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"L -rticrd, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, December 7. 1951."
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I L"b-L
pen To'ltcs-
Town And
A contorts trt stimulate' intArenfc tn
Jlhtirj K.i decorating of homes for
tne Lhr.imas season will be conducted
by tha Hertford Junior Chamber of
- Commence for residents of Hertford
and Perquimans Cfltnty, it was an
nounce i today by. Francis Nixon,
chairman of the committee in charge
c iae arrangements.
- tlr.:' Nixon stated,' "the Christmas
season isfast approaching vand the
Jayc; ia are anxious to' have everybody
loin la xta contest for promoting bet
ter and more attractively lighted and
decorated homes.
Residents of both (he town and conn,
ty are Invited to Join with, their
neighbors In this friendly movement to
say Merry Christmas with an at-1
4U.J.4.4wAlM li-Ai iWjUJ
'Local judges trill decide the three
winners who will receive prises to be
. awarded by the. Jaycees. All residences
of Hertford will-be included in the
Judging, but residents of the county,
who desire to enter the contest, are
asked to obtain entry blanks from
B. J. Holleman or Francis Nixon, in
order that the Judges will know def
initely the county residences to be in
cluded in the judging.
' The winners of the contest will be
-decided upon with the judges select
ing the lighting and decorations judg
ed to be the best from the standpoint
of originality and artistic arrange
'Folders with helpful hints on dee
orations may be obtained free at
Marshall's or S and M, through the
.MiHlAan .il.ik TaiMUn -
The Christmas decorating contest is
one that ia -carried on in many cam
- 1.4. !L . si. " 1 1
has not been .attempted here in re
cent years, bat the Jaycees are hope-(
rui tne response tor entries in ine
contest will show sufficient Interest
the affair will be planned annually.
The three prizes to be awarded for
tfhe best decorated homes will be first
: prize $ 10 in merchandise. 2nd, tS in
maiwfiantiaa and thlni. s2.Rfl In mar.
ehandise.. : - . .
Cease Are talks in Korea this week
lagged as UN and Communist offi
cials sparred over the important issue
of supervision of Korea after an arm
istice. This ' point is expected to
cause considerable trouble because, If
-accepted, it will permit UN Inspection
behind Communist lines,
r I
m warauiii. l .
Communists do not permit elsewhere.
Only agreement reached thus far on
"Korea is where the truce line will be
A Congressional committee is con
tinuing Its investigations of alleged
Irregularities within ,r the Internal
Revenue Department. A' witness at
the hearing this week rported an at
tempt to "shake him down" for half
million dollars. . , The witness, Abra
nam TJtetbwim, of Chicago, stated
he was approached by two men who
.Claimed u represent wie oeparcmenv.
North Carolinians are buying fire
works, arrarently from Virginia and
mail order houses, despite a State law
which pro:..Its the purchasing, own
ing, selling, manufacture or shooting
of same; it was reported fromKiA
this week. The rtrort followed a
t Jy which toc't four lives near
.... '.2szx on tlT when a youth
fired a cap pistol ..:cV exploded a
gasoline tank trttE. ,, , .'
-k Inrv Tsieral law which reauires
prc:::,:,.;.u ramblers to purcnase a
tax stanro has resulted In 7,773 stamps
J " - r It
w;s ronea item
l Tv7e " s y. The law, pc
: " j f. :.n cities over t
'. ' 1 t...ry rr.'.":rs o
ma j
v!.iJi is available to locali1" the Georgia line.
i jr e.orc;-unt ts.tCicir,.,r , ; n jy
s here t'
s r
t' r
t wis It:
t 'a tf t'
t ito r
7 17 i'l c
. " i on
1 " 7 I
' .' ; '
f ' f; "
l I .
mm ' - --ii-i-i-iirinnriinfinAJWuxfL
PUIS Junior Class
To Present Play
' The Junior Class of ' OPerquimans
High School will present a three-act
comedy, "Don't Barken My 'Door," in
the school auditorium, on Wednesday
night, December 12, at eight o'clock.
, The plot concerns the "troubles of
two young couples, whose romances
are breaking up because of .the in
fluence of a young author's novel; but
this author by a. cleverly contrived
plot and the help of two maiden ladies
and a bachelor uncle sees to it that
harmony is restored and true love tri
umphs over all obstacles. , ' "
Members of the cast for the play
are Nonie Lou Lane, Kay Stanton
White, 'Billy Chappell, John Holmes,
Mabel Martin Whedbee, Emily Anne
Sumner, Ruth Dawson and Vernon
White The. play is directed by Miss
Louise Hines and Mrs. , Louis Stal
ling. "
Pressed Extension
Hertford is joining with cities from
Elisabeth City down into South Caro
lina in protesting a new U. S. north-
south highway route which is believed
will not create new travel business but
rather divert travelers from U. S. 17.
The seriousness of the situation was
called to the attention of official
last week when Henry Callahan, trav
eling field representative of the Ocean
Highway Association, conferred with
a number of Hertford officials and
business concerns. .
Mr. Callahan' stated that the Ocean
Highway ha& spent a great deal of
money ..and worked diligently to build
up and maintain the Ocean Highway
as one or tne principal north-south
arteries, and that while the Associa
tion will not oppose any section in
getting out , and working up a new
route, it did 'Hot consider infringe
ment by the' newly proposed exten-i
smb of Route 13 just right.
It Is proposed to divide the traffic
near Little Creek, divert it Inland and
then run it over the Ocean Highway
for 'about thirteen miles, shift' it in
land again and carry it through Lum-
berton into South Carolina, stopping
at somewhere about Marion," jualla-
han said." "Now, if the proponents
will go north, drum up more traffic
and move it south and back over their
own route, we could not complain," the
Ocean Highway representative said.
Mr. Callahan said the Ocean High
way is gaining on U. S. 1 and 301, and
that No. IS srtanainn in hnTdlv fASRi.
uw uver uie rp ox nnw it wuuiu
be routed in many areas, that the
roads would be torn to pieces under
the heavy traffic, and taiat millions
of dollars would be required to con
ditlon' them for heavy traffic He
also stated that the Ocean Highway
will carry its case before .the proper
authorities, but that the support of
the towns affected, by the proposed
diversion of traffic will be necessary.
r The proposed extension of Route
No. 13 has been endorsed by officials
in a goodly number of counties and
towns in this and other states.
Extension of U. S. Highway 13 was
authorized last week by the American
Association of State Highway urn
cials, according to unofficial informa
tion. However, No. 13 is being ex
tended only as far south as Windsor
at the present time, according to the
unofficial report. 'No. 13, beginning!
in New England, is being, extended
from its " present southern terminuB
at Bowers Hill, just west of Norfolk,
I TtflnjlarftM manna 4 wrtll fim a 4IaJ
fi uiuovt. w uoig av nut autiu jmv-
tion with U. S, 17. From Bowers E1U
it takes U. S. Routes 58 and 460 to
Suffolk, thence over Virginia 87 to
the North Carolina line, and on to
Windsor via Winton and Ahoskle ever
N. C. 97.
Signs, marking the new No. 13 .ex
tension are to be put up as soon ai
possible. 'Nothing was said about ex-
tending No. 13 on south to a point
'Following a discussion last Monday
between the County Commissioners,
fheriff II. G. Owes and DeKnqr-r.t
Tax Collector Lirt. Jean White, a pun
of action, was mapped out to irui
collection of delinquent taxes in Itr-
TL.e Delinquent Tax Collector has
it i'l
s who owe taxes on per-
s B ,;on v. I te
to anc-'vt
x r " r '1 ty January 1, 1ZZ2,
w ; r it'll
.1 iri' ".
Qc& Ccii Frd
Light Docket In Re?
corder's Court On j
Tuesday , ;
Thomas Crockett, ft -Marine Serg
eant, charged with reckless driving in
connection with a 'fuck-school bus
wreck, which occurred Thursday af
ternoon of last week, at the -inter
section Of- Routes 17 and N. C. 37,
was found not guilty of the charge
by Judge uhas: E. Johnson in record
er's court here Tuesday. Judge John
son ruled the matter was a civil one,
in which he thought the truck driver
was at fault, but he found no evidence
of criminal violation. The school bus,
driven by Steve Perry, was damaged
considerably, but none of the 12 chil
dren aboard the bus was injured,
Costs of court were taxed against
Walter Fred and Bennie White? both
of whom entered pleas of guilty to
charges of speeding. Oscar Oliver,
also charged with speeding, entered a
plea of guilty and paid a fine of $10
and costs of court.
Guy Cash, charged on two counts
of issuing worthless checks, entered
pleas of guilty. Me was ordered to
reimburse Ed Overton the sum of
f 15.19 and pay the costs of court.
Henry Ormond, Negro, was taxed
with the costs of court on a charge
of failing .to dim the lights of his
'Hoke Eason, Negro, charged with
failing to observe a stop Bign, enter
ed a plea of guilty and paid ithe costs
of court
'Pasco Berine, charged with speed
ing, failed to appear for trial, and his
bond was ordered forfeited.
Primas White, Negro, entered a plea
of guilty to a charge of larceny .of
$100 from Holly SpeUman, and to
charges of possession and transport
ing whiskey. , He was ordered to pay
Snellman 3100 and nay ithe costs or
court in both cases. Prayer for judg
ment was continued Upon settlement
of the judgment. , . I
A nominating meeting for Per
quimans County's Community Produc
tion and Marketing Administration
committees will be held at the Agn
culture Building In Hertford on Sat
urday afternoon, December 8, starting
at 2:30 o'clock, it was announced to
day by W. E. White, secretary to the
countv committee.
' Groups from each commund in the
county are urged to attend this meet
ing for the purpose of nominating
community committeemen for each
community, and selecting delegates to
the county convention who will in
turn elect the county committee. ,
- The election will be held on De
cember 13 and the delegates will hold
their county convention on December
14 and elect the county committee
men. ' ' . v
Those who will be nominated and
elected as community committeemen
will plan a very vital role in the ad
ministration of the Perquimans Coun
ty PMA programs, Mr. White said. '
: IPeraoiM with an interest in farm
programs in the county are urged to
attend the meeting Saturday, 'ine
meeting, will be open for questions by
any farmer interested in any ox the
various' farm programs, and it is felt
If the farmers are thoroughly ac
quainted witH the programs it will be
of benefit to them as wen as the
onnntV. , ,v. -
County and local -committees handle
the administration of the (Federal
Government's acreage allotment and
marketing quota ' program. - Import
ant to Perquimans farmers is the ad
ministration of the peanut and cotton
control programs.
Decrease . In Peanut
Acreage Announced
- The Agriculture Department this
week announced a 1952 production
control program calling for harvest of
6u0.000 tons of peanuts for sale as
nuts. Farmers will be free to grow!
additional amounts for livestock feed
and for sale for conversion - mto oil,
although prices for these will be eon
s' Jerably lower than those at which
tl.e department will support prices far
nuts grown for eating, f
The program set a national plantingl
allotment or 1 ,673,1 0Z -acres for edible
f inuts. This compares with 1,806,
"7 teres alloti 1 for te ISn crop.
. ,..a, acreaT9 allofcnet fr e.ble
r anuta in Kit Jt Carolina was set at
1""),423 for 1C2, as compared with
ior nut carreni year, m reuuv-
3 xi n,r : sres, or s;
fitly less
Building: Program Re
viewed At Meeting
Held Monday Night
Members of the Perquimans Board
of education met in regular session
here last Monday night and considered
8 number of matters pertaining to the
school program for the remainder of
hiB school year.
It was voted that public school
music . instruction will be offered at
Perquimans High School, Hertford and
Central Grammar Schools during the
second semester of the year. Mrs.
Charles E. Johnson was named as in
structor. Classes will be conducted at
each school one day each week,
j 'After some discussion of the cost of
milk being supplied to school lunch
rooms, the Board voted to call for
b1ls on milk to be supplied, and at
least three distributors will be. asked
to submit bids on prices for milk to
bri supplied the lunchrooms, beginning
ad soon as bids can be received and
The Board voted to authorize the
ssfle of the Bay Branch school, located
ih'Belvidere .township, which was sold
at public auction several weeks ago.
Superintendent J. T. Biggers advis
ed the Board that he has been inform
ed the Navy Department will pay for
damages sustained to a county school
bus in an accident which occurred. No
vember 29, at the intersection of
Routes 17 and N. C. 37. Forms for
filing claims for the damages have
been received by the superintendent
, A financial report, given by the su
perintendent, revealed funds available
in the Capital Outlay Fund, will just
about be sufficient for payments out
standing on the construction of the
buildings erected and now being com
pleted under the Board's building pro
gram. - -
.Mr. Biggers advised the Board con
tractors state work on all projects will
b completed by the middle of Janu
ary. .No action was taken by the Board
in regards to insurance on several
of, the school buildings, although the
fHaatd did discuss this matter at some
tehgth. An -estfcwHe supplied- the
Board showed valuation, for insuie!! gr
"; .-vi' i.' i-fiu: Ihe boys
purposes, of the school buildings
amounted to $817,000.
Plen Organization
For School Program
The Perquimans chapter of the N.
C. Educational Association will con
duct a meeting here on Thursday
night, December 13, for the purpose
of attempting to perfect an organiza
tion to Assist in working out an edu
cational program to be presented to
the next General Assembly, aimed at
keeping North. Carolina among the
top states in providing educational fa
cilities and equipment for state
schools. '
The local meeting was called by
Mrs. Hannah F. Holmes, president of
the Perquimans . unit of "NCEA, who
announced the meeting will be held at
the Court House starting at 7:30
o'clock:' -- .
Various leaders and officers of civic
clubs have been issued invitations to
attend and all persons interested in
schools and the: school system are
urged to - come to the meeting and
lend assistance with the organization.
The movement , here Is part of a
state-wire program, as similar meet'
ings will be held and' organizations
formed in every county in North Ca
rolina, Mrs. Holmea stated.
Assistant Agent
Approved By Board
Claude Ruiter, 26, was tentatively
approved to fill the position as as
sistant County Agent in Perquimans,
by members of the Board of County
Commissioners at their meeting last
Monday. Buiter will begin his duties
here on January 1, if his records, now
being studied, meets with ithe approv
al of the officials of the Extension
Service. '
Mr. Suiter studied animal husband
ry at State College, under the Ex
tension Service, and Is recommended
by the professors at State College. "
He will succeed Earl Topping as
assistant agent Topping resigned last
month to accept a similar position in
Johnston County.
The Hertford Chapter of the Order
of Eastern Star will hold its regular
meeting next Monday, night, Decem
ber 10, at 8 o'clock at the lodge
rooms. - All members are urged to be
prCa,..w , ..
County Commissions Start Action
To Ou:!d Action To Agriculture Butting
County TB Seal Sales
Reach Total Of $404
"Residents of Perquimans County
are showing wonderful response to
ward the appeal for funds in the an
nual TB seal sale camaign," J. A.
Leete, chairman of the drive, reporpt
ed today. He announced a total of
$404.05 had been contributed toward
the county quota, and with this show
ing it can be expected the local quota
will be met by the deadline on De
cember 24.
The chairman urged all individuals
who have received TB seals and who
have not mailed in contributions to
Use the self-addressed envelnn tn
send in their donations immediately.
He pointed out the drive wil come to
a close on Christmas, but the commit
tee is hopeful all returns will be made
prior to that date.
The results obtained thus far
equals about one-third of the county
quota and the committee is gratified
with this response in the first eleven
days of the campaign.
Perquimans Cagers
Divide Bill With
Elizabeth City
(Perquimans High School's baskeC
ball teams opened their current sea
son last Monday night at Elizabeth
City, with the Indian Squaws winning
a 36-19 victory while the boys lost a
47-35 decision. It was the first game
for the Indians, who had had verv
little practice and the showing made
promises a fine season for the local
boys and girls.
In the preliminary game the Per
quimans girls, led by Margaret Sy-
mons, .tallied 15 points, had little dif
ficulty in defeating the Elizabeth City
sextet. Ihe Squaws grabbed an 11-5
lead in the first period and led 20 to
7 at half time. In the third period
the Squaws moved to a 30-10 margin
and coasted to victory in the final
quarter. Marvina White scored 10
points for Perauimans and M. Wina-
boys' contest ended up, as a
thriller, but a big advantage the Yel
low Jackets piled up in the first half
was too much for the Indians to over
come. The Jackets moved into a 16
to 2 lead in the first period and led
22 to 8 at half time.
Led by John Morris and Tommy
Sumner, who scored 12 and 10 points,
the Indians started to close the gap
in the second half and trailed by a 38
to 16 score at the" start of the final
quarter. The Indians had their best.
juui.wi( auv iiiuiauo uau biicii ucoii
period in th fourth, acorinir 16 noints
while Elizabeth City was held to
seven. ... "v
Coach Ellie Fearing started Sum
ner and Williams at forward, Thatch
at center and Walker and Morris at
guards, Wulf, Duling and. Towe. also
saw action in the game and gave ex
cellent accounts of themselves. '
The Indians and 'Squaws played the
South Mills boys and girls in a double
header here last Wednesday night
with the local teams winning both
contests in an easy fashion.
Led by Marvina White, who scored
24 points, the Squaws won their game
by a 51-26 margin.
Ben Thatch and Tommy Sumner
sparked the Indians to a 50-36 vic
tory over the South Mills boys. Coach
Fearing used his entire squad in this
game, and ail the boys gave- nne ac
counts of themselves.
County Youth -Wins
$150 Scholarship
Bobby Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Smith of Belvidere. has been
awarded a $150 scholarship for win
ning third place in a state-wide essay
contest conducted by the ? Dellaway
Foundation, it was announced here
today. Smith used as the title for
his essay, "The Farmer's Pant In
Keeping American Democracy
Young Smith will be a guest of the
Foundation at Its annual convention to
be held in Charlotte. He Is atitive in
4-H and FPA work in the county and
was State 4-H Health King this year.
Town Tacrs
On Sale Here
Town Clerk W. G. Newby announc
ed this week that the town automo
bile license tags have arrived here and
are now on sale at the Town Office.
The deadline for. purchasing the
1951 tags, which are of new colors,
red and white, and which are required
of all car owners residing in Herb
ford is February 1, after which date
any motor vehicle owner in Hertford
not displaying the tag is subject to
prosecution. Mr. Newby urges ' all
car owners to purchase their tags at
oncel""'. f ' " - " r-
Board Voices Opposition
To Any Change Of
Highway Routes
Acting on a request made by a
committee representing the County
FHA"'organization, the Board of Com
missioners, meeting here last Mon
day authorized E. L. Morgan to se
cure plans for the enlargement of the
Agriculture Building to provide room
for housing the FHA in that building.
The committee, which was composed
of Milton Dail, 'Sr., E. L. Morgan, I.
C. Yagel, F. A. McGoogan and Floyd
Mathews reported to the Commission
ers there is a possibility Perquimans
will lose the FHA organization to an
other county unless office space is
provided at the Ag building.
The Commissioners advised the
group the county will be unable to
construct the addition during the pres
ent fiscal year, because the budget
has already been allocated, but the
Board favored the project. Cost of
the project was estimated between
$3,000 and $3,500.
On motion passed a special meet
ing of the Board was called for Mon
day, December 17, at which time the
Commissioners will meet with the
county tax listers for the purpose of
instructing the listers in the duties of
listing property for 1952 taxes, and
the taking of a farm census.
The Board was also advised bv the
Chief Justice of ithe State a special
term of civil court has been arranged
for .Perquimans County, to convene on
February: this special term of court
will follow immediately after the reg
ular one-week January term.
Ueing advised of a movement aimed
at diverting tourist traffic off of U. S.
Highway 17, by the creating of a new
. Route 13, running from Little Creek,
Va., to Suffolk; on down through
Gates, Hertford, Martin and Bertie
Counties, thence on into 'South Caro
lina, the Board went on record as
being opposed to any change in high
way routes, as proposed by the cre
ation of a new north-south route 13.
fitr- At Winfd
The Perquimans Business and Pro
fessional Women's Club met at the
Winfall Community House Friday
night, November 30, for its dinner
meeting when the Ladies of the Park
ville Ruritan Club served a turkey
and ham menu.
Miss Hulda Wood, president, wel
comed Mrs. Emily T. Harrell, a new
member, and presided over the busi
ness session when the group decided
- o '
to help a needy family as its Christ.
mas project. Miss Audrey Umphlett
ana miss xseii wiison were asxea to
serve on the investigating commit
tee..' The members voted to contribute
money for the following: Buy a Bond
for the Christmas Seals Drive, to the
Boy Scout Troop to help defray ex
penses on the Hut; and to the State
International Relations Chairman to
ward expenses 'of a British Club wo
man to be the guest of the North
Carolina Federation at the National
Biennial Convention when it meets
in Boston, Massachusetts next July.
Miss .Wood announced a Dutch Auc
tion would be held at the Christmas
meeting on December 14, when it will
be held in the home of Mrs, Alice M.
Towe, on Old Neck Road, in addition
to the exchanging of gifts. Miss
Claire Hunter will be in charge of the
Mrs. Ann A. Nowell, Civil Defense
Chairman, presented a timely pro
gram on 'Survival Under Atomic At
tack," and gave suggestions for alert
ness in case of an emergency.
Mrs. Lois A. Stokes gave a read
ing on "Thanks Someone a message
to the unknown Samaritan who saved
his buddie's life."
Mrs, Dora T. Riddick concluded the
program with some of her humorous
and original poems.
Annual FFA Banquet
Held Thursday Night
The Perquimans Chapter of the
Future Farmers of America held its
annual father and son banquet at the
Perquimans High School lunchroom
on Thursday night of this week.
Among special guests were members
of the Perquimans Board of County
Commissioners.. . . . .
County Ruritans At
District Meeting -
iDnaniii'Mnna a"1... - .U
sented at the District Meeting of
Ruritan Clubs, held Thursday , night;
a vcntrai uign sscnooi, near JEiizaoevn
City. Representatives from the New
Hope, Belvidere, Parkville and Hert
ford Rurtn 'Clubs attended the sup
per and i-ovliig. "

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