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U:: M.rd, Jtvinisraa County, North Circling, Friday, November 16.1951.
- ' 5 Cents: . Per Copy
Tovn norrJi gcjjsldzis cgiistiiuctio;!
1 j
j At C - 07
1 j t er- ' i TTeel.Iy's cJrcu'.v
f i ciir.p;. , y.'l L&s been' con-
! ' -i duriuj i" b past seveju. weeks,
v .1 come to a final .close Saturday
t.ernoon, November 17, at 2 o'clock,
and the judges, C. P. Xorris, iR, M.
r.IJdick and E.kl Miller,' selected to
make the final connt and to certify
the winners of the six- prizes' offered
to workers entered in the drive, will
make those awards aa soon as they
have completed the final count of the
votes cast for each candidate.
tCofitc.'ants, still active int.. the
drive, are worklrj diligently to pile
up as many votes as, poscLble before
the closing hour Saturday afternoon
to make a 'stand for victory toward
winning the big first prize of $400 in
cash. In addition to the first prize,
'second- place winner will receive ' a
prize f of $200,' third ' place- 15Q and
bonus checks,, will be given fourth,
fifth and sixty place winners." -Each
of the workers have been paid a" 20
per cent commission, on all business
reported during .the campaign. Win-
f ners of the first three prizes, how
ever, do not receive bo their -Commission"
and a prize, the commission
being deductible from the total prize
'off ered"'A ;
It was announced laie last , week
by the .publishers Of The Weekly that
the third prize, to be awarded in the
subscription campaign, - will be f 150
instead of $100 as originally an-
, nounced. ; f ,'..,''.
A final tabulation of the votes and
subscriptions will be. . made , by the
committee of judges, and the manage
ment of The Weekly will not handle
any of this week's business reported
by. the workers. - Workers will, make
their final report on Saturday, plac
ing their subscriptions and votes in
an envelope . and then place the enve
lope in a sealed ballot box which will
be located at The Weekly office, prior
to the closing time of the campaign.
"This box will no be orned wl, afn
ter the Judges have dec. -red t . eon-
test closed at - 2 o clock. The - an
nouncement of the . winif v'V in
-made just as soon" a"s" tre 'judge Ve
able to make the final count and ceW
tify the winners.-'' r
Every contestant must have a cash
report in the ballot box in order to be
eligible for a prize or commission.
This is One of the first, rules of the
campaign and in all fairness it must
oe aanered to strictly, workers are
warned not to fail having their final
report in the sealed ballot box by 2
o'clock Saturday afternoon. ..-
The United Nations, meeting in
. Paris for its European session, before
returning to Convene itt" New JYork,
this week voted down a, proposal to
admit Bed China to UN membership.
The action was 52a as; a-.dcfitt for
Russia, .who has been attempting to
get Bed China into the U.l- in place
of the Chinese NationaH3ts-u Eeports
from Paris state th UN meeting has
made no Lua4way ' toward an. agree
ment proposed by the United States
on disarmament -' 1 -
- In Korea, "reports this week state,
pece talks between UN and Com
TT' iiot ofrkials appear heaJod for ami
r tr idown. - Allied leaders
1 s siocl Crm on cT-rj rtrdirj
a i Anient, but Ce Comn.ts, -
r i say, continue to char.-a t..u:r
t 'j ovr the points under consid
e, 'ii'l'.-jii'A the Allies are
T '-' r " v3 and keeping the
r "
t i i
d ' i
'j , 1
! ( r 1 ) 1' . ; '
-. I'-j r i
'7 i "t
- - -1 I I 1
. .. V:.- - -,B
ru 1 S hool
. . . ' on
.s ;. , .. ntwnity
; The Candidates . '
'- Listed below, in alphabetical or
der, are' the names of the active
workers remaining in The Weekly's
circulation drive that conies to its
official close' Saturday afternoon
at two o'clock, " """
The position of the names does
not; necessarily denote tihe stand
ing Jn the race. . V -
p Mrs, Tom Cox . ' . s
.Mrs. J. C. Howell - - -
Mrs, Naomi HcDonnell
'Miss Julia Weston' - '
i Mrs. BehtoA White '
Mrs. Joe Towe 'White,
i. Mrs! James Wilder - i
Miss Delia Window
, Only a few hours remain of the
campaign, and workers . should
strive to make ;the inost of every
hour that is left in' the drive to
build up the greatest possible vote
total before the drive "closes.' t.''
Rcc:rd Promotion
Some new highea in corn production
has been reported in Perquimans by
the County Agent's Office, and it ap
pears . the new records came 'about
through friendly competition among
members of the Buritan Clubs. ;
t What barled out ai friendlycorn
contest among the members of the
Durants Neck Buritan Crab has result
ed not only in a State record yield, but
has turned into a: friendly corn war
between two .townships;; in tva Jngh
Agent. At a recent meeting of the
Durante Neck Club, fiarj ToTnar re-
a .com
Joel Hollowell and Floyd 3Jsthews of
the Parkville Buritan Club.who chal
lenged the Durants Neck Club to a
high-corn-yielding contest. Each club
put up $25 ta go" to the 'highest indi
vidual producer," and the lpsing club
must give the winner a fish fry,, says
Topping. In the Durants Neck con
test, all but two entries had over 100
bushels per acre, according to Top
ping. , lien Chambers naa an estimaitea
151, bushels of Dixie 17. -Melvin Col
son bad a yield of 121 bushels of Pio
neer 510, Nathan 'Spivey, 116 bushels
ol j. . w, jaarvm ja(jay, n nusn
els of N.'C. 27 Robert Spivey, 113
trasneb of N. C. '27, Carson Spivey, 109
bushels of Woods 211: , -., w
- George Brooks Wheooee, 72, died at
the Chowan Hospital Monday after
noon at 4:39 following a long illness.
-Funeral services were held at the
graveside in the Whedbee family plot
in Cedarwood Cemetery, in (Hertford,
Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock with
the Bev. Charles Wulf off idatmg
Mr TTiedbeewh was a riattvend
life-long resident of Perquimans Count
ty was the youngest son of the late
Penelope Blount and Seth Sumner
Survivors are one daughter, - Mrs.
John Jertsnev of Arlington; Va.; one
sVv. Mrs. Helene Whedbee Newby,
of Hertford, and several nieces and
Pallbearers were J. T. Perry, Guyi
Newby, Sam Uourmousls, M. G.J
Owens, Silas Wheee and -Charles;
F. Cumner. ,
K.-t; r.!-:-y Ni-ht
.e Parent-Teacher" Association of
rtnuimans Cour.ty Ccstr&I
! hold its rejular meet';::
y r'-ht, Jloven,uer 19, t
1 vs r '
. J. 1
cf ' e rro-
fuarreu as
; T "w.Cw-on''. is
1 tj la present
Committee Hopes To
Close Drive Next .
Contributions to the ' Perquimans
County band fund, being sponsored by
the Hertford Junior Chamber of. Com
merce, reached the total of $511.60 up
to .last Monday, ib was reported by
George Fields, chairman of tiie Jaycee
committee hancumg this project. :
Mr. : FielJs pointed -OuC-that ithis
amount equalled only one third of the
quotar set at the begimtinir of I the
drive, and deed to finance .the band
during the present, year. iHoVever he
added, this total vws-turned in by
only two of the solicitors working
wiih the Jaycees, and reports from' the
other solicitors are yet to be received..
, The Jaycee committee composed of
Mr. Fields, B. J. Holleman, Jr., and
Talmadge Rose are hopeful the drive
can be brought, to a successful close
by Saturday night-of this week, and
the; committee 1 urges an solicitors
working -on the project to contact
prospective contributors and make re
ports bjt the end of the week.. 5
Individuals who deBire to, donate
to the band .fund, and who have not
been canvassed for donations can
make a contribution by handing do
nations; to any member of the com
mittee or to A. W. Hefren, J. Edgar
Morris D. M, Jackson, Mrs. D. . M,
Uackson, Mrs. . Fred Mathews, Mrs.
W. C Cherry B. B. White, Sljeve
Perry, Mrs A. B. Cook orr.Charlie
Umphlett. f
The first step taken by the' Jaycee
committee in assisting in a reorgani
zation ahd building up of the band,
was to 'order; new. tjniform.s for 'the
band members. - This expenditure will
use tip lnost .of the funds . . being
sought in the current drive, and it was
reported. Tuesday, the nvtr. uniforms
will arrive here in- time for the band
to i use ttiBm on' Thanksgiving Pay
when ithe participate, in. tiwlaotiieji
at the Perquimans-Elizabeth City foot
ball game.
;The public ia urged to cooperate
w'rhe. - Jaycees jo, .this eonKnunhy
project'and to make donaftons immedi
ately and at generously ab possible. ,
&d Sg;!;s To
Discontin'js Tros
The Norfolk Southern Railroad,
which without permission discontinu
ed its trains No. 1 and No. 2 on No
vember 1 and- was served with an in
junction 'restoring this service,' is now
seeking authority to . suspend these
trains, it was announced Wednesday
by the State Commissioner of Utili
ties, .
- The- railroad , was given permipsion
to suspend, passenger, service on these
trains during 1948, and when on No
vember 1 the Government cancelled its
mail contract with 'Norfolk Southern,
the company sought to discontinue its
express service.
Officials of the" railroad have' filed
a petition seeking permission of the
-Commission to discontinue these
trains and a public hearing on the
matter has been set for November 19
at 10 A,' M. The hearing will be con
ducted in - the Commission's hearing
room located in the Library Building
in Raleigh.
Business Houses To
Observe Thanksgiving
. . 'Hertford stores and business houses
will observe the Thanksgiving holiday
here next Thursday by staying closed
all day , . .
J. T. Riggers, superintendent' of
schools, announced the resumed school
ItnlMsv or1l fai4. tin WntnMutnv nH
Monday, . 'vi
' W. W. White, Hertford postmaster,
stated the local post office will be
.closed all day but' mail will Be -re-ceived
and;, dispatched on a. holiday
schedule. - - - s . ., f
Christmas ibaviiij!
C:cc!:s To Be Mailed
TLa Jlertford uikirr Company
will, early- next w k, mad but cliecks
to county resider' 1,' totaling $C0,C0O,
it wss announced ( iay ty 1 I ! Z'.i
re ' nt of .'.e fcanK, . J . .
. f ':. L " .iste 1 the cecl-s repre
s t i'virrs ma ) dui'-j 1' 5' rant
; r-1. , ,Ji fc, bank's Christmas
? C ' s.
ba-i's new y.
xds w;n o"
' ;r r, LTr. i
"2 Ch"-' -'-nas Savr
, v ..I r.
Two Games Remain On
Local Schedule For
This Season
Coach Ellie . hearing's Perquimans
Indians ran roughshod over Scotland
Neck, -in aa- Albemarle Conference
footbaii game, played fast Friday
night, at Scotland Neck. The final
score ' was Perquimans' 64, Scotland
Neck 0.;.;.; .'...; K'r' ri -' ': '.-''-.Hv :
;;. The victory was the seventh for
the season for the Indians as against
two Josses', and places the Indians in
a1 three-way tie for the Albemarle
Conference championship.
' The lighter Scotland Neck team was
no match for the Indians who Scored
at will in every period. ;
John Morris threw three touchdown
passes in ; the first Jialf with B-3n
Thatch on .the receiving end of two of
them. Garland Walker scored on the
Other pass in the first quarter. '
': In the final minutes of the second
period A. L. Lane went around end
for 40 yards to take a 24 to 0 lead
at half time for Perquimans.
Early in the third quarter ;Tommy
Sumner took a pass from John Morris
and scored. Walker tallied soon af.
terwards on a 25-yard run off tackle,
In the fourth quarter Walker returned
a punt for 60. yards and the seventh
touchdown;'' Preston Morgan added
another score When he went' around
end for 32 yards. The ninth tally came
when Sumner took a pass front Mor
ris. ' r--- r. , .ir.
j Howard Williams, Perquimans full
back was out of ; action due to t
shoulder injury. - - :
Two more games remain on thJ
Indian schedule for, this season. The
local team will journey to Ayden Fri
day night for a contest with Ayden
High, and on Thanksgiving, the In
dians' will meet the Elizabeth City
Yellow Jackets on Memorial Field in
Elizlbeth City.? t . -. r .
The Mid-Year Council: Meeting .of
the North Carolina Federation of Bust
ness and Professional Women's Clubs,
Inc., was held in Gre'ensboro, Novem,
ber 10 and 11, with tie Sta,te Presi
dent, Mrs. H. Pat Nixon, of Sanf ord,
presiding. The theme used through
out the meeting was "FulJ Partnership
For the Job Ahead."
The High Po'.nt Club was hostess to
the luncheon on Saturday with Miss
Helen Graham, president, presiding.
lMrs.Lucy R. Duncan, of Smith field,
State membership Uhairman, and Mrs.
Mamie O. Cook of Chadbourn, State
Legislation Chairman, had charge of
the program. u h-'.-V-'-
j The workshops and business sessions
were held in the ' auditorium ' Civic
Center with Miss Beevs Fomey of
SKelbyv First ; Vice-President, Coordi
nator, when the main speaker for the
afternoon was 'Sarah Boyd Weaver,
State Defense Chairman, who was in
troduced by Miss Elsie G. Riddick, of
Kaleigh. , "
- The Creensboro Club was hostess
to the banquet .with Miss Lorene
Weaver, ; president, presiding. ; The
speaker was Miss Marjorie Frazier
Webster, who chose for her address,
"The Sunny Side of the Hill."
The Gibsonvflle Club, was hostess
to the Sunday morning breakfast with
its president, Mrs. Jayne Hite Bryson,
presiding.; Mrs, .Ruby C. (Blythe of.
Rocky Mount, Second Vice-President,
led the devotion services. Mrs. Blanche
Lewis of Gibsonville, 4th District Di
rector, gave an impressive program on
"Armistice' ay during which time
the. pledge of the. flag was given and
at the 11 o'clock hour 60 seconds of
silent prayer' was offered for World
Peace. - s,.':..v'-
k - Miss Hulda Wood, Perquimans BPW
Club president,, and' Mrs. Alice M.
Towe. 8th District Director, were
among the 180 officers present.
EcjiV LjaI lzz
Due to Observance of Thanks-'
giving Thursday of next week, V
! The Weekly wl be printed a day .'
earlier tn order to provide a holi
I day for. employees. A,if:.f
. , Any advertising or news matter
' should, therefore, be in the IWeek-f
,' ly office a day earlier.. ' : ' &
. The ladies of the Episcopal Church
will hold tlw'r bsrsar at HarshaU's on
Friday of this week. In addition to
numerous and varied hand-made ar-
.,.Ie8 c- j f r Christmas gifts, t .e
ladies wiil al 'o cfer home-made p "
and c -s. Va sale will begin j'
'.0 c ' ' - '--v.' -
Sp:ss WtrnedJ
Following a lengthy discussion dur
ing their meeting on Monday night,
memDers or tne Hertford Town Board
issued a warning to motorists of this
area that the town's speed laws will
be strictly enforced, and instructed
members of the police department to
issue court citations to all violators.
Complaints about motorists speed
ing within the, town have been numer
ous for the past year, and while a
number of arrests have been made,
the violations have continued, and the
Board members expressed themselves
as determined to put a stop to the
willful breaking of the speed laws.
According: to most comDlaints. the
violators, most frequently seen and
recognized, are a group of young teen
agers who are bent on making a race
track of the town streets.
To curb the violations Mayor V. N.
Darden, late Monday night instruct
ed the local police to issue court ci
tations to all drivers" found breaking
the law.
Light Docket In
Recorder's Court
Here Last Tuesday
A docket consisting of six cases was
disposed of in Perquimans Eecorder's
Court here Tuesday morning with
Judge Chas. E. Johnson presiding. .
'Benjamin Leon Harrell, charged
with reckless driving, following an
accident last Sunday morning in which
Harrell's car was demolished when it
turned over near V. L, Proctor's on
the Harvey Point road, entered a plea
of guilty to the charge, : Judge John-;
son ordered Harrell to pay the court
costs, andsuspended a 30-day road
sentence upon condition the defendant
voluntarily surrender hisVdrjver's li
cense for a period of 60 aays.
;,Hoke Smith Eason,. Negro, entered
a $lea, of guilty to a 'charge of reck
less .driving. He was ordered to pay
the costs of. court.
Thomas Felton and Charlie Welch,
both, Negroes, charged with driving
without - a license, entered pleas of
guilty and paid fines of $25 and costs
of court.-: :
Hilton Eason, Negro, entered a plea
of guilty to a charge of hit and run
and illegal registration of a vehicle
He was ordered to pay costs of court
and damages caused by an accident
A fine of $25 and costs of court
were taxed against Deverne Emery
who entered a plea of guilty to a
charge of speeding 75 mils per hour.
Hog Production
Study. Plciined By
State CG!ege Dept.
. The Department of Agriculture Eco
nomics of North Carolina Sta Cot
lege this week' announced plans for a
study of northeastern North Carolina
on hog production under various types
of Bantal arrangements. ; r
Counties to be included in' the study
are Bertie, - Chowan, Gates, Halifax,
Hertford, Martin, Northampton, Per
quimans, and Washington.
Plans include interviewing a7 num
ber of farmers in .the area to -determine
present, at rangements. under which
hogs are produced. :, The information
obtained will be used to make recon
mendations to other farmers who are
interested in -porducing nogs with
some kind of rental arrangement. I
The study is being made under 'the'
North CawUna Agricultural Experi
ment Station with cooperation of Soil
Conservation . Service Farmers Home :
Administration, Department of Voca
tional 'Agriculture and State College
Extension Service. "The interviewing,
of farmers Wfll be under the direction
of Moyle S. WilKams, extension farm
management-specialist. : t , ;
Cartwright Funeral
Ccaducted Sunday P. M.
Charlie. Cartwright. 6. died -last
Friday morning at 60 o'clock at
Butner Hospital, near Durham," after
a long illness. . . ; '
The body was taken from the Lynch
Funeral Home to the graveside in the
family plot at Belvidere Sunday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock where' final rjtes
were conducted by the Rev. M. L.
Chr 'L
Low Cost Project To
House Governmental :
Offices Only
- Hertford's Town Board has reopen-'
ed the possibilities of constructing a
municipal building for the town gov
ernment, it was reported following
the regular meeting of the Commis
sioners last Monday night During
the,' meeting the Cohimissioners dis
cussed the project, and reached agree
ment to obtain preliminary plans and
estimates as to the cost of the build
ing.' '
Under the present plan, the Board
considers the construction of a small,
low cost , building, to be located on
the town lot on Grubb Street. The
building, if and when constructed, will
contain offices for the Mayor and
Council, town clerk and police de
partment ,
It was the opinion of the Board,
the project can be completed from
surplus funds accumulated during the
past several years, and a small sur
plus expected during the current fiscal
year. The plan, according to the
belief of the Commissioners, will not
entail an increase in the town's tax
rate. .
The voters of Hertford rejected a
measure earlier this year calling for
a bond issue to finance the construc
tion of a municipal building on a larg
er scale. ; . ;
Reconsideration of the proposal was
brought about by the needs of the
town for sufficient space to "house the
offices of the town officials. Pres
ent facilities are not adequate for
the handling of the three main town
departments, and it has been agreed
by the Commissioners the construc
tion of a municipal building is a neces- ,
sity. ; ;; '
If arrangements are completed for :
the construction ' of the building, it
was reported that the Board hopes
to have construction started about 1
next March.
Other business handled during the
meeting Monday night included the
approval of the election to the Hert
ford Fire Department of three new
members, ; George Fields, Bobby El
liott and: JChafles Harrell.;, ,
'A delegation, representing the Hert
ford Junior Chamber of Commerce,
appeared before the Board requesting
a contribution to the Perquimans Band
fund, and this request was granted in
the amount Of $75.00. '
Oil Mill Operation
Halted By Strikers
ast Monday Night
Operations at the Southern Cotton
Oil Company's mill in Hertford were
hatted last Monday night at 6 o'clock
when a majority of the employees of
the mill walked off the job in an ef
fort to obtain recognition of a local
. C. P. Morris manager of the .mill,
stated Wednesday morning a few of
the firm's employees are on the job,
but the strike had stopped complete
operations. . , ' ; '
He announced that representatives
of the workers . had presented his
company with a request for recogni
tion of a union affiliated with the
United Mine Workers, , the employees
claiming organization of their union
last August
Officials of the Southern Cotton Oil
Company, were expected in Hertford
late Wednesday for a conference on
the situation. ' . '
A number of the employees started
a picket line at the mill located on
Grubb street early Tuesday morning. '
The pickets carried placards demand
ing recognition of their union.
No disturbance was reported from
the pickets, who returned to the scene
Wednesday to take up their marching
back and forth in front of the com
pany's office. - v .'' J -"
New Mail Schedule T
Giveif For Hertfonl
'"'Following the installation of a High
way Post Office, serving this area,
W. .W.;, Whjte, . Hertford Postmaster,
announced today the new schedule for.
mail service from the local ofHce.
. ' Outgoing mall new leaves Hertford,
north bound at 6:30 A. M, and 4 P.
M. incoming mail is received at the
following hors: 6:80 A. Ml, 8:14 A. .
M;,0 P. M.. and 4:20-P. M. fParcel
Post is received at 11:53 A. M.' '
1 South bound wail leaves Hertford
at 8:14 A, It, and 45 P. M. t. ' " .
; In , connection with t':e 1 v r Tied- .
ulei,,T,r- T7r'- a'- r pa
, i ' : .:ml-
I to ; " . , 1 : nas -
'fl " 1

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