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    LY, I N. C, FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 1952
" j f " ation on filing;
t me t-x return for 1951
ii a na circular just pub-
t j CUta College Extension
. .i by an extension farm man
t committee representing all
."ern states, the circular has
roved by the U. S. 'Bureau of
i Revenue. Its title is "Farm'
. : . Jl Income Tax" And it is issued
Ih Carolina as Extension Circa
Si -ons desiring a free copy should
t cir local county agent or write
worartment of Publications; -State
j Station, Raleigh. y -
i a circular covers such topics aa
3 must file a return, date return is
forms used by farmers, reporting
! t or accrual basis, figuring de-
Uiion, sale of timber, development
H and other subjects, as well as
J . pages of . questions and an-
.jveral illustrations are used to
rir the correct method of filling in
e various foms. V;v ;i-: : I
The bulletin points out that if two-
Is of a - person's gross Income
iom farming and his business year
. aria January 1, he has two choices
ii filing returns and paying the tax.
l.e can file and pay the total on or be
fore January 31; or he can file an es
timate of the tax and pay this amount
Ly January 15, and then file his re
tarn and pay any balance due by
I arch 15.
ra cjlc::i ra v;.v,e rios
,L TT3 WAVE OFFICS5S SCHOOL, located at the Naval Training
Tim, Newport, R. L, wm established by the Department of the
Nw H Indoctrinate
VA vE Lnsigns into f
tf Naval . service,
1 heie newly commis-1
s'oned t ' m Te J
trained in 1 --'
cf tve dut i i
3 be -kXauiit -w
' perform to maintain
a strong and efficient
Naval force, Upon
arrival at the school,
the young officer
changes from her
civilian clothing and
environment into the
.' smart blue uniform
and the exciting life
of a- Naval officer.
This transition takes
tolace, during the
four-month semester
for the Regular
Navy officers. A two
month course is pro
vided for members of
the WAVES of the
Naval Reserve.
Classes in Military " i ''' -a
Justice, Plane and Ship Recognition,' First Aid, Logistics and Naval
Structure, History, Economics and Government are a few of the
nbiects nrovided the student officers for study. Visits aboard small
Naval vessela operating in N"""gansett Bay give the WAVES a
ed method is. to "buttonhook" them.
This is done with a buttonhook or a
wood hook by inserting it in the vent iwiaimg to caicn we insure oi
you have a long hike before you. The
sooner you get them back to your car
and dry them out, the better the .flav
or of yourgajnewHlbe
the large intestine
through the vent
can be drawn out without enlarging
the opening. - This method should be
used on all ducks early in the sea
son. All dipper or-puddle ducks, such
as mallards and pintails, wiH spoil
Not enough hunters know how t
keep their- .game ibirds once they bag i more rapidly than diving ducks, be-,
tnem. xneynaiso aoaot agree on now (cause of the type of vegetation they
to" hangirds. About 50 per cent, feed upon. . -..
nang wiem-oy. tne'eaa, ana ov per Most old hunter inakt that the
cent by the feet Either way is good.lhpaf wn, fn ti.. oiof.
The most important thing is to keep ;or o upland a-ame such as ouail.
1 Vets' Question Fox
Q 'What requirements does a recently-discharged
veteran have to take
i out the new, type of nonconvertible
Government term' insurance?
A He must have been ordered to
. active duty for 81 days or more: ser
ved since June 27, 1950, and been re-
leased from active service.
-- 0 I have a terra NSLI policy on
which the premiums were waived dur
ing my military -duty. What do I do
, to keep it in force after I am re
leased from service?
A You should' resume payments of
, the required premiums to the VA in
Washington, D. C, within 120 "days
i after your release from active duty.
Your best bet is to make the first pay
ment as soon as possible.
0 I got a GI home loan three years
"ago, when the top VA guarantee was
. $4,000. I understand that a law pass
ed since then has raised the maximum
'guarantee to $7,500, and that I'm en-
titled to another GI home loan guaran
4 the, old and new guarantees. : May I
' Use thin new GI loan in hnild an a A.
dition to my house ? &
v (' A No, : Under theTaw, your new
j 31 loan may be used only to purchase
r-or build another house, and not to
improve your present one. v
New Hope News
, 'Rev. and Mrs.. L. R. Jamieson and
; children were dinner guests f Mr.
and Mrs. E. A. Turner on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Billie IWinslow and
daughter of Whiteston" and Mr. and
Mrs. George Field of Hertford spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Per
ry. ' ' ' ' : VV; . ':-:
, - - Mrs. W. E. Dail has returned home
: after spending several days with her
children, Mr. and Mrs. Kermit , Bar
clif t and children and Miss Celia ail
of Washington, D. C, and Mr. and
?Irs. Austin Dail and family in Ar-
i Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Banks enter-
tain'.J a number of their relatives
and friends for Sunday dinner. The
c casion being Mr. Bank's fcirthday.
osb present were Mr. and Mrs. Ray
x U;hard and children of Weeksville,
". and Mrs. A. C. Boyc and Dan
nnhlett of Edenton, Austin Dail
Arlington, Va, and Mr. and Mrs.
. Lail. . . ,
"n Dail has returned to h's
" m? iii Arlington, Va., after spend
Ve week-end wi;h hi parents, Mr.
i. w. ti. vm. t ' .
for removal Ti T Tiiixa
The entire intestine AT" " J..
After Short illness
Mrs. Ira EHzaDeth Byrum, 62, life
long resident of Chowan County, died
at her home at Tyner Friday after?
noon at 2 o'clock after an illness of
only four days. ' .
She is survived by her husband, J.
R. Byrum; seven sons, Moral Byrum
of Suffolk, Pvt. King George Byrum
of the U. S. Air Force, stationed in
San Antonio, Texas, James I. Byrum,
Jesse !Leroy Byrum, Rubie Cleo By-'
ihe'nm. John W. Bvrum and Hubert A.
Jimmy Robinson's duck camp is . cavity with erase. iBvrum. all of Tvner: two brothers.
famous and he says: "Usually we dry Robinson is a great believer in car- John C. Dail and Preston Dail of Ty-
out our ducks nd take them u town rying game birds by a strap rathar ner; three sisters, Mrs. John Griffin,
the same day, have them cleaned and: thart in a hunting coat. It doesn't Mrs. Tom Byrum and Mrs. Alphine
put in a freezing plant. We never, take long for a badly shot bird to Chappell, all of Tyner. Seventeen
draw a duck or goose until it is ready spoil in your game pocket. After grandchildren also survive
your game .dry-and give it plenty of
fresh air.-f;" tAi
grouse and prairie chicken is to draw
the birds immediately and fill
to be picked and frozen. After you you've shot a bird the natural thing
have taken the innards out of a duck, is to shove it in your pocket and con
it will-spoil-quickly if not refrigerat-'.tinne the hmu.
Funeral services were held Sunday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at vhe Happy
Home Penetecostal Church, of which
ed." ' ( ; Vou forget that this bird is hot she was a member. The paBtor, the
Others claim that in mild weather (with body heat This may be all i Rev. J. D. Roberts, of fieiated, assisted
spoilage of ducks is hastened if the right if you have only a field to cover, by the Rev. W. L. Butler, a former
intestines are not removed immediate-1 but I. would advise you to carry your, pastor. Interment was made in the
ly after shooting. Their recommend-1 birds in your hand or by a strap if church cemetery.
Small fruits and berries should have
a place in every home garden because
they adapt themselves to the usual
methods of garden culture and they
come into production so soon after
planting. s
The dewberry is one of the easiest
to grow and one of the most universal
ly, adapted. ' It will succeed on any
type of soil and, although it responds
to fertilization, does not require a
great deal of attention along that line.
Plants may be set from now until
the growing season begins in spring.
The usual planting distances are 5
feet apart in the row with rows 5 to
8 feet apart. For garden culture dew
berries are generally trained to stakes
which are 6 to 6 feet high. Twenty-
live plants should supply the average
family with all the berries they will
need. Plants set this winter will pro
duce a full crop in June of 1953.
The red-fruited varieties such as
Youngberry, Boysemberry, and Lavaca
berry are generally recommended for
home garden planting. These" are
claimed to be and are generally ac
cepted as hybrids between a dewberry
species and the red rasberry. They
are of exceptionally high dessert quali
ty when allowed to become fully ripe.
However at this stage they are quite
soft and must be eaten at once. They
cannot be shipped to market. There is
very little difference between the
above-named berries. Under our con
ditions the Boysemberry is somewhat
larger than the others.
Thornless strains of these may be
obtained and are . recommended for
home gardens because of greater ease
in handling the canes. Sometimes the
thomless plants will revert back to the
thorny type. Propagations should al
ways be made by means of tip layers
of thornless canes if you wish to re
tain the thornless characteristic.
Sunday, January 13, the Most Holy
Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered
at 9 A. M., in the Edenton Marine
Corps Air Station Chapel and at 11
A. M., in St. Ann's Catholic Church,
Edenton, each including sermon on
"Christian Ideals," Holy Communion,
followed by Rosary for Peace, Sunday
School, with confessions in chapel 8
to 8:55 and in church 10:30 to 10:55
A." M.. stated Father Francis J. Mc-
Court, pastor. Week-days mass in
Church at 7 A. M., study, discussion, (
instructions, information, inquirers
classes meet in St. Ann's- Rectory
library Thursdays 7:30 P. M., to 8:30.
- Ot 1 .. . . ntt .
, ainnuerons (sirence i
Hist woman is a contemptible gos
ftn when she holds her tongue."
'j.v can that be?" ;
3 can say nothing in a manner
. ! "'es nothing unsaid.". .
Beginning January first, all Tax Listers ol
Perquimans County, North Carolina, will sit
at the following places and on the dates men
tioned below for the purpose of listing your
PROPEpir TAXES for the year 1952. .
List In Jciiuzry nd Sava the Penalty
Belvidere Township
T. C. PERRY, List Taker ,
January 5, 12, 19, 26.
January 15
January 17.
;. fen
.Edgar Chappell'a Store, Chapel Hill
K. xa. uaxers score, wnuesxon
January 6
, January 12--..
January 19..
January 1, 23,. 81
January zo.
All Other Days During January at Home
, Bethel Township . ,
1 JULIAN LONG, List Taker
. a J. W. Catling's Store, Bethel
Court House at Hertford
i. J. W. Gatling's Store, Bethel
J. W. GatUng's Store at Night
J. W. Gatling's Store, Bethel
All Other Days During January at Home i
Hertford Township
; t : . PERCY ROGERSON, List Taker -January
2. 8, 6, 12, 1 : ... At Court House in Hertford
January 16,17, 18, 19, 2.
January 23, 24, 25, 26, 28.
Januey 29, 30, 31
1 If. 1 " . All Oiher Days At Home
At Court House In (Hertford
At Court House in Hertford
1 f
At Court House In Hertford
New Hcpe ' Township
January 6, 12, 19, 26.
Januery 11-..
January 18 . i
January 25.
-New Hope
Ernest White's Store
Uny Webb's Store
JP. P. Perry1 Store,' Woodville
All Other Days During January at Home .
Parkvills STowhship
5, 12,
W. R. STANTON, List Taker
26 :.-lFred Winslow'a Store. Wlnf Jl
..1. Towe'a Store, Chapanoke
. -J a w ..-JaclcBon'g S.ore
All Oti,er Dava Durintf January at Wlnfall ,
Prepare your lists now, and save time in listing, also avoid PEN
ALTY for being delinquent after January 81st, 1952. Thia ia required
January 13.
v the
Law. see Uiapter bio, a. a.
as. Jon 1..3.
45, Public Laws of North
I m iinr''inni'nifM.iti.Mfcl r - iff ' '4''' rAWl??Ti:f i rtinif cm ii it "Sa, ' t y i
1 Flf Al nnA tYcniFAtm J3.
i 1 wl v,es zes fiJltertainmen
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Fingers and Green Thumbs" . . . plus new features on sound farming
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Woof VVofoi. Qfi-oof t n i f
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