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TTTS Jrr"AAN3 WEEX.VI. ET'tTFOItD, N. Q, I " VY, AUCUTT ?2, 1652.
heeo e? ej- fc:;:3
With Uncle Walt
I been readln tight modi here lately (her from gittin too fat Soon as them
about this new disease they are tryin pigs come though 111 start givin her
to keep our. hogs in North Carolina a little more feed. t
from gittin. Seems from what I can I ' I started to sell old Janie not so
gather, they've put an embargo or long ago. Hog prices was gittin so
somethin on hogs here. You probably cheap til it looked like I couldn't
know what they're talidn about I'm afford to keep her and raise another
afraid though I don't quite git it bunch of pigs. George Masters hap-
It seems that some nogs in outer .pened to stop oy tne oay i was iuun
parts of the country have got some
thin which is causin the fellers who
look after such things right much
worry. Lord knows, I cant tell you
what the name of the stuff is. They
called it somethin and I reckon they
to carry her to market and talked me
out of it though. I been aimin to
thank Old George for that ever since
then but I jest ain't got ' around to
Looks like my pigs will be connin
know how to pronounce it but they off at a pretty good time. I figger
never learned this old codger anything
like that in school,
I dont know how hogs look when
they git whatever that stuff is. They
must not look like anythin much for
long, 'cause I . understand that they
aorta lay down and die pretty soon
after they git it. Whatever it is.
they say they ain't no danger of hu
man beins a gittin it That's one
worry out of the way, but there's old
Janie, my Poland China sow, who's
jest as apt to git it as any hog is.
if they come when they're due, they'll
toe, ready at a time when the market
oughta be pretty good. I've been
hittin it pretty lucky on the other
bunches I've raised, but they's always
a first time for anything. Prices ain't
been too bad at all for, the past few
weeks. Practically all the markets
are payirt from 22.00 to 22.50. I'd
like to have several nice shoats to
sell along now. Maybe then me and
the old lady might be able to take a
little trip before the summer's over.
They ain't but .one thing that wor-
J&nie's due to drop us another bunch !
of pigs in about three more weeks and ries me about my pigs that's on the
I'd hate for anything to happen to I way. I ain't sure yet what I'm gon-
too add throwed more' ..- to it
than I've ever been tall , doin
before. If we'd of jest i ii i rains,
I believe I'd of made twice more corn
to-the acre than I've ever made be
fore. I'll make a little bit yet, 'cause
it aint completely gone. But I wont
make near enough to feed out no big
bunch of pigs like old Janie usually
brings. Guess I'll jest have to sell
some of 'em , and keep what I feel
like 111 have enough feed to take
care of. I can't forgit about my old
mules 'cause they like corn too.
1 did plant me three acres of this
milo this year. ; It's the first I'd
ever planted and to tell the truth I'd
never heard of the stuff until last
year. My county agent talked me into
it and I'm glad he did too, 'cause that
stuff didn't hurt none hardly during
that dry weather. . I don't have no
idea how much, itll turn, out when
it gits ready to cut but whatever it
yields, it'll come in mighty handy this
They say a lot of farmers ia bavin
good luck a keepin their hogs on per
manent pasture. I hear that it cuts
down on their feed bill, right much
and it i a right good practice for
keepin down disases too. I'm gonna
aiscuss tftis with some oi toe ex
perts and if they say it's so I aim to
fix a good pasture this fall for mv
hogs. 4 ' '
for yourself a place. Don't be a
grouch. , ' ; '
I - ' Sooner or Later ; , ,
"I'm telling you for the last time
mat you can't suss me."
"Fine. I knew von wodM wAnlran
sooner or later."
When men give up saying what is
charming, they give up thinking what
is cnarming. Oscar Wilde.
Production Of Wool '
Is Above Last Year
The auantHiv f wool nbnrn and fn
be shorn in North Carolina tMa vmf
is estimated at 209.000 sounds, accrmt.
ing to a report issued by the State
Federal Crop Reporting Service. This
is 18,000 pounds above production in
1951 and 8,000 pounds more than the
10-year average wool production for
the State. ' '
The total Unf ad rto. i nl
for J952 is estimated t 229,750,00
pounds 4 million pour, 'j or 2 per cent
more man was snom Ingt year but
about 23 per cent below the 1941-50
average. N ;
Anv church that IivM
iteadhna disresnect for nfn ia a.
not agree with that particular relig-
wn. creates a cancerous situation in
human affairs. ;-,
" fContinneif from Pan Savant
David to become Icinsr f all Iaraal
capital to Jerusalem, where he made
re no only the seat , of government
but also the center of the religious
me or nis people. i ; : i
(These OommentsWea i haaMt nn
CODVriirhted nntltnnc rmutrwuA tv
Division of Christian Education Nat.
. in, ... T jional Council of the Churches of
Ace, like distance, luiida a Am.ku it, w-,a .. j v .
charm. Oliver Wendel Bo Iniml miarinn 1 . ,
; ""l'"-' .,MyyWWM.M..,Jww-nnni1r,nj.j;tlAluu.'
1 " aaawaajaaaaaaa.
her now. She's been eatm and actin
all right so I don't spect they's nothin
wrong with her. I been feedin her
sorta light here lately a tryin to keep
na use to feed 'em. My corn crops
mighty sorry this time. That dry
weather jest in a manner ruined it
I planted this hybrid seed this year
v::w;-k-x . , i, vara
gef along WDtwerfuIfy
with rny throat.
Cmk mildness when
Tm making a picfurc!"
don't know what to do. Don't be a
If it is hard for vou to take it on
the chin.- Just look no and trrin.
Don't be a grouch.
'If you have lost all you had. Just
begin again. Don't be a grouch.
If . you have been knocked down.
Just get up without a frown. Dont
be a groucn. r
it nobodv lends vou & helnina- hand.
Just get up and stand. , Don't be a
croucn. . .
If the other fellow naagea van hv
just noid your head high. Don't be
a grouch.
If the other fellow rides. And vou
are forced to walk..- Don't be t.
If in your hardest test Yon hav
done your best Don't be a grouch.
If People sav vou cant come asrain.
Just wade right in. Dont be a grouch.
U the nisrht is dark. : And von ha
no place to nark. Don't he a crouch.
If you can't be first. ; Don't be last
Don't be a grouch. .
If the road is long. -. And nobody
(rives VoU a lift . Don't ha a omnrh. .
If you can't understand. No matter
now. - ixin t be a groucn.
If somebodv does you wronar. Just
move along. Don't be a grouch.
If vou cant succeed. Yon ean trv
m " r
again. Don't be a groucn.
If you want to quit Just hold on
a bit Don't be a ornuch.
If you never win. Don't Rive in.
wont die a groucn.
t If the way is crowded. Just make
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1 flows smoothly end
evenly wider etvah,
J leevina no laDt or
bfbtU morkt. Works
y C
equoKy welt with mod
em roller coalers. .
Drht Quickly
Dries to touch h lour hours and dries T
hard ovemJghi It takes leu effort, less i
work to apply toy,, timet - w.
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j washes off readily wing regular point cleaners.'
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ooo-ei -I L oooMsn t'l ,

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