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    The Perquimans Business and Pro
fessional Women's Club held , its din
ner meeting at Hotel Hertford, Wed
nesday evening, September 26. Mrs.
Grace Coston gave the Invocation and
Miss Hulda Wood, president, gave the
welcome; Mrs. Pickett A. Sumner
introduced the 1 new members who
were as follows: Miss Nell Wilson,
Mrs. Laura M. Holloweil, Mrs. Sallie
M. Lane, and Mrs. Eva James Dozier.
Miss Wood recognized Mrs. Eula Sum
ner, president, of the Elizabeth City
BPW Club, who "was a guest,' and
welcomed Mrs. Mattie U. ,Dail back
into the club after being out the past
year. Mrs. Dora T. Riddick and Mrs.
Alice M. Towe gave reports on the
Southeast Region Biennial Conference
held in Washington, D. G, recently.
Attendance prizes went to Miss Wood,
and Mrs. Nettie- Lee Caravello. .
Final plans for Equal Rights Day
were completed for Thursday, which
was a part of the program planned
for Business Women's Week.
Mrs. Sumner had charge of the pro
gram when she presented an Emblem
Pageant Miss Thelma Elliott was
the Herald and opened with these
words: "The National Federation of
Business and Professional Women's
Club emblem embodies the symbols
of courage, culture, power, law, truth,
love foundation stones." Mrs. Essie
Burbage represented "Torch," symbol
of light, wisdom, principles, leadership
our educational program. Miss Au
drey Umphlett represented "Wand,"
herald of a new day for women, op
portunity, equality, healing, harmony,
power-rour health program; Mrs. Lois
A. Stokes represented "Ship of Com
merce," typifying the entrance of wo- j
men into business, expansion of op
portunities, adventures in friendship
abroad our international program;
Mrs. Nina B. White represented
"Scroll of Achievement," begun in
1919 and still unrolling, recording par
ticipation in movements toward social,
civic and political betterment our
public affairs and legislation pro
gram; Mrs. Riddick represented
"Nike," the Winged Victory of Samo
thrace symbol of strength, progress,
freedom, triumph, facing squarely the
winds and waves of prejudice and
other limitations. Miss Wood closed
the pageant with these words: "These
symbols, over the inscription N. F. B.
P. W, C. are bound in a golden circle
signifying unbroken harmony, end-1
less friendship the. drclwejhjJete
necs: Light, Health, Peace; Achieve
ment, Victory-comradeship, blessing
of work, benediction of Love." The
meeting closed with the' club Collect
repeated in unison.
Herbert Bonner
Reveals Story On
Govt Property &!e
Congressman Herbert C. Bonner has
released a report through his sub
committee revealing a chain of events
which enabled certain individuals to
obtain property purchased by the
Government for nearly 5 million
dollars. These individuals paid ap
proximately $35,000 as the cost of
this property to a school.
Clayton C. Harrah, an aircraft parts
dealer, and Howard L, Pemberton,
formerly a test pilot, along with three
other- individuals Started acquiring
Government surplus property in De
cember, 1946. This property was ac
quired in the name of the Bunker
Hill School, which was an existing
high school in Indiana. None of this
property was ever delivered to the
high school. Instead it was shipped
to the Bunker Hill Naval Air Station.
The Air Station was leased from
the Navy for a dollar a year plus,
maintenance by the Town of Bunker
Hill, Indiana. The town had sub
leased the Air Station to a private j
corporation which was farming the
land and renting the buildings thereon
for storage. The proposed school used
this facility as their base of opera
tions, though no lease was ever ob
tained from the corporation or Town.
In March, 1947, the Bunker Hill
School of Aeronautics was incorporat
ed as a non-profit school. Surplus
property continued to pour into the
base until August, 1947. No classes
were ever taught by the aeronautical
school. Though the school was in
tended to have facilities for 300 stu
dents, only around 30 ever expressed
any interest in enrolling; and none
were actually, . "enrolled for 5 future
classes. There was little evidence of
a bona fide attempt on the part of
- the incorporator of the school to
acquire desks, blackboards, and other
necessary equipment for Instruction.
At the insistence of the Navy De
partment in the latter part of 1947,
the school was evicted from the Air
Station ; because terms for leasing
could not be agreed upon. In trying
to move, the proposed school had
difficulty in finding a new location.
. This resulted in the property being
stored in numerous places.
Starting' in March, 1950, the in
corporators of this school started to
sell the property acquired. In one
ease 26 Lycoming Aircraft, Engines
; which had cost 10 dollars each were
sold for $3,750. Though other receipts
were not this sensational, much pro
perty was sold, and the total receipts
have amounted to $27,0CO. There are
still vast quantities "bf surplus proper
ty in "the possession of these indi
viduals. v
Congressman Bonner stated that the
evidence in the possession of the sub
committee wiH be turned over to the
Department of Justice. , He said at
least the investigation has opened
the way for the United States Govern
ment to attempt to reclaim the' pro
perty in the possession of the indi
viduals or to obtain damages from
. Proceedings Of. "
: Commissioners v
October 1, 1951
At a regular meeting of the Board
of County Commissioners held at the
Court House on the first Monday, the
1st day of October, 1951, present ana
presiding A. T. Lane, chairman, with
commissioners' R. S. Chappell, E. A.
Turner, E. B. Holloweil and William
C Chappell. Absent: none. ;j .
On motion ordered, the County
Commissioners recommended that the
State Highway and Public Works
Commission take over and keep in a
passable condition that certain road or
lane leading from Body Road to Paul
Colson's home, a distance of about i
n , 1 1 1 r-r
o or i nunarea yaras, in .new nope
Township, Perquimans County, North
Carolina. .
On motion the following persons
were appointed List Takers and Farm
Census Survey, for year 1952, which
duties will begin on the first day of
January, 1952 i . :-
C V. Ward, Belvidere Township;
T. Julian Long, Bethel Township; Per
cy Rogerson, Hertford Township; C.
D. Spivey, New Hope Township; W.
R. Stanton, Parkville Township.
On motion,, the following persons
were appointed to vaccinate hogs
against cholera, for Perquimans Coun
ty, using serum and virus:
Winston Lane, Bethel Township: N.
S. Hurdle, Parkville Township; Way-
land Howell, Hertford Township; Car
son Spivey, New Hope Township; Har
old Copeland, Belvidere Township. "
Givo your Farm
Hired Man?
No, but a Jury might If you
were Judged legaly responsible
for an accident involving an em
fioyefc it (night cost yo your
fanm...pWTliousandsof farm
en protect themselves against such
risks with Farm Bureau Insurance.
Its low in cost, but could save yon
thousands of dollars. Call for in
Herbert N. Nixon
C 3
HARD worked, 9 used, often
underfed, the faithful trhV
burro can be depended on to
canter along under kit burden
s long ss Sfe remains In him.
The prospector could not de '
without htm. -
The desire to serve faithfully,
and to assume ad ths neces
tarr details wHh depenoV
ability it our. ideal. Each cere
mony J a commemoration of
thou?htf dneu end dqnity. ,
f& time or V
5 neid r
On . motion mada a 1 '-! . ed,
the Board reranmea . J i At 1 i Per
quimans County WeLare Dc- -nt,
refuse to consider cases fir ? lali
sation other than those on u.t' re
lief. - . - -. ,
On motion made and duty passed,
that the chairman of the -.11 have
bins and shelves built in te a'iic of
the Court House to store old 'rec
ords and to destroy all fpapcnj and
records that are of no value in-order
to clean up the attic to lessen the
danger of fire. ,
The .following good and lawful per
sons were drawn to serve as. Jurors
at the next term of , Superior Court
for Perquimans County, N. C.i which
will convene on Monday, the 29th day
of October, 1951: .
J. H. Corprew, Jr., T. E. Madre,
C. M. Harrell, Jr Mrs. W. T, Smith,
Milton Dail, Jr., Charlie C. White,
W O. Hunter, Obed T. Winslow, Jr.,
Vivian C. Dale, Jasper J. Winslow,
A. D. Weston,. Noah Stalling, Emer
son Asbell, Essie L. Winslow, Bernard
P. Proctor, J. D". Yeates, Jessie P.
Chesson, Jr., Vernon Lee Perry, Mar
ion T. Winslow, Alvin G. Copeland,
Julian C. Howell, J. T. Harris, Julian
R. Mathews, Mrs. Nora Winslow,
I ;orie Vhl ), VilMau A. Iirst' ' ', ,Ji
f..a Fulton, Jr., V. Ha;-vo-1 Smit!
James P. Bur, J. C. Bu" , Tr., Jo
B. Perry, A. . IWn, C. T. I . "J"
Johnnie Stallings, Hie. J. lwrr-3, .'.
M Joe StaUIngs, W. H. Cartwritot,
W: Bryant - Staler js, Ambrose . E
Long, J, pj. V.'ard, J. G. Eaccus, Clauu
M. Long, Llpyd H. Chappell, Raymond
L. Farmer, James A. Carver,' Fr
land IZiXu, "ili, Basil W. Cope! id,
James I. Copeland,- Mrs. Audrey
Roach, W. Quintpn .Hurdle, jr. R. Ays
cue, i ' .' , ; , , j
On motion, the Treasurer was or
dered to pay the following bills: .
Department " of Motor Vehicles,
$13.17; Winslow-Blanchard Motor Co.,
$95.00 j W. S. Long, $10.15; Darden
Bros., $33.33; The Perquimans Week
ly, $5.00;- J W Ward, $9.50; J. W.
Ward, $1,845.40; Sam Hourmouzis,
.'.Mutual Burial
Builders'' Materials
Next Door to Cotton Mills
"PHONE ,2394
c :
AnJ - i,
o .'.:
, fu. .,
3 l .
u: i)., . : "i-i
Co., $:t;; I ...a - U w
r. -h Co, t3.65; Owen G. Dunn Com-r-y,
V. F. C, $142; Commercial
Printing Co., $14.78; T. P. Erinn, ii.
D $20.00; T. P Brinn, II. D ?S.C0;
T. P. Erinn, EX. D., ?! T. t A.
7hite, $13.60; The Vorrvll lanu-
4 (
'"""emu Some.
r Km Nawr "
; C (; J.' C.
"; i.t c : x
. , : ;.7I; -n r - 1,
A- i,; ..::;
L .L. " tri-l 1 -"-o -vai
& o-. . . Co, $7.LJ; L.jri
There being' no further business t!.e
Peard adjourned. '
'" '" J. W. WARD, Clerk. -
: W
m . "v nnr -
according to
, a Mtionwids ; ;
survey of . '
doctors in
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