerplant, your Windsor brings you Chrysler Spitfire 1 : ' I
one of the truly great engines in the whole bright history of . " .
America's motor cars. Time-proved and owner-beloved, it would
v be hard to put your money on a sounder friend than this to live and
travel with you through the months ahead 1 .. .
As to comfort, Windsor brings you the amazing travel bonus
all Chrysler owners get this year . . . the revolutionary new OriSow
shock absorber. With more than twice the shock-absorbing power1
of any other in the world, this amazing new device keeps wheels
steady on the road, and riders steady in their seats.
- Asycwcajl iKitis no kUeciai
special sensft in these unusual times. But why not get the whole
good story at first hand? Why not go see your Chrysler Dealer
very soon? ,.,'..
iff. i': -
Jim ws-av.hl,.... S'vr-'
I'll kv.
-"-f t j'
') if
7J r .
Etil t drive! :
"T? Iff

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