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i rji School's baser"
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- 3r in the Ctate
il. -o-a - fcy troi-'-
Isiuue in games ply-ia
e k:t niJLy -1 ronay. Gates-
,a I - V i tie I alIr wjr de
1 1: ; a r j earUer Ja the
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- f-i i It of their victories over
the Indians will advance in
tie State play-offs " by meeting the
V7est Edgecombe nine in a two best
oat of three series. The tot same
of this series was played at Hertford
o Thursday night of this week. The
second game.! scheduled to be play
ed at West Edgecombe ;on-..Saturday
j.vemooa. t
: 'Vernon White pitched the Indians'
Friday, allowing nine hits and four
mm. -while his teammates collected
,flve runs and seven hits off Harreil,
vGatesville's star hurler. Led ty Hun
ter, who had three hits, the Indians
took a 8-0 lead in the fourth inning
and got single runs , in (he -fifth and
I sixth innings . This victory tied Per
quimans ana uatesvine lor ne dis
trict One championship and the play
off game was staged Monday night
'Coach Elh'e Fearing . used Earl
IRogerasn on the mound for (Ferquim.
ane, and Earl -turned in an excellent
Job of. homing the hard lutung' visi
tors in check.. Me gave i up six hits
and walked only one man, thus aveng
ing the defeat he suffered at Gatee
ville. The Indiana collected five hits.
The final score was 7-4 for Perquim
ans. JGatesville took an early 2-0
" lead in the game but the Indians came
back, scoring four runs and were
never headed after this point, in the
contesti . -V " , ?''
The Indiana as district winners In
the Aiuarle-C;rence"wKl fclay
r Williamston t or & Conference cham-
nWtfihin. . s , " ,w1r rJ JiATt
The f-rt - f if Series was
played at , V."rM,'" Vecaesday,
and the two teai.i tangle here in
Hertford next Monday night at eHit
o'clock. ...'.?
fPerquimans has won-the Albemarle
Conference championship for the past
five years, and will be aiming for its
feixth flag when the Indians meet Wil
liamston. A Li Ilc
Hertford's outgoing Board of Com-1
missioners met for the last time hereifollowed by the minutes of the first
Monday night and voted funds to en
tertain the firemen of this district at
a meeting, to be staged in Hertford
on July 10. ' The funds voted by the
Board wilt go for partial payment of
; the meal to be served the visiting
firemen. The remainder of the costs
; will be paid by he Hertford Fire
Department.' ' , '
: The Board also named TrancU Nix'
on and Charles Skinner to represent
the town of Hertford at the firemen's
school to f conducted at Charlotte
next v
of fee
cent i
r-1 r
two your j men will
y r t ( meeting.
, ori
i tw
-1- nu
. 9 V
i v.-ere f,sven
f c" bens
'i re
Le nittv-j r wis Ci6 li- x,r Coia
i ' ' rs II. J. G-sory and B. C.
1 v,' "'" v- t. (v- 1 on the
r v ' j '.; . ' an
t. 7 .-lie. Lr. v. jry served ss
a comn ' ioner for 12 ysirs while Mr.
' f-r t'it yanr.
- '
j tr- ' : a h'ja
: 1 It t"
j 1
i u
IHutwu.vl .At X"AJ
The new Student Council officers
for the 1951-1352 school year were in
stalled last Friday in a brief cere
mony at Perquimans County High
School- - ' ' -
These officers are elected by the
vote of the whole school. They are:
president, l'rvina. White; vice-preai-dor-t,
Clily X. -;;'.!; secretary, Sus
anna Towe";i.ref Pauline -Bur-bage,
and sergeanWt-tarms, Joe Towe.
The new committee chairmen, who
are chosen by the president, were also
installed.. They are: "Finance, fiuth
Dawson; House and Grounds, Margue
rite Butler; Publicity, Mabel M. Whed
bee, Margaret A. Banks; Traffic,
Frits. Wulf; Standards, John Morris;
Citizenship, Tommy Sumner; Social,
Amy Van 'Roach; Elections, Clyde
Lane,- and Calendar, Wilma Goodwin..
The spring gone meeting of Cho-
wanJPerquimans W9CS was held last
Tuesday in the Hertford Methodist
Church with Mrs. Cr T. Skinner pre
siding. The event marked "the 25th
anniversary of .' the organization of
the Hertford iaocietiea and was at
tended by all charter members except
Mrs. George Hawkins, first president
and organizer of this zone. ' "
The service opened with the sing
ing f "LighU-of . iths World" and i
prayer by thanfiev. A. L. Chaplin.
Visitors werethen recognized and
greetings were-extended by Mrs.
H. Pitt and the response by Mrs. Ed
die HaTrelL Reports from the vari-.
our auxiliaries were then handed to
the president. i "
frst ft. S. Monda, In Mrs Kern
Ormond of Ahoskie, Mrs. " George
Jackson and Mrs.- 'J. H.- Brown of
Hobbsville delighted Khe audience with
interesting talks.' Mrs. 'Skinner gav
a brief history of the organization of.
this zone; Invitation to lunch was
then extended by Mrs. -Oscar Felton
and the morning session posed with
prayer by -the Sev. Mr. ChapBn.
Dunng the afternoon aession the
courtesy committee expressed "appre-
lejtion for the luncheon and program
that contributed to a delightful meet
ing. ; Mrs. Tim Brinn was recognized for
a perfect attendance record for-25
years. The zone leaders and record-
inor secretary were then recosndzed.
meeting, read by Mrs. Ben Thach,
Flowers were given in memory of the
organizer of the zone, Mrs. Hawk
ins, and silent prayer was asked for
all members having ' died since the
zone was organized,''
Closing meditation was led by Mrs.
X L. Delaney and Mrs. Chaffih then
sang a solo. The meeting closed with
a group song.
Cancer Crusade
To Qoso Saturday f ;
Perquimans County's annual Can
cer Crusade being directed this year
by the Business and Professional, vb
men's Club will come to a close Sat
urday of this' week, it was reportdd
heri today.-
I&porta from solicitors indictte tve
local drive for funds is meeting with
success aril oCxn of the 3SFW Club
are hopef si t' e county's craota wlH
be' obtained Approximately 200 has
been collected thus far, with a num
bsr f reports yet to be turned in to
t!.e chtLnnan.- , i - ,
, vAll solictors are requested to t
pkte the canvass of their ten-:, r;
? l -"s to the ETV7 CI b
,k. ' - .
Tt, C 1
9 o'clock at Lis I . i
iT 1 rjr HertTorJ i' ;:
l'' 1- r . " X
V w as removed to tl.e Lj f
Home pending faneral t
T- .. . H T
1 k-.
r cf Ce I..f L
( - V
.1Z. -rt
ir, t t
I: 11
; : : ! -J'V.jl r 'l.
Bend Forfeited By !T
feiidant Charged Wpi
Perquimans (Recorder's Court3 fo
session here, last Tuesday,, after a.-
cess of ' on week, disposed . of-'l
eases listed oa ftcourt docket. ivur
cases were continued until th next
term of court, and a capias was tssued
for Elnor Eugene White. - Nefro,
charged with speeding, who failetf to
appear to answer the charges. White's
bond was ordered forfeited. . "."5'-
' Entering pleass of guilty to charges
of speeding, were .William Pawing,
Richard Thatch and Robert Elliott,
each of whom paid the costs of court.
' Osborn Phillips, charged with speed
ing 75- miles per hour, entered a pjea
of guilty and paid a fine of 25 and
costs. ,
Charlie . Elliott, paid the costs of
court, after entering a plea of guSty
to a charge'of driving on the left aide
of the roadr - - '
J. T. Bass was found guilty ej a
charge of being drunk - in a - public
place. ; He was fined 110. and costs
of couitt. . , - ; . l
iDaniel White,' Negro, entered a plea
of guilty to charges of assault He
was sentenced to three weeks in Jail,
and released, having served this time,
prior to the hearing.
George Whitehurst, Negro, entered
a plea of guilty to driving without a
license. . He was sentenced to Jail for
30 days, sentence to be suspended upon
payment of a fine of 25 and costs. s
Roosevelt JHarvey, Negro, charg'fed
on two counts of assault, entered pleas
of guilty .to both counts and paid the
costs of court, Harvey was also fined
$2 and costs- charge of being
drunk. on thejrtveets of Hertford, . T
Charlie Foreman, Negro, entered
plea of guilty , to a charge of assault
ing Randolph Dempsey, Negro. JH
was taxed with a fine of 1 10 and cast
of. court, and th4octorV biU foi
treatment of Deaipsey. .-. , '. ' ' -
Kcjiard Reed, Wegro, 'waV'fined. 2
and costs of court on a charge of be
ing drunk art the streets of Hertford.
" Dennis Welch, Negro, was ordered
to serve 60 days on the roads for fail
ure to comply with a court order that
he pay (20 per month for the sup
port of his children.' "
EnfcrtG V.rss
The Hertford lions Club will hold
its annual Ladies' Night party Friday
night, May 18, at Perquimans High
School it was announced today by
John T. Biggers, . chairman of the
Lions committee on arrangements. .
- An interesting program has been
arranged for the event, which will
start at 6:45 o'clock and the guest
speaker for the occasion will be W. C
Morse, Jr., of ' Elizabeth City.
: The. party ..will be staged in the
lunch' room at Perquimans High
School with dinner being served by
the Whiteston Home Demonstration
Club. t , ' t"
Visiting 'Lions, and their wives, from
Elizabeth ! City, Edenton and other
neighboring towns are expected to at
tend the event. ...
ifeetcenGirbln -Pctato
Queen Contest
Nineteen Perquimans County girls
ace entered in the Potato Queen con
test, being sponsored by the State
Theatre," it was reported Monday- by
3. L. Grubs, manager of the theatre.
The local contest is associated with
uo Potato imestival to be staged in
Elizabeth City later this month. The
winner of the local contest, selected
at the theatre Thursday night, will
ari.!?atft in the "tiit contest in
Llintbeth City on l!sy CL :
i.rr?red in t:.e loc-1 contest are Crjtwrig!.t, Irene Hunter, Fran-
c a'Satton, llary Ce!h Perry, Janice
V-rcl, Cety Ann. -ITJhjews, Marfon
I. dott, Eay rnton, Nona Lou Lane,
i-rfraret Ar.i V i, Saanne Tot
tTary Lt'i I ;.-crite IButl
ir:"' 'i ' ",'mf, Lc"'e Jordan, IBar-
laia u. t, "L ..Ine C&'rpell, Kath
leen Luiule 1 Jnk Lamner.
A wierT ro"
" i ( "ven by the
- ' Saturday,
i 4 home of
3s rarti
' ! t of ram
t iv '' of
- ' ', i i , i
.1 ii
General Contract Bid Is
Rejected at Meeting
Held Tuesday
Perquimans County Board of Edl
oauon meeting m - apeoat session
here last Tuesday afternoon, rejected
all bids offered for the general con
tract oft" the Hertford Negro school
addition and advertised for new gen
eral contract bids to be submitted by
two o'clock Friday afternoon. May
25, 1951. -:,v,'.-:,?
The action taken by the Board of
Education followed series of couH
Sultations with State School House
Planning Commissioners, and Archi
tect J. W. Griffin, who has charge of
the plans for the new addition to the
Hertford school. It was the opinion
of those consulted that bids submitted
last month for the project were exces
sive and should be rejected. Bifls,
however, for the electrical, plumbing
and heating jobs were found accept
able and contracts for this work will
e let to the' low bidders in these
fields, providing the new bids for the
general construction are iri line with
estimates set by the local board,
fiv Laws governing construction of
school buildings made it impossible
for the Board of Education to com
promise with the two low bidders on
the project, and it was, therefore, ne
cessary to reject tlje bids in order to
proceed with plans - for . the various
projects with the funds available for
construction. , f .: ,
- The Board of Education has appro
priated 65,000 for the construction
pf this addition to the Hertford Ne
gro school, which includes five new
class rooms and a combination lunch
room and library.':-, :,:;:,-!
It was reported the Board of Edu
cation plans, if the new bids are
ftund to be excessive, to reject all
bids for the addition, and call for
bids for the construction of the addi-
Son to the Negro school and the wo
njrtr iaailj.fp4w--wMte graninwrljBw454g atrjctly a county. ancr
schools to be constructed at the Sam
tunc, uitui uuenii cuutraciora , u
larger construction project than avail
able under the present offering.
The Board will meet again on Fri
day, : May 25, at; which - time it will
open and pass on bids submitted for
the general construction on the Negro
addition. -v
Perils Entries
Slue Honors In
Fat Stock Show
A brother and' sister from Per
quimans County walked off with top
honors in the annual Albemarle Fat
Stock Show held in Elizabeth City
Tuesday. '
' 'Louise Chappell won first place with
her grand champion Hereford, while
her brother,. Clarence Chappell, Jr.,
took second place with his reserve
champion Hereford. Wesley Onley of
Pasquotank; won third place.
In the swine division Bobby Walk
er of Currituck won first place, while
Clarence Chappell, Jr., took second
place, honors with his reserve cham
pion DoroC Third place in this divi
sion went to, Jean Williams of Cam
den. .
In the judging contest, conducted
during the afternoon, the Perquimans
team, composed of Clarence Chappell,
Jr., Pilson Chappell and Craige Lane,
won second place with a total of 671
points. The Pasquotank tram won
first place with 735 points.
The Perquimans 4-H Club members
are very proud of the record they
made in the annual show and express
much enthusiasm over future partici
pation. The 4-H Club members are
assisted with their projects by Coun
ty Agents I. C. Yagel and E. L. Top
ping. , . ' tv M-
Perquimans BPW Club
Elected Officers Friday
Sliss Hulda Wood -was re-elected
president of the Business and Profes
slonat Women's Clubs, at the business
meeting on Friday night held at fbe
home of zsiss Wood. i
Other officers elected were ; Mrs.
D. M. Jacfessit, . vice presidentj Mrs.
C. F. Sumner, recordlnar ' secretary;
Mrs. U. II. EiJ 'Bck, : . cprrerponding
Secretary, end tlrs. : Jack Burbage,
dl. Uict director -at the district meet-
in? of. the EFW held in Elizabeth
City In April, will represent her home
c' t s a fjp:at to the State "Con
v i to Is I, !i in Ahevllle on the
: , i tl lC.hof June. -
Final Payment Made ,
On Town Street Bonds
Final payment on 75,000 worth of
street bonds issued, by the Town of
Hertford in the early 1920's, was made
this week, accordiiur to W. Gl Newbv.
town ' clerk, who reported the final
payment on the street bonds totaled
1,000. V
The bonds were issued to raise
funds for paving of the town's streets,
and repayment of the funds has been
made over a period of the past 30
years.- . ;; . ;:
Mr. Newby also reported that the
present outstanding bonded indebted
ness of the Town of Hertford amount
ed to 75,000, which is money due for
improvements to the town plant and
electrical system, installed years ago.
Veto Appropriation
A savings of approximately 1,400
in the budget for the Town of Hert
ford for the next fiscal year was seen
in action taken by the new Town
Board in session here last Monday
night. The Board vetoed a request
for an appropriation of this amount
for the use of the District Health De
partment Since its organization, in 1942, the
Health Department has been support
ed by funds contributed by both Per
quimans County and the. Town of
Hertford. The county paying 75 per
cent of ' Perquimans' budget quota
while the town paid 25 per cent.
; The town's continued support of
the Health Department has been a
subject of discussion, at town board
meetings for the past several years,
and the action ' taken Monday was
Wed npoM.the ouinion that the Health
tion and. Us, unds- should come en
tirely f romycounty tax levies.
It was pointed out to the Town
Commissioners that Hertford is the
only city or town contributing to the
operation of the department, isasmuch
as Elizabeth City and Edenton, both,
last year withdrew payment toward
the department's operation. It was
also reported to the Board, insofar as
the State Board of Health regula
tions, the Town of Hertford, is not
recognized as a sustaining member of
the District Health Department, that
this recognition goes only to the four
counties comprising the district.
What effect this action, by the
Town Commissioners, will have on fu
ture operation "of the District Health j
Department remains to be seen; how-
ever, it is believed iixeiy the oiii-i
cials of the Department will call upon
Perquimans County to make up the
difference' previously paid by the
town. . . '
County Legionnaires
Invited To Edenton
Members of the Wm. Paul Stallings
Post of the American Legion and the
Legion Auxiliary have received an in
vitation to attend a meeting to be
held in Edenton on Tuesday, May 22,
at which time an address will be giv
en by Wm. B. Umtead, former U. S.
Senator. Preceding the address, a
barbecue dinner will be served at 7
P.' M. at the Edenton armory. ;
The dinner will be a dutch treaj
affair, and any member of the Legion
or, Auxiliary who wishes to attend the
retlng is asked to contact Mrs. B.
Berry before Saturday, May 19.
Rotary Ladies Night
Party Held Tuesday
Members of the Hertford Rotary
Club observed their annual Ladies'
Night last Tuesday with a dinner
dance held at the Officers dub sit Har
vey Point. '
'Dinner was served to the iRotariane
and their guests by the Bethel' Home
Demonstration Club. '
'Following the dinner, a number of
door prises were awarded, and games
were ptayd.'rv''''?'y'.'"V"'"'';:i'i':'";:
-The party closed with the dance,
with musk furnished by an Edenton
orchestra. j:f:x:---'-'v';-. '
Central PTA To Hold ;
Picnic Next Monday
!A picnic supper will be enjoyed by
the ' Parent-Teacher; Association - at
Perquimans Central Grammar School
prior to the regular meeting Monday
eveningMay 21. The picnic will be
spread aft 6:30, after which open house
be open to -visitors. - 1
will be held and each class room will
For Heath Dent
Commissioners Post
pone .Appointments at
First Meeting
Hertford's new town board, compos
ed of Mayor V. N. Darden and Com
missioners W. H. HardcasUe, Henry
C. Sullivan, (Robert L. Hollowell and
Ray White, elected to office on May
8th, assumed their new duties here
Monday night, after being sworn into
office by Clerk of Court W. H. Pitt
The first meeting of the new board
followed immediately after a meeting
of the outgoing board.
Acting on appointments, the Board
named Mayor Darden as City Mana
ger, but postponed action regarding
appointment of a town clerk and town
attorney. W. G. Newby, who has ser
ved as clerk for the town for a period
of years, was temporarily named to
fill the position until the next meet
ing. Charles E. Johnson was appoint
ed, the next meeting, to serve
as .town attorney. The Board post
poned action of appointments to gain
more time to familiarize itself with
the various functions of the town gov
On motion passed the Board au
thorized the advertisement of all 1050
delinquent - property taxes due the
town, and instructed Mr. Newby to ad
vertise these tax liens for sale on June
8 and to Sell same on July 9th.
The Board voted approval to a plan,
already started by the former board,
to construct a municipal building on
the town lot, located on Grubb Street.
The Commissioners, by motion, au
thorized the Town to proceed with
plans to borrow 11,000, to be added
to funds on band, for this construc
tion. According to the plana for this v
building, the construction and repay
ment of the borrowed funds will come
from rentals received on the Harvey"
Point base. It was reported that the
town received in excess of 2,800 per
year rental from this property.
'The proposed building;;, will house
town offices, and will contain space "
far inublic lunhAotia, trntetin 9. and :
A tentative estimate as to the cost
of the construction has been made at
between 25,000 and 30,000.
No date has been set for construc
tion of this building, however, an ar
chitect is to be employed to draw
plans and supervise construction if
and when total funds become avail
able: ' ..
Hunter-Eason Vows
The wedding of Miss Elizabeth Sus
an Eason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
W, W- Eason, of Tarboro, and John
Graham Hunter, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Hunter, of Hertford, took place
at the Howard Memorial Presbyterian
Church of Tarboro, Sunday afternoon,
at 4 o'clock, with Dr. J. C. Farlee of
ficiating. The church 'was decorated with
white gladiola and. snapdragons, in
terspersed with ferns and lighted can
dles..: . .
A program of nuptial music was
rendered, with Charles Hussey as so
loist .-.
fl!he bride, who was given in marri
age by her father, wore a wedding
gown of white lace and illusion over
taffeta, fashioned with a fitted bodice
with a yoke of illusion and high neck
line, and long fitted sleeves ending in
wedding peaks over the hands, and a
full gathered skirt. Her finger-tip
length veil was of bridal illusion, ar
ranged with a fitted cap, edged with
seed .pearls. Her bridal bouquet was
of white gardenias.
Miss Stella Eason,, sister of the
bride, was maid of honor. Hey gown
was of pink net over taffeta, with
which she wore a matching head
dress and mitts. She carried a bouquet
of mixed flowers.
Misses Jo Hunter, of Hertford, Ann
Johnson and 'Pat Sutdern, were brides
maids. Their dresses, made identi
cally to that of the maid of honor,
were of blue net over taffeta, with
which they wore matching head-dress
and mitts. They carried bouquets of
mixed flowers. .
Colon Butler, of Hertford, was best
man and the ushers were Dan Berry,
of Hertford, Kingsley Wood, of Wash
ington, N. C., and William Eason, bro
ther of tile bride, of Tarboro.:
The mother of the. bride wore a
dress of , navy crepe with lace trim,
with navy' accessories. Her corsage
was of orchids. - - i
The mother of the bridegroom wore
a navy crepe dress with white Irim,
with wwhich she wore navy accesso
ries. Her corsage also, was of or
chids. - ' . '
Mrs. W. D. Whitley, of Woodville,
was mistress of ceremonies.
Spoken At Tarboro

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