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, 1 clume XXV. Number 3.
' ii own Board Votes
To:: Install: System
Gi" Communication
V In anticipation of future expan-
sion of the Town of Hertford, es
pecially with the reactivation of
Harvey Point, members of the
Town Board, in regular meeting
on Monday voted approval for the
purchase of a communication sys
tem to be installed for use by
law enforcement officers, fire de-
partment, utility department and
the local civil defense organiza-
tion.: ''''- v :''.
' Mayor V, N. Darden pointed out
to the commissioners total costs
of the system will be about $4,
000 and that one half of the costs
will be provided by the State
Civil Defense authorities. '
The unit, when installed, will
broadcast on the same frequency
as the State Highway Patrol and
will be used for all types of emer
gencies. It is anticipated the
equipment cannot be secured and
installed for at least four or five
months. Bids on the equipment
, have been secured from three
suppliers.. .''."':. ' ''V."
, The,: Board voted to pay the
Farmers' ' Mart a sum pf $25 per
month, an amount set by a board
of arbitration, for rental of prop
erty used by the town, since the
purchase of the property by Jes
sie Lee Harris last year.
After, some discussion over
criticism : voiced concerning the
bath house located on the town
pier at the foot of Grubb Street,
1 the Board voted to have town
employees tear down this house
and also repair the pftr.
Approval was also voted re
questing the Perquimans Recrea
tional Committee to make final
settlement for the' purchase of
the,' old Hertford Grammar
School site in order that the town
may give title to this property to
the committee. ' ' '
County T
Currituck Court
CcL'nty Sanitery
stings Listed By
f bdlh Officer
. Panitary 'ratings-fan the vari
T , i ou foedhandllne establishments.
dgohg'pjaeev Peijjquirn-,.!
- ans county Dasea on tne last
:. periodic inspections made in 1957
by the , Pasquotank-Perquimans-Camden-Chowan
District Health
, : Department were released by
. . D. G. Brown, District Sanitation,
v this week, , ,
The ratings . were based on a
system of grading with those es
tablishments receiving a rating of
at least 90 per cent or more be
ing awarded a Grade "A"; those
receiving a rating of 80 per cent
and less than 90 per cent rated
Grade "B and those receiving a
rating of at least 70 per cent but
less than 80 per cent were class
ed Grade "C". No establishment
having a rating less than 70 per
cent or Grade "C" is permitted to
. operate in accordance with State
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Fire Department
Gets Water Tanker
- ' An 'auxiliary .Water tanker,
with a capacity of 2,000 gallons,
has been secured for use by the
Hertford Fire f Department and
the- county' Civil , Defense or
' gsfiiizatioh, 1 it i was " announced
here Wednesday by Charles . M.
HarreR;; chairman ' of the ,, Civil
Defense Committee.
The local departments were
'u'ied the equipment, reported
excellent condition, can be
i tip at Norfolk, Va.f on
and brought to Hertford
Ijcal use. . i
"hased through the , co
n of Perquimans County,
o-Car tanker is expected
i f vast value to the Fire
nt, In toting .jruwJ
County Board To ,
Meet Friday P. M,
A special meeting of the
Board of County Commissioners
has' been called for Friday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock, it was an
nounced by A.' T. Lane, chair
man of the board.- The meeting
was called for the purpose of
conferring with officials of the
State Highway Department over
road plans in this county.
The supervisors of the Albe
marle Soil Conservation District
met in Hertford Thursday night of
last week and elected officers for
the coming year. L. C. Bunch of
Chowan County was named chair
man; H. A. Leary of Camden, vice
chairman, and Ralph Powers of
Currituck, secretary.
The state convention meeting,
held in Winston-Salem this week,
was discussed and a number of
the supervisors expressed plans
to attend, including George G.
Winslow and Joseph Nowell from
Perquimans. L
It was voted the group will
continue sponsorship of its poster
contest among the schools of the
district, during the month of
March with the winning entries
i to be displayed in, Elizabeth City
during the month of April.
The Perquimans County super
visors had as their eruests at the
meeting here J.,T. Bigger super
intendent of schools, R. M.
Thompson, county agent, and Joe
Tunnell, vocational teacher at the
Perquimans High School.
o Serve In
Acting under orders issued. by
Judge Chester Morris, the Coun-
ty Commissioners last Saturday
selected a special jury of 25
Perquimans County residents to
serve in Currituck County court
at a term starting January 21.
"Selected for this special jury
service were E. Earl Winslow,
Norman Elliott, jClyde White,
Elwood, White, J. Clifton Mor
gar$ Robfcjrt thf HelloweU, Estes
Col)eland,HaiielVckson-, ,W. W.
Riddick, Thomas Lane, Edwin S.
White, C. T. Ghappell, Robert
Lee Casper,. Marvin Hunter, Ju
lian Rrough ton, William , Leroy
Lamb, Carson Spivey, Mary Et
ta Walters, Alphonso Dail,' Wood
row B. Stallings, W.. A. Elliott,
John ..Simpson, Charlie Wilder,
R. E. Mathews and W. S. Ben
ton.' ; The ; jury was . ordered sum
moned from Perquimans Coun
ty following a hearing conduct
ed last week in which a plaintiff
in a civil action in the Currituck
court sought a change of venue
from that court on grounds that
the defendants, law enforcement
off iccrs, ' were too well known to
possible Currituck jurors. ;
.Judge Morris rilled, following
the i hearing, ; the ':, defendants
Were well known and a special
venire should be selected from
Perquimans County' to, ; hear thel
case, ' - ' I'-,- , ' , '
The case involves a Pasquo
tank Negro girl who, through
her next friend, her mother,' is'
seeking damages against Sheriff
L. L. Dossier and Deputy Sheriff
Dowdy as a result of an; alleged
shooting in' a potato , field' ' near
Harbinger 'Mveral months ago.' ;
A criminal charge brought
against Dowdy has been heard
and Dowdy was acquitted of the
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin of
Raleigh announce the birth of a
son," John Tucker Martin, born
Sunday, January 12, in Raleigh.
Mrs, .Martin., is th,$ .former Mis
Ruth Tucker,
Soil Supervisors
In Meeting Here
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, January 17, 1958
m j. i
in Hertford Thursday n oht. offi-ers for the Albemarl Soil
were elected for the year 1958.
w wuriiiucK wouniy. secreiary; n. a. Leary ot Camden County, vice chairman, and Lloyd C.
Bunch of Chowan Counlv. chairman. It is the tenth mnnini;,,. m. n..u u i
i serve bb cnanman 01
Washington reaction, it is re
ported, is favorable toward the
74-plus billion dollars requested
by President Eisenhower for op
eration of the government the
next fiscal year. Biggest portion
of the budget will go for defense
and it has been indicated addi -
tional funds may be requested be -
fore the year ends. There is no
hint that cuts will be made in
operations of domestic programs.
, Administration officials report,
despite increajstKWspending, the
fiscal budget will; b ia balance;
finwnvpi . - the, Pnricrri5B' .Watt . rA-
quesiea inis wees 10 increase ine
ceiling for government debt 'by a
tofel of--five billion dollars. "This
request is also expected to receive
approval by Congress. .
Higher rates for postal services
it is anticipated, will be enacted
this year, according to' Washing
ton reports. The Administration
has requested letter rates be in
creased to five cents and other
classes of mail get higher rates.
A previous request for a four
cent letter rate, during the last
session of Congress, got no where
but it is predicted the rate boost
will be voted this session.
. The.U. S. and some Allies haye -
advised. Russia its request for a
summit conference to work out
peace programs meet with ap
proval but before such a confer
ence is. called all nations must
agree, pn an agenda that will be
carefully , prepared and shows
good hope of promoting . world
peace, v
A proposal, made by Walter
Reuther, head of the Auto Work
ers Union, that car manufacturers
share profits, has been rejected
by heads of the three major man
ufacturers. Reuther made the
proposal as a preliminary measure
to bargaining over labor contracts
to be drawn this year.
Formal opening of the ' Hert
ford Banking Company's new
$130,000' building 'was observed
here ' Wednesday night, ' when
some 400 persons, including visi
tors from a number of towns in
Nprth Carolina Virginia and
New" vYdrk ; attended the open
house Sponsored by the banks ;
J From the opening hour of 7
o'clock until . 9:30 a constant
stream 0f persons gathered to
inspect the new building and its
furnishings,' termed one of the
most modern banking houses in
the state. Much favorable com
ment on the, building was heard
from the visitors. ;
Refreshments and fav.ors were
Bank Open House
available to the . guests attend-'the
ing the event. ',"'"''
District Soil Conservation Officers
The officers, pictured above,!
ine group.
Hertford Pastor Is
Named By Jaycees
"Man Of The Year"
The Rev. James A. Auman,
' pastor of the Hertford Methodist
Church, was paid high tribute
this week in being named by the
1 Hertford Junior Chamber of
Commerce as the community's
joutstaiding "Young Man of the
. Year." Mr. Auman was pre
sented the Jaycee Distinguished
Service Award at the organiza
tion's, annual banquet held WdlrK
nesday night ' in . the cafeteria of
the Hertford r Gramma1! School.
Special guests - at the .-."'meeting
included the wjves, of the Jay
cees : and . ladies who . assisted the
unit in the community birthday
calendar, project ; sponsored by
the Chamber, and Jafnes Price.
10th District ' Vice' President'
, from Ahoskie and Mrs.Price.
Charles Skinner, Jr., president
of the Jaycees, presided over the
dinner meeting and William R.
Henderson was the guest speaker
for the occasion. He was intro
duced by Henry C. Stokes, Jr.,
past Jaycee president. Presenta
tion of the award was made by
Mr. Henderson, who is past state
president of the Jaycees and
now director of state purchases
iand contracts.
The Jaycees' Young . Man of
the Year award is an annual
event, the selection being' made
by a group of judges over the
age of 35 years from a list of
nominees submitted by various
organizations of the county.
fl jUon whjte
was chairman of
the 1958 DSA Committee Com
mittee. The award is given to the
young man under the age of 35
the judges find through a point
system, has contributed most to
the advancement of the com
munity during the past 12
months. The selection of Mr.
Auman for the honor this year
was based upon his participation
and activities in community,"'
civic and church projects.
Some of the activities of Mr.
Auman were: Committee mem
bership for establishment of a
mental health clinic; leader ,in
youth activity in the county;
cooperation given youth pro
grams such as Boy Scouts.
During the year, he served as
district director of youth work,
district director of Christian vo-
cations; worked on establishing-
two new colleges, .Active m the
ation center and the PTA.
He. has won . recognition, for
reorganization of youth programs
in the churches of this area, and
has-been selected to lead a
Methodist Youth Caravan to Eu
rope next summer.
He has shown a willingness
to work for the promotion of all
civic projects and has given gen
erously of time and money1 to
advance these programs within
Jaycee Certificates of Appre
are, left to right, Ralph Powers
MftCll uaa ucvo
ciation were presented to Henry
C. Sullivan and Tim Matthews
by the Jaycee president, Charles
Skinner, Jr., for services rend
ered in connection with the Jay
cee projects.
Sanford Funeral
Conducted Sunday
Funeral services for William
Ht St-nford, 89, who died Friday,
were conducted Sunday ' after
noon at 2 o'clock in the Lynch
Funeral Home by the Rev. J.
A. Auman, pastor-of the Hert
ford Methodist Church.
The church choir sang "My '
Faith Looks Up To Thee" and
"Abide "With Me." The casket
was covered with a pall of white
chrysanthemums, white gladoli
and red carnations.
Pallbearers were J. H. Towe,
W. B. Jordan, Bill Cox, V. N.
Darden, Charles F. Sumner
and J. W. Dillon. Burial was in
Cedarwood Cemetery.
He was the son of the late
George Edward and Mary
Louise Sanford, husband of Dor
cas Ballance Sanford, a native
and lifelong resident of Per
quimans County.
Surviving are three sons, John
of Baltimore, Edward R. of Pine
Bluff and Charles S. Sanford of
the U. S. Army at Columbus,
Ga.; two daughters, ' Mrs. Dan
wmiam Crummey Ede
tw0 brothers Girt , Sanford of
t South Norfolk and John T. San
ford of Windsor; one sister, Mrs.
Sadie Jones of South Norfolk;
14 . grandchildren and nine great
The Perquimans Masonic Lodge
No. 106 A. F. & A. M., will meet
Tuesday night at 8 o'clock! Rusr
seli Baker, master, urges all mem
bers, to attend and at the . same
j time extends a cordial invitation
lu visuinjj masons to aiieno.
Town And County Sponsors
Groundbreaking Ceremony;
Harvey Point Seaplane Base
Funeral Services
Held Monday For
Robbins Blanchard
Funeral services for William
Robbins' Blanchard, age 65. who
died Saturday night at 9:55 in the
Albemarle Hospital following an
illness of seven months, were held
Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
in Twiford'.s Funeral Home Chap
el by the Rev. J. A. Auman, pas
tor of the First. Methodist Church.
Soft music was played during
the service by Mis. J. Ellie White,
The casket was c-over-d with a
pall of red catnations, white pom
poms and white snapdragons.
Pallbearers were L. C. Winslow,
D;'. T. P. Brinn, Elton Hurdle,
Ralph Jordan, Joe Towe and G.
A. White.
Interment was made in Cedar
wood Cemcteiy.
Mr. Blanchard was a native and
life-lone resident of Ferauimans
County having lived with his sis-'
ter, Mrs. J. Moody Matthews of
Route 1. He was the son of the)
late Lucius and Charlotte Brinn
Blanchard, a mrmber of the First
Methodist Church in Hertford and
was retired from J. C. Blanchard
& Company where he was em
ployed for over 30 years.
Besides Mrs. Matthews, he is
survived by three other
Mrs. Em Parker of Charleston, S.
C, Mrs. Tom White of Route 1.
and Miss Annie Blanchard of
Richmond, Va.
Christian Workers
Hertford Jan. 26-28
. . H is an expensive disease. The
Methodist Churches in Chow-an average -cost '-for each, case is
and Perquimans Counties will S14000 to $15,000 in taxpayer's
hold a Christian Workers' School money, and this does not in
at the Methodist Church in Hert- elude the loss of the patient's
ford on January 26, 27 and 28. productive capacity and his fu-
lhe sessions will begin each even-iture
ing at 7:30 and end at 9:30. The
Rev. J. A. Auman, minister of the
church, and dean of the school,
stated that the course was an ac
credited one, being held in coop-1
eration with the North Carolina !
Conference Board of Education of
the Methodist Church.
"This area is fortunate in hav
ing some outstanding leaders to
conduct the sessions," stated Mr.
Auman. It is urged that any per
son interested in the work of the
church, enroll in the school. Six
hours are available in the cours
es with five completed hours ne
cessary for credit.
Courses being taught include
"Understanding The Bible" by
Mrs. R. E. Brown of Raleigh,
"Adult Work in the Church" by
the Rev. J. L. Joyce, Havelock,
"Understanding Youth" by Mrs.
H. R. Odum of Gibson and "Home
and Church Cooperating in Chil
dren's Work" by Mrs. V. E.
Queen of Durham.
The course on "Understanding
Youth" is a valuable one for both
workers with youth in the church
and parents of youth. Mrs.
Odum"s textbook is "Youth and
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Colon Jackson, Jr.
To Receive Degree
Colon: S. . Jackson will be
awarded the bachelor of divinity
degree from Southeastern Bap
tist Theological Seminary , at the
mid-year commencement . exer
cises January 17.
The son of Mr, and Mrs. Colon
Jackson of Hertford, he is a
graduate of Perquimans High
School, Chowan ,Juniot College
and Wake Forest , College. He
was licensed to preach by Hert-
l ford Baptist Church in 1949 and
received his ordination ' from
Burgess Baptist Church in 1951.
Jackson now is pastor of , Sa
maria Baptist Church, 1 Middle
sex. :.-.
Jackson's wife is the former
Doris Faye Allen "of Durham.
Education Mission
Scheduled Feb. 9th
An Educational Mission will
be conducted at the Holy Trin
ity F.piseopa) Church in Hert
ford beginning Sunday. Febru
ary 9, and continuing through
ThursJay, February 13, it was
announced today by the Rev.
Paul Shultz, rector of the church,
. The Hev. John Prior of Wind
sor wjll be the special leader of
the guthcrinss t" he held each
night, at i! o'clock.
Mr. Shultz issues an invitation
to the public to attend the ser
vices an '.I take part in the pro
gram, which eenteis around the
subject "What the Church Ee
lieves and Teaches." He also
urges Heit lord members ami
friends to adjust their schedules
that I hey may plan to attend all
the s-ervices.
Final Appeal Made
For TB Seal Funds
Reminders have been sent ci
tizens in Perquimans County for
the benefit of those who have
overlooked, or lost their Chr ist -
I mas Seal envelopes, said Mrs. C.
P. Morris, chairman of Perquim
ans County. Over $250 is still
I nruJiJ wi-ii4 i-r riimtn for" lVw
u "' tv "'" "'
Unristmas seals.
Mrs. Morris said 486 chest X
rays had been made in Per
quimans Health Department, and
all films and solutions are paid
for by Christmas Seal dollars
j 63 X-rays were from colored
I pre-natal clinic. Of 1,850 TB
cases in North Carolina for 195 ,
Perquimans had its share five
cases reported.
The Christmas Seal Sale each
vear tries to raise enough money
to finance the battle against TB.
earning power.
Bonds Ordered For
Defendants Not fe
Court Lai
Two defendants who failed to
appear in
t'erquimans nmiraerbi
Court last Tuesday to answer
charges against them were or
dered apprehended and placed
in jail unless they furnish cash
bonds for appearance at the
next session of the court. Fol
den Whidboe, Negro, charged
with driving without a license
and with improper lights was
ordered held for $100 bond while
David Jones, Negro, charged
with driving a truck with ex
ceeding height limits, was or
dered held for a $50 bond.
James Elliott entered pleas .of;
guilty to three counts during the
term presided over by Judge)
Chas. E. Johnson. He was giv
en a 60-day sentence on a charge
of larceny and two 30-day sen
tences for failing to observe a
stop sign and reckless driving.
The sentences were ordered sus
pended upon payment of fines
totaling $150 and costs of court.
Clinton Riddick, Negro, was
found guilty on a charge of as
sault and he, was ordered to pay
the costs of court.
James Leigh and Oliver
Moots, . charged with following
too closely, submitted to the
charges and each paid the court
Raymond Hasselt, Negro, paid
a fine of $25 and costs of court
after pleading guilty to a charge
of allowing his car to be oper
ated by an unlicensed driver. '
Vivian Gallop was fined $25
and costs on a charge of driv
ing without a license.
Willie Boles, Negro, charged
5 Cents Per Copy.
Officials of Hertford and Per-,
quimans County, in cooperation
with the Fifth Naval District, are
planning a groundbreaking cere
mony at the Navy's multi-million
dollar seaplane base site, Harvey
Point, Hertford, it was announced
here Wednesday following forma
tion of a committee to arrange
the program. .
Tentative date s t for the
1 event is Monday, January 27, 1958
jut. 11 o'clock in the morning.
Representatives of the town
and county governments met on
Tuesday night and named Mayor
V. N. Darden and A. T. Lane,
Chairman Board County Commis-
! sioners, as co-chairmen of the
I committee with Robert L. Hollo
I veil, program chairman and Max
Campbell, publicity chairman.
Special invitations to the event
! will be issued to some 50 public
and Navy officials and newspaper
I representatives from Raleigh,
! Norfolk, Washington, D. C, and
Baltimore, Mrl. Public officials
receiving invitations will be Gov
ernor Luther Hodges, Congress-.
I man Herbert C. Bonner, Senator
I Sam Ei win, Senator W. Kerr .
Scott, Mayors Levin Culpepper
and Ernest Keliayes, Commission
ers Paul Penny and W. W. By
i rum. State Senators Elton Ayd-
lett and William Copeland and
State Representatives Carrol.
Holmes and Albert G. Byrum.
The groundbreaking event will
be staged at. the Naval Seaplane
Facility at Harvey Point, and the
committee is hopeful permission
will be granted by the Navy De
partment permitting the public tc
join in the ceremony.
The program will mark the
opening operations toward icac-,
tivating the Harvey Point. Naval
j Base, which is scheduled to be
I come the home port for the Mar-
tin SeaMastef plie now in pro
; duction. ,
I Employees of the Diamond Con
I struction Company are, now lo-
1 eated at the base beginning woik
on the initial contract of install
ing a seawali rlene the Perquim
ans River, and installing some
drainage systems on the-pite. In
addition to this $2.1P.4,000'contract
other contracts are expected to be
awarded for the base during the
next six months. .
with escaping from
a prison
hearing in
- , ,
s Court and his case
was moved up to the docket of
Superior Court. .'.'... ,
Walter Lilly, Negro, was
found guilty on a charge of be
ing drunk and disorderly. He
was given a 30-day road sentence
to be suspended upon payment
of a fine of $25 and costs of
Mrs. Harris Named
Dimes Chairman
Mrs. Edison. Harris will direct
the 1958 March of Dimes cam
paign in Perquimuns County ac
cording to an announcement
made this week by the headquar
ters for the program in Chapef -
Mill. .
Preparations are noW being
completed for the annual . cam
paign here and the public is urg
ed to respond generously with
contributions to the fund. , ,
Officials of the county polio
chapter point out contributions to
the March of Dimes is still very
important, despite the discovery
of the Salk vaccine, since vast
sums of money are needed to car
ry on the rehabilitation work of
the thousands of victims stricken
with polio.
Word was received here Tues-
day of the death of Russell Bel
lezza, former Hertford resident,,
at his home in Washington.
Funeral services were conduct i r
at a Washington funeral hoi: .
Wednesday. - . j
... 1 , '

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