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Volume XXITL Number 10.
liMoU 11 1V11 1M Q W .
1776 Raised For
By Benefit Project
' More than 700 people gathered
Tuesday night at the Perquimans
High School gym to witness a bas
ketball game which climaxed one of
the most successful projects under
taken here in a number of years.
; The project, co-sponsored by the
Perquimans VFW Post and the
Hertford Junior Chamber of Com
merce, was an effort to raise funds
to provide the Hertford Grammar
; School with supplies, used in extra
curricular activities, to replace sim-
. ilar ones lost in the school fire last
January. The success of the pro
ject is realized with the report of
the sponsors that $1,776.75 was
contributed to this cause by in
dividuals from Perquimans County
and surrounding areas.
All of the funds will be turned
over to Miss Thelma Elliott, prin
cipal of the Hertford Grammar
School, who in turn will supervise
the purchase of the equipment.
Two "hours of entertainment was
provided those attending the ball
game between what might be term
ed the "old men of the VFW" and
the youngsters of the Jaycees. Of
course youth, as it usually does,
prevailed and the Jaycees won the
game by an undisputed score of 27
to 16, although the Jaycees claimed
they didn't recall the VFW play
ers scoring that many points.
. Players taking part in the game
were Harry Hollowell, Broughton
Dail, Ben Thach, Hank Christgau,
Willie Ainsley, Joe Tunhell, Char
lie Skinner and Claude Brinn for
the VFW. Joe Nowell, Pete Mat-
' thews, James Divers, Billy White,
Ike Perry, Francis Nixon, Bobby
Elliott and John Beers for the Jay
cees. ' .. .
.Jn addition to the .'basketball
gaifee- entertainment-,. wag jitrevided
by j a'tvarding ()f 57 dooij 'pr'iSes
which had beeii Contributed to the
cause by local merchants and busi
ness houses. ; ; ',, ' , , .
.The sponsors ft the' project ex
pressed their appreciation for the
very fine cooperation they receiv
ed from the public in promoting
this event for the benefit of the
Hertford Grammar School.
President Eisenhower has urged
Soviet Premier Bulganin' to join
him in an effort to end the atomic
arms race by freezing stockpiles'' df
atomic weapons. The proposal was
made this week in a letter. 4,0 J&e
'Soviet official in answer to one. re
ceived by the President several
weeks ago.' Russian reaction to the
proposal was reported s favorable.
.- ?.''' .:: ". '? i k
Governor Luther Hodges report
ed last Saturday recommendations
expected to be received from his
Advisory Committee on Education
will very likely bring about a spe
cial session of the General Assem
bly sometime during the coming
summer. It is believed the Ad
visory Committee will make spe
cific! proposals concerning school
segregation which will require ac
tion by the Legislature.
Reports from the Middle East de
clare the danger of war between
Israel and Arab States continues to
grow. , Meanwhile, British and U. S.
officials are working to relieve the
tension in the area which has been
increasing for months. ... '
,-: The national farm income; drop
' ped one billion dollars during 1955,
. according tot figures' released this
week by the Department of Agri
culture. Total farm income amount
ed to $19,045,000,000, pr an aver
age of $860 per farmer. . This was
compared to the national average
income of $1,922 for non farmers.
' The 'Virginia Legislature acted
this week to clear the way for con
struction of a bridge-tunnel link
ing the mainland with the Eastern
Shore. ' The project, it is report
ed, will require five year for com-:
pietion in building the Link auross
i" - peake Bay4 t '
Registration Books
Will Close Saturday
Registration books for the spe
cial bond election to be held in
Perquimans County on March 24
will close Saturday, it was an
nounced today .by R. C. Murray,
chairman of the board of elections.
Mr. Murray stated eligible voters
who wish to participate in the elec
tion, and who are not listed in the
registration books must register by
tomorrow in order to be permitted
to vote.
The: special election has been
called to determine, whether or not
Perquimans County will be author
ized to issue $125,000 in school
bonds for use in construction of a
new school building.
Balloting in the election will be
conducted between the hours of
6:30 A. M., and 6:30 P. M., on Sat
urday, March 24, at the usual poll
ing precincts within , the county.
'A list of jurors, selected for ser
vice at the April term of Perquim
ans Superior Court, which opens
here on April 16, were drawn dur
ing the regular meeting of the
Board of Commissioners on last
Drawn for jury service were:
Harrison Baker, Lawrence Cor
prew, 'Charlie L. Copeland, J. W.
Ward, Mrs. Edgar A. Chappell,
Lewis H. Stallings, Clyde Russell,
John A. Bray, H.-J; McKee) Mrs.
Ii-maiorseyil.Sidney: Stallings, Ce4
cjl , E, ; Wntaif, i 'NaOjai .Hurdle, .
Clarence Cjl Chapjiell, E. AhSpivey,
Elmer Ward, .Cornelius Lamb,
Alvah Madrey, Thomas; D. Nixon,
W. E. Lane Mrs. W. M. Barber,
Oliver C. Elliott, Clarence Pierce,
Mrs. Amalea Smith, Floyd Long,
Elsberry R. Whedbee, Jr., Kelly
Spear, James L. Lane, Mrs. Wilma
Powers, Crafton Winslow, C. C.
Banks, J. S. Bass, Louis Taylor,
Robert J. Roberts, Oliver D. Lay
den, Jr., L. R. Sasser, Henry L.
Riddick, Mary T. Reed, Lucious
Winslow, Hilton M. White, George
W. Nowell, J, Elmer Lamb, Sidney
Curtis, Rollo P, White, William P.
Chappell, George A. White, Lin
wood Trueblood, Melvin Chappell,
Elmer P. Roberson, and Jack W.
Harrelh ' ":
" The term of court, scheduled as
a mixed term for both criminal and
civil action, is expected to be con
sumed in 'hearing only criminal
Riddick Rites Held
Last Thursday
Mrs. Sally Thomas Riddick, 86,
died Wednesday morning at 6:40
o'clock at her home in Belvidere af
ter a long illness. ;
She was the daughter of the
late Thomas T. and Sarah White
Riddick, a member of Whiteville
Grove Baptist Church.; :
Surviving are one sister, Mrs.
Herbert Winslow of Belvidere, two
nieces and two nephews.
The body was taken from the
Lynch Funeral Home to the Up
River Friends Church for services
Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock,
conducted by the Rev. J. Paul Holo
man, pastor of the Whiievflle Grove
Baptist Chuch, assisted by the Rev.
Oral. Dillon, pastor of Up-River
Friends Church and the Rev. Eliza
beth White, pastor of Piney Woods
Church. Burial was in the Up-River
Church Cemetery.
Large Crowd At "
Annual FFA Banquet
' The 'Perquimans Chapter of the
Future Farmers of America held
its annual father-son banquet at
the high school last Friday night.
Approximately ?00 persons includ
ing members and guests attended
the event. ' Following a barbecue
chicken dinner a program was pre
sented in the school auditorium by
member-of the chapter and a farm
film was shown under sponsorship
of the Baker Oil Company. - -
Jury List Drawn
For April Term
Superior Court
'" ' J " JlU.Jili illU. ..rmmmmmW.! ' '-.:.. ...v.-.,-.:. :.:::.::
-"- -'a I'
"BATTLESHIPS" OF TRUE COLD WAR Tugs maintain a ceaseless twin patrol of the Elbe
River estuary at Hamburg. Germany, as all of Europe battles the wnrst-in-a-century winter. Tugs
Seek to keep a channel open to the vital Nor,th Sea port in the face of the series of blizzards and
cold waves which have claimed hundreds of lives during the last few months.
Aydlett Candidate
For Reelection To
State Senate Seat
N. Elton Aydlett, prominent and
popular attorney of Elizabeth City,
today announced his candidacy for
re-election to the office of State
Senator for the First District, sub
ject to the Democratic primary on
May 26.
In announcing his intentions to
seek re-election Mr. Aydlett said:
"I wish to express my sincere
appreciation to the people of the
First Senatorial District for the
very fine support and vote which
they gave me for the State Senate
two years ago.
"With the experience gained
through serving in one Session of
the General Assembly, I feel that
I am now better fitted to repre
sent and serve the people of the
First District in the next Session
of the Legislature.
"It will be my purpose at all
times j to protect and promote the
interests' of the people of this sec
tioh of rJbith Carolina, as well as
thje entire State, to the best of my
ability. I earnestly solicit their
vote and support of my candidacy
for the State Senate in the com
ing primary." , !
Extension Office
The Board of County Commis
sioners, in its meeting on Monday,
acted to fill two vacancies existing
in the Agriculture Extension Of
fice, by approving appointment of
Miss Nancy Henderson as assistant
county home agent and Richard
Bryant as assistant county agent. :
Miss Henderson, a native of On
slow County, is a graduate of East
Carolina College, and comes to the
job highly recommended. She will
be assistant to Mrs. Joe Webb,
home agent, and direct activity in
4-H Club work.
Mr. Bryant is a graduate of
State College, class of 1952, and
has served two years in the U. S.
Army. At the present time he is
working out of the State Exten
sion Office in Raleigh. He will be
assistant to R. M. Thompson, Coun
ty Agent, and also handle 4-H Club
work. :
Miss Henderson will begin her
duties here oh March 16, and Mr.
Bryant is expected to start work
sometime after April 1.
Deadline Given
For Candidates
Interest in the Democratic pri
mary, scheduded for May 26, for
the election and Btate and bounty
officials, practically non-existent
up to now, 1 is expected to pick up
between now and April 14 which is
the final day candidates may file '
for county offices.
R. C. Murray, Chairman of the
Perquimans Board of Elections,
reported that noon, Saturday, April
14, is the last date persons may file
as candidates for off ice. '
Local offices to be filled by the
primary on May 26 include those of
Representative, Register of Deeds,
Board of Commissioners, Judge of
Recorder's Court and treasurer.
County Board Fills
Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday,
Annual Red Gross
Early Next Week
BPW Club Holds
At Mrs. Bonner's
The Perquimans Business and
Professional Women's Club met
Thursday night, March 1, at the
home of Mrs. Sally J. Bonner with
Mrs. Atha E. Tunnell co-hostess,
for its regular monthly business
meeting with Mrs. Emily T. Har
rell, president, presiding.
In the absence of the Recording
Secretary, Mrs. Mary Dale S. Lane
read the minutes and Mrs.' Minnie
W. Hurdle, treasurer, gave.-heryrei-pott!.
'lAmong the. items of expendi
ture whs a contribution to'thfe Po
lio Fund, coffee for the workers of
the Ground Observer Corps, and
prizes for the TB packages.
At the suggestion ' of Miss Au
drey Umphlett, health chairman,
arrangements are being made for
each member to know her blood
type and notify Billy White, who is
in charge of the Blood Bank.
Mrs. Essie H. Burbage, chairman
for the Local Loan Closet, announc
ed that contributions have been re
ceived toward repairs of a wheel
Mrs. Harrell announced that the
Elizabeth City BPW Club will be
host to the Eighth District Meet
ing March 18, and the National
Federation Biennial Convention
will meet in Miami Beach July 1-6.
She urged each member tb make
reservations' as soon as possible.
Miss Dillwyn Denton,' Safety
Committee Chairman, announced a
film would be shown at the din
ner meeting March 15, at Hotel
Hertford. ;
At the conclusion of the meet
ing, a fellowship hour was enjoy
ed when the hostess served a re
freshment course, buffet style, car
rying a color scheme of green and
white to the following members in
addition to those mentioned above:
Dora T. Riddick, Miss Thelma El
liott, Miss Kate Blanchard, Betty
T. Swindell, Mary D. Robertson,
Grace M. Costen, Alice M. Towe,
Sallie McN. Lane and Roxanna C.
Rotarians Endorse
Moore For Of f ice
Members of the Hertford Rotary
Club went on record at their meet
ing Tuesday night endorsing John
Moore of Elizabeth City for the of
fice of District Governor for Ro
tary International.
The office will be filled at the
Rotary Conference to be held in
Raleigh on, Maiyh, 18 and 19. ' W.
J. Davis, president-elect of the lo
cal club was designated as official
delegate at the conference for the
Hertford Rotary Club. ;
Lt (jg) and Mrs. Robert Brodie
III, of Newcastle, New Hampshire
announce the birth of a son, Rob
ert Brodie IV, born Thursday.
March L Mrs. Brodie was former
ly Miss Molly Oukij . '
aign To Start
Thins are being perfected for the
annual Red Cross Roll Call to get
underway throughout Perquimans
County next week, it was reported
this week by R. C. Elliott Chair
man of the Perquimans Chapter of
the Red Cross.
Mrs. Jack Burbage has accepted
the chairmanship of the campaign
and will direct the fund raising
drive, Mr. Elliott said.
Work is now in progress secur
ing volunteer solicitors for the
membership campaign and Mrs.
Burbage reports the drive will be
conducted along the same pattern
as in the past, with solicitors mak
ing a house to house canvass for
funds for the Red Cross. She will
announce the co-chairmen for the
drive within the coming week.
Perquimans County has been as
signed a slightly higher quqta for
the 1956 Red Cross,' ianipVifen' ac:
cor.dihg'i U.tofi Elliott, Who has
bejen notified tne county goal is
It is the hope of the National
Red Cross, and the local chapter
that the 1956 campaign can be suc
cessfully concluded within 10 days,
and local solicitors will be urged to
begin canvassing immediately and
complete the task by March 24.
Supplies and information con
cerning the Roll Call are now be
ing distributed by Mrs. Burbage,
and will be in the hands of all so
licitors by the kick-off date.
Funeral Services
Held Thursday For
Mrs. Baker Boyce Wood, age 74,
died Tuesday afternoon at 5:50
o'clock at her home in Hertford
following a lingering illness. She
was a native of Chowan County
and had lived in Hertford for the
past 60 years.
Mrs. Wood was the daughter of
the late Baker and Harriette Fore
hand Boyce; the wife of the late
Benjamin T. Wood and a member
of the Hertford Baptist Church.
She is survived by four daugh
ters, Miss Hulda Wood of Hert
ford, Miss Elizabeth Wood of Ply
mouth and Hertford, Mrs. Fred
Chalk of Goldsboro, and Mrs. Har
vey E. Norfleet, Jr., of Holland,
Va.; five grandchildren.
Funeral services were conducted
Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock in
the chapel of the Twiford Funeral
Home by the Rev. J. O. Mattox,
pastor of the Hertford Baptist
J Church, assisted by the Rev. C. W.
Duhng, pastor of the Windsor Bap
tist Church.
Interment was made in Cedar
Cemetery, v
Local Students
On Quiz Program
Perquimans High School will
send its top current-event-quiz
team to Virginia Beach High
School on March 8 to compete in
another round of "Quiz-'Em-on-the-Air"
programs. Edgar Fields,
Charlie Johnson, Charles Whedbee
and Judy Winslow are the members
of the team with Bobby Matthews
as alternate, which won over Mau
ry High School in its earlier con
tent in Norf Jkr
March 9, 1956.
I Legion Groups In
Last Thursday
The William Paul Stallings Post
126 of the American Legion and
the Legion Auxiliary met in joint
session on Thursday, March 1, at 8
o'clock in the Municipal Building.
Commander John Decker presid
ed. After the presentation of the
flags, followed by the preamble,
prayer was offered hy the chap
lain. The roll was called and min
utes read by the secretary, Julian
Reports were made by Mrs. Sar
ah White and Mrs. Madge Towe,
president of the Auixliary, who
gave the treasurer's report in the
absence of the treasurer.
A report was made by W. F.
Ainsley on "Facts About Russia
in Connection with the United
Mr. Ainsley presented the Past
Commander's pin to Cliff Banks.
Mrs. Madge Towe announced the
District Auxiliary nipeting to he
held in Edenton on April 3 and
asked that any member who can
attend contact Mrs. Towe.
The Auxiliary reported three new
members, thus reaching the requir
ed total of 51 members.
After the adjournment and the
retirement of the colors, a social
hour was enjoyed. The meetinc
marked the 3fith anniversary of the
American Legion, and the Auxili
ary presented the Legion with a
birthday cake decorated in gold and
hlue. Drinks and nuts were serv
ed with the cake.
Commission Gives
Report Road Work
Completed In Feb.
The State Highway Commission
completed 6.9, miles of resurfacing
in !the first' Highway Division dur
ing February; Commissioner J. Em
mett Winslow of Hertford has an
nounced.. In Gates County, a 16-foot wide
sand asphalt wearing surface was
placed for 1.1 mile from intersec
tion of a county sand road 0.9 mile
south of Hobhsville, east to the
Gates-Chowan County line.
In Perquimans, a sand asphalt
wearing surface was placed on the
following three county roads and
their lengths: From intersection
of a county road, 2.0 miles south
of Whiteston northeast to intessec
tion of county road, 0.8 mile east
of Whiteston, 2.5 miles; from
Whiteston southeast to intersec
tion of county road, 0.8 mile; and
from intersection of county road,
3.0 miles northeast of Bethel,
northeast to a Creek Bridge near
US 17, 2.5 miles. The roads var
ied in width from 16 to 18 feet.
State forces did the work.
Perquimans and Gates are in the
First Highway Division along with
Camden, Currituck, Dare, Pasquo
tank," Bertie, Hertford, Northamp
ton, Chowan, Hyde, Martin, Tyr
rell, and Washington Counties. W.
J N. Spruill is Division Engineer.
Division headquarters are in Alios-
Perry Funeral
Conducted Thursday
Timothy Clair Perry. 82, died
Wednesday of this week at 2:30
P. M., in Albemarle Hospital after
a short illness.
He was a son of the late Law
rence and Mrs. Elmira Baker Per
ry. Surviving are his wife. Pearl
Duncan Perry; one son, Timothy
J C. Perry, Jr., of New York; one
daughter, Mrs. William Winslow, of
Belvidere; two sisters, Mrs. Annie
Baker, of El Paso, Tex., and Delia
Harrell, of Edenton and two grand
children. Funeral services were conduct
ed Thursday at 11 A. M., at Lynch
Funeral Home in Hertford by the
Rev. P. M. Porter, pastor of Ander
son Methodist Church, assisted by
the Rev. Orval Dillon and the Rev.
E. R. Meekins, of Winfall. Burial
was in the Up River Friends Ceme
The Perquimans Masonic Lodge
No. 106, A. F., & A. M., will meet
Tueudiy n'fchc tt 7.3o o'eV.cfc. '
Local Board Refers
Complaint Action
Until Next Meeting
Cast Selected
For Senior Play
The senior class of Perquimans
High School recently completed
try-outs for the play, "The Able
Miss Cain." The players and their
parts are:
Judy Winslow will play the part
of Elinor Prescott, and Jesse Mans
field, Leaper Prescott; Peggy Har
rell, Cheryl; Corbin Cherry, Petey;
Ann White, Mary Jo; Ruth Ayscue,
Mamie; Marjorie Byrum, Gussie;
Wallace Baker, Jed; Sara Sutton,
Orpha; William Byrum, Alvie; An
nie Reed Stokely, Mrs. Livermore;
LaClaire Winslow, Aunt Mollie
Cain; Charlie Umphlett, Izzy; La
Rue Chappell, Kifi.
Rehearsals forf the play started
February 15 under the direction of
Mrs. Barbee and Mrs. Holmes.
60 Candidates Out
For School Baseball
Coach Ike Perry reported Tues
day that some 60 candidates are
trying out for the 1956 Perquimans
High School baseball team, which
will open the season with a game
in Hertford on March 16.
The Indians, a powerhouse in
State baseball activities for the
past several years, will need some
revamping this season according to
Coach Perry. Three first stringers
from last year's varsity are miss
ing this season due to graduation.
Perry stated he will rely-on Ted
Chappell and Jesse Rountree to
handle the pitching assignments
this year and Belmont Perry and
Johnny Miller .will likely handle the
catching" ausinmenlnt. Both Chifp
pell and Rountree''are,il'efth4nders.
The Indians will compete in the
Albemarle Conference against Tar
horo, Edenton, Ahoskie, William
ston and Plymouth for advance
ment in the State elimination play
offs. Fish Fry Held
Thursday Night
Some 250 people attended a fish
fry at J. F. Hollowell & Son in
Winfall Thursday evening follow
ing a demonstration conducted on
the use of liquid nitrogen. Guests
at the event included associates and
customers of the firm.
Two Receive Road
Sentences After
Conviction of Theft
Two defendants, Russell East
arid Jasper Robertson, convicted on
charges of the theft of a boat, own
ed by Charlie Matthews, were each
given a 60-day road sentence in
Perquimans Recorder's Court here
last Tuesday. The road sentences
were ordered suspended by Judge
Chas. E. Johnson upon condition
each of the defendants pay a fine
of $50 and costs of court.
Johnny Stokely, Negro, was
found guilty on a charge of issuing
a worthless check in the amount
of $50, in making a down payment
on an automobile. Stokely was
sentenced to the roads for 30 days,
sentence to be suspended upon pay
ment of the costs of court and the
sum of $50 to Towe-Webb Motor
Perival Hartley and David Butler
submitted to charges of speeding
and each of the defendants paid the
costs of court.
N ' rA fine of $2 and court costs were
taxed against Joseph Goodwin, Ne
gro, who . entered a plea of guilty
of being drunk on the streets of
John Chappell, charged with
failing to observe a stop sign, sub
mitted to the charges and paid the
costs of court.
Wflliam Cayton submitted to a
charge of reckless driving and paid
a fine of $25 and costs of court
"'Ciuu'fc efficialfi announced the
5 Cents Per Copy
The Perquimans Board of Coun
ty Commissioners will meet Mon
day, March 19, as a Board of Equa
lization to hear complaints on tax-
able property and adjust valuation,
it was announced during the meet
ing of the Board last Monday. The
proposed to the Board by Claude
tion will continue until the work
is completed.
The Commissioners deferred ac
tion until its next regular meet
ing on a request filed by the Hert
ford Fire Department for a public
hearing over a controversy which
arose during a fire which destroy
ed the home of Tim Matthews two
weeks ago. Representatives of the
Fire Department complained to
the Board concerning action taken
by Patrolman Mack Rogerson,
which resulted in the Edenton Fire
Department failing to answer a call
for assistance in fighting the firs.
Sgt. Logan Lane, of the High
way Patrol, reported to the Board
that he had heard complaints on
the matter and had conducted an
investigation, the results of which
he gave the Board during the
The Board voiced approval of a
proposal the county secure a water-tank
truck, through govern
ment surplus, for use by the Boai;
of Education and to serve as au
xiliary for the fire department "
fighting rural fires. Authorization
was made for securing one of these
trucks if and when one becomes
Approval was voted by tb".
Board for an application for a beer
license submitted by P. E. Keegun
and T. E. Nixon. An application
for a beer license, submitted by
Clinton Riddick and William Lowe,
Negroes, us also approved.
Members of the Board reported
meeting for. County official! to be
held in Elizabeth City on Wednes
day, March 14. The meeting is ons
of several sponsored by the Insti
tute of Government.
A matter of a county-wide law
regulating construction of sub-divisions
and a zoning ordinance,,
session of the Board of Equaliza
Brinn.'was referred to the county
attorney for further study.
J. T. Biggers, School Superinten
dent, appeared before the Board
and advised the Board of Educa
tion is proceeding with the pur
chase of 14.2 acres of land as a
site for the new Hertford Gram
mar School.
regular term will be in recess next
Tuesday, because of the special
term of Superior Court, which will
convene on Monday. The next Re
corder's Court term will he held
on Tuesday, March 20.
Another Appeal On
Heart Fund Drive
James O. Mattox, Perquimans
County Chairman of the Heart
Fund drive, stated this week that
all persons who have not yet re
sponded to the appeal and who de
sire to do so should make check
payable to T. P. Byrum, Hertford,
N. C.
Mr. Mattox points out that heart
disease is the nation's No. 1 killer,
according to recent statistics, and
that everyone has the opportunity
to help in the constant search for
ways to effectively combat this .
menace to health and life.
The county chairman said a large
number of letters were mailed out
to county citizens recently and that
some have responded with dona
tions. It is hoped that others who
would like to contribute to the
worthy cause will do so t once,
Mr, Mattcx addpl. f

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