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Savings' Drive : WiL
Start Setembsr 1(5
. J. C. Cowan, Jr., Industrial Chair
' man for the U. & Defense Bonds
. Committee of North Carolina, will
head ' state-wide Payroll Savings
Drive this "fall. ; Thia announcement
was made today by W. H. Neal, Vol
unteer State Chairman of the Defense
Bonds Program in , North Carolina.
Mr. Cowan, widely known as an ln-
dustrial leader throughout the state
' and nation is President of Burlington
Mills Corporation main office in
Greensboro." North Carolina, f .
'The Drive headed by Mr. Cowan will
begin September 10th and end De
comber 15th. The Drive will official
ly open At a dinner meeting in Gaa
tonia sponsored by the Gaston Coun
' ty Defense Bonds Committee of which
Charles D. Gray of Gastonia is Chair-
' Industries throughout the state will
be asked to acquaint employees with
recent improvements in Series E De
fense Bonds. ' The Goal for the 1952
industrial drive is 20,000 additional
'employees enrolled in the Payroll
Savings Plan, '
- In additiaji to being an outstanding
leader in tm textile field, Mr. Cowan
1947 Plymouth, Coupe
1946 Chevrolet, Coach
1949 Chevrolet, 4-Door
1940 Ford, Pick-up
1950 Chrysler 4 poor
1939 Chevrolet, Coach
1947Pontiac, 2-Door
1941 Chevrolet, Sedan
1952 Ohevrolet, Pickup
1949 Plymouth, 4-Door
is an active Methodist layman and is
now serving on the Board of itewaroa
of the West MarKet Jttreei viruren m
nnaKnm. and nn the Board of Trus-
tees of Greensboro . College. He was
a member of the Executive Board of
the General Council of Boy scouts
and a member of the Greensboro
Board of Education. Cowan was Dorn
in Rutherfordtf n, North Carolina, at
tended local public schools and gradj
uated. from the University tof North
Carolina in 1921. Leaving school,
after graduation, he Joined the Stone
cutter Mills at Spindale. Cowan left
Stonecutter Mills in 1931 and was
made superintendent of the Ossipee
Weaving Plant located near Burling
ton. In 1935 Cowan moved to the
executive offices of Burlington-Mills
in Greensboro, and a year late was
elected a director of the company, and
the following year was placed in
charge of overall manufacturing op-1
arHnna. Tn 1947 Mr. Cowan was1
chosen company President and now
has charge of 74 plants, employing
32,000 employees. These plants are
distributed among 44 communities in
8 states and 4 foreign countries.
Forty-four of Burlington Mills plants
mnlo vine annroximately 17,000 "peo
ple are in North Carolina.
Mr. Neal stated that "because Mr.
Cowan's deep interest in improving
the economic standards of the in
dustrial employees of his company
Burlington Mills has become one of
the leading firms throughout the
state and nation in encouraging em
ployees to save through the Payroll
Savings Plan. In 1951 the peak par
ticipation of employees of Burlington-Mills
in the Payroll Savimgs Plan
throughout the whole corporation was
over 60 per cent During the year
of 1951 and in the first quarter of
1952 Burlington-MiUs employees
bought one and a half million dollars
in U. S. Defense Bonds. . Uflr. cowan's
complete familiarity with the response
to the Payroll Savings Plan in his own
company guarantees success of the
1952 Industrial Drive." -:-y
Mr. Neal said that the Defense Dtv
partment has released 19-year-old
Corporal Jerry K. Crump to tour the
state following the kick-off meeting
in Gastonia on Setpember 10. i. Cor
poral Crump, from Forest City, is the
nni NnrMi Carolinian to receive the
Congressional Medal of Honor during
the Korean War. Corporal Crump will
spend 6 weeks touring the state ap
pearing before civic clubs and visiting
industrial plants wnicn operate a
Payroll Savings Plan. IAt the con
clusion of his tour of the state Cor
poral Crump will participate in the
nnoniTi (rHflv PTP.mistM of tilA North
Carolina State Fair in Raleigh on
ucwoer x, .
Mm. Walton Lane entertained a
number of friends Monday afternoon
complimentary to her daughter, Ann,
who was celebrating her tenth birth
day. ' v. ' , '
Games and contests were enjoyed
with Margaret Williams, J. D. Hol
lowell, Clay Stokes, Diane Hollowell,
Klloria Riddick. Nancv . Lane. Ann
Lane and Elsie Mae Hollowell winning
Ann " was ' the rec ,t t viz j
beautiful and useful girts a ' Ve!.e
orned and acknowledged. , . . '
The dining room table wps cente
ed with a birthday cake lighted I
' The hostess served nuts, ice creamy
cookies and doughnuts ant also birlli1
d -y cake. " t
' With fire loss in life and "property,
vhnn mAiuured tn dollars, at. an au-
tim . his4t. an' ' aroused: nation this
tnnnfh fceran 'to orranizA intensive
safety campaigns to be carried out
in 10,000 communities during Fire
Prevention Week, October 5-11. '. :
BAarheadiiur the movement are
municipal officials, fire .departments.
civic and educational groups, scnooig,
churches, the fire protection and pup
lie service1 organizations of the in
surance industry, and various oiner
voluntary agencies. ' IA11 participate,
in Mnrait.,"tiirou0h local fire safety
committees, which assume the respon
sibility, - of ' the week-long campaign
without duplication of overlapping of
individual or group effort.
"The activities of these fire safety
committees are numerous. Outstand
ing are those promoted by the local
fire departments, schools, civic and
trade groups. Here are a few ex
amples: , V1 . " '
" 1. Fire departments in many com
munities conduct home and building
inspections that result in correction
of fire Jhasarda. . .'
2. Schools, through their atoinis
tration and faculty, encourage safety
education. r! - 1 , " ,
a dvic and 'trade frouTts direct
public attention to the need for .great-., safety. '. -
(W FMra Prevention Week cam
paign has teen successfully urriedj
Out, the community's long range pro- '
gram is usually set in motion with
the following results: - v i : ; r
1. Better building construction, op-;
eration ana prwvecuuu. - h -
2. Better fire safety laws and law
enforcement. . ". .
3. Better fire prevention education.
4. Better fire fighting services.
R. IBefctAT research, esueciallv in the
means and methods of protecting lives.
The National Board or aire unaer
writers, long a leader in Fire Pre
vention Week activities, already has
di'tftributed am its share in the coming
campaign aulHons of fire safety post
ers, leaflets, educational AooKiets, in
spection blanks and stickers. ,
On everv Sandav after the first
Sunday in the month (every month's
first Sunday having the second mass
in Windsor. N. C. Theatre at 9 A. M.,
EST) he Most Holy Sacrifice of the
Mass will be offered at 7 and v A.
DST in Marine Landing Field Chapel,
near Edenton. and at 11 A. M.. EST.,
in St 'Ann's Catholic Church, Eden
ton, each including sermon, Holy Com
munion, followed by Rosary for Peace,
Sunday School, Mass Servers' Prac
tice, with confessions for half hour
Wo services, stated Father F. J.
utjnjnb oiiiliiinr Minnliiin KnA TlftA-
Itor.' who invites everybody to all ser-1.
(vices. - ,
Week-days at 7 A. M., EST: Mass,
Communion, .Rosary in Edenton
Church. -
I . 4 v
iFire - 'Vev..
nation- oUiervance, ;
: ed years ago in'the ' . i.,
- There .many: communis
year conducted special "deia-up"'
' As a result of these cove--J ts
there were fewer Tires axl 1 a
those communities began rcjw t
ring to their "clean-up day, as
Fire Prevention Day. ' , v' ;
:. As the years went by most com-'
, munities began'' observing lire
Prevention Day ; on j Octclc 9,-,
the anniversary of the Great Chi
cago Fire of 1871, Thus it cms
about that in 1911, tt governors
issued proclamations calling for '
state-wide observance of Fire
Prevention Day. Nine years later
President Wilson issued the first .
national f Fire Prevention Week
proclamation. This year "marks
the week's 33rd national observ
ance. '
Graham Mathews of EaiJmore has
returned nome arr voting nis Dro-
Iher, Howard Jaatnews. .
IZr. and Mrs. Tom Collins spent
' e week-end. with Kr. and'Mrs. Win
n Lane. ' , x
1'incy Lane wb - the house guest
' -rianda I ou Co: ;rew last week. -'
Kandu'-i'i 1 s rfrned to his
ttuma in Norfolk, ., r r rending
the summer with 11 - i aunt,
Mr, and Mrs. J. B." Basni6..v. : ;
' Mr. ahd Mrs. Roy Stallings and
family spent Shnday with Mr. and
Mrs.' Irvin Whidbee.
, Joe, Seth, ' Seth Spivey, Jr., and
Donald Spivey of Richmond were
week-end guests of Mr and Mrs. How-
s k -i CLiy SwL 3
r r r' lt with Ann Lar
I i :,a v. .... e is spending t!.
wt . - a r. "uJvcfl in Norfolk. 1
1. 5 . ;s II. D. C members arJ
fmilies es.joyed a fish fry at Hert
ford Eearh 7ednesday. . . . . - ; ' , ;
- Learning Young
Little Nicky, 5 years old, was walk
ing along the street with little Joan, ,
4. As they were about to cross the
Street, Nicky remembered his motJi-j
eis' teaching. ' ..
"Let me hold your hand," he of .
f ered valiantly.
'"Okay," exclaimed little Joan, "but
I -want you to know you're playing;
with fire." , . .
s 1 wv;--V':-'!
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tuttle and Mr
and Mrs. Bogus and children of Eliz
abeth City visited Mr. and Mrs. Sam
taie Riddick, Sunday afternoon. '
Mr. and Mrs. John Q. A. Riddick
and Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Layden and
sons of Hobbsville, and Mr. and -Mrs.
Elliott Layden 'and son, Billy, of
Hertford, visited Mr. and Mrs. Archie
Riddick and children, Steve and Nan
cy, Sunday. ; ' -
Mmm Svhle Winalow nf WAshinv.
ton'D. C, spent the week-end . with
ner parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. Junther
Winslow. v "iV'
Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Ida
Winslow and family were: Mr'and
Mrs. A; P. Winslow and Donald Win.
low and Mr. and Mrs. C E. Winslow
and son, Johnnie, of Norfolk, Mri and
Mrs. Leslie Hobbs of Seaboard; Miss
PegKV Hobbs of Suffolk. Mr nni Mm
Linwood Hobbs and son, Charlie Cal
vin and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ttnnrh n.f
Hobbsville, and Miss Marie Rountree. 1
jar. and Mrs. Harold JUassiter and
daughters, Carol and Nancy, of Nor.
folk, Va., . spent the week-end with
their parent Mrs. Verna Winslow,
and Mr. and Mrs. John Lassiter. -
Mrs. Roy Lane and sons, Jessie Ray
and . Billy of Florida returned home
after visiting her sister and brother,
Miss Lena Winslow and v Braining
iWinslow.- -,; , . - - .
Mr. and Mrs, Fred Upton and chil
dren, Freddie and Susan, of Wash
ington, D. C, spent tiie week-end with
her parents. Mr. and.. Mm. TL TtahA
White. " , , ,,
Miss Geraldinei Stallinga left for
Raleigh Tuesday where she will' ati
tend the Blind School. , y j
Miss Pearl White has returned home
from a trip to England. ? " . r ;,
" The tax books, for payment of 1952 taxes on
real and personal property, for the white tax
, payers of the Town of Hertford, are nowopen;s
Please come forward and make settlement
for your 1952 taxes. ,
y'r Clerk for the Town of Hertford
To Repair Your Property
Before Winter Weathers Arrives
it-'- 5-V Galvanized Roofing in 7-8-10 and 12 ft. jith. ;
Asbestos Siding Sheet Rock,
ic Composition Shingles Tile Board.
RoH Tar Paper Roofing Windows
' , Doors - Plywood -Mascniite; -
4r Nails of All bizes. - -. -
If you are in need of a good
used refrigerator, see this one!
Hertford ' Hardware
& Supply Company
A U , V O
. .liiiraA hil
The opening of school, is a good time for
"all of us to reconsider the importance of
driving a safe carl Brakes, isteering,
lights, horn and windshield wipers in per
" feet condition, are essential to preventing
To be sure that your, car's safety equip-
-ment is in pertect wormng oraer, oe sure
that master mechanics inspect themine
chanics such as. oursl- Drive upright
If, .r-n 'rm
l( i v.r:r, .
- Seedbed maldng , . ? tTaiij V . . fcr
. . . cultivating . . . wh&brir yzxtdl ct tJt
Job, you'll find the lJLx J.z1Zr tidy
eU up (La work, ud I.j .J c ! c3 t-.l ,J
rl mala your poet:" - : f C.J tr
tow cu!7&Ua7 w L.l j i b L") Ci'
, wkeel ar.i pove to ; ; c i t!L!l' l
tsiterr - ;1iC.3r -
. J pu
TottH erca it by c.
2i exiTsnrja a every ttctzt . . . ex- ,
ctllcriivlaw ci tLs work . -. . esry steering and
Cdc!c J!;i . -. bus forward cpoeds . . . and -t.J
r c:; -1. tzdt cl A &ere is "
ttT:ii T ' i r.:r Tcuch-o-matio hy. .
i ic: .ICtczillcsyou.wilhatouc!!
t yin ! i t rL:3 cr bwtr.ri ca bci
i 5 t " t, cr cllrr sL!i viJlu. ,
C. 3 Li cz. d Lx a kt9 d:r:c-t-5a.

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