North Carolina Newspapers

..XX Number 8.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, February 22, 1963.
5 Cents Per Copy
I 1
Conservation Prcttkos
A review of the 1962 agricul- i
tural conservation program shows
that 501 Perquimans County
farmers r eceived cost-share as
sistance in carrying out con
servation practices on their 1
farms during 1962.
The program . operates as a
farmer - Department of Agricul
ture partnership to protect our
natural resources, , whereby the
USpt&ares in the cost of car
rying out practices. Perquimans
County farmers earned $39,178.
A break-down of the practices
is 'as follows; , j.
Permanent pasture:
85 farms,
257 acres, $5,424.
Liming 'material:
76 farms,
1,565 tons, $7,026.--v
: Forest tree planting
7 acres, $84.' '
Forest improvement:
.' 17 acres, $140.
-i .v.: Open ditch drainage:
2 farms,
3 farms,
89 farms,
792 acres, $10,918.
Tile drainage: 1 farm, $198.
Winter cover crops: 365 farms.
. 5,041 acres, $10,565. '
Summer annual 'legumes, 2
'farms, 35 acres, $70.
Perquimans County ; farmers
have an opportunity in 1963 for
. making better juse of their agri
' ; cultural conservation program
than ever before. .
With a continued need to shift
production of - some .acreage of
soil depleting crops, . farme'rs
. have unequaled opportunity to
use the .agricultural conserva
tion program in . the seeding of
grasses, and legumes.- In doing
this," cooperating farmers will
not only be , a helping to bring
production in balance buU they
will be building reserves in the
soil to meet future needs.' ;'
- ; The . seeding of grasses-: and
"cgumesis only a part of "'the
job of i moH y J'Qtit cnneQnra.
'tloh The" 1963 AC program also
contains practices providing for'
the application . of Ilmjrig rma
terials . on farmlahd,! forest tree
planting, forestry improvement
open permanent ditch drainage
' and others. " ' .. ' i
Farmers are urged to go4 by
their local-ASGS Officp ldfdisJ
cuss 'their 'canservatkin. breeds
with the personnel there and,
if their needs can be met through
the program, they should sign
the necessary papers. ; . ;
Diggers Hltc On
rXEA ComrnHtce ,
. - y. . ' " " ' i'"' -',;",'"",','f " '''''''H' 'k
John T. Biggers, superintend-1
ent - of v Perquimans Couinly
Scnools, nas , Deen appennreu io
the Federal - Relations Commit
tee of the North, Carolina Edu
cation Association for,ihe 19.62
1963 term by the president. Dan
S. Davis. 1
Members" are appointed by the
president to explore ' specific
problems and make recommend
ations to the board of directors
and to the delegate assembly.
As a rule,- membership in these
groups- will ' have' t wide geo
graphical representation and will
reflect the interests of teachers
and .administrators at various
levels '. of professional responsi
bility., - . ,
Exam Called Kor
Civil Service Jobs .
The United States Civil Ser
vice - Commission has announced
a new examination' for patent aid
for employment with the Patent
Office hv Washington, D. C, 'at
: a starting salary of $3,560 a "year.
The career opportunities offered
this examination should be
of special interest to high school
seniors, or . graduates, or ' others
with training ' in science and
mathematics. " A written test is
required. '' There is en addi
tional requirement of specific
high school , science or mathe
matics courses or one year of
appropriate experience. . De
tailed information is given in
Announcement... No, . 297-B. Ap
Tihcations mist- be filed by
iril i2. 1 3. ' ,
f - 3
-i-my v
' cw
ment and appli-i-y
le c' 'ained
i . s Wouch-
fun t:,e
Mo By Uso Of
Perm Fcmlliss Are
Urged To Enroll In
Hospital Insurance
: 'Rural families Of Perquimans
County who . have not yet en
rolled in the Perquimans County
Farm Bureau's hospitalization
group with Hospital Care Assi
ciation (Blue Cross-Blue Shield)
of Durham, now have an op
portunity to do so. . :
. Clifford Winslow, president of
Perquimans County Farm " Bu
reau, has urged all Farm Bureau
members who have not already
joined the hospitalization group
to enroll during this special en
rollment period. Only members
of the Perquimans County Farm
3ureau are eligible to join the
Hospital' Care group.' Farm fami
lies who have not joined the
farm Bureau are invited to do
so. A team of Hospital Care As
sociation representatives, headed
by H. R. Butler, assistant non
group sales director, will be in
Chowan, Gates and Perquimans
counties for two weeks begin
ning March 4 to assist Farm
Bureau' workers in the tri-county
Before the Farm Bureau group,
with Hospital Care was organiz
ed, rural families had to join
Hospital Care on a non-group
basis.":. Since the group was es
tablished, many ocal families
have joined. ' '
Ms. Winslow br Nathan Ma
thews, Farm .Bureau service
agent at Winfall.
Bowling ilecord
Can you beat ; this, and, , did
you know that right here in ithe
Town of Hertford , one of our
local citizens, J. Wilson Dillon,
in November of 1937, rolling
duck pins as a member of a
bowling team in High Point,
bowled a high single game of
duckpins scoring 215, which was
accepted as the ' world's record
for; a single game of duckpins
by the National Bowling Con
gress? -
" Dillon was a membef of, Mann
Drug Company bowling team of i
the City League in , High Point
and ,on XoVember 13 UL837. in a
sanctioned league match game
.against the Moose team
were five strikes in' a row, and
four spares in the "regulation
accepted as a world's record for
a single game of duckpins ' by
the National Bowling Congress..
This stood up for about one and
one-half years. The 4 present
record is about 240. .
Dillon was issued a Certificate
and presented with a "200 Club"
medal. , He' has the large size
score sheet framed. The champ
says about the game in which
he gained his title that this was
one of those "once in a life
time" lucky nights.
Another Cancer
: Clinic March
The Northeastern Cancer Clin
ic will be held Friday afternoon,
March l,. with registration be
ginning, at H : , o'clock, v A chest
X-ray will be '. given to anyone
wishing it, along with the exami
nation of the five areas of the
body where cancer is most easily
fhund and cured. There are no
limitations as to sex, race, phy
sical or economic 5 status at the
;enter. However, women should
be 35 or more; men should be
40 or over unless referred by a
doctor," or' unless one of. the
"Seven , Danger Signals"' ; or
"symptoms" are present.-
Only 30 people can be seen at
the Center 'each .month due to
limited facilities, so it is sug
gested that anyone who wishes
to be assured, of an appointment
should write the Cancer Center,
"ealth : Department, Elizabeth
City, N. C, for a priority. Ex
, i f e' lfed to brij a
robe or housecoat with them.
CANVASING TREND Visitor to exhibition of art in Chicago studies the mural which
notes a different trend in modern art. .Trend is collecting objects of realism and putting
them on canvas. The painting won artist James Rosenquist $1,000 and a medal.
Physica Fitness ,
What is physical fitness? Why
be physically fit? What should
parents expect; of ' the schools?
What' can parents do? .
, These questions will be con
sidered when the Central Gram
mar ' and Hertford Grammar
School PT A organizations pre
sent a study on physical fitness
for children of ; grammar school
age in the Central Grammar
School auditorium next Wed
nesday and Thursday evenings,
February 27 and 28. There will
be two 50-minute sessions each
evening, beginning at 7:30. 1
: On Wednesday Dr. Charles E.
Spencer of Raleigh, who is sup
ervisor of school health and
physical education - and director
of school health and coordinat
ing - service, " will ,v address the
group - and answer . audience
questions on; the topic. ' Thurs
day ; evening, a ; Cilm, "Youth
Physical -.Fitness 'featuring star
Gene Kelly as 'f nm"host." will sbe
Pr. Rcbertr Poston, ,d. di
fermsj'of local conditions.
24 Traffic Cases
In Recorder Court
a ,V,on,r,r. j .,,.o
fiU of, were traffic vioIa.
tions,' was disposed of during!
Tuesday's session of Perquim-
ans Recorders Court presided
over by Judge Charles E, John
son, " ' ' ' 'if ,J ' ":
Lenwood . Privott was sen-
fenced,- tb 60 days; otf the s'oads
a. cnarge oi nciu itai w ruiij
mon-Feltoh off the1 Highway,
tt H:.tiAUL M '.L tl:u.. --
. . h.
ficiiuuit t eiiuu uii. nit; iixgiiwciv i
car,' Sentence was L
suspended" upon payment of a
$50 fine and court costs.' , ,
Gerald Howard Stanley',, who
was ' charged with reckless driv
ing and with possession of .tax
paid liquor with the seal 'brok
en, was given 30 days on the
roadsi Sentence to be suspend
ed upon payment of a $30 fine
and court costs. ,i ''
The following Were charged
with . traffic violation , of speed
ing; Johnnie Cobeland Rid
dick, James Edward 'White. Os
car A. Aragon, pavid,; Walton,
Johnnie . Lunsford and j George
Thomas Sawrey. ; Each , paid
fines of $10.25 plus Court costs
Jessie Risuoci and Kerry Wayne
lEfirdtt:" Richard
Ambrose each oaid fines of $8.25.o"ler siaie. iubh bvuuui wumcia
and court costs. TJohn , William
Cake, Jr., William Woodley
Foreman, Jr., and David E. Wold
paid fines of 15.25" ; each plus
1 - Continued on G'.ftu
Lenteii Schedule
At Holy Trinity
V s February - 27 Js Ash Wednes
day and the beginning of Lent.
At Holy f Trinity': i episcopal
Church there will bb services on
Ash ; Wednesday: vHoly Com
munion at 7:30 A Mrf tne Lit
any1 and Penitential Cr!lce at 10
A. M.i and evaning prayer and
sermon at 7:30 o'clock.
Beginning the tetrad 'Wed-
nesday in Lent, the factor, the
Rev. E. F. Moseley, Will give k
series of studies in , the Psalms,
These! services will br in ,' the with second, third and fourth
Parish House and a cordial wel-j place -winners ,' being granted
come is given t others than $4,000, $3,000 and $2,000 scholar
members to attend. " V - ships. " '
Albemarle Area Market
Hog Slioiv Apd Sale To Be
Held In Hertford toch 6
The first Albemarle area
Market Hog Show and Sale will
be held on Wednesday, March 6
at Hertford Livestock; & Supply
Company in Hertford.
This show and sale is open to
any farmer, 4-H or FFA boy or
girl in the ten-county ; Albe
marle area. Each exhibitor may
enter a total of nine top hogs.
These fall in : three categories,
individual, pen of three and pen
of five,
FPU ' u.. . . ... : ..u
v.t...A ion i oin
and: grade either No. 1 or No. 2.
i i ne nogs win oe weignea i
from 7 A M. until 12 noon on
March 6. ' The show , will star,t
at 1:15 P. M. ' John Christian,
Iood science Extension specialist,
(meats) : wjjf? condvict a carcass
demonstration at 7 P. M:s' This
.should, be of interest, i& all far
mers who sell hogs; "You will be
able.iio seo, fol-' yourself the dif-
tnnrrtrt Vint nknin '4Vln T- 1 9
i , "The (final. event of the all day
show and sale will' be the sale
at 8 P .M. ' . ' '
The purpose of this show and,
sale is to publicize swine pro
duction that is carried on in the
Albemarle area. The production
of swine is and has been a large
tjart of the farmers' income in
this', area.
You are invited to come out
and participate in what should
i. . i: j
- a ",osl miuuuauvc u,
trn i 1 .. : v. :
sponsored by the Perquimans
County Chamber of Commerce.
Hilda Bembry
Contest Winner
' Hilda Louise, Bembry is win?
ner from Perquimans County
Union High School at Winfall
in the 1963 Betty Crocker
Search for the American Home
maker of Tomorrow. She thus
becomes eligible for one of 102
scholarships with a total value
of $110,000. .
Having scored first in her
school in the knowledge and at
titude test on; homemaking giv
en senior girls December 4, the
winner's paper has been entered
'competition with those of
for state-wide honors.
The. State Homemaker of To
morrow will be named in the
spring. She will receive a $1,500
scholarship from General Mills,
sponsor of the program, A $500
award will be made to the sec
ond highest ranking Homemaker
of Tomorrow in the state. The
school of each' state winner will
receive a ' Set:: of Encyclopaedia
Later, i State Homemakers of
Tomorrow with their advisors
will enjoy an expense-paid edu
cational touf of New York City,
; Washington, D.1 C, and Colonial
Williamsburg. Va., whicn win
culminate with the naming of
the 1963 ? All-American" Home-
maker 6f Tomorrow.
The national winner's .scholar
ship will be raised to $5,000,
? r ,
Social Security
Benefits W
In County In '61
In 1901 more than 900 individ
uals received $43,000 monthly in
social security payments
h(M. in p0.,lim3i,c r,n. Q.
" --"-" v"vr -
cording to Richard M, ; Mycr,
field representative of . the local
office of the Social .Security Ad
ministration. . This .was a con
siderable increase over- last
year's figures. .. . f
;: While"' the "Benefits' are: in
tended primarily, for ' the bene
ficiaries' economic security.; they
help business, in; the community
generally. . Most of the money is
spent immediately for food,
clothing and other necessities.
- It is believed that 1962 bene
fits paid in Perquimans will ex-
ceed the 1961 figures. However, i
Ithey have not been released as
yet. ,
Only 60 Pints Of
Blood Donated
The bloodmobile visited Hert
ford this week, slopping at the
Hertford Baptist Church and
only 60 pints of blood was con
tributed. V
This is the lowest amount that
has been donated in some time
and falling short of the quota is
believed to have been caused by
the flu bug, which has been
lurking in the county.
February 26
Rotary Club, 6:15
Masonic Lodge
Mrs. Raymond Winslow
'Mrs. Warner Madre
Sharmah Taylor
Kevin Fields
" Sidney 'Eley
Fenton Hurdle
Roy Dail
Beckie L. Owens
February 27
Jaycee Dinner
Arvin Hudson
Cecil E. Winslow
February 28
I Bethel Ruritan ,
; 'American Legion
Wayne R. Winslow
Marta Mathews Colson
.(Julian Powell .
March 1 . i
; Millard Robertson ;
John R. Hill
Naomi Bright
John R. Ward
March 2 .
No Birthdays- ,
March 3
Martin Towe
Becky- Eure
"Soles" Perry
March 4
County Commissioners
"First Methodist WSCS :
Mrs. J. W. Hampton : .
' JV It Towe'"-
PlL'ip Thatch
Named Airman Of
Year At Keesler
Sgt. Phillip B. Thatch, Jr., 25,
3390th Schod Squadron, has
been selected as Airman of the
Year for 1962 at Keesler AFB,
Mississippi. Winner of the Air
man of the Month title in Sep
tember, he took the annual hon
or in competition with 11 other
He is the son of Phillip B.
Thatch, Route 2. Hertford, and
Mrs. M. A. Congleton of New
Airman Thatch is an OJT
supervvisor and study hall sup
ervisor in the, Radar Mainten
ance Branch, Airborne Electro
nics Department.
Assigned to Keeslch following
duty at Kadena AB, Okinawa,,
he has been at the ' Electronics
Center for three years. He is a
graduate of the NCO Prepara--'
lory School at Keesler and has,
completed the Airborne Radio
Navig'attion Equipment Repair
man Course at Scott AFB, Illi-
nois. He has been in service
since December, 1956.
Airman Thatch is married to
the former Margaret Ann Ellis
of New Bern. They havev three
daughters. Chervl. Nancv and
Susan. The family lices at 412
Camellia Avenue, Biloxi.
He is a member of Trinity
Baptist Church and sings in the
choir. During his off-duty time
he is taking correspondence
courses as nart of his Dlnns for
a degree m electrical engineer
ing. Recognition for winning the
honor of Airman of the Year
included a special week-end on
the town arranged by the Biloxi
Chamber of Commerce and
awarding of a $50 savings bond,
by the base commander. Major j
General John S. Hardy, in cere-
monies leiecasi over vuja-i v,
The new Parish House of Holy
Trinity Ebiscopal Church was
completed and turned over to the
congregation last week. It was
used on Saturday night for a
party by the young people of
Holy Trinity who invited the
young people from St. Paul's in
Edcnton to join them.
The building was also used for
Church School and the Young
Churchmen Sunday.
A dedication servivee will be
held in April.
Local AA Unit To
Meet February 26
The Perquimans County Alco -
holic Anonymous unit will meet
flew Parish House
Dedicated In April
Tuesday night, February 26, at Developments of Domestic De
8 o'clock in the First "Methodist sign from Colonial Times to the
Church. I Present, in memory of Mrs. Ruth
You are invited to , attend if , Toms Newby, and The History
you have an interest in mis
A Look Backward
'A Wound In The Perquimans
t WMkly Fllei of Yesteryear
Farmers Hoping To Get Sub
stitute For AAA Plan: L. W.
Anderson, Perquimans County
Farm Agent is keeping in close
touch with i situation. There
seems to be little doubt but
that some simplified but more
or less ambitious farm measure
will, pass Congress at this ses
sion. L. W. Anderson, who has
kept in close : touch with the
situation through the Extension
Department of State College and
other courses since the collapse
of the AAA program, stated this
week that he felt reasonably
certain that therei would be a
crop control system in operation
in : time to permit cotton and
peanuts being included in the
program for this ; year, but that
there was little hope that pota
toes could be included, as plant
ing time is so close.
Ray Parry Breaks Arm Riding
Horse: Ray, the ten-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs, R. A. Perry, had
the misfortune to break an arm
when he fell off a horse he was
riding at the home of his par
ents on Monday. Ray was
brought to Hertford, where "the
- Continued Oa Vaga Eight , '
Donald Norman Namsd
Winner Of Jaycee! DS A
At Club's Annua! Banquet
Guest Speaker
I Bishop Paul N. Garber, resi
dent Bishop of the Richmond
aica of the Mcthcrlist Church,
wiH ,e euest sueakor for the
.annual Elizabeth City (District
Laymen's Rally which will be
held at Perquimans County High
School on February 22 A bar-
becue pork and chicken dinner
Will be served beginning at 5:30
! ""d continuing until 7 P. M.
Singing will start in the school
auditorium promptly at 7:15
' p The program will start
promptly at 7:30 P. M. The
puDiic is inviica 10 aiiena.
BPW Sponsoring
iazz Festival
The Hertford Business
Profcssionai Women's Club
r a jazz festival
sponsor a jazz lesuval on rn-i
day night, March 8, at 8 o'clock
i in the Perquimans County High I
I School , auditorium. The pro-
will -feature., an -ensemble
of four pianos and an organ
played by students of Mrs.
Georgia Roberts. These stu
dents will be from Perquimans
r!rmntv fpntral Grammar Krhnnl.
Perquimans Ct)Unty High School
and the Hertford Grammar
Tickets may be secured from
any BFW .member or any per
forming student. Proceeds will
be used for continuing projects
Of the Hertford BPW Club.
an evening
invited out for,
of fun
with music.
library News
New books in the Perquimans
County Library this week in-
elude three memorials. They
are Old Silver, in memory of
1 Mrs. Edna Nixon; American In-
terior Design, the Traditi(n and
oi me vross, musuuiuu uy or-
man ' Xiaiiocne, in incmury ui
Mrs. Kate crawtora.
The current book of the
month, The Fall of the Dynas
ties, by Taylor, is now in the
Two Literary Guild .selections
for this month are also in.
They are Devil's Harvest, by
Slaughter, and Seven Tears for
Apollo, by Whitney. Other new
novels are Voices of Glory, by
Grubb: Maria, by Bok; Night of
Shadows, by Lockridge, and
John Slaughter's Way, by Wyck
off. :' .".'-V.':
For ; young people new books
are: All the Fun of the Fair,
by Clews, and The Book, by
McGinley. ,
Emily Hurdle On
Chowan Honor Roll :-
One Perquimans County stu
dent has been named to the fall
semester Honor Roll at Chowan
College. She is Miss Emily
Frances Hurdle of Belvidere.
Twenty students, having a 2.5
average or above, were named
to the Chowan College Dean's
List and 54 students were named
to the Honor Roll having a 2.0
average or above.
The fall semester marked a
record ? enrollment at Chowan
College with 772 students regis-
tered. with an additional 65 en
rolled in extension work in Ro
smoke Rapids. - ' .
Donald W Nnrman wau the
recipient of the 1962 Distinguish
ed Service Award and Tildon
Whitchurst of Route 3, the 1962
Outstanding Young Farmer
Award at the Hertford Jayeees'
banquet at the Hertford Gram
mar School.
John L. Kennedy of Fayetle
vdlc, state president of the Jay
eees, made the presentation to
Dun Norman and George Bell
mon. manager of the Perquimans
ASC office, presented the out
standing YFA to Whitehurst.
Norman's activities during the
yoar which won him the covet
ed DSA included member of ths
First Methodist Church; usher in
church; 1961-62 secretary of
Men's Sunday School Class;
chairman of college fund in the
Methodist Church; chairman of
recreation lot fish fry and auc
tion sale; assisted in Farmers'
Festival; assisted in the collec
tion for March of .Dimes; served
1961-62 secretary to Ruritan
Club; vice president of Rotary
Club and recently elected as
president; chairman of the 1901
DSA; secretary
to the Hertford
1 Norman is employed by the
Farmers Home Administration as
county supervisor. Under his
supervision the FHA has made
many loans to citizens in the
auumy iur ine oeucimeni oi mo
community. During 1902 1 ho
Perquimans FHA had its great
est year in history.
He is married, tc the former
Retlia Morris and is the father
of twr, daughters, Donna and
Kim. Norman is from Reiis-
from Burlington. The Normans
have hpftn rosidrnls nf Ihis
' .V ' t
Charles Skinner, Jr., past
, president and DSA winner, pre-
'" "w .V ,
.nn.J ....... .--1 4a TPm.n4f
for their outstanding work on
the recreation park.
Assembly Of God
Revival Scheduled
Revival sprvirs will limm
' S(ndayi Kl,bruary 24 in the
!.!, srrvirP ;.. Hnrtr,,,
a,i,i t nJf-i u
The evangelist ' will be the
Rev. Rolaad H. Blcunt. of Dur
ant, f'lorida. Mri Blotmt is
blind but has a real gifted min
istry. He plays the accordion
and sinus accompa.nyina him-
scif ,;ind hc and his wife sing
together, which adds much to
the services.
The pastor, the Rev. Albert
Eller, invites all to attend those
services at 7:30 each evening
through March 10, with the ex
ception of Monday, March 4.
Beagle Club To
Hold Fun Trial
The Albemarle BenRlc Club
will hold a "fun trial" Sunday,
February 24 at .7 A. M. This
trial will be held on the club
txinning grounds on the Jack
Brinn farm.
The 15-inch hounds will run
first with the 13-inch hounds to
follow immediately afterwards.
A person does, not have to be
a member of the club to run a
hound in this trial.
The New Hope Community.
Development meeting will be
held at New Hope'-: Community
Building Monday night, Febru
ary 25, at 7:30 o'clock.
The new president, Fenton
Euro", will be presiding and he
urges everyone to try and at-;
tend. ,
Mrs. Gloria Eure, program
chairman, has arranged for a
very interesting program. Mar
ion Riddick. County Civil De
fense chairman, will be a special
guest and present a program
about Civil Defense.
George BeUmon and Mrs. Bill
Twiford will . also be special
guests.'' ,t
Entertainment will be fur-
Jnished and refreshments will bo
served. -; -

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