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llzsy Netf Facc3 To Ap-
vzzr In Lir.c-p Of
The Indians of Perquimans High
i&hool will open .their 1961 football
season her Friday night in a game
tfgmnot Jamesrolle. Game tune has
n set foresight o'clock. "
This will be the first of an" eleven
me schedule to be played by., the
-re of Coach EUJe Fearing.;1' On
-xt Friday night h-Indians - will
.aeet the strong Greenville team here
on Memorial Field.. : , ;'
Many.iiew faces will appear in lie
Indian lineup this season) according to
. Coach Fearing, who has been holding
practice sessions tor the local- team
ince August 18. The squad is made
up of 34 players, moat of whom are
expected to see action in the opening
here tonight..""; '-.'-ti
" ,Ve will be fceayy. but inexperienc-
r " " was the retort of Fearing when
ed about " the ' prospects for the
a Most of th players are fresh
men and sophomores and will lack the
experience actual game play gives
them.' " '
. Thft jit sirt.iruf : nffnnanvA Ifnonn tnv
the JamesviHe game was released
by Coach' 'Fearing as follows: ends,
D. A. Carver and Richard Mathews;
tackles. Pete Mathews and Steve Per
ry: guards, Cliff Towe and Paul Mat
hews; center, Daryl Allen; - (backs,
John Moms, Howard Williams, Vern
on White and Eddie Overton.
Perry and . Mathews are veteran
linesmen, carried over from last year's
team and they are expected to be the
backbone -of the-forward wall, while
Johnny Morris and Howard .Williams,
regular backs from 1951 wiH spear
head the offensive attack for the Indians.-
The newcomers in the lineup are
all giving fine accounts for them
selves and the strength of the local
eleven is expected to increase- as (he
season progresses., : . ,
- mil
:"' The state's school bus 'transporta
tion program is going to receive more ,
attention from the Highway Patrol i
according to a directive from the pa-
trol's commanding officer, Col. ,W.'B.
. Col. Lents isaid today, certain "new
steps to insure the, safety of children
MJlMMiAMTiAnl Itl-lAnd rAst a' 4.VnmA
effective immediately. 'A more com
prehensive inapectioii of, every school
bus, with permanent "records on the
.vehicle's condition, will be set up Col.
Lenta jaid. A regular monthly check
will be made by a highway patrolman
and a copy of his report will Je filed
with patrol headquarterti, the county
superintendent and the chief mechanic.
"Inspection of school buses by patrol
men isn't new," Col. Lentz remarked,
S4L ..1 1. . 9 , ni .
. -Tfinr Tivsk' innww nn un 1 1 nA-mrmA no.
www VV . "wpwinvH 'TV WXJI . kaTAV .
tailed henceforth,"
In addition to more comprehensive
inspections, Col. Lentz said a patrol
man wQl accompan yeach school bus
driver, on his regular route at least
once during the school year. During
that time the officer will observe the
.driver's habits and skiU at the wheel.
He will make . notes of potentially dan
gerous road conditions such as blind
curves, - intersections and shrubbery
along the shoulders. CoL Lentz indi
cated that the-St-te Highway Com
mission would cooperate in removing
or altering any particularly hazardous
condition. -J -. , .
. The accompanying' patrolman will
t' o make special ci ' 1b on fcri 'j9s,
and will observe trt" c f-ma and
JocIIng points along ia baa route.
Col. Lertz said tl
t'-n 3 had been ma-da t
3 eo ros
1 four stops per n.. 3 1
"t t ool
-, su d t
tn oc.
1, 1 1 T
1 .
-nal.meellng wih
i time they would
T measures, re
' 1 five attention
Li t:
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ft .. :n ft . 1
i i. ....iSt l..aW l-.-J
Profitable Ffchfcs
was a profitable fishing trip
for Johnnie Edward White, Negro
youth who "works . for - the Hertford
Livestock and Supply Company. :
On Monday, evening of last week,
Johnnie decided to go fishing, , and
walked down to Walter's bridge on the
Harvey Point road. After sometime
fishing but catching nothing' but some
exercise Johnnie ?hooked" a 10-pound
turtle siid decided that was for supper.
Taking the turtle home Johnnie pro
ceeded to dean the reptile and while
In this act he found an Edenton High
school class wg on which were in
scribed the Initials E. M. &, in the
stomach r the turtle. V
In tailing his employers of finding
the ring word reached. E. M. Spruill
of Edenton, the .youth who had lost
the Ting only that Monday morning
wjwti xuiiung near ne same spot, ana
young Spruill V came to Hertford.
found Johnnie and retrieved his class'
ring. Johnnie got a two dollar re
ward for finding and returning the
ring to its owner.
Probes Case
Found In ncubsry
lading IL'd. Tues.
Clifton BricBiouee,. a Negro youth
of Hertford, was bound over for ac
tion by the grand. Jury at the Octo
ber term of . Perquimans ; .Superior
uourt, louowing a hearing conducted
in Recorder's Court last - Tuesday.
Brickhouse- is charged .with robbery
of George Boyce. Leslie (Wilson, Jr.,
a co-defendant in the hearing in Re
corder's Court was released at lie
conclusion of -the evidence presented
by the State. Boyce testified he
drove to New Town section of Hert
ford late . Monday night and called
Wilson to his truck,' then,; gave Wil
W1T$ Jarftway.Jdni tfBoyesX ateer
ana one- ior wuson if he wanted it
Following - this, Boyce, testified, a
number of other - colored 1 men ap
proached him and said thev wanted
a dollar, too. A scuffle followed dur
ing which, Boyce testified, his wallet
was torn in half and $55 was taken
from him,
Other cases- heard at this week's
session of Recorder's' Court includ-
ed those- in which Carl Mazza, Jean
I Kogers and Prank Harris entered
Pleas or guilty to. charges of speedl
ing and paid the costs of court. A
fine of $10 and costs were taxed
against William Taylor for speeding
and a $25 fine and costs were assess
ed against John Daniels on a speed
ing charge. :. .. v ,;'
Vernon Wiggins and Joseph Pel
ton, both Negroes,.ubmitted to charg
es of speeding in, the town of Hert
ford and paid the costs of court. 7
A verdict of guilty was returned in
a case in which Thomas Riddiek,
Negro.'was charged with assault, on
two counts. Prayer for judgment was
continued on the . first count and a
fine of - $10 and'coste were taxed
against Riddick on the Second count.
'Norman Mead submitted ' to a
charge of passing a vehicle in a no
pass zone and paid the cost of court.
Armie Goodwin, Negro,' was found
guilty of being drunk on the streets
of Hertford. ' , She was sentenced to
Jail for 80 days, sentence to be sus
pended, on- payment -of a fine of 10
and costs of court. . f- , ....
Marshal Taylor, Negro, entered a
plea of guilty to a charge of driving
without a license and paid a fine of
$25 and costs of court.- - ' ' -fc:
Joseph Gilliam, JJerro, was" taxed
wi th the costs of con. on a charge
of diving with ia-rrrrer Uhia.
A $2 fine and cf court were
paid by Howard Kdd, Ncro, who en
tered a plea of guilty to being drunk
on the streets of Hartford.
Buck Biinn sulnnid tn rluw.
of failing to dim his lights and paid
th costs of court . -
JuUan Cameron was taxed wfth'ths
couit costs on a charge of passing a
vehicle on a curve.
Marion Owens submitted' v to a
charge of f!Uj;T to observe a stop
s-l. and prfd the -court costs.
.Clifford Winslow was taxed --yrh
t -a cocs of co'srt after- pleading guil
ty to driving a truck without clear
' - lVs. '
I Nc-ro, was taxed
1 t' e court costs on a ctarse of
' 1 i w""e taxed, s "
.- ' ;t IL'i.C ... -1,
.-3 of tf living ovtr-
IUtllJU.,il.V.. J
luSting Ibt t:i
Services Of Chemist To
Be Sought By Board
Of Commissioners' -
Cnmmisairtiumi ' tor itViA TVmon- of
Hertford, meeting in regular session
session last Monday night, considered
A TlII-nTiM" f tMiuU-Am kwnfl4i4-. nil AH
tha no-enHn lA-ft-ot. nmriA rfigcuaninn tit
me towns current; water prooiem, uie.
. . ... ..... . Jill
opinion was expressed the Board take
atftDfl fn moim th nerviAsil of a chem
ist as -a fuH. time employee of the
iect. it was Pointed out that due to
the employment situation it may re-
n 111 re some tim oetorn tia Hoard win
be able to locate and secure the ser
vices of a qualified chemist '-'2 -
posal that 'Mayor V. N. Darden con
tinue to seek the services of a chemW
for the town. , -Another
discussion, held during" the
meeting, proposed the Town purchase
a motor vehicle for the use of garbage
and trash coJlectiona within tha tnwn.
and to repair the town's water tanks;
funds for this Purpose to come from
the sale of a government bond, now
in surplus funds. Definite action An
these matters were - not taken, but
Mayor uarden advised the Board that
S firm has been contacted foVnnut fcnro
next spring to inspect and repair the
water; tanks. Also included in pro
posed improvements to the town was
that curbs and gutters be construct
ed on Dobb Street
The purchase of a truck for use
in garbage and trash collections has
been discussed in prior meetings of
the Town Hoard hat df initA iwtinn fn.
ward this purchase ha not been tak
en. ... i;-';i-..:-.:.'.,.,:r',' -
The Board authorized i3ia
building to be insured for the amount
of $16,000, with each of the town's.
lour insurance Iirms sharing In the
writing of this -insurance policy. ; ? --
Mayor iDarden was knthnrir.ivl n
employ a Janitor for the new buildingi
wnicn ia expecieato e occupied som
um the latter part of next week.
h.lLI rdilliJi
G!d Age Chacks To
State In October
Old-asre and Survivors TnsurftTKv
i checks mailed September 3 were the
last under the old rates of payment,
according to J. A. Morrison, manager
of the Norfolk Social Security of
fice. Payments due to the same peo
ple early in October will amount to
about $300,000 in this area.
'A a result of Aarwea mafa in fJin
Social Security law in July, nearly
everyone receiving uid-age and Sur
vivors. Insurance benefits will get
hltrhef payments.-' Moat retired wnrlr.
ers will receive, increases from $5 to
$8.60. Increases for dependents and
survivors will be less than those for
retired workers. In most cases, these
increases will be about $2 to $5.
, . . . .
.um ai. wpwu :jnnui-
ed out that a retired insured worker
whose August payment , mailed this
week is $40, based on earnings receiv-
ea since .isae. will ;get a SSeptember
payment of ?; a. worker; who got
9oo.50 in the current chAoV will rafc
r 0 e I
JUr. Morrwrm aadd ftKat tf. will unit. I
be necessary for persons now getting
vm-age ana survivors Insurance pay-
merits to contact the Social Security I
office to set thrt irwreaaeaL Tho ehivba
they will receive early in October will
automatically (, carry the : increased
amounts. , ; '..
Q1l'.zzt3 Installed
Ey Lccd . Auxiliary
Ncv officers for h Atarilfarv nt
4.1.. t ... w ;
the . American Legion were installed
"D .numi-iKon uegion were inssaiiea
t a meeting of the-group held last
iaurSiiay iMght in the agriculture
..e rf-'y installed officers - are:
riJa B. V -Jb, president; Pickett A.
i-Iimnsr. first vice nresiderit: DoWa
G. J '. W, second vice president: Lea.
s'e L. ..-, secretary; Minnie W.
I ."", corr- t onding secretary; Thel
m I 17." "ell, trcKSurer; Blanche
- . I ;y. 1 ' -Tian; E'Jiel L, Perry,
v';.. .i, &ud Llanche E. Eanoy. ser-
TC meet
; tt i 5 cMock
tnU.CI x.
i,- 'J .t,urg.
Tr:ng Eels
ftrfflK Officii
ia llercfey
Inspection Tour To In
clude Farms In Day
long Program ;
'. County Committeemen and officials
of the Farmers Home Administration
from Camden, Currituck, Dare, Gates,
Pasonotank. Chnwnn a.nrt PrmrlmTia
counties gathered here last Friday for
a training meeting, which included a
tour of four farms participating in
the PHA program. . ; v
'Farms viifAH Hiirino1 1ia mAtinir
i included those of Roy Buntib and John
in. Jjunch, Carroll R. Williams and
W. Preeland ElHntL IRuh Af AeaA
units are participating in thVFHA
program. m airxerent categories,' and
it was for the purpose of reviewing
the benefits of each of these cate
gories that -the visits were made.
Lunch was served the group be
tween 12:30 and 1:30, after which the
representatives met at. th Ao-ricnl.
ture Building for a discussion of the
administration of the Farmers Home
A. .T. Lane, chairman of the Per
quimans County Board of Commis
sioners, welcomed the group to Hert
ford and praised the program, point
ing out that in its cooperation with
other agencies such as TOEA, Soil
Conservation, Farm Extension Service
a higher standard of living was being
made possible for families, of rural
" Instructions on the duties of com
mittee on adjustment loans were giv
en, by A., E. Rozer, chief of the Pro
duction and Subsistence Loan Pro
gram. y' .
Marion C Holland outlined to the
committeemen the administration of
the disaster loan nmmm. xm hv
Conarress recently, to relieve drought
stricken farmers in many areas.
a arm Ownership Loans and Farm
Housimr Loans, two imrtortant narts
of the FHA program wer explained
Dy Tuny u. Williams, county super
visor for five counties and Edwin F.
Morgan, supervisor for Chowan.and
'Perquimans Counties. ' v .
Committees Named
For Central PTA
For Coming Year
The P. T. - A, of the Perquimans
Central Grammar School will hold Ifa
first meeting of the school year Mon
day night, September 15, at 8:00
o'clock. V
1 After the devotional Mollie Lu
Yeateg will render several vocal se
lections. '.-.'.:'.
During a brief business session the
membership drive will be launched
and the National P. T. A. magazine
will be introduced.
Following the business session a
tea will be held in the new cafeteria.
All patrons of -the school are cordial
ly invited to attend,
Mrs. W..H. Mathews, P. T. A. presi
dent has announced the followimr
committees for the year:
' Budget ' and Finance Mrs. J. P.
un n Hwj mi - m
uuaviTOi iuu iwmuos juosron, nrsys
ttna Means (Mrs, a. f. Bray and Mrs,
Claude Williams; Goals Mrs. Thur-
man Kiddick: MairazinAw iMra. NnYh.
an Sawyer; Study Group Mrs. Floyd
PmwIams nXvkKi . risr 1 l
sfjt in iu ' ti. t.x
Arfc-Mrs. Elijali White; Historian
Umi iaa flr:-ni--.. n.jui.u -
Mrs. Edwin White; Hospitality-Mrs.
J.. V. Roach. Mm. Bavmond Ktehten
and Mrs. Marvin Benton: Safety
Mrs. C. T. Roffemnn; PiilhKfitv imA
Procedure Mrs. Casper Lamb; Char
acter and Spiritual Education Mrs.
Charlie Asbellj World Citizenship
Mrs. Edgar Lane; Home and Family
Life Mrs. John Hurdle; Lunch Room
JEdwin White, Joseph Winslow and
Miss Johnnie White; School Grounds
'MMr. and Mrs. Claude Williams and
Floyd Mathews; Building Fund For
PTA Headquarters ' Miss Pearle
White; Room Representatives Mrs.
Coo5c Recreation Mrs. Edward
Chorus To Resume ;
Practice September 11
The Home Demonxtnaiiinn nmintir
Chorus Kill resume prancing again,
rnursraay, sjeptemper 11, at 2:30
clock in . the agriculture building.
Practice by the chorus was stopped
during, the summer months because
of the ertremely hot weather but it
Is felt now that the practice sessions
should be resumed. '
Mrs. J. D. Yeates,; director, Mrs.
Fred KatVs's, accompanist of the
chorus, ur&rs s'J women who sin? to
attend tT.e jr Lice mec'Jngs. liana
will be made fr a musical program
at the IV.I T; --tion scheduled te
latter part of Cv'. r.
Formd OpsnLig M Ikf Town DiiL'fng
Tentatrcly Sch $$s& September M
District Rally
Congressman Herbert C. Bonner
stated today that Martin will be the
host county for the .first Congres
sional District Democratic Rally this
year. The rally will be held at the
Robersonville High School gym
nasium at 5:00 P. M., on the after
noon of October 23. There will be a
band concert, speeches by the state
candidates as well as district candi
dates. Later a barbecue supper will
be served.
Mr. 'Bonner predicted that due to the
great interest in the forthcoming nat
ional election this would be the lar
gest rally ever held in the First Con
gressional District.
Farm Bureau Opens
Membership Drive
September 15th
The annual membership campaign
for the Perquiamns County Farm
Bureau will open on September 15,
and conclude with a big barbecue din
ner on October 17, it was announced
today by President Elwood White.
Thedate was set for opening the
drive and plans made for the barbecue
dinner, at a board of directors meet
ing, held at the Agriculture Building
Tuesday night. -
A quota of 300 memberships has
been set for Perquimans County, and
directors present at the Tuesday night
meeting were enthusiastic in feeling
that the quota may be exceeded. Per
quimans County had 500 Farm Bureau
members in 1948, a record high, while
last year there were 271 memberships
Directors of the Perquimans Farm
Bureau will act as membership chair
men in their respective townships.
Included are Josh Sutton of New
Hope; Claude Williams, . Parkville;
Milton Dail, Sr., of Hertford; Herbert
Williams of Belvidere, and Colon
Jackson of Bethel.
Other officers of the local unit are
Elwood .White of Belvidere, president;
J. O. White II, vice president, and
Jake White, secretary-treasurer. As
sociate member, Bernard F. Proc
tor, was recently named to handle
publicity for the Perquimans unit.
At Tuesday night s meeting, the di
rectors planned a program for publi
cizing the H arm Bureau, and the im
portant place it occupies in today's big
business of farming, so that farm
ers will better know and understand
what Farm Bureau membership means
to them.
In planning the barbecue dinner,
the directors voted that every pur
chaser of a membership would be
given, by the person selling tickets
to the barbecue dinner, for himself
and every member of his family.
Place of the barbecue dinner will be
announced later.
A meeting of the Board of Direc
tors will be held at the Agriculture
Building each Monday night at 8:00
to report progress of the campaign.
PMA Allocation For
County Is $27,915
Notices' of approval for a nmmmt
of assistance for each farm as de
termined by the County PMA Com
mittee to carry out soil and water
conservation practiced utHtar.lhA
Agricultural Conservation Program in
tne county were mailed today reports
Miss Helene W. Nixon, Secretary to
the" Perquimans County PMA.
Besnnninir Fridav. nnwhA Arrfom
for approved cover crop and pasture
seeas, lime ana fertilizers may be
obtained from the PMA -office. The
office will also remain open Satur
day, September 13, for the purpose of
issuing purchase orders. .-r- -
The total allocation for payment in
carrying out needed conservation prac
tices in this county for 1053 is $27,
915. The operator of nOi farm fa
the county has been contacted regard
ing the conservation practices most
needed and nosaible of accnmnlfah.
metnt on his farm for 1953. Under
the "New Approach" plan 80 jer cent
of, the farm operators have requested
assistance for conservation n no
tices. ,-,:-',v-..;V;
The assistance furniahed under the
Agricultural Conservation Proo-mm
represents only a am-all o&rt nf the
cost of doing.the conservation prac-
noes neeaea on tana tn rarquimans
j;i 1 . n f- jf.- . x
of the Perauimims Lorim.
No 106, A. Fv A. M will meet in
the lodge rooms in the Court House
next Tuesdav nirfift at niclit oVlorV
All members are urged to attend and
ns ting r Dsons are welcome.
Board Plans ? To Move
Into Building Latter
Part Of Next Week
Formal opening of Hertford's new
municipal building has been tentative
ly set for September 29 and 30, it
was announced following a meeting
of the Town Board last Monday night'
Plans call for open house to be held
at the building on Monday and Tues
day nights, with officials of the town
on hand to receive individuals attend
ing the opening and showing them
around the building.
1 In addition to the present members
of the town's official family, former
Commissioners iB. C. Berry and M. J.
Gregory, who were members of the
Board during the time the building
was originally planned, will also be in
the receiving line.
Present : plans call for the new
building to be occupied the latter part
of next week. 'Workmen are now
putting on the finishing touches to the
building, completing .the lighting
equipment, installation of furniture
and fixtures and landscaping the
The new building, an impressive
looking Town Hall, is located on
Grubb Street, just, west of Church
Street. It contains a large office for
the clerk of. the town, a public and
private office for the police depart
ment and an oversized room for Board
meetings. Sufficient space is pro
vided in the Board room for most
any size delegation which might de
sire to appear before the Board for
presentation of petitions or other mat
ters in the interest of the town.
Total cst of the building will run
approximately $25,000, according to
figures reported at the Board meet
ing on Monday night. Slightly more
than $17,000 has already been paid to
ward the construction, and current
bills on the construction run about
$5,000 according to W. G. Newby, who
gave the report to the Town Commis
sioners. The overall figures include
all constructions and the installation
of heating facilities and furnishings.
With less than eight weeks remain
ing before the national elections on
November 4, campaign managers for
both the Democratic and Republican
parties are carefully mapping strat
egy for their candidates. Governor
Stevenson and .General Eisenhower
are expected to "steam up" their cam
paigning for the Presidency as each
day goes by. Polls, which have been
conducted in connection with the elec
tion, reveal .the race to be very close.
Activity on the Korean warfront
has been stepped Up in recent days
with the Communist ground troops
raiding UN positions and the UN
forces carrying out more air strikes
against the Red's supply lines and de
pots. Meanwhile the truce talks con
tinue but reports state no progress ia
being made toward an armistice.
Baseball's World Series will open
October 1, according to an announce
ment made this .week. Both the Ameri
can and National Leagues have a
"neck and neck" race for the league
titles, and there appears a possibility
a play-off may be necessary to de
cide the participants in the big series.
Cleveland and the New York Yan
kees are tops in the American League
while New York Giants and Brooklyn
are leaders in the National League.
Forty two cent cotton may be the
situation by next May 1, according to
a prediction made this week by M. G.
Mann, general manager of the N. C.
Cotton Growers Cooperative, who urg- '
ed farmers .to hold their cotton for
the higher prices next spring.
School Of Instruction
Scheduled On Saturday
The Hertford chapter of the Order
of eastern Star will be host to the '
First District School of Instructions,
which will be conducted in the Per-,
qtdmans High School, Saturday, Sep
tember 13, beginning at 1 P. M, it '
was announced here today.
Presiding officers for the meeting
will be Mrs. Annie Laurie Mullen,
DD.G.M. of South Mills and Cecil
C- Winslow, DJDJGJP. of Hertford..
Guest speakers will be Mrs Helen B.
Rimmer of ISanford, Worthy Grand
Matron and Hugh W. Prince of Dunn,'
Worthy Grand Patron. i
i. A banquet will be served at the
Hertford Grammar School lunchroom:
at six o'clock,, and tickets for the
banquet may be secured at the meet--, the high school. (All members '-
of the Hertford chapter are urged to
attend. . i v -.- . "

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