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c luir.a XDCNumbsr 17.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, April 25, 1952.
5 Cents Per Copy
' Numerous Fines Taxed
;. Against Defendants
; For Violations
' Business was brisk in Perquimans
Recorder's Court KMs week, after a
recess of one week, with a total of 43
cases listed on the docket,
A ma jority of the defendants, charg
ed with violation of traffic laws, en-
tered pleas 'of guilty and thus short
ened the activity of the court.
Fines of $25 and coats were taxed
against Joseph Spruill, Negro, -and
George IWlnslow on charges of speed
ing. $10 fines and costs were paid
by Roland Hill, Leamon Woodley and
Robert Wentz, each entered pleas of
guilty to speeding- Daniel Beals, Wil-
" liaai Harris, Oscar Stone, George
Thomas and William Colcord paid the
costs of court on charges of speeding-
' ;-"V;;;.:;;v''.,:i.';-'--:-Eight
defendants were charged with
; driving overloaded trucks and each
entered a plea of guilty and paid the
following fines and costs :, , Henry
.- Jackson, $10; George Traf ton, costs;
Larry Alexander, costs; Raleigh
. .White, $10; Thomas Archer, costs;
: Clarence Byrum, $20; Thomas Brough.
ton, $10; Norfleet Brothers, ?10.
' Carroll Baker and Garland Walk
er each paid a fine of $10 and costs
on charges of driving with improper
. mufflers. '
'A Lawrence Wood, Jr., Frank Hassell,
Negro, each were fined $100 and costs
1 on charges of driving -drunk. Each
. entered a plea of guilty. ".
Robert Locke paid the costs of court
on a charge of aiding and abetting in
a drunken driving case.
Theodore Lee, Negro, entered a plea
of guilty to charges of failing to ob
serve a stop sign and driving with in
sufficient brakes. He was (fined $10
" 'and costs. ; rr.i:
Robert Hall was . taxed with the
costs of court on a charge of driving
a the left side of .that highway, A,.
Hilda Applegate entered a plea of
iruilty to passing a car on a curve.
paid WcostrftfuiC
. - . ma a
James Randolph, Negre, was fined
$10 and costs on a charge of drlT-
-ing with insufficient brakes.
Lonnie Sanderlin, Negro, was taxed
with the costs of court on a charge
of transporting tax-paid liquor. i
George Phelps was fined $10 and
costs ox a charge of following a ve-
hide too dosely. .
Lemuel ' Boone, Negro, entered a
plea of guilty to driving without a
V license. . This was a second offense
hearing and he was fined $50 and
costs and given a 60. day suspended
sentence upon condition he not drive
again without a license.
Robert Allen, charged with posses
ion of non-iax-paid liquor, entered
a plea of guilty and paid a fine of
110 and costs.
Stanley Liebner was found guilty
Af reckless driving and speeding and
' failing to observe a stop iSgiL ; He
was timed $25 and costs of court
- Dillerd TUddick was fined $2 and
jcoss oa a charge of being drunk on
the streets of Hertford. , ' Carl Neal,
Negro, charged with a similar offense,
was also fined $2 and coats.
A verdict of not guilty was returned
In the ease in which Rudolph Shan,
von, Negro, 'was charged with tres'
Bobby Elliott was ordered to , pay
the costs on a charge of driving with-'
out a "cense.
Willie Webb, Negro, was fined $10
and costs on a charge of assault.
teiio: Sc!;::I
r::.::3cJ Sillily
Cylfrit Twister
A hih wind, sweeping across the
iielb to t.e west or the Central
Gram-T CJhool at ajbout 2:30 P. M.,
' last FI ,-,7 afternoon, developed into
. light t wter and caused slight dairt
ejes to two classrooms of the school
when it struck t2ie front of the build-
t-r. . . - '
T'-'-trifxA of Schools, J. T.
T"z: t:rl the wind causei
. i ct,..i z cf Ue two rooms to drop
J inches, and some of the ceil
i - was tbrn away completely.
"s in Cie rooms reported the
f il& iZ L s ind. could, be fult a
i j t.r.e ii rajisd into the classroomi
i -ovoh open windows.
'i'e wind, could be seen travellitj
- 3 the .!J3, pickinT n dirt,
ri c'hvr dJuris t.i l is ws
1 i .o t' e buIIJiiig ulstt Ce
1 1' a e.liOol.
"Jut Cer 'Ovlfi
r ' c-- 1 1 h t' 3
TOW Post To Install
Of ficers April 28th
Recently elected, officers for the
Garland H. Ownley Post of the Vet
erans of Foreign Wars will be install'
ed at a meeting of the Post to be held
Monday night, April. 28, it was. re
ported here today. . ' -,r
Incoming officers Cor the Post are
C. Edgar White, commander; Cliff
Banks, senior vice-commander; Hank
Chnstgou, .junior Tice-commander;
Emory White, quartermaster, and Jar
vis Ward, chaplain.
A number of appointive offices and
committee members! ips will be filled
by the new comman ler, following the
installation. ,., , 1 ,
110 1'om'jGrs Choose
District Officers
At Meeting Here
Highlighting the morning session of
the Federation meeting of Home Dem
onstration Club women in -Chowan,
Gates, Pasquotank, Camden', Curri
tuck, Dare and Perquimans counties,
District 25 in Hertford on April 16,
was the address given by Dr. Bessie
McNiel, Head Home Economics De.
partment, at East Carolina College.
Dr. McNiel spoke on "Families, Our
Most Important Resources." Also on
the morning program was a talk by
Miss Ruth Current, State Home
Agent ;'iv;.. ..a::,;';;
The Federation meeting was presid
ed over by Mrs. J. W. Hatstead of
Camden County. Dr. McNiel was in
troduced by Mrs. Edwin White of
Perquimans County. About 425 wo
men registered for the meeting. The
gavel was won by Pasquotank County,
cased on largest percentage of enroll
ment present The devotional was giv
en by Mrs. Hanford Spivey of Sates
County and words of welcome by Mrs,
John Hurdle and Mr. Archie Lane of
Perquimans County. ", , J
The. District Achievement and ac
complishment report was given by
Mrs. Guy Gregory of Camden Coun
ty. Both Chowan and Perquimans
Counties Choruses rendered special
-nusic during the morning session. .
Taking the spotlight during the at
toraonn neriod was . Entertainment bv
Chorus: The
i - . .
District Winner in the: Homemakers
Creed contest was announced by the
Chairman with Mrs. W. W. Bundy of
Perquimans County taking first place.
Portions of this creed will be used
in comnilins a creed td be used in
the Home Demonstration Clubs
throughout the state, v' . ,
Officers for 1952-63 for District
25 were installed by Mrs. Verona J.
Langford, Eastern District Agent
Those taking the oath were Mrs. Wal
lace Goodwin, Chowan, Chairman;
Mrs. J. P, Morgan, Currituck, first
vice-president; Mrs. Fred Mathews,
Perquimans, second vice-president;
Mrs. Carol Jackson, Pasquotank, third
vice-president: Mrs. Hayes Carter,
Gates, fourth vice-chairman; Mrs. Lee
Perry, Dare, secretary, and Mrs. Guy
Gregory, Camden, treasuser. Ushers
for the day were 4-H Club members,
Myrtle Gordan Williams. " Shirley
Eure, Mary F. Euro, Lin a Ruth Proc
tor, and Delma Ann. Hurdle and (La
Claire Winslow. " ''' '
Groun Biniring was led by Mrs. J. D,
Yeates, with Mrs. Fred Mathews, pia
nist, both of Perquimans County,
Student Council
To Elect Officers
The Student Council of Perquimans
High School will hold its annual elec
tion of officers on Thursday, Hay 1.
The campaign speeches will be given
on Wednesday, April 80th, The presi
dent of the Student Council for the
19524953 school year is elected from
the risinr Senior ClasirUie vice-presi
dent is elected, from the rising Junior
CW. and the secretary from the ris
ing Sophomore Class. The oUier of
ficers are elected from the school at
large. The candidates are: '
President Mollie Lu Yeates, Mabel
Martin Whedbee, Billy IChappell;
Vice-president Marshall Winslow,
Tilson Chappeli, Clarence Chappell;
secretary Emily White, Julia Ann
Stokesj Billie Carol Divers; Treasurer
-Marilyn Baker, Faye Butt, Nan El
la White, Suzanne Towe? Kay White
Stanton; Sergeant-at-arma John
Holmes, Pete Mathewej Howard Wil-
bams: Son? Leader uloy Evans. Tom.
my Mathews, Carey Stallings, Kath
erine Nixon, Jonie Lou Lane, Peggy
Stokely; Pianist Una Ruth Proctor,
Jack Phillips, Jean Long, Patricia
Biggers, Cliff Towe, Marian White.
1 Announcement wasmade today that
the benefit card party, planned by the
BPW Club for next week, has been
po"poned because of revival service
i t i" e Hertford HcShodist Church. A
t i fr tf.e party will be announced
L'. r. i
-0.-1C3, A. F.
y r!-vt at
i.i LiW.J to
1 1?"
To Pasters Of Area
Dr.V L. H. Dawson Ac
cepts Call to Virginia
On Monday at 6:30 o'clock the
Hertford Baptist Church entertained
the Pastors of the Chowan Associa
tion and their wives at a fish fry on
the lawn back of the church.'
Visiting ministers and their wives
present were: Eev. and Mrs. Paul
F. Burke., Belcross; Rev. and Mrs. R.
N. Carroll, Edertton; Rev. and Mrs.
Ralph W. Knight, Ballard's Bridge;
Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Finlator, Eliza
beth City; Rev. and Mrs. J. S. John
son, bhiloh; Rev. and Mrs. Lee A.
Phillips, Tyner; Rev. and Mrs. A. H.
Outlaw, Elizabeth City; Rev. and Mrs!
G. M. Singletary, Elizabeth City; Rev.
and Mrs. W. V. Brown, Hobbsvillej
Rev. W. E. Pope, Columbia; Dr. and
Mrs. R. W. Eicklighter, . Elizabeth
City; Rev. Bennie Crawford, Hert
ford; Rev. Caleb W. Goodwin, Jr.,
Corapeake; Rev. and Mrs. R. E. Gor
don, Rocky Hock; Rev. and Mrs. J. H.
Ratledge, Salem; Rev. Horace E.
Jones, Currituck; Rev. 0. S. Edmonds,
Swanquarter and Rev. W. D. Whise
nant, Camden. . ,
Dr. and ; Mrs. L. H. Dawson arid
family were guests of honor, this be
ing the last meeting Dr, Dawson
would attend before going to the Pas
torate of Deep Creek Church in Vir
ginia. ; Rev. W. W. Finlator spoke
in appreciation of the life and work
of Dr. Dawson as he had worked as
Missionary in the Chowan Association
since his coming with us on March 1,
1949. Dr. Dawson responded with fit
ting remarks. ' '' . .
Dr. Dawson has) accepted the Pas
torate of the Deep Creek Church in
Virginia, and will began his work
there May 1. Mrs. Dawson and the
family will remain in Hertford until
school closes. T
Those acting as hostesses in behalf
of the local Baptist Church were: Mrs.
Tom Perry, Mrs.' Robert Elliott, Mrs.
Joe -.Ward and Mrs. Tom Madre. X
Perquimans High School's baseball
team moved a notch nearer the dis
trict championship last Friday after
noon when the Indians triumphed over
Ahoskie by an 8-1 margin.
While the Indians were winning
Gatesville lost a decision to Windsor
which left Perquimans at the top of
the district standing in games won
and lost.
Vernon White did the pitching for
the Indians at Ahoskie and allowed
only three hits while striking out 15
Ahoskie batters. Clyde Lane led the
Indians in batting getting three hits
out of four attempts including a dou
We. rr.
Ahoskie took a 1-0 lead in the first
inning but the Indians moved ahead
with two runs in the second, collected
three -more in the fourth and seventh
for a total of eight runs. Perquim
ans got 14 hits off the Ahoskie pitch
er, and committed two errors.
On Tuesday afternoon of this week
the Indians played a return game
with . Windsor and won by a 6-0 score.
Vernon White, pitched for the Indians
and was in fine form, allowing only
one hit in the seven inning contest.
He struck out 13 Windsor batters and
gave no bases on balls.
Clyde Stallings and A. L. Lane
led Ate Indians on the offensive, each
getting two hits. The Indians scor
ed two runs in the fifth inning and
four more m the sixth.
The Indians will play Ahoskie here
Friday afternoon in the final game
of the conference and a victory will
assure the local team of moving up
to the district play-offs in the State
Elimination Play-offs. -
Miss Nellie Fields
Weds Nelson Oberst
' Miss - Nellie Fields, of Hertford,
Indians I op nnosKie
In Conference Game
Fla.,; were married Saturday, April,"1 char?e : , arrangements,
19, at 7 o'clock in the evening, at the
Methodist Parsonage in Hertford. The
Rev;. A. L. Chaplin, pastor, perform
ed the double ring ceremony. Only
the family and a few intimate friends
were present 'Vv-Vs.
"(The bride, who ' was unattended,
wore a wool gabardine suit of plum,
with natural accessories, and an or
chid corsage. - - ' '
The couple left immediately after
the ceremony for a "short motor trip.
Mrs.. Oberst is the daughter of Mrs.
G. E. Fields and the late Mr. Fields
of Hertford. 'She is, employed as sec
retary - to the' Superintendent of
Schools of Perquimans County.
Mr. Oberst is. the eon of Mr. and
MrK C. A. Cberst- of Berwick, Pa.,
and is in business in Florida.
Legion Post Win
Compile Roster Of
Duried Veterans
Election of Officers Is
Planned For Meeting
Thursday, May 1
The Wm. Paul Stallings Post of the
American Legion will meet next
Thursday night, May 1, at 8 P. M.,
at the Agriculture Building in Hert
ford and a number of important
matters will be handled in the meet
ing. ...
A nominating committee, composed
of C. F. Sumner, F. T. Johnson and
C. C. Banks will name their slate of
officers for the Post for the coming
election, and the election of officers
will follow this report.
Action will also be taken on the
Post plans to conduct a continuing
survey of cemeteries to make a com
plets list of veterans of the two
World Wars and the Korean War
buried in them.
Post Commander B. C. Berry stated
the Graves Registration Committee
has done some work on this survey
but the list is incomplete and it is
destined that a complete list of all
veterans may be secured through the
working efforts of all members of
the Post
The project will be one of the most
ambitious undertaken by a veterans'
organization here and the plan in
cludes maintaining the records after
securement. The post desired to ob
tain the name of the veteran, his ser
ial number, address and name of next
of kin, date of birth, date of death,
branch of service, rank, dates of en
listment and discharge.
One copy of the record will be kept
in the files of the local Post and a
copy will be forwarded to the State
Department of the American Legion
at Raleigh.
The aim of the project, according to
Mr. Berry, is to have an American
Flag flying over the grave of every
veteran of World War I and II and
the Korean War on Memorial Day and
other appropriate days during the
1 Auit a vov wit! utg KijrciL nooiQUUiw
... .1 . I. . 1 .
wipn tne project , py memoers oi tne
American Legion Auktfia.
PCHS Juniors Host
The Junior Class of Perquimans
High School entertained the Senior
Class, the faculty members, and a
number of guests at their annual Junior-Senior
banquet and dance held in
the ballroom of the Virginia Dare
Hotel in Elizabeth City.
- The ballroom was attractively decor
ated in green and yellow. A Hawai
ian theme was carried out in the dec
orations with Hawaiian leia used as
The program for the banquet open
ed with the invocation by J. T. Big
gers, superintendent of the Perquim
ans County Schools. Billy Chappell,
president of the Junior Class, gave
the welcoming address. Wilma Good
win, a member of the Senior Class,
gave the response. Mollie Lu Yeates,
secretary of the Junior Class, irave
the toast ' to the .Seniors and Walter
Humphlett, president of the Senior
Class, . responded. Marilyn Baker.
treasurer of the Junior Class, gave
a toast to the teachers and E. C.
Woodard, principal of the high school,
responded. Mabel Martin Whedbee,
Junior Class vice-president, closed the
program with a poem, "Isle of Golden
A vocal number, '1Blue Hawaii" was
given by Miss Janice Yagel, who was
accompanied at the piano by Miss
Ruth Dawson.
The menu included tomato Juice,
turkey, dressing, creamed . potatoes,
may peas, butter and rolls, jsrtrawber-
ry shortcake and iced tea.
At the conclusion of the banquet
a dance was held in the ballroom with
music Provided bv Freddie Bvmm and
his orchestrsTfrom Edenton.
' Miss Louise Hines and Mrs. Joann
Stallings, Junior Class sponsors, were
Belvidere Ruritans
Hear Forestry Talk .
Members of the Ruritan Club of
Belvidere heard, an interesting dis
cussion on the protection and de
velopment of forests at their meet
ing held on Thursday night of last
week. ' -i-'. .
V J. W. Nowell, county forest warden,
and the District Warden, of Elizabeth
City, were speakers on the program.
The State Forestry project was out
lined by . the speakers and figures
given for results achieved since the
program was adopted several years
To Seniors At Party
Eighteen Candidates
Board Of Elections
Music Groups To Give
Concert Friday Night
The Perquimans County High
School Band and Glee Club will pre
sent its annual concert ort Friday
night, April 25, in the school audi
torium, beginning at eight o'clock.
This will be the first public ap
pearance of Ithe band in its new uni
forms, purchased through sponsorship
(A the Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Directors for theconcert are Mrs.
Charles E. Johnson, Glee Club; and
R. C. David, Band Director.
A splendid musical program has
been arranged for the event and the
public is invited to attend. No ad
mission will be charged.
Central Grammar
PTA Meeting Held
On Monday Night
The Parent-Teacher Association of
the Central Grammar School met on
Monday evening. The meeting was
opened with the group singing "On
ward Christian Soldiers," followed by
a devotional given by Mrs.
Perry Asbell. Two musical selections
were rendered by Mrs. Charles John
son, accompanied at the piano by
Mrs. Ralph White. Members from
the sixth and seventh grades sang two
numbers and were accompanied at the
piano by Mrs. Charles Johnson. A read
ing, "Young America Be Strong," was
given by Mrs. Elijah White.
After the reading of the minutes,
Mrs. E. S. White, Chairman of the
Nominating Committee, announced
that Mrs. Naomi McDonald will be
vice-president for the coming year,
instead of Mrs. John Hurdle.
A letter from Mrs. Miriam Mor-
can Huirhes. daughter of Mrs. W. F
Morgan, was read. In this letter Mrs.
TT 1. , l " .1 .
nugucs expressed ner appreciation
and gratitude to the association for
Sending its contribution to the Nat
ional Headquarters Building Fund,
as a memorial to her mother.
The PTA approved a donation of
$5.00 to the County cancer drive.
Mrs. Mathews, president, announced
that the Publicity and Procedure
Book, compiled, by Mrs. Joseph Wins
low, will be on display in the hall at
the next meeting. This book contains
an account of , a activities of the
PTA for the past year.
Mrs. Jack Benton, program chair
man, announced that the Old Neck
White Hat community will have
charge of the May program with Mrs.
Claud Williams as chairman, assisted
by Mrs. Freeman Umphlett and Mrs.
FJoyd Mathews. A picnic supper will
precede the evening's program.
: The recreational period was in
charge of Mrs. Eddie Harrell.
The attendance prize was won by
the seventh grade.
Negro HI) Clubs Plan
Week Of Observance
National Home Demonstration Week
will be observed by the Negro Home
Demonstration Clubs of the county
the week of April 27-May 3, it was re
ported today by Mrs. M. B. Taylor,
Negro Home Agent A varied pro
gram emphasizing the purposes of
the club work will be presented dur
ing the week with 10 clubs and their
368 members taking part
Three community meetings are
planned for the week with members
being urged to attend. The meet
ings will open with a Church Ser
vice at the First Baptist Church,
Hertford at 3 P. M., April 27. Rev.
W. J, Thompson, will be the guest
speaker. A second meeting will be
held April 29 at 7:30 at Pools Grove
and an adult banquet will be held at
Bay Branch Community Building at
7 P. M., on May 2.
Father Of Pastor
Dies At Columbia .
Leroy R. Chaplin, 7, father of the
Rev. A. L. Chaplin of Hertford, died
at the Columbia Hospital Tuesday
morning. Funeral services were con
ducted Wednesday afternoon at Sound
side Baptist Church, by the Rev. W.
E. Pope, assisted by Rev. J. W. Al-
ford and Rev. Earl Meekins. '
Mr. Chaplin was a native of Tyrrell
County and a member of the Baptist
unurcn. r v.- .:--(
- Surviving .besides his wife, Sadie
Lois Chaplin; are four sons, the Rev.
A. L. Chaplin, of Hertford; Dr. S. &
Chaplin, H. L. and a R. Chaplin, all
of Columbia; four daughters, Mrs.
Herbert Buck, of Greenville, Mrs.
Rommie Baternan, Mrs. . IWinfred
Brickhouse and Mrs. Edward Davis, all
of Columbia. .Route 2: 13 srrandchil-
dren and 10 great-grandchildren. .
File Names With
For County Offices
Only Two Contests De
velop For Primary
Set For May 31st
Only two county offices will be at
stake in the Democratic primary to be
held on May 31, it was revealed here
Monday when W. F. Ainsley, chair
man of the County Board of Elec
tions, announced a total of 18 candi
dates had filed for the offices to be
filled in this year's election.
The two local contests will be for
the office of Register of Deeds and
Commissioner of New Hope township.
Six candidates are seeking the nomi
nation as Register of Deeds, these be
ing Julian Powell, Ervin Turner, C. C.
Banks, Jim Bass, George Jackson and
Edgar Morris.
Elmer Banks and Robert Spivey are
the candidates seeking the nomina
tion as Commissioner from New Hope.
A district . contest will also be de
cided by the voters, that being the
nomination of two State Senators for
the First District. Four men, J.
William Copeland, A. P. Godwin, Jr.,
Everet Burgess and Webb Williams
are seeking the nominations.
With last Saturday the deadline
for filing, Mr. Ainsley reported 18
persons had entered their names in
the primary election. Ten of these
candidates are without opposition and
will be declared the Democratic nomi-
nee for the offices. Seeking re-elec
tion and being without opposition are
County Commissioners A. T. Lane,
William C. Chappell and E. B. Hollo
well; Representative C. R. Holmes,
Treasurer Max R. Campbell, Record
er's Judge, Chas. E. Johnson, members
of the Board of Education, George
Caddy, Delvin Eure and S. M. Long.
Warner Madre, seeking the office
of Commissioner from Bethel town
ship, left vacant by the retirement
of Roy S. Chappell, is also without
opposition and will be declared the
Registration books, for the primary.
will be open next Saturday, according
to Mr. Ainsley, and will remain open
'or fou.r weeks for individuals desiring
f vAOnafav ?mt nwimnw. Damn
to register for the primary. Reaa's-
trars will be at the six polling places
in the county on April 26, May 3, 10,
and" 17th and challenge day Will he ob
served on May 24.
Pnurf llnshlo Tn
Complete Docket
Before Adjournment
ine spring term oi rerquimans
County Superior Court adjourned here
last Friday afternoon without com
pleting its calendar of criminal and
civil cases. Court officials foroaw
there was insufficient time for hear
ing of all 34 cases listed on the crim
inal docket and six of these cases
were continued to fte next term of
court. Only one civil action, a divorce
case, was tried during the term, all
other cases were continued.
Cases tried on Thursday of last
week included 10 in which Freddie
Lee, youthful Negro, was charged
with breaking and entering and lar
ceny. Lee was convicted of similar -charges
on Wednesday, in one case,
and he entered a plea of guilty to the
10 counts. Judge Williams sentenced
the youth to not less than 7 or more
than 10 years for breaking into Div
er's Jewelry. He received sentences
of 3 to 5 yeais on all other counts,
and the judgment read he is to serve
one 3 to 5 years sentence before be
ginning the 7 to 10 years sentence.
Judgment was continued in four of
the cases, to be passed upon at a later
term of court and judgment was sus
pended in five of the cases pending
good behavior for five yeans after
his release from prison. The judge
explained the complicated judgment
by state the youth will serve some
15 years in prison.
A mistrial was declared in the case
in which Charlie Dail was charged
with driving drunk.
A verdict of not guilty was return
ed in the case in which William Jen
kins was charged with breaking and
Elva Lee and Alexander McDonald,
Negroes, charged with aiding Freddie
Lee to escape jail, entered pleas of
nolo , contendre. They were ordered
to pay the costs of court and placed
on probation for a period of two years.
William Knight, Negro, charged
with carnal knowledge was found
guilty of forcible trespass .He was
ordered to pay $75 to MaWtie John
son, costs of court and be of good be
havior for a period of three years.
- 'A Jury returned a verdict of guilty
of involuntary manslaughter in the .
case of Isaac iRiddick, Negro, and rec
ommended mercy. The court sentenced
Riddkk to prison for 8 to 5 years,
suspending the sentence upon pay
ment of a fine of $350 and costs of
court and placed Rid dick on probation
for five years.' (..,',;-,

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