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1 i'r. t and
Spencer Davison
ilr. R.; R. Ferry
guests of H. M.
v-y ad Km Naomi KcDonne"! were
I i, and Kr. R. U Spivey, ft, and
Jtlrs. R. 1 Spivey.
Mr. and lira. (Billy , Winslow and
daughter Cindy. Mr. and Mrs. George
Fields ana Jaias iisaoeia irtnuu
:.wne guests of Mr.' and Mr. & T.
; IV tv Sunday. - ' :,' ,
ilra. W. . Dail has returned to her
homo after attending the wedding of
her granddaughter , in Jvashington,
V Mr. and Mrs. Willie Small and girls
are visiting relatives 3 in ths com
munity, i , , .'if
. ! Sfc Matt M. Spivey, Jr., has re
turned to Fort ' Belvoir; Va,, Army
hospital for , observation and treat
ment after spending the past 80 days
with, his father, M. M. Spivey.
Mrs. Leon White and boys and Mrs.
W D.' Ferry of Bethel visited Mrs. C.
JT. Raper last week.
J Mm. Marvin S. Simpson returned
home Thursday from : Norfolk after
; spending three weeks with Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Butt and children. ; .
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Chappell and
girls Jenifer and Nell spent the week
end in Norfolk. Mrs. Chappell and
girls remained over to spend the week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. King.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Simpson and
daughter Jacky. of Hampton, Va., and
Mr. and Mrs. C H. Simpson of Hert
ford-visited Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Raper
and Mrs. Marvin Simpson Friday af.
ternoon July 4th.
Mrs. Ida White visited Mrs. Lizzie
Capeiand Friday afternoon. '
Mrs. Luther Chappell and girls,
Doris Faye and Susie and W. P.
Chappell visited Mr. and Mrs. C. J.
Raper Sunday evening.
Miss Lois Violet Winslow visited
ay v.
:.h i
cold wr: :
The Young Pe: ' ' I;
"i of Burr t
- 'ourthoJ y$ i
. at Hertlird
i. j pickles ' cake and bc'.'.'
.are enjoyed ".by,t t;
luding some.visiL i. ; .
-9 School
v. idners,
i drinks
enty, in-
. 0.
. r i Mrs. T :
IZr. and I -
1 i.-nily and IZr. i II
- ill visited Ur. i i 1
..Jl Sunday P. IT. ;
C J. Raper, Mrs. L rrin i
r.,and Mrs. Luther C ; - , i
X'sye and Lassie made a k - " 1 1
to Edenton Monday morn-: -
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ayscue,1 Jr.,
daughter Jo were the guests c
and Mrs. Amur Uojeland 1 .2 .
week-end. . ,,.'-. .p-r-
Mrs. J. B. Basnight has returr.
her home after spending some, I
with her sister, Mrs. C. W. Ivel, r .
Elizabeth City, i 1 "
Miss Catherine Sawyer of No
was the house guest of Mrs. 1 ,
Copeland for the past week. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Layden spent tae
holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Sidney!
Uayden and Mr. and Mm Robert
HarrelL ' ' Vfi
Ooyd Nixon of the U. S. Nary has
returned to his ship after spending
the week-end with his mother, Mrs.
TJlHan Nirnn. , , i ' . .'
..j r. i...i -D.njinik T-.a IWihite . and two
n.nj u. ix7 n s.i week-end with Mr. ana urs. ,JU J.
VMUgUb W1U AUDI IT . ' VJ, ' .
(Norfolk visited Mr. and Mr J. B. Wfoslow. .
Rmmiirht m. th JVit1i f Jnlv. - V Mrs. Martha Young and two grand
; .r. a
foli vL.
Lt. on
fsome tii
SA T. C Perry, Jr., of r- Iriiwidge,
Mi. and his frienda, SA; SVorth Par-
ker of Fayetteve, and T.V At Ryon
of Wansan, Wis, wVo are at the pres
ent time in service at i-usi-iage, vis
ited in the T. C, Perry home a part of
last week. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Perry,
Jr., and friends enjoyed the Fourth at
Nags Head.'- ' ' ' .
(After a week's stay at tne -wnoao-dendren,"
Black Mountain, on their
return home. Mr. and Mr R. M.
dniidren spent tne
Waahinsrton. The lat days of the
Congress were very hectie ones. , As
usual, the appropriations bills were
the most important measures to be
put in final form before adjournment.
: rr. -.i . -5.. 'w .aa i Ti.loni
Mrs. LHlian Nixon and familv visit-1 children, Harmon antt;TOoyx loung. : r" " r jTS
o. v. :
-eV' -
J 0- sc .
31 - .
; i. .
; to L:-.ulation
" perquimaii s Lods, l,o. 11", ',
A A. M.; will meet Tix:.-y j-.'-t i
- V J '
ed relatives in Belhaven Saturday.
Miss Louise Wilson and Mrs. A. H.
Ross spent last Monday in Norfolk. '
Mrs. Irma Dorsey is visiting her
daughter and son-in-law in Ports
mouth this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Wilson of Cha
pel Hill were the week-end guests , of
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wil
son. ' ' . '-
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Brown and
family of Norfolk spent Thursday
with Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Onley. ;
Miss Juanita Patrick of Roper is
spending this week with Miss Mildred
Ann Lewis. "
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Darden of Hert-
For buying, building or remodeling a home,
of your own . . . there is no better way to fi
nance the cost than through our Building and
Loan Association. . 1 "'. .
This is our 28th year of serving the needs of
people of Hertford and Perquimans County. '
If you needmoney to finance repairs to your
home see our friendly loan officer about the
easy way offered through our monthly pay
ment plan.'.
Ibrtfcrd During & Loli Association
' A. W HEFREN, President .; v "(
MAX CAMPBELL, Secretary '
Mr. and , large stuns f money. - Congress did
.; appropriate . large sums, pvt not
of Orlando, Fla., are
After a week's stay at Quaker Lake; Jnruch as had been requested, fieveral
. ' . . . i - I Klllinn. nr.M MAtVi . A a4MAlin thA
Mrs.,! u. wmstow ana aaugnier,
Claire, Ann White ana Avis Winslow
returned home Saturday. ,
, Mrs. James 2. Shaw and daughter
of Mebane are spending some time
with her mother,. Mrs. Mamie AsbeU
and family. '' :. ' ' '"
W. T. Bmitii "Wderwent major
operation in a Richmond, Va., hospi
tal recently and is doing fairly well.
Mr. and ; Mrs.' Lloyd Wlnsldw and
family of Elizabeth City Route 3,
were Sunday visitors with the L S.
Winslow family.' ;:,'''';'0vr':' v"'
Miss Delma Anne Hurdle, . in com
pany with friends, ' enjoyed, the day
Sunday at -Nags Head,1. . I 'C-",;-'.;
- Tuesday dinner guests , of Mr. and
Mrs. T. C. Perry, Sr., were his sister,
Mrs. Annie Baker of El Paso, Texas,
and her daughter, Mrs. F. R. Cetti and
son Billy of hoenix, Ariaona, Mrs.
May Perry and brother, Elmer Miller,
of Winfall. Mrs. Winiam IWmalow
and little son Arba Clair of Whites-
ton were visitors during the day.
Mr, and Mrs. IF. ,G.- aoffler and
three children of Hobbeville were
Sunday' guests -of the J. W, Hurdle
Miss Erleen ChappeU,. daughter ol
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie G. Chappell, and
Jake White-, Jr of Hertford, were
united in marriage June 23rd at Ply
mouth. Immediately following their
mamaga they motored through south (
Carolina and spent several days at
Myrtle Beach. They are residing at
Hotel Hertford. ' 1 . v
, Going C. i " "
j Presider.t 'C. ; Irt week
' :d me as i ' rvftlie
n to repr- '. i ? '. -xmt
i a -Ung of t-9 I 'i.t-
j-7 ' at Cern, :.l I
. 3 this meetly jJut j. r t Ia-
' Jibul, Turkey, and it is a revc IL.j
ernerience to meet le"-...ors from
all of our civilized countries and to
understand their problems and have
iheni -understand ours in America.
It Is Possible that I may be able to
send back some ' comments for this
column at intervals, and many editors (read some of the pror.janda V rt I
have 'indicated that they desire that I been distributed against this bill. 1
I do so. For she present, though, this1. ' I did tea toes that efforts had be
A f ' t s of L!a fu.r..
stopped 1 it i r.,a Ce" C
They are t-r l cf te mtr fins t
izens W'i ; ii l"rLh Carolina
Greek bird v, t. . Jjrj.
Mr, . AJexiou t ' 2d me about t'
iew immigr.-ion .law and I told f
of the great mi. ----ntatIjns mf
about that law. I t' ' Jc he v- t
pnsea w learn x.i t.e c"
Greek Immigrants had not L
turbed and that there n r- ':
the law affecting the good 1 "
any race or nationality. Ha I. 1
du' ;ous of the law beer i hs
a r
Hertford Beach
4 Miles South of Hertford-Harvey Point Read
billions were cut from the amount the
President requested, ' '
It Is difficult for a member of Con
gress to Judge how far be should Co
in approving or disapproving an ap
propriation.' For the : most part, ' I
voted to cut expenditures, but I.r:re
were a few instances in which 'I voted
for increases (but they amounted to
very little. . ,
I felt that we must reduce govern
ment expenditures and I tried to, vote
BccDiuuiKijr, jou ibsc ween laereerc
two appropriations which i supported
in full, for I thought they were( ab
solutely justified. . -, . '
.' Here's what was involved:
In connection with the defense Vf-
fort . certain P areas have undrr ', -e
sharp increases in population. In c,r
own. . state, for example, there f e
Cherry Point, Camp Lejeune. X I
mington, Fort Bragg and others. IV. .Ji
the .added population in these cmV
munities, a problem arises wi;h !'l
sharp Increase in the number (1 1 .l-
dren thrust upon the public B-hoo'.j.
: luongrees had previouoy prom.csd
the local school officials that they
could expect help in financing school
construction. Therefore) ' I voted ia
favor of the 171 million appropriation
which had been cut out of the appro
priations bill by the committee. When
the -committee s attention was called
will be the last of the regular weekly
columns unless I have an opportun
ity to make a few notes during the
Democratic convention at Chicago
which would be of interest to you. ;
I am ?most grateful to the many
newspapers all over North Carolina
which have made possible the oppor
tunity for me to discuss my views on
matters that ' have come . before-the
Congress.' I have frequently found
that when citizens understand the
facts, they thoroughly appreciate the
made and would continue to be ms
to keep out of America those v
would come here to Join subvert
elements elements which seem t
Upon destroying the American sysL
of government and economy. . : ,
if I was glad, to see Mr. Alexious t
bis family, and was happy to
(the chance to explain the real cc
tents of the immigration bill.
f-trr 'i'i'v. v,A'
11' BEGr; RACS
Oasses: AU, BU, CU, A-B Stock Hydro
and Free For Ail
' Beautiful Trophies Awarded For - w
' : , 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place yinners
p. "-J- p-.4V 1, t ri'- - '
If .
Mrs. Billv Jones of Hobbsville
spent tbe week-end with lor. and Mrs.
Rex Jones, Sr. ' . , '
Walter Umphlett, Jr., of BCTC Col
lege and Zeb Whitford of ECTC spent
the week-end with Walter, ira par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Umphlett,
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Winslow and son
Dan spent the week-end at their cot
tage at Nags Head. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Opal White of Bal
timore!- Md., are - visiting relatives
here. '
Miss Kay White Stanton is spend
ing some time in Portsmouth, Va. .
Mr. and ; Mrs. Jack Rasco of Bath,
S. C, have returned home after spend
ing . some time with ' Mrs. Rasco's
parentaJMr and Mrs, C.D.. White. ;
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stanton, Sr.,
spent last Thursday in Edenton visit
ing their daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Harrell. " ' ' s
Mr., and Mrs. E. B. Hollowell and
John Eure visited Mr. Holloweill's sis
ter, Mrs. E.. -W.; Wiuttby, Sunday in
Tb Rev, and Mrs. Herbert M. Jami
son, Herbie and Susan spent Fourth
of July at Jamestown, Va.. and WAf
liainsburg. . They enjoyed the pageant
I'The Common Glory" also before re
turning home. . ".." 'V;r;.i
Services are being held nightly at
S o'clock at ..Woodland Church this
week with te Rev. D. J, Reid. pastor
of City ; Road Methodist Church in
Elizabeth . City . doing; the , preaching, i
Services close on Friday night of this
Mrs. Charlie Umphlett and c? Idren
are spending 'this week at the cot-
tc-a at Kitty'Hawk.
, Thoma E. Umphlett of Wake For-o-t
.CclIcje. spent the holidy r-'JA
LUt f -rents, Mr. and Mrs. C, J. I aph
rX x -'' Si v
Cs Fatty Baker spent sever 1 days
l;iv . "iatNs-'sHead. :
rYtrJCVUley and cLi:.Va of
Portsm th spent last Wednesday v li
tZn. r. -'sV-Servr-t. Jas -J-ton
-i 1 Lvrille I 'Ate.
" ' ' -n, LZf ' tii
' ' "V fert tv 1
L'r. 1 1 1. E. C. ri. 'y f
cf Lf ',N.Y.3t
' 9 1- r 1 r. tn L.n. ' ,
to the need for this money, niost if
not all of the committee members
agreed that those items should be put
back in the bilL The government's
defense program had created the dif
ficulty and I felt it was the responsi
bility of the Congress to help tbe local
communities with the burden which
we had, in effect, placed upon them.
' st' Dick Russell -w- -'
Senator Ruseell continues to 'make
progress in . bis Campaign for tbe
Presidency, and it appears that he
now has a real chance depending, of
course, upon (be outcome of many fac
tors at the Chicago convention. .
More and more people are realizing:
that Senator Russell is recognised as
the most able man of all those men-
'f ';idd oonttincUoa assuzas'
1 you U batter mowingt ... at tartar
sp . lot ore ysa wiu a joi,
et:o.9Mowaz. , ..--
easy fc'. ; .'
Ati pewst ahaK V .dittrta.a cntiw
r fc take ftp Ud . i 1. saWy laieass n
1. . ... mmmb n.ninn
IUBZ W ,t , T1'1 . l
Ua ; . '. kad Ughxade Uari7 !
axe lbs iaararas mat sawgnara
, 8 aadrttcs spksep costs.
1 Company, Inc. : .
1950 Plymouth 2-Door
1950 Plymouth .
(Club .Coupe) 4;
1949 Chevrolet, 2-Door
1949 Chrysler, Sedan
194$ Chevrolet, Sedan
195Q Chrysler 4-Dopri
1948 Ford, 4-Door '
1946 Ford, 2-Door
; ' 1950 Chevrolet 1 ,
v ! aubCcups y
1949 Fcrd, fed.;'
1951 Plymoutli
1942 Pdntiac 2-Door
c I
f . i " With the canning: cc"cn - at
? - J hand, you cah b3 sure of r, .::t
' r job whan you 4 uco cvr " ;
our hre stock itc:.i:,
' " : Eirr :tmE -c: rr i - c
;- : .: . .' : . - (i-;U-
p - - J
1 r- ' X
f -1 4 T
. -v.

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