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li IDii
XIX. Number 51.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North arolina,Friday December 26, 1952.
5 Cents Per Copy
Perquimans County Library
keg this opportunity to express its
Ppreciation to groups and individuals
-or, their contributions and their in
terest that have made possible im
proved library service throughout the
untyv First of all to the Board
of Education for permitting the Lib
rary to Use the building and ground
apace it occupies on the school prop
erty. ""Next to the Board of County
Commissioners of Perquimans County
and the Board of Commissioners of
-the Town of Hertford, the Library ex
presses its appreciation for jointly
financing' and carrying out the much
needed repairs to the Library Build-Xng-
' '
The interior of the new building
"has. been made comfortable and at
tractive by contributions of material
by -the Hertford Hardware Company,
Pitt Hardware Company and J. C.
Blanchard and Company, and Southern
Cotton Oil Company. Cash contribu
tions were made by Miss Mae Wood
Winstow and Mrs. Zelma Dawson.
Fourteen pairs of curtains were do-
nated by Mrs. T. P. Brlnn. lAn at
"tractive outside sign 'was painted by
Heywood Divers. The members of the
Perquimans County Library Board
Tiave freely given of their time and
e'rts In carrying 'out the, project,
r :of which has resulted in-greatly
proved library service for the peo
Perquimans .County.;
' lie following schedule or j$it hoti.
days is announced.' '':
,'ber 24th to 28th inclusive. " TKe'iLib.
jrtiry will also be closed on New Year's
"Day. ,
The Bookmobile will not make any
of its trips regularly 'scheduled for
those dates. '
, New books added during November
were Non Fiction, 26; Fiction 31. Cir
culation for November was 1 main
library, 1511; bookmobile, 844; total
2355. ,
Iced Cagers Divide
Playing in Elizabeth City , Thurs
day night, the Perquimans high
School basketball teams divided a twin
bill with the eager of Elizabeth City.
The Perquimans girls won a 34 to
15 victory while the local boys lost
a heart-breaker 42 to; 41. ? 7
White led the sotfring' for the Per
aimans girls with .10 points. Wins
jw scored 9 and Edwards Hit for
wen .' The Squaws held a half-time
i of 20 to 9 and won going away
si 4 to 15.
The boys' contest was thriller from
itart to ; finish. (Elisabeth City had
a 28-21 lead at half time but the
Indians whittled this down during the
second hajf until the score stood tied
at 41-41 with two seconds remain
ing in the game. At that point Per
nimans fouled and Elizabeth Cfty
-rTM d to win 42 to 41. ,
J " -y Morris and Paul Matthews
1 '. 3 ssoring for Perquimans, fflfor
i i 1 13 points and Matthews
trr 11. . ; : f '
Visit Here
i Large Crowd
-rth annual arrival of Santa
" I" rtford was termed a huge
;('a committee of the Hert
i Ikpartment and the Hert
"9, which in ' cooperation
rd merchants; sponsored
i party for tiie children
j County last Saturday
. One of the largest crowds,
' i and adults, ,( ever to at-
" t were gathered to Wel
i he drove up to the
s on the back of. the fire
p ' ' -J here, Ole Santa, all
l is holiday togs, had
i for the children, and
i in tlie distribution of
J of the two sjron-
; orjanizaitions ex
i t? a'.l v'.o Y-i
t 1 1 t, and
" i- a, V;
Fe;v Opportunities
Individuals and organizations of
Perquimans County who desire to as
sist unfortunates : at Christmas-time
still have the opportunity to do so,
it was reported today by C. Edgar
White, Superintendent of Public Wel
fare. Mr. White pointed out that the ' joy
fund list, made up of about 25 to 30
families, who unless aided by those
more fortunate, wili have a joyless
holiday. He stated that a large num
ber - of families have already been
chosen to receive food baskets from
individuals and organizations, but a
few families still remain on the list.
The Joy fund in Perquimans is su
pervised each - year by the Welfare
Department. It is outside the depart
ment's usual work but the officials of
the department do this job to help
others to provide a cheerful ChristmaB
for the needy,'
Indiv'dualg who desire to contribute
to ths fund, are requested to contact
Mr. White at the Welfare Office, in
the Court House.
Usns Oiristmas
Party Held Friday
The Hertford lions Club held its
annual Christmas party last Friday
night at the Perquimans ITigh School
cafeteria and the members had their
wives as special guests at the event.
Clinton Eiey headed up the committee
whidr had charge of food arrange
Kie.its and I. C. Yagel served as chair
man for the prcjram.
j : "
i On Joy List
. ......
od grant this day of Christmas dawn on
man . . ,
On one happy child, secure in the perfect idealism of the
tery young...
.On one act of pure generosity, consecrated to the Christ
whose birth we celebrate now... - .
On one word of peace, spoken in faith to still the clang
orous horror of cannon, bomb, and bullet...
On one deed performed for love and not for gain...'
On one leader who himself is not led astray in arrogance
but humbly guides others in the paths of goodness and true
' progress... -1 ,
On one follower who is willing to play his role jnot
blindly but with the alert and critical wisdom which is the
, heritage of all people... ' ' '
On one great human thought that will not be crushed and
rent by the cynical, the hopeless, the greedy, and the ignorant.
God grant that some essence of these miracles be per
. C v l?nnc- in all of us, and wshall see a Christmas that i?aUke .
7. imtothe firsTo'ne the angek watched? oyer. ' ' ' '
County Schools Closed
For Annual Holidays
Perquimans County Schools closed
at noon last Friday, December 19 for
the annual Christmas holidays, it was
announced today by J. . T. Biggers,
Superintendent of Schools. The schools
will be closed for 11 ' days, classes
scheduled to be resumed on Wednes
day, December 31. ; .v; .
Students and narents are advised
the vacation comes to a close the day
before New Year's, but this schedule
was arranged in order to permit the
closing down of schools at the end of
the term next Spring on the sched
ule planned by the Board of Education
last Fall, and students are urged; to
observe the duration of the holidays
and return to classes on schedule.
Motorists Receiving, ; '
Safe Driving Pledge '
Safety reminder cards are1 being
given motorists daily by each of the
13 highway patrolmen in this dis
trict, asking their, pledge for safe
driving during the holiday season, it
has been announced by Sergeant L.
B. Lane. '
By accepting these cards, motorists
pledge to do theix part in keeping
the highways free" of accident over
the holidays by obeying the . legal
speed limit, never; passing on hills
or curves and not driving after drink
ing. --
"If we can make tthe motorists
safety conscious, rre ' can do a great
dc' i.t cut" .j t?nri.lfte number of
hoi trifle azJ.ljiAa in our state,"
said Sergeant Lane.
one honest
Chairman Calls For
Xmas Seals Report
Miss Hulda Wood, chairman of the
Perquimans County Christmas Seal
campaign, today issued a final ap
peal to county residents to return
Christmas Seal envelopes to her be
fore Christmas day, which marks the
closing of the local drive.
The chairman . stated a few returns
have yet to be made on the number
of seals mailed out to local residents
earlier this month, and she urges all
individuals to mail back the enve
lopes in order that a final count on
the .drive can1 be' made as 'soon as
possible after Christmas. .,
i Reports received thus far indicate'
that local . residents have responded
splendidly to the appeal for funds,
used to fight tuberculosis and the
committee is.hopeful that this year's
drive will be the best ever conducted.
A final report on the sale of Christ
mas Seals will be made by the chair
man shortly after the drive closes and
the committee has had an opportunity
to tabulate all of the returns.
From New York
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hefren spent
tw ir A w, . if
S. . S. Hollingsworth at Jamesville,
Md. They were accompanied home
n (,va-vm tTwi . iuii nuu luia
by iMias Marjorie Hefren, from New
York City, to spend the, holidays with
them. , ,
From Holland
Mr. And Mrs. Harvey Norfleet and
children will spend the week-end with
Mrs.' Baker Wood and Miss Hulda
Wood. , ,
Milton Oail;Sr, Elected As Chairman Of
Perquimans PMA Committee On Friday
Early Edition
Th's week's edition of The Perquim
ans Weekly has been printed and
comes to its readers several days
ahead of the' usual schedule. This
stepping up of the press schedule will
enable the editor and the printers of
The Weekly to enjoy a vacation dur
ing the holiday season. Editor and
Mrs. Campbell will spend the Christ
mas holidays with Mr. Campbell's 95-year-old
father at Shelbyville, Indiana.
In this issue of The Weekly, the
merchants and business men of the
community . are sending season's
greetings to the residents of this
trade area and to the readers pf The
Weekly. These fine expressions of
greetings tell of the appreciation mer
chants hold for residents of this area,
and for the patronage of local stores
during the past year.
Indians' Basketball
Schedule Released
Conference basketball games to be
played by. Perquimans High School
in the Albemarle Conference for the
1953 season were listed today by
Coach EUie Fearing and Principal E.
C. Woodard. The Indians have already
played three games in non-conference
competition against Elizabeth City,
Virginia Beach and Edents.,;
The schedule of conference gams
, ' January 7-Camden, here.
January 9-irWeeksville, there.
January 13 Moyock. here.
January 16 Griggs, thpre.
January 20 Cenltral, here.
. January '23 Kitty Hawk, here.
January 27 Manteo, there.
January 30 Camden, here.
February 3 Weeksville, hem '
February 6 Moyock, there.
February 10 KJriggs, here.
February 13 Central, there.
February 17 Kitty Hawk, there.
February 20 Manteo, here.
February 23-rConference tourna
ment. ':
Elliott Funeral
I Funeral services for Joseph F. El
liott, 72, who died suddenly at his
home in Hertford on Friday night at
11:30 o'clock were conducted Saturday
morning at 11 o'clock at the grave
side in Cedarwood Cemetery by the
Rev. A. L. Chaplain, pastor of the
Hertford Methodist Church.
Mr. Elliott was the son of the late
Joseph A. and Kathleen Rogerson El
liott and the husband of the late Mrs.
Effie Winslow Elliott. He was a mem
ber of the Anderson Methodist Church.
Surviving are four daughters, Miss
Thelma Elliott, Mrs. Eldon Winslow,
both of, Hertford, Mrs. Dennis Holli-
day of Enfield, and Mrs. Charles God
win, Jr., of Williamstonr one sister,
Mrs.' Annie Jordan of Drivers, Va.,
and one brother, Charlie Elliott of
Great Bridge, VaT ":; :
Rites Held Friday
For Accident Victim
Funeral services for Robert Preston
Copeland, seven-year-old son of Mrs.
Catherine M. Allen of Route three,
Hertford,, who died Wednesday in
Albemarle Hospital from injuries suf
fered in an automobile , accident, were
conducted Friday afternoon at two
o'clock at Twif ord Funeral Chapel in
Elizabeth City by the Rev. Sigsbee
(Miller. Burial was in the family plot
near Woodville.
I Surviving besides his mother, are
father, Kyree Copeland; a bro
ther, Tommy and his grandmother,
Mrs. Ora Byrd of Rout three, Hertford."-
Holiday Guests
Lt, Commander W. H. Hardcastle,
Jr., end children of Boston, Mass.,
Admiral and Mrs. J. B. Lyon of Ar
lington, Va., and John Lyon of Los
Angeles, Calif., will arrive Wednes
day to spend the holidays with Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Hardcastle.
onducted Saturday
Members Named In An
Election Held Last
Milton, Dail, Sr., was elected chair
man of the Perquimans County PMA
committee at a meeting of the coun
ty delegates, held last Friday at the
Agricultural Building in Hertford, it
was announced by Helene W. Nixon,
secretary to the committee.
Other officers selected to serve on
the county committee were: John
Q. Hurdle, vice cha'rman; O. J. Lane,
regular member; L. L. Lane, first al
ternate; F. S. Long, second alternate.
Helene W. Nixon was reappointed as
Secretary and Ruby A. White as
Treasurer. In the PMA election par.
ticipalted in by farmers and land own
ers of the county the community com
mitteemen for the various communi
tien were also elected as follows:
Belvidere J. M. Copeland, chair
man; J. L. Lane, vice chairman; Ed
win S. White, regular member; Char
lie T. Rogerson, Sr., first alternate;
Joe W. Nowell, Jr., second alternate.
Nicanor flElsberry Lane, chairman:
O. Roy Winslow, vice chairman; Eli
sha S. Window, regular member; Ar
chie B. White, first alternate; Ellis
Stallings, second alternate, ' t
Bethel S. M. Long, chairman; Jiohu
Corprew, Jr., vice chairman; T. Jittlian'
Long, regular member; James ,R.
Sawyer, first alternate, W. V. Brabble,
second alternate; xl; '..-
Hertford iPreston Nixon, chairroan;
Louis G. Howell, vice chairman;' Jack
E." Hunter, regular irtember; Joseph
Layden, first alternate; Carroll R.
Wfilliams, second alternate.
.New Hope Stephen D. (Banks,
chairman; J. Elmer WooJ, Jr., vice
chairm'f.r.; Belyin Eure, regular mem
ber; Chester A, Butt, first alternate;
Marvin Caddy, second alternate.
; Parlrille 'Elmer L. Miller, chair
man; J. Clifton Morgan, vice chair
man; John A. Bray, regular member;
Claude Williams, first alternate, Julia"
R. Mathews, second alternate.
The County Committee and the com
munity committeemen will play a big
part during the coming year in car
rying out the farm program in Per
quimans County as it is related to the
Production and Marketing Administra
tion.. F.NNi
Javcee Man Of Year
Francis Nixon, Hertford young man,
has been selected to receive a special
Award of Merit a. Young Man of
the Year, to be presented by the Hert
ford Junior Chamber of Commerce
in observance of- National Jaycee
Week during the early part of Janu
ary. ,
Mr. Nixon was chosen from a list
of candidates, submitted in the first
annual contest of the local organiza
tion by civic clubs of the county. Se
lection of the winner, the Man of the
Year, was by a committee of three
ineligible men.
Selection for the honor was no easy
task for the committee, each candi
date having a list of accomplishments
during the past year which were con
sidered as achievement for community
Mr. Nixon is a veteran of World
War H, a member of the Wm. Paul
Stallings Post of the American Legion,
a member of the Hertford Fire De
partment and is active in many pro
jects for .the youths of the communi
ty. , . .
VFW To Sponsor
Holiday Dances
The Garland H. Ownlev Pnsf nf th
Veterans of Foreign Wars will spon
sor two dances during the Christmas
New Year holidays, it was announced
here today. Both dances will be held
at the VFW Hall. v
The Post's annual Olriwtm dnna
wtll -Ka Mi) mi nMiitm. :vt n-
cember 25, and the New Year's dance
will be the night of December 81.
Because of th limits f
VFW Hall two admission tickets will
be permitted each member of; the
Post, and individuals desiring to at
tend the dances are urged to contact
one of the members early to secure
a ticket '

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