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    jn to "
I:cut Month of,
"nans County's annual March
campaign will get underway
' 'londay, January 14, it was
J today by Mrs. John T.
tLdrman for the drive, v '
s named by the chairman
e a house to- house canvass
-j to fight polio, and the pub-
"ed to cooperate wholeheart
- J, quota for this year's cam--.1
be about the same a last
, I at Individuals are urgedto con
3 generously to help replenish
'io fund which, "was "depleted
the epidemic 'which raged
ut parts of the nation last
--tors who will conduct the cam
era: . Uina B. White, rural chairman,!
by Mrs. H. 8. Lane, Mrs. I
n Clliott Mm. Effie Miller. Mrs
J. Terry, Mrs. Ellis Stalling, Mrs,
oy JLayden, Mrs. Howard Warren,
, Joe Webb,. Mrs. Wendell Mat
nts, Mra. E. J. Proctor. Mrs. N. D.
Ch&ppell, Mrs. John Corprew, Jr., and
. nn. jack Benton.
For the town- of Hertford canvass
ers ares : .: v. vv v;
"frs. T." P.' Brinn and Mrs. Edward
. ..Ifin, 'Front Street: Mrs. IJ. E. New
ly and, Mrs, W. C Cherry, Church
, Ctreetj V. N. (Darden, Henry Clay1
. bumvan and Talmage Hose, business
district Mr. W. C. Dozier and Mrs.
, W. L. Jessup, Market Street: Mrs, J.
. Satchwell, Mrs. J. T. White, Mrs.
' Jessie L. Harris and Miss Eva Har
ris, Grubb Street; Mrs. Robert Hollo-'
well and . Mrs. jDurwood Reed, Dobb
Street; Ifrs. George Fields, IRailroad
Ave.; Mrs. R. K, Lane, Edenton Road
Street;. Mrs. Jim BasB and Mrs. E. C.
- Woodard, Woodland Circle; Mrs Jack
Burbage, Route 17, north of Hertford,
Y and Mrs. L. IB. Sitterson, Route 17,
-outh of Hertford; Mrs. L. O. Chap
pellj iPenn. Ave., Mrs. Ben, Thatch,
Academy Street; Mrs. Clinton Eley,
. r -vein, yracwsn oirect,
Solicitation will be directed
V e colored residents by 'Rev. J.
T ucker, assisted by W. N. Douglas for
iiertrord and , W., U. JStiwwd and Mrs.
"-ZI. B. Taylor in .the county.
No goal for the campaign has been
, announced but Mrs. Biggers stated
.with the need 'so great she is hope
, ful the county will contribute at least
the amount raised during the 1951
Washington was abuzz this week
w',,h an announcement by General
Ti-ht D. Eisenhower that he Will
f t call from the--Republican
1 its Presidential candidate, put
1 t ..i will not leave his present post
r j Commander of NATO to- seek the,
i ion. likewise the announce-
f . Canator Estee Kefauver, of
that he is a candidate for
xratic nomination ' caused'
jiod. . On Tuesday, Presi
on stated ha will not place
i a a a candidate for the office
. Innesota. primary but will
" "ator Humphrey there as
jn. -
I's Winston Churchill and his
e still in Washington confer
h President Truman and his
regarding the state of the
. Ho announcements have been
' -.'.ive to the Truman-Churchill
i but it has been reported
v Ires to obtain for Great
tret-r say as to develcjh
ne of t?.e Atom Jumb, a
i.r Er'tand and iron out
l connection with the North
j t ,'.ls In Korea have bog-
n, wi'Ji tCT-c 2
' 'i act llie cl.w.en
t,r:t:. ;p:
:. Cp rpiort Sr" '..
1 " t t'.e il li f
i i 1Ht"i rT""ri
,at tdei .:
to tlie UIJ f
' er than continued in
the t jt
' a I'-ter-date. I
' i to -con':i-e i
-' at its ad
-ced at T-!.L-.r':-
- w -1 .;
U'll.'f "ill: '.'.WWit
CDU.1T T1!S f,'0:JTII
Forty Gases Listed For
Trial; Judge Williams
To Preside
Calendars for the January term of
Perquimans Superior Court, which will
convene here January 28, and for the
special term which opens on February
4, were released today by W. H. Pitt,
Clerk of the court All cases to be
heard, during the terms will be civil
actions. (i.srS-;-!-,:' : ;
It was announced Judge Clawson
Williams of Sanford will preside at
both terms of the court. ; '
The calendar for the Janizary term
of Court i an fnllnwn:
. William C. Chappell . D.M.White
elraJs. i - 1 . .
',- Dallas Gilliam vs. Odell Gilliam.
Chesapeake Auto Co., vs. W. L.
Bagky. -
. Ben F. Lane vs. Seashore Trans. Co.
t N. W Chappell vs. Elbert N. Chap
pell et als. V
fHoland Gilliam vs. H. C. 'Stokes.
Thelma Riddick, Adm. ,vs. Raleigh
E. White and Fred. Winslow.
Hannar Tucker vs. Andrew Tucker.
Nathan Turner, Adm. vs. George W.
Nixon et als., :
Daniel Bonner vs. Elmer Proctor.
Eleanor Jones vs. Nor.-Sou. Ry. Co.
J. H. dNewboId 'Est. vs. Jessie Phil
Hertford Baptist Church .vs. J. Ii
Batton & Bro..
J. E, Winslow et al vs. J- J. Alex
Dewey Stallings vs. Wayland White,
Jr. .
J. C. Blanchard & Co. vs. Madison
Mebane. . .
Hervey Foundation vs. Consolid'ated
Ven. Co. . .
' Daniel T. Hurdle vs. Gertrude Cope-
: Jack Sawyer vs. Robert Ivey.
T. J. Bass vs.'L.T. Keel.
Clifton Hardy vs. Mildred Hardy.
- James E. Skinner vs. Rena Skin
ner. 1 '
Jesse Wiggins vs. Ben Chambers.
Redman Perry vs. . . Banks.
' J. C. iBlanchard A Co. vs. Grain
Dealers Nat Ins. Co. 1
The calendar for the snecial term
opening February 4 is as follows:
tuarden Bros. vs. Kermit Lane ct als.
Jesse L. Harris vs. Mrs. W. H. Bar
ber. v m
J. C Blanchard & Co. vs. Murden
StokeJy et als.:; tc v.., .;; :
X C. Blanchard A Ccy m Murden
Stokely. . -r :"-;rf. v
. Nathan Thompson m ITohn Wade
uampion. .
Z. A. Harris vs. Clarissa Curtis Est.
J. T. Godfrey Est vs. Hazel Jackson
and Raymond Levee. . .
W. M. Morgan et als vs. fi. C Ber
ry. -
Mary C Male vs. Charlie Male.
Odell Baccus Adm. vs. William Day
W. A. Winslow vs. Lucille Jordan.
: Catherine" Elliott vs. Mutual Bene-
1 1 IlealCi & Accident Association.
Clarine S. Ehean vs. Thomas Shew.
kzi7 omen hours are
ATTcu,c rc3 local pma
New oLIce bourn for the Permiim-
t-s II IA were aicrted at a meeting!
i Ct'otty Couiru.ttse ILeld last
' on iky,' it was announced today by
, . E. vhite, secretary. Erfedtave im
'ately . t" e (TA oce wCl ,fce
I on IC-lurJay-t it will be pen
nv thror'.h ttriJay eadi week.
. h'.;e I'jo announced the ITITA
a si r-w "r"rT orders for
I c r il, s handed throuri
); i
Season's First Snow
Felt Here On Sunday
The first snow of any consequence
this winter fell here last Sunday af
ternoon. While most of the snow melt
ed almost as fast as it fell, enough
stuck to cover the ground and house
tops.;.-' . .
Temperatures," after holding below
freezing Sunday night and molt of
Monday moderated Tuesday and Were
higher Wednesday. -
A series of sub-district institutes
to promote the total program of the
Methodist Church will be held in se
lected areas of the Elizabeth City dis
trict January 14-17, according to the
Rev. E. B. Edwards, pastor of the
Edenton Methodist Church. The pro
gram will be under the general direc
tion of Dr. F. S. Love, district super
intendent, and he will be assisted by
his district staff. Leaders in every
department of the church's work from
every church in the district are in
vited to attend the institute which is
moat convenient to them.
The institutes will be held as fol-
low8: ;-
January 14 at the 'First Church in
Washington, January 15 at the 'First
Church in Ahoskie, January 16 at the
First Church in Elizabeth City, and
January 17 at the Olivet Church In
The Institutes at Washington, Ahos
kie and Elizabeth City will be held
from 8:00 P. M., to 9:00 P. M, with
the following program:
3:00 to 4.00 Worship Service, ad
dress by the Rev. D. E. Earnhardt
,4:00 to 5:10 -Panel Discussion on
total pregram" of church, Dr. F. S
Love, moderator and district staff.
6:30 to 6:80 Picnic supper. '(Every
one is asked to bring a basket). (Fel
lowship singing led by the Rev. R. T.
Commander. ' '
. 4:46 to 8:00 Group Meetings:
1. Workers with children, led by tiie
director. , M'-iA'tff::''-",t'''
". 2. Workers with youth, led by the
Rev. and Mrs. K. T. Commander.
8. Workers wHh intermediates, led
by Miss Mary Whittle,.
4. Adult Division superintendents,
teachers and presidents of adult and
young adult classes, led by the Rev,
A. 'U unaplin, -
5. General Superintendents and
Board of Education chairmen, led by
the Rev, D.L. Fouts.- ,.-
6. Woman's Society workshop, led
by Mrs. E. R: Meekins. '
7. Laymen's v Workshop. led by
George Jackson.
Xlissionary Address by the Rev. E.
Wannamaker (Hardin of Spartanburg,
aontn Carolina.
The Institute at Manteo will meet
from 13:C0 A. M, to 8:00 P. M., with
tie i ..4lj profiram as listed above. ;-
Ittot l of conducting several insti
tutes to promote the various phases
of the c"rdis program. Or. (Love and
Lis tl-:l J.ave chosen rather to have
one I:;, tltute to stress the total pro
gram hi each of four areas of file dis-t-'-t'
T.U leaders from every church
i , erj a fu representation
''." mm .
Traffic Violations Make
r Up Most of Calendar
; In Court
Perquimans Recorder'a Court, which
had been in recess for two weeks, due
to holidays, disposed of 27 cases here
last Tuesday, .with - Judge Chas. E.
Johnson presiding. A number of cases
were continued until the next term
of Court, Tuesday, January 15.
.Charged with speeding, Edgar God
frey, Charles Bozman, Albert Normon,
Angela Hoffler, James Harrell, An
thony Pinter, Milton Pell, KuTus 'Fra
zier, Benjamin Schwartz, Delton Stal
ling. Isaiah Jnnes. Jr.. and Mildred
King, each entered a plea of guilty
and paid the costs of . court
((Costa of court were assessed against
Winson Pettawav. who entered a nlea
oj guilty to a charge of being drunk
on tne .highway and possession of non
tax-paid liquor.
) Jesse Rodgers, Negro, charged with
passing a car on a curve was taxed
with the costs of court
A Prayer for judgment was continued
hi the case in which A. H. Ivey was
charged with assault
(Elias Jeanette, Negro, charged with
obtaining money under promise to
work and failing to do so, entered a
plea of guilty. He was ordered to
pay the costs of court and $25 to Alex
1 Horace White, Negro, was fined $2
and costs of court on a charge of
being drunk on the streets of Hert
ford. White entered a plea of guil
' Probable cause was found in the
hearing in which William E. Knight,
Negro, was charged with having car
nal knowledge of a lemale under 16.
He was bound over for action by the
grand jury at the April term of court,
Knight was also found guilty of non-
support and ordered to return to Re
corder's Court on April 8, 1952 for
further hearing on trig case.
4A fine of $10 and costs were taxed
against Walton Boone, Negro, who
entered a plea of. guilty to a charge of
reckless driving.
. aiBoone Lew. Nearro. charsred with
Awing with faulty lights, entered ji
plea of guilty and paid the costs Tof
Jamej Iver, charged with driving on
the left side of the highway, enter
ed a plea of guilty and paid the costs
of court
(Uontinued on rage seven)
Local governmental officials believe
that taxpayers should know the facts
about taxes imposed on their property
for the purpose of raising county and
city revenue. : Since North Carolina
law requires property-owners to list
their property every January, the time
is ripe for a simple explanation of the
law. People who live within the cor
porate limits of a city or town pay
taxes on their property to both the
county and the city or town, but for
purposes of clarity this article is writ
ten in terms of county taxation.
Some of the most common questions
about the .property tax are set out
below. The answers are designed to
help the average individual under
stand his responsibility.
1. What is the property tax?
The property tax is not a tax on in
come front property. Instead, it is
based on the value of the property as
a marketable item. That is why it is
called an ad valorem property tax.
This tax must be imposed uniformly
on all property according to its mar
ket value. .'
2. What kinds ofvproperty are sub
ject to this tax 7
In general, all property within the
county is subject to taxation by the
county. It is important, however, to
know that there are two main kinds
of property. - One is called "real prop
erty," . meaning, tend, buildings, and
items permanently affixed to or con
nected with land or buildings. The
other kind of property is called "per
sonal : property," . meaning: movable
property. Personal or movable prop
erty is divided into two classes: (a)
tangible or touchable personal proper
ty and (b) Intangible or non-touchable
property. Books, rings clothing, mer
chandise, ete, art' examples of tangi
ble personal property. Money, bonds,
notes, stocks,- etc., are examples of
intangible personal property. The tax
payer should remember that the coun
ty does not tax ' intangible personal
property. ' The State collects taxes on
intangibles. - The county taxes real
property and tangible personal prop-
etry. Some kinds of property are
exempted 'from taxation by North
Carolina law; they are discussed in
questions 8 and 9.
8. v here, is property taxed?
Real property (land, buildings (etc.)
is taxed m the' county in which it is
actually located. - Tangible personal
Building Entered
Here Tuesday Night . .
Another business establishment in
Hertford was broken into on Tues
day night, it was reported by local
officers- Wednesday morning. The
warehouse ; of Hollowell Chevrolet
Company, located on the Hertf ord
Edenton highway, was entered some
time Tuesday night and a used car
was taken from the building.
Robert L. Hollowell stated Wed
nesday morning the car was located
a short distance from the warehouse
and it was not determined if any
thing else had been stolen.
The building occupied by the REA
was also entered, according to Sheriff
M. G. Owens, who stated nothing was
found missing from the REA place,
The place had been ransacked and
some papers displaced but nothing was
Personnel Changes
In Local Post Off ice
Several changes in the Hertford
Post Office are to become effective
next Monday, January 14, according
to an announcement made today by
W. W. White, Postmaster.
James E. Newby, veteran postoffice
employee, has been named as rural
mail carrier for Route two, and will
take over that job next week. He
succeeds James Boyce, who retired
several months ago.
Moving up to the post as permanent
clerk, succeeding Mr. Newby, will be
Henry Clay Stokes.
Ray Haskett, who has been serving
as city carrier for several months,
will take the post as substitute clerk
inside the post office.
Eldon Winslow, who has been named
as city carrier, will take over the
duties handled recently by Mr. Has
kett Mr. Winslow succeeds Captain
C. F. Sumner who retired early last
year. ... ,
Perquimans Lodge, No. 106, A. F. '&
A. M.. will meet next Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock in the lodge rooms in the
r!niirf. TTnmo lA 11 members nre hirened
to attend and visiting Masons are wel-
property, as a general rule, is taxed
his residence. An individual's resi
dence is the place at which he lives,
eats and sleeps his home township.
If a property-owner is not a resi
dent of North Carolina, the county
in which his personal property is lo
cated is entitled to consider itself as
his residence for purpose of taxing
the non-resident's personal property
located within that county. If a per
son maintains more than one resi
dence within North Carolina, his resi
dence for tax purposes is the place
at which he lived longest during the
year immediately preceding January 1.
If a person has left one county and
moved to a new county shortly before
January 1 with the intention of living
in the new county, his residence to
which he has moved.
The residence of a corporation, part
nership, business firm, etc., is at the
place of its principal office in North
4. Where is. a serviceman's property
A serviceman's real estate is tax
able where the land is located. A ser
viceman's personal property is tax
able at his residence. The fact that
he Is stationed at some military camp
or base does not by itself, have the
effect ox. changing the place of his
residence. .
Another section of tax facts will
be published next week.
County Youth Held
On Federal Gharges
Howard ' Eaves, 15-year-old Per
quimans youth, is being held by the
Elizabeth City police, for Federal of
ficials, in connection with the theft
of .an automobile and- cashing a gov
ernment check, it was reported by
Elizabeth City Police Chief W. C.
Owens. The youth was arrested last
Saturday by the police in Pasquo
tank. :
He was placed on probation follow
ing a hearing in Juvenile Court there
Monday on a charge of larceny of the
Sheriff M. G. Owens wae tailed in
Elizabeth City to identify Eaves when
the youth refused to reveal his identity
to me uuzaoetn luty authorities.
County Man Taken For
$226 By Flint -Flam
. Artists Monday
Local law enforcement officers are
investigating a series of breaking and
entering violations, which have occur
red in Hertford since last Friday
night, it was reported Monday by
Sheriff M. G. Owens, who is conduct
ing the investigation along with Police
Officer Robert A. White.
On last Friday night attempts were
made to break in the office of the
Towe Oil Company, and the M. J.
Gregory Store. Successful break-ins
were made at Murray Motor Parts
Co., where a sum of $15 was taken
and the Hertford Furniture Co., where
no loss was discovered.
On Sunday night two places of busi.
ness were entered. A cash register
at the Hertford Motor Company was
rifled of $4.85, while the place of
business operated by Glenn Mathews,
next door, was entered and the sum
of $6 to $6 was taken.
Entries into- all places were attempt
ed or made at the rear of the build
ings. The officers have discovered a num
ber Of clues in connection with the
crimes and are continuing their in
vestigation. To top off the minor crime wave
which seemingly hit the community
over the week-end, two flim-flam ar
tists were reported at work here Mon
day morning.
Alphonzo Riddick, Negro, of Route
Two Hertford, reported to Sheriff
Owens that about 2 P. M., Monday af
ternoon that he had been approached
by two strange Negroes, shortly after
cashing a check in the amount of
$226, and the strangers requested Rid-
dick to change some bills- for them.
During the fast talk which followed
the 'strangers took Riddick's money
to hold while he went to a nearby
store to" get change for a one dollar
bill. Riddick told Sheriff Owens the
strangers were gone when he return
ed to the scene. Riddick described the
paifas being about five feet,, eight
inches tall, one about 35 and the other
about 50 years of age.
Boifffif Education
At Session Monday
Members of the Perquimans Board
of Education met here in regular
session last Monday night, and acted
upon a number of matters pertaining
to school affairs.
A contract for furnishing milk to
all Perquimans County school lunch
rooms was tendered to Fenton Hurdle,
who submitted a bid of 5 cents per
half pint Bids for this contract had
been requested by the Board at its
December meeting.
Action upon a query regarding the
availability of an athletic field in
Hertford for use of a professional
baseball team for spring training, the
Board, after much discussion, authoriz
ed Superintendent J. T. Biggers to
reply to the inquiry that the Memorial
Field was available providing the pro
fessional team in no way interrupted
the school activities or training of
the school's baseball team, which re
quired the use of the field from 12
noon until 2 P. M. daily.
It was learned that the Norfolk
Baseball Club had written here to
learn if a field was available for its
use next spring.
On a question of increasing the price
of lunches, served at Perquimans High
School lunchroom, the Board voted
the price of the lunch should remain
at 20 cents.
Tentative plans for holding a meet
ing of the First District 'State School
Board 'Association here on March 13
were discussed by the Board, and tills
date was selected for the meeting, at
which the local board will be host in
the event Dr. Messick. of Greenville
can be secured as speaker for that
Farm Bureau Drive
Falls Short Of Goal
The annual drive for memberships
in the Perquimans County 'Farm Bur
eau, conducted here las October, No
vember and December fell far short of
its goal, according to a report given
the county Commissioners by I. C.
Yagel, County Agent
Mr. Yagel told the Commissioners
the membership drive netted a total of '
171 members, while the goal was 800.
He pointed out the membership in the
Farm Bureau for 1952 is less than it
was last year.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Laydea of
Belvidere announce the birth of
daughter, born December Si; at (Albe
marle Hospital -

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