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Volume XXII. Number 51.
- iWa .
Third Place
Team! r
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, December 23, 1955.
5 Cents Per Copy
s Six members of the National
Junior Vegetable Growers Associa
tion and four adult advisors' spent
ten enjoyable days at New Orleans,
La.; representing North Carolina at
the annual convention. Those mak
ing the trip from North Carolina
wnrA Henrv Covington, Extension
Horticultural Specialist; Rebecca i
'Hovies," Assistant Home Agent of,
Gaston County; Robert Marsh, As
sistant Farm Agent of Chowan
County; Ralph Sasser, Assistant
Farm Agent of Perquimans Coun
tv: Clarence Channell, Jr., and Lois
V. Winslow of Perquimans County; ,
Sherwood Harrell and Dick Lowe i
of Chowan County, and Mary Har
dy of Gaston County. I
The delegates met in Raleigh
f riaay, ueceniiwr , iui a :
at N. C. State College cafeteria. "J
uan ruui, uutxwi, .
Store Council, was the host for the
occasion. This was an informal get
together in order for the boys and
girls to meet their sponsors, spe
cialists, and leaders interested in
NJVGA. After the luncheon the
delegates left for New Orleans by
car, The trip down was very en-
. joyaljle going by way of Atlanta,
Gat and Montgomery, Ala.; view
ing such' places as Stone Mountain
arid the, oil fields of Mississippi.
They checked' in the Jung Hotel
Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock,. -
At 7:30 Sunday the members en
joyed an" informal get-acquainted
party in the 'Tulane -Room, Jung
: uiJ .1- ) ; ..
. iiuiQi ..... 1 . ' ... ; .;
National Canners Association gave
j. '. 'L.:.'. ' i i. 1.1 . 1 ..l.fncf
ine group g gei-twgcwicr uicomob.
after which the group left by bus
for an all day tour along the west
Side of the Mississippi River.
.j J' . ... . i i..'lJ
JPoinw or special interest mciuueu
. ti Citrus section. Freenort Sul
phur mines, the-shrimp industry,
sea trains and the La. Experimen
tal' Station. At 7:30 P. M., the
group . enjoyed entertainment and
square dancing in the Tulane
Tuesday the group toured New
Orleans to include City Park, Lake
Ponchastrain, Metaria Cemetery,
Tulane University, Sugar Bowl
Stadium, Audobon Park, Banana
Docks, French Market and French
Quarter. Tuesday afternoon the
crrouDS had a two-hour ride down
the Mississippi River on board the
Bteamboat Presidents viewing the
22 miles of docks, seeing boats
loading cotton and grain for over
seas shipment.
Wednesday the contestants gave
their demonstrations in the Nation
al contest The demonstration from
Perquimans County on Picking,
Packing and Polishing Green Pep
pers for Market placed third in the
National Marketing Contest This
demonstration was presented by
Clarence Chappell, Jr., and Lois Vi
olet Winslow. At 7:00 P. Jtt., tne
annual business meeting" of the
National Junior Vegetable Growers
Association was held in the lulane
Room. Clarence Chappell,' Jr., f
Belvidere was elected chairman of
the Executive Board for the South
ern Region. Clarence's region will
include states East of the Missis
sippi from West Virginia, Mary
land, down to Florida to include La.
and Mississinni. Clarence will be
making several trips throughout
this section during 1956
Thursday thefsrroup held their
National Judging, Grading and
Identification contest which' was
ll...,l V... an ffAmnnlir fchoni
ping and sig)isee!ing.i;AJi fM?the
l.VllvyJ.IlJJIlllMt JWiil'fvy- T-.-
m tec h?-rt:' frMR
Recorder Docket
At Session Tues.
r I
t - -4 V ?S
M l UCl 'I H
To every home . . . lo every heart . . . we're
sending a slcigh-load of Christmas wishes.
May Santa fulfill your brightest expecta
tions, and may the warm glow of the holi
day season remain to brighten your mem
ories through many a month to come.
Merry Christmas, everybody !
.National': Junior jVegetatile-, Grow
ers' Association ' : was held ' m the
Tbiane Room: Th banquet featur
ed good food, wholesome entertain
ment, and the presentation of
awards to the winners in all the
projects sponsored by the Associa
tion. The N. C. group left New
Orleans Thursday night traveling
along the Gulf of Mexico arriving
in Raleigh Saturday night for the
N. C. State and West Virginia bas
ketball game.
Commissioners In
Meeting Monday
With Tax Listers
14 v
Twelve cast's were disposed of
duriiicr Tuesday's session of Per
quimans Recorder's Court and two
cases were continued until a laler
Costs of court were taxed against
McKinley Muse and Charlie Par
ker, Negro, each submitting to
charges of failing lo observe u stop
Herbert Davis, Negro, paid a fine
of $100 and costs of court after
pleading guilty to charges of driv
ing drunk.
Henrv Brown, Negro, charged
with driving on the left side of a
highway, pleaded guilty and paid
the costs of court.
Charlie Nixon, Negro, paid the
costs of court on a charge of fail
ing to give a proper signal while
Prayer for judgment was con
tinued in the case in which Willie
Archie, Negro, entered a plea of
guilty to charges of having im
proper lights on a tractor.
William Baum was fined $20 and
costs after being found guilty of
driving after his license had been
A fine of $10 and costs were as
sessed against Marvin Davenport,
who was found guilty of failing In
kI-od after an accident.
Julius Martens was found guilty
on charges of reckless driving and
ordered to pay a fine of $25 and
Camll Markham naid a fine of
$10 and costs after being found
guilty of speeding. !
Joseph Sykes entered a plea of
guilty to charges of driving drunK
He was fined' $100 and costs.
Howard Phillips, Negro, was
fined $25 and costs after being
found guilty of permitting gamb
ling in his house. James Foreman,
Negro, was taxed with one-half the
costs for gambling and William
Downing was ordered to pay the
costs on the same charge. Tlui
latter two defendants entered pleas
of guilty to the charges.
Board Of Education
Discuss Plans For
King Street School
. i--J,'y
State Winner 1
c '
Miss Rachel Spivey, daughter of
1 . ..
:of Mr. and Mrs. Carson Spivey, of
Route 3, Hertford, N. C, was State
winner in her 4-H Club Home Im
provement Project, and was a dele
gate to the National Club Congress
held in Chicago in November. Ra
chel is a member of. the Perquim
ans High School Senior 4-H Club,
is 16 years old and has completdd
20 4-H club uroiects. She has done
'outstanding 4-H club work, holding
three local offices and one county
office, making talks to 4-H and
lciJfefctup3, participating 14 radio
programs, aim tins year was a
member of the Distict Dairy roods
Demonstration Team
The Perquimans Board of Kdu- .
cation will meet Wednesday night, :
January 4, at 7 o'clock, at which
time it hopes to confer with J. W
Griffith, architect, on plans for
completing construction of tho
King Street School. Funds for the
project having recently been allo
cated by the State Board of Edu
cation. Plans for the meeting were made
by the Board at its December ses
sion held Thursday night of last
week, and Superintendent J T,
Biggers was authorized to notify
Mr. Griffith to meet with the
Board for the purpose of formulat
ing plans for the construction.
During the meeting last week
the Board approved the election of, ;.
Mrs. Julian A. White as teacher
at Central Grammar School for the.,
remainder of this school year. ' , J
A discussion was held concerning", ,
the county's retirement policy but
action on this matter was tablt'd.,
until the next meeting at which ' H
time a definite formula is expected
I to be adopted as to a retirement - ,
plan. -t
A report was made to the Board
. I. 1; - 1. 1 DA fL- renovHiiuu uri ni, rrr-,..
Early Edition
Perquimans. County Commission
era met in snecial session here last
Monday with county tax listers, for
the purpose of issuing supplies and
giving instructions to the listers in
connection with the annual job of
listing, property for taxes, which
wilt begin January 3.
- In addition to the Commissioners
attending the' meeting were Tax
Supervisor Julian C. Powell and
List Takers Julian Long, Percy
Hogerson, Ernest Long, Mrs. T. C.
Perry; Instructions on the job of
listing property, as drawn and rec
ommended by the Institute of Gov
ernment, were outlined to the list
takers, And these were supplement
ed by recommendations by. mem
bers of the County Board. ; -'.A.
TV "Lane,1 chairman of the
board, cautioned the Ust takers to
use dare in preparing' the property
tiAti. , nolntiiig out the importance
of the duties and the necessity for
an accurate listing of all property
Wilhin the county. .
Tax listintf starts on the third
6ij of January, and all property)
owners must list property for .1956
up le'r penalty, pf the law ' Failure
t Mat property by January SI, is a
v" !;.tion of the law, and makes
C h property owner subject to a
I Jty for last listing and court
action or. both. -A
schedule; setting forth dates
rt 1 places at which list takers will
v' k during the month, will be
" - i" in this 'newspaper during
y, and property owners are
V .1 la take notice of this sched
ule and list property accordingly. ;. .
As in the past the list takers will
I also take the 1955 farm census, and
farmers are urged to prepare in ao-
varice a list of all land cultivated,
and crops produced during the year.
paving this list ready will save
considerable time for both the
farmer and list taker.
This week's edition of The Pel
quimans Weekly has been printed '
...J - ! I....
aim COIIlU to Ita ictiuuio wm; uijf
ahead of the usual schedule. This
stepping up of the press schedule
will enable the irinters of The
Weekly to enjoy a vacation during
the holidays.
In this issue of The Weekly the
merchants and business men of the
community are sending season's
greetings to the residents of this
trade area and to the readers of
The Weekly. These fine expres
sions of greetings tell of the ap
preciation merchants hold for resi
dents of this area and for the pa
tronage of local stores during the
past year.
Power Rate Boost
Approved By Court
Eight towns in Eastern North i The Supreme Court, reviewing
:.,:.. tmm fJ -he case in a lengthy opinion writ-
boost approved by the Stale Utili
County Schools Closed
For Annual Holidays
Perquimans County schools be
gan an 11-day Christmas vacation
at noon last Wednesday which will
terminate on Monday January 2.
The vacation actually accounts, for
seven school days and is in line
with the vacation schedule adopit
ed by the Board of Education- j
Christmas Service
At Holy Trinity
i A midnight Holy Communion
service will be conducted at' Holy
Trinity Episcopal Church in Hert
ford Saturday night, beginning
;With the singing of Christmas car
ols at 11:45 P. M. The public Is
cordially Invited to attend.
The Perouimans County Library
will be closed on Friday. Saturday,
and Monday for the Christmas holi
days: -and on Saturday, December
31 and Monday, January 2 for the
New Year holiday. . .. ,v
Santa's Visit Here
Draws LargeCrowd
. Last Saturday was Santa's day
in Hertford, and the annual visit
of St Nick drew a large crowd of
children and adults to the Court
House Green where Santa set up
headauarters to visit with and
greet the kiddies while his helpers
from the Hertford Jaycees and
Firemen Dassed out gifts of fruit
and candy to the small fry.
The event was termed a huge
success by the sponsoring organi-
.V r. 10A 1 - -r
zation. vaome ou jwciutgcn ,ui
fruit were presented the children,
along with numerous boxes of stick
Santa, all dressed up in his usual
costume, arrived by motorcade, led
by State Patrolman B. R. Inscoe
and two fire trucks. He was es
corted to -a platform before the
Court House from which he had a
good word for the more than 400
visiting children.
ties Commission for the Virginia
Power and Electric Co., lost the
court fight over the matter when
the State Supreme Court last week
ruled acainst tho towns which had
.iimeuled the decision from a lower
court and the Utilities Commission.
The Supreme Ceurt ruled that
Rohersonville,. Enfield, Scotland
Neck, Edenton, Hertford, Elisabeth
Citv. Windsor and Belhaven had
failed to show the action resulting
in an increase in costs of electric
power furnished by Vepco was dis
criminatory. Thus the towns must continue to
pay the power company higher
rates for electric powerwhich has
been in effect since June 1954 when
tho State Commission granted the
company the privilege of increas
ing rates.
In seeking relief from the higher
ton bv Associate Justice E. B. Den
ny, said no exception raised by the
towns was sufficient to justify re
versing the Utilities Commission
and Judge Carr, and it taxed the
1 tnuna w ilh the costs of the action.
Christmas Program
Presented At PTA
The Parent-Teacher Association
of Perquimans Central Grammar
School met Friday evening, Decem
ber 16, at 7:30.
The program was in charge of
Mrs. Bertha C. Lane, with the first
four grades a the school Pscnt- y anf, a num.
ing a Christmas operetta entitled, grandchildren and great
quimans High School which is now,
Hearing completion. .
Members of the Board adopted a." V
resolution, which was forwarded to. ;
the Chief of the Hertford Fire De
partment, requesting fire drills b ?
continued at all county schools. ,
The resolution also requests a mem v
ber of the fire department. Visil v
each school to advise facu(ty,'fli"V
students on fire drill procedure,
and schedule to be followed.
Stanton Funeral
Conducted Friday
Willis Jesse Slanlnn, K(l, died
Thursday of last week in Kings
Daughters Hospital in Portsmouth,
Va., after a short illness. He wast
a native of Perquimans County, son
of the late Willis S. and Pnscilla
Riddick Stanton and a member of
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Annio Margaret Miller Stanton;
three sons, Raymond and Jesse
Stanton of Winfall and Garland
Stanton of Portsmouth, Va.; four
daughters, Mrs. Wayland Howell,
of Perquimans County, Mrs. E. A.
Goodman and Mrs. Haywood Bow
ers, both of Hertford and Mrs,
Thomas Harrell of Edenton; one
halflsister, Mrs. Maggie Make
Perquimans Court
Teams Score Wins
Over Central High
"Mickey Mouse In Toyland." The
Christmas decorations and the col
orful costumes, along with the out
standing performance of the cast,
made a beautiful and enjoyable
pageant for all those present.
Sawyer, son of Mr. and
Xll BCCMIIg icuci "vi'i -- v -
rates the eight towns contended j Mrs. Mason Sawyer, was Mickey
Mouse, and along wren eacn inein-
ber of the cast, which was com
prised of approximately 200 chil
dren, cave a errand performance.
. No business session was held at
this meeting.
Stores To Close
Monday And Tuesday
Owners and employees of a ma
jority of Hertford stores and busi
ness houses will enjoy a three-day
holiday for Christmas this year, it
having been reported last week the
stores will be closed next Monday
and Tuesday. A survey of the
stores last week indicated that most
of the stores will observe this holi
day schedule, and then will be opeii
on Monday, January 2, ,, .
that VEPCO was permitted to
change their rate schedules without
first making cost studies, that they
were not given equal treatment
with RE A cooperatives Berved by
VEPCO1; that VEPCO rates were
out of line with those of other com-
nanies. and that they were denied
coverage under an industrial rate
schedule under which they might
have been placed. 1 ''"'';
7 They also complained that the j
Utilities Commission had confer
red privately with VEPCO officials
and attorneys; after the formal
hearings on the case had been com
pleted and before the order was
issued. They held that they had
not been notified of the confer
ence and were not given an oppor
tunity to take part. ' ;
ber of grandchildren and
Funeral services were conducted
Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at
the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church by the
Rev. James O. Mattox, pastor of
the Hertford Baptist Church, as
sisted by the Rev. Mr. Vines of
Portsmouth. Burial was in Cedar
wood Cemetery.
Pallbearers were Harvey Stall-
ings, Elijah White, Howard Hurdle,
Ernest Elliott, J. B. Miller, J. W
Ward, Wallace Morgan and Hay
wood White.
Rotary To Hold
Ladies' Night Party
Members of the Hertford Rotary
Club will entertain their wives at
a ladies night -party at the Hotel
Hertford, next Tuesday night, De
cember 27. A. W. Hefren, presi
dent of the club, has appointed a
committee, composed of Jack Ka
noy, John Costen and Henry C. Sul
livan, to complete arrangements
for the pvenfe"
The Indians and Squaws of Per
quimans High School concluded
their pre-holiduy basketball sched
ule Friday night winning victories 1
over the teams of Central High.
The Indian Squaws won by a 46-8(1
decision while the Perquimans boys
romped to a 61-43 score over Cen
tral's boys.
Barbara Russell led the Perquim
ans girls in scoring, hitting for 24
points while Jo Pat Stokes tallied
14 points. Perquimans gained a
commanding lead during the first
half and Coach Ike Perry used a
large number of reserves during
the final half.
The victory was the fourth
straight this season for the Indian
Squaws; they hold two wins each
over the Central and Camden girls.
Showing mid-season form, the
Indians displayed some sharp bas
ket shooting to score an easy win
over Central boys. Central took an
8-2 lead in the first few minutes
of the game but Perquimans knot
ted the count at 12-all. The game
was a see-saw affair during the
second period and the score was
29-29 at halftime.
Bray and Williams sparked a 17
point rally for the Indians in the
third neriod and Perquimans broke
the game open holding a 46-33 ad
vantage going into the last quar
ter. Perquimans tallied 15 points
while Central got 10 m the final
Halsey of Central, with 26 points,
was high scorer of the game while
Williams hit for 21 for Perquim
ans and Bray tallied 16. Other
scores by the Indians were Baker
5, Howell 9, and Matthews 10.
The victory was the second of the
season for the Indians over Cen
tral and the Indians' record is now
two wins and two losses.
The two local teams will resume
cage activities following the holi
days, meeting the Gatesville teams
hern .in I'liesfisiy night, January 8.
inal Anneal Made
By TB Chairman
For Contributions
With the end of the season for
use of Christmas Seals rapidly ap
proaching, Jarvis Ward, chairman
of the Perquimans TB Seal Sale
Committee today issued a final ap
peal for contributions to the Dis
trict TB Association Fund.
He urged all persons who as yet
have not mailed in contributions
for the seals received earlier this
month to do so now. He pointed
out that the success of the com
plete tuberculosis program depends
upon the public support of the IB
seal campaign.
District-wide the campaign is
nrocressing slightly slower than
the Association's officers had hop
ed for. The TB office reported last
week that total contributions
amounted to $4,647, of which $2,-
700 came from Pasquotank; $732
from Perquimans County; $767
from Chowan County, and $305
from Camden County.
Persons who have overlooked the
purchase of these TB Seals, are re
niiested to return contributions to
JMr. Ward before Saturday, Decem
1 041.1. - - j: -
Roads Resurfaced
By Highway Dept.
Highways No! 17-A and No. 32,
lending from the rausewav north.
of Hertford to Winfall and the in
tersection of U. S. 17 were resur
faced during the past week by
crews of the State Highway Corn
mission. The work was part ot
program approved several months
airn bv the State Commission. ' j

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