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V( .Vili. 10. 1
U::tfcrc. Krr-jr.: County, icrth Carolina, Friday, May 4, 1951.
5 Cents Per Copy,
Dardan, SuIIrei, White, Hardcastic
And llcllowul Win DGtrd nominations
py LCjxa la Ar.-
(FWty-nia ' thiUren "we declared
prise winn in the second annual
safety eorr'',i-1n- Perquimans hurt
week by 4i. L - Jaeaa and Professional
VomenVCLJj. - tjucfa interest was
' .shown in tie event by the large num
ber of children who entered slogans,
' postera'and scrap books in competing
for the prises offered by the ohib.
'"i The safety eamnaten came to a. cli
max" n" Satwday afternoon wMh the
Jaycees of Hertford directing a bicycle
"parade. Winners, In the bike parade
were as follows: white division cult-,
est, Charles fowler; prettiest, linda
Baas; moat original, Vim Johnson;
2nd cutest, Dean Britt; youngest, Bil
ly Cherry; special eaention, Riley Wil-
' liams. Colored diviaion cutest, Mel
vin Perkins: mettiest. Shirley Ann
. ton;, youngest, Betty Bass; special
" mention. -'Horace Keed and John
. Moore.
IFirst, second and third place win
ners announced for idie slogan, potSer.
and scrap book entries submitted we-
senorted as follows: white division!
slosans. 1st class, Uanie 'Stallings;
Waldo Winslow. iLarry Stallings: 2nd
class, David Butler, liable Keel, Ed-J
want Madre: 3rd class, ILoia CopeJand,
Julia Ann Stokes, Elmer Overton.
Posters, 1st class, (Brenda White, Bren-
da Smith. Emmatt Winslow: 2nd lass,
Charlie Motttan UmpWett, David But
ler, Janice 'Stallmgs; third class, Mary
: Ines Powers, John 90, Nelson Nixon.
Scrap hooks, .1st class, second grade,
P0COS. Hubert Burden, Tommy Mor
gan, 2nd class, Lucy Perry, Lynn;
Chappell, Bertha Chappell; third class,
Louise White.
In the colored division, the winaersj
were: - Slosrans.'". 1st class. ' Vernon
Adams. Golria Beed. Shirley Williams:
2nd class, Linwood Onnond, (Gladys
SimpV). Carlton Perry; third dass,
1Shirle' Eason, , -William Bnckhouse,
s. Alvanie itt"'! i poMera, 1st class, MH
' liam' ' 'LWhttouiw ki&tef-. William
Ham' ' Lighti Jjitthf WiUIams. - ' . - . ri
Gloria" JReed(.12nd class, James Gris-
Bragg; .2nd -class; Jarris Newby, Maryj
"Whidbee, Oneida Felton; ithird class
F5 Witehril. PL J.Hasell. and!
tt. - . , tneir political projectors nave, reouueui
Shirley Eason. , ., Issch huge , proportions at they
angiadmgltheSsanjirsaiidlaten to undermine the American
'scrap books me. niBnes,were oiviaeai
into three .classes, 1, those in grades
ohe throusrlC three; t, those in 'grades,
four through seven, and 8, those in
grades eight chrougn twelve.
Relets AZ23J -
' Perquimans High School's honor roll,
- - for the fifth grading period, which
. closed iast week, was released today
' by E. C. Woodard, principal, revealing
-a total of 70 students as winning
- scholastic honors. . The. 8th Hgrade,
wWi 35 of its members on 42ie roll, was
the leading class. ,
Those winning honors for the grad-
ing period, according to classes, were:
, ' - ' Eighth Grade (Jseph Butt, "Charles
4 Smith. , (Barbara Edwards,- Carolyn
Eura, Lois Jane Kirby, Emilie White,
' Joanna WilUford, Anne Burke-Chap-i
DelL Ray Lane. Mary Frances Euro,
. ' "' " Peggy Harrell, "Joan Madre, Evelyn
-v i ' Ann Stanton; Julia Anri Stokes, Sue
4 : Perry White, iDaryl Allen, Billy El-
r liott, John CJL Uoseph Layden, T
'". 'itricia . !Bigers, , Billie Carol Divers;
' Alice Jean Jackson, lUrbara Sawyer,
' Ann Thatch, Colin White. , .
Morris, CaOierine Ann Ward, M&y
" Ninth Grade Tilson Chappell, John1
, Frances Winslow, Ruth Dawson, Erai-
j; , lie Sumner. .i
" . Tenth Grade OAable Martin Whed-
bee, Nan .Ella V.Tiite, (Marilyn Baker,
: Fava Butt Dorothy Winslow, 1 .
f lEleverth Cri-JuHa Ann iBundyJ
Nellie CarMrr '"-t, Alby Godfrey, wa
ma Gooijrin, Irene Hunter,' Amy Van
- Roach, r. e Canner, ttJaruia Thatcn,
'. Louise Jorim,- Cllly Denton, Tommy
v : , Sumner, Pauline ICurbae, Marguerite
; , -Cutler, Kathleen Hurdle, Kargare Sy-
- - mens, xiarvina T,Tuite. 4
v ' Twvlth Grade-oria IFaye Allen,
. t , . . Norma . E ZZxry T-ue Cook, Vir-
' giria Ciy, , N:a wean ,Coodwln,
.f"a.Jorin CanA-riiL. Ccsolvm Harrell.
CLrL;:.'e Tli, klv'j BuK.t, ?Goy,
'--.Tl. illarold O1 -on. Lewis aw-
, son, George Euro, iLI.enod Fulghum,
Billy Melvin iLamb, Horace till
N . ', Jer and Percy -Rogerson.
X ' . .t . . . -.... r ..
Th l" ieriean 3"i Auxiliary will
meet -.
At i i
3. ui. I
I 7.
ni " ' r 4, at 8 P. M.
1 , . u:llng. '" ILI?s.
' v 11 r. ' a a tIi on Poppy.
1 i r-i - to End.
Ki3Prjr Cats'
j)ead of ;jirei wait will be honored
by the Memorial poppies which, will
be worn here on Poppy Day,' May 26,
Hn. J. B. Webb Poppy Chairman or
William Paal. Stalling .Unit of the
American Legion Auxiliary, said tod
day, as the Auxiliary continued its
preparation for the annual observance
OririnaUy the memorial flower of
the World War I dead who gave their
HveT in jtihe poppy-atudden fields of
France and Belgium, the poppy hag
eome to aymboEze memory of those
who have died for America anywnere
in the world. It is now the. memorial
flower of the dead of World Waf -II
and for those who have died in the
Korean conflict. ,
A lanre corps of volunteers will dis
tribute poppies here on Poppy Day.
ji, nM. -t.w .tjimuvh
out the day, pinning poppies to lapels
and receivinar contributions for Ameri
can Lesrion and Auxiliary aid to dis
abled veterans and needy children of
An all-out counter attack by UN
farces in Korea has stemmed the
Communist spring- offensive, accord
ing to reports from the war front.
UN Commander Kidgeway, using
ground troops, artillery, planes and
Navy guns battered the Communist
lines advancing toward Seoul, in an
effort' to hali the capture of the Ko
rean capital. On Wednesday Navyf
planes bombed the Hwachon reservoir,
in an attempt to further stem the IRed
drive on' Seoul. The Reds had closed
the reservoir gates ito lower the river i
levels, of the Pukham and Ban Biveisj
T rm.l.wt t innaHhinr
ton ttiia week htr. the Senate Crime
Kinrfi rri-imol
investigators, charging' cipnuu
l "'""f"1 tTZTTZ
way Of hie. Ifte (investigators .point-.
sg linger ait wuiiam
OT)wyer,rformer mayor of New Tork
City, declaring he had permitted crime
to flourish in that city.whH he was
mayor... f - - -
""The C-fflce of,1- Price" Stabilization1
annouunced last Sunday , regulations
Which are expected to cause a, 10 per
cent drop in l the," .price, of beef by.
next October., TheiOPS placed ceil
ings oh livestock of the beef rvarietyj
to (become effective in two installa
tions in June and October. ." "' -
'Housewives " In-Marshal,''. Texas,
have rebelled against filing returns on
domestic help to the Social Security
Board, and collecting the social secur
ity taxes, according to a report from
that city this week. -The women, ac-l
coiwhg Fo Unreport, wrote Secretary
of the treasury,-John 'W. Snyder, ex-;
plaining why thy;;t?used,to collect
or pay social security: taxes for. their.
aomiBsxic neip.. .ey,t4:iatmeu' -wie
tax. get up .violates; the ixmstituuon,-
$is:C3i j In Fire V '"y
AtWinfsII Garage-
-' A fire of undetermined origin, dis
covered at about 6.-80 Tuesday levea-
in. completely ; destroyed 4 garage
owned and operated at Winfall by,
Carlton Nixon, . ;
fine Hertford Fire Department was
called to the scene but the blaze had,
gained such headway w firemen wwe
unable to save the builUng. They did
contain the blaae and kept the flames
from spread! to 'the jaearby homes;
A 1941 Ford, which was being re
paired at the garage also burned. ' ; i
Total loss caused by the fire was
estimated between 12,500 and $3,000.
Rock and Bream fVy
Released In Rivers ;
1 k awasaaMswi
'.The Wildlife ttlesources Commission,
last weekV released 50,000 tuck fry in
the . j Perquimans Hirer; and , 2Q.00O
bream fry -In the Yeopim- River, Iti
was reported by Eldon Winslow, Coun
ty Game Protector.
.- Mr. Winslow; also announced .thati
Muddy -Creek will , be closed Ito pro
vide a epawnlng area from May 1 to
June 80, and fishermen jare asked to
take notice f this action. . .
-1' - I., - m in..' lii i Vi v,u i
The Perquimans Lodge,' No. 106, A.
F. & A. M., will meet Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock in the lodge hall.
Defendants ' Are
Cited For Traffic
Violations V
Twelve cases were disposcdT of to
Perquimans County Recorder's Court,
in session here Tuesday with Judge"
Chasv. Johnson pwakhnc. Eight no
the defendants were charged with vio-
laanir traffic laws.
; The Case of Etoor White, charged
with, speeding and reckless driving,
was .'continued until tile next term
of court. 1 .
Abraham Goldberg entered, i plea
of guiity of a charge of speeding and
paid the costs of court.
Lester Hurdle, Negro, charged with'
beinjr drunk on the streets of Hert
ford, entered a plea of guilty and paid
a fine of 2 and costs of oourt.X
' Charged with speeding os, the
streets of Hertford, Albert Whife and
Zack Harris entered pleas of .guilty
and paid the costs of court.:
A fine of $100 and costs of .court
were taxed against Roney Msrzille,
Who entered a plea of guiltyvto a'
chanre of driving drunk.
Stanley ' Wilson, INegro wasxtned
flO and costs of court on a charge
of reckless driving. Wilson ientered
a plea of guilty.
Harriet Simmons, charged, with
passing a school bus while it was un
loadinir children, entered a . plea ofi
iruuty and paid the costs of court
Lyman Wood was taxed "with the
costs of court on a charge of driving!
a .truck - which exceeded the legal
height limit. He entered a plea of
-Solomon Hurdle, Negro, entered a
plea vof guilty to a charge of assault;
and paid the costs of court.
waleigh Harrison, charged wfl be-
in drunk on the highway, eubntftted
and paid a fine of $2 and costs" of
William "Carter, Negroj chained
with assault, entered a plea of guilty
tsv Dcrd Tuesday
Ileactivation of the official, board
,,ll, v:io nf Winfall Am in the!
. nWno.. -.uh r full net-of candidates
eek. office m thj, ,town efecWwork of the State Senate, at their,
to be held next Tuesday, May 8,
Candidates for the various offices
on the Winfall "board are. Nathan
Mathews for Mayor; F; S. Winslowi
and Durwood L. Barber for Commis-
isioners; Uharue umpniett ior i-on
stable.' -"' . -
Harry Baiber has been named to
serve as Registrar for the Winfall
ejection ' and it - is reported that no
new registration will take place. Win
fall voters, already listed on the regis
tration" books need , not rejrister, but.
voters who have moved into Winfall
since: the last-leftion must register
by Saturday in order o participate in
the' election. : 'r ' :.
ii Tom Jessups store has been desig
nated as the, voting precinct for the
electkm, Jandi; the .polls' will be open
from 6:30 A M.. to 6.-80 P. M.t for!
the balloting. . , ,
According to reports, much interest
is being shown in the coming election
for "Winfall and the reactivation of the
qfficial board. The town failed to hold
an election; four years ,ago, but ac
cording to Attorney General Harry
McMullan the officers elected the last
time continue to hold their positions
until their successors are chosen next
week. . . : , 1
New Hope. Ruritans
Form Scout Troop v .
. '. - -
- Anouier .troop, oi utoy sscouw nas
been organized, in tPerquitnans, it was
reported here this week. ' Members of
the New Hope IRuiiitan Club are spon
soring ft troop recently formed for-thej
youths residing in the 'New Hope area.
Fifteen boys have signed for member
ship in the troop and much interest is
being manifested in 'the organization
by the residents' of New Hope.
Bill. Saunders baa been named as
Scoutmaster for, the -troop and Bobby
Jordan, as assistant Scoutmaster. A
number of activities, including swim
ming ' classes and camping trips are
bemg planned for the troop.
American Legion
Meeting Thursday
The Wm. Paul Stallings Post of the
American Legion held its regular May
meeting on Thursday night in the Ag
riculture Building ; in Hertford with
Commander James Snipes presiding
over the-busine3 session.
-Plans were discussed for installation
of new officers for the Post at the
meeting to be held In June.
Perfect Game Played By
Local Team Last Fn
. day Afternoon
Perquimans High 'School suffered
its first loss of the curent baseball
aeason last Tuesday afternoon when
the Indians dropped a VI decision to
the strong Gatesville nine, at Gates-
Coach Ellie Fearing's charges had a
bad day1, after winning eight straight
victories this year. They were un
able to cope with the pitching of the
Gatesville hurler, who allowed the
Perquimans boys only seven scatter
ed hits. Rogerson started on the
mound for Perquimans but was re
lieved in the sixth inning by White.
Walks and errors up to this time had
permitted IGatesville to score six runs.
Vance Bright scored the only tally for!
the Indians,
The Indians will have the opportun-j
ity to avenge this loss when Gatesville'
plays in Hertford on May 11. The
Indians will play at Plymouth on Fri
day and in Elizabeth City next Mon
In chalking up their , eighth victory
last Friday afternoon, the Indians
played a perfect game against Ply
mouth, walking off with a 14-0 win in
a seven inning contest.
iVernon White and Fritz Wulf com
bined to pitch a perfect no-hit, no-run
White pitched the first six innings
without allowing a hit or walk and!
Wulf came in to deliver the last three
outs in succession. The Indians play
ed errorless 'ball behind the two pitch
ers. Billy Benton, with three hits, and
Joe Towe, Clyde Stallings and Clyde
Lane, each with two hits, led the bat'
ting attack for the Indians.
The victory over iPly mouth was
counted in the Albemarle Conference
standing and placed Perquimans at the
top of the conference. It was the
22nd victory for the Indians in the last
23 games played.
State Senate Topic
AtRotery Meeting
j-Memberw of the Hertford Rotarv
luh were, told of the activities andL
meeting, held Tuesday night at the
Hotel Hertford, when Senator J. Em
mett Winslow .was the guest speaker
on the program.
"Senator Winslow told of the organi
zation of the Senate in the opening
stages of the General Assembly, stat
ng that the body meet on the first day
to receive committer appointments by
the Senate President, i
" Speaking of the bills introduced be
fore the General Assembly Mr. Wins
low said the various committees did
the greatest . amount of work in con
nection with these bills, 'and that
many bills were killed in committee
hearing before reaching the floor, of
the Assembly.
, .The Senate's two most important
committees are those of finance and
appropriations, the 'Senator continued,
and all bills calling for expenditure of
funds passed through these two
groups. - : i
He told of the. work of the Con
servation and Development committee,
of which he served as chairman, in con
nection with the adoption of an anti
stream : pollution law ' which in his
opinion will be effective in solving
the stream .pollution problems in years
to come.
; Senator Winslow closed his talk with
remarks on the strong feeling of fel
lowship which exists among the mem
bers of the State Senate.
Mill Fire Monday ,
Causes' $1,400 loss. -
Fire of -undetermined origin, on
Monday, destroyed a dry kiln at the
Ellis Miller saw mill in Parkville
Township. Mr. Milfer reported loss
from the fire was approximately $1,
400. No insurance was carried on the
property. ,
The kiln recently completed, was
filled with timber at the time of the
fire, and this burned along with the
Scout Hut Being
Constructed -Here ,
Hertford Troop 155, of the Boy
Scouts will shortly have its own hut
and recreational building. A scout hut
is now being constructed for the boys,
on the town . lot on Gnibb Street For
mer acouta and interested men are
doing the construction work in spare
time and the building is expected to
be finished about June 1. . "
Recount Held
A recount of the voting in the
Hertford election, requested by M. J.
SELTSTSr office Xt SS-H --! E2f-!
rt i: J-. - M .1 . MJ' . M
mmissioner was held Wednesday
afternoon at four o'clock under the
supervision of the Board of Canvass-
.M MM 'H I- KmuiM aryri It I
The results of the recount made no
changes in the nominations for town1
offices but did show some changes in
totals received by some of the can
didates. Vote totals, as shown by the re.
count were as follows. Henry Clay
Sullivan, 289; (Ray White, 268; Robert
L. Hollowell, 207; W. H. Hardcastle,
240; M. J. Gregory, 198; B. C. Berry,
197; Edison Harris, 178.
Gene Perry Writes
Of Navy Rest Camps
In Japanese Areas
Something of the rest activity pro
vided by the Navy for its sailors and
fliers in the Pacific is told by Genei
Perry in a letter to his father, J. P.
Perry, of Hertford. The letter, written i
April 20, was received by Mr. Perry
a few days ago and states:
"We are heading in toward Yokuska,
Japan, for the first chance at liberty
that we've had since leaving Pearl
Harbor. That's over a month now.
I have been aboard this ship, without
leaving it since- we left San Diego.
That's over a month and a half. Pretty
long time to spend in a space as small
as this. Yet there is everything here
aboard that you could find in a town,
almost. At afiy rate it will feel good
to get ashore for a little while and
feel normal again if that's possible
over here in Japan. Even ashore there
are a great deal of restrictions that
we are subjected to in our actions and
where we go, wherewe-nay eat' and
our attitude and actions toward the
There are areas and places
designated as rest camps where we
may go for a three-day period. These
places have everything from swim
ming to horseback riding and good
food like you find in the States. You
niQ ..
as possible and
voure tXst about oi
on your own as far.
as what you want to do.
"It will be good not to have to work
so hard every day. We will probably
stay in port for ten days. Makes a
nice vacation for us. Mail hasn'
come aboard ship for a long time.
Guess when we get in port we will
get quite a bit of it."
Bethel Ruritans
Met Last Friday
A member of the Bethel Ruritan
Club has been awarded membership in
tka inn PllcVil YVim Woman'
Madre received his certificate from Londucted' ,on ,May 29' aJd ad m,"
C. Yagel, Perquimans County Farm J popular Secretary of State, will
club last Friday.
E. J. Proctor, special guest at the
meeting, gave an informative' talk on
the cotton situation in 'North Caro
lina Over a period of recent years, aa
compared to the .past, and explained
the good results obtained in this and
other sections from dusting.
Other guests ' present were Seth
Long, J. P. Snipes and . John Elmer
Wood, Jr.
Discussion was held on the Woman
less Wedding recently presented at
the Perquimans County High School,
for which a repeat performance else
where is being considered.
An electric heater "was presented to
the club by Ruritan I. C. Yagel, who
registered in the name- of the club at
a drawing of gifts atthe recent KEA
meeting in Perquimans,'' and drew a
lucky number. ,
- Other matters discussed were in
the line of routine business.
New Stock Series
Offered ByB&L
The Hertford Building and Loan
Association will offer for sale its
62nd series of saving stock, beginning
Saturday, May 5, and continuing
throughout the month, it was announc
ed today by Max Campbell, secretary
of the association. "
No limit is placed on the number
of shares an individual may purchase.
The stock is sold on the installment
basis, at 25 cents per share for a
period of 956 weeks. Each share
matures at 100 dollars. '
Total assets of the Hertford Build
ing and Loan Association, which is
now operating in its 6th year, is in
excess of 85 thousand dollars.
Large Vote Cast In
.Town Primary Here
Last Monday
A total of 441 votes were cast in
, ,, .V .t
WM ilalVMl, mMA nf votem fr
town elections in the past 10 years.
V. N. Darden was successful in win
ning nomination for re-election to the
office of mayor. He received a total
of 334 votes while his opponent T. E.
Raper received 98 votes.
Henry Clay Sullivan, W. 'Ray White,
Robert L. Hollowell and W. H. Hard
castel were the winning candidates
seeking the nomination to posts as
Town Commissioners. In the ballot
ing for these posts, Sullivan received
288 votes, White 268, Hollowell 206,
Hardcastle 202. M. J. Gregory, seek
ing re-election received a total of 198
votes and B. 'C. Berry, also seeking
re-election received 197 votes. Edison
Harris another candidate for the office
of commissioner received 177 votes.
The balloting for the nomination of
the commissioners was exceedingly
close between the last five candidates,
only 29 votes separating the third
place winner and the last.
It has been estimated that approxi
mately two-thirds of the town's eligi
ble voters participated in the primary
this week.
As the result of the primary Mon
day, two of the present board mem
bers, M. J. Gregory and B. C. Berry
are replaced by ;Ray White and Robert
L. Hollowell, as future board members.
Election of the official board will
take place next Tuesday, May 8, when
town residents will again cast votes
for the Democratic candidates; the tic
ket being composed of V. N. Darden
for Mayor, Sullivan, White, Hollowell
and-Hardcastle for Commissioners.
f iRegistration books for the election
to be held next Tuesday are now open
and residents who failed to register
for the primary, and who desire to cast
their votes in the election Tuesday,
are advised to register at once with
the registrar, Mrs. B. G. Koonce. The
polls will Ibe " pen for the' election
until 6:30
p r
Speakers Secured
For Commencement
Plans for commencement activities
at Perquimans High School, marking
the graduation of the senior class and
the closing of school for the present
term, are now being formulated by
the school's commencement committee,
it was announced today by E. C. Wood
ard, principal.
The exercises will get underway on
Sunday, May 27. with the bacculaur
eate services, to be conducted by the
Rev. Charles Wulf, rector of Holy
Trinity Church.
Commencement exercises will be
The Senior Class will hold its class
night program on Monday, May 28,
County Boards To
Meet On Monday
The Board of County Commissioners
and the Board of Education will bold
their regular May meetings on next
Monday, beginning at 10 A. M., it Was
announced here today.
Tentative budgets for the County
Welfare Department and the 'Agricul
ture service are expected to be pre
sented to the Commissioners at their
meeting, as well as the usual routine
business matters.
The 'Board of Education is expected
to complete arrangements for the con
struction of an addition to the Hert
ford Negro school, bids for this con
struction have been received and open
ed last Thursday.
Methodist Zone
Meeting: Tuesday
The Perquimans-Chowan Zone Meet
ing of the W.-S. C. S. of the Metho
dist Church will meet " in Hertford
Tuesday, May 8th, at the church in
celebration of the 25th anniversary of
the organization of the zone. .Mrs.
C. T. Skinner, chairman,, urges a good
attendance. The meeting starts at 10
A. M., and the speakers will be Mrs.
Kern Ormond of Ahoskie and Mrs.
J. H. Brown of Hobbsville.
The Garland H. Onley Post of the
VFW will sponsor a dance at the VFW '
hall in Hertford on Saturday night, -beginning
at nine o'clock, it was an
nounced here today. - '

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