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crcuLTn3 County, North Carolina, Friday, February 22, 1952.
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. t OX. ,'NV-
J m
'vii Drsre Termed
A. final wr-i, made this week by
lira. John T. Llc-er, county chair-
7 man for th 1-S2 Uarch of Dimes, re
vealed the contributions totaled
-:3.3. This wa slightly in excess
to the total contributed during; the
Karon of Dines last year.
Organizations contributed $180 of
the total raised here, with the county
school counting for $166.i. . IndU
- vidual and business, -houses in Hert
ford gave $732.87 and $359.33 was re
ported by solicitors representing' the
county Home Demonstration Clubs,
who solicited the rural communities.
In making her report Mrs. Diggers
expressed her thanks to all who bad a
part in the campaign, and especially
those who volunteered their time and
-'effort to act as solicitors.
The full report made by the solicit
' ora follows: :;.r-S.-,:Y:y-vi'.,,.
Front Street Mrs. T. P. Brinn and
. Una, Edward Griffin, J100.87; Church
Street Mrs. J. E. Newby, Mrs. Mar-
7 tin Towe and Mrs. C W. Cherry, $62.- J
05: Grubs Street Mrs. J. H. Satca-
. well, Mrs. Jessie Lee Harris and Miss
Eva Harris, $55.80; Market Street
Mrs. W. L. Jessup, Mr. W. C. Dozler,
$45: Dobb Street Mrs.. R. L., Hollo-
well, Mrs. D. F. Reed, $44.75; Covent
. Garden Mrs Ulinton iuey. M.60;
. Academy Street Mrs. Ben Thatch,
$5.00; Railroad Avenue Mrs. Edgar
. field, $3.10; Edenton Road Street
Mrs. R, X. Lane, $6.60; Pens.' Avenue
Mrs. U D. ChappeU, $2540; Wood
land Circle Mrs. E. C. Woodard, Mrs.
Jim Bass. V $38.75: Route . 17 Mrs.
Jack Burbage. $4.25; Route 17 Mr.
L. B. Shterson, 15.85r Business Dis
trictHenry Sullivan,. Tannage Rose,
V. N. Darden, $331.25; State Theatre,
1127.28: Hone Qub. $100; BPW
Club, $30; VFW Auxiliary, r. $5.00;
VFW Dance, $25; Ambassador Club
- $15: Special Events, Mrs. B. G.
. Xoonce; T?fc&;'- boxes, 4n -
. $31.03, , r--v-V jv-j. : i
Hertford i Craaunar School,. $S5.00f
. Central Grammar Sohool, $40; Per
auimans High School. $17.64;. Chin-
' quapin School, $8.00; Perquimans
Training SchooL $40; Bethel Colored
-School, I6.00; uertiora uoioreo
- School $30.00. v-;,
Report by the" Home Demonstra
tinn Oteh Bolicftom were: Winfall
Mrs. Effie Miller, $35.64; Helen Gartn
erMrs. Tom Madre, $20.75; Durante
Neck Mrs. Robert Spivey, $55; Hope
well Mrs. Howard Warren, . $18.88;
Snow EM, WMte Mrs. Jack Benton,
$48.25; Whiteston Mrs. ElUs Stal
ling, $42; Ballshack-JMrs, H. S.
Lane, $4.46; Belvidere Mrs. F.. R.
drppell, - $61.71; Chapanoke Mrs.
; Roy Pierce, $33..5; Beech Springs
1'rs. W. J, Perry, $25; Burgess-Mrs.
SlJney (Layden, $46; Bethel Club
' $ v "H :
Urn. M. B. Taylor "and W, C. Stroud
who directed the collections among the
Ct4ored diviotoa reported - total of
$16.25. . " '
A severe winter storm struck in the
a of New England early thi weuz
jsing havoc on sea and land. Fif
31 person were reported ddad and
aved in wrecks and two tankers
ed by heavy seas off Chatham,
-s. Highway traffic waa stabled
1 kiwnr. MnoVtied 81 inches deen in
.e Areas. . The rescue of the sur
from the tanker was handled
l C Coast Guard. . ,. , , ,
A t 'l mdion dollar fire swept the'
t ' i d;utrict 1 of Oxford early
. lay jnoraing. Firemen from five
( v f-L.t tho blaze for hours be
1 Ji v-:s finally brought under eon
hou se were gut-
f ' t I t fiisne and two ' other
1 ' e ("?tzi& bT moJs and
' K.H by the rrr m
it ':r- tal in the ar
if lit. ii l l-"i vio-
w ? t". a : 11 ' t i- .
f J u t i -i
1 tf r.o La U.x L! n
, i rl'.l a part it t'.s
! i:,lxtg of two Co-
u. s., c
1 r
1 i
1 fa
A. PilBton Godwin, Jr., Gfttesville
attorney, entered the race for a Senate
seat ' for the Flrat District on Wed
nesday, in announcing hi candidacy
lor in oixjce, subject to the Demo
cratic primary, May 31.
Pilson Gouv;in( Jr.
Seslis Senate Seat
For First District
A.' PiIston Godwin, Jr., Gatesville
Attorney, announced today that he
will be a candidate- for the North
Carolina Senate from the First Sena
torial DistricUn the May 1952 Demo
cratic Primary Election. .
. Godwin, who was born and reared
in Gatesville, attended the public
school there and was graduated from
the Wake Forest College Law School
in 1937. Since that time, he has been
engaged in the practice of law as a
member of the firm of Godwin and
Godwin, except for the years 1942-45.
when he was a Special Agent of the
FBL His wife is the former Mildred
vaon of Ahoskie, and they have
small son and daughter. . . He is the
Master of Gatesville Masonic Lodge,
and a former District Governor of
Ruritan National, a civic organization:
for a number of years, he has been a
r-er of re N?h Carolina Demo-
ciauC ExecuBiv Committee; he is
member,, of .the Gatesville (Baptist
uburch where he has' nerved as a
teacher of the Men's Bible. Class for
about five years; during the.. Fall of
peat rvu a- miiuiijg Wimiwc w.
the First Judicial District during an
umessor Solicitor waiter W. Cahoon.
The First Senatorial District is
composed of eight counties Bertie,
Hertford, Gates, Chowan, Perquimans,
Pasquotank, Camden and Currituck,
and the District is allotted two Sena
tors. J, WUHam Copelahd, of Hert
ford County, and -J. Emmett Wms
low, of Perquimans County, repre
sented the District in 195L.. Copeland
has announced that he win be a can
didate to succeed himself. Winslow is
reported to have' stated thai he will
not again be a candidate. . ;
No Senator has been elected from
Gates County since 1923. and since
that time every other county in the
District has sent a Representative to
the Senate one or more times. In
view of this record, Godwin stated
that he and other Gate Countian
feel that Gates County is now entitled
to furnish the District one of its two
Senators in 1953.
Rites Held Sunday For
Aunt Betty Stallings
. Aunt Betty S tailings, 97, one of
the oldest residents of the county,
died Saturday afternoon at two
o'clock at the home of Maxey tal-
lings, near Bemdere, following ah
illnea flZ-years.v--:-'' ''" fi i-v
The widow of the late Brftton Stal
lings, she was the daughter of the
late Mr. and Mrs. Joel Qnley. A the
time of her death, she was the oldest
member of the Sandy Cross Baptist
She 1 survived fcy two netltew and
three nieces. y j . y -, v
Funeral services were conducted
Sunday afternoon at 8 o'clock at the
Sandy Cross Baptist Church' by the
Rev. Mr. Brown, assisted ty Sir.
cr-iiia White. ' :.
was in the family plot
KdtcnTo Gi
At He u;urca
Dr. f .xr 1 U Uolton, Prei'snt of
t-. r." t. wi3 be .the eres
er at t s 1 .rd ITethOilt Cur "
at t.e 11 A. IL, services next Can.'
ft WS t'X unced today by the Re -A.
L. Clicplin, pastor of the church.
Tie occasion of Dr. Holton's eora
htg is Co annual observance of Lay--.'$
D;y in lthod'st Churches,
thtoc!tout the nation. Dr. Colton
in a merAr of the North Carolina
" -! cf Eiaea-on f Ce
1 c -J n r-- ' J c'
s J. t. I0 ii f liMiiuaC't
: s hyaten' clT-r."
liLry I nrn Post
Stela Fcr.J Crr;
County Assigned Goal
Of $400; Ainsley:
, Named Chairman
W. F. Ainsley. American (Legion
naire of. Hertford, has been named
cnairman lor the JUegion Kehanmta
tion Fund campaign of Perquimans
County, it was announced, today by
Iiouis Parker, Elizabethtown, Depart
ment Commander and Chairman for
the fund drive.
. The Legion Rehabilitation Fund is
appealing for funds in Perquimans
County to support the activity of the
American Legion's rehabilitation and
service work in North Carolina.
All funds contributed throuah this
drive will be used exclusively in ren
dering the services required by dis
abled : veterans, dependent ' children,
widows, orphans and veteran neednur
assistanc in handling claim with the
Veteran's Administration, Parker said.
Under the Legion's Rehabilitation
Program trained men and women de
vote full time to handling veterans'
problems pertaining to compensation,
pension, hospitalization, education and
training, home and business loans,
burial allowances, insurance and oth
er allowable benefits. Assistance to
widows and orphans are service giv
en daily by the Legion' Service Of
ficers. They are personal representa
tives and no charge is ever made for
their services. 7 .v.:'
The current Rehabilitation Fund
Campaign was made necessary due
to the demand for expanded facilities
including the staffing of trained rep
resentatives tbe included in the two
VA hospitals now being completed at
Durham and Salisbury.
The campaign .opened in Perquim
ans County on February 15.
For County Office
C. Clifford, Banks, a resident, of
Hertford, JWiay announced his cand
dacy for the office of the Register
of Deeds for Perquimans County, sub
ject to the Democratic Primary, to be
held May 81. - . ,
(Banks is 44 years old, a native of
Perquimans County, being born and
reared in New Hope Township. He is
a veteran of World War II, having
served two years in the U. S. Navy,
19 months of which were spent in the
Pacific. :.
Since returning from the war Banks
was employed for three years as
bookkeeper for R. L. Hollowell Com
pany, and is presently employed, in
the same capacity, by Milton Dail and
Son. He is also clerk of the Perquim
ans Recorder's . Court and Veteran
Service Officer for Perquimans
County. ,7,'-'v i;.'7;7,
- He is married to the former Miss
Naomi Divers and they have two chil
dren, Margaret Anne and Charles.
Blood Program Topic
At Rotary Meeting
'Members of the Hertford Rotary
Club heard a brief outline of the ob
ject of the American Red Cross Blood
Program at their meeting Tuesday
night - when -Edgar White, former
chairman of the county program, was
guest speaker for the meeting.
Mr. White told the group how the
program was started during World
War IL to provide blood plasma for
the armed forces and later included
civilian in need of blood transfusion
in hospitals in thi country.
He stated report revealed Per
quimans County residents were re
ceiving more blood, through transfus
ion in hospitals, than was being con
tributed to the program by local resi
dents. He urged the public to support
the program and assist this county to
reach its quota when the bloodraobile
comes here on Karen 28.
Debating Teams Named
At Perquimans High
iTha 132 Debating Team of Per
quimans High School was picked last
week. They will debata against (Eden
ton and Elisabeth City in the triango-
lar debates. The team is:,. Affirml
i!v. K-.Vj r-rta Oee and Til.
1 LfrreIl: JTc-.'Jve, Karrtna
' 'ta tnd Amy Van- Roach. AKer-
u.a IV-Hae Carfees and Bobby
i e rery for d ttte this year Is:
!, Tfcat JJH American Citi-
ibns uo--'J Bo Select to Conscrip
tion for Laisenuil Services in Time of
- tt, :
T:.e ",,0; "
c .1 I.'
: jht'if
' " a. V
: Vi .M iAYCR
I "y t" rrsyer will be
1 . ry at
ttCe Iiscoral
yrZl be ChrL-t,
I 's is cordially in-
Pencils fcl lis
will Cil'T!!C!jS!i!j
(n tad'Tabf
i '
Squaws Lose In Semi-
finals To Manteo
1 Girls 39-34 '
The 'Perquimans Indian won the
Albemarle Rural Basketball Chamn-
ionship last Saturday night, defeat
ing the Weeksvffle .boy in the final
round of the annual tournament, held
at the Central srrai. near Elizabeth
City. :;;.,.':;.,
Coach Ellie Fearinsr'a charms, dis
playing their ibest form for the ae
son, came from behind in the second
quarter to hold a 22-17 -lead over
Weeksville, at halftime. Building up
this advantage to a 26-17 score in the
third period, the Indians played pos
session ball and coasted to a 38-34
victory. A tight zone defense, nlaved
by Perquimans, prevented Weeksville
from scoring freely, as has been its
custom during the season.
'.The Perquimans boys defeated
South Mills in the opening round of
the tourney, then handed the Central
boys a 31 to 24 licking in the semi
finals, to win the right to play Weeks
ville for the championship.
Ben Thatch, who was selected on
the all-tourney team, led the Indians
in scoring in the opening game. Tom
my Sumner, was high scorer in the
Central contest and Howard Williams,
sparked the Indian attack in the final
As champions of the Rural Con
ference, the Perquimans team was
presented a gold cup, and possession
of the Tournament Cup, which it may
keep until the tournament next year.
Coach Fearing's Indian Squaws lost
out in the todrney, in the semi-final
round, dropping a 39-34 decision to
the Manteo girls, who went on to win
the championship for the girls' divis
ion Hard luck dogged the local girls.
The loss was the third suffered at the
hands of Manteo this season, and came
after Perquimans had held a 19-6 lead
at the close of the first period. Man-
teo's driving offensive closed the gap
a? the game, progressed and the Dare
Countv lassies tied the score with
some three minutes .to Play. Then
tBv vrAnfc ahttmA to -arid 39-X4-
''MsVvrha-'Wliitei high sWfer foftkef
Squaws; was selected on the girls'
all-tourney team.
Given At Meeting
Of Hertford PTA .
The Hertford Grammar School PTA
met Thursday evening of last week in
the school auditorium. The Inter
mediate Girl Scout Troop presented a
pageant, "Our Child's Welfare Wain
bow," in keeping with Founder's Day.
The. minutes were read by the sec
retary, Mrs. Silas Whedbee, and ap
proved. 7
Mrs. H. C. Sullivan, treasurer, re
ported that the PTA had on hand
Sl 55.11.
it was voted for the grademothers
to ask the parents to give a tray or
donation for the lunch room. .
Mrs. T. P. Brinn, program chair
man. announced that Dr. Ellen Win
ston, psychologist from the State (Psy
chological Department in Raleigh, will
be the guest speaker for the Marjph
meeting. She will discuss what par-
Anta mav exnect from a child at dif
ferent ages. The Perquimans County
Central Grammar School PTA will be
invited to meet with the Hertford
Grammar School PTA in March.
;The. following were elected to the
nominating committee: - Miss Mary
Sumner, Mrs. J. A. Leete, Mrs. W- E,
Drake and Mrs.' Hazel Mathews.
.There was a collection taken for
Founder's Day. The'door prize were
won by Mrs. Hattie Spivey and Uim
ton, Eley. Mrs. T. C. Yagel won the
annivertry code. ,
Eastern Star To
Honor Past Officers
' The (Hertford chapter of the Or
der of Eastern Star wfll meet next
Monday night, February 25, at eight
o'clock b the lodge rooms In the Court
House in Hertford.
A.eerribe has been arranged to
honor all past Matrons' and past Pa
tron of the lodge.' , All member are
urged to attend. .
Local Residents At
Farm Bureau Meeting;
Perquimans County wa represented
at the State Farm Bureau meeting,
held last week at Raleigh, by Warner
Madre, I. C. Yagel and Joshua, Sut
ton. ' The men amended a number or
the salons held during the meeting
and wTJ report to local Farm Bureau
meT'lsrs on the proceeding at : the
coc.y meeting to b eaDed at an early
ds-ta. - .,.. :
Precis Case Von-cfc Rcted fci
CroL'iinj fid Entering Cssgs lixrd l!:rc
Weighing Station
For Trucks Is Opened
A State weighing station, to check
trucic loads, traveling Highway 17
was opened in the county last Mon
day with W. J. Parrish. Charles
Payne and J. R. White in chanre of
tne operations. , .
The station is . located near the
Woodville airport, and for the ores
ent will be operated on a temporary
basis. Trucks suspected of being over
loaded will be halted and weighed,
Later, possibly ; within the next
three months, the station will - be
placed on a permanent basis, with
weighing house to be constructed and
platform scales installed. Following
this the station will be placed in op
eration on a 24-hour basis, with three
crews assigned to the station.
Mr. Parrish, who is presently in
charge of the station, came here from
Kocky Mount, where he was a mem
ber of the Highway Patrol.
Central PTA Holds
Observance For
Founder's Day
The Parent-Teacher Association ofi'ound against Lee for the breaking
the Perquimans County Central Gram
mar School met Monday night in the
school auditorium.
Mrs. Bertha S. White conducted the
devotional. Special music was ren
dered by Mrs. Arnold Chappell, Mrs.
Quinton Stallings and Mrs. 'La Salle
Chappell, accompanied at the piano
by Miss Kathleen Byrum.
The PTA observed Founders Day
by presenting a pageant entitled "Our
Child Welfare KainDow." Mrs. liin-
wood Winslow said, "We dedicate this
program to our national founders,
Mrs. Alice McLellan Birney and Mrs.
Phoebe Appsrson Hearst."
At the close of the program a col
lection was taken up to help advance
the work of the North Carolina Par
ent-Teacher Organization.
Thomas Maston, principal of the
school, introduced Bill Sutherland,
Field Director for Boy Scouts ef this
district, who outlined the Cub Scout
program, and stated the Boy Scout
movement is being well received in
this county. He proposed the PTA
sponsor the Cub Scout program. It
was decided the group will make a
decision on "this proposal at the next
Th secretary read a letter of thanks
from W. F. Morgan and family, for
contributions, made by the PTA. to
ward the Headquarters Buildms Fund
as a memorial to Mrs. Morgan, first
president of the Central PTA.
Mrs. Mathews announced a meet
ing of the executive committee will be
held on March 4, to expedite the -fil
ing of reports by the various commit
tees ' 77 : v
Mrs. E. S. White, Mrs. Tom Riddick,
Mrs. Claude Williams, Mrs. J. Van
Roach and Mrs. Nathan Sawyer were
named to the nominating committee
to sleet off icers for next year.
Mrs. Eddie Harrell had. charge of
the recreational program. The sec
ond grade, taught by Mrs. J. A. Wins
low, won the attendance prize.
Mobile X-ray Unit
Here Tnree More Days
Jl mobile X-ray unit,' operated by
the Tuberculosis Control Division or
the State Board of Health, will re
main in Hertford for three more days,
it was announced this morning by the
local Health Department, which, along
with the local TB Seal Sale Commit
tee, is sponsoring the unit in this
county. !7'--: . '77
Mis Audrey Umphlett reported the
unit will be located on the Court
House Green today, Saturday and next
Tuesday, for the convenience' of coun
ty residents desiring to obtain a chest
X-ray while the unit is visiting in
Perquimans. ,
Post Demonstration
Here Well Attended
Some 30-odd farmers braved a cold
wind to observe a fence post treating
and fence construction demonstration,
conducted on Thursday of last week
by John' L, Gray, State College Spec
ialist, and w. T. Ellison, District lac-
tension Forester. ' The demonstration
revealed methods on peeling posts both
by hand and machine, also bow to
split posts with an explosive wedge.
Method for treating post were also
explained. - v-7,-:, 77-'7
H. M. Ellis, an' engineering specia
list,, demonstrated how to brace end
and corner posts in fence eonstruc-
Pat Keegan, local license Examin
er, will attend a Troop Meeting on
Wednesday, at Greenville, and will
not be in Hertford to receive appli
cation far driver" IBcenses until the
following , Wednesday, March 0.
Day Long Session Of
Recorder's Court
Held On Tuesday
Three defendants were bound over
for action of the Grand Jury at the
April term of Superior Court at the
conclusion ' of hearings conducted in
Recorder Court here on Tuesday.
In the first case, Herman Felton.
17 year-old Negro, was charared with
breaking and entering the home of
rreston Nixon on Friday nignt of
last week. During the hearing it
was testified that Mr. Nixon discover
ed a prowler on his property at about
3. A. M., Saturday morning. Sher
iff M. G. Owens was called to the
scene and following an investigation
arrested Felton on the charge. Mr.
Nixon tentatively identified the nrowl-
er and it was on this evidence that
the Sheriff arrested Felton, Felton
denied he was at the Nixon home and
contended it was a case of wrone
identification. At the conclusion of
the hearing Judge Chas. E. Johnson
ruled probable cause and bound the
youth over to Superior Court.
In two other cases, also heard Tues
day, Freddie Lee, Negro and Wil
liam Thomas Jenkins, Negro, were
bound over to Superior Court in con
nection with a number of break-ins
which have occurred in Hertford since
mid-January. Probable cause was
and entering of the stores of Murray
Motor Parts, Grocery Sales Company,
Glenn Mathews, Hertford Motor Com
pany, Hertford Furniture Company
and Western Auto Store, and the at
tempted break-in of Towe Oil Com
pany and M. J. Gregory's. Lee en
tered a plea of guilty to the charge
of breaking an dntering the Western
of breaking and entering the Western
other establishments.
Jenkins, charged with Lee for
breaking and entering all of the
above named places, denied the charg
es, but was bound over to the high
er court on a charge of aiding and
abetting in the breaking and entering
of the Grocery Sales Company. Bond
for Jenkins was set at $500.
Other cases disposed of in the Re
corner's Court included those in which
Lula Guako and John- Alexander en
tered pleas of guilty to charges of
speeding and paid th costs of court.
Richard Brinding paid a fine of
$10 and costs on a charge of speed
ing and Louis Bell was fined $25 and
costs of court on charges of speeding
75 miles per hour.
In the ease in which Roosevelt Har
vey, Negro, was charged with lar
ceny of furniture, the costs were tax
ed against the prosecuting witness,
Elsie Felton.
William Cbb was taxed with the
court costs on charges of passing a
vehicle in an intersection.
Howard Manly, Negro, and Robert
West, charged with reckless driving,
each entered pleas of guilty and each
paid a fine of $25 and costs.
Michael Etheridge, Negro, entered
a plea of guilty to a charge of driv
ing with improper lights and paid the
costs of court v
Charles Sevak was taxed with the
costs of court after pleading guilty
to charges of failure to observe a stop
Jim Bass Candidate
For County Office
Jim Bass, a resident of Hertford,
today announced his candidacy for
the office of Register of Deeds for
Prquimans County, subject to the
Democratic primary to be held on
May 31. V .
Mr. Bass is 36 years old, a native
of the county, having been born In
Bethel township. He Is married to
the former Miss Dorothy Hoffler, and
they have two children, Linda and
Rachael. ' . ,s
Following his graduation from Per
quimans County High School, he
farmed for two years and for the past
18 years he has been employed by
the Winslow Oil Company as a sales
Perquimans Team
Wins F.H. A. Contest
A Perquimans . F F. A. Judging
team won first place in a tool Identi
fication contest held February .14 at
Weeksville, with eight schools' com
peting, it was announced today by
G. C Bock, supervisor of the; local
P. F, A. Chapter. r-S. : -s
A perfect score for the contest was
110. The scores of the Perquimans .'
boys were John HOI, 107; Billy El
liott, 106, and Hazel Enre, 104., This .
total wa three point higher than the
Weeksville team, which finished sec
ond in the contest. Noah Felton and
Quinton Wilson took part in the eon
tost, for the Perquimans team, fcf
practice and experience fat F. F. A

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