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secure bids on furniture for the five
best advantage.. ,..,.'
Superintendent was authorized to
purchase basketball ' goals for Per
quimans Training School '
Board voted -for sale, Bethel and
Chinquapin Schools subject to occu
pancy when the Hertford School is
completed. . ' '
' J. T. BIGGERS, Secretary.
.3 ...;:
classrooms at the' Hertford Colored
School and for the cafeterias at Hert
ford Colored, Hertford Elementary
and Perquimans Central Schools. -Superintendent
was authorized to
negotiate a 'change frora electric to
gas for hot water and stove m Hert
ford Colored School lunchroom to the
XY, tnzr.Tror.3, r.- a, feiday, October 26, 1951
With the opening: of the hunting
season on deer, squirrel, bear, rac
coon and opossum . last Monday, Oc
;Toberv15, local hunters took to 'the
woods in eearch of their share of the
game. A better hunting season, ia
anticipated this year as report point
to more game than in several years.
Seasons -and hag limits on various
species of -game, were .announced this
week-by, Hugh Robertson, Perquimans
County Game Protector, who urged
r ail sportsmen to use caution with
firearms and to observe all game
laws. - '
Bear:. Open season, October 15 to
January J; bag limits: 'daily, 2; pos
session, 2;- season, none. '
Deer: Only male deer with visible'
. antlers may be taken open ' season,
October 15 to January It, bag Hraits:
.daily, 1; possession, 1 season, 2.'
Raccoon- and opossum (with dog
and gun only): Open season, October
15 to February 15; no bag limits.
- Squirrels . Open season, October 15
" to January i; bag limits; daily, 8;
. possession, 16; season, 100. ;
'". l Rabbit: Open season, , November
You can't eat
a gold watch!
, , t DivU of Dtfau Photo.
Left, Infantrymen dash for cover during training exercise at Marine Corps schools at Quantico, Va.
Bight, a flame thrower and phosphorous bursts annihilate a simulated enemy emplacement during realis
tic battle training. These are examples of the newest combat tactics lately introduced in modern war
fare. :".- . ,
22 to January 31; bag limits: daily, 5;
possession, 10; season, 75.
Quail? Open season, November 22
to January 31; bag limits: daily, 8;
possession, 16; season, 100.
Wild turkey (gobblers or toms
only): Open season, November 22 to'
January 81; bag limits: daily, 1; pos
session, 2; season, 3.
Foxes may be taken with guns
when the season is open for any other
game bird or animal, except that in
counties, which have special laws gov
erning the season, the local laws shall
prevail. There is no hag limit on
foxes. , '
It's better to prdvide adequate
ly for your retirement yourself
... with a low cost Farm Bu
reau retirement income plan.
. Your local Farm Bureau
representative can quickly work
out a plan to combine with any
niko. WMlelnnc vnli mnv hftVA .
. coming so. that you'll have an ,
' adequate . retirement Acorn ?
; Herbert N. Nixon
Defense -Bond Sales
Reach Halfway Mark
Acccording to an announcement to
day . by R. M. Riddick, Jr., County
Chairman of the U. S. Savings Bonds
Committee, sales of U. S. Defense
Bonds in Perquimana County at the
halfway period of the current 10-week
Defense Bond Drive total $5,887.50.
The sales represent 46.2 per cent of
the county's $12,000.00 quota in Series
E, F and G Bonds. The drive began
September 3 and continues through
November 13. '
In urging additional Defense Bond
purchases by citizens of the county,
Mr.Riddick said: - All of us must
recognize, that the; dollars we save
today are building power for -the na
tionnot only economic power to back
up our great defense effort, but a
reservoir f of purchasing power for
the future stability and prosperity
of our nation when the present emer
gency is. over.' . ' .j
V :Tt"j : ,-J. .', " '. Tf ": '
: . People l,whbt..wqry about the end
of the, J world won't , be around when
't occurs. ' t .,
The Belvidere Home Demonstration!
Club met Wednesday, October 17, at
the Community House with Mrs.
Merle Yow and Mrs. Flora Hurdle as
joint hostesses. , ' -
The meeting opened by singing,
"Holy, Holy, Holy.", Mrs. Bertha S.
White gave the devotional using the
19th Psalm'. , After several business
matters were discussed, Mr. .White
gave a very interesting demonstration
on "Using Modern Kitchen Devices
For Greater Efficiency."
The citizenship leader, Mrs. Bertha
S. White and the poultry leader, Mrs.
Lola Copeland, gave reports. The
music appreciation leader, Mrs. Merle
Yow, conducted a contest on music,
with Mrs. White. Mrs. L. J. and Mrs.
Oliver Winslow winning the prizes.
xne Hostesses served delicious re
, ,
C.ousGuarming Time
Famous Duo-Therm Home Heaters
The Board of Education met in
regular session Monday, October 1,
1951. George Caddy was absent.
Minutes of , the last meeting were
read and approved.
The superintendent presented a
summary of preliminary reports show
ing attendance figures and compari
sons of schools in county for the first
half school month.
;. After a review of available funds
the superintendent as authorized to
During the remainder . of
19511 will not'observe office
hours on Wednesdays.
according to
a nationwide .
survey of
doctors in
every branch " .
of medicine
1 7r I
' Jm I
' ' I
Luxurious Mahogany Finish!
Complete Home Heating
New! Exclusive Auto
matic Power-Air Blower
saves up to 25 on fuel
bills gives you far more
even heat in every room,
automatically! (Optional)
Exclusive Duo-Therm Dual
Chamber Burner gives
you more heat from every
drop of oil.
Waist High Heat Control
Dial lets you dial heat
easy as you tune a radio;
I See us now for years of low-cost heating comfort
Use Our Lay - Away Plan
Convenient Terms If Desired
Lou is Wins lo w
v Belvidere, Xorth Carolina
n - n
1 n
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No brush marks smooths itself outl
Dries to mirror finish in four hourd
Fourteen modem, cheerful colors! . viiyQU CAN I rf,n
Stays washable alwoysl . - tU&Y SURFACE
. r.jr.-f2rturetfby .
. flVevttfelVe,WOk
l m 1 .--a i'r .
t. J)
I " J!
I w j v . ...
1 .TrC?vD,N.C. ,
9 J
. to do more work
for your money!
1 l I . m
wm-,' """
frr- t 1 -1 " :.. ' w
I iJ!i.'-TmMIIM' ' " l'""t"1"""MI1" ; """'''"LiIjmIIZ
lOS-h.p. Leadmaiter
vaivB-liMd raglne
HMvy-duty channel type
' transmUslen
(Continuation ef rfoodorrf qu)pnrt ond Mm
BWrptad n dtptfldtnt on avaflabOry of anMofJ
Hauling big loads? . Then . Advance
Design Chevrolet trucks are exactly
what you need. Big 105-horsepower
Loadmaster engine ... extra-rugged
Chevrolet frame L smooth shifting
Synchro-Mesh transmission ... engineerecMo-last rear axle -.
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BSi nun ANT othu un
Hypold rear axles
leclrculatlng SaU-Oaar
steering ,
4oeblawana4 cabs
H7eM: Chevrolet Company
Phcna 2151
Hertford, N.C

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