North Carolina Newspapers

.XX Number 4.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, January 25, 1963.
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- - a
" n i n,i' nn
There will be a peanut school
held at the Court House in
Hertford on Monday night, Jan
nary 28, beginning at 7:30
o'clock. ..'"
Astor Perrv. Deanut sDecialist
from State College in ; Raleigh, J-
and Dr. J. C. Wells, plant path
ologist from State College, will
be here to discuss peanut pro- gymtorium Men
duction, diseases and insect ron-nght'r Ja"ury 15' at 7:30
troL "There are many changes j
in l0mmmonHatinna . fnr . ltlfH
ova- 1962, therefore It would be
to your advantage to come and
listen and ask : questions con
cerning points. that you are not
clear on." stated R. M. Thomp
son, : County Extension ' Chair
. man,
Mr, Thompson states that
"As i most everyone has - heard,
the peanut yield in Perquimans
County this year was the high
est that we have 'made since
records have been kept, but
yields in other counties are in
. creasing also. If we are to con
tinue to produce ' peanuts in
quantity comparable to the
yields in counties adjoining us,
we will have to. continue good
practices. By , attending, these
meetings, you will know the
practices that are recommended
for- increased -yields. - You must
also '-know the point at which
you are starting in your pro-
duction and therefore, you
should have a soil sample. , If it
is possible 1 far yOu.' to get your
soil samples to the Agricultural day, February 16. is the, dead
Building before Monday night, line for displaying the new tags
we will be glad to take these to on all motor vehicles. "
Raleigh and save you the post- law appne9 to bqth state
age 'and the .handling." and towa licenses for the ve-
une omer, nigmigni pi ine
, peanut meeting will, be the pre-'
sentation of the awards for the
three top producers in .Perquim
anj County . The. top. .rnatu wi)!
geta cup. donated by .the Pea-
nut Gi-tfwltrs Association and-
will receiver prizes of jnsct-
cidesiand:fertiUzeriiQnate4 J?y yemc,e owners to compry. wan
wurw.w.wwi,v,.the,ordmance m w before the
peanut buyer? of , Perquimans-;deadline ga,e
County.. Therefore, we hope you M
win inune a ,ivm ciiuii at
tend this, peanut school, as we
think it will be very .beneficial
to you for the, coming year."
To Stjscr'ucrs
Toj conform ..with. .postal laws books for J962 are in their hands
and ; regulations" and 'with , the fop- collection of taxes.
: best ethics - of the', newspaper j ; 'Both , tax: collectors urge tax
profession, as; well as - sound- jayers to pay their: taxes before
business .Judgment, if yup subxtbe penalty goes : into -effect , on
scription. has expired, we must
-drop your name frdm our mail
ing list,' and eannofr "restore it
until you renew your subscrip
tion., , ' j '
" Unless ', your. :, subscription is
renewed before publishing day
next. week. this "will be the last
edition of the paper you will
receive until ' you? "subscription
is renewed. , regret very
much to have t do this, but we
must comply with, postal regula
tions, - '
Please' check the expiration
date of your subscription beside
the name, stamped on your pa
per.' ; If it's "dut renew today..
U ;:it Ajr iineingrJaderor
F; ToTB Seal Sale
I.oxanna " C. Jackson;
cf ' ti e Perquimans.
3 C sit Campaign,
; i u.' t plea ,to all
orr. s 'County
...t" yl i-rllei in
t U.e I '- Eeal
' f-len- so.
. The i ty's
: H.C 3, i. "s
. va
'a to
Talent Program
1 The FT A of the Perauimans
Union School held its monthly
wim mis. i. ivugeisuu, presi-
dent, presiding. The ? general
' Mrs. M.' W. Strowd, chairman
of the program i committee, an
nounced that the PTA ' of the
Union School will sponsor -a tal
ent program on Monday night,'
January 28. S8e also .informed
the group that & popularity con
test has been scheduled for Febr
iruary 25 at 8 P, M. At this par
ticular time the winner , will be
honored as "Queen for a Day",
yEach community is urged to par
ticipate in this event. Accord
ing to the program committee,
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February 16 Is
A word of warning was is-
sued today to motorists who
have -yet to , buy and 1 display
1963. automobile licenses. Fri-
hicle ,0wnprs who reside
Hertford. - ...
R..C. Elliott, .Town Clerk, is
lieminding Hertford automobile
owners of the deadline-fcr-pur1'
nfl-.oin A., r.,A 1U1
ford Municipal Building., :.-
Penalty On Taxes
Goes Into Effect .
On February 2nd
Perquimans County taxpayers
are reminded by , County Tax
Collector : J: K. ;WWte and Town
Clerk R. C. Elliott that the tax
.February 1
Dog Owners Must
Purchase Licenses K
; Captdinv B. , L, Gibbs , of the
Police. Department of the- Town
of ; Hertford ' reminds all dog
owners that the 1963 dog tags
are now on sale at the Munici
pal Building. . '
All dbg?, are) required to be
tagged t all times or will be
subject to being picked up and
impounded for a period of three)
days. If impounded dog is not'
claimed" at the end of three days.
then said dog is disposed of. '
,Ther ' Heafth Beplrtment ' re
ports that 956 X-rays were made
in- Perquimans during the mo
bile unit for free "chest X-ray
visit in December. Reports are
still incomplete but, each person
who received an X-ray at the
unit while here will be mailed
a report as'oon as they are
cx'npleted.. - .
. Jackson stated also that
r had been received from
. nutorium at Wilson thank
i e people of this county for
' erirj t',tK,epVt't'".'-s from
laris vilii fe-j.
' r s vc e re-' 'ved e-i
: 1. The hinrf cf t',e
1 1 i 1 tlieir a; e-
c' . i f-r tl : t f i con-
' n I - I in
f ,
Charles C. Ricker, Grand Mas
ter) of Masons of North Caro
lina, addressed 24J Master Mas
ons of the First and Third Dis
tricts ' at a combined district
meeting held in Perquimans
Lodge No. 106 of Hertford at the
Perquimans County High School
Wednesday evening. January
16. .. -.
The meeting began at S P. M.
in the afternoon with a meet
isng .. of the officers of the
lodges in the First and Third
District - and the Grand Secre-
l tary Charles A. ' Harris, with
jMaiachi D. .Burgess, District
! Deputy Grand Master of the
First Masonic District presiding.
Clifton Williams, lecturer of the
Firstv District, spoke on - the
Grand Lodge ' Lecture Service
available to the lodges "and the
schools of' instruction held by
the districts each year.-. .-.'" G. D.
Buck, 50-year Mason of Per
quimans ... Lodge spoke : to the
brothers on the lodge systems '
of Masonic education. Mr. Har
ris, Grand Secretary, presented
information concerning the dig
nity of conferring the work in
the lodges and of Masons in
At. 6 o'clock the meeting was;wedding anniversary on Friday.
closed and the brothers were ! February 8 1963 '' .
VJTti TAs MhT8r wermarried in
Ku"Sl1 SBf :T
At 7:30 W. H. Batchelor, mas
ter of Perquimans Lodge, open
ed a Master Masons - lodge, and
received Malachai . D. Burgess
and - Anderson Midgett, district
deputies of the-First and Third
Disttict, in true Masonic tradi
tion of the. off ice. and presented
Mr. - Burgess , the gavel -with
whifch he "received distinguished
guests consisting of W. J. Bundy,
Past Grand" 'Master; James tW.
r ContiniMd oa Pag Eight , .'
In Recorders Court
;' v: ' v - 'V;-f-' "' '.f - ' :
Al vah E. Cart wright, charged
with driving on left side of road
not in passing after operator's
or chauffeur's, license were sus
pended or revoked,' was given
six months on the roads in Per
quimans Recorders . Court here
Tuesday; presided over by Judge
Charles E. '' Johnson .; ,
Cartwright's .drivers license
was suspended for an additional
time as alreaHy suspended: The
road sentence . was suspended
upon payment of $200 fine and
costs, ' and good bphavior as to
driving , an auto without license
for a period 'of 2 months, .
J. H. White paid the cost on a
charge of driving oh left side
of highway not hi1 passing.
Kuby" L. Turner, charged with
possession of ' tax-' paid,, whiskey,
paid a fine of $10 and .court
costs; ': " ' Vi
Vincente. B." Lbanlyr charged
Continued on Seven
A Look Backward
rfrMy .File ot tfttteryear
JANUARY 1936 .
v Little Interest Shown In Janu
ary Court Term: Thfe January
term of Superior Court for the
trial of civil cases Only, conven
ed in Hertford on Monday, with
Judge Thomas .-J.-, Shaw i of i
Greensboro, j presiding, v While a
number of cases had-been placed
on'" the calendar at this term,
only a . very small percent of
them were actually tried, al
though several were disposed of
by agreement, , : J 1
Dr. Davanport puest fptaker
At PTA: 1. C A.;, Davenport,
who was the special guest speak
er at the meeting of the Parent
Teacher Association of the Hert
ford 'Grammar .School on Thurs
day afternoon, gave -his hearers
some very valuable information
on the subject of malaria, which
was particii'nry pertinent at this
time when malaria has been re-
t!y fo r "'ent a.. f3 us.
: " -r " v Ti- ' Ovr
I I -: T.:yor II. G.
' r - I oil I'W.'-'y
- ; t : ? town. m( 11?
" 1 ; over t.e cf
c ( ' t: e To'vn of
. -i J 1-t 'U f'.l!
v. ' ' rr i
-O 1.. X : ' C .. -.
Hertford Couple Married 58, Years Feb. 8
V 1
- - I
. -x' t
'?'v::'..,'. - "j,
Congratulations ana .ail good
wishes ' to Mr. and 'Mrs. -W. ' M,
Morgan of Church Street, Herli
fnrH who. will nhsorvA fhpir
and are well known throughout
4tA ..'.:..Lin
wu.h, ..u ,lu...6
tuu""ca- I year for a while. Mrs. Morgan
W. M. Morgan, who for 49 js active at home,
years has been known .as "The I Editor's Note: The Morgans
Furniture Man,", celebrate twq jhaven't planned any fanfare for
anniversaries this month hisfhhe celebration ' of their r 58th
wedding anniversary of 58 year jwedding anniversary, due to
and his birthday on February I6pMrs. Morgan not being too well,
The , furniture-, business musfi ;but it's our miess that, evervonn
have been good for Mr. Morgan'
He has birthdays just like the!
rest of us, the only thing is thejfl
rest of us, the only thing is they
is still
active ..and greets you
a ' warm friendly , smile
when you. enter
his business
here. If he feels bad at times
you . would never know.
. Mrs. Morgan played an im-;
portant part in .the success of
the W. M. ' Morgan furniture
Grain Program .
Scheduled Feb: 6
' There will be a meeting u
the Feed Gi'-iin Program at the
Agricultural '.Building on Wed
nesday, "- February 6 at UO
P.- M. There have probably been
more questions concerning this
(program ; this year than ever be
fore- on ' any ' specific program. '
R. M.' Thompson, Countly EXr'
tension phainnan, states,4 that tlie
purpose ol this..meeting is to
giye each of you the information
for you to be able to make up
your t mina -on tne amount oi
paricmation in the program hat
vrai An - this ver Prom -the
voU do ' this vear. tram -the
conversation "pf several, peqpje,
there -is .a,' great deal of mishv
. : ', . ' ,f , ;
iormauon aooui me reea uraun , .
. ! v.. "A.f -j. ..usongs we want to
is felt that- the. nvn a.cts. that
you have, the- better you will be
able' . to . make a' decision" that
suits you as an individuali
"There will, bet plenty , of time
after the - meeting for you, to
take these lSacts and figure out
whether it is profitable for you
to participate or not, furthei:
states Mr. .Thompson. . . ; :,
The meeting that will be held
on 'the 6 th of February is one
that all grain producers should
attend." There wil be more in
formation on .this- school, at a
later date. . V. , : "
Gciirt G'ns:!::d
The " death of Judge tMafcolm
Paul of Washington, N. C. who
was to have been on the bench
here next week for the January
term of Perquimans Superior
Court has cancelled the January
term of court here, ,
The January 'session 'will be
combined : with the. regular
I.Isrch' civil term of court, the,
:---s s'-3u'.l for the January
term will be l. :ard at that time.
member, and -she explained to U
the importance ' of building tq
morrow's Glomes. She reviews!
the Home., Demonstration Clu
members' creed and explains
the iifferent ' items ; while shj
urged' us to review them ofte'ri
We then explored the vearhoWw
Reports wer?1 given of the loaJ
fund' by Mr ,'Delvih Euro, muSij
scholarship' bv Mrs. Melvin ftiutl
and I education by' Mrs.' i.eig
Flinchum ' f " " .'
The -.-minutes '.were.'ead anj
the roll called by the secretaH
There were 15 members and on)
visitor -present, j .The treasurer'
report was given by Mrs. Janiej
Harreli: rebortintf h balance Id
$8.9J in the treasury. PlarJ
were 'made for ? a i; covered disl
supper in February, with MM
Jean Harrison as hostess.: Th
hostesses" were named for thi
year, and the . yearbooks wen
filled iput. The' 'CoUect was re
peated in unison as the ' closini
benedictioriti 1 ' i
Delipioui-refrpshmpntq ; wri
served' bv the hostess ' : j
Annette Lane Weds
Curtis M. Trueblood
Sunday, January 20 at 5 P. J
business. Her activities were
, , , .
generally confined to the book -
, , ,
tF.,.B Ul-
ginning when the store opened
! here in Hertford on May 3. 1914-
or over twenty years. Mrs.
K 'ail, and to restore her
... . ...
uith hn Wn tZ Zh JZ
health hasnt been too good, con-
gidering being hospitalized last,
that reads this story will be
wishing the Morgans, a very
"Happy Anniversary" becaijse
of , honest endeavor, .hard work )drive fconducled by the Hertford
and fair dealing., have built udIo ... i...., e...i....j.... i
me w. ivi. iviurgan iurnibure ousi-
uess in which the entire com
munity . is proud and kindled
-friendship among all those, that
know ihem. Happy Anniversary
'.'Mama and Papa Morgan."
Course Held
.. The goal of Extension service
in: leadership training is the de
velopment cf people.
'Mrs. Fred Mathews, county
music leader, held a "county 'mu
sic' leader training "and plan
ning mecUng January 17 from
10 -to-12 o'clock at ihe Agricul
ture. Building. ' T . ; ;
tThe following clubs, wcrerep-
. repented: Bethel by -Mrs. Em-
mette Long and Mvs. Joe Ward;
Ballahack by Mrs. C. W. Reed;
3now Hill-White Hat by Mrs.
J'ohn Harrison; Belvidere by
Mrs. R. ; L. r Stevenson; , Helen
fey Mathews.
, . . : . -
Plans and goals for tne lHtM
music program were discussed
and set iup. We worked on new
learn this
year., , .
Mrs, Mathews announced the
spring music -workshop." for the
district will be held at Rocky
Hock Baptist Church February
26, beginning at 9 o'clock.
' TShe-tlrged all elub music .lead
ers to attend, also other inter
ested people. ? :
Personal qualifications of good
Continued on Pag lqht
A. W. Hefren, president of the
Hertford Savings & Loan Asso
ciation, announced today the an
nual meeting of stockholders .of
the i Hertford Savings & Loan
Association will be held Wed
nesday - afternoon, February 13,
.1963, at. 2 P. M. at the Office of
the Association,' located at 102
North , Church i Street (the old
Hertford Banking Company
Building) ; in Hertford. , t
. . -This is a very important -meeting
called for -the purpose of
electing officers and directors of
the ensuing year and .-transacting
. Uny -- other - business that
mio'M come before the meeting.
Out Importance
Of Civic Clubs
'Participation in civic clubs and
organization? was cited Monday
n8W- by the Civic Committee of
tne 'Perquimans County Chamber
zt Commerce as an important
factor. -in community betterment.
The group went on record as en
dorsing community improvement
projects by these clubs and urg
ed more community parlicipa-
uon m lnem'
meu Lanamg, gnairman ot
the Committee, stated that much
of the work toward improvement
01 a community, is done tnrougn
C1V1C cluD projects and that ac-
tlve support of these projects
was vital to their success, "I
would U1'ge everyone who can
it0 im a C1V1L' CUJ as ch lor
the benelils available to - the
member as lor the benefits avail
aDle 10 ltle community at large
from active civic clubs."
Larry Aydlett, Jr., Executive
Manager of the Chamber said
that the Chamber facilities would
be available for practical help
with such projects as the club
involved desired it. He also
I ,. . . . .
a more active interest in com-
. .. .,;,.
munity affairs.
n . . .
for construction of a community
center building on the Perquim
ans County recreation grounds
on Crubb Street. Although a
number of cost estimates were
presented plans were not com
plete enough to permit an ac-
i curate according to
committce SDokesnian.-;.
Nets Over $60
John' Ward, Assistant Scout
master of the Hertford Boy
Scouts extends his thanks to the
e0D,e of th communitv for
Mr. Ward stated that a little
over $60.00 was netted in the
drive, the proceeds from the sale
of the paper to be used in pur
chasing , of equipment for the
An all-out effort is being made
here to activate the Scout troops
and a finance campaign just
completed and headed up by W.
W. "Bill" White as chairman and
Mrs. Ray Haskett as co-chairman,
resulted' in a collection of
$604.50, the goal had been set
for $500, ..
The grown-ups are showing
much interest inV keeping the
Scouts active and it's . expected
that the Hertford Scout roster
will grow.
January 29
'Rotary Club, 6:15
Masonic Lodge
'Mrs. T. E. Madrc
Pamela Sawyer
Sarah Faye Wood
January 30
Blanche Kanoy
January 31
American Legion
Charles Eley
February 1
PCHS vs. Gates County
7:30, Here
Johnny Wayland Byrum, Jr.
Horace Miller
Lenny Fentress
February 2
Mrs. T. G. Howard -:-.-.?:.
, Mr. and 'Mrs. Odus Mansfield
wedding anniversary
February 3
Bobby Riddick
February 4 ,
County Commissioners
' First Methodist WSCS
- Edgar Fields . ,
Anne Simpson '
Lester Keel" r -
Edna Winslow
February 5
Masonic Lodge v . -
Parkville Ruritan.
V Rotary Club. 6:15
Henry C. Stokes, 3:
Lillian DaiL
. ' Miss Mary Morris has accept
ed a teaching position on the
faculty at Princess Ann, Mary
land, - where " she assumed her
duties this -week., '
Delwin H. EurBr - -
Scout Paper Drive
mothers' March Will Do
Conducted In Hertford
Tuesday Evening, Jan. 29
Capt Winslow
Aids in Airlift
Near North Pole
Captain Dolan A. Winslow is
a member participating in the
62nd TCW ,iipplies Party on
ice near the North Pole.
Capta'.n Winslcw is the lius-
'band of Mary Sue Cook of
Woodville and son of Mr. and
Mis. Dcmpscy A. Winslow of
.Route 1. Belvidere. He is the
I father of two children, a
daughter Dcnisc ;ind a son,
Air Force C-124 Globemastcrs
and crews of the 62nd Trot.;
Carrier Wing today continued to
race against sub zero Arctic
weather conditions in a.n effort
to replenish the dangerously low
fuel oil supply of on American
scientific expedition spending
the winter on an ice island 300
miles south of the North Pole.
Two C-124's loaded with 20,
000 pounds of diesel fuel oil
roared off from the Elcmendorf
AFB shortly after dawn on Fri
day, November 16, and headed
for the 3,600 mile round trio
and airdrop of the fuel oil. A
flight complete in just short of
18 hours, including a refueling
stop for the C-124 at Eielson
AFB an the return trip to Elm
endorf. The airlift, a joint effort by
the Air Force, Army and Navy,
will continue until 150.000
pounds of fuel has been suc
cessfully airdropped to the ex
peditionary party an a chunk of
pola ice 1,800 miles north of
Anchorage, ; Alaa..The:airli.ft
win consist oi zoo oarreis oi
diesel fuel and 50 barrels of
aviation fuel and 50 gallon
drums dropped five at a time in
special airdrop containers. The
mission, which was anticipated
to t.jkc from two weeks to two
months, depending on weather
conditions, has been one-third
Jan. 31 Deadline
For Tax Listing
Perquimans County property
owners are reminded today by
Julian C. Powell that time for
listing property for 1963 taxes
is rapidly drawing to a close.
The law requires all property
owners to list property for taxes
by January 3 1 or failure to do
so results in a penalty being
charged .against the property
owner. The regular tax listing
schedule . appears elsewhere in
this paper for your convenience.
Consult it today and remember
the regular tax listing period
will end on January 31,
Biography Of R. ft. Cox
(Continued From Last Week)
In last week's issue of The
Perquimans Weekly we pub
lished the first half of an au
tobiography of R. B. Cox. a na
tive of Perquimans County who
lived in Hertford in the mid
1800's. . Today we will conclude
the story. "'
The crops had all been plant
ed and most of the Negroes had
remained ; at home . working
steadily until about the time of
my arrival. The - Freedman's
Bureau had just . been started
and the Negroes finding they
were, their - own : master, quit
work, Several small Negro boys
were left "on the farm with one
or two old men.
The wealth of the South previ
ous to the war was in land and
slaves. : The possession of either
gave standing and position, al
though as a 'general rule ' land
gives , a higher social position,
still the increase of the Negroes
was . so rapid and the availab
ility of it in the way of sale,
hire, or use,, it became.. a favor
ite investment of those owning
large, estates, particularly where
there were daughters, to give the
landed,, estate to the eons - and
tit Negroes to the daughters
An army of Perquimans wo
men will be knocking on. every
door in the county Tuesday
evening, January 29 in the 25th "
anniversary March of Dimes
Mother's March.
All of the volunteers in the "
March of Dimes Mother's March t
know how important the job is, .
even though it will take only
an hour or so of her time. Ev
ery woman realizes that her ef
forts will help people to give for '
the life of a child.
Every Marching Mother also ;:
knows that the research oro-
gram financed by the March of
I """ra means a great aeai lo r ,
every family in this county.
She knows that the March of
Dimes research program pro
duced two polio vaccines which
are right now protecting her
children against this crippling
f This same research program
has been expanded to include
support of the Salk Institute for
Biological Studies, being built
in San Diego. Calif. The Insti
tute, to be directed by Dr. Jonas
I Salk, developer of the first, ef
fective vaccine against polio,
will be a center where world
I famous scientists will live and
work, seeking basic information ,
which may be .applicable against
'a variety of human ailments,
ranging from the common cold
to cancer.
Mis. John Beers, director for
the Perquimans County March
of Dimes, said, "Just about
every person in this county will
be visited by a neighbor-next".
Tuesday evening, and we sin
jcerely urge you to give gener-
ously for the life of a thild." -
Mary Lee Glenn of Route 3,
Hertford, was among the ap
proximately 31 members of the
Nurses Club in the School of
Nursing at East. Carolina Col
'lege, who attended at Rex Hos
. pita! in Raleigh the District VI
Student Nurses Association meet
ing, held on . Thursday, Janu
ary 17.
The Student Nurses Associa
tion, a professional organization,
serves as a channel of communi
cateion between state, national
and international student nurses.
There are five schools in nurs
ing for District VI. which in
cludes Rex Hospital, Eastern
N. C. Sanatorium, Wilson; Park
View Hospital, Rocky Mount; Le
noir Memorial Hospital, Kinston,
and East Carolina College.
Miss Glenn represented East
Carolina College at this bi
monthly meeting of the Nurses
Club. She is a graduate of Per
quimans County High School
and is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Glenn of Route 3, Hert
ford, ' "
because of a ready income and
loss trouble. This, of course,
gave the possession of Negro
property high social position.
Negro men usually hired out
January 1st for twelve months. ,
frequently at public auction, A
great many slaves would select
those to whom '. they wished to
be hired by promise of good
conduct and faithful service in
duce them to hire them. - 1
The hospitality of the- South
at this time was unboundod.
The, South was exporting with
money coming in and compara
tively little oing out, : that is.
when good crops were made. A
man had no immediate use for
the money preferred a good note
at 6 interest. These -notes
were based upon land or Negro
value, yet it w.a a man of very
bad character or a very poor
neighbor who would not go se
curity for a neighbor -who had
neither.,1 It was a network of "I
owe you", in the shape of prom
issory notes, which pervaded all
classes of our people. The ' r
suit of the war, all the -r-.
were left and only the 1
back it.

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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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