North Carolina Newspapers

Ji" k
"XXX Number 6?
uiyoy Is
, Robert L. Hollowell, chairman
of": the Medical Investigating
Committee, announced that the
Scars & Roebuck Foundation has
been . contacted to" analyze the
needs of, Perquimans' County
through, a survey And establish
its medical hospital needs. The
committee will do the actual re
search for . the foundation : , with
in the county. V The 'information
gatliered by the committee will,that all persons who havve not
be turned over tcK the founda .,ii,i ...;..u ."j I
lion which will analyze this and
advise me uvampcr or Vom- WCek in order that the cam
merce of their results. , paign can be .closed. ' ;
Hollowell stated that this in-j Mrs. Beers expressed her
formation will bring to light ; heartfelt thanks to each and
whether-' a small hospital or a
Mugi; buiuu ia Hi's ificauiit ouawci
to the problem.
The research survey will be
: , made by the members of the
'Medical Investigation Comruit
. tee. ' Most of this will be done
; by telephone.,:. A list of questions
will be answered by those con
. tacted and , these , include such
items as the number of people
- in the family, how many times
been jn hospital for the past 12
months and for - what reason,
; number of times the family has
been sick in the past 12 months
and the present doctor and his
v location, and : other such ques
tions. The chairman further Stated
that full cooperation of indivir
duals asked to submit this in-j
formation and the accuracy of
estimations ; where ' appropriate
will be vitally necessary in order
to compile - the
survey possible.
most accurate
Hollowell' stated,
"Thi com-
pletion of this survey will mark
nn.vfir.rf .ten tnwmdii WtahlLih.,Bnc IN. K,. league Oi wurs
ing i hospital -aciUties- in tnis.'" , .
nly for" faciUties but" also lead6 projeWfffRf wiH
,ore doctors., .bur .commit- tal& to the AtlLUMJ :
for more
tee feels these two prjecs
will go hand, fn hand.,
PerqulnTcns Ores
Perquimans High School's bas-
ketball Yearns dropped a dnublew..'-i TTnl4
header to the Gates Gacos last Ulieral Held V OT.
Friday night with the Gatesj
girls winning 40-3U ana ine ooys
with a 57-43 score;
The Gates girls led almost, ll"'" ' , " o u
i.!if 6.J:.1 las McKmley Branch, general
of the first half, when Perquim
ans rallied to tie tho score 1212
as the half ended.:. Gates came
back in the third; quarter and
led . the Squaws 40-36 as" the
,k whistle .blew. '
Gates scored 10 points to Per
quimans 4 in the final quartet.
Sawyer- ed the scoring .,for
4 ; Perquimans With 12, Long I, and
Cox ' 3- IWright led the Gates
team with 17. followed b Wig
gins with 14 and Cjiappell 5. ;
The Gates boys' had to come
ejjitom behind dn the final half to
nip the Indians 57-43. The In
. dians . took a 19-15 halftime lead
" but were 'outscored by1..-Gates
18-6 in the third quarter.
In the "final quarter i .Gates!
chalked up H points and held
the Indians to 18, ' ' ' '
Taylor was high . scorer, for
Gates with 28 points. He was
V followed by Hobbs with 0 and
Hall and Perkins with 8 each.
Freddie Combs was top scorer
for the Indians, accounting for
17 points, followed by Mathews
with 9 and Francis Combs with
7 points. ' . ' . v
Board Of Education Discusses
Plans Of Educational Protffam
. . ... . ,. ." ..... ...... ..
. i---' t 1 . , . . m . . i.;',;' .,;...;
;, The Perquimarul County Board ! sentative Archie T. Lane, Sr
of Education. met in special ses-1 met with ; the board to discuss
uion here Monday and the board legislation of . interest to Per-
Superintendent -J. T. Big j
disoussed at length various
pi. . ' of the educational pro
grain i t Perquimans County, in
, cludinj transportation of pupils,
relation " p of, the eighth grade
-l the f "enth grades, super
. .r-t; ; i - relation, lunch
r ice surrvior,
't s cf build-
v, for i ' ,r-
S g Ci o d u I o d
rn ir
krjp Clinic
March Of Dimes;
flow Near End
The March of Dimes campaign
iri Perquimans County is in the
final stage and Mrs. John Beta?,
director for. .the Perquimans
March of Dimes Drivp rpnnwsts
get . their contrltut;)ns in this .
everyone who has helped in the
campaign and to each contri-
Local Students
Plan To Attend
Careers Congress
Five students from Perquim
ans County, Carl Overton, Jerry
Whedbee, Ann Baker,' Mary Ella
Nixon and Verna' Ann Perry,
will attend a meeting of the
Second Health Careers Congress
to be held at the Jack Tar Hotel
m Durham on February 8 and 9.
Mrs. T. P. Brinn, State Health
I Careers chairman of the N. C.
AM A Auxiliary, will accompany
itne group.
The Congress is sponsored by
the Health Careers clubsi of
N. C, the .N. C. Hospital Ediuca-
tion and Research Foundation
The purpose of the Congress!
!o k) intnmi n,m ttin
"..v, """ i-wK.y ,v
u XH.-HH.I iu, ik,v ..!.-.,
plan : such ; careers,
The meeting will include... ex
hibits, motion pictures and work'.
shops on Health Careers, as well,
as tours of Duke University, of
N. C, Walls and Lincoln Hos
pitals. ..
UaptlSl Leader
Funeral services .... were held
c : rj i .. : ..u r n ta ,
secretary-treasurer of the,-BpT
tate Convention, who was
killed in a car-truck crash ,near
Ahoskie last Friday afternoon .
Fiineral Service HeW
For EImeT O. Banks
Funeral services : for Elmer
Gaston Banks, 76-year-old retir
ed farmer of Durants Neck who
died Wednesday, were held, Fri
day at 3 o'clock in . the chapel of
line Swindell Funeral Home ; by
the Rev. Dan 'Meadows, pastor
of New Hope Methodist Church,
assisted by: the Rev. Fred Still,
pastor of First Methodist Church.
'; Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Jones
sang 'When They Ring-Those
Golden - Bells' ' accompanied' by
Mrs. J. , Ellie White, organist. .V
JThe- casket was covered with
a- pall of red "carnations, : white
mums! 'and White stock! v ,':
Pallbearers were Alien Saun
ders, . Ronald-, Saunders, - Robert
Sutton, Carson Banks, Roy Ranks
and Kentwood Turner. 'i
I Burial was.
'Cemetery. ' '-
quintans County and to North
Carolina.- in general.' He ex
pressed his opinion as favoring
legislation that will change the
method of appointing Boards of
Education in North Carolina. He
invited the boaid to, write hiitt
or call him concerning any leg
islation' of interest to education
during the 1963 session.
Other business to come before
the Eo -J cf Taucatlon was a
mt ..m pui --i p '''f 'permia-'
1 t i i "eat' ' i of i' -al
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, -February 8, 1963. Defense
Topic At BPVClub
fncnllily fueling
The Hertford eBusiness and
Professional Women's Club held
its monthly dinner meeting re
cently , at the : home of 'Miss
Thelma Elliott at ( which time
Marion Riddick, Civil Defense
chairman of Perquimans County,
presented . a. most interesting -pro
gram on the "Operation Sur
vival Plan" for the county.
i During his talk he discussed
how his organization was set up
to handle any emergency, either
natural or man-made. The local
unit is set up with an executive
f and then 17 different ag-
Each one of these agencies has a
hairman who knows his duties
and has assigned specific duties
toi members of their agency
Mr. Riddick pointed out that
under the present setup Per
quimans County is ' listed as t
'.receiving area and In the event
of . an atomic attack, we could
expect to take' care of 9,000 ex
tra people. His office has made
a survey of the county and has
a listing 6f all available facili
ties. He showed slides on "Ru
ral Civil ' Defense" which point
ed out the effects of an atomic
attack on an area not in the diJ
rect hit area.
Following his program,- the
Hertford BPW went on record as
wholeheartedly endorsing 1 the
Civil Defense torogram in Per
quimans County.! '."''"'
During the short ;' business
meeting presided ovver by the
president, , Mrs, Essie Burbage,
the following announcements
were' made: Zy"::": '7-.',''.
J Spotlight oil Women ; will be
lit iChapel Hiir february 18-17;
Hertford will be hostess to the
district , meeting on March 24;
tentative , pla.n? were ' made1 far
the Jazz Festival to be present
ed jsoon, and the club Jreted to
contributes to ',,e; .SS!grr f
uimes. xne next Dusmess meet
ing will hp FpKRiam 7 'wtth
Alip. Kannv iji l&li&M
.. .. t T 1 1 1 -L . J .1.
k, m,pr ment. nlHWi 1 "hf with Mr
, Guest stm meralirsli'aai:BI
irig Were Mr.; and ''Mrs Marion
Riddick-. Mrs. Burbage, t.;Mrsi
''MaryVlg.rjLane,- Mrs,' Sally,
Lane, Mrs. . Alice Kanoy,- Mrs.
Dora Riddick, Mrs. Georgia Rob
erts, Mrs. Margaret Maston, Mrs.
Ann Young, Mrs. Marie Elliott,
Mrs. Betty Swindell, Miss Hulda
Wood and Miss Thelma Elliott.
Studont Of Month
'"S:p ,Jt.;,, ;.'
Billy-Winslow, . son of Mr..; and
Mrs. L. L. Winslow of Star
Route, Winfall.'was honored by
the Hertford Rotary Club recent,
ly as the Student of the Month
from Perquimans High , School,
when he was ,a, djnrier guest at a
Rotary meeting. ,- . . ,,,
The Hertford Rotary Club in
cooperation with students - and
faculty t. at . Perquimans ; Hign
School sponsor 'this improvement
contest "t for students, during the
school year.. The pontest is a
monthly event with1 the winner
receiving tlw title of "Student of
Jhe Month.''' " Winners are select
ed upon five basic require
ments:1. Tetiacityt i ' self -improvement,
; scholarship, schoot . spirit
and participation in school ac
tivities. J.-'.-:
Billy Winslow was' selected on
these qualities as the December
Student of the Month., He is a
member of the Student Council.
He represented Perquimans High
School' at . the North1 Carolina
Student Council Congress held
in Raleigh this yea& He is presi
dent of the student body; a mem
ber of the FFA for the past four
years, member of the Beta Club
for 'the past two years, member
of the track team for the v past
three : years, member of the
Monogram " Club for ' the past
tehree years,-two years as secretary-treasurer,
, He was one of
the outstanding members of the
football team this past season.
Winslow" was; introduced by
James M. Divers, past president
of the Hertford Rotary Club.
Superior Court To
Convene March 11
The next term of Superior
Court will be held In Perquim
ans County the . week of 'March
11 with JuSze Elbert S. 'Peele,
Jr., c!
Picturad above are the hiqh
County for 1962. Left to right, Haywood Smith, third plat, 3.669
pounds per acre; Dary I Hurdle, second place, 3.672 pounds per
acre; George Caddy, first place, 3.678 pounds per acre on 19.3
acres. Wallace R, Baker, director of the Peanut Growers Associa
tion, is presenting the trophy to Mr. Caddy. This is the second
year the trophy has bejn presented. Second and third prizes are
lurnished by the local peanut buyers. Hertford Livestock ft Supply
Company, J. F. Hollo veil ft Son and Hertford Fanners Exchange.
Wm. Paul Stallings Post
Endorses Building Project
On Local Recreation Park
The William Piaul Stallings
American Legion Post voted to i
endorse the proposed Commun- i
ity Building project to be placed ;
on the Perquimans County Rec
reation Park. Emmett E. Land-l
ing, second vice commander of
,u , t, . j 1 u
the Legion Post and also chair -
man of the " Chamber of Com -
merce Civic Committee," was
present and told the Legion Post
about the planned community
building project, Landing stat-
ed that a survey was being made
to determine if a community
building was needed ;and if- ample of what the boys will be
enough suppopt by civic or- doing at camp, this summer, aq
ganizatiohs , would jMstify going Urdin,, to Scout Leader Marvin
ahead with plans.
The '. building would, -include
individual rooms for . organiza
tions' to call vtheir owrt riti -that
they eould. 'keep their J records
fcl iolthpr; icquipment, in;.jdesig
d.( offif.n The, plans' aso pall
i large meeting area tor so
f uhctieris, 1 dahbes, banquets'
the lite. ;'';:
Commander Julian'" Broughton
reported ; on .'attending a ' distrtct
Scout 'meeting in -Elinabrtli City
' ' ' Continued on Page 8 '
'63 Heart Fund
Drive Launched
W, L. ', "Buddy" Tilley, presi
dent of the Perquimans County
Heart Council and also Heart
Fund chairman, launched the
1963; fund -drive here Wednes
day, when1 he placed the ' heart
coin collectors in the' various
business establishments' in the
first steps of the fund raising
; Members of the Council are
Dr.. T. P. Brinn, who will serve
as medical representative. Roy'
Chappell is serving as treasurer
and Virginia - W.- Transeau, pub
licity 'chairman. :
In opening the 'fund drive Mr.
Tilley reminds the public that
heart disease was the , leading
cause of death in Perquimans
County in 1961. " Total ' deaths
here were 99, broken down into
causes, heart -and bleod vessels
disease caused 61.5. of the total.
Other causes jvere . 9 cancer, 6
accidents, 5 influenza T.nd pneu
monia, one diabetes and 17 oth
er causes. .
Council Heart Fund Chairman
. Tilley pointed out that the
ditianal Heart Sunday solicita- Lawrence T. Sawyer, Claude
tion will be conducted this year Rountree, Hazel B. Matthews, G.
on Sunday, February 24. The Elwood Nowell, Linwood C. El
urban home-to-home; heart "can- liott, Luther H. Whedbee, Al
vass will continue' to be held on ton , D. Perry, Joseph M. Stal
Heart Sunday, he said. ; ' lings arid Willard Parrish.- -
Grandson Mrs.
Is Nominated
Thomas' S. White, III, son of
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. White, Jr., of
Durham and grandson of Mrs. T.
S White of. Hertford, has been
nominated for i a Morehead
scholarship as a representative
of Woodberry Forest School,
Tom' is a. senior this year at
Woodberry .' Forest Preparatory
School in Virginia, which he has
attended f or the past ' three
years. He is a member of the
Studenti Council, associate editor
of the school's newspaper, vice
'i ':
Peanut oroducers in Perauimans
i ... .. . . ,r ,
! National Boy. Scout Week,
1 '
. coruary is ocmg observed
throughout the nation. Hertford
Troop No. 155 is celebrating the
fwcek by having a Scout display
. . , ' , . ,. ,
jm the wlndow of Dardlcn s
storc- This display is an ex-
Simpson and Assistant Scout
Leader John Ward. :
Eht Monday Jtiglrt, 'Fepruairy
11 at 7:30 o'clcck in the Pc,r
quimaas County Court House
there will be a Court of Honor
too recognize all the , boys, rwho
have- advanced in rank and.'Won
merit badges this past, year.
vAU ;parcnts who have beys of
Scout ag are urged- to .attend.
A cordial invitation, is issued to
the public. ' , ,
The names of the following
38 residents of Perquimans
Ciiinty were drawn ..for jury
'service., at the March term of
Superior Court during the Feb
ruary; meeting of the County
Commissioners held here Mon
day. - ' ;:
They are: Frances F. Monds,
Talmadge ' Stallings, Marvin
Robbins, Matthew Smith, , Wil
lari F. Baker, Wilbur W. Tark
ington, Henry Clay Stokes, Rob
ert L. Robbins, Oliver Cart
wright, Odell -Baccus, William
C. Elliott,' Edgar L. Lane, Ray
mond E. Spruill, Thomas Spivey',
Alfred- P. Morris! Walter Humph
lett,' Jr., Preston Divers, W. Ray
mond "Stanton, Clarence - S.
Chappell, Charles,. E. Layden,
David Ri Trueblood, Levie Saw
yer, Corbin Dozicr, W. D Rea,
Jr.,,-John J. Stallings, William
H. Cartwright, Jr., Meador Har-
Boy Scout Week
February 7 To 13
Jury Drawn For
Superior Cou
tra-'rell, Kelford Lenoel ByHim,
T. S. White, Sr.
For Scholarship
president of the Book Club and
the winner of the public speak
ing award vfo rthe senior class.
He has also won his letter in
football, baseball and is captain
of this year's basketball team.
In addition to his extra curri
cula activities, Tom has an ex
cellent scholastic record. .1
He i will , appear before the
central committee in Chapel Hill
on March 8 and 9 for the final
determination on his nomina-
Highway U. S. 17
Topic At Meeting
February 5th
A meeting cf ; the Albemarle
Highway Committee was held
at the Marina Restaurant on the
Camden causeway on Tuesday,
February 5. Members attending
the meeting from Perquimans
County as representatives of the
Chamber of Commerce were
Mayor ' V. N. Darden,. Willie
Ainsley, Robert Hollowell, Zack
Robertson, Dr. A. B. Bonner a.nd
LaiTy Aydlett, Jr.
Levin Culpeppr-r, who lias
been chairman of the commit
tee for the past two years, ap
pointed a nominating committee
j composed of George Byrum, Ca
idcr Harris and Lany Aydlett,
Jr. The group felt that with the
large land area 'represented, it
would be to their advantage to
elect a chairman and vice chair
man.' William P. Jones of Eden
ton was elected chairman and
Willie Ainsley of Ilertfoid, vice
After dinner, Gilliam Wood.
Highway Commissioner from
Fdcnton, discussed the present
situation confronting the High
way 17 improvement plan. He
emphasized the need for more
monetary appropriations for
highway construction and im
provement and that this'couli
come only from the legislators
in Raleigh' allotting more for
this purpose. Wood further
stated that with the increase of
motor traffic on North Carolina
highways, the situation is seri
ous in many areas of the state.
Virginia is conscious of- U. S.
17 being a major north-south ar
tery and that it will become the
major southern access for the
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.
Wood also stated that the
Ocean Highway .authorities have
requested that the highway be
changed to' No. 5 throughout its !
length. This would simplify
confusion .particularly in and
around metropolitan "areas.
Wednesday, Feb. 13
A lestival or ciiorat music will i
be . held Wednesday. Fcbmary
13 at Perquimans County High j
School. The seventh, eighth and
high school music classes of the;
county schools will participate.
Dr. Arnold Hoffman, State
Supervisor of . Music, will be
present to conduct the work
shop, which will begin with
practice in the afternoon and
continue with a public perform
ance by the group at 7:30 P. M.
The program will cortsist of a
group of sacred songs and .spir
ituals, followed by several folk
songs of different countries.
Among the folk songs are the
following: "Above the Plain,"
"My Wild Irish Rose." "Home
on the Range" and "She'll Be
Coming 'Round the Mbunlain."
The next portion will consist
of the old popular songs "Side
walks of New York," "Trail of
the Lonesome Pine," "Indiana,"
"Carolina In the Morning" and
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart.'
The program concludes with a
group of patriotic numbers and
school songs. The Glee Club
will sing "America Our Herit
age " The entire chorus will
end the program with "From
the Declaration of Independence,"
"Hymn ' for the Nations" and
"God LUess America."
The p.iblic is cordially invited
to attend this program of choral
music. In. the event of too much
sickness . among ,the students or
bad weathcl. the festival will be
postponed to a later date.
Former Resident
Dies In Florida
E. S. Douglas, a native of
Hillsbdro, N. C-. and former resi
dent of Hertford who has re
sided at Jacksonville, Fla., for
the past 28 years, died Friday
morning, February ,1, of a heart
attack. l. .
' Mr. Douglas, while a resident
of Hertford, was agent here for
the Norfolk-Southern Railway
Company. :
; He is survived by his widow,
Mrs. Helen Knowles Douglas of
Jacksonville, Fla., and two
daughters, Mrs. Fern Apple of
Jacksonville, ; Fla.,1 and Mrs.
Gloria Tarver of Lakeland, Fla.
Funeral services were held at
Jacksonville, Fla., Monday of
this week .and burial followed
them ' " v . ; -
Plans Being Formulated
In Effort To Reactivate
Band At Perquimans High
Hiram A. Weeks
Wins Top Honors
Hiram A. Weeks of Kdcnton,
m . 7. u . . ;
Slate Motor Club district man-
., ,- r., ,. , ,
ager for Chowan, Tyn e l, Wash-
;, i tr i . ,
inglon and Hyde counties, has
,. . . , .
won one of the companys top
annual awards for outstanding
ou Islanding
performance during 1962. Tiiom-
B. Viilkins, pre. Went of the
motor chili, har announted.
Weeks received a plaque and
a large cash award for placing
nrsi in meiinx-rsliip increase in;
the lop ealegoiy, lending the en
tire company in sales increase.
Uxnl Kiadcnts
Practice Teaching
iv-iie:. t,waris reactivating a
Je-sc P. Chcsson, son of Mr. I""' of thin .size has been esti
and Mrs. J. P. Chcsson, Jr., of 1,,a,rd 'e high as $25.0(10
Route 3, and Jimniio R. White, ! would he a continuous fi
son of Mr. and Mrs. Fialnli White nanc.dl burden. A drum and
of Route 1, Hertford, are among
the 207 East Carolina College's
senior .students teaching pro
gram who are conducting
classes for the winter quarter in
more than 30 public schools in
Eastern North Carolina.
Assignments of senbrs at the
college who arc now gaining ex
perience as classroom instructors
have been announced by .Dr. J.
L. Oppelt, director of student
teaching at East Carolina.
Jesse f. Chesson os assigned
to the Tavboro High School,
teaching science; Jimmic R.
White, Robersonvillc High
School, in social studies.
February 12
Masonic Lodge
Rotary Club, 6:15
PCilS vs. Scotland Neck
... 7:31). here
Susannah Wesley Circle
Abraham Lincoln, I8U9
Mrs. Hubert Chappell
Wayland Howell
Dickie Umphlett
Archie T. Lane. Jr.
B. R, Inscoe
Mytle Batchelor
Mrs. Tarlie Twine
Kenneth R. Stallings
Arden Stallings
Mrs. Arthur Chappell
February 13
Jaycee Business Meeting
Bettie Bryant
February 14
Hertford Grammar FTA
St. Valentine's Day
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Hollowell
wedding anniversary
T. Julian Long
February IS
No Birthdays
February 16
Bob Taylor
Jaii Dillon
Tommy Wilder
Kenneth Miller
Nancy Zachary
W. M. Morgan
Jan White
February 17
Mildred Miller
Jeff Haskett
Mrs. Singleton Lane
February 18
P.C.C.G. School FTA
Cornelia Cannon
Reggie Winslow
Earlie Goodwin
Group Empowered To Examine
Records To Be Held In County
The Perquimans County Board
of Commissioners, R. L. Spivey,
chairman,- presiding with Com
missioners W, W. Bundy, W.
Savage Jolliff, Thomas D. Nix
on and Riley S.' Monds, Jr., in
their February 1 meeting held
here Monday, employed. Carson
Spivey to check' new construc
tion, additions - to buildings and
any and all appraisal work ne
cessary" for. 1963, - at the same
salary and car mileage as here
tofore paid,
The board voted to donate $50
to the Albemarle' Area Develop
ment : Corporation ; for advertis
ing Perquimans County.
.The following -resoluation was
passed by the board during the
perior Court, ? the " Register of
":;Vv';-.:-:-:i -;'V"'::; :V-r-
5 Cents Per Copy
The Band Committee, com
posed of interested individuals
throughout the county and co
ordinated by the Perquimans
County Chamber of Commerce,
is investigating and developing
plans toward reactivation of a
marching unite for the Perquim-
"is County High School. Some
,, . , ,, ... ,
years ao the county had i full
.. ,, , . . ,. .. ,
hand which was discontinued
,h ,,. r , .,
through financial necessity. The
L0,.urin, ... .... .. ' ,
'. . . ... (' . , ,- . ,
ua mi.- mum airecior ana upon
hh resignation the group was
left witli'out ; leadership and
training. Since then the in
struments and(a few of the uni
f'.'i nn have deteriorated,
The crmniittec now invesli-
gfiting h:: situation has decid
el thai a complete instrumental
hand, sin n as Krlenton and Eliza
beth City, would be far too ex--pensive
to be feasible. Ksti-
bugle corps, accompanying a
rifle drill team, would give the
county school a marching unit
without requiring ruch high fi
nancial assistance. The group is
already investigating the equip
ment and uniiorms needed!, as
well as personnel.
Many of the uniforms previ
ously used by the high school
are available and every effort is
being made to use the uniforms
that are still good. Some of
them, however, have det'.rior;-!.-ed
with age and will have to be
Francis Nixon and Dave Hal
lock have been working with
Mr. Woodard, principal, in the
high school and have had con
siderable response with volun
teers forming the group. More
participation is needed from tiie
boys, since they will make up
the rifle group, which is de
signed for fancy marching and
maneuvers I f j; f s
Individuals serving on this
committee include: Dave -Hal-lock,
Francis Nixon, Floyd Ben
ton, Don Norman, Tommy By
rum, Charlie Skinner, Mrs. Ar
chie T. Lane, Jr., Mrs. Fannie
Hurdle. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Proctor and Joe Nowcll.
Sophomores Will
Help Raise Funds
The sophomore class of Per
quimans County High School, in
order to raise funds for their
.Junior-Senior, are taking .dona
tions from February 4 through
February 8 on 15 cakes to be
raffled off Friday night at the
basketball game to be played
here between the Perquinvins
and Ahoskie girls' and boys'
basketball teams.
Seafood Market
Now In Hertford
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ty.nch of
Windsor Route 2 opened .a sea
food market here last Tuesday,
located on Market Street in the
old Cannon Grocery Store loca
tion. The business js under the
management of Mr. and Mrs.
Tynch. who have been in the
fish business all of their life
and will offer, the residents hei-e
the very freshest seafood obtain
able. ''...' '.-.'.' :'i
I meeting: That the Clerk of Su-
Deeds, the County Attorney and
a representative of the Depart
ment of Archives and History be
and they are hereby empowered
to examine the records of the
County of Perquimans and de
termine those which shall be re-,
lained in the . County of Per-;
quimans, and those which shall'
be turned over to the Depart
ment of Archives and History. 1
On a motion passed, the board
authorized a refund to Edgar A.'
Chappell in the amount ' of
$20.42 for real property double
listed. '?
Reports were received from
the Agriculture Extension Ser
vice and Welfare Department

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