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"Hicrd i-crcuir County, North Carolina. Friday. February 1, 1952.
5 Cents Per Copy
h v Ajf
br:ii:rGc-Jt '
...;.7- ..-v.
Jurors. drawn by the (Board of Coun
ty Commissioners, to serve at the spec
ial tern of civil court, which wt con
here on Monday. 'Februawr-4, are
Howard E. Lone. Fred T. Mathew,
Branning T. Winslow, Mr. Selma
Proctor, C. P. Moms, Mrs. Mabel
' ' i l-orta made cto i.the
(x-''y"nn for. the Match
u YedneBday: 1 noon of
iTi&catea the county -will
f its goal, unless reports . h c. wden. Sidney Stal-
t ..,iide: .tan much large man , . ,rw,v o N. TrueWood,
; ' V ? ' 'vV f Mr" Esther Perry King, Edward Jor
. U T, Digrrs, chairman of dan Ernst w WaH(e W.
I 2 IXarch of Dime former-, yte, Charlie Winslow, Lofton Dail,
. rtated Wednesday total of, j G Bobbins, W. M. Rogerson, Em
,j fcad been, ..reported rom-rsoh-. vrK Goodwin. J. ID.
, have completed a canvass rp Chappell, Jack L. Wil
;eir territory. . i son, Sidney T, Layden, "Calvin Mans-
X large number of solioitors, espe- Jid. gf Jm,, r Winslow, Balph uv-u v., ; - lpoccory. uavia 'JW' xrueuiwu, juot n
i, rcporwt. - ' "I Witeon and Horace H. Ang.
' Cf the amount repotted to ihe cnarf- , j
. i a .i nr r r .an .nun .
in ty solicitors of the business
t df Kftrhrom. OOUOCUOM at
Theater amounted to 5)1278 and.
nation of $100 was made oy rae
- Lioness Club. ' Incomplete
i fVom the county schools show
- Z-J collected from this source., i
T! chairman renorted most of the
r lie irs in the Town of Hertford had
. ted .their reports but only a.
few of the communities in the county
Chapter To Sponsor
Blood Progrcn
Special Term of Court
Will Ccnyene JNext
; Jllcnday Morning
i-Elriit of .the 2T case listed on the
calendar for the January term of Per
ouimana SuDerior Court, which con
vened here last Monday morning, with
Judge y Clawson' Williams presiding,
were -disposed of liy Wednesday alter-
nnnn-. . - "
Court officials predicted that only
a few more of the cases on the calen
dar will be disposed of by the time the
court sobum this; week-end. All
cases being heitrd are civil actions,
and-the 'nature" of the hearings con
sume considerable time in court.
On readingr of the calendar Monday
morning, eight of $h cases were dis
nosed either through continuance or
notice by attorneys that a compromise
had been reached, thus settling the
OSIrtiiiit Secures Mass X-ray
Unit Fcr lliis District tJexl tolh
Local Teams Will Play
Central Boys and Girls
Friday Night
Peroruimans High School basketball
teams chalked up victories in gtoies
nlaved urainst Moyock and Griggs
durirnr the nast week. The Indian
County Board Meets
Next Monday Morning
Tito .PBraumans Counts' oard of
CVmniissioners will hold its regular
February meeting, next Meeday, Feb
ruary 4, teethe office of the County
Welfare .pepartjnent, in the Court
X-rays Will Be Made
In Hertford Three '
The Division of Tuberculosis Con
trol of the State 'Board of Heal A will
send one X-ray Umt to this tieartn
District for a period beginning Feb-
-'KiT.' . UlBtrlCt lor a permu oeguuu.
"tteii hereby 'given of a change' ruaryl4
in the board'eeting place, and in.m, W Vr B.B. Me-
dividuala desirimr to appear before the
Guire, District Health Officer, who.
stated arrangements lor tne A-ray
unit to come here was. made through
a telephone conversation with Dr.
boys won over the MZ' William A. Smith, Director of the Tu
VJ?L... of civfl court scheduled for nexHreek IJw kv
M. wv v.ii ska v vv m.-m.w v
?1LJE-ttZh&:. requested to note Board meets hi the'
welfare office.
fc JHarvlna wnite. ''-wiui ZZ points, 7- . , ... ,. j
mi ti,. oirl' W. Daw, W mmissumere wm u u
UiRU Vi v. O-- - '-1 - -
soni Skinner and Btokeiy were oesi
on efense. - v -V
.Thach. Towe and Morris led the
scoring in the boys? game, -while Tay
lor! and Hendrix wemstandouts for
Moyock. The Indians moved to a 20
14 advantage . at half time -but the
Moock bova Put up a determined ef
fort duruur the second half to cut the
j finajl margin of victory to two points.
ml. any! mvla Allfol flflaiwl
..4i,.j n ),...r HMm.. The local bovs ana Kins ouxciassea
lar term of civil court were those fl the team, from Griggs m a double-
Police To Tighten
Enforcement Of
local Traffic Laws
N. 'W. ChauBell vs. Elbert Chappell,
et als; Hannah Tucker vs. Andrewl
Tucker; J. H. Newbold Est. vs. Jessie
' tj 'Phillips; Daniel T- Hurdle vs. W
Beorganizatiom of ihe Red Cross tFCoB(aiMt --d CHfton Hardy vs.
jnL3J Mayor V.N.Darden made announce-
m ttJMarch "of (Dimes campaign' l rLTi, wIMildred S. Hardy.
, scheduled to coma to h official close Monda nl hw when Hertford
'toy, Mrs. igger roests aM, copter of the Eastern - Star, with
citors who have of made reports to , Jam , M nnan, a.
dd so immediately m oruer gumed ; aponsorsWp of the program
, county committee can make a ilnai i:w,.i,y.,..:,y.,:X..::,,i.v:.i.
- 'check on the euccess of the drive, Apilblic njeeting, for the purpose of
ere. . . . I mkuHm -interest ta tne oroffram.
naa neen, ... . u.v. nu. utati-
I WM 1 1 f. Ill U i 4IB WUA . aavmtc
dav night, with Miss Mary Quinian,
field representative! summarizing the
I mimosa and benefits of the program
las ft is carried out by the Kea ross.
Mtaii Ouinlan Pointed ,out that tne
j nrogram is -growing each year, ' and
more and' more individumls 1 redeive
1 blood transfusions as routine proced
ure to hasten Tecovery from opera-
definite auota
set for the 1952 March of Dimes, the
county committee had hoped to raise
- 2,000 in order to provide additional
' funds for the National 'Foundation,
wMMi rlomd the year 1951 with e
. A1 mf flv million dollars.
One-half of the funds rafeei In the
W1 itrlvn is sent to the National
Foundation, while the remaining half
is retained by the local chapter to be
used for fighting pouo to this county.
The Court was advised that ijudg-
mena were being readied in the cases
in which Chesaneake 'Auto vs. w.
L. Barley; Ben "F. Lane vs. Seashore
Trans. Co.; and Dallas Gilliam vs.
Orie.11 CJilliam..
The first hearing started wra tne
0'Af tvillam C. ChauDell vs. D. M.
White, et als; a case which disputed
local Tuberculosis Association and
Seal Sale Committees, to assist in the
work of taking X-rays, when the unit
visits this area.
- Tentative plans call for the X-ray
unit to visit four locations in tms
immediate area, on the following
Edenton High School (white) Feb
ruary 14, 15 and 16.
Chowan High School, February 19
and 20. '
Hertford Court House, February 21,
22 and 23. ,
Elizabeth City, February Z7, u, it.
Tto Indian aquaws naa a eay - Monday which pointed toward I EUzabeth
oWeatinj the Gnggs girls 44 to SU & tf J ordinance9 March 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Coach Ellie Fearing -sedtiie entire otUM
squaa during we gan.e w StapJnir ith a -reminder to car
the; players, .gave a nne kcouih I nwnprd rfiai(1inlr within the town. May
herself. White was nign scorer w.u. attentio fact
n. J CT.T . ntliOH 11 . . I " " .
In the bovs' contest, John Morris
In announcing plana for the X-ray
unit to visit this area Dr. McGuiye
said: .
"Any person over 15 years 01 age
led H he Indian sconnsr with 11 noints.
The Indians held a 7-S letd at the first
nerind close and moved to a 21-9 ad-
Z"JrPJu 1 : Second owPly the ,aw'
held to three pomts in the second ''.., . Ma,
quarter, and this broke the offensive
that all cars must display the Hertford may nave -
license tag on February 1. Motorists aer 101 snouiu u-b -",ier.
who have not purchased tags by that Tt JZl
date will be taxed with a penalty and SLSf
j ii t have -an X-ray for health certificates.
VOnXaCta OI lUUClvuivwa -"J-"
ikaHiMon tm nieces drive of the visitors. During the third
It - VUIVIWUJ LXliK wvwnvv w.iw X ( - ----- . JJjT
of land in Belvidere Township. This.perlod the teams changed .defensive
hearinr Was interrupted Monday after
noon to enable Judge 'Williams, to pass
upon a case pending 'in 'are. County
involving a -court order on ! an aaop
tion "proceedings in that bounty.
. rinviil Cix. local surveyor, s was on
the witness ''stand "most of Monday af-
tioo, illness M eiden W one -"niorn
minion piiraoi "".rr wimonv on aiirarvey line taade
nated to the Hea Cwsamrougn wis - sWhite casei Other
Great V Britain y announced a new
austerltr vroeram this week, which
c11 for a reduction of imports dur
ing 1962, expected to bolster the. ty.
financial condition of the nation, un
nromram. since the start 'of tthe Korean
H,r, and much of this blood has been
altocated for use Iw the armed forcea
Miss Quinlan told the local group, at
'the: meeting Monday, the blood quotas
are.Assiirnedto.OTrotie8 on" papu
lation basis f Perquimans County Is
TMueBte'd to provide 450 pints of blood
t C ummin each year. This quota
being divided to provide 150 pinto of 1
Wood .three times annually wnen ine
mobie blood unit yisits thi commum-
witnesses loiiowea dut
tactics and the Indians led in a 17-12
! ffVk.. 1. nl. .nnW arA4i
Peiauimans 46, Griggs 34.
Ktio lofthl teams divided a double-
header played with AhosWe on Wed-
nadav niiht of last wee wrtn tne In
dian Souaws winning a 52-17 victory
and the ooya losing by a 10-point
marsrin 53 to 43'.
. Marvina White and Frances Wms-
lo were high scorers for the Squaws
eeconaiy, xne mayor rejwrwju ay;, ;- '' " v , a 1 K aKrciild
the police have been ordered to enforce All hxgh gZ
the law on parxing merer vroiauona. 1 - 1 fua
Pointing out that die town has been pending F?ci
lenient in this respect in the past, the.schoo j fJT
fact that some motorists have taken " nmv " "Janrp to
advantage of this leniency, forces a white and colored , : have a dnuto
change in the enforcement of this law. do a most us efu job if they will ar
Henceforth motorists who fail to pay range for f aimlies not X-ra yed two
parking charges will be taxed one years ago to be brought to the unit
Hollar for the violation. Mayor" Dar- this year.
den stated 'there will be no excep-j
tions to this action and requests full;
ceVihera'ion of motosts,
Vl . .1.1 1- - A.. -
witnesseg wvw -".7-" " n. K J e also announcea
ient of contenuqnrconsumee eawvn T "Tl'row installing traffic signs : on evera
erable time and court oHic.a.s gueeseu Her
the case would not reach the jury be
fore :4ate JKednesday afrnooau.
- A second. week of civil court will
convene here ftextMonday, ap
n..nul nnarent many of the cases
Hated on the docket will have to be
carried over to a later term 01 court.
&h"and Morris led the offensive,? :
11" Tnjfi: jettinr 14 and.Jl2,.n W"wwlnK
Shs reported the county had eup-
mm m t-- h
points,- while Vaughn was high for the
winners -with 191 '';'::...".:-: y: s .
The Perquimans teams journey to
rvn,.i Friday nirfit. where they will
play a return engagement with the
Central teams.
a if Al. I liriL.
l UUUIb lid SiCU If lU!
-"'TT.r CJ
HiVfiniB rjee. ii-yciw-uiu
Dlaced on aome streets In order tore-
. i j 1 if ,
heve traffic conjestion, ano.ejayr, ; by
stated mcwrBmusioDeyuiese iB..3li---;-i ori o . p.,;.
iir they will be inviolation of ordi
nances adopted providing for this action.
llllvia " I - , . , . I
Her Hie oroeram lmnorWOoa or to- mieo ai pims w,wuw i . - - - .
acco was cut by 43 per cent, and this grant since it began here worsjlftnnp flf I nHQAQfl
IIUllUI IIU.I lllfiuuvuu
is expected to have some bearing on
the price on the - American market
next fall.
.- A new urovernment was formed in
"Egypt this week following riots which
hrok out in Cairo but week, result
ing in millions of dollars in damage
-to bronertv owned by British, Ameri
cans and the French. iKng Farouk
ousted the premier, heading the gov
ernment at the time of the riot, and
, officials reported the move probably
forest-ed the Ensrlish from sending
In troops to take over the entire
"couiiry. ; 'fT'-' "vv
A House Judiciary Committee, on
. Tue4ay. voted to conduct an taves-
Vr" n of the Justice Department,!
- f ! .Forney General Howard Mc
The probe, it wae "reported,
ver the whole administration of
. irtment. and follows the de
.z-. which have come from the
on tax scandals.
rh next visit of the bkwdmobile
Mi nnnntv will occur on March
oa anit n1n for this visit will be
worked out by the Eastern Sta:nd
announced t a later date, -
Fall Drive Success 1
At Training School J
The Perquimans Training School
brought 4ta ,"FaH Drive" to a close
Miwntly. with W. P. Jones as speaker
- . . . i t.!
for the occafl'on. 'isacn w xae eigav
mA, firhruii Homerooms had a queen.
These queens were assisted by their
homeroom and by two or three ele
mentary. teachers In raising funds for
The queens and rtjieir assistants
The honor roll for Perquimans High
SiJhnn tnr tiui third crading period,
which closed last week, was released
4.4o.. w tlio tarineinal. IS. J. WOOaara.
Savnt.v Ktndema were nsteu on uic
honor roll, with the 9th grade leading
all others in the numoer 01 BTuuenm
winning honors.
. The list by classes follows: ;
TNoh nrade Bobby . Mathews,
Cliff Towe, Nancy Bagley, Marjorie
Brinn, .Alice Dawson, Barbara Jean
B,,Me11. Janice StaJlinjra. Ann White
Tv ViJt, Winslow. Corbin Cherry,
Joseph Rogerson, Annette troctor, wo
Pat Stokes, Judy. '-winsiow, -rauune
Wood, Gordon Chappell, Charles Ward,
Ivy Kussell, Sarah Sutton ana u
Claire Winslow.
-' Ninth Grade Daryl Allen, Charles
nvith. Alvm 'Holloweil. Alice jean
iTvloioii. Loia Kirby, - Emily White,
Joseph ' Layden, v Patricia Diggers,
Ann Burke Uhappeu, ajarnara -aw
Contest Announced
Ag Program Provides
Growth In Pastures .
Ah increase in permanent pastures
ficer Robert A. White on Charges 01
breaking and entering the store of
Jake Mathews, located on Church
Street in Hertford. j
The store wits entered and robbed
of $65 sometime Monday night, when
entrance to the store was gained by
breaking the glass of a pacx uoor.
The doof was then uniocnea oy a
were as follows: 4 9 A Homeroom, Ar
it UillftT. -assiftted br SB and 6 A:
9B Homeroom, Joan Lilly, assisted by.
5R and 8B: 9C Homeroom .Geneva
o iiw... ..tofJ Snr 1 A. and XlR:'10A
dent. Kvinlrln-th. io W 70 M STrha
v rave bracei tiiemeelves for d hy IB and 5A: 10 "Tv'sue White Joanna Williford, Celia
. Uh is iny,down thelf Ann Stokes,
.- Iv ver. . The
1 rarken
lay and
TV' 1M
1 to be about (0 fee and is
1 to inundate smaller com'
i " the river ot protected
, . ..j, a senior at
i 1 t J.ool, won the an-
rOT."y l-r:.J "' Tenth Grade-Jean Butt. Ann Stal
bv TA'and Mrs. Mitchell,; ... Kngs, John Ifoms MaJw,1
The 1C3 Homeroom rajrratheOign- Tiison ynawieu, .T.'JT;:
eH . amount of money 1 mmcene. Dail, Matue wrae
In a colorful ceremony, Margaret1
Anne 'Banks, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs."Clifford Banks of Hertford, was
crowned Miss Perquimans High School
of 1952. - This was the climax oi tne
beauty contest sponsored bby the Per-!
quimans Senior 4-H Qub, held last
week. Miss Banks wag crowned by
Mrs. Mary uew ijayton, wjiu wd din
ner of a similar contest in 1951. As
winner in 1951. As winner of tne
iqr9 title Miss Banks was presented
with a S25.O0 Savings bond, a gold
ma. and mveral other prizes. Sec-
nnA nliute winner was Peggy Harrell;
third, Nonie Lou Lane; fourth, Marion
Fllmtt- and .fifth. Mary J-e miner.
winninir honorable mention were Suz-
Taw. . Frances 'Sutton, Irene
Wnivter and Barbara Lee Sawyer.
Judges were Mrs. Ella C. Davis, Home
Agent of Pasquotank Counlty, C. Alden
PpkM f Flizabeh City and R- S.
March, Assistantarm Agent of Cho
wan county.
A Junior Contest was also held in
which the Grammar School in Per-,
xiiWin. rnuntv eomneted. 'First place
Kit & amid ctm was.won by Shelby
Jean" Over'on, 71 grade student of
Orammar School. Second
place to Wanda Lynne Chappell of the!
" P k, and tb'e
record reported for 1951. A total of " . wa. teken from
a counter of the
6i8 LJTSS Milwa, arrested by the thorities
was aiiir1 'Uiivca jr i.wss
man of the County PMA Committee.
The assistance was
under the 1951 Agriculture Conserva
tion Program, representing 50 per!
cent of the cost of- material with
the farmer doing all the work.
Mr.' Dail pointed out thia acreage
represents additional grazing land for
the increasing number of livestock
in the county. He added, through the
AOP, more and more larmers nave
m to realize that livestock is as-
greater Importance each
vear in the farmimr system and that
conservation practices, encouraged by
ACP. have increased the yield of pas-
anA frir fwiDs. The materials
used by farmers cooperating with ACP
have stimulated bou lmprovemem
through grasses and legumes and had
helped to build up these pastures
to their present nign yieia.
Ai.iAnnntr An invefltifiration whidi was
of .he robbery.
The robbery at tne inatnjrws bw
was the sixth in which money was
taken which has occurred in nemom
during the past month.
A hearing for Lee win oe nem
the next lem of Perquimans Record
er's Court.
1952 Farm Program
To Be Discussed
Mitchell was coronated "iJ i P.T.A."
or 1951-1SS2. The grs- J -al r&ied
by the entire school ws $1,115.88.
UecHer -TJc :rt ,
Hears FonruiiscJ.
V?9 awarfcJ special term on Friday of last wetkj
jn oraer to provioe lor a t
werk while &e Janury term of tcper-
inr Amrtvai in session.
Vnrr ies were dlsPOl of fcy the
Bnv? .rti Cnort inclU&iUT C T f
Robert Barker and James
f mhtm entered a Plea of" Pi f to
charges of speeding, and each pal J t'
r-njt , a costs of conrts -.- r j
' t. who was crr.
-Vterei a T-
, 1 a fiixe of -i an
" r, 'oxen's Tociety
j 1 .lanj V. nrc i,
1 i a cor'esV LcA
ze s" ) nn e Iv t e
tfnts. lxV Y Smith
. ;.., The tl ."a cf the
. I Is the IU ?or d-
jii Cites h 1e
wit.'i r-
1 t
p- 1 i s
s I
... . f . I
i tf r--
rr i cf t'
Ann Ward.
ii1venfh -Grade---Emily Ann Sum-
ner, Dorothy Jean Winslow, Nan Ella
White. Marilyn Baker, Audrey Lane,
Nina Jane Chappell, Faye Butt, Shir
ley Eure, Glenda Lane, Alice Proctor,
Mable Majttn . 'WheoDee, aioiiie iuu
Yctefl. " ' -. . - j " ..
Twelfth Grade Pauline Burbage,
Marguerite Butier, Amy Van Roach,
Margaret Symons, auarvm ; ywve,
Frits Wulf, Tommy Sumner.
Hcc'-sf.ts Advised On
Cmir Permit Law
"T. Vf. Newell County Fire Warden,
3 a'v-Untion or county resiaenie w
i taming -permit law, which' re-
res an indM-oal to secure per
t before stirtinr a fire near wood-
1 arefl. " Ihe.l'T is effective be
1, and the County
5in urc til fcrsons planning to
c"r i " i r ich banks to
j a . -i l-'-it to starting
Peanut chool Held
Here Last Thursday
A nne-half day peanut school was
held At the Agricultural Building in
Crommar School. Third place went Z.Wiinieraonno..u.-.rL
to Iris'. Wilder of the 5th grade -in
Perqutmans Central Grammar School,
judges for this- contest were Mrs.
Julian White, Mrs. K. C. David and
Mrs. Willard Copeland. Awards were
presented by Bobby Smith, Chairman
of the contest, committee.
C E. White Elected
Wildlife Prexy
k4 F.. White. Sr...vas elected
president of the Perquimans County
wiUi.f. tfTlnit for the vear. 1952, at
a meeting f the dub held .last Sat
urday nisrht at the Jonrt nouse..
' fVher officers named were Wallace
Morran. vie president, and Cdgar
Fields, secretary and tr?asurer.
Frtl'owinr the' election of officers
the club pre:'M)t named Sami Hour
Tv ,iate. C. W. White and
TYa-ramo S?mith as a membership com
miff .kt a drive for. mem-
The ate Mobilization Committee
is calling a meeting of the County
Mobilization Committee, County and
Community Committeemen, farm ma
chinery and fertilizer dealers, leamng
businessmen and farmers of the count
ty for the purpose of discussing the
1952 production goals program, as it
affects this county, it was Announced
today by W. E. White, secretary of
the County PMA &mmi'Af'--r.
The meeting will be held-wednea-j.
rchi,ainr it.. .t 2 P. M.. in the
wriment Station and N. C Extension .Jriculture Building in Hertford.. J.
Dervice whikwii. I Kelton, 'insirict xv
the Experiment (Station discussed Bm- charge of the meeting. The-
ing and fertilization of peamrU. Dr. -lfe Js inrited to attend. .? .
W. M. Cooper discussed research work .
which has been conducted w VWM -w- m i p.rSnn
diseases. IP""1 " . , M
Research on harvestin machines. Tlicmlnv rTlfiaV
: ... ... :j v.. o u
was aiBCUnseu uj n. wwi -.-
Pnorineerinar Department, of the Ex-
Ur. K. K. vjouins oi
the N. C Extension Service discussed
insect control work and outlined some
wm.. work betas' done on new va
rieties of peanuts. Approximately as
Perquimans County peanut growers
attended the meeting nd expressed
their tppreciation for an opportunity
to receive this type of lniormanpn.
' ' Announcement was' made today that
nrtfnnl iPTA will Present Wixie
Minstrel Bpice, under the direction, of
Mi R. fl. 'Koonce on Thursday night,
February 21, the Perquimans High
The hew line of Ford Cars for 1952
will be displayed in this community
on Friday, February 1. it waa an
nounced today by Cecil C, Winslow of
the Winslow-Blanchard Motor Com
pany- . . , . .
"Manv cnanges nave Deen
the 1952 line of Fords,; Mr. Winslow
said, "and we invite the people of this
section to visit our showrooms to in-
spect the new cars and see wieH
changes." .
: Perquimans Lodge, No. 106, A. .-P..--ft
A. M, will meet Tuesday night at
8 o'clock. '
I bers far the year. ' -

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