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1a. Number 46.
. Tiertiord, Perquimans County, NortKfcarolina, Friday, November 21, 1952."
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' Interesting: Program Is
: Presented At Meet
: ing On. Monday ' ,
. ' The PTA f Perquimans County
v Central Grammar School held its reg
. ' ular meeting Monday ; nSght, Novem
ber 17, at 7;30 o'clock with the vice
' president, Mr. Naomi McDonald, -presiding.
, v
' The meeting opened with the sing
ing of "Come Thou Almighty King"
by the' audience. C. P. Qvrincy of
Chapanoke'1 Conducted "the devotional)
' using the 14th chaipter of John, t; Fol-
- lowijig the devotional a Buet composed
, of Mrs. W. H. Keel and Mrs. WV H.
Elliott, gang ."Kneel" at the Cross.''
They were accompanied at the: piano
by Mrs. Ralph Whfte.
' The ' Chapanoke t community,' with
Mrs. W. H. Keel as chairman, ; had
charge' of the program.'. The subject
for November as recommended by the
National ' Congress of Parents and
Teachers is "Foundation for Better
Schools and Educational Programs."
Mrs. Keel presented Mrs. Graham
Wood, sixth grade teachers, who
- spoke briefly on "The Value of
Books." -
Mrs. Wood ithen . presented s,the
first and second grades who portray
ed several Mother Goose rhymes:
"Uttlo Bo-PeeD." "Peter. Peter Pump
kin Eaten'here Was, an Old Wo
man," and "The Queen of Hearts."
This was followed by a short story,
"A Sun Cure," by the, sixth grade.
ASfter the minutes were read and
approved the secretary, Mrs. Delwin
Eure, read excerpts from the State
President's message.
Mrs. R. P. Bray, chairman of the
Ways and Mean Committee, thanked.
aU those, who helped, make the Hat
loween .Carnival a success. She report
ed total of $909.94 from the carni
val. The deem freeze which was pur-
chase4 from the proceeds of the HaU
Wweeft Carnival ,wa on ouBpiay intne
Chairman, reported a 200 per cent en
rOllSUVIiV -Ml -W 4 Xtffc.-y .AWO IUWMIO
that both .the. motheV. and father of
rollment in the FTA. This means
' every child in school s a member-.of
the PTA. : A number of interested pa.
in who do not have children en?
rolled in school have also joined. Mrs.
IRnMen expressed her appreciation to
all those who helped make the drive
a success,
Miss Pearle White, chairman of the
Headquarters Building Fund, report
ed that $15.06 has been raised for the
Building Fund. 4 , v .C;;: '
Thomas" Maston, principal, read a
letter from Mrs. Lucy Whedbee, Coun
ty Librarian, offering the facilities of
the county Wbrary to the pupils, fac
ulty and parents of the school. ' '
Mrs. A, R. Cook, chairman of the
Koom Representatives, asked that all
room representatives meet to - de
cide about visiting their respective
rooms at Thanksgiving. Mrs. Cook
later repohed, thaVB. F. Bray was
elected chairman of a " committee to
make arrangements for treating the
children of the school Tuesday, No
vember 25. All the rooms, will be
-visited and a. uniform reat" will be
provided. T ' " ' '
Mrs. Joseph Wimslow's second grade
won the attendance prize with eight
een present 1
Mrs. Jack Benton, program ehab
'man, announced that the school, with
Mrs. Charles Asbell as chairman,, will
have charge of the December meeting.
She announced that the adbjeot for
December will be "Glory to God in the
Highest and on Earth Peace, Good
Will Toward Men."
h ,y- " '"' . . " " ; ,f,J."
Tltlison Davenport ; ,
Passes At Plymouth
Edison Davnport, 60, 'of MackeysJ
brother of Dr. C. A. Davenport, died
at 8.-80 P. i M., Tuesday in the Ply
mouth Hospital." FuTOral services
were conducted at the Hickeys Meth
'odiat Church ednesdsy afternoon at
three, oVj ock by the Rev. D; L; Fouts,
pastor cf the Plymouth Methodist
Church and the . Ref. Ed 'Spruilh of
Flymouth. i r-r
- Surviving are lis wife, Mri Mary
Cotton Daverrrt; two daughters,
Kra. I'srr t : 'a of Windsor,
and X..'a. i-.ary - on of ' Ply
mouth; a son, Vni.Jdm. .Davenport of
riymc- 'v; a ,lDfer, Mrs..H. R. Cres
st f i J fvs; t' -s brothers, V. E.
'a..d J. I . ( . 1 "J, ahd Dr.,C.A.
Taver" t of Lirord. '.
. ? 'fit
Phps of
- e t" e Ut
yn, bori
f i , fei Co
ll. V. be
: Is CLar-
and I'rs.
- 'on, D. C ,
' T. i
' y,
an was inspected arte? tn
. utfl' Bbraen, . Membership
Trophy Presentation
Scheduled For Monday
The annual . presentation . of ' fl?e
State Theatre trophy to the outstandl
ing. football player alt -.Perquimans,
High School during the 1962 season
will be made from the stage of that
theatre next Monday night, ft was
announced today by B. L Gibbs, man
ager -of the theatre.
The trophy, to be. presented Monday,
is on display at the theatre and se
lection of the winner will be made by
members of the 1952 Indians' football
squad. ' Presentation of the award
will be made immediately at the close
of the showing ' .of the fSlm fiobin
Hood. v ..:
President-elect Dwight. Eisenhower
on Tuesday, conferred wSth President
Truman concerning matters of import
ance expected to be handled by the
government between now and January
20, when Eisenhower will assume of
fice. The two men conversed private
ly for about 20 minutes, then met with
a group of . advisors representing
President Truman ami President- elect
Eisenhower. -Reports from Washing
ton stated both principals of the
meeting, appeared grim and gave no
hint of the subjects discussed, but
later Eisenhower said he will not as
sume any responsibility for decisions
taken by the Truman administration
in its closing days of power. , , ;
Following the Washington meeting
Eisenhower flew to New York to con
fer with leaders,, of the Republican
Party,' supposedly on appointments to
high positions to be made after Jan
uary 20. Much guessing ha gone on
concerning .membership in they new
cabinet, however, no reports of.defi
nhe proposals have been made. -
NiMtoaiM 'riijr ;'Ui4 tVdt
both official and unofficial, point to.
trani-miMMM bv the U. S. in rfeveldn.
ment' ofriji Hydrogen? bomb. .-AtoniioJ
fwerr4nctearw reseawb wfc
tokf the Pacific. Isle which -has been
used as a testing ground fof,the Atom
bomb. One report issued stated the
-" J " X V -
new Hydrogen bomb is for ore de-
structave tnan tne A-ioomo, ana-can
cause severe damage and fatalities up
to ninety miles of area. -'
Washington reported Wednesday a
Congressional committee proposes to
conduct an investigation on how large
foundations are spending their money,
The report stated the interest of the
committee in the facts come about be
cause these founHlations are tax
exempt ; :t:v';.V;;.v,;:S.::::,::
. iPresident-elect Eisenhower and
leaders of the GOP met in New York
on , Wednesday ' and discussed ' plans
for; the New Congress. (Reports state
the GOP are in agreement on a cut of
the coming budget which will be pre?
sensed oy rresioent iTuman..
Cliriste Saving
The , Hertford Banking . Ckmrirany,
this week, placed in the mails some
430 checks, amounting to over $23,-
000. representing savings of custom
era who joined the bank's- Christmas
Savings Clubs last year, it was an
nounced today by Rj M. Roddick, presi
dent of the bank. '
' The'total savings through this plan
was some itaree to four thousand dol
lars greater than in, 1951, Mr. Riddick
said... - V
. New Savings clubs for 1953, will
open At the bank beginning Monday,
and will run for 50 weeks. Mr. Rid
dick announced. - . ,
Business Houses To J
Observe Thanksgiving
Hrtford stores and business houses
will observe -the Thanksgiving holi
day here next Thursday. by staying
closed 1I day, it was reported' to
day. - ' ' .
W; W. Whtte, Hertford Postmaster,
stated Uie local post 'office will be
closed aU day but mail will be receiv
ed and dispatched from the office,
on holiday schedule,' -
Pelviderie ,4-H'er
in$ Chicago Trip
4-H'er TiMon Chappell, son of Mr,
and Urs., F.-.B?. dappell of Belvi
dore. Was announced the State Peanut
Crop winner for 1952. His project
won him an all expense paid trip to
C.icago to i tend 31st N"Jo
T .. .. .' e-V 1' ....
a vai . i: i r t-J '1 .tv.,..
pweml r 4. v ' ' .
, : 's .. .) j c! the-' UgleJt
awards a 44I'er en achieve. ' .
AuxCiny Urges .
Public To Send
Project Winners Given
Awards From ; ;
Club Leaders
To pro vide a little extra Christmas
joy to Perquimans County boys serv
ing in the armed forces overseas, the
Auxiliary of the Wm. Paul Stallings
Post of the American Legion is urg
ing the public to send " Christmas
greetings to the youths, ''vs
t The following list has been compiled
by ; the members of the Auxiliary,
showing the names of county youths
now serving in overseas posts: Wil
liam S. Fields, Gene W. Philh'ps, Al
ton P. Hobbs,. Frank Murden, John D.
Ayscue, Earl WinsloW, Jack Symons,
Bill , Howard, . Billy Jones, Wm. M.
Harrell, William Tilley, John Kelly
Miller, Wallace Cartwright, Chester;
Winslow,, Julian Robertson and Tim
C. Perry. , !';:';i;;v' ' ; i
Complete addresses of these youths
may be secured from Mrs. J. R. Webb,
phone number 3401 or Mrs. C. P. Mor-
i, phone 266.
While the recommended date for
mailing of -parcels overseas has pass
ed, W. W. White, Postmaster, says
greeting cards may still be mailed
overseas, and he believes there is suf
ficient time for arrival in time for
Christmas. However, he recommends
that cards to service men be sent
air mail .in order to assure prompt
delivery. .."'"' .
Members of the Legion Auxiliary
have adopted this project and hope
the public will join with them in send
ing Christmas greetings to county
servicemen. .
Achievement Day
Program Held By
" Perquimans County 4-H Clubs held
their annual Achievement Day Pro
gram, Thursday, November 13 at
Perquimans High School in the audi
torium. : Reports from the various
4-H activities were given. A special
singing program was given by a trio
from Chowan County. These were
Clara Gay Lane, Evangeline Copeland
and Peggy Perry.
County and District project' winners
received their certificates and awards.
The winners anl their projects were
Lina Ruth Proctor, Route 1, Hertford,
Achievement and Leadership: Annie
Lou Lane, Route 1, Hertford, Cloth
ing. Dress Revue and Danforth Camp;
Nancy Lane, Route 1, Hertford, Jr.
Dress Revue; Kay Howell, Route 2,
Hertford. Frozen Foods, Girls' Rec
ord, Home Improvement and Poul
try; Myrtle Gordon Williams, Route
3, Hertford. Health , Improvement;
Louise' Chappell, Belvidere, Jr. Soil
and . Water Conservation; Clarence
Chappell, Jr, Belvidere, Achievement,
Field . Crops, Garden, Meat Animal,
Tractor Maintenance, Honey Produc
tion Corn, Sweet Potatoes and Trac
tor Operator's contest; Julian Howell,
Route 2, Hertford, Citizenship and
Danforth Foundation.; Tilson E. Chap
pell, Belvidere, Boys Record, Peanuts;
and' Bobby Smith, Belvidere, Health
Improvement, Leadership, Public
Speaking, Recreation-Rural Arts and
Better Grooming. Members of the
County Livestock Judging Team were
Clarence Chappell, Jr., Wallace Bak
er, Pebby Smith and John Hill.
' ', After! the program, Miss Carolyn
Blggerstaff,' Assistant Home Agent,
called the Virginia Reel, .
Health Department
Adds To Personnel
Three changes dn the personnel of
the District Health Department have
been announcd by Dr. B. B. AWGuire,
District Health Officer, nun. mpai
Wood, of Edenton, Registered Nurse
in public health, joined the department
October 1. ' She is stationed at Eden-
ton, but will ' also work part time in
Perquimans County. . ,
Donald Brown, native of Potsdam,
N. Y- and a graduate of E. C. C. at
Greenville; has joined the department
as Assistant sanitarian, and Mrs.
Glenn TwMdy Lane of Edenton is new
clerk in the Edenton office of the
department., -v
v Perquimans ' County Recorder's
Court was in recess on Tuesday of
this week bwraiuse of the Special Term
of ,? erior Court, which convened on
'T,.... -.All ..iuui KotoA n. tli Jm.
ket in the Recorder's Court were set
for hearing: at the next term of the
court on November 25th. , , . .
City Friday night
Indians Defeat AVden
25 to 6 For Fifth
Straight Win
The annual' football battle between
the Perquimans Indians and the Eliz
abeth City Yellow Jackets will be
played Friday night, on Memorial
Field in Elizabeth City, It was an
nounced today by Coach Ellie Fear
ing, so stated the usual Thanksgiving
date has been moved up in order to
provide an early closing of the foot
ball season.
Both teams will be up for this game
and fans can expect an entertaining
evening of football.
The Indians won their fifth straight
victory of the season last Friday night
by trouncing Ayden by a score of 25
to. 6. It was the eighth win of the
season for the Indians as against only
two losses.
Howard Williams was the big gun
Jn the Perquimans offense, scoring
three touchdowns ' and racking up a I
huge yardage from scrimmage. Wil
liams put Perquimans in a 6-0 lead on
the first play of the game, when he
broke through, for an 89 yard run.
Perquimans scored its second TD of
the game minutes later when Mor
ris ran back an Ayden punt and
Williams went 28 yards on two plays
for a score. ,.
f either team scored again during
thje first half, which found Perquim
arfe rolling up five first downs while
Ayden collected four.
John Morris scored the third touch
down for Perquimans, when he smash-
ex! through the center of the Ayden
hne for eight yards. Paul Mathews
converted and extra point and Per
quimans led 19-0.
Harrington and Cannon were stand
outs for the Ayden team, and their
playing led to the Ayden score in
U)e third period. Ayden recovered
an Indian fumble on the 38 yard line
late in this period and Harrington
raced the distance for the goal..
The final score for Perquimans
tifte lateJnjfcft ame, .after, the In
dians had moved the ball to Ayden's
43 yard hne. (Williams broke out
for a 25-yard Kne and on the next
play went 18 yards for the score.
Each team made four first downs
during the second half, giving Per
quimans a total of nine while Ayden
had eight.
Entertain Boys At
Football Game
Under , the auspices of the Murfrees
boro Exchang Club, the Chowan Col
lege Braves are inviting picked sen
ior stars from high schools in this
and adjoining counties to meet with
the junior college team on the after
noon of Thanksgiving Dav at 2:30
I P. M., for a sectional game with the
couege team, under the name or the
"Thanksgiving Bowl." The Exchange
Club plans to make this an annual af
fair to give recognition to the boys
who may be finishing their high
school football careers.
Only graduating seniors from near
by high schools will be invited to take
part and always with the full per
mission ' of their school authorities
and the participation of their coach
es, f .
Acceptances have already been re
ceived from the high schools at Suf
folk and Franklin in Virginia, and
from Rich Square, Murfreesboro,
Hertford, Wendell, Washington and
Scotland Neck. Others are expected
from Ahoskie, Aulander, . Colerain,
Enfield and Roanoke Rapids, as soon
as the necessary permission from au
thorities is secured.
Coaches Roger Thrift of the Mur
freesboro High School and Sparky
McCaskiU of the 'Scotland Neck school
will be in charge of the coaching, which
will begin on Monday afternoon, No
vember 24, with coaches' from par
ticipating schools assisting.. The game
will be played on the Murfreesboro
field which ia lighted for night play
and boasts a new press box to ac
commodate the sports winters from
the entire area, who will be the guests
of the club for the occasion. '
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Applewhite, of
Norfolk, Va., announce the birth of a
on, Robert Whedbee, born Tuesday,
November 18, at the Norfolk General
Hospital. Mrs. Applewhfte, before
her marriage, was Miss Joclyn Whed
bee. ' -
The - Perauaman Masonic Lodge,
No. 107, A. F. ft A. will meet
Tuesday night at 7$0 o'clock. '
Chowan College To
Spacid Term Of Superior Court To
Complete Czlendar Of Cases Friday
Due to observance of Thanksgiv
ing Thursday Of next week. The
Weekly will be printed a day earlier
in order to provide a holiday for em
Any advertising or news matter
should, therefore, be in The Weekly
office a day earlier than usual.
Two important changes have been
made in submitting samples of soil
for testing by the soil sampling lab
oratory of the btate Department of
Agriculture, according to I. C. Yagel,
Perquimans County farm 'agent for
the State College Extension Service.
Mr. Yagel emphasized that by early
sampling farmers will be assured of
having soil tests results and recom
mendations before placing next year's
order for H'me and fertilizer.
The changes in the procedure fol
There have been two changs in the
procedure for getting soil samples
First, the information blank has
been revised. This new sheet is de
signed to give more information on
soil type, drainage, slope, and crop
rotations to be followed. This infor
mation will be used to help interpret
soil test results as a partial substi
tute for subsoil samples. Therefore,
it is very important that these blanks
oe filled in as completely as possible.
Second, subsoil samples are no lon
ger necessary. To obtain a soil sam
ple that will be representatave of the
area you want tested take a small uni
form core (or slice) of soil from the
surface to a depth of about 6 inches
in 15 or 20 spots.' Ali'of these tyres
should be combined or put in one box
and properly labeled. Small areas
that differ in color, texture or drain
age should be avoided or sampled
separately. More complete instruc
tion are given on the back of the
new information sheet. I
Speaker Secured
For Rotary Event
Preliminary plans are being made
by the Hertford Rotary CWb for its
observance of Rural-Urban night on
Tuesday evening, December 9, it was
announced at the meeting of the club
held last Tuesday. C. R. Holmes, pro
gram chairman for the club reported
Dr. W. A. Poe, Associate Editor of
The Progressive Farmer will be guest
speaker for the evening.
'Special guests of the club members
will be farmers of Perquimans Coun
ty who will be invited to attend the
meeting by mdividual members of Ro
tary... Board Of Education
Sets Holiday Dates
Holiday dates for Perquimans Coun
ty Schools, for Thanksgiving and
Christmas were given in a release
made public on Monday by J. T. Big
gers, County Superintendent
All schools will be closed Thursday
and Friday of next week, in obser
vance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
An eleven-day vacation has been
designated for the Christmas holidays
with schools being dismissed on Fri
day, December 19, and resuming on
Wednesday, December 31. ,
New Plymouths On
Display This Week
New Plymouth cars, for 1953, went
on display at the Towe-Webb Motor
Company, Thursday, officials of the
company stated today, and an invitation-,
to the public to inspect these
new models has been issued.
A product of Chrysler Corporation,
the new 1953 Plymouths reveal many
changes over last year's model, and
it has been reported four of -the mod
els are priced substantially lower than
'in 1952., i ;
Specialist To Hold
Demonstration Here
Mrs. Katherine S.'Rifffrle. Extension
Specialist . in Housing and House
Fiirrinbiiw. trill ha a the Afirricul-
tural Building in Hertford on Mon
day, November 24 at Z:00 for a furro
ture refinishing demonstration. v i
7U1 ome Demonstration: dub mem
bers' and anyone else Interested in re
finishing furniture Is invited to at
tend. ,v
Changes Made In
Soil Sampling
Large Number Of Cases
Cleared From Civil
A special term of Superior Court
convened here last Monday with
Judge W. H. S. Burgwyn, of Wood
land, presiding. Twenty civil actions
were listed on the court calendar for
the term and of this number 17 were
continued until the next term.
Seven of the cases wtre listed as
being ready for a judgment or a de
cision by the Court after presentation
of motions concerning the various ac
Five of the cases shown on the
calendar were reported as ready for
a hearing, and the first of these, the
case in which Eleanor W. Jones enter
ed suit against the Norfolk-Southern
Railway Co., for damages in conection
with a train-car collision, which oc
curred in Chapanoke in 1947. Judge
Burgwyn granted & motion for a non
suit in this action after evidence had
been presented by both sides.
Tuesday afternoon was consumed in
hearing testimony in the case in which
Jesse Wiggins sought damages from
Ben Chambers in connection with an
accident which occurred near New
Hope during 1950. This case, like
wise, was non-suited by Judge Bur
gwyn upon a motion by Mr. Cham
bers' attorney, after the evidence had
been heard.
A compromise was (perfected in the
case in which Redman Perry was
suing S. D. Banks, over rights for use
of a lane, located in New Hope town
ship. The compromise was reached
shortly before noon Wednesday after
part of the evidence in the case had
been presented to the Court.
The case in which W. E. Nelson
sought recovery of money from Mor
gan Walker, in connection with the
uale of a business establishment in
Hertford, was concluded on Wednes
day afternoon.
Prior to the hearing of the Nelson
Walker case a continuance was grant
ed in the action involving W. M.
Morgan and B. M. Berry and this
case was moved up to the next term
of court... - ',. " ' ... -.
Court adjourned ftfle,wm at the
completion of the Nelson-Walker hear
ing late Wednesday afternoon.
Eight Selectees
Eight Perquimans County youths
were inducted into the armed forces
during the month of November, ac
cording to a report by Mrs. Blanche
Campen, clerk of the local draft board,
and the office has an induction call
for 10 men to be filled- during the
month of December.
Mrs. Campen stated the selectees
inducted this month were Joseph
Evans, Arthur Butt, James Modlin,
Marshall Taylor, Johnnie Chappell,
Jesse Ormond and Walter East.
The Perquimans board has been
notified there will be no " calls for
physical examinations of selectees
during th months of November and
Scouting Plans
Mapped At Meeting
, :Scout leaders from Gates, Perquim
ans and Chowan counties, met at the
municipal building in Edenton on
Thursday night and mapped plans for
scouting during the coming months.
Sid Campen presented plans for a fall
camporee at Cape Hatteras and Tom
Maston told of plans for a Court of
Honor. Bill Harry, John T; Biggers
and Charles Overman were installed
as officials of the West Albemarle
District Committee.
The PTA of the Hertford Grammar
School met on Thursday night of last
week in the school auditorium. The
meeting opened with .the singing of
America, followed by the reading of
the minutes and treasurer's report
The State President's message was
read, sstressing Better Schools, - Bet-.
Inducted Into Army
ter Churches, Better Homes. iFrancis
Nixon was appointed chairman of the
PTA civil defense Committee. ;
Miss Thelma Elliott, principal, spoke ,
briefly to the group on informing the
public on work accomplished through ,
the schools. : Mrs. J. S. Bass read a
poem,,"The SpirSfc of Thanksgiving."
followed by a piano solo; by Miss Le
tiitia McGoogan. The parents were
invited to. visit each classroom and
see the, interesting projects worked
on by the children during the Fall.
f The Hertford Chapter of the Order .
of Eastern' Star will meet. Monday ;
night in the lodgerooms in the Court
House. 'All members are unfed to at
tend. - .''. 1 ' , v

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