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XIX. Number 18.
Hertford, Berquimaii8 County, North Carolina, Friday, May 2, 1952.
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i . . -. i
Program Part Of An-
' ' nual Observance Of
i National HDC Week
. fi" The annual dinner foV the County
v Commissioners was given by the
. Home Demonstration County Council
' on .Tuesday - night April 29 at the
" Agricultural aiding . - . V " :
Those enjoying the baked 'chicken
' . dinner were County Commissioners
and their -wives, county council offi
- cers, and County Representative C.
R. Holmes and Mrs. Holmes, Exten
sion workers and their husbands or
wives, and Mrs. Eddie Harrell, who
waa speaker, for the evening.
A short program was presided over
by Mrs. John Hurdle, County Council
President, who welcomed the guests.
Mr. Archie Lane, Chairman of Coun
ty Commissioners," responded to the
weteome.'v . :'' -";::V , . -
Mrs. Eddie Harrell, County Educa
' tional Chairman, spoke on 'IWhat
, Home Demonstration Work Means to
.. Me as a Homemaker and a Citizen."
She pointed out such home demon
, . stration projects as music, home man
.' agement, citizenship, and the food and
nutrition program were playing an
important part in the advancement
of living ? of the farm families! of
America;- . She closed with saying, "I
can not help but feel a deep sense
of pride in being a club member."
The Home Demonstration County
' Chorus closed the program by ren
dering three selections.
The dinner was one of the programs
being conducted by the local.. Home
Demonstration Clubs in observance
of National Home Demonstration Club
Week. " . .
Si young" men -of -Guatemala
- i are stn(iyinff swilL-operations ? at
J the First Factories of tie World, At
Harvey Point ander the. supervision Kf
r - the Hervey Foundation, were, guests
1 . of the Hertford Rotary Club at its
. meeting Tuesday irfght at the Hotel
The youths, Jorge Aguilar, Oscar
HurtarW, Rene Fajardo, Jaime Gar
cia C Ricardo Pellecer and Jorge Vel-
' aqulz, . have been in Western North
Carolina for" the past six weeks, ob
serving and learning, the cutting of
mountain hardwoods, similar to trees
of their native land. .They will re
main at Harvey Point for the next
six weeks observing and learning op-
- eration of sawmill machinery. ' ;
$ The group rendered a number of
Latin American musical selections for
the pleasure of the local Rotarians.
Charles Henc, president-elect of fhe
club,' reported on the annual District
, Rotary Conference, held in Burling-,
"ton, last week. He told the club
members the work carried on during
, . the conference and of the highly en
tertaining program presented to the
Rotarians and their wives who attend:
1 ed the conference. Mr. Henc ser
ved on the sergeant-at-arms commit
tee of the conference.
' Light Docket In ,
Recorders Court
A li rift docket consistifrir of' eight
i cases, was disposed- of by &e Per
quimans Recorder's Court in session
here last Tuesday.
Entering a plea i of. guilty ; to a
charge of Speeding, Charles Stern, Jr.,
paid the costs of count--"
("Jpaeph Lane, charged with reck
iZJ driving, entered a plea of guilty
and paid the costs of court.
A verdict of not guilty was return
' v ed in the case in which James Over
, . ton, Negro, was charged with assault
- and trespass.- u. . v
Costs of court were taxed against
Kary Harris in the case in which
James SimpsonNegro, waa charged
with assault.;;,,;
Luke Bowser, Negro, was found
' guilty of a charge of assault He was
ordered to pay a fine' of $10 and costs
of court . " . - - 1
James Felton, Negro, was fined f2
and costs of court on a charge of
? a ;Iig drunk on the streets of Hert
i. '
Luther Harrell j paid the costs of
f --art on a charge cf driving an ov
loaJad truck. 1. entered a plea of
iKichard Spruill, charged with fol
lowing t a vehicle too cLsly, failed
to appear to answer ,the charge. He
was oriared held on a bond of $50.
: .:z:tt
7 . Cor.,s of T.a-
Heads HD Program
( Miss Ruth Current, above, heads'
up home demonstration club work
in North Carolina as State home
agent for the State College Ex
tension Service. Club members in
the Tar Heel State are joining
others throughout the nation in
observing the- seventh annual
Home Demonstration Week, April
',27-May S.
School Honor Roll
Lists 82 Students
The honor roll for Perauimans Hisrh
School, for the fifth grading period,
which closed last Friday, was released
this week by E. C. Woodard, principal
of, the school. . A total of 82 students
were listed as winning scholastic hon
ors during the period.
The honor .students, by - classes,
Eighth Grade Corbin Cherry. Bob
by Olfatthews, Cliff Towe, Nancy Bag-
ley, Marjone JBnnn, Willie Mae Dail,
Alice Dawson. Barbara Russell. Jan
ice StallingB,Ann White, Lois Vtolet
wmsiowi Jo fit stoKes, routine
Woodl Judy Winslow, Jimmy Cope
wnace Baker,; wuham Byram,
Mi - :"WOi viiuiiu jk wb. virarics
Vvard, J,j Long,-Ivy JRussell,. Sarah
sutiton, iiBJUiaire - winslow. : y
Ninth Grade (Ray Lane, Charles
Smith, Alice Jean Jackson, Lois Kir-
by, Emily;Whrte. Joseph Butt Joseph
Layden, Patricia Biggers, ' Joanna
Williford. Peggy Harrell. Anne Burke
Chappell, Barbara Edwards, Evelyn
Ann Stanton, Sue Perry White, Wil
liam Elliott, Billie Carol Divers, Mary
Frances Eure, Joan Madre, Julia Ann
Stokes, Celia Margaret? White.
Tenth Grade John Morris, Clarence,
Chappell, Marshall Winslow, Jean
Butt, Ann Stallings, Tilson Chappell,
Hudson Fisher, Mattie Morse, Louise
Chappell," Frances Sutton, Leo Dail.
Eleventh Grade Marilyn ' (Baker,
Nina Chiippell, Audrey Lane, Nettie
Lee Long, Carolyn Mathews, Nan El
la White, Faye Butt, Alice Proctor,
Billy : Chappell, Mollie - Lu Yeates,
Mable Martin Whedbee, Glenda Lane,
Janie Winslow.
Twelfth Grade Julia Ann Bundy,
Pauline Burbage, Marguerite Butler,
Nellie , Carlwright, Earlene Chappell,
Ann Godfrey, Irene Hunter! Amy Van
Roach,' r Manraret . Symons, Martha
Thatch. Marvina WMte, Gertrude El
liott, Tommy Sumner, Fritz Wulf and
Geraldine Winslow. .
Registration Dooks
To Ci Saturfey
Registration books for the primary-
election May si,' will open Satur
day, according to W. F. Ainsley,
chairman of the County Board of
Elections. . Registrars will sit at the
polling places in each precinct for the
convenience of voters who wish to
register for the primary, f
: Mr Aineley stated individuals al
ready on the books need, not register
, again in order to be eligible to vote,
out ii a voter nas movea zrora one
township to another he should change
hit . registration to the ; township
in which he now resides., .
Nothin- Official J
On Runscrs Of Base
Rumors circulating around Hertford
last week-end concerning the re -opening
and the possible sale of the Har
vey Point Naval Base were- strictly
unofficial, according to a statement
by Mayor V., N. Darden, who reported
that the Town of Hertford, which
leases the, base from the Naval De
partment, ha received no word- con
cerning any activity at the base. '
One report circulating here was to
tv t"''t t-t tv-e bar is, to be re
r ' ' r i ' ;r s th-t the
' 1 f ? 7 Ce Navy
IK ... i J.
"to i- t-
vera j
Honor Students Named
For Activities End
ing School .Year
With commencement at Perquimans
High School scheduled for May 28,
plans are now being formulated by the
school authorities and students for the
activities of the closing of the pres
ent sehool term. ,
E. C. Woodard, . principal of the
school, announced today Tommy Sum
ner will be the Valedictorian for the
1952 graduating class and ' Pauline
Burbage will be Salutatorian. '
Marshals, who will serve as ushers
at the Baccalaureate services, class
night and commencement will be Faye
Butt, Chief Marshal, the students with
the highest grades in the Junior
Class. Mollie Lu Yeates and Mabel
Martin Whedbee., 11th grade: Tilson
happen and John Morns, loth grale;
Peggy Harrell and Mary Frances
Eure, 0th grade; Judith Winslow and
Marjone cnnn, eth grade.
Plans Tor the closing activities are
as yet incomplete, but it hag been an
nounced the closing exercises will be
somewhat different this year than in
the past Instead of a guest speaker
giving the commencement address the
members of the graduating class will
present the program for the evening.
Approximately 50 students are in
cluded in the 1952 graduating class
but the names of the students will hot
be available until a later date.
Baccalaureate services will be held
on Sunday, May 25, with the Rev. A.
L. Chaplin, pastor of the Hertford
Methodist Church, delivering the ser
mon. Class night will be held at the
high school on Tuesday night, May 27.
Plan Selection Of
County PotatoDussn
At State; Theatre
Selection of a Perquimans County
girl, to compete for the title of Queen
of the Potato Festival to-be held in
Elizabeth' City on May 31, will be
made at the State Theatre on Mon
day night, May 12, it was announced
today by L. B. Gibbs, manager of the
theatre. - " ', . .
Contestants entered in the 'county
'contest are Nellie Cartwright, Irene
Hunter, Earlene Chappell, Margaret
Symons, Kay White Stanton. Mar-
jorie Winslow, Ruth Dawson, Sallie
Overton, Kathleen Hurdle, Janice
Yagel, Frances Bennett, Suzanne
Towe.Bettie Davis, Marion Elliott,
Bettie Ann Mathews, Frances Sut
ton, Mary lee Miller, Annette Park
er; Barbara Lee Sawyer, Evelyn Ann
Stanton and Louise Jordan, v
' The winner of the local contest
will compete against other county
winners for the title of queen, at the
Carolina Theatre on May 23 and the
festival will be held on May 31. Each
girl taking part in the local contest
will be issued a week's pass to the
State Theatre, the winner will receive
a three months' pass and second and
third place winners will receive a pass
to .the theatre good for one month.
In addition to other : awards, the
girls selected as Queen for the festival
will Teceive a week's free vacation at
the' Hotel Nags Header.
Revival Is Announced
, For Bethany Church
.; Summer evangelistic services at
Bethany Methodist Church in the Bel
videre community will begin Sunday
night, August 31 and close on the fol
lowing Sunday night, September 7, ac
ording to the pastor, the Rev. R. M.
Gradelew. .f(;.,a.;.'.;.' ; f
The, congregation Is looking for
ward with a particular interest in the
services, for the guest evangelist, the
Rev. 'Marvin Jolliff of Gatesville is a
native of the community and started
out in the ministry from this church.
Mr. Jolliff superannuated at the last
session of the North Carolina Annual
Methodist Conference after 28 years
of active service. "
Annual Concert'
Presented Friday
' Much praise was expressed over
the progress of the Perquimans High
School Band and Glee Club, follow
in; the annual concert, presented by
the two musical groups, at the school
auditorium last Friday, night.
' . The Glee- Club, which rendered a
number of favorite selections, was un
der the direction of Mrs. Charles E.
Johnson, and the band, whch featur
ed several popular numbers as well
as some marches, waa directed by
r'r.d c. r-'-'d.
A 1 , ) i r of F"lrona of the
i It i M scor-vt
For District Hag
In Dasclid Series
Play-off Games With
Farm Life Start On
Thursday Night
For the second straight year the
Perquimans Indians baseball team,
representing Perquimans High School,
has won the sub-district state elimina
tion championship. The Indians de
feated Ahoskie last Friday afternoon
by a score of 8-6 to sew up the title
for this area. , ;
Playing against Windsor, Ahoskie
and Gatesville for the district cham
pionship the Indians lost one game
to Gatesville, and defeated Windsor
and Ahoskie twice.
The Indians got off to a bad start
in the game last Friday, allowing
Ahoskie four runs in the first inning,
but the locals collected two runs and
trailed 5-2 until the last of the fourth
when the Ahoskie pitcher walked four
men and the Indians collected three
hits to score five runs. From then
on it was Perquimans' bail game. '
Vernon White relieved Benton as
pitcher of Perquimans in the first
inning. He struck out eight batters,
gave up six hits and walked three bat
ters. Two Ahoskie pitchers gave up
six hits, ten walks and struck out
seven Indian batters.
As winners of the sub-district the
Indians will play Farm Life, of Mar
tin County for the district champion
ship, with the first game of the series
scheduled to be played on Memorial
Field in Hertford on Thursday night
of this week, beginning at eight
o'clock. The second game, of the two-out-of-three
contest, will be played at
Farm Life on Friday afternoon.
The . winner of this play-off will
move .up for contests next week with
the winner of another district for the
eastern district championship.
Qar Association
Court Procedure
The Perquimans County Bar Asso
ciation, in a meeting held here Tues
day morning, passed a resolution to be
presented to the Solicitor of this dis
trict requesting a calendar be drawn
for future terms of criminal courts
in this county.';-'
The procedure, if adopted, will pro
vide for the setting of criminal cases
to be heard on certain days of the
court term, and will add much to the
convenience for witnesses in the cases
scheduled for hearing. At present
witnesses in all cases scheduled for
hearings must come to court on the
opening day, and remain until dismiss
ed by the court. Under a calendar
system a witness need not come to
court until the date set for the case
in which the witness is to be used.
. It was the opinion of the members
of the local Bar a calendar system
for criminal cases in the local court
will save much time for many witness
es, who might otherwise spend two
or three days sitting in the Court
room waiting to be called to testify.
The Association also adopted a plan
whereby all offices of county attorneys
will be closed on Saturday afternoon
throughout the year. The Saturday
closings will become effective im
mediately. Local . Store Changed
Ownership Last Week
"Announcement was made here on
Thursday of last week of a change
in ownership of the Western Auto
Associate Store. B. J. Holleman, Jr.,
who has owned and operated the
store since it was founded here sold
his interests to L. B. Cobb. , v
Mr. Cobb has assumed active man
agership of the store and will make
his home in Hertford. ,
Store Observing
38th Anniversary
The month of May will be anniver
sary month at uhe W. M. Morgan
Furniture Store, according to W, M.
Morgan, who stated the business is
observing its 88th anniversary start
ing today. ... u,. . ,
As has been the custom for yean
the store is holding an anniversary
sale during the entire month in cele
bration of Its founding. .
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall White, Rt
1, Hertford, NrC, announce the birth
of a daughter, Wanda Ann, born Man
day, AprI 14 at Chowan Hospital. -
Seeks Change in
County TGCCfisrs' List
Committees Approved DyDozrd On Ved
Legion Postpones 1
Meeting To Friday
The meeting of the Wm. Paul StaK
lings Post of the American Legion,
planned for Thursday night of this
week, has been postponed until Fri
day night, May 2, it was announced
toaay oy c. u. oerry, tost lUommand-
er. :.-
Mr. Berry reminded members of the
Post that this meeting is one of im
portance and urges all members to
attend. Officers will be elected and
work will be planned for the compiling
of a registry of graves of all veterans
for World Wars I, II and the Korean
A Federal Judge, on Tuesday, ruled
President Truman had no authority
to seize the steel mills of this nation,
and ordered the industry retumsd
to its owners. Following the ruling
Union officials called for an immedi
ate strike in the industry. Reports
from Washington state ihe Govern
ment will try for a favorable ruling
from a higher court, in an effort to
keep the steel industry in production.
An embargo was placed on steel,
pending settlement, which will freeze
shipment of steel to all but small
The political tempo around Raleigh
is being stepped up as the present
gubernatorial campaign gets into high
gear. Governor W. Kerr Scott this
week assailed a number of his ap
pointee office holders, 'charging they
are hindering the completion of his
"go forward" program. Other reports
state the reason for the "attacks" is
because these office holders are sup
porting William B, Ujnstead fo? the
office. . . 'V
Ane bandit, amed withwd'gunsl
held up a Aank at Angier, near Ra
leigh on Tuesday and escaped with
144,500. The robbery occurred dur
ing mid-rooming, with the bandit es
caping jn a late-model car. A road
block, thrown up by the State Patrol
failed to produce any trace of the rob
ber.. A French airliner, flying over Ber
lin this week, was fired upon by a
Russian fighter plane. Four passen
gers in the airliner were wounded.
Allied authorities in Germany pro
tested the incident and demanded dam
ages from the Russians. Russian au-.
thorities countered the claim by stat
ing, the airliner was flying outside
its proper zone.
Washington has announced that
General Matthew B. Ridgway will suc
ceed General D wight Eisenhower as
commander of NATO. Ridgway has
been commander of UN forces . in
Korea since last fall. The change in
command is effective June 1, when
General Eisenhower leaves his post in
Paris to come home. '
CI Holmes Speaker
The Perquimans Business and Pro
fessional Women's Club held its reg
ular dinner meeting at Hotel Hertford
Friday night, April 25, with the Legis
lation Committee in charge.
The meeting opened with the club
collect repeated in unison. The presi
dent, Miss Hulda Wood, presided over
the brief business session when plans
were made for the benefit card party
to be, held at Hotel Hertford Thurs
day night, May 15, when bridge and
rook will be played. :
MJss. Wood introduced the speaker
for the evening, Representatiae C. R.
Holmes, who gave an interesting and
informative resume of the procedures
in the State Legislature.' He explain
ed how a Bill is passed; stressed tax
es and how it affected, the Finance
and Appropriations Committees. He
urged each member to vote in all elec
tions, city, county, state and national
asas it is a privilege and to help pre
serve our liberty. '
; Mrs. .Emily T. HarreH won the at
tendance prize. . v ; , .
Those present were the following
guests: ' Mr.: Holmes, Mrs. Holmes,
Mrs. Howard Hunter and Mrs. E. S.
Pierce and "the following members:
Miss Wood, Miss Wilson,' Mrs. Har
rell, Miss Thelma Elliott; Miss Kate
Blanchard, Viola A. Nachman, Eva
James Dozier, Nettie Lee Caravello,
Essie Burbage, Alice M. Towe, Dora
T. Riddick, Claire H. Murray, Pickett
A. Sumner, Sallie M. Lane, Grace
Coston, Roxanna C. Jackson and Mar
garet W. Bagley.
Recommended By
Resignations Accepted
From Severel Mem
bers Of Faculty
Members ' of the Perquimans County
Board of Education met here last
Wednesday afternoon, and passed upon
recommendation of the various school
committees regarding the election of
teachers in the county schools for the
1952-53 term.
The Board has received two resig
nations from members of the faculty
at the Perquimans High School. Those
of : Richard C. David, band director,
and Mrs. Zelma Dawson, 8th grade
Another position at the high school
will be open due to the retirement
of G. C. Buck, as teacher of agri
culture. Mr. Buck reached the age ot
retirement during the past school
year, and under the law will be re
placed next term.
Upon the recommendations of the
school committees the following teach
ers were approved for re-election to
their present positions:
Perquimans County High School
E. C. Woodard, principal, Miss Lou
ise Hines, Mrs. Joanne Stallings, Mrs.
Anne E. Jessup, Mrs. Hannah F.
Holmes, Elbert Fearing, Herman H.
Gurkin, Mrs. Lois A. Stokes, Mrs.
Anmebelle Whitley, Mrs. Anne A.
Perquimans Central Grammar School
Thomas Maston, principal, Mrs. Ber
tha C. Lane, Mrs. Lucille L. White,
Miss Margaret White, Miss Johnnie
White, Mrs. Lessie L. Winslow, Miss
Fearle White, Mrs. Lula B. Lamb,
Mrs. Ruth H. Burden, Mrs. Annie
P. Asbell, Mrs. Myrtle O. Wood.
Hertford Grammar School
Miss Thelma Elliott, principal, Mrs.
Grace M. Coston, Miss Mary Sumner,
Mrs, Mary E. Walters, Mrs. Inez O.
White, Miss Mildred W. Reed, Mrs.
Ruth E. Winslow, Mrs. T. C. Chap
pell, Miss Dorcas Knowles.
Perquimans Training School
Richard L. Kingsbury, principal.
Jessica H. Winslow, Johnsie L. Privr
ott, Walter" W.Privott,. Dorothy -N.
Thomas; MabMW.-Strowd, James- .
Woods, Lena G. Wilson, King A. Wil- ,
liams, Vyvian J. Harris, Jennie S.
Thompson, Addie M. Hoffler, Annie S.
Simons, Mary E5 Newby,J Harriett
L. Winslow, Martha E. Blanchard,
Rosa E. Newby, Mary E. James,
Idonia Rogerson, George N. Reid, Ed
na S. Zachary, Henry E. Daughtery,
Myrtle S. Felton, Penelope E. Bem-
bry, Willie Y. Williams, Nolle M.
' Hertford Colored School
Legrande Summersett, principal,
Hazel O. BeamanL Geraldine B. Lowe,
Cleo Z. Felton, Eliza S. W. Perry,
Alma N. Kingsbury, Minnie L. Felton,
Wealthia C. Mardre, Walter J.
Thompson, Dorothy H. Newby, Annie
F. Nixon, Dewey Newby, Nellie Hol-
Umstead Managers
Named For County
J. W. Ward and Robert L. Hollo
well will manage the gubernatorial
campaign of William B. Umstead in
Perquimans County according to an
announcement made Wednesday by
Mr. Umstead's headquarters in Ra
leigh. r
The two men are well known
throughout the county, Mr. Ward be
ing- Register of Deeds and Mr. Hollo
well is a prominent business man.
Mr. Hollowell is a graduate of Duke
University. He served in the Navy
during World War II, as lieutenant
commander; and has been engaged in
business here since 1946. Mr. Ward,
who is retiring as Register of Deeds,
has held that office for 19 years.
He is a former merchant and farmer..-
v- .
They will be assisted in the cam
paign work by a county committee
now being organized: the names of the
committeemen will be announced upon
completion of the organization.
Legion Auxiliary .
To Elect Officers
The Auxiliary , of the Wm. Paul
Stallings Post of the American Legion
will meet Friday night at 8 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. F. T. Johnson.
All members are urged to be present.
New officers for the auxiliary will be
elected at this meeting.
Musical Playlet At.
Chowan High School
The piano students of Chowan High
School will present a musical playlet,
"A Little Bit of Holland," under the
direction of . Mrs, R Ralph White,
Thursday evening, May 8. at 8 o'clock
at Chowan High School.-
The public is cordially invited to

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