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V ( jno XIXlii umber U: - v HertfordTerquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, October 3, 19527
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LsEig First;;
To Abife
Perquimans - Beaufort
To Play Tonight On
Beaufort Field
The Perquimans Indians lost their
f inrt football game of the season last
Friday nisrht when Ahoskie won a
83-12 decision In an Albemarle Con
ference contest. The same was play
ed at Ahoskie.
Ahoskie, defending Class A chain-
pions, opened the game fast, scoring
! two touchdowns, on long drives. Pierce
and Newsome scored for ft home
-team. The experience-ef the Ahoskie
eleven proved too much for Coach El-
lie Fearing's charges, despite the de
termined efforts of the Perquimans
Perquimans staged a rally in the
'third period, scoring two touchdowns,
to bring the score to 13-12 in favor
. of Ahoskie. ' Howard Williams and
M Paul Mathews sparked the offensive
for the Indians. ; . v - -'
Ahoskie's superior strength again
showed Itself, following the TD's by
Perquifans. Wood, Dunn and New-
'Tm: ..rjZUZ'Z?. E VirUuce too yields of com fc Perquimans
in the final o te.give.Ahoskie'
commanding lead. Pete Mathews
and Daryl Allen were best on. line
play for Perquimans. . j
The more experienced Ahoskie team
showed plenty of power on the offen
sive, gaining ground each time it
came into possession of the ball.
The loss was the first for Perquim
ans, which won victories on the first
two costests of the season.
On ' Friday night the Indians will
travel to Beaufort for a game with
the Beaufort team. Coach Fearing
stated today bis players are in fair
condition for the gajme 'tonight and
-the pre-game dope - is this -contest
should, he a good one as both teams
are about evenly matched.
A record budget for North' Carolina
is foreseen for the hiennium 1943-55,
following the close of bearings con
ducted by the budget? commission.
State spending of almost $750 million
is proposed by the various agencies
of the state. The Advisory Budget
Commission vis expected to , cut this
figure prior to the meeting of the
General Assembly, but even with these
cuts the budget is expected to ex
ceed any previous spending by the
. state. . .
. Developments in the presidential
campaign during the week centered
around financial statements. Gov
ernor Stevenson gave a. 10-year sum
mary of his income tax payments and
it ii expected General Eisenhower
will also make a statement concern
ing his financial status. ' Meanwhile,
both candidates are continuing a hard
hitting drive for votes on election day,
. November .
President Truman opened bis
whistle-stop tour Sunday, in behalf
of Mr. Stevenson: and is now speak
ing in the West. Reports state huge
crowds are turning out to see the
President and hear him lamblaat .the
Republicans. The President's tour will
take him to the west, coast and back
for a number ' of speeches In New
England. ,
Predictions that business should be
good for many months to com were
forthcoming from Atlantic City this
week where the American Bankers
Association is howing its 7Sth an
nual convention.
Rctarians Plan '
Ladies' Nbt Party
' Members of the Hertford Rotary
Club, at their meeting Tuesday night
voted to etttertain theiri wives at a
ladies' might 'party, ; and,. President
Charles Henc, named Jack Kajjoy,
Dr. C IA. Daveriport and R. S. Monds
to a committee to make arrangements
for ths party. ;,'.-
; A committee composed of S Max
Campbell, V. N. , Darden, Henry , C.
Eullivan was also hamed to' recom
mend to the club a candidate for the
I" of District Governor, for
. c strict - ' ' '. V
Ccunty licrJ To Licit
Next Uorlzy ilcrnir-j
Ti-e regular Ootcter .meerjr of e
- . i mf Count v uommtefJi oners win
i -t r-
in Te Cr
Hcrsrard Rite3 Held
Sunday Afternoon
Funeral services for ' Mrs. Pattie
Griffin Hoggard, 66, wife of Dr. W.
A. Hoggard of the Wood villa Com
munity, who died suddenly last Fri
day morning at her home of a heart
attack, were conducted Sunday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock at the grave in
Hollywood Cemetery, Elisabeth City,
by the Rev. G. M. Slngletary. pastor
of the Corinth Baptist Church, and we
Rev. D. B. Cruise, pastor of the Peo
ple's llethodist Church. .. .
Mrs. Hoeeard was a lifelong re si-
dent of , Perquimans County, the
daughter of Thomas and Maple White
Griffin. ' v
Surviving besides her husband are
two sons 4r. W. A. Hoggard, Jr., of
Elizabeth City, and James r. Hoggard
of Woodville; two sisters, Mrs. Louise
Wifley and Miss Theresa Griffin,
bfcth of Woodville; two brothers, M.
RJ and C. B. Griffin of Woodville and
two. grandchildren. v
; f. ' J - '
Mcrp fcr l!i
Ruritan Contest On
Corn Production
It takes friendly 1 rivalry to
- J.WtS'Sft
a corn production contest oerween
the SParkville and Durante Neck Ruri
tan Clubs in (Perquimans County.
Last year as a result of a corn con
test carried on just among tJie mem
bers of the Durante Neck Ruritan
Club, Ben Chambers came up with a
yield of 160 bu.; on one acre. And
incidentally this yield won for him
the district championship award of a
9100 war bond which he turned over
tohisclub. -: ' y
As a result of this the Parkville
Ruritan Club chaUenged the Durants
Neck Chib to a corn contest. " The
losing club to entertain ithe winning
club with a fish fry and the member
producing the highest yield to receive
a cash prize of 150.00. The war wasl
pnl The yields were, to be determined
bv estimates determined by a com-
mjtW- made up of members, pt both
acanmd ns -repreesmssive- irmn- me
County lAgeMt's officer Even though J
rthis year iwas dry and .nor the best
for corn production several yields of
100 bu. and over were sroducel.1 'ine
high man in the Durants Neck Club
Jr. m.i.j'. ip .
was tfelvin usure mm a yieio 01
124.69 bu. tThe high man in Park
ville Club was J1. C. Morgan with a
yield of 126.51 bu. Three estimates
were ' run on each before the winner
was determined. IBoth men used
Dixie 17 Hybrid corn. Mr. Morgan
used .200 pounds of 8-8-8 at planting,
and side dressed with 600 pounds of
Nitrate of Soda. Mr. Euro used 1400
pounds of, 3-9-9 at planting, and side
dressed with 200 pounds of Soda and
400 Nitrogen lime. . t '
This corn contest created fun and
interest among the members of both
clubs as well as boosting corn produc
tion in the county. ,
Seminar Held At
Cedar Grove ' Church
The Perquimans-Chowan Seminar
and Sub-district meeting of the Wo
man's Society of Christian Service
was held September 24 at Cedar Grove
Church' with 97 n attendance. Mrs.!
F: Si Love, district secretary of Mis
sionary Education and Service, con
ducted the seminar 'during the morn
ing session, with other district and
conference officers taking part on
the program. ' These v officers were:
Mri Jerome of Elizabeth City, Mrs.
George Jackson ' of Hertford.'1 Mrs.
Robert Mitchell of Columbia, and Mrs.
Gilliam ef Windsor. Three life mem-:
berships were iDresented o the fol
lowing: IMesdames C. T. Skinner and
W, H. (Pitt of Hertford-WJSXJjS. and
Mrs. Anderson Layden. of Anderson
WjSjC.S. ...
IMra. Earl HoHowell, president
the Cedar Grove IWJSJS. jbwited all
: those present to a bounitiful lunch.
seron the church lawn by the?8 project, stated posters wM be',
women of Cedar Grove IChurch.
After the lunch hour a lovely de
votional -was given by .Mrs. M. P.
Which&rd,? president of the Evans-
Center (Hill WjS.CJS. The Sub-district
business session with Mrs. u. iU (Har
ris presiding. After mdisoellaneouB
business matters were taken up Ithe
meeting- was closed with alt singing
together. "Blest 'Be Ithe Tie That
Binds." AH 10 societies in the ub
district were represented.
Chs3 Officers Named
At Pcrquin:ar3 High
Cdcer for the Senior and Junior
Class i at ' Pewuimans High School
were elected at meetings held last
xi. V. II ' Zmr no the Senior class is
Fred L-ews, president; Nan E3a
t" r ; I'arilyn Baker,
r , I treasurer.
Ju f -e John Mor-
r- - -nu . Towe, we
"U. w -riary, and
r.iun:c!pd Ou:!!ng
Qfficidy Oil
Here Lsst Lloy
Project Praised By Vis
itors During
Open House Event
Hertford's new municipal -building
was officially opened last Monday and
Tuesday nights when open house was
observed and a large number of citi
zens turned out to inspect the new
building. ." ' " I
Mayor V. N. Darden and Com- j
missioners ,W. H. Hardcastte, Henry
C. Sullivan, Ray White and Robert
L. Holloweiil and Iformer Commission
ers 'B. C Berry and M. ff. Gregory
acted as hosts at the event and show
ed the visitors around the building.
All the visitors expressed praise
for the arrangement and beauty of the
building, which contains three large
office spaces, and a central heating
room. The walls of the offices are
of cypress paneling which adds
distinctive beauty to the interior.
The floors are covered with asphalt
tile. -
On entering the building one comes
to a large lobby, off of which are
offices for the police department, the
town clerk and town board. Large
closet space is also provided in each
of the three rooms, and a disappear
ing stairway leads into the attic, fin
ished off to provide storage space for
old records. '
Long planned, the municipal build
ing is now a reality. A start toward
the building was made about 10 years
ago when the town purchased the Bar
row property, site of the building.
About a year ago the town held an
election to determine a bond issue
for the construction of a much larger
building and when this boad issue pro-
DOaal wan vnlmi Arsam IMhto hmn Iknnwl
proceeded to draw. plans for the con-!
struction of the present building.
Cost of the building is estimated at
about $25,000, which in the opinion of
many, is a reasonable figure. Actual
cost, is to be .announced upon, con
clusion of the audit of the town books
sometime in the near future.
Members "of the Town Board -mil
thorized Mayor Darden and Conoiis
sioner HoHoweU to serve as a com
mittee on the project, and under the
supervision of these two officials a
lfw?B4 was effected on the con
wruction cost
I All business of the town is now be
ing Carried on at the new building;
ana anaiviauais who aid not visit the
building during open house are in
yited to inspect the structure.
Registration Books
To Open Next Week
Registration books for the general
election, , November 4, will open in
Perquimans County next week, it was
announced today by D. F. Reed. Jr.,
chairman of the Perquimans Board of
Election. Registrars will set at the
various polling places in the county
each Saturday, between October 11 and
25 for purpose of registering voters.
. In connection with the announce
ment of the opening of" the registra
tion books, members of the Hertford
Jaycees. are asking: "Are you regis
tered?" It's all a Part of their "voter
registration drive" to increase the
vote turn out this year.
; George Fields, Jaycee president,
said figures compiled by the Ameri
can Heritage Foundation show only
44 per cent of the nation's eligible
voters" went to the polls in 1950. "We
believe one of the paramount reasons
for the -scant turn out each year is
that people forget to register," he
said.:!-5:;,;-v -V ;ir' '
In connection with , their drive to
increase . registration and voting In
the coming election, J. Emory White,
placed urging the people to partici
pate in the election. (Buttons, labeled:
"Kye voted -have you'' will be pass
ed out on election day to individuals
leaving the polls. These buttons will
be worn to remind others who have
not voted to cast their ballot before
the day is over. , '
Befea Church Plan .
Hoiaeccmins Sunday
.Homecoming day will be observed,
at the-. Berea Church of Christ on
Sunday. October 5. it was announced
today.' Services will begin wfth Bible
School, 'and the Rev -Walkef Perry
will reach at 11 A M. Dinner will
be served on the grounds between the
morning and afternoon service which
will feature a, song service wrth a
sermon to be delivered by Anthony
Evening worship win be at 7:30,
c '-r'-Ji by Mr. Perr)r. -Th public
ia , v.ts.i to attend.
Wliite Cciio Drive
Cy Local Lions Club
Annual Event Benefit
Of Blind; Part Of Nat
ional Campaign
Th Lions Club of Hertford and Its
Auxiliary will join the other 300
.lions Clubs of the state next week
in the annual White Cane Drive,
which will open October 6 and close
on October 11, it was announced to
day by E. C. Woodard, chairman f
the Lions Club committee in charze
of $he drive.
Mr. Woodard will be assisted in di
recting the drive by Mrs. Irene By
rum, representing the Lioness Club.
The quota for Perquimans County in
this campaign is $100, according to
Mr. Woodard.
Once each year every citizen of
' North Carolina si given the opportuni
ty to iorin fhfis Aaanoininn hol.n the
! j ii i i. -i j
I u.iiiu ttiiu vAyivos uiiajiKs w ltqu lor
his own good fortune of seeing. The
White Cane Drive and Membership
Enrollment Campaign of the North
Carolina State Association is a State
wide project of .North Carolina Lions.
The White Cane walking stick with
a red tip is used by the bjind in .travel
ing on busy streets and highways.
The Blind and Only the Blind' may, by
law, use such a cane. There is also
i a White Cane Law in North Carolina
.which is mandatory and compels a
motorist to stop at intersections and
street crossings when a blind person
extends such a white can and sig
nals that he wishes to cross the street.
Because the white can is used ex
clusively by our blind citizens, the
fund raising drive of the Association
is termed "The White Cane Drive."
F. A. McGoojfan. Dresiaent of the
local Uon 8fcated one third
of all funds raised here will be spent
for the blind in this community, the
other two thirds will be sent to the
Association for its State-wide work
with the blind.
The Association tries to meet the
unmet needs of the blind in the State.
Th4Assocition believesrin " helping
the ' blind to help themselves. The
Lions wiM give you an opportunity
to join the North Carolina State -Association
this week. You may buy a
share of Happiness for the bMnd and
gain a share of Happiness for your-
Recorder's Docket
Listed Nine Cases
Business was brief in Perquimans
County Recorder's Court last Tuesday.-
Nine eases were listed on the
docket, and ail defendants had sub
mitted to charges. Attending the
court session were only the court' of-
ncians, irwo reporters and one spec
Costs of court were taxed against
Alvah Twine who entered a plea of
guilty to driving a vehicle with im
proper muffler.
, HA Uillups. Negro was fined 825
and costs after pleading guilty to a
cnarge or driving without a license.
James Brown, Negro, paid a fine of
$3 and costs on a charge of using
an improper muffler on a motor ve-
nicle. ;; a'-,;,),!".:.-; . :,.f . -,
Costs of court were taxed against
Oscar Hill on a charge of driving
an overloaded truck.
Maxwell fBraverman was assessed
the costs of court on a charge of
Mathews Bailey and John- Collins,
Negroes, were fined $2 and costs of
court on pleas of being drunk on the
streets of Hertford.
Dillard Kiddick was fined 10 and
costs arter pleading guilty to a charge
or Demy drunk on the streets of
mrarton Kussell paid the costs rf
improper light.
State Officers Move
To New Location ,
M , Office space has been nmvided
for State Highway Patrolman B. R.
jnseoe and License Examiner -Pat
Keegan in the office of the police de
partment in- Hertford's new municipal
buildings it was announced todav: -
. Individuals desiring to contact the
patrolman may call the police de
partment office, and Mr. Keegan wKH
be located in the office each Wed
nesday for-the .purpose of receiving
aiiipuwuons. xor driver's licenses.
The local Farmers Home Adminis
tration office will be closed aH,day
Wednesday, October 8. Personnel of
the office wil be attending a Train
ing , Conference In Plymouth on that
day., The win be open for busi
ness as usual on October 9.
Local Fire Oepatment And Jaycees
Plan Fire Prevention Program Oct 5-11
BPW Club Planning
Tour Of Virginia s
The Business and Professional .Wo
man's Chib of Perquimans County is
planning to sponsor a tour of the
Skyline . Drive, Natural Bridge and
Caverns of Virginia, It was announced
here today.
Anyone interested in making this
trip, which will be by bus, should con
tact Mrs. Sally Lane or Mrs. Anne
A definite date for the trip, as
yet has not been set but arrangements
are being made and persons desiring
to be included on the trip are asked
to make reservations early.
Membership Drive
For Farm Bureau
Now In Progress
The big barbecue dinner which will
climax the current Perquimans County
Farm Bureau membership campaign
will be well attended, as the member
ships are coming in at a good rate, as
shown by reports from solicitors, at
a meeting Monday night at the Agri
culture Building.
Nathan Spivey of New Hope had
sold the largest number of mem
berships so far, when reports were
made to President Elwood White, and
his township was ahead with a total
of 39 of the total 97 memberships re
Second highest in membership sales
so far is E. Q. White of Belvidere
with 19. '
Every township has reported some
memberships, and leaders of the unit
feel that the quota of 300 will be
met, and exceeded when more farmers
can be contacted. Due to the de
mands on the time of solicitors at
heme durinsr the peanut digging sea
son, it. hasn't been possible for them
to set around to . making calls on
everyone yet. ":'
President White urges those who
haven't been solicited to get in touch
with their nearest township mem
bership committeeman and repeats the
list of these as follows: Josh Button,
New Hope; Claude Williams, Park
viMe: Hilton Dail, Sr., Hertford: Her
bert iWilliams. Belvidere, and Colon
Jackson. Bethel.
Free tickets to the hie barbecue
dinner eood for every member of a
family taking a membership are be
ing mven when memberships are
sold. Date for the barbecue is Octo
ber 17.
Weather Aids In
Typical "Indian Summer" weather
prevailed throughout this area during
tha past week and enabled farmers
to make much headway in harvest
ing crops. Peanut digging has been
underway some itSme and reports from
a number of farmers indicate the
nroduction will be from fair to good,
There has been reports Of some rot
ten peanuts, which is expected to cut
in on the overall production but the
present outlook for the crop in Per
quimans is better than the past sea
son or two.
: There is still a lot of cotton to be
picked and the crop is reported better
im this section than in the Piedmont
area of the state. ILarge amounts of
cotton have been reported received at
local trins and the duality is good.
, Generally the condition of the soy
bean cron is reported from fair to
good on the state average. Late
summer weather has been favorable to
this cron and nods are reported now
rapidly filling out and approacning
maturity. . '
Corn production is turning out set
ter than expected several weeks ago,
and all in all the prospects are bngm
for the harvest season in this coun
Club Conducting
Poster Contest
The Hertford lioness Club as spon
soring a poster contest in connec
tion with the White Cane Drive, spon
sored by the local lions and1 lioness
Club, it was announced today by
Mm. .Dnrrtfcnv -Baas.
. The contest is open -to all school
children of the county, and winners
will be announced by the judges. lAf .
ter' the posters have been Judged
they wiM be displayed in the windows
of Darden's store, it was reported
bv Mrs.' Bass.
Entries in the contest will be
handled through the teachers at the
Harvesting Of Crops
various schools. ' 1 " ,
Contests And Drills To
Feature Annual Local
Members of the Hertford Fire De
partment and the Junior Chamber of
Commerce will, join together next
week to present a program on Fire
Prevention Week, which will be ob
served October 5 through 11.
The Jaycees are going to select one
girl from the student body of Per
quimans High School to be "Miss Fire
Prevention Week of 1952." iFour
cash prizes will be awarded for the
best fire prevention posters drawn
by local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.
Two prizes will be awarded in each
group. Posters entered in the con
test will be displayed and judged on
Saturday, October 11, prior to the
parade planned by the cooperating
Fire prevention posters will be
placed in all schools and business
houses, by members of the Fire De
partment and the Jaycees. The Boy
Scouts of Hertford will distribute
home fire prevention inspection blanks
and the public is urged to use these
blanks in checking fire hazards in
the homes.
Fire drills at all schools in the
County will be conducted during the
week by members of the local Fire
Department. During these drills.
members of the fire department will
give demonstrations on the use of the
fire department, and methods of fight
ing fire.
The plane for the program call
for a parade to climax the observance
of Fire Prevention Week. The narade
will form at the Hertford Grammar
School, Saturday afternoon, October
11, and will proceed through the busi
ness area back to the school ground.
The parade will start at 2 P. M., with
members of the fire department, Jay
cees and the Boy and Girl Scouts
Meanwhile, the Fire Department
and Jaycees urge the public to take
all precaution to make every week
fire prevention week. This is especial
ly true of these days when stoves and
other heating units are being start-'
ed for purposes of home, heating.
Plans Announced For
Homecoming Day
At Perquimans High
Plans are being made for the Per
quimans High School Monogram
Club's annual homecoming day, to be
held Friday, October 17. The first
event of the program will be a lunch
time parade. It will feature floats
from various clubs and organiaztions.
Prizes will he iriven by the Monoerram
Club for the best organization float,
the best individual float and the best
decorated bicycle. Hertford business
firms are invited to enter floats in the
parade and any firm desiring to do so
is asked to contact Pete Mathews,
president of the club.
Another feature of the program
will be the football game on Friday
right between the Perquimans Indians
and the Wi'Uiamston Green Wave.
During the half time of this game the
Monogram Queen for 1953 will be
Selection of the Monogram Queen
is now in progrss and the list of
candidates was announced last week.
Tax Case Continued
In Federal Court
Four tax cases, including that of
Dr. T. P. Brinn, scheduled for hear
ing in Federal Court at Elizabeth City
this week, were continued at the re
quest of the Federal Solicitor, it was
announced from Elizabeth City on
It was reported here the Govern
ment asked for the continuance be
cause its witnesses were not available
for the hearing this week.
Board of Education
Meets Monday Night
The Perquimans Board of Education
will hold a regular quarterly meeting
in the office of the Superintendent of
Public Schools, next Monday night at
7:30. n was announced today by J.
T. Biggers, superintendent. f
: A number of important matters are
expected to be handled during this
meeting, aid individuals desiring to
appear before the board are asked
to note ithe time of meeting.
The Perquimans Masonic Lodge,
No. 106, A. F. & A. M., will meet
Tuesday night At eight o'clock at the
lodge - hall.' Members an) urged to
attend and visiting Masons are wel
come.' -i , -, - .

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