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, REALISTIC PEOTOGEATES OF KSONf LINE COMBAT IN KOREA Left; dramatic scene when the firing of 155 MM "Lone Tom"
mobile guns illuminate! the now-covered landscape. These U. S. artillerymen are support elements of the 25th Infantry Division. Right,
' u. Bi'Siannes launcn -v swmw vnuiw uvuuuuuuu in j
Department of Defense.) -
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The Supreme Court is still consid
ering' a decision on tie government's
seism re of the .steel Industry. - A re
port on the courtls decision was ex
pected Monday but none was made,
leaving official Washington wonder
ing on the final outcome. Meanwhile
agreements were; being readied in the
nation-wide oil strike, and it was be
ilaved this dispute will be settled
shortly, relieving the gas shortage in
many localities oyer the country. ' ;
' A report from Washington Tues
day announced OPS may permit an in.
crease in prices on certain canned
foods. l Controls on raw cotton and
textiles were suspended and there was
talk of other commodities may be
decontrolled. The report stated sus
pension of credit 1 regulations have
caused no great flurry of ;; buying
throughout the nation.';H "f" : .
' ', .a'.-' . . , ';. ''' ". ''"v 'V v:
-The Senate on Tuesday approved
- Ce appointment of James P. McGran
, y as Attorney .Gene-!t.:;,-,r-y
succeeds James llr&Ji, v, as .
d JixJeaident ;Tru3na fuin the
Newbold Monlnddent fThe ap
proval of MdGraney to the high post
, in the Justice department came after
much debate in the
S!ipscy Rites llold
Tlns&y Afternoon
, George Thomas Skipsey,' 68, died
suddenly early Tuesday morning at his
home in Hertford. - '
Mr. Skipsey was a native of En
gland, a son of the late George and!
Elizabeth Dawson Skipsey. He had
lived in this country for many years,
coming to Hertford in 1942. .
Her,was a member of the Church
of England, the Benevolence Lodge,
No. 146, A P. & A. M., of Mason City,
Iowa, the Cherokee Chapter, 14, Royal
Archi Mason, Tyrian Council, 19, Roy
al Select Masters, Griggs Commandry
14, of Elizabeth City and the Sudan
Temple AAOOMS, of New Bern. !
iSurvivors, in addition to his wife,
who was the former Miss Elizabeth
Stephens, are one daughter, Elizabeth
Beatrice; three sisters, Mrs. J. W.
.Boulton, Mrs. T. W. CTCfit and Mrs.
A. D. Wolfe, and one brother, Daw
son Skipsey, all of England.
He was. employed as Inspector at
the Oceana Naval Base. '
Funeral: serives were conducted
Thursday afternoon at I. "BO o'clock at
the Lynchi Funeral. Home by the Rev.i
Charles Wulf, rector of Holy Trinity;
Church. -v
Masonic ceremonies at the grave
were under the auspices of the Per
i"mans Lodge, No. 106,. A. F. 4
Ai l. '.' '"""'. i-"'.' I: ''jit' ''""", ';.:',"''
Pallbearers were BCVBerry, J. S.
KdNider, R. C: Murray, C. G Wins,
low, W. F, Ainsley, T. E. Raper, Geo.
W, Jackson and A. T. Lane.
Burial was In Cedar Hill Cemetery
at SuIToIk, Va. . 1$. i.a.i.
r:rn .Demonstration :
x For Monday
. t C, Yagel,TCounty Agent, an
nounced today that the, public is ln-
" 1 to attend a demonstration in
'ying , liquid nitrogen to ' corn,
h will be held at nine o'clock,
y, May 26, on the farm operat-
Jvnes Sawyer, located; on the
J iJ' J.-V:," i f: :
i u of nitrogen, Commonly
, v .1 be Used for the purpose of
j Ce effects, and to show
lue of liquid nitrogen is cheaper
the types of nitrogen now in
, stated liquid nitrogen has
1 successfully In the Kir.!3-
since 1347, and is gairg
7- JJs ri all farm-
i' ' ' ".m t '
a,, m
Perquimans Indians
For Chance At Eastern Championship
Playoffs Scheduled For
This week-end With
Site' Unannounced
Coach EUie Fearing's Perquimans
Indians will play either Bayboro or
Troy for the Class A Eastern Cham
pionship, with the serieg to start Fri
day of tills week, according to an an
nouncement made Tuesday by Hap
Perry, secretary of the State Athletic
Association. . :V '" '.;'..;
I The Indians 'Won the right to play
for the eastern championship by de
feating Red Oak in two out of three
games. , Red Oak won the first game
of . the ' series on Thursday of . last
week when the Nash Countians won a
2-1 decision on the Red Oak diamond.
In, the second game played hi Hert
ford on Friday night the Indians won
8-4 - 'Perquintans collected 14 hits' and
committed three errors while the Red
Oak boys got f iu hits and nine walks
off Billy rr n, who pitched for the
J-'"-" cie iwas tied going
utoH- v.,w -9mM9J inning
whenRed .Oatlle,.np, Rowing Jwo
walks, making four errors and the
Indians were; getting fiw.bits, Per
quimans scored three ' runs in ' this
bming and placed the game on ice.
On Monday the two teams played
at .Tarboro with Vernon White doing
the pitching for the Indians and Rose
and Bass hurling for Red Oak. White
struck out 12 batters, walked one and
allowed three hits, while his team
maters wer. collecting 12 hits.. The
final score was 10-1 in favor of Per
quimans. '. v"; :v .' : '.'v-.'
Allan Winslow led the Indians at
the bat in the final game, collecting
three hits in four trips to the plate.
Garland Walker's home run in the
third inning was the batting highlight
of the second game.
In connection with the playoff for
the eastern championship, the State
Secretary also announced the winner
of this series will play the winner of
the western division for the state
championship, and in the event Per
quimans wins the series this week-end
it is possible the state play-offs will
be held in Hertford. ',.-''
An announcement as to the site of
the playoffs will be made as soon as
it can be determined as to which
teams will participate in the games.
Ftrm Leair Gives
Td For Umstead
A C. (Lon) Edwards, of Hookeiton,
one of North Carolina's most out
standing farm leaders, spoke here last
(Saturday night in support of William
B. Umstead's campaign for Governor.
Edwards, a former president of the
State Farm Bureau, stated his sup-
port of Om stead came about In part
as a result of the intensive work the
former U. S. Senator has done in help
ing to make the national farm pro
gram a success. '-:;
Edwards has served six terms In
the North Carolina House of Repre-,
sentatives and is now unopposed for
another term, i He reviewed Um
stead's record on farm legislation
when he was a member of Congress
and his work in behalf of the Soil
Conservation Service, the RBA, the
Triple A, the Production Credit As
sociation and the Control Program
and Agriculture Research.
'Hia (Umstead's) record in behalf
of farmers : proves," ' Edwards said,
"that he knows the farmer's prob
lems and works hard to increase farm
income, which in turn means more
prosperity for all" -
Followirr? t" 9 r aech by Mr. Ed-
wari, h
r - " r e! -1"
v ' "s rj f
i 7 tLe Per; .
i i.
j is. ra oy a large
Ir.rbecue gand
v ' i ' f. & frved
jc . "1;e for Uni
Korean fighting. (Army and
Defeat Red Oak
Local Jaycees Win :
Attendance Prize
Four members of the Hertford Jun
ior Chamber of Commerce attended
the Jaycee State Convention, held last
week-end at Charlotte. - The local
group won the convention attendance
record, having the largest membership
present which had traveled the most
miles to the meeting."
Rpresenting the local organization
were Henry C Stokes, Emory White,
Jarvis Henry and B. J. Holleman. , t
Finalleport Given
Perquimans .Cdtonty's , 1962 Cancer
Crusade waatbreturht to a successful
close here isfwek-;by be Hertford
Lioness CliXponsors of the cam
paign. ContributSons totaled $1,018.04,
which was 678 mora than the county
Final reports made by the solicitors
were as follows:
Grubb 'Street North and , Front
Street, Helen Woodard anl Annette
David, $67.46: Grubb Street South and
Woodland Avenue, Jessie Uox, .Eliza
beth Thach and Becky Cox, $30.06;
Pennsylvania Avenue, Edna Eley,
'$23.36; Market Street, Margaret Lane,
$3026; Dohb Street, Kathemne Big
gers, $32.00; Woodland Circle, Doro
thy Bass, $23.31; Church Street, Irene
Towe and Minnie W. Hurdle, $11.60;
Academy Street, Solicitor Mrs. Elmo
Cannon, $6.00; Covent Garden and
US 17 South to Livestock, Irene By
rumj $21.60; Railroad Avenue, Wil
low Street and Edenton Road Street,
Mrs. Annie Lane, $70; Route 17
North, Mrs. Jack Burbage, $6.00;
Downtown Merchants, Roxanna Jack
son and Minnie W. Hurdle, $163.60;
Don Juan Manufacturing Co;, Mrs. Bill
Boyce and Mrs. Claire Murray, $106.
Belvidere community, Mrs. T, C.
Perry, Jr., and Mrs. Jack Symons,
$26.60; Hertford Banking Company,
Anna Lee McGoogan, $25.00; Balla
hack community, Mrs. Sallie Lane,
$16.68; Beechspring community, Mrs.
Howard Winslow and Mrs. Preston
Nixon, $27.00; Bethel community, Mrs.
Lula M. Ward, $7.69; Burgess com
munity, Mrs. Paul Smith, $11.68; Har
vey Point Highway to Center Hill,
Ann M. Berry, $7.00; Chappell Hill
communty, Mrs. Willard Copeland,
$7.00; Bagley Swamp community, Mr.
and' Mrs.- R L. Stevenson, $9.66;
Whiteston conmranrty, Ruby White
and Becky White, $61J26; New Hope,
Old Neck, White Hat communities,
Mrs. Claude -Williams, Mrs.. Nathan
Sawyer, Mrs.' Delvin Eure and E. A.
Turner, $36.96; Woodville community,
Mrs. A. R. Cooke, E. S. Felghum, Phil-
Jin Perry. $al.OT: Parkvilie communl-
ty, Mrs. T. G. Rogerson, $6.00; Chap
anoke community,. Mrs. Will Elliott,
$29.00; Durante Neck, Mrs), Horace
Webb, $200; County Home to Wood
ville, Mrs. Ruby Long-, $266; Cho
wan ' County , line, Mrs. Mary Long,
$21.85; Winfall, Mrs. Helen Winslow,
and Mrs. Ruth Stanton, $7660.
" OontributioUs , reported by schools
were as follows: -Central Grammar,
$28.05; v Hertford Grammar, $11.33;
Perquimans 'Training School, $30.00;
Hertford Colored School,; $2J.85. ;;
. Organizations and blubs contributed
as follows: .- Hertford PTA, $5.00;
Winfall PTA, $5.00; Hertford Lions,
$15.00; BPW Club, $5.00; Bethel Ruri
tan, $5.00t Hertford Jaycees- $10.00;
American Legion Auilianr. ?5.00;
Eastern Star, $5.00; Hertford Lioness
Club. $10.00. - ; ' v
' ' The sponsoring club again expresses
its thanks to the public for the splen
did support given the crusade,' and
to i the solicitors v N) volunteered1
their tie i e' .ts In behalf
of Ce t' . . " x' ' '
Marine Corps photos from the
Recorder's Court
Docket Listed Nine
Cases On Tuesday
A varied docket, consisting of nine
cases, was disposed of in Perquimans
Recorder's Court here last Tuesday
morning., with Judge Chas. E.' John
son presiding.
George Privott and George Lupton,
both charged with failing to observe
a" stop sign, entered pleas of guilty
and eath was taxed with the costs
of court. V ';' '.'
'A finest $10 and costs were assess
ed against Albert Branch who sub
mitted to. a charge of driving with an
Howatp Jones entered a plea , of
guilty t'S charge of speeding and
paid a file of $25(and costs.
A verdict of not' guilty was return
ed in the'eases in which Gordon Rhein
was charged with trespass and as
saulting; Mrs. Wallace Hendrix with
a deadly weapon; Fred Motor and
Thomas i Vivian were charged with
trespass,; , The trio, all sailors, were
arrested Vt Sheriff M. G. Owens on
a 6mp1i)tiT sworn 'Out by MTiTHeft-1
drix on. Friday evening of last week.
' A fine of $10 and costs were taxed
against Walter Rogerson oh charges
of being drunk on a highway and pos
session of tax paid liquor, the seal
of the bottle being broken. '
Albert Meads paid a fine of $125
and costs after pleading guilty to a
charge of driving drunk and possess
ing a bottle of liquor on which the
seal was broken.
William Privott paid the costs of
court on. a charge of driving an over
loaded truek . ,
James Thatch,' Negro, was ordered
to pay a fine of $110, ninety dollars
of which is to be used to pay a hos
pital bill f6r Callie Lee, Negro, on
a charge of assaulting the woman with
a deadly weapon. ,
Political Rally
At BeMFriday
A political rally will be held on Fri
day night of this week, beginning at
8 o'clock,according to an announce
ment made here Tuesday, The rally,
the first of its kind planned in the
county this year, was arranged by a
number of interested citizens of the
Bethel community, who have invited
candidates for the office of Register
of; Deeds, and representatives, of the
Gubernatorial committees to speak
during the rally. ,
It was reported Emmett Long will
serve as master of ceremonies at the
rally, and a number of the local can
didates have indicated their intentions
of attending. . -:. -..'- ; .' : ' '
There has been some talk of con
ducting a' series of political rallies
throughout the - county, similar to
those held two years and it is possible
the rally planned for Bethel tonight
will lead others to be staged in the
various townships of the county.
. The 'committee,, working up the ral
ly at Bethel, hag issued an 'invita
tion to all candidates and the public
to attend the rally. '
Furniture Store To
Honor Senior Girls
'' ,'' k f ' '" '' . ' X -'''
: Following a custom established sev.
eral years ago, the1 W. M. Morgan
Furniture Company wiH honor girl
members of the graduating 'class of
the Perquimans High School by pre
senting each girl graduate a. minia
ture Lane cedar chest. Members of
the senior class have already received
notice that their gifts , have arrived
at the store and may be obtained any
time between now and graduation day.
( Girl members of the Hertford JNegro
High School and Perquimans Training
School 'erp $mX&Bg classes will also re
ceive id onl r.ral miniature of the chesa
have t-'.o received word that their
glita await thcro at the local store. -
CG.nmanceni:nt Exercises Start tlaxt
Sunday At Perquimans High School
Wildlife Qub To
Meet Saturday Night
Members of the Perquimans Coun
ty Wildlife Club will meet in the
Court House in Hertford on Saturday
night at 8 o clock, it was announced
today by Charles E. White, club presi
dent ''.t;j-:':''::''.::v:-:', .'.
The purpose of the meeting will be
to discuss the current wildlife pro
gram and open a membership drive for
the local club.
All persons interested in hunting
and fishing in Perquimans County are
urged to attend this meeting.
Central PTA Holds
Final Meeting Of
This School Year
Group Commended For
Membership And
The Parent-Teacher Association of
the Perquimans County Central Gram
mar School held its last meeting of
the school year Monday night, in
the school auditorium. Preceding the
program a picnic supper was served
in the new lunch room. Open house
was observed following the supper.
Old Neck-White Hat community had
charge of the, program - with Mrs.
Claud Williams as chairman. The
meeting opened with the audience
singing "Love's Old Sweet Song." The
devotional was conducted by Mrs. Jo
seph Winslow followed -by two musi
cal selections beautifully rendered by
Miss Mollie Lu Yeates, accompanied at
the piano by her'mother, Mrs. Dewey
Yeates. " '
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved. Mrs. Frank
Skinner gave the treasurer's report.
She announced that the amount now
on hand is $1,401.42. Thomas. Maston,
principal,- gave the lunch room re-
port."? He statedTthat during tiie mont3:
of ' Aprir 6385 meals were served in
the-school cafeteria.
A splendid report, "The History of
Perquimans County Central Grammar
School Parent-Teacher Association,
compiled by Mrs. Roy Winslow, was
read. ..
Mrs. John Hurdle, Girl Scout lead
er, asked the PTA if it would spon
sor the Girl Scout program for the
coming year. The Association approv
ed this request and agreed to donate
$50 for this purpose. Mrs. Hurdle
then announced that the Girl Scouts
would give their annual program in
the school auditorium on Friday af
ternoon, at 2 o'clock. She invited
everyone to' be present at this time. ! IT fLr'Z fnTto
Mr Rw,-n h&Mi Airr- t,ltoB 0' pe next two years, and se-
Mrs. Swain, district director, wrote
Mrs. Matthews, congratulating her for
the outstanding work of this organi-
zation. Mrs. Swam informed Mrs.
Mathews that this association is the
only one in this district having 100
per cent membership and one of the
two in the district meeting the re
quirements for a standard PTA.
MrSi' Matthews, president of the
association, thanked the officers and
members of the various committees
for their help in making this a suc
cessful Parent-Teacher organization.
Mrs. Matthews welcomed all guests
present and Called on J. T. Biggers,
superintendent, for remarks. Mr.
Biggers praised the splendid work
accomplished by the' association.
- The officers elected for the year
1952-1953 were installed into office
by Miss Thelma Elliott, principal of
the Hertford Grammar School.:
The recreational period led by Mrs.
Eddie Harrell was enjoyed by every
one. ' . v ,
The sixth and seventh grades. Miss
Johnnie White, teacher, received the
attendance award.
Rotarians Hosts To
High School Team
(Members of the Hertford Rotary
Club entertained the Perquimans High
School baseball team and its coach,
Ellie Fearing, at a dinner held Tues
day night at the Hotel Hertford. . .
During the program, the team mem
bers were introduced to the Rotar
ians by Mr. Fearing, and this was fol
lowed by a baseball quiz program pre
sented by A. W. Hefren.
. At the close of the meeting Mr.
Hefren praised the team for its out
standing record for the year. -LETTERS
' '-.'-' - -. .-; atmmat 'v ' -. .''.
Five baseball letters and nine stars
were 'awarded by E. C. Woodard last
week.'. Those receiving letters were:
Billy Chappell, Allen Winslow. Pres
ton Morgan, Fritz Wulf , and Robert
Morris , Winslow.; Those receiving
stars j were : Clyde Stallings-' Vance
Bright, Garland Walker, A. L. Lane,
John Morris, Joe Towe, t Vernon
White,. Billy Benton and Clyde Lane.
Seniors To Present Pro-; ;
gram At Finals On
Wednesday Night
.Commencement exercises at Per-'
quimans High School will vary this
year from the past wnen memoers oi
the graduating class will present the
full program and speeches. It will
be the first year that no guest speak
er has been invited to deliver the com
mencement address.
E. C. Woodard, principal of the
school stated all exercises, marking
, the close of the school term will be
' held at the high school, with the three-
day program starting Sunday with the
baccalaureate services. All services
will start at eight P. M.
The Rev. Bennie Crawford will give
the scripture reading for the bacca
laureate services and the sermon will
be delivered by the Rev. A. L. Chap
lin. A duet will be presented by A.
L. Lane and Clyde Lane.
Class night will be held on Tuesday
night, May 27, with the Seniors pre
senting the program for the evening.
Special assignments have been given
to Sarah Ownley, Pauline Burbage,
Marvina White, Walter Humphlett,
Fritz Wulf, Joe Towe, Margaret Sy
mons, Nellie Cartwright, Marguerite
Butler, Clyde Lane and Amy Van
Nine students, Jay Duling, Garland
Walker, Marvina White, Betty True
blood, Irene Hunter, Marjorie Wins
low, Walter Humphlett, Tommy Sum.
ner and Julian .White will have parts
on the program at the commencement
services to be held Wednesday night,
May 28.
Superintendent of Schools, J. T.
Biggers, will introduce J. Edgar Mor
ris, chairman of the Board of Edu
cation, who will award the diplomas
and special awards will be presented
by Mr. Woodard. "
Marshals for the closing exercises
will be Faye Butt, Chief . Mabel Mar
tin Whedbee, Mollie Lu Yeates, Mary
Frances Eure, Marjorie Brinn, Tilson
Chappell, John Morris, Peggy Harrell
and Judith Winslow.
The honor roll of the senior class
includes Tommy Sumner, Valedictor
ian, ..Pauline BurbaaTA,SotafrjAanv.
afarvina White, Marguerite Butler,
PAmy Van Roach, Margaret Symons.
Democrats Beet
W. F. Ainsley As
County Chairman
Perquimans County Democrats held
their biennial convention in the coun
ty Court House here last Saturday
lected delegates to the State Conven
tion, held Thursday of this week at
Raleigh. ;,
At the opening of the convention
here, C. P. Morrjs who has served as
chairman of the county committee for
20 years announced he was not a can.
didate for re-election to the post.
W. F. Ainsley and Max Campbell
were nominated for the position, with
Mr. Ainsley being elected to fill the
Upon his election Mr. Ainsley as
sumed the duties of chairman and
called the convention to order. On
motion duly passed any Democrat in
good standing, planning to attend the
state convention, was designated as a
delegate from Perquimans. County.
' The county convention also re-elected
to membership on the county execu
tive committee the same members who
have served for the past two years.
Some 25 to 30 party members at
tended the local convention giving evi
dence of increased interest in the local
party organization.
Officers Elected For
High School Clubs
The new of fleers for the Perquim
ans High School Beta Club are: Presi
dent, Mollie Lu Yeates; vice president,
Marilyn Baker; secretary, Kay White w
Stanton; treasurer, Nan Ella White
and reporter," Emily Anne Sumner, j
I,' The new officers for the Future !
Homemakers of America, the ' Home t
Economics Club, are: president, Mar
ilyn Baker; vice president, Carolyn
Faye Eure; secretary, Barbara Saw-,,
yer; treasurer. Nan Ella White; song
leader, Nonie ' Lou Lane;- reporter; '
Mary Frances Eurej historian, Doro.
thy Jean Winslow, and Parliamentary .,
ian, Shirley Eure. : . v J
The committee chairman for the .
1952-63 Student Council of Perquim
ans High School have been appointed,
by the president. They are: . Elec.
tions Chairman, Bobby Smith, traffic;'
Clarence Chappell; citizenship, John (
Holmes; calendar, Marilyn Baker;
social, Kay White Stanton; finance, ,
Mollie Lu Yeates; house and grounds, 1
Nan Ella White.v publicity, Mabel
Kartln WheJbee and Margaret Anne
Banks, and standards, Tilson Chap-
pelL ' i '.

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