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r.:-j Determine In
tercut cf Public ; 1
H Due to lack of attendance on file
.WW of the public, at meetinr call-
. ea lasr uonaay nigra y ue neraoro
. Junior Lhamber of Commerce, to de
termine public interact la the Per-
ouimans High School Band, the Jay.
ees postponed a definite decision n
whether or not the. organization will
sponsor the band, and an annual drive
to finance the band.
' i Because of Its Intereat in community
, 1 rejects tne Jaycee organization has
, under consideration a proposal to
eponsor the band and assist it to growl
and excel in public music, however,
Before adopting the project members
of the Junior "Chamber of Commerce
ueairg xa aewjnnine u mere flaz-
J f -i. V J i, . J. . il . a .
merit the sponsorship of the group.
At the meeting Held last Monday
in the Court House most of the Jay
; see membership was present but only
,a . few interested men and women
turned out to voice an, opinion on the
matter. While disappointed at the
i turn-out for this meeting, it was the
opinion of those present that other
.v meetings being conducted at the same
- time bad cut the attendance at the
Dana meeting ana n was agreea mat
a second meeting will be called for the
purpose of learning the extent of in
terest in the high school band. ''
During tne discussion Monday night
the-Jayceea were advised by E. C,
Woodard, school principal and RJch
. ard David, band director, in regards
to the organisation of the band, and
- i ? f 1 J i i i . a .
its imaneiai neous. aupennienaero 01
Schools J. T. Biggers and Edgar Mor
Tis, chairman of the Board of Edu
cation spoke for the Board, stating it
approved the band organization and
appreciated the interest shown by the
Jaycees. - - -- & ' -w:- ' -Nothing
definite icame from the
meeting but the decision to call a
second meeting at which the public
Will be asked to attend, and during
whichj problems of operating a band
will riven, by eom visitor; the
Notice as to date and -Iacevrf tiitel
"coming : meeting win be anounced
'.: .later.;::SV:;'-'i:-V"''WV:t;': P
Snsriscr FcsUvd
Arrangements have been completed
-by the Hertford Lions Club for the
opening of their Fall Festival , next
Monday, September 24, it was an
nounced here today by F, A. McGoog-
an, president of the club, who stated
that the , local Lions have secured
Sherman Husted and his Central
. Amusement Company, to provide rides
and shows on the midway for the
"We hope to provide the people of
this area with, a week of good clean
fun and entertainment," Mr. McGoog
an said, "and we have waited until a
, late date in the year to present the
show because we desired to have the
" Central Amusement Company furnish
the shows and rides." T v , .
Headed by Sherman Husted, ' the
Central Amusement Company , hag
v showed in Hertford on several occas
ions, sponsored by the Hertford Lions
some fun for those attending.
The festival thie year Mr. McGoog-
' an announced, will be located on the
lot, located at the corner of Grufcb and
Edenton Road Streets. The festival
''will open on Monday, .September 24,
and continue through Saturday, Sep
tember 29. The Lions will conduct
children's day on Thursday and Fri
day afternoons from one to six o'clock.
v me cnirni Anr , t vompiuir mi
furnish a la-s r."'1"' r of rides for
both adults a J r' n,' have adJed
more attract!s l k '.own Ce prev-
: ions times le.
A feature cf t!.e f
roe act pie..':l e.
AmiuuHnanit flnT " -r V
Inl wiH be a
i rt'ikt fcy ,the
iS act is one
of the best that can te secured and
. promises to provlie much entertain
mens xor att.
Cotton TTi',i " jt4rc .
. S"077s Gee , JiVcrco
Cotton picking Irunderway in Per
quimans County, an 1 t!;e yield for this
year's crop, : -nr, f td local 'pro
ducers who have Bu.j some of their
cotton, is much t"t;:r Can the produc
tion last year.
- A hun.lar' of ' wto h-
sold cotton at t" t Co'.i-i C
Comr'y it ''i-yi,c;
'"'!! T T frv h ' t t l ".-' -."
J i . - 7 11 tic
. - 1 1 a ; I . 3. Clirtcil I-c?
CIHrCh IlwutkltS i .) ',)'
. . S. . ,.f. MWM ?; ; . "f.-1 rV '
A change in the date for pne-day
institute on family Ufa and marriage
counseling, sponsored ty the Metho
dist churches of this dVrict was an
nounced Monday ' by the T : v. Alfred
L, Chaplin, pastor of , tlie ' Ilsrtford
Methodist Church, which Will o host
iot tne institute. ; -. ; .
Mr. Chaplin announced f-e insti
tute will be held in Hertford) today,
Friday, ' September 81, instead of the
date previously announced. The ses
sion will open at 10 A. 114 and lunch
will Tbe served by the church between
the morning and afternoon sessions.
first C:3u2 Of
C;v Schod Yetr!
.The Perquimans County Central
Grammar School Parent-Teacher As
sociation held its first meeting of this
school year on . Monday night. Sep
tember 17, in the school auditorium.
The meeting opened with singing
"America the Beautiful.'': An impres
sive devotional
Bev. Carl Yow.
-was conducted by the' lor the extra point was no good. Man
. ; r , r : t , jteo,' receiving 'the ban1 again; failed
Mrs.. Wendell Matthews,' president,
stated that all chairmen of standing
committees would - receive the State
Bulletin, and . she urged that these
bulletins be read.s.M.t.'';''i -. " v
Reports from the '" various com
mittees were given,' including (1)
membership, Mrs. Elijah White re
ported that the membership drive
would be conducted soon and urged
that all mothers, fathers and inter
ested persons become members of the
association; (2) Magazines, Mrs.
Carl Yow stated that she had been
eiyen a number of PTA magazines to
ft distributed and asked that parents
hand in their subscription to her as
soon as possible: (3) Room Represen
tative, Mrs. Elwood White read the
names of room representatives for
the ; various grades; (4) Ways and
Meant, Mm. B. F. Bray stated that
some form of entertainment would be
givenvet Hallowe'en and asked that
everyone cooperate in making this
occasion success. , -
The treasurer reported, that $24.95
had beea"pent since the -last report
and th Wancajiow on hand amounby
principal of thef
chock was introduced. After his m-
trodfotioih he informed . the meeting
that' Dr. B. B. McGuire will visit the
school this week to examine the
children in ; the- first and third
srrades. He urged that- parents be
present for the examination of their
children. He praised the work being
done in the lunch room and stated
that from 368 to 381 are eating in the
lunch room daily; He also informed
the association of the distribution of
students in the various class rooms.
At the conclusion of Mr. Maston's
talk he introduced the five new
J. T. Biggers spoke of the crowded
bus situation and said he hoped some
plan would soon be worked out to re
lieve this conditjon; He also stated
that work on the lunch room had be
gun and he believed it would be ready
for use bv Christmas.
The president announced that the
district , meeting would oe neia in
Robersonville October 25, and she
urged, that as many as possible .at
tend,, : J '1' i ': vi. t ;;''V ' .' " ' ,
Mrs. Jack Benton, program chair
man, announced the theme for lvol
1952, "The Citizen Child, a Healthy
Personality, Top Priority" and the
topic for the October meeting will be
"Physical Health" with New Hope
community in : charge. Mrs. G. W-
Baker is chairman of this committee,
assisted by Mrs. Robert Robbing and
Mrs. Earl Morse. . ' "'vj
, The seventh grade won the attend
ance oriie. The president announced
that any room V winning tbia prize
three times during J the, year would
receive a worth Carolina nag.
Peraisiiaans FPA Team
Exhibit Vins Award
The Wauimans FFA exhibit won
first nlace aa best educational ex
hibit at the seven county fair, held
last week at Elizabeth City, it was re
ported today fcy iG. C. Buck, Agricul
ture teacher and FFA advisor a Per-
nnimana ITiffh SSchooL i '. V .''.i'".' S'- -
In addition "to fee blue ribbon.
awarded for first plwsvthe local FFA
group rceived a f 25 cash award and
an a . 'onsl tZ5 cash award for the
exhl-.t leinx .taiged third best of
the fair, ,.-, V ' '
Given Per August
' Dere bnnd sales m Perquimans
County for the mortur of' August to
taled according to a report re
leased tiis v ek by the Treaaury De-
'rtarsnt. ( t!:e .!c mace during
e mr'S, ,Xh are counted towcrd
tne qnoia rerquimans County
iall-e r '.rie I . Campaign, E bond
i 's st. ' 1 to $13,45? end G bond
Farmville Eleven To
Play Indians Here
Friday Night
Coach Ellie Pearing'a Perquhnana
Indians'. opened their lS8l football
season here last Friday night, before
a fair sized crowd of fans by trouneV
ing the Manteo eleven by a score of
Thd score failed to Indicate the u
periority of 'Jhes'Perquiwianr team
over the 'visitors as $osn Fearing
used reserves freely,: ivUig his en
tire bench : an opportunity to gain
valuable game exlepce. ;t ; . v
Manteo won the tosl ' and elected
to receive the kkk off from there
on the contest was all Indians. Man
teo failed to gain and kicked to Per
quimans. Joe Towe swept in the punt
and raced . 60 yards , to Manteo' 10
yard stripe. . Walker, on two' plays,
carried the ball pyer the goal to give
the Indians a Six-nothing lead. Try
dent the Indian line and had to
kick; : In the- firBt scrimmage for
the Indians . Walker raced SO yards to
the 10 yard line, but a penalty against
the Indians moved the ball' back to
mid field.' Williams then carried for
the Indians and on, two tries covered
the distance, scoring the Indians' sec
ond TD. Try for the extra point was
no good .and the Indians lead by a
score of i2-0. The first period, ended
with Manteo having the ball but fail
ing to gain from scrimmage. .
' -mm. f A ' -
rerquimans scorea again in uie sec
ond Period when Williams carried the
ball to the Manteo 20 yard line and
Walker, on a reverse, went, the dis
tance to score. Joe Tow converted
the extra point and the half ended
with the Indians leading 19-0. - ;
Manteo scored its tone TO . in tne
third quarter when Perquimans fum
bled near tree mid field and- Hasnignt
scoopejftip' the ball and ran 60 yards
for a TO. ; This made the score 19-6.
Manteo kicked off to Perquimans and
Walker d a beautiful jHeee of run4
ning the ball back for TD, a dis
tance of 85" yards.''; "The -score, now
stood n 25-6 for PewnHmaiig,. d
' .; Williams' opened the'fourth quarter
with nice dash to Manteo'e 10 yard
Hne Aut a penalty on the Indiana made
it 25 yards to go. . John. Morris toss
ed a 25-yard pass to Tommv Sumner,
. ... . i ji. . T II i.L
at tms point xo give me maians mr
fifth touchdown. Joe Towe convert
ed the extra point and th score mov
ed to sz-6 for f erauimans.
Perquimans marked up nine first
downs while Manteo had rive, fctana
ing out in line play for the Indians
were Tommy Sumner, Harrell, Perry
and Mathews.
The Indians will play their sec
ond home game here tonight when
thv meet the Farmville Hign scnooi,
Game time is eight o'clock and fans
are urged to turn out and back the
Accent Fafcl To
J. Rogcrson
r Uaniftl J. Rosrerson. 70. of Perquim
ans County,' died Friday at 1;10 A.
M.t at the Albemarle Hospital in
EHiabeth Citv from an injury sustain
ed in an auto accident last Wednes
day night on the Beech Spring road,
near his horned '
He was driving the car and failed
to make a turn, running into an. em
bankment, nolice said.
"Services were conducted Saturday
afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Lyncn
Funeral Home in Hertford. Burial
was made in the family cemetery near
the home; t i - ,
Surviving are two sons. Darnel I
of Portsmouth, Thomas' N, of rer
quimans; four daughtemMm. Eddie
Boyce, of Princess . Anne, Va, ,Mrs.
Sinirleton Lane. Mrs. Ellie Forehand,
f Perauimans County. Mrs. Willie
Reynolds, of Norfolk; three sisters,
xr T tr HomVmMl nf Edenton. Mrs.
Kate Elliott of Norfolk, Mrs, Law-
Mice Perry, of Route 1. Hertford; a
brother, David Rogenon; 12 grand-
children; six great-granocniidren ana
several nieces ana nepnews. , ,., . -
Rlembers Initiated
Into School Oab :
' Fifteen hew members ; were intiti
ated last Friday bv the Perquimans
Chapter of the National Bate Club, a
club for students 'aviraging 90 or
above during their first two years of
high school. The new members of 'the
local club are: . Fritz Wulf Billie
EUnner, Margaret v Symons, Faye
" 't, Billy Charpell Knbel' Martin
v -Jbee Shirley Euro, Letty Davis,
l:uilie Lu Yeates, Kay Stanton, Jlari
lm Baker, Emily Anne Sumner, Ruth
Dawson, Jsnle Winslow and Nan Ella
VMte. . . ,
xlina, Friday, September 21, 1951.
Heavy Docket Follows
. Recess; Three Cases
Are Continued '
. Business was on the uuswuur in
Perquimans Recorder's Court here
Tuesday after the court had a week's
recess., Twenty-six cases were dia-
posed of and three cases were held
oveSuntil next Tuesday..., r'
a pleas of guilty 'to charges of
ceding, the following defendants
were? ordered to pay the costs of
court! . Leo Goldfarb, Crabtree. John
Son C. H. Isbell and WilHam Wal-
A. nol pros was 'taken, in the case
in which Johnnie Ryan was charged
with, larceny. : . :
Willie Simmons, . Negro, 'charged
" .v J..I ... OO -1 1. 1 1
wiu. uriving wiui iimuiucient dfokcb,
entered a plea of guilty and paid the
costs of court.
A fine of S25 " was taxed aarainst
John Skinner, Negro, on a charge of ,
reckless driving.
; ; James Fuller, Negro, entered a plea
of guilty to a charge of following a
car too closely. He was ordered to
pay the costs of court. , : : '
Arthur Felton, John Felton, Mild
red Spruill and Alberta Jones, all
Negroes, charged with , assault, were
taxed with the costs of court. The
latter two defendants were , found
guilty and the two Feltons entered
pleas of guilty. "'-
Lemiah James, Negro, entered a
plea of guilty to driving without ft
license and paid a fine of $50 and
costs of court.
Oscar Littlejohn, Negro, charged
with passing a car in face of oncom
ing traffic, was fined $10 and costs of
On motion for a trial by Jury, the
case of T,, J. Bass, charged with being-drunk
on the highway, was sent
up to Suoerior Court 7
V John Phillips, Negro, charged with
dring with insufficient brakes, en
tered a plea of guilty and was fined
Snnd costs.
? Ittnry Copeland paid a fine of $25
andt? on a charge of driyihg on
feaiieft side of the highway icausing
proBPrty damage. - - - . ;
' 4m White, Negro,?'clMrged with
driving on the left side -of the high
way, entered a plea of guilty and paid
a nne of a ana costs.
James Wilkins, Negro, charged
with reckless driving, and driving
.with insufficient brakes, entered a
plea of guilty and paid a fine of $25
.TJh Ynunir entered a nlea of
smiltv to charsres of passinsr a car on
a curve and speeding. ' He was fined
S10 and costs.
James Brickhouse, Negro, charged
with larceny, was found guilty; He
was sentenced to the roads for 60
days, sentence, to he suspended upon
roavment of a fine of $50 and costs.
Christopher and Lois m, Negroes,
entered a plea, of guilty to a charge
of creating a ' disturbance and paid
the costs of court. !
Jack Williams. Negro, was fined
$5 and costs : on a charge of being
drunk and disorderly.
Herbert Forehand entered a plea of
guilty to a charge of reckless dnv
insr and nald a fine of S25 and costs.
John Brown was fined $10 and
costs on a charge of speeding.
John Lane was found guilty on a
charge of assault and judgment was
suspended upon payment of costs.
Perso'd Changes
Two changes will be made in the
personnel of the Hertford Post Office
about November 1, according to an
announcement made here this week
by Postmaster W. W. White. '
, Mr. White announced that James
E. Newby, employee11 of the Post Of
fice for the past 16 years, will be as
signed as a rural route carrier for
Route two, succeeding James Boyce,
who is retiring. ' : :; .1
Eldon Winslow has been named by
Mr. White as in ,. employee of the
Post Office' and his appointment has
been filed with the Post Office Depart
ment Mr. Winslow, who has served
as Perquimans County Game Protec
tor for the past several years, will
assume the vacancy ' caused by Mr.
Newby's transfer to a rural route.
Youth Injured In
Football Game Here
Billy Elliott, son of Mr. 'and Mrs.
Freeland Elliott, ' member of the
Perquimans football, team, sustained
a fracture of f the j, right leg in the
Perquimans-Manteo game played here
last Friday 'night. The youth was,
taken to the Albemarle Hospital for
treatment, and is reported getting
along as well as can be expected with
an injury .of this type..
PIL3 Seniors Elect
Year Book Staff
- The- senior class of Perauimans
High School held its first meeting of
tne current year Monday for the pur
pose f electing the year book staff.
Those, elected were Manruerite But
ler, editor-in-chief; Joe Towe, busi
ness manager;. Barune unappeu, cir
culation- manager; Frits Wulf, senior
editor; XAurence Sutton, class edi:or;
Tommy Sumner, art editor and Julian
nau. i .
ine stan is pianninr to send a
group Of delearatea to Columbia Uni.
versitjl'for the 11th annual short
coursefin year books on October 12
throu 14th.
CiMnsss Women's
Vd; Starts Sunday
The Perquimans Business and Pro
fessional Women's Club gave Mrs.
Nettie Lee Caravello a surmise House
Warming Friday night, September 14,
when the club met with her for its
regular; business meeting in her new
home on the Hertford-Edenton High
way when bouquets of brilliantly tint
ed summer blossoms accented, the
decorations of the entire lower floor.
Miss Hulda Wood, president, pre
sided. She welcomed Mrs. Sallie M.
Lane and Mrs. Laura M. Hollowell,
new members, into the club., Mrs.
Pickett Tumner, recording secretary,
read the minutes and Mrs. Essie Bur
bage, treasurer, gave her report. Miss
Nell Wilni teacher in the Perquim
ans County Grammar School, was ac
cepted as a new member. Money was
contributed toward the home of re
tired business women, which is the
state project.
The club' will observe National Buai
ness Women's Week September 23
through September 29, using the
theme, "Full Partnership for the Job
Ahead." They will start the week by
going in a body to the Hertford
Methodist Church on Sunday; "Wo
men in' Uniform Day" will be cele
brated ion Monday; Monday night,
Mrs. Alfce M. Towe, District Director,
and Miss Claire Hunter, District secretary-treasurer.
Miss Hulda Wood,
president, MistfiKate Blanchard, Music
(airmatd Mrs.
National Security
guests of the Scotland Neck Business
and Professional Women's Club at its
Charter Niirht banquet when Mrs
I ... 1 . 1
' " JlZTZw
Wednesday night, the members will
meei lor ixs ;"rf
e memoersnip vaw ...
charge of the program and table dec-
I orations consisting of the following:
Mrs. Grace Coston. Program Coordi
nation Chairman. Mrs. Pickett A.
Sumner. Memibershin Chairman, Mrs.
Grace Morris; Miss Claire Hunter and
Mrs. Sarah C. White; Thursday, spec
ial attention will be given Equal
Rights Day. Posters will be displayed
in store windows and soot announce
ments will be heard on the radio.
At the close of the business session,
Mrs. JBurbage assisted the hostess in
serving lime .punch, cookies, nuts and
mints and in displaying the miscel
laneous -gifts. (V " V V
Continuance Asked
In Local School Case
Possibih'ties f that, the Perquimans
County school ,suit, entered in Federal
Court, will be continued, from the Oc
tober term to next March, appeared a
reality, according to a Teport made
to the local Board of Education by
John Hall, Board Attorney, this week.
Mr. Hall advised J. T. ' Biggers,
School Superintendent, that the plain
tiffs in the case, through their -attorney,
Herman Taylor, had requested
Judge Don Gilliam to continue the
hearing until March, 1952.
The case is one in which a number
of Negro citizens entered suit against
the local Board of Education seeking
school facilities for Negroes equal to
county white schools. .
Since the suit was filed he Board
of Education has completed one pro
ject, and is now in the midst of an
other '- aimed, at providing ; facilities
sought through the suit The projects
were part of a program planned by
the Board' prior to 'filing of the suit
against the Board, .-
Specialist Tp Hold
Demonstration Here
1 Mrs. Katherlrie S. Riggle, Exten
sion Specialist in housing and home
furnishings, will give a demonstration
on reupholatering here on Monday,
September 24, ft was reported today
by Mrs. Nina B. White, home agent
The demonstration will be conducted
at the Agriculture Building begin
ning at 1:30 o'clock, and the public
Is Invited to attend. - V
The Hereford Chapter of the Order
of Eastern Star will meet next Mon
day night ft 8 o'clock in the lodge
rooms in the Court House. All mem
bers are urged to be present' "
5 Cents Per Copy
JfV.T1l Err -Ttfft'f
is .il w nitf in mi......
WMiaej WSJ
lit In fl;;rali:3
New Equipment Gires
Residents Additional
fire Protection
Perquimans County's new fire truck
was delivered here last Thursday and
was accepted by the county, after it
had been tested by the Hertford Fi
Department. t
The new truck, euuinned with a MM)
gallon water tank, is as modern as
tomorrow, according to local firemen,
who took part in the testinar. New
equipment, which provides more ef
ficient operation by the firemen, is
part of tne truck.
Constructed by the Orem Corpor
ation of Roanoke, Va., the tank and
equipment is on a Ford chassis. The
large capacity tank is equipped with
two fire hose lines which permits 12
minutes of fire fighting with the wa
ter being thrown at high pressure.
Fog nozzles, also a part of the new
equipment provides the firemen with
equipment to fight fires under modern
placing of the new truck into opera
tion here provides residents with
greater fire protection. The truck will
be operated by the Hertford Fire
Department under agreement with the
County Board of Commissioners.
Mayor and Fire Chief V. N. Darden
stated this week that the local fire
department has worked out' a . plan
whereby the department will provide
fire fighting service to the town and
county with use of both trucks.
. Under its agreement with the coun
ty hoard the fire department will use
both trucks on fires within the town,
and will send only the county truck
to rural fires. Keeping the county
truck, at all timea in readiness to an
swer calls to rural areas.
In cases of emergency, where the
Town of Hertford is requested to
give assistance to departments in
neighboring towns, only the Hert
ford truck will be sent, the county
truck remaining here for local calls.
Freedom Crus&b
A two-unit motorcade which wfll
show the people of Perquimans Coun
ty how America gets its message of
truth through the Iron Curtain has
started a tour of the state, and will
visit Hertford on Saturday, September
22, at nine A. M., it was announced
today by D. F. Reed, Jr., president
of the Hertford Junior Chamber of
Commerce, which is sponsoring the
Crusade for Freedom drive here.
This motorcade will demonstrate
the work of the Crusade for Freedom
and Radio Free Europe, Mr. Reed
said, the American people have made
it possible to pierce the Iron Curtain
with radio messages and freedom bal
loons.. 'They, are being asked to help
carry on this great work. This is
their opportunity to see how their
support 'is being used.
At each stop, made by the.-niotor-cade,
it will present samples of types
of broadcasts which Radio Free Eur
ope uses to fight Communism in the
Russian-controlled nations of - Eur
ope. " . v
- It will also give a demonstration
launching of the two types of balloons
which have been used in recent weeks
to carry millions of messages of hope
and encouragement to the captive na
tions. .
'The motorcade-consists of a sound
car and a truck. The truck carries
a replica of the Freedom Bell which
now hangs in Berlin, a simulated
radio ,tower to represent Radio Free
Europe and Radio Free Asia, and a
symbolic Iron durtain being pierced
by arrows of truth.
Prominent Hertford
Resident Dies Thursday
Isaac Anderson White, 81, died
suddenly at his home here Thursday
morning at 8:80 o'clock. ,
'; He was the son of the late Ander
son and Lucy Williams White.
The body was . removed to the
Lynch Funeral Home pending ar
rangements. Survivors include his wife, Mrs.
Mattie Catling White; one son, Rob
ert A. White; four daughters, Mrs.
Boyd Collins of Red Springs, Mrs. N.,
C Barefoot of Richmond, Mrs. Ker
mit Cowan of Washington, D. C, and
Mrs. H, A. Ruddock of Charlotte; one
brother, T. S. White and three sis
ters, Mrs, Lena Sutton;' Mrs. Jose
phine Phillips and, Mrs. Lucy Madre.
' Mr. and Mrs, Billy Winslow,; an-
nnnnrn ui mru, Mr nantrnri 11m.'.
thia' Ann, born Prlday," August ii,
at the Albemarle Hospital v ; (,Vs
Mrs. Winslow, before her marriage,
Hertford Sept 22nd
waa juum najuce .Terry. .

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