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    Kiev, and lira. K X?. DuMnj an
nounce ' the en,'Mit of their
daughter, Charltf.." irir-da, to fclr.
Robert David Fhe!? of Washington,
D. C on of Dr. and ''". J. IL Phelps
of Cre swell. The wedvung 'wiH take
place Saturday, June 23, at 11 o'clock
at the Hertford Baptist Church. The
public invited to attend. -
From Pinehurst ., -
Un. W. H. Vole of Pinehurst ar
rived here last Friday to visit her son.
in-law, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
J. T.. Bigger. r
From Raleigh - "
1 Mr. and Mrs. Rex Stephens and
daughter of Raleigh spent' the week
end with MrsjLouie Nachraan, Sr.
; From Norfolk - "
i William Perry and son, Sill, of Nor
folk, Va spent . Sunday with, J. P.
Perry, Sr. -
- v
At Rich Square ,
f Mrs. C. V. Williford left Sunday
to spend several weeks with her son
and daughter-in-law, Mr. j and Mrs.
Harry Willifod, at Rich Square.- :
Week-end Her 7
(Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Transou of
IBoonville spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. T. S. White.
Week-end With Parents
Miss Grace Taylor spent the week-
n who ner parents ai jwanoxe
In New York
Mrs. J. IL Newbold-Jeft last week
for Claverack, N Y, to visit her son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Miller, . She was accompanied
there by her granddaughter, Martha
Miller, who has been her guest for
several weeks. Mrs. Newbold is ex
pected home Sunday.
I- 1.1 F-
Ut. and Hit. H. C. CUL:s a:J Ur.
and lira. T. Lb Jesse? atien.'jd the
funeral of Arthur Walter at Columbia
Sunday. . . - : .
Sunday At New Bern -
Mr. and Mrs. . C Woodard and
children spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. N. E. Moho at New Bern. ,
Sunday At EUxabeUi City
Mrs. J. E. Everett and Mrs. W. J.
Kanoy, Jr., spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Melvin Wright at Elizabeth
City. ' . "
Week-end At Fayettevi3e '
Mrs. John Moore and Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Caravello spent-theweek-end at
Fayetteville as the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Gregory and Mr. and Mrs.
William Murphy Moore. )
Sunday) Guests
'Mrs. Sidney Spruill end Mrs. Ervin
Griffin and son of Edenton visited Mr.
and Mrs. Luther Sitterson Sunday.
tiFrom Norfolk
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jarvis of Nor
folk, ,Va., spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jarvis. .
Sunday In Raleigh L.
Mr. nd Mrs.. B. J. Holleman, Jr,
and daughter spent Sundays in- Ra
leigh. From Edenton
-Mrs. C. D. Doughtie of Edenton
spent Monday with Dr. and Mrs. L A.
Ward. ' - ,
Week-end At iRoanoke Rapids'
Mrs. Berry Coleman and children
spent the. week-end with Mrs. Cole
man's parents, Mr, and Mrs. H. M.
Pickel, at Roanoke Rapids.
Returned Home
.. Mrs. Mary Hill returned to her home
Friday in Norfolk, Va, after visiting
her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and
I Mrs. I. A. White. .
, Lir.. smd - 3. CT 0. v
children, Ctrl, Jr., i" " i -and
Jack Dinerman cf 1... "
spent Sunday with LTr. sz.3 ,
I. A.
I : i
Today) Friday
Matoea t P. M. Night 1-4
. "Call MeMister"
Saturdsyt Show Opens 1 P. M.
"The Blaring Sun
' James Brothers No. V
Sunday SbowsiJdS-4:15 and 9:15 P.M. " P M.''r'
. . k
Monday and Tuesday Matinee 3 P.M. Night 7 and 9 P. M. ' ,:
Wednesday t Matinee S P. M. Night 7-9 P.M.
First Feature . Second Feature
"The Sleeping City ! "Rookie Fireman
Thursday and Friday: Matinee S P. M-Nlght 7-9 P. M.
Week-end .Wkh rUvee
Mr. end Mrs. E. IL. Tc:J tA
the week-end with relativs at Lvov
noke Rapids. , ' - ' , -i -
From Burgaw .
Mrs. Raper Bowen of E raw e-ent
the week-end with her parer.ta, Mr.
and Mrs. J. 0. White, Sr. -
From .Norfolk
Mr. and Mrs.- Bill Eenfley . and
daughter, Susan, of NorT.'.i, Va.,
spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Reed, . - y ...
Sunday; Gusts
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lane of Elisa
beth City spent -Sunday with Mr and
Mrs. J. 0. White, Sr. v a , .
Sunday Here
Mrs. Kate Elliott of , Norfolk, Va,
spent Sunday with Mr. and lira. Dan
Reed. . '
From Plymouth '
Mr. and Mrs. James Boyce of Ply
moulh -spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Pete Boyce. -'From
(Bob Layden of Louisburg College
spent the week-end with hi& parents,
Mr. arid Mrs. Sidney Layden, Sr. :
Sunday At Suffolk 1
Mr. and Mrs., Clinton Eley and chil
dren spent Sunday, in Suffolk, Va.,
visiting relatives. '
In Rocky Mount ' -
Miss Mae Wood Window is visit
ing relatives at Rocky Mount '
At Seawaren 'i- '
Mrs. W. H. Hardcastte left Monday
for Sewaren, N. J., to visit relatives.
Returned iFrom Hospital
Mrs. L. D. Myers has returned from
the Chowan Hospital, Edenton, after
undegoing a major operation. . -
Week-end Here'
IA. C. Johnson, iMias, Alda Johnson
and Miss Charlotte Price of Godwin
spent the week-end with Mr. and Mts.
McClelland Wade. '
Week-end Here '.', "
;Dorc 'Knowles of Tarboro spent
the week-end with her mother, Mrs.
R.L. Knowles. - '
"!" ; .... ' "
Improved 1 x
Nate Relfe, who has been confined
to. his home because Fof-.fckaes. -is
improved. . ' - i v
From Norfolk
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Broughton and
children of Norfolk, Va., spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Nate Relfe and
John Brougljton, Sr. , ,
Week-end With Parents , i"
Miss Louise Hines spent the week-;
end with her parents at Williamston. '
Week-end At Smithfield ;:
Miss Dorothy Maynard spent the
week-end with her parents at Smith
field. 1 -
From Greenville
Mr, and Mrs. Edwin McMullan and
daughter, Edwina, of Greenville spent
the week-end with Mrs. W. G. Wright
and other relatives.
From Roxboro ' ' - !
- Jean Howard of Roxboro spent , he
week-end with her mother, Mrs. C.-.H,
Howard and Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Fulton.
!Lrs 'C.i i
Jimrry Li
Sunday wlJ)
4. 1 hS. 1.0 J-i
'X A.
. Up To 50 Off
Jewelers Hertford, N. C.
From Norfi'i
Mr. and lira. T7. T. Kollowell and
Mr. and link '..jrart V.'.Isn. and son
of Norfolk, Va, vlIt:! Lira. E. A,
Byrum Sunday.
. ' W. M. U. TO l -
The W. M. U. of the C '.'t Church
will meet Monday niht, LZay Zl, at 8
OP. M, at the church. , '!rs. Warner
Madre, the president, nr9es a good at
tendance. , -
Sunday Guests -
. Mr. and Mrs. Doulas Elliott and
children and Hr. arid lira. TTiHium
Elliott, Jr., and children of Edenton
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Will
Elliott, Sr. - '
Week-end Here - .J..y
Mr. end Mrs. ff. J. Moore and chil
dren of Norfolk, Va., spent the week
end with Mrs.S. T. Sutton; .
From Washington ;
(Dr. and Mib. Bill Woodson of Wash
ington, D. 0, spent the week-end
with Mr.' and Mrs. Beverly Tucker. -
Week-end Here - . "
. !Sgt and Mrs. Marion Riddjck and
children of Langley View, Va., spent
the week-end with relatives here. '
From Wake Forest
- Lindsey Reed of Wake Forest Col
lege spent the week-end with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Reed, Sr.
: ' ". . eamenmemm'V g'- a, .' -. "
From Washington . .
Mr. and Mrs. E. , C. " Burleson of
Washington, O. C- spent the week-end
with Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Darden.
Sunday Guests ' . " .."iV .
Mrs. A, F. Toxey and Hubert Toxey
of Elisabeth City spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. .Trim Wilson. '
From Elizabeth City
Mrs. Mary Clarke Winslow of Elisa
beth City spent Sunday with her moth
er, Mrs. R. T. Clarke.
Sunday Guests
Mr. and Mrs. It ID. Elliott, Je and
children of WHliamaton and Mr. and
Mrs. S. F. Pollard and Aon, Bill, of
Columbia, visited Mrs. K. V. Elliotft
Sr., Sunday. . v
Week-end At Greenville' 1 " - .
Mr. and Mrs. Richard David and
daughter Spent the week-nd with rela
tives at Greenville and Vanceboro.
Tl-riyAti'ir-Tr" j '
I. A. ITrs. r-y UIIl,
;:; ""id ty Cr. and 1 i. J. J.
Lr t " 1 Ilia. ". " f -IJi of
L' i rant Th"r rati, iville
as L.e i-J-3U of Xi3- Val;er Jonea.
Sjz.:& Cjiuts ' ' ' "'
Hr. s..J Mrs. Walter Eiltion and
son cf Norfolk, Va., and Hr. and lira,
S. E. GuJi of Portsmouth, Y it
ed C. 0. Fowler and Ur. and 'Mrs.
G. V. Groewald Sunday.
after i -j 1 7 a..-.
in V. ' " l, D. C.
njufWs3 inn . i iirin rn 1 1 if nii'irwn-.Tiiii'Yi ""i
tp T::C2
, W. M.DrV-I-"1&C0-"
Jewc!ers . Cori: :3, N. C
Up To 56 Off -W.
Jewelers Hertford, N. C
' -!i fl ' l'
.V;-AT SIMON'S . .
. tf "See Our Selection of SuianPants ai:d;
Sport Shirts;?,-
r y1
i -
. ,
MOTHS eat twerity-fpur hours a day- seven days a week Don't
take chances with your winter woolens. Have them expertly clean-
ed at THE HERTFORD CLEANERS, and put them away in stor
age bags. ; , t - v, -y
We Have These tine Bags In Both VXzziiz r fJ Pcpcr
to keep in tiis eijujn
calnlature lane Cisest
litters, trear-rei scuvciirj'
tLat caU far plvate
- I !-ce of tlvfr cwti
so. Tj i -e o t' la tie LaneJ '
- r
IT? 1
, . ;.' r "THE HOME OF QUALITY DRY Cf 1ANING". - " - .
Phone 3851 .. ' 1 i , - , ' . Owned an;:-td by Bernard F. Proctor.

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