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rolina, Friday, June 1, 1951.
5 Cents Per C
Cjjil of tocction Lets Catrcct For
Ccnstruetii Of f'3gro School AGuifcn
D-:;-:iat Fined Lor
-Prer:rty ,;
A. varied docket, consisting fnine
cases, was disposed of by the Perquim
ans Recorder's Court, in
last TuesJay morning. v. -. $ A ...i;
. Nellie Winecof f,' young' white; wo
man, charged with being drunk on the
highway, resisting an officer and des
troying ;county property, entered a
plea Of ' guilty, to all three 'counts.
Judge Chasl E. Johnson sentenced the
defendant to jail for 0 days, sentence
to be suspended upon. payment of a $75 andosts of court, $50 of
the fins to be paid for the destruction
of the nropertyrThe defendant was ar
rested by B. R. Inecoe,, State Patrol
man, at about 6:30 o'clock Jftonaay
morning on highway 17, one mile
south of Hertford; while enrouteto
jail with the woman, Mr. Inaooe testi-
fied she bit him in the face-on two
-occasions. Later, in jail, tha-defendant
tore the water "system apart in her
cell, causing the cell bldck to become
ftboded with water. .'" --
Roosevelt Harvey and Elsie Feltori,
both Negroes, were found guilty of
assaulting each other. lEach of, the
defendants1 was given a 60 day jail
sentence, to be suspended upon pay
ment of costs and further condition
that they not be seen together for a
period of 12 months.
, Fred Edwards was found guilty on
a charge of driving drunk. , He was
-ordered to pay a fine of $100 and
costs' of court. ' ,
Jasper Phelps;: charged with being
drunk on the highway and 'allowing
"his car to be operated- without a U
' cense, was found guilty and ordered
to pay a fine of 1 10 and cost.
Nehemiah SpeDapan, Negro, enter
ed a plea ot guilty to'driving without1
a license. He was .fined: $25 . and
-costs of court. .v';;il..f.t ; v
Jeremiah White. NegrolTwas fined
. $25 and costs of court fterje'i-4ing
.pjesf guilty to- a. charge,
ing on tne lert side, or tne roaa, fans-,
ing property damage. "C ": J i'i . ;1 --V
William Harris "Neroir charged
with driving without a license, fatt
ed to appear for a hearing. The court
ordered the defendant be" held on bond J
: ; The case of George Whitehurst, ar
rested Sunday bySheriff M. G. Owens,
-on a charge of assaulting his father
with a shot gun; was continued until
June 6. ,
. Benjamin Pritcnard entered a plea'
- .'U. 1.. .4-:n- t.1in..n
in face of on-coming traffic, causing
property damage.. - He was fined $25
.,1 nd costs of court:
Isaac Jones, Negro, in court in a
capias, issued jor zatiure to pay court
costs, was committed to jail for SO
days, for failing to pay the costs. r
' Sharp clashes between UN' troops
and Communists on the. Korean 'war
front were reported en Wednesday, as
P reports from Tcyo told of a build up
' of Red res' a:. ITorth Korea.
The Communis i, i -rrj to the rer
-ports, have e' ' t. 5!r retreat, de
spite a s-""
Allies. -ported
"while otL .
above tS
l a drive by the
n troops were re
's North Korea,
ts had advanced
-.JL - ' '
The Cupreme Court, in reviewing a
legal quer'rm this week, paved the
way for c Jot t 'eviaion by upholJing
the rislit of a broadcasting system to
use color TV prams-' The action
is er--"l tit jet tho-sanda of TV
r "3 tax in Lv. -es ovfr the nation.
It h-a r'-ortei TV set owners
will te t .la to fcava s'j agisted to
receive t" "e Kfv elor p rams at
coot re ..-jf.trjtJ tj.J.'
week r ... 1 r t cn.. cew
1 f : c I : 1 - "-n far
uf i ! ' y .'n-
fj5, i J 3''
lii i '"-'si r.
a C - '
with Maj. James H. Lee, of Dallas, Tex., during the former's inspection of
Tanks and infantrymen of the U. S. 24th Division move up during early
muniat positions. '."..., ' ' . .
Perq-ILis (Sites Urge j To Tfte
Active Interest In
Thad Eure Speaker At
Closing Exercises On
; Tuesday Night
-Thad C. Eure, Secretary of State
of North Carolina; told the 89 mem-
' JPSLS Pr Vade-received promotion certificates
jniimans High School that ft was the into Mgh .
httle things in life that counted, ai. ... .' . :
. JLJZL ,aa rr,, I Perfect attendance certificates were
.! in th .h&h -.w ,ut. '
Speaking to a capacity audience at
the. school's' 26th commencement, Mr.
Eure illustrated his point by1 telling
of his amazement at the indifference
shown by people concerning" Ubtle
things that years ago were considered
highly important He challenged the
graduating class td . do something
about the little things in life, and to
take an active Interest in the affairs
of government in order that life, lib
erty and freedom will be preserved.
Mr. Eure was introduoed by Calvin
Buttdass valedictorian." y ;p
ft -At . the close of thedridresa
7, Dttaiploinam-Wjawa
J members of she graduatinf class
by J-vEdgar Morris, chairman of the
Board of Education. Mr, Morris-was
introduced by J.-T. Biggers, Superim-
tendent of Schools.
-Medals and other awards-for out
standing activity during the past year
were 'presented by E. " C. Woodard,
principal of the school. These awards
were: 1
Chief medal for scholarship, loyalty
and achievement, Calvin (Butt; Ameri
can Legion medals, Virginia Gay and
Lewis - Dawson; commercial medal
awarded ' by BPW Club, Christine
Thatch; medal for highest grades for
year, given, by Mrs. B. , Koonce,
Doris Faye Allen; sportsmanship
medal, Lewis Dawsn and- Mary
Dunsmoor; activities, Doris Faye Al
len and Calvin Butt; citizenship, Mary
Sue Cook end Anne Thatch; drama
tics, Mary Dunsmoor and Kelly Mil
ler; outstanding student below sen
iors, Marvina White debates, Mable
Martin Whedbee; Glee- Club, Marvina
White; band, Jay Duling;- journalism,
Mary Dunsmoor; student council, Cal
vin Buttt basketball and football, Guy
Cannon; gold football, Lewis Dawson;
band emblems to Mary Sue Cook, Vir
ginia Gay and Mary 'Dunsmoor; book
awards to Calvin Butt and Doris (Faye
Allen. . j
.The commencement "marked .the
close of the school's term and clim
axed closing exercises yhich started
Sunday with the baccalaureate ser
mon, which was delivered by Charles
Wulf, rector of Holy .Trinity Episco
pal Church.' j. -"i.
Invocation at the " commencement
was given by the Rev.' A. L. Chaplin,'
and the " Rev.-' Carl v:Yw gave the
benediction. Music , was rendered by
the girls' octette.". t' " - r ,
C)ci&rct tc ITir
Two Cc'jrty Reads
- Two road projects in Perquimans
County were amonj for-vtl!h
t9 nV-vtey Co- jri re "-1J
LL's on Ti-' 7, tf Cls wec"H and
c-'rrr'i fr Cs - 'rulon were
let on IL-jtcI.7, according to a re
port from K3ofh. ' ; '
TLa loc.4' rx.'jcta' fcduded -f3
n 'Ua of and rJ-graJe r' -'
t of I j road from 71 .
lo I. " villa ro..!, tlnr-h Char-r
s ! ' . i ossty roa J 1 miles '
c2 . " ;'. ' re to ciunty fad 2.2 mik
r- i ci T.". JL tl.ierson, Ir.c,
' -j ? I ' .oe, vere low I' -J
; ,r - l- a lid of flSJ,-
: Li t
- l are v:
Affas Of State
Whedbee Speaker At
School ' Exercises
'Silas M. Whedbee, County Solicitor,
was speaker at . exercises, held at Per
quimans High School on Wednesday
morning when members of the eighth
awarded a number-of the students, and
buTcertificates were presented 'all 16
drivers of county school buses.'-: Spe
cial bus driver's pins, awarded, by the
Hertford Lions. Club, were presented
to Carolyn Harrell, Elizabeth (Proctor,
Winston Lane, .Doris Faye .Allen,
Preston Morgan, Billy Hill, Clyde
Stallings, Curtis Eure, Robert Harrell
and Norma Jean Godwin. V
; The exercises marked the closing of
the school term for 1950-51. ;V
Eff crt On Fcot To
s-David Holton has ' called a meet
ihg of the Chowan County Wildlife
Club to be held tonight (Thursday)
at 6 o'clock in the Court House.
Holton, working 'through Leon
Thomas, district game protector su
pervisor, has interested the N. C Re
source Commission in the establish
ment of s game refuge in Chowan and
Perquimans counties. The State has
already sent a man to make a pre
liminary hearing, which was found
favorable. The refuge now depends
largely upon the interest shown by
landowners. -... . .- : . .
The area contemplated for restock
ing is the pocca8in extending from the
Brayhall section to Yeopim Station in
Perquimans. County, and includes be
tween 12 and IS thousand acres suit
able for the purpose. At 'present there
is no big game at all in the area, but
is Ideal for deer. Deer would he
stocked by the State' so . that the
opinion is advanced that it could. be
come one of the best' deer hunting
areas in the State. ..The State would
not only restock the game refuge, but
would protect and. supervise it for a
few years.
It is estimated that a herd of from
50 to .200 deer would be stocked to
start with. " ' "
' .The game refuge is a major project
of the Owwan County Wildlife Club,
and at the meeting another very im
portant " project of vital interest of
this section will be discussed. For that
reason, Mr. Holton hopes all members
of the club, as well as non-members
will attend. -. ' .
Chinney Fire At .
Sheriffs Home Tuesday
.Hertford firemen were called to the
home of Sheriff M. G. Owens at about
10.-30 Tuesday night to extinguish a
fire caused by an overheated chimney.
The flames from the chimney blazed
hish into the sky and gave appearance
of -a bad Are,: but tile firemen soon
had the- blase under control. ' Da-n-8
was estimated at several hundred
dollars. " - . '
r-i-th Lcir.b Sale
Fcr Nczt LIcnday
I. Cv-YasoL County Agent, report-
c 1 tlJs we-;, that the first lamb sale
vf V 3 t:33on will be conducted at
. li on ITonday, June 4, with
st '-".Is'g at 7 A. M., and com
pleted by 12, noon. '
Yajel advised local sheep growers to
t&ke advr.nt5e of f sale, as it was
'- l.'cf C tr'-' '"I be made
. ' n.- '.c" s,I. i . ithis grade
le. Crauai-r will be done by the
iketin? Division of the State De
j -rtment of Agriculture.
the 8th Army in Korea talk)'
a front line position. Right
morning attack against Com
LccalTesm Entered
Baseball Leaps
F ay Here Sunday
. baseball team, composed of mem
bers and former members of the Per
quimans High School teams, has enter
ed competition in the league composed
of Gatesville, Sunbury, White Oak,
Chuckatuck, Va., and Buck Horn, Va.,
it was announced today by Edward
Lane, who is acting as manager, of
the local team. ,
v. The team will play two games each
week in the league, on Saturday and
Sunday afternoons, Mr. Lane said. All
home games will be played on Memori
al Field, and no admission will be
charged. Collections will be taken,1
however, to assist the team with its
expenses. . .. , , ' ..
Among the players on' theHertford
team are Clyde Stallings, A. L. Lane,
Vance Bright, Billy Benton and Vern
on .White, members of the 1951 PHS
squad, and Billy Winslow, Howard
Pitt, Edward Lane, former players for
Perquimans, and Richard Hoskins and
Kefly Byrum, ACC and Campbell Col-.
leJCpejrs , ZS?:' ;
-.Hae Hertford team played Sunbury
in the league opener last week-end,
winning the game here Saturday by a
score of 12-2 while losing at Sunbury
on Sunday by a 6-2 count. ,
' White Oak will furnish thercompeti
tion for the local team this week-end
with the home game being played here
Sunday afternoon.
The manager of the local team in
vites 'other youths of the , county to
try out for a berth on the Hertford
team, and arrangements for this try
out may be made by contacting Ed
ward Lane.
County Hubs To
Stage IM Show
The Home Demonstration and Busi
ness and Professional Women's Clubs
of Perquimans County will stage a
talent show on Thursday, June 21, it
was reported today by Mrs. Nina B.
White, County Home Agent. :
Individuals who dance, sing, play a
musical Instrument of any Tcind, or
have an entertaining speciality of any
kind, are requested ito place applica
tions for the-tfliow with Mrs. White,
at the Agricultural Building, Mrs.
J. D. Yea tea, Mrs. J. D. Coston, pr
Mrs. R. M. iRiddick. The numbef of
entrants will be limited, so individuals
are asked to make application without
. A number of prizes will be award
ed the participants, and the winner
of first place. will have an opportunity
to appear on a Norfolk T-V show.
Scout Fund : Drive
Opens Here Next Week
' A 'fund raising campaign, for the
benefit of the Hertford troop of Boy
Scouts, under the sponsorship of the
Hertford Lions Cfob, will get under
way here next week, it was announced
today by John Biggers, chairman of
the Lions Club Committee. ,
Mr.' Biggers pointed out only ' one
drive will be conducted for funds for
the Boy Scouts, and he urges the
public to support the campaign in or
der that Scouting will be properly fi
nanced for the year ahead. No quota
has been' set for this fund, however,
individuals are asked to be as gen
erous'as possible in making contribu
tions. ' '4
Through error the name of Guy
Cannon was omitted from the list of
students graduating from (Perquimans
Hich EJiool in the -class of 1951, w-
lishrl in last, week's issue of The
We . Cay was amonar Ciosa re-
cel r i" lomas at commencement
exeixidos Tuesday night' ' . '
County Board. To
Meet., On Monday
The Perquimans County Board of
Commissioners will meet next Monday
morning at 10 o'clock, for its regular
June session. Residents desiring "to
present matters before the Board are
requested to note time fend date of
tne meeting.
In addition to the usual routine mat
ters, the Board is expected to hear
discussions on preliminary budgets for
the next fiscal year. Budgets for the
Welfare and Health Departments have
been passed upon, however, the Com
missioners have yet to receive prelimi
nary budgets for the Schools, and the
Agricultural Service, as well as bud
gets for the general county fund, debt
service fund and poor fund.
Final Report Made
On Cancer Crusade
A final report released this week by
the Perquimans Business and Profes
sional Woman's Club on the annual
Cancer Crusade revealed a total of
$607.93 was raised for this fund in
Perquimans County.
: Miss Hulda Wood, Mrs. D. M. Jack
son and Miss Audrey Umphlett, serv
ing as co-directors for the drive, ex
pressed their appreciation to the pub
lic for its generous response in the
fight against cancer, and to each of
the volunteer solicitors who canvassed
for contributions. "The cooperation
and time spent doing a great job to
raise the county quota," the directors
said, "is appreciated by all connected
in the effort to fight cancer." -
Contributions reported by the vari
ous .solicitors were released as fol
lows: Mrs. Anse White, Market
Street, $30.50; -Mrs. J. P. : Snipes,
PCCGS,, $24.70; V. N. Darden, busi
ness district of Hertford, $75.50; Mrs.
Ruth Stanton, Winfall, $59.00; Mrs.
William 'Boyce, $10.20; Mrs. Addie
Jones, Grabb Street, ,$20.00; Mrs.
Louis Howell, BeedrBsrings, RtJO:
MrsTTSdney Layden,"- Butgess, 43.61
fflias Thelma Elliott, Hertford Gram
mar School, $11.85 ., Mrs. Henry
Stokes, Front Street, i$ 16.00; E. C.
Woodard, PCHS, $12.57; Mrs. Lois
Topping, Woodland Circle, $15.75;
Mrs. Thomas Rogerson, Woodville,
$10.70; Will . Elliott, Chapanoke,
$12.50; Mrs. VC. p. Sumner, Grubb
Street, $25.95; Mrs. Thomas Tilley,
Dobb Street, $14.50; Mrs. Joe Nowell,
Nicanor, $11.00; Mrs. Clinton Eley,
Covent Garden, Market streets, $7.00;
Mrs. Lindsay Winslow, Church Street,
$6.00; Mrs. Viola Nachman, Church
Street, $10.50; Talmadge Rose, $13.25;
American Legion Auxiliary, $5.00;
Lioness Club, $5.00; Robert Hollowell,
Hertford business district, . $37.00;
Mrs. Logan Lane, Myrtle and Willow
Ave., $5.25; Mrs. Noah Gregory, East
and West Acadamy Streets, $2.00;
Mrs. Robert Hollowell, $33.60; cancer
cans at Winfall, $7.28; Audrey
Goodman, Penn and Wood Avenue,
$6.42; Mrs. Tom Perry, Edenton Road
Street, $8.90; Mrs. Robert White,
Church 'Street, $16.10; Katherine Jes
sup, Church Street, $6.00; Mrs. C. H.
Hunter and Mrs. E. G. Banks, New
hHope, $23.60; Nina B. White, Home
Demonstration Club, $8.65; J. M.
Spruill, colored division, $30.75.
VFW Auxiliary To
Sponsor Dance June 9
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the VFW
will sponsor a "Vacationers Dance" on
Saturday night, June 9, from 9 until
1 o'clock at the post hall. The dance
will be semi-formal! .
A floor show will be presented dur
ing the evening with Francis Nixon
acting as master of ceremonies.
Among those taking part on the pro
gram are Mrs. Charles Johnson, Hank
ChriStgou, Bobby Jordan, Georgia
Perry, May Dunsmoor, R. S. Monds,
Ruth Tucker,' Billy White, Charles
Skinner, Jr., 'Emmett Landing, Tal
madge Rose, George Fields, and Mrs.
Blanche Louise Kimbrell. "
Tickets may, be purchased from
members, of the VFW or the Auxil
iary. ,
To Advertise Town
Tax List' On June 8
W. G. Newby, Hertford Town Clerk,
today issued a final warning to resi
dents of the town, who have not yet
paid 1950 property tares. He stated
he -had been ordered by the Town
Board to advertise for sale tax liens
on all property for which taxes had not
been paid, and these liens will be ad
vertised on Friday, June 8, and the
sale will be held on the Becond Mon
day in July: t
'Property owners can save additional
costs by making payment before the
list Is turned over to the printers, Mr.
Newby stated. -
Total Cost of Project
$76,520; Work to Start -Immediately
Perquimans County's Board of Edu
cation, meeting in special session here,
last Friday afternoon, paved the way
for the construction of the Hertford
Negro School addition by letting con- -
tracts for the propect. The action
followed opening of new bids for the
general construction work on this
Low bidder for the general con
struction was O. W. Godwin of Dunn,
who submitted a bid of $55,797, for
this work. Others bidders were J. L.
Baitton, whose bid was $59,050 and
J. N. Bryan and Son, whose bid was
Total cost tit the project, including .
bids for the electrical, plumbing and
heating work will be $76,520.
By readvertising for bids or the
general construction work on this
project the Board of Education saved
$5,853 compared with all bids receiv
ed on the project at the opening of
original bids three weeks ago. At that
time J. L. Batton was low bidder, for
general construction, with a figure of
Work on this addition to the Hert
ford Negro School is expected to get
underway immediately, and it is esti
mated by the contractor that the
building will be ready for use some
time in October or early November.
Other matters handled by the Board
during the special meeting included
the employment of Raymond Fusoh,
architect of New Bern, to draw plans
for the construction of a lunchroom at
the Hertford and Winfall Grammar
schools. The Board is hopeful that
these plans can be completed and con
tracts let for the work in about eight
weeks. :''f-.;-v
The Board authorized county school
principals to demand birth certificates
of ail pupils entering school for the
first time, next September. This au
thority is granted under State laws,
and is observed to prevent parents
entering children in school before the
children reach proper age. ?
Meet At Nags Head
Edmund Harding, noted humorist of
Washington, N. C, Dr. Sylvester
Green, executive director of the North
Carolina Medical Foundation of Chapel
Hill will be the principal speakers at
a two-day assembly of presidents and ,
secretaries of the 278th District Ro
tary International scheduled to begin
here at The Carolinian on June 10, it is
announced by Robert Smith of the
Manteo and host club to the assembly.
Approximately 150 persons includ
ing Rotary officials and their wives
will attend the assembly which will
include J. L. Chestnutt, new president
of the Edenton Rotary Club; Robert S.
Marsh, new secretary, as well as a
number of other club members.
Harding is scheduled to be introduc
ed by Rotarian Wade Marr of Eliza
beth City. The nationally famous
Washington humorist is a former dis
trict governor of Rotary. He will
speak at the Fellowship dinner on Sun
day night
Dr. Green, also a former district
governor will be speaker at the May
11th luncheon and he will be introduc
ed by Zeb Brown of Tarboro, a past
district governor.
Discussions will be led by District
Governor Elect Olin Broadway of Hen
derson and H. B. Spruill of Windsor,
the present District Governor. The
host club will provide entertainment
features for the assembly including
songs by the Dare Club's quartet
Crop Planting Nears
Completion In County
County agricultural officials report
ed this week that crop planting is
nearly completed in Perquimans, with
outlook for the crops bright at this
time of year.
Blessed with an almost perfect
planting season, county farmers have
planted most of their peanuts, cotton,
com and soybeans,, with results from
nearly every section of the county re
ported as good.
With crop prospects good, County
Agent I, C. Yagel, urges all farmers
to be on the lookout for crop pests,
especially boll weevils, and take pre
cautions against these pests to protect
the growing plants. i .
. . . i. ' . .hi ii "
Announces Clinics
The District Health Department an
nounced today immunisation clinics
will be conducted in - Perquimans
County on June 14, 21 and 28, at Bel
videre, Nicanor and Winfall, and on
June 15, 22 and 29 at Chapanoke,
Woodville New Had and Webb's
store. . '
Officials! n

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