North Carolina Newspapers

-iria XIX. Number 43.
"Hertford; Perquimans County, North Carolina, Fridayy December 5, 1952.
5 Cents Per Copy
!i L - J" 1 .
ltd D:c!'.ct In
u:::n!:r's Court
Ten Coses Disposed
Of During Short
; Session
A varied docket, consisting of 10
cases, was disposed of by the Per
quimans County 'Recorder's Court, in
'?. aeon here on .Tuesday morning.
, lleag of guilty, entered by most ,of
: th defendants, enabled the count to
. clear t the,, calendar within- a short
'l'time.-r:.-"f:'-v:: '''f'''r,J.,,:lx.''': ..i'-
Costs of court were taxed against
Bichard idnthicum who submitted to
. s charge of speeding. '
Peggy Jones, Negro, entered a plea
at tfuiltv o a chaise of driving wrth-
Vout a license. IShe paid fine of ?2S
. and costs-
v Entering a plea of guilty to a charge
i f beta? drunk on the streets of Hert-
r- ford, Haywood Goodwin was ordered
' to pay a fine of $2 and costs.
Edward Horsch was mined $25 and
costs of eourt aftef he had entered
plea of guilty to a charge of driv
ing without a license. , -
Harry. Lee Bushlee and Edward
Bazeman, charged -with driving trucks
loaded over the limit, entered pleas of
guilty to the charges and paid the
-court costs. :K-1 - ';.t' -..,V-' '
Elsie Harris, Negro, netered a plea
of nolo contendre to charges of temporary-
larceny of a truck,- reckless
"' driving and hit and run. She was
.sentenced to jail for 60 days, the
.sentence suspended upon payment of
v the costs of court and payment of
damages to cars of Tommy IJessup and
George Baker, and : further condi
tion she be of good behavior for, a
-period of six months. , .;, v, :.
Reavie White, - Negro, , was found
guilty on a charge of assault, and
-was ordered to pay "the costs of court.
DiLlard Kiddiok was fined $10 and
- ' costs afte ?. pleading- pfitft
; charge oJL being drunk on the streets
- -of (Hertford. ::' : '"' '
William Qlfiam, 'Negrol. submitted
to a charge of driving with improper
court ocoii
Audit Of County
Boolis tlcv;;ved
" A report of an audit of Pejquimans
County books, for the nscai year laoi
J2. recentlv completed by iJie R. E.
"' Aiken, Jt-u Company ' of Elizabeth
-City, was reviewed by the -Board of
County ; -Commissioners during its
1 meeting on last Monday.
, The report revealed cash balances
as of July 1, 1951, amounted to $166,r
899.32 and receipts during the year
totaled I341.S51.28 while , disburse-
- ments came to J445.631.76. Of this
last amount 1180,578.94 was spent as
capital outlay for construction' of
school buildings- Cash balances on
hand as of July 1, 1952 amounted to
$02,018.84, much of which was taken
into consideration and considered as
. aurplus to be applied against appro-
3riafiions for the present' fiscal year,
.permitting the tax . levy w remain the
' same as last year, despite a debt ser
vice payment of $30,000 to be paid
aiext M ay 1. " - '
- As for. bonded indebtedness, the re
port shows the county owes $280,000
for bonds issued in 1989, for payment
of road and bridge construction, and
f 205,000. for .bonds Issue 4 to: repair
and bud'schovl buildings. ip0,t)00 of
this amottnt is-scheduled to be paid
-, May l,:i?53,nj'--!l.,;'::?ft;; V
(During the, year the county under
spent it budget by a total of J249.42.
1 By departments the p expenditures were
listed as follows; ;; County Commis
sioners, $3,877.1; Tax listing, 1841.50;
Recorder's Court, - $4,635.14, Miscelr
' laneous Civic expenditures, $3340.76;
- Court House Grounds and jail, $3,t
266.15; District Health Departmenti
, Elections, $629.41; - Home
Demonstration Office, $1,770.78; Su
perior Court, $3,722.84; Hospitaliia-"
tion, -$4,023.17 Farm Agent Office,
Toor Fund, $8,065.02 ; Debt
'22; Old Age Assist
'.U; Aid Dependent Chil
. -.CO; Welfare Department,
Servi , :
ance, i
(dren, f
ev.-,ih flwr n on ,1 7
Total t. Is of the i county as 'ef
June 80 amour.f:i to $7-2,C"3.7, of
which $SS7,CD0 represented fixed as
sets such as buildings, furnishings and
fixtures, , -
i:::t:.:: ' izy i;: lit
T' ? Pe sit s Eoard c Iducc ' n
;" -Tt t. or.J v n: fit. v '
1 t- y ': ! y J. 7. w irs, su-
t -f s !""'3:
' 9 r-;.t-
Boy Scout Fund
A Boy ; Scout fund raising cam
paign, announced for last week, has
been postponed until National Boy
Scout Week, (February 8-14, it was
announced todav by J. T. Diggers,
vice-chairman of the West (Albemarle
Scout District
Mr. Burgers stated it is hoped, dur
ing the coming drive, sufficient con
tributions will be. received tor tne
District to -wipe out a debt due to the
Tidewater Council of Boy Scouts of
Details of the drive and the local
sroal will be announced at a later date.
The Hertford Troop of Boy Scouts is
sponsored by the lions, Club.
TlliS fflS
President-elect Eisenhower has com
pleted, the job of selecting , his .cabi
net, which will direct various depart
ments of the-government after Janu
ary 20th. Some, of the officials, in
cluding: John Foster Dulles and Chan.
E. Wilsont Secretaries of State and
Defense, are already working closely
with the present .administration to
smooth out the change over in ad
ministrations. (Lat two officials nam
ed to the Cabinet were Sinclair Weeks
as Secretary of Commerce and Mar
tin Durkin, a leader in AIFL, as Secre
tary of Labor. r
Leaders in Congress are talking
about the huge costs of the last nat
ional election. Borne estimate the
cost ran as high, as 100 million dol-
airs. Proposals ' are expected to voe
made which will lead to changes in the
set-up, paring down the expenditures
of political parties, One of these pro
posals may be a limit on the length
of time devoted to campaigns. ..:....
Governor W. Kerr Scott, this week,
appointed Joseph W. Parker of .Wind
sor to the ; nosT-of Superior Court
Judge, filling the vacancy left when!
Judge Hunt Parker moved up to the
QnMMfHA fVv , J.
1 VNoiCaW's revenues jominued
ltd run '-ahead of 1951, according to
a report from Kaieigh on Wednesday,
but the gap between the two grew
closer as the year neared an end. Dur
ing the first five months of the year
the state's income was 5 per cent
greater than 1951; income for Novem
ber had dropped this per cent down
to slightly more than one per cent.
Herbert Peele Dies
From llecrt Attack
Friends ' in Edenton and Chowan
County were shocked Tuesday morning
to learn that Herbert Peele, t 70,
founder of the Elizabeth City Daily
Advance and owner from 1911 to 1949,
and owner of radio station WKSAI,
dropped dead from a heart attack on
Main Street in Elizabeth City about
6:15 o'clock as be was going to work
at the radio station. '
'Mr. Peele was president of the
North ' Carolina Press Association in
194647 and was very well and favor
ably known among the newspaper pro
fession throughout the state..
Funeral services 'were' held Thurs
day and the editor of The Herald has
been named an honorary pallbearer to
represent the North Carolina Press
'Association. ,
Noted Publisher To ;
Be Rotary Guest
; Dr. W. A. Poe, Associate Editor
of the Progressive, Farmer, will- be
guest speaker at the Hertford Rotary
Club on 'next Tuesday night at the
Hotel Hertford, when the local civic
organization observes its annual Ru?
alUrban Night. - -
RuralwUrban Night is sponsored by
Rotary as an event to bring closer re
lationshfp between residents of the
town and county. Twenty five Per
quimans .County farmers nave been
invited to attend the meeting as guests
of the club members in Helping to on
serve die program. - i
Charles Henc, president of the club,
will act as toastmaster at the dinner
meeting.-- ; . ;
Ovil Service Has
Number Of Openings,
Civil service examinations for the
p Jons of automotive mechanic, and
L. -j1 mec4 "-;c and laborer, for in
d "iile s"- tment at NAIF, Weeks-
vi i and Lii beth City are now open,
Jlr.g ta ndrr IielJs, secreUry,
ii.oari of U. S. Uivil Service Examv
vrt, at tse I iTc t Office..
J 'V ' jala "i i in t'.ing ex.
an." . s fr c -3r of Ce?e posi
l.i. .1 J. C. 1
Ft.lA fcioatbs
Farmers Of County Are
Urged To Attend h v
A county-wide meeting of (Per
quimans County farmers, for the pur
pose of nominating community com
mitteemen and delegates to the Coun
ty Convention, will be held in the
agriculture-building an (Hertford on
Saturday,- December 6, beginning at
two P. M., it was announced today
by Miss Helen Nixon, secretary of the
Perquimans , ;PM A Committee. ,
Milton Dail, chairman of the IP1MA
Committee, released the following In
formation concerning the elections:
"Nominations of farmers to seven
positions in each community are to be
made at this meeting. ' These posi
tions' are: Three members of each
community flPIMA committee, two al
ternate members, and a delegate and
alternate delegate to the county con
vention which elects the county PMA
committee on December 19, 1952.
I am sure tihat every one will agree
that 1953 will be a pretty important
year, as far as agricultural is con
cerned. There will be a lot of im
portant decisions -made. That's why
this election means go much to you.
These community committeemen and
the delegates to the county conven
tion are going to. have a lot to do
with farming in your community which
means that it is very important that
you attend this meeting and cast your
vote in Ithe election.
"The election for this year will be
by mail with ballots mailed to all eli
gible voters in each community. The
closing date for returning the bal
lots will be December 17, 1952."
Jury Selected For
...Thirty-eight .-Cei'otiimans: "County
residenta have been .selected to.serve
as jurors at the January term of Su
perior Court The list was drawn
from file Jujry box at last Monday's
session; of County Commissioners. .; v
Named for jury duty were Luther
a. sitterson, Charles E. Payne, Wil
liam W. Corprew, Xoh E., Copeland,
J. T. Harris, Charlie L. Copeland,
Elric Caddy, Gordon L. Winslow, Na
than Sawyer, Mrs. Lizzie Eure, Geo.
Kiddick, Jr., John Nelson Lane, L. R.
Gay, W. J. Saunders, Julian R. Mat
thews, J. B. Basnight, Seth Long, Jr..
C. T. Rogerson, Sr., W. D. Perry, Sr.,
J. Eugene Winslow, J. V. Roach, Les
ter Baker, Noah Stallings, John T.
Lane. Jr., Emmett Landing, Mrs. J.
H. Satchwell, Earl J. Riddick, Wat
son Small, John A. JBillups, Rolla P.
White, Claude N. Rountree, W. M.
Wood, Lon Stallings, Milton Dail, Jr.,
Seth Long,; Sr. Lucious E. Winslow,
L. E. (iLuke) Butt and V. L. Proc
tor. v ' -Vrt'
New Auto License
Tags Now On Sale
1955 license plates for automobiles
went en sale December 1, and Motor
venicies v officials advise motorists
who failed to receive renewal cards
to contact the Department and ask for
Current plates are valid until mid
night January 31, 1953, but officials
urge car owners to buv earlv and
avoid the usual last minute rush and
plates, :-i-y- '..;
Color schemes for the 1953 plates
will be bjack with orange numerals
and letters.: The 1953. mate will have
a tiny slot cut into the lower right
hand comet' officials explain it was
Placed there so that a date tab, like
those used during World War XT may
be attached in the event of a steel
shortage or other emergency.
Fires Keep Local
Department Busy
IWith the ' advent of cold weather
here during last week-end the Hert
ford Fire Department was called out
three times on Sunday to fight fires.
The home of Annie Dail, pf Route one,
burned to the ground and calls were
also made to the residence of J. B.
Eure on Route three and the Church
of Assembly, 6n Grubb Street .
.The engagement and. approaching
marriage of Dorothy Elizabeth Lang
don to Thomas Alexander Dail has
been announced by her parents. (Mr.
and Mrs. Earl W. ILangdon of Hunt
ington, West Virginia. Mr. Dail is
the son of Utj and Mrs. John B. Dail
of (Route one, Hartford..' The cere
mony will take place January E, 1953
in ll'Jswn B- rtist Churchj Hunt
i" ' a. Or, Norman R, (Lewis t will
ojCEte. '
January Court Term
Dql!5is To l!cM
Lirjd Rdy On
r 'sxt Monday f iht
Annual Rally Scheduled
In Elizabeth City on
Monday Night
The well balanced program for the
annual M" Night rally of the Train-
lng Unions of the Chowan Baptist
Association is to be cMmaxed with
the inspirational address by Dr. R.
Stuart Gnzzard, popular minister of
the First Paptist Church in Norfolk.
His subject is 'That AH May Learn."
Dr. Grizzard'S message will bring to
a close the annual "M" Night meeting
held with the Blackwell Memorial
Baptist Church in Elizabeth City,
Monday night, December 8th, at 7:i
Other features of the interesting
and helpful program are a screen
projetaon uearn From Me, special
music by the Youth Choir of the First
Baptist Church of Elizabeth City and
a demonstration conducted by Miss
Jennie Lou Newborn, educational di
rector of the First Baptist Church in
Elizabeth City. Miss Carol Jean Biz
zell, minister of music at the Black
well Memorial Baptist Church in
Elizabeth City,, will lead the singing
and J. G. Newbold, Training Union
director of the Blackwell Memorial
Church, will conduct the period of
During the psriod of roll call and
recognition, the attendance banner will
be awarded to the training union hav
ing the largest percentage of its en
rolled members present. However, it
Is the desire of all Concerned to have
non-members of the training union at
tend. With this in mind a special in
vitation is extended to non-members
and the members of churches without
training union work.
District Officers
- Two Perquimans County men; Chai
Henc of Belvidere and Jack Kanoy
of Hertford, were selected as district
officers of the Wildlife Federation in
a reorganization meeting held recent
ly at Edenton. ;
To provide greater local activity
in connection with the operation of
the Wildlife Resources Commission,
the Federation of Wildlife Clubs were
reorganized into 18 districts, whereas
formerly there were nine.
Mr. Henc was chosen chairman of
the new district which is Comprised
or . Dare, Currituck, Camden, Pas
quotank, Perquimans, Gates, and Cho
wan counties and Mr. Kanoy was
elected as vice-chairman of this dis
trict;'.. -
Much enthusiasm is beinjr shown by
members of the Wildlife. Clubs over
the reorganization of the Federation
and the opportunity of irreater parti
cipation in the activities of commis
sion. It is believed that under this
new set up each community will equal
ly share, in the distribution of funds
for the advancement of wildlife re
sources. , .
Layden Funeral
Conducted Monday
Funeral services for Jame Herbert
Layden, 68, of Hertford, who died
Sunday morning at 8:30 in the Albe
marle Hospital, Elizabeth City, after
a brief illness, were held Monday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock at the Lynch
Funeral Home in Hertford.
The Rev. C IW. Dulimr, pastor of
the Hertford Baptist Church, officiat
ed and the church choir sang "Rock
of Ages" and 1Abide With Me," with
Mrs. Elue White at the organ, v vt ,r
The pall was of red and white carl
nations with white gladioli. ) -
Pallbearers, all nephews of the de.
ceased,, were: James Layden, Clyde'
Layden, Sidney Layden, Wallace Lay.
den, Dick Layden and Emerson, As-m.-
:-:-,x, ,-:
.Burial was made J in ' the ; lAsbeJl
cemetery at Belvidere.
Survivors are' one daughter, . Mrsl
Thomas Morgan, RJFD. 2, iHertibrd:
one son, Jasper Layden.) of Newioort
News, Va. two brothers, T. P. Lay
den ox Hertford and-JUphonso Lay
den of Baltimore. . .
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wood, Jr. an
nounce the birth of a son, born No
vember 19, at Albemarle ; Hospital.
..Mr. and -: Mrs Joe TunneH an-
nounce the birth-of a daughter born
Jfrtday, November 28. at the Albe
marle Hospital in Elisabeth City.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Keaton an
nounce the birth of a son born Sat-
yrday, November 29th at the Afte-
marie Hospital In Elizabeth City. ;
County Men Elected
County Officios Assumed Hew Duties
On Monday, Commissioners Reorganized
Teacher Resigns
From H.S. Faculty
George S. McRorie, teacher of En
glish at Perquimans High School, has
tendered his resignation of that po
sition, effective December 19, it was
learned this week.
Mr. McRorie, who joined tfhe local
school faculty last September, gave
notice of his leaving to the Board of
Education last week, and stated pres
sure of peraonel business forced him
to submit his resignation.
Jackets Top Indians
Football Contest
The 0I3 "jinx", seemingly present
at the annual Perquimans-EIizabeth
City football game, loomed up again
on Thursday of last week when the
Jackets won a onenpoint decision from
the Indians by a score of 13-12.
Perquimans ouMayed Elizabeth
City, rolling up greater yardage "from
scrimmage but was unable to cdnvert
the Rains into scores. The Indians had
12 first downs to seven for the Jac
Neither team scored in the first
quarter bult Perquimans definitely
showed superior ability, stopping a
Jacket, drive on the four yard line,
then moving steadily to the Jacket 38
yard line as the period ended.
Perquimans scored midway of the
second period when John Morris pass
ed to Eugene White for a TD. The
score was set up when Morris in
tercepted a Jacket pass and Williams
ran the ball, from scrimmage to the
five yard line stripe. Try for extra
point failed and the half ended with
Perquimans leading 6-0. .
Elizabeth City started, the. third
quarter with a rush, and rolled up
three first downs while the Indians
collected only two in this quarter. A
recovered fumble gave Elizabeth City
the big break of the eame and set up
fhe Jackets' first touchdown play. The
Jackets "were stalled on their 46 yard
line and kicked to the Indians' 20, re
covering the ball after an Indian
fumble. The Jackets moved to the
four and smashed through from that
point for a TD. They converted and
the score stood 7-6.
The Jackets scored again in the
fourth period when a penalty against
Perquimans gave them the ball on the
Indians' 16-yard line. A pass moved
the ball to the five yard line and the
Jackets drove through for the score.
iPerquimanii' roared back from this,
receiving the- kickoff and with Wil
liams smashing the Jacket line for
good gains, the Indians moved to the
Jackst 49. A pass from Morris to
Carver placed the ball on the six-yard
line and Williams went over for the
TD. Try for extra point failed and
Elizabeth City held the edge 13-12.
Thanksgiving Day
Damages to the amount of $10,000
or more is estimated to have been
caused by fire which destroyed a barn
and work shop of E.-L. Jennings, of
Route three, Hertford, located near
Woodville, on Thursday of last week.
It was reported the loss is only par
tially Covered by insurance.
, Jennings was .in the back of the
shop, working on a tractor when the
fire started.. A backfire of the trac
tor, it is reported, set fire to a pan
of gasoline and the flames quickly
spread to. other parts of the building..
- The Elizabeth City Fire Department
was called to the scene and prevented
the fire from spreading to other build
ings and moved a 300-gallon. tank
of gasoline to a place of safety.
Street Decorations f
Going Up This Week
Holiday street decorations in Hert
ford are being distributed this week
by employees of the town, Mayor V..
N.' Darden reported today. It had
been planned to put up the multi-colored
lights at the beginning of the
month but Inclement weather did not
permit. Mayor - Darden stated the
lights will be turned on, at night, just
as soon as installation is completed.
' Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Cobb of Hertford
announce, the engagement of their
daughter, Gaye, to Sammi'e Sutton, "on
of M. and Mrs: Saramie Sutton of
The Perquimans Masbmc Lodge, Nol
107, A. F & A. M. will meet Tues-
flaw in4i. alt T.OO in IjwTam
in the Court House. . '
Heavy Loss By Fire
Appointive Officers Are
Named; A. T. Lane
Board Chairman
In a reorganization meeting, held
Monday afternoon, a new board of
County Commissioners elected A. T.
Lane as chairman, and appointed C.
C. Banks as clerk of the Recorder's
Court; S. M. Whedbee as County So
licitor and County Attorney, and Jul
ian C. Powell as County Tax Super
Members of the new board of Com
missioners are A. T. Lane, William C.
Chappell, E. B. Hollowell, R. L. Spi
vey ,nd Warner Madre.
Other new officials assuming duties
of office last Monday were Julian
C. Powell, Register of Deeds, and D.
F. Reed, Jr., Treasurer. Chas. E.
Johnson succeeded himself as Judge
of the Recorder's Court. All of these
officials were sworn into office by W.
H. Pitt, clerk of court.
Two meetings were conducted by the
Board of Commissioners, the old board
met during the morning and trans
acted all unfinished business which in
cluded reviewing an audit of the
county books. It approved the pur
chase of an oil burning heater for the
Welfare office and passed a motion
granting an increase in salary for the
Judge of Recorder's Court and So
licitor. Each of these officials will
receive $150 per month, a raise of
$25 over the old salary.
uunng tne meeting of tne new
Board, on Monday afternoon, in ad
dition to filling the appointive offices,
the Commissioners were also town
ship tax listers, who will begin list
ing property for taxes on January 2.
Named as tax listers were Percy
Rogerson, Hertford Township: Julian
Long, Bethel; Mrs.,T. C. Perry, Bel
videre; Ray Elliott, Parkville, and
Carson D. Spivey, New Hope. The
.Board will hold a special meeting
with the list takers on Monday, De
cember 15, at which time the list taki
ers will be instructed as to their dut
ies. . r i
Outgoing officials were J. Wt Ward,
who served as Register of Deeds for
20 ), years 'and CommiAsionsrjarX A.
Turner, wfio represented New Hope
township during the past two years,
and Roy S. Chappell, representing
Bethel Township for several terms.
Jaycee Minstrel
To Be Presented
On Friday Night
Perquimans High School audiltorium
will be the setting for the 'Hertford
Jaycees' annual minstrel' on IFriday
night, December 5, beginning at 8
o'clock, it was announced today by
Jarvis Henry, chairman of arrange
ments committee.
The minstrel, planned, produced and
directed by the members of the Hert
ford Junior Chamber of Commerce, is
composed of a cast of home-talent ac.
tors. It promises to provide a full
evening of entertainment for all at
tending the show. .1
Talmage Rose will act as Interlocu
tor with Francis Nixon, George 'Fields,
Charlie Skinner and IBilly White fill
ing the roles as end men. IA number
of special acts are .also included in
the program.
rickets are on sale by all members
of the Jaycees and may be purchased
at the door. Proceeds from the min
strel will' be used by the organiza
tion in carrying out civic betterment
programs selected by tne Jaycees.
Local Car Dealers
Receive Awards
iL, N. Hollowell of Hollowell Chev-,
rolet Company, Inc., and C. C Wins
low of Winslow-JBlanchard Motor Co.,
received the "1952 Highway Safety
Award" presented by the North Car
olina Automobile Dealers Association
in Raleigh on Wednesday," December''
3, it was announced by Association
President Fred H. Deaton, of States
ville. - ,
The presentation took place at a
special luncheon given by the Asso
ciation in honor of these ' men and
the other Tar Heel dealers who have ,
loaned new cars free of charge to
high schools for use in the driver
education program.
Patrolman Guthrie
Transferred On Monday
' CpL Ernest Guthrie, a member of
the State . Highway Patrot who has
been v stationed in Hertford for the
past year, was transferred to Jackson- -ille,
effective last Monday. ' - .
Mr. GUihrie,. an able officer, made;
many friends in his short stay in this '
community, who regret his leavir3

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