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olume XIX.-Number 19. .
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina; Friday, May 9, 1952.
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l;;iis To PJsy Vost Edgecomba For
strict Honors In State Play-Off ,
. Local. Outfit Defeats
v Farm Life In Three
;- Game Series
?The Perquimans Indians advanced
- into the district play-offs for the
State baseball championship, during
the past week, by winning two of
three games from Farm life 'High
School, v
Vernon White, stellar left-handed
pitching ace for the- Indians, receiv
ed credit as winning .pitcher; in .the
two games. Farm life edged out
Perquimans 32 in a game pitched by
: Benton. "'-y-'',". i' yy-V' yyy
The district play-off which opens
.! here Thursday night with the Indians
playing West Edgecombe, will be
' two best out of three contests with
r the winner moving Up to the regional
play-offs.. ;,
- (Perquimans and West Edgecombe
competed for the district honors last
' year when West Edgecombe won the
honors by taking two games.
iCoach Eflie Fearing's Indians, with
fine, season record, won the Group
1 championship defeating Farm life
here last Thursday by a score of 8-0,
, then losing on Friday by a close mar
. gin of 3-2, and winning the deciding
game Monday by a 9-2 count.
Perquimans had an easy time in the
' first gam?. ; White struck out 20
Farm life batters and allowed only
' one hit in the nine inning contest. The
Indians played steadily throughout
the game scoring runs on hits and a
. number of errors committed by the
Farm life boys.
Farm Life took the second game
3-2, nicking Benton for seven hits and
scoring one run in the second, fifth
and sixth innings. The Indians tal
lied their two runs in the second.
Perquimans collected seven hits in
the game but were useless to score
., irf. -the pinches. jyy- y -y. ' '
Coach Fearing used White as hurler
in the third contest and. the Farm life
boys were unable to solve the pitching
of the Indian star. The 'final score
which gave" Perquimans, the - igrou'p
championship, iwss 9-2. y y
Pemudmana , and West : Edeecombe
: "srill tilaft th; first of fee three sfawiel
ing at eight ;o clock and the second
. game will be played at tWest Edge
combe On Friday afternoon. A site
and time will then be chosen .for the
' third game if necessary to decide the
district: championship. ,. .
ChiTSr Law
Affects Farmers
The Federal Child Labor Laws pro
hibit employment of children under
. 16 years of age in agriculture during
the hours school is in session, if the
.products grown on the farm are to
be shipped in interstate commerce.
- This is pointed out by Drf C. B.
Ratchford, in charge of farm man
agement and marketing. State College
Extension Service, who urges all farm
ers to become familiar with provisions
'of these lawB.iyy--y- H-yy.yy y,-;:
A farmer, says r, Ratchford,may
.use his own children, but he is vio
' lating the law if he hires children of
his neighbors or others, including chil
dren' of migratory workers, during
the hours school is in session in the
district where the, children axe living.
The specialist adds that a child un
der 16 years of age may work en a
eshool day, before or after: the hoars
. school is in session, provided the hours
, worked do not exceed three hours per
day or total more than 18 hours per
v week. Work performed before or f
v'ter school hours must be .between 7
A. M., and 7 P. M.
Further! information may be ob
tained from Forrest H. Shuford, Com
missioner of (Labor. Raleigh.
ficers Elected For
PHS Student Council
Student Council officers for. Per
quimans High School,, for- the' next
school term, Were elected on May 1,
with Billy ChaK-'lI .bedrtg chosen as
president; y Kar -4, Winslow; ' vice
president; Billie Carol (bivexs, secre
tary; : Faye -'Butt, treasurer; Fred
MathewB,-'serseai-Jarms,'tif''y: i
Other school ira -chosen Iwere:
Peesry Stokely and Tommy Mathews,
song leaders; Jean Long, pianist, and
cheerleaders named were (Suzanne
Towe, JCa&erine Nixon, 'Karparet Ann
: :.ks, Sue Perry White, Billie Carol
'. ivers. Mary Winslow, Corbin Dotier
jsvd aJternates, Carolyn Eure and Jill
1 Judson Memorial Class of the.
' " t Curch will meet on Tuesday
i ft 8 P. M.,: with .lira.. K&th-
u. 'ee, with Ur. Joe EiU and
;. C;:tu1 V'SUams as joint hos-
1 i, .S'H -t.-'J. n ..
3. V 2:'.: .;:.
County 4-H Clubbers
Prepare For Show
Thirteen baby beef calves from Per
quimans County will be entered in the
Fat Stock Show at Elizabeth City,
May 13, it was announced today by
I. C. Yagel, County Agent. ; In prepa
ration for the show next week, a fit
ting and showing demonstration was
conducted last Friday at the home of
Margaret and Ethel 'Sutton dn the
Durants Neck community. Clarence
Chappell, Jr., who has had four years'
experience in 1 showing calves, con
ducted the demonstration, With some
assistance' from the agents.
. He gave' the; 4-H Club members
present tips and advice on preparing
and training animals for the show.
"Attending the demonstration were
Sally Ruth Hurdle, R. S. Chappell, Jr.,
and Louise Chappell.
. Steelworkers, over the nation, have
returned to work this week pending a
Supreme Court ruling over the seiz
ure of the steel mills. The outcome
of the steel dispute remains cloud
ed since negotiations between man
agement and labor broke down fol
lowing a Court order that no wage
increase may be granted by the Gov
ernment pending the decision on the
Meanwhile many localities over the
nation are beginning to feel the pinch
of the oil, workers' strike. The air
force has curtailed flypg programs,
as aviation gasoline is in shortage and
motorists in many places are finding
their service stations are out of gas.
One independent company in Cali
fornia has reached an agreement with
the union and reports state this agree
ment may be a solution for solving the
entire strike.
Jmui - Agriculture Department? " this
week?, reported 1952 '' may turn . out
to be ! a poor year, financially, for
farmers of the nation. The report was
based upon high costs of production
and a lower market price for the pro
ducts. 'Farm prices so far this year
have averaged 3 percent lower than- in
With national conventions less than
two months away," the picture has
changed little Regarding the possible
selection of presidential, candidates by
the two major parties. General Eisen
hower and Senator Taft are about
even in the number of delegates,
pledged for the Republican conven
tion, and Senators Russell and Ke
f auver and Averill Harriman are the
leading Democratic candidates. , y
Perquimans County farmers, and
other interested people, will have an
opportunity to hear a discussion on
present day farm problems and issues
on Saturday night, May 17, when Lon
Edwards, widely-inown State farm
leader, comes to Hertford to speak
at the Court House at eight o'clock,
according to an announcement made
here today. - ' .
Mr.' Edwards is a dirt farmer who,
through his experiences and work,
has acquainted' himself with ' many
of the problems facing farmers today,
and he will, in his talk here, discuss
these and other matters pertaining to
the farm program. .' :
The public is cordially invited to
attend this meeting and hear Mr.
Hertford Scouts To
Attend Camporee Sat
' Members of the Hertford Troop of
Qey Scouts will attend a district cam
poree" to be held Saturday and Sun
day at Camp Bandon, on the Chowan
River, l The local Scouts -will leave
Saturday .afternoon, from the Scout
Hut, "ana will return home Sunday.
' The Scouts will be accompanied on
the trip ' by Scoutmaster . (Marshal
Owens. ' : y,'y'y;v;;v;;';;':yly,?'y
Musical Playlet : At
Central Next: ITiursday
i The sSano students of Perouimans
Cehvil Grammar School will present
a jnusical playlet, "A little Bit of
Holland, under the direction of Mrs,
E. ; Ralph .V.'Wte, .Thursday, May 15,
at 9 o ciof i,,m tae school auditorium
at Winfiill. The puMic is cordially
invica w t.;end. -
Farm wader To
Sp3c!t Here May 17
Legion Officers
Elected At Meeting
Held Last Friday
F. T. Johnson Named As
Commander; Wards
Planned By Post
'New. officers, for the year, begin-'
ning in July, were, elected at a meet
ing of the William Paul Stallings
Post of the American Legion held
last Friday night.
F. T. Johnson was elected to suc
ceed B. C. Berry, as Commander of
the local post. Other officers named
were: Joseph W. No well, Jr., first
vice commander; Clifford C. Banks,
second vice commander; Julian C.
Powell, third vice commander; William
F. Ainsley, adjutant; V. N. Darden,
finance officer; C. C. .' Banks, service
officer; W. T. Miller sergeant-at-arms;
W. T. Willoughby, chaplain; B.
F. Proctor, historian; C. P. Buck, ath
letic officer: Jarvis Ward, guardian
ship officer;, George T. Roach, Boys'
State; George Winslow, child welfare
officer i R. Ralph White, school
awards officer; B. C. Berry, Graves
Registration; J. Roulac Webb, Ora
torical Officer; C. F. Sumner, Ameri
canism officer; J. T. Skinner, Jr.,
Boy Scout officer; M. G. Owens,
chairman Sons of Legion.
During the meeting Commander
Berry announced, as in past years,
the Post will give the American Leg
ion Achievement Awards to the out
standing graduates, boy and girl, of
the Perquimans High School, and also
the American 'Legion Oratorical
Award to Bobby Smith of Belvidere,
as county winner of the Legion Ora
torical contest. The Post voted tp
sponsor Billie Chappell, the incoming
president of the HHS Student Coun
cil at the American Legion Tar Heel
Boys' State to be held at Chapel Hill
June 8-15.
The Graves Registration program
will be continued by the Post and
an effort to secure the burial place
of Perquimans County veterans of
World War's I and II and Korean war
is being made. AH next of kin are
asked to contact any member of the
local post and assist them an getting
me needed information. .
F. T. Johns J. W. -Newell. Jr.. C. C.
Banks and J. C. "Powell were named as
delegates 'to the 1952 annual conven
tion of . the North Carolina Depart
ment; to be held in Durham June 7-10.
J. T. Diggers Elected
President Of Lions
Officers for the Hertford Lions Club
for the year beginning next June 20,
were elected at a meeting of the club
neid last week. Heading the new offi
cers as president will be John T.
Biggers.sunerlntendentof Perouimans
bounty schools. .
Other officers named were first vice
president,' I. C.i Yagel; second vice
president W. S. Lonir: "Oiird vice
president, Bobby Elliott; secretary-
treasurer, Sidney Blanchard: Lion
Tamer, Charles M. Harrell; Tail
Twister, J. T. 1 Lane. Birectors will
be Ralph .White, Jim Bass, W. D.
Cox and A. H. Edwards.
Installation of the new officers will
be conducted at ithe regular meeting
oi the cluo on mday, June 20.
; "Unless we do something and do
It quick accidents on the highways
of North Carolina are going to kill
and maim more .people than last
year,!': Commissioner of Motor Ve
hicles 4L. C Roteer warns, - .f,
-lou aonit nave ; to look into a
Leryatal fcall to, figure , this out, "he
earn, -au yon have to do la to look
at North Carolina's accident record
this year."
The Commissioner was referring to
the daily fatality and injury statis
tics collected by the Highway Patrol's
radio system. ' : y
"!About two weeks ago," the Com-
ntfssioner 'stated, "deaths and in
Juries; from .traffic accidents .were
running enoouragery behind last year.
Everyone, of us ia the Department of
motor Vehicles rejoiced at this down.
ward trend. However, recently fatali
ties have, begun to edge upward until
now they are out in front of last
years recjrd. -
"It's going to take determination'
and caution like we've never before
practiced . to Trash fatalities back
down,: the Commissioner said.
' The trtate suffered 1,071 . traffic
deaths and 1S,1?3 injuries last year,
Kosser pointed out :, . ,: :,;.-:
That was an average of 89 lives a
month snuffed out by carelessness on
the highways," he said. "A trade
price to pay for the convenience of
End On Saturday;
Quota Is Reached
Sponsors Plan Organi
zation Of County .
Cancer Unit
Perquimans County's annual Cancer
Crusade, under the sponsorship of the
Hertford Lioness Club, will be brought
to a close this week, it was announced
today by Mi s. Elton Hurdle, president
of the club who stated the county
goal of $578 has been oversubscribed.
Reports on the fund raising cam
paign remain incomplete, according
to Mrs. Hurdle, but contributions
turned over to the committee up to
Wednesday of this week amounted to
$955, and it is expected with all re
ports in, the total will reach one
thousand dollars. j
Mrs. Hurdle requests all solicitors
of the drive to make final reports by
Saturday of this week, as the spon
sors desire to close the crusade here.
Elsewhere in some localities the drive'
is being extended to permit units to
reach their goals, but since Perquim
ans is already over the top in its quo
ta the sponsors hope to conclude the
drive Saturday, with all reports be
ing made.
The Cancer Crusade in Perquimans
this year obtained splendid results
and the sponsors greatly appreciate
the cooperation given by the public,
and by the individuals who contributed
and worked as solicitors.
The success of the drive this year
has created a desire on the part of
the Hertford Lioness Club to organize
a county cancer unit, similar to ones
in other counties, and which will pro
vide local funds for assistance in fight
ing cancer. Plans are now being
made, according to Mrs. Hurdle for
a meeting to be held next week at
which time this county cancer unit will
be organized.
The Lioness Club, at its meeting
this wsek, will consider ways and
means of perfecting the organization
of a local unit and will possibly call
upon a number of local citizens to as
sist in the program by serving as of
ficers of the organization..
( ' -.. '7--- i ' ''.I . ;
Meetings Scheduled
Perquimans County Democrats will
hold precinct meetings on Saturday
May 10, and a county convention on
Saturday, May 17, it was announced
today by C. P. Morris, chairman of
the Democratic Executive Committee.
The precinct meetings will be held
at three o'clock Saturday afternoon, at
the six polling places in the county
and the purpose of the meetings will
be to select delegates to the county
convention, which will be held in the
Court House in Hertford, Saturday,
May 17, at 3 P. M.
Mr. Morris stated that all Demo
crats, in good standing, are eligible
to attend both the precinct meet
ings and the county convention.
Delegates to the State Convention,
to be held in Raleigh, will be select
ed at the county convention.
The Perquimans Masonic Lodge, No.
106, A. F. & A. M., will meet Tuesday
nifrm at o C10CK.
the automobile. And unless we do
something about it now, it's going tt
be worse this year."
j' The . Commissioner suirBrested that
the motoring public adopt a pfcreonal
responsibility to Help stop accidents.
"Enforcement' and education alone
cannot do the job," he said. "Driv
en and .pedestrians must realize that
safety on tJie highways is an individ
ual responsibility. We must stop
trying to put the blame "on the other
fellow." Whenever we drive we outfit
to be certain our ear is mechanically
souna. we should obey traffic signs
implicitly and always yield the right-
of-way, regardless of who's right or
wrong.' with the vacation season
coming up soon we must all drive with
more caution, courtesy and common
sense. In doing so we may be able
to slow down our increasing death
rate before it's too late." ,
Rep. Bob Ddughton
Supports Umstead
Representative Robert D. Doughton of
tine timm dstrwt has thrown his
support behind William Bw Umstead' in
the race for governor. -tt : :
.' The 88-year-old legislator said yes
terday in a statement - prepared for
a, radio speech that Umstead would
be "a great leader in the progressive
and sound growth and development of
our oeioved state." -, ....
Tentative Budget Proposals Reported To
Board Of Commissioners Here On Monday
Hertford Jaycees
Elect New Officers
New officers for the Hertford Junior
Chamber of Commerce were elected
at. k mppt.iner nf tliA nTsra.nW.ntcm lielH
last week. George Fields is president-!bu(teet items for the county s next
elect of the local Jaycees and other fiscal yeai" which begins July 1, were
officers chosen were Eldon Winslow, ; turned over to the Board of County
vice-president; Talmage Rose, seare-'Comm,ssioners. meeting in regular
tary; Francis Nixon, treasurer; D. f. j. session here last Monday morning.
Reed, Jr. Earlie Goodwin and Elbert! The budget items tendered were
Fearing, directors. , those regarding salaries of the em-
Oraniz?d less than two years ago, Payees of the Agricultural Extension
the Hertford -Jaycees have sponsored Service, which are. proposed to re
a number of civic projects with much niain the sme with the exception of
success and are now working on a'an increase of $1G0 per year for the
playground program for the children assistant homo agent, who now re
of the community. This project is;"' this payment from Chowan
moving along at a rapid ratr, and the County, when., the assistant devotes
Jaycees hope to have the playground one-half of her time. The Welfare
readv for use, by the children, within Department also tendered a proposed
a short time. budget, which calls for approximately
Much equipment has been purchased the same outlay of cash during 1952
and has arrived here for installation.'1953- -Under this budget the old age
ThA .Tavppps rilnn. and hooe. to nur- assistance outlay will increase while
chase additional equipment for the
playground as rapidly as funds be
come available.
Inter-City Meeting
Of Rotary Clubs
Held Monday Night
j committee regarding the renovation of
More than 100 Rotarians from the the present library. During the dis
Albemarle gathered at Central High cussion on this matter, it was pointed
School, near Elizabeth City, on Mon- out the building now used by the
day night for an inter-city meeting
sponsored by the Elizabeth City Ko-,
tary Club. j
Rotarians from Hertford, Columbia,1;
Edehton and Manteo were the guests
of the members of the Elizabeth City
club, at the delicious chicken dinner
and a highly entertaining program '
which closed with a talk made by i
Wade Marr, Past District Governor
and .Past Director of Rotary Inter
national. Carroll Parker, president of the host
'club, served as master of ceremonies
and extended a cordial welcome to
the visiting Rotarians. He pointed out
that each of the visiting clubs had
been sponsored by the. Elizabeth City
Club, which was proud of the growth
of the Rotary throughout the Albe
marle. Olin H. Broadway, retiring District
Governor, was a special guest at the
He extended greetings to,
the fellow Rotarians and thanked
them for the cooperation he had re
ceived during the past year.
iMr. Marr, m his talk, said that fel
lowship and friendship was the basis
of Rotary, and it was due to these fac
tors that Rotary had grown from one
club to thousands ttuoughout the
BPW Club To Hold
Benefit Card Party
The Perquimans Business and Pro
fessional Woman's Club will sponsor a
Benefit Card Party at Hotel Hert
ford Thursday night, May 15, when
Rook and Bridge will be played.
Refreshments will be served and
five prizes will be awarded as fol
lows: High score for women in Rook,
high score for men in Rook, high
score for women in bridge, high score
for men in Bridge, and a Door Prize.
Tickets must be bought in advance
from any club member. Tickets will
not be sold at the door as the seat
ing space is limited. , ,
County Road Project
Completed In April
The State Highway Commission
completed the grading and paving of
2.2 miles of roads in Perquimans
County during the month of April,
Commissioner H. G. Khelton reported
today. '.."
The' newly-hardsurfaced road runs
from the Loop road off N. C. 87 one
mile northwest of Winfall for 22
miles. The project was financed by
the secondary road bond program.
Bobby Smith won second place In
the District- Future Farmers of
America speaking contest held In
Tarboro on Saturday, April 26th. He
was awarded thirty dollars. (Nine fed
erations,' covering all the counties east
of Raleigh, were represented. Bobby
was coached by the school agriculture
teacher, G. C. Buck.
Through error the names of Kath
erine Nixon and Bobby Smith were
omitted from the honor roll for Per
quimans High School, published last
week.-;;, V
. The Hertford BanJdnjr Company
will be closed all day Saturday, May
10th, it was announced .todaybv R.
M. Riddick,' Jr., president in obser
vance at a legal koSday..
Committee Report On
Enlargement Of Li
brary Is Made
Preliminary estimates on proposed
the aid to dependent children will be
reduced a similar amount.' Aid render
ed totally disabled persons will also
bo increased.
Definite action on the budget items
was postponed until a later date when
the Commissioners will rneet to act
upon the overall budget for the coun
ty for the next fiscal year.
Mrs. Silas M. Whedbee and Miss
Mae Wood Winslow, representing the
County Library Board reported to the
Commissioners suggestions and rec
ommendations drawn by the library
library is school property, part of
which has been in use as a lunchroom,
The Board of Education proposes to
dismantle part of this building and
the remainder will be converted into
a library for the Hertford Grammar
School use, and at the same time will
continue to be used by the county
Under this proposal the present
facilities will be enlarged, to pro
vide needed space for use both by the
school, children and the library pa
trons. Recorder's Docket
Listed 11 Cases
11 mriar naaaa -warta licfia1 a T-
corderg Court docket.when court con.
vened here Tuesday morning. Ten
of the cases were disposed of and
the bond in the case in which Royal
Gunganus was charged, with carrying
a concealed weapon was ordered for
feited when the defendant failed to ap
pear to answer the charges.
Costs of court were taxed against
i George McKeather and Edmond Mar
tineau, each of whom entered a plea
' B M J J . 1 ' - I."
oi guilty to cnarges ui speeuing.
A $10 fine and costs were assessed
against Louis Shane, who submitted
to a charge of speeding.
John Bowers, Negro, charged with
failing to dim lights, entered a plea
of guilty and paid the costs of court.
For failing to yield the right-of-way
John Billups, Negro, paid the costs
of court after submitting to the
Costs of court were taxed against
Cordis Davis and Alfred Wighton,
Negroes, who entered pleas of guil
ty to charges of driving overloaded
Henry Jackson, Negro, charged with
driving an overloaded truck, fated to
appear in court and the warrant in the
case was returned for service.
Noah Banks, Negro, paid a fine of
$25 and costs of court after entering
a plea of guilty to a charge of driv
ing Iwithout a license.
Dillard . Riddick, charged with be
ing drunk on the streets of Hertford
and transporting non-tax-paid liquor,
entered a plea of guilty to the charg
es and paid a fine of $25 and costs.
Helene Nixon Named
Acting Clerk Of PMA
- Miss Helene Nixon has been named
acting secretary of the County PMA
Committee, it was announced here
Tuesday following, a meeting of the
committee which accepted the resig
nation of IW. E. White as secretary of
the organization.
; Mr. , White retired from his position
after 18 years of association with ag
ricultural agencies in this county.
Mr. White was presented a number
of attractive gifts, given by members
of the staff of the agriculture bulld-
lng. . :'' '. ' - :.-.-' -
Miss Nixon has been employed In
the PMA office for a number of years
and has served as treasurer - of the
committee. , v
The Hertford Chapter of die Order
of Eastern Star will meet Monday
night at 8 o'clock in the lodge rooms.
All members are urged to be present.

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