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...J.- ii: : Ji i '
Velum d XaX. Number
Tercentenary observances and
activities .will ; begin , here on
Sunday, Marcn?:3i;. .according to
wv announcement Made by Mrs.
J.Emmett Winslow,' chairman of
Perquimans Couhtjv .Tercenten
ary observances,1. I i ' ' ;
v All county churches have been
asked to participate on that date
in religious services designed to
emphasize the ideals and,: fore
sight that the tarry colonists
' brought to North Carolina. Plans
call for music at least 200 years.
' old that .may have been ijsed in
the early churches, here. , .
. Other scheduled' events are a
dinner end ; presentation of the
. court room dratna entitled "Per
quimans First ' Hundred Years"
on f SaturdatprW lK),hd ','
Quaker service on April 21 at
' Phelps Point commemorating the
first religious service held in
North Carolina, , that held in
1672 by ' Quaker preachers Wil
liam Edmondson and ; George
Cistcrccd Sccbty
The" (Perquimans County His
torical Society .met Monday
evening at the library with Si-
lasWhedbee presiding. . ATOr
short" business session during
whfch,- nominating committee
- was DDoinfc!d to bring a slate of
lw pmcere'at'the- JurtA -nieekthe-'-U(aRibdist''ClMiich:iii 'HUto-
ingJJilr.jWhidbee gave -the dates-boro, N. C. , '
- of the Tercentenary Celebration The public is invited ,to t-
lina'&.Chaiv!r, and r-l'an nisi
"numbers to K:cp:,. ,T- --H
RayWJhslpr, -relented UCN
student; presented the program
of'th6 evening to an interested
audience. His theme concerned
early education in Perquimans,
and the establishment of the
Hertford Academy,
He read . letters . copied from
The Southern Historical CoUeo
tion in the University Library,
describinir the comine together
of ambitious citizens who olan-j
nel td hold a lottery to pay for j Woman's 'Club held last Wednes
the land and the building of a day in Elizabeth J3i&.:.;
school -' "'. - Mrs.-Brinn took first place and
. A Voung man from Massachu- Mr. Lillian Elliott third. Mrs.
setts,; William J. Leonard was(Charles v Hollowell : took
employed in 1819, at $100 a quar-j place in 'pastel paintiriBv;
ter to teach children who want-
ed mbr education than the "free
school' tsould give them in three -
months. Ads Were placed in the:
Edenton Gazette telling of the
school's advantages,, and asking!
for students. The school open
ed with seven pupils, and ''grew
, eventually to 47 before he left
in 1822, having taught not only
many subjects in school but also
a Singing School and a Debating ' '
Society, - J. F," Hollowell Sons Live-
Leonard and many of the stu- stock1 & Grain dealers of Win
dents ' stayed at1 the ,hne of fall entertained their customers
Mrs. Ed Wood. t , , 1 at their annual chicken barbecue
The building was bumed, and supper in the J. F. Hollowell St
children were . tau '.t . In other
houses fn later J"
: Con:' tut j c . 1 1
Cast 13 T;!
Fcr C:ricr
The senior elf
ans County V '
nounced the sa
for its" forthco;
1 has an-
the cast
of the comedy "La 15 Out of
Here." - .'.'.!. -. i.
The seniors chosen for the cast
are EeVy Barbee, Verno Ann
Perry, ?ry E'.la irixon, E.nky
Felton, Jarolyn. Rogerson, J' li
my Conner, Philip , Lan4, Vis.k
Roacb, Ch-"-!"s C'.cy ani I-rry
V.'insloV. I ' i J..3 wt 8 se
lec4i as i il.,.t rv sgar of tl,e
prr ' ir'.ion. .
'1 s , set.,' r i ' y,' ai
event at T - '
' -b
i. It.'.
under the"
ton r :':. ,'
tion ' ten
i f r
J fry v.. v - A i - i-J L-:
Rally Speaker
?A. District Missionary Rally
will be held in lirst Methodist
Church. Elizabeth City, April 2,
at 7:30 P. M. . -
. The Rev. EMward F.' Smith, - a from Perquimans, rasquotanit,ierican Mother. They are as fol
miitsionarv from the Coneo. will Camderi and Chowan counties tows: (1) That she be a success-
ho ip mipst sneakers He will
show slides of his work and re-
late the inside story of the prob-
lems of Africa,
Mr, Smith served in the Con
go for ten years, teaching in
secondary schools and he was on
the faculty of the first Protest
ant Seminary brail of the Con-
g-.. Last year he was a visiting
lecturer in . the Duke ; Divinity
Srhool. ' He Is now the pastor of
. m... ,.,
t -
Mrs. Mary Brinn and Mrs. LU -
Dan 'Elliott and Mrs. Charles
Hdllowell of Hertford were win -
ners. irthewatercolor exhibits
at the annual art festival sport-
sored bv the Elizabeth City.witz and 'David Horowitz
.The entries were . judged by,
' Henry B., Caldwell, director vof
the Norfolk
Museum of Arts
and Sciences,
l'i!!!l Cciiccm
iiystcx:rs' HjSt
Sons warehouse on Wednesday
night, March 20. .
Cnnninl rtllOCfa tftf th A APPl
sion were representatives of the
Robertson, Chemical . Company.
.naiiJ TWrin rmnanv. the
Red Rose - Feed Company and
Brookneal Pickle Company,
' RoWrtson Chemical v Company
representatives showed the gixnup
present a film on fertilizer, the
Daily Herring ' Company a , film
i Continued on Paga ThtM f:
t.. Itwl ;.
r '
1 1
Tlie Perquimans Indians". opesj
ed their conference baseball sea
son with a 7-0 victory ever the
th Panthers o I'ch 23.
I 'ians scored tr
s in the fc' ' i.n
1. 1 ' Co-
-i a f 'Is
- ti !'
, - 1
f t
t: c
Hertford, Perquimans County; North
,!itd I'-Ltil
' An area-wide meeting "of the
District Mental Health Associa
tion will be held in the Munici
pal Building on Tuesday, April
2, at 8 Pi M. cto discuss- plans
for establishment of a . clinic, v '
Pasquotank : ; County " Cpm
missioners ".already hav approv
ed 'inclusion of $11,025 in the
next fiscal year for the clinic,
contingent upon Chowan putting
up $4,950,- Perquimans , County
$4,050 and Camden $2,475.
The Rev. A. Heath Light of
Elizabeth City, president of the
District , Association, has hopes
the other counties will follow j
the lead of Pasquotaok in mak
ing their i share ; of, ;the funds
available. He pointed out that
matching state and federal funds
would : be available. o"n V, the
$46,000 budget. It is under-
stood that the State Board of
ealth has agreed to arrange tor
complete staff for the area i
inic if ' 'the counties come
clinic ' if "the ' counties
through with their, share of the
operating icosts. - .i ; :
The boijrd of directors ol tne
District Mental Health Associa-
ition has tailed upon legislators
support the bill now betore tnem
which, would provide support for
mental health programs,
Nine Trisd On
Traffic Counts
A docket of nine, traffic vioj
lations was disposed of during ;
.Tuesday's session of Perquimans (
Recorder's Court presided otreTj
bv Judge' Charles E. Johnson.
Alan J. Barnes,-, tnargea witnwi.
mot havmff'--var ooemor s orr:
chauffeur's licensee, was fined I
' '$25 and taxed with cdiirt costs.
Lee Steward,
failure to see in-
tended movement could be
made in safety, paid the court
osts. , i '
, W. . Linwood Privott, charged
.with improper parking, paid the training, h
icosU., ' 1 , ',1-;--?
k Max A. Baer, Marvin Horo
charged with '' speeding, each
paid va $10.25 fine and court Cody, Wyoming, a REA cooper
costs. '., ' 'lative, recently appointed James
Ray . Clifton Madrin Jr.jUmphlett ,as manager, effective
charge with speeding, paid the April 1 to reptace the present
court casts, i t ;'. r:; ;.
James E. Dilda, charged with
speeding, paid a fine of $9.25
.and court costs,
Everett NeaL
charged with
being drunk on the streets, 'was'
fined $10 and taxed with court,
costs. . , . ,
Scout Film Will
Be Shown April 2
The Hertford Girl Scouts,
iroop i, jiivue me puuut iu
a mm, "Koaa to uuiion aay,
on Tuesday, April 2, at 4 P. M.
in the. Agriculture Building. The
Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts will
be special guests, j , ;
The film is ail hour long
L . i Zi V
iGxrl Scout Senior Roundup, the
outstanding 50th anniversary
event nationally and interra-
Vermont in July, 1961. Here
143 girls and 32 adults from 21
countries camped with 8,500 Girl
Scouts and '1,700 adult from all
parU of the" United States. The
same film was: seen on CBS-TV
on September 24.
Sccufs To Sponsor '
S"rrr April 5th ;
' T
jrd Scout Troop 'No. 155
will i.onsor a barbecue, supper
-n VF '-y, April S, during the
V'.ij i.t S until 't' o'clock..' V.
' Tickets are -now on sale by
mernbTS of f e troop. Proceeds
"ive J from the sapper will be
i 1 to help defray expensps rf
vj f r "ne w k i. t
'c it ri i.
w, i be .r'Iyr"". to
..e at hour t. 1-1 by
Perquimans County
Mrs. Warner Madre has beep
Perquimans . County
of the Year for .1963..
She will represent Perquimans '
County at the State Mothers !
Meeting in Raleigh. April 3 arid 4. 1
Mrs. Madre is the mother of
three children and has an out-
.standing record as a mother. .
she was chosen according to
the qualifications for the Am-
fui mother, as evidenced bv the
character and achievements of
her individual children; (2) That
die be an active member, of a
religious body; (3) That she cm
jbody those traits highly regarded
in mothers,, courage, cheerful
ness, patience, aiicction, Kina
mess, understanding and a
making ability; (4) That she ex-
lemplify in her life and conduct
(Imphlett Named
U Ja'mes
M. . Urhphlett, son of
- Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Umph-
lett of Route 3, Hertford, a Per-
qquimans County High School
graduate of the class , of 1960,
and a graduate of La Salle Ex-
tension 'University' in accounting
has been : appointed
a Cody, Wyoming,
REA Cooperative. ' :,
The board of directors of
Shoshone River Power, Inc.,
.manager, who has resigned
Shoshone River Power, Inc.,
is a REA financed electric co-
operative serving the rural
areas of Cody. Wyoming, 50
miles west of 'sYellowstone Na-
tional Park,
.Umphlett has been employed
for the past .nine years as book
keeper 'for the tiooperativve. He
is married to the former Getty
J,ane artlett of, Cody, Wyoming.
The couole has five children,
Jim( Jri; 9 jOBi 7i Jonathan 6,
Jeffrey 4 and Jay 3.'
Local Democrats' -
To Attend jDinner
- ''i. i . ''-.!' ' ?
(Democrats from Perquimans
will be among those party mem
bers from every" county in the
state at the' annual Jefferson
Jackson Day Dinner Saturday,
March 30 to greet Vice t. Presi
dente and Mrs Lyndon Johnson.
Registration will open on Fri
day afternoon fit the Hotel Sir
Walter, following a luncheon at
the" Governor's' Mansion honor
ing chairmen and vice chairman
who will attend a party con
ference Friday; and Saturday.
ii-. ni nri
iznager ui itta
Womanless Fashion Show.Chorus
Carolina, Friday, March 29,: 1963.
Mother Of .The Year
the precepts of the Golden Rule;
(5) That she have'a sense of re-
sponsibilitv in civic affairs and
that she be active in, service tot
public benefit; (6) That she be
qualified to represent the Moth-1
ers of America in all responsi-( ln ,'. ODServance 01 lne rin
bilities attached to her role as!aroUna Tercentenary celebra-
the National Mother;
Mrs. Madre has been active in
church, PTA." Home Demanstra-
tion Clubs, 4-H adult leaders or-
Bani,,im -hn -
fianizations. She has
j outstanding leader in the com.!Indian Chlef. Kilcocanen, giving
munity, as well as a good home Seo,rge ""nt a deed tpDuran
maker and mother,
. The Madres were chosen .as the;,'' Lmdf1""' ; P""Pa'
Outstanding North Carolina
Master Farm Family of the year
in 1955. If Mrs, Madre is se-
home-elected as State Mother, she will
, attend the National Mothers
I Meeting in New York.
Distribution Of
Mrs. v Wallace .Morgan'
' an-
.nounccd today, that the next dis-
tiibution of surplus food for per-
I sons in Perquimans County cer-
tified to receive food will be
Monday, April 2; Tuesday, April
3,- ana wcanesaay, April , irom
8:30 A. M. until 12 noon and
from 1 P. M. until 4 P. M. on
these dates only.
The office will not be .open
on Friday and Monday Per
sons certified to receive food
are urged to take notice of the
dates of distribution and to be
sure'tb'comc in on the date that
is stamped on their card.
Talent Program
Pbned Sunday
. A talent program will be pre
sented ; ' at the i First . Baptist
Church on Sunday night March
31, at ( 7:30 o'clock, it was an
nounced by the Rev. F. L An
drews. " ,
Taking part on the program
will be the youth of Perquim
ans Qounty, the adult members
of the First Baptist Church and
special renditions of gospel music
by the pastor the Rev. F. 1 An
drews. , ' , , '
Commissioners Will
Meet pit Monday
Commissioner for Perquimans
County will 4 hold their April
meeting next Monday, April 1
beginning at , 10 o'clock in the
Court House. A ; '
Persons desiring to confer with
the board are requested to note
time and. place of the meeting.
District Keating
Hertford Sunday
The Hertford Business and
Professional Women's Club was
hostess 'to the Spring District
Meeting of District 10 on Sun
day, March 24, with the presi
dent, Mrs. Essie Burbage, pre
siding. The meeting convened
in the Hertford Grammar School
at 12 o'clock noon. -
The lunch room and library
were beautifully decorated in
Spring flowers carrying out the
club colors of gold and green.
Upon registration, each guest
was presented a corsage of a
miniature hand-made green
Spring hat trimmed in yellow
flowers and ribboncreations of
Mrs. Roxanna Jackson. Various
other favors in club colors were
placed at each plate.
A social hour was held in the
J , J L
tai1 bemg scrvcd after whlch. a
library, with tomato juice cock
. wlth 8,1 the trimmings
enJved- . ,
delectable over-fried chicken dm
In , observance of the North
irolina Tercentenary celebra
l"u" sc7'd'. u,u ""u B,a'ul f"u
df ds th,l? area we,re dlsPT
ed ln the library. Also, on the
the lunch, nKfn W3S
exhibited an original oil paint-
hoon nnlln6 D' J- mn WWSIOW, OI tne
Neck. (We were indebted to
I TV - IT 1 ; ,
-uwl lw.Hle use lnls
Sixty four club members were
present from the eight clubs in
the 10th District which includes
Ahoskie, Edenton, Elizabeth City,
Hertford, Roanoke Rapids, Rocky
Mount, Scotland Neck and Tar-
boro. Special guests were Mrs.
Bert' Tyson, State First Vic
President of Greenville; Mrs.
Grace Folger, Eastern Area Vice
President of Goldsboroand Mrs.
I. Elli'3iafbt- Hertford. 5
Miss Thelrrfa Elliott gave the
invocation, p During lunch, Mrs.
Dora Riddick welcomed the
guests and Mrs. Anita Baker of
Edenton gave the response. A
A solo, '1 Walk With God", was
sung by Mrs. Anne Young, ac-'
companied by Mrs. J. ElHe white!
at the piano.
a r. ,. l ;' u .
Alter lunch, a business session
was presiaea over by Mrs. Lena
... .
Leary. of Ederlton, 10th District
Director. Several items of Dis -
Contnud on Page Savta
.Ainsley Files
For Town Post
W. F. Alnsley filed .his week
for a Town Commissioner seat
In the coming munic'pal elec-
ii w n , j.
iiwn ray i. n. rv. neixen, wno
ha. served a. Commissioner
for several terms, has announced
that he would not be a candi-
date for the office.
Incumbent Mavor V. N Dar-
den announced last week thai he
will seek reflection in the Mu-
nicipal ltetlosr to be held .on'band. were wr.cing a banquet
May 7. '
Offices are open- for Mayor
and four Cornmisiioners. Inter-
t Js b.incr derolooed and it is
baiieved thai . ihr nr. oth
candidates who will be an
nouncing their intentions very
Foul Initiated
In Letter Club
The Letter -Club of Perquim
ans County High School initiat
ed four -girls into the club's
membership on April 25.
. The Beta Club is an organiza
tion of girl athletes and cheer
leaders. - Its activities include
the operation or. a concession and was under a doctor's care
stand at footbaU and . baseball at her home, but entered Albe
games and the operation- of a marie Hospital in'Elizabelh'iCity
popcorn machine! at basketball
games. The crab also sponsors
social events such as the Valen
tine -dance.' V-
The four girls, initiated were
Connie Sawyer and' Helen Over
ton, ' cheerleaders; - Beckie Uobbs,
basketball player, - and Betsy
Barbee, student manager of , the
girls? basketball f team, v
in,..., mte tiw-itjtlfif-
Mr. and Mrs, Thurman Whed-
beer. annouA- ' e birth of a
daughter, 1 arie, born Fri
day, Marc! the Albemarle
Ho pitaL hedbee is the
for er I ly Mathews,
" '.er t
-d I'rs. ,Viv.
Lions Club Womanlcss
Fashion Show Tonight
Perquimans High School
Betsy C. Barbee
Finalist In Contest
Miss Betsy Crowell Barbee,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George
Wayland Barbee, a senior at 'Per
quimans County High School,
has been chosen as one of the
finalists in the competition for
a Katherine Smith Reynolds
Scholarship to the Woman's Col
lege of the University of North
Betsy was invited to the Wo
man's College Saturday, March
23, for an appointment, and a
luncheon with the Central Com
mittee and some of the other
Youth Rally In
L City March 29
The Elizabeth City
MYF Youth Rally will meet Fri
day night, March 29, at First
Methodist Church in Elizabeth
City. The evening program will
begin at 5:30 and will end at
9:30. There will be a panel dis
cussion after the supper hour,the modeling and a prettier
and the guest speaker for the ', bunch of models you've never
worship service will be the Rev. seen: 'entress Lane, Jetie Ches
Jack Wilson of Raleiifr, speaking sen, Tommy Byrum, J. W. DJlon,
on "Get Lost In a Christian Vo- Frank McGoogan, Jim Bass, E.
cation". C. Woodard, John Biggers, Char-
Each church is asked to make lie HarreU, Bill Twiford, Bobby
its own name tags, and recog- Elliott, Erie Haste, Sr., Ike Per
nition will be given to the church ry, Clinton Eley, Harry Winslow,
with the most original one. I Claude Williams, Caude Brinn
Youths attending are asked to
cry " PicHic wr and drinks
tiiay ; uc uuuglll. ai luc ull'Ultll.
The main item of business will
be the election -pf officers for
the-coming tear ;l 'j :' ' f.
Search Continues
Shpriff OWin TWaHlinwc ctatnH
i -mt-j-.. it.. :
! iicic muiiudy nidi uiveMiKciiiuii
,:,.: : ,u u
. waa i:uiiliiiuiiii; ill r,.., c:.u
uic acai iui
Qf st Rout winfall last
,w. . . h'.B
about 8:30 o'clock. iforJ- .
Mrs . Smith, who was home! She was he daughter of the
alone and after hearing the dogs ',la,e E1,zabeth James Lister and
barking, walked onto her back Joshua Sparkman of Pasquotank
porch to throw a switch which , County.
lights up the yard around the'm She ws a member of Holy
h-m ,n. naKt,oj w - - .Trinity Episcopal Church in
. ,dentlfied Person,
Mr- Smith. and young son
were auetvaine a banquet at J.
'F. Hollowell & Sons in-Winfall.
: "
on a DasKel m lne porcn ana
ihurt her back- she fled into her
Home and called a neighbor. Ihe
neiehbr drove to Winfall. where
lhe sherl" and-Mi-s. bmith's hus-
I 0,000 nounus, me cm, m
anc tne Slale "'gnway t-atroi
ioined in the search for the at-
tacker. However, due" to the
large crowd that had . gathered
at the residence, it was impos
sible for the dogs to pick up a
scent. The did, however! lo
cate a trail on the road passing
the home and led officers to one
The only bodily harm Mrs.
Smith received in , the struggle
with her attacker, in addition
to hurting her back in the fall,
was scratches and a sore neck
where the assailant tried to
ch0ke her,
She was suffering from shock
this week.
Auxiliary Bake Sale
Scheduled Saturday
The St.' Catherine Auxiliary
of Holy ' Trinity Episcopal
Church will hold a bake sale
this Saturday. March 30, begin
ning at 10 o'clock in the morn
The bake sale will be held in
the new Parish House beside the
Episcopal Church. '.
The public is urged to; take
note of the change In location
of the bake sale to its new lo-
cation in the recently completed
j Parish Hot. -5 t-'-lde the church.
5 Cents Per Copy
The Hertford Lions Club is
sponsoring a womanless fashion
show here tonight (Friday, March
29) with all men doing the mod
eling. The show will be held at the
Perquimans Cour.ty High School
at 8 o'clock and from all re
hearsal reports promises to be
the most entertaining and hilari
ous program sponsored " in this
county in many a day.
Mrs. Georgia Roberts vill be
in charge of the music and Mrs.
William Cherry the dancing.
Entertainment will consist of
a chorus line including the fol
lowing: Dick Bryant, Francis
"Panky" Nixon, R. M. "Pete"
Thompson, Larry Aydlett, Jr.,
Emmett Landing, George Bell
mon, W. L. "Buddy" Tilley and
Sid Harmon.
There will be an all girl (boy)
orchestra with the following
members: Johnny Broughton,
Jr., Preston Divers, El wood
Copeland, Talmage Rose, Charlie
Skinner, Jr., and Biliy White.
For extra laughs and enter
tainment there are special fea
tures on the program.
During the ladies' fashion
show the following men will do
'"d John Beers.
Former Editor
Mrs. Mattie Lister White,. 75.
died Wednesday. A native of
Pasquotank County,: she had
lived most of her 'life in Hert
ford before returning to Eliza
beth City in 1962.
Former editor of The Per-
quimans Weekly and Hertford
" .
Herald, she was also correspond-
ent for the News and Observer
for many years. She also served
as court Stenographer in Ilort-
Surviving are one son, William
E. White, Jr., of Raleigh; one
brother, James Scott Lister of
viwu.i, -"! - eico-
City; three 'grandchildren, Cyn
thia White, Dianne White and W.
E. White, III, ,all of Raleigh.
Funeral services will be held
Friday at 11 A. M. at Holy Trin
ity Episcopal Church by the
Rev., E. F. Moseley, rector.
Burial will be in the church
cemetery. . ; . .
v., ...... 1 1 1 :a
March 28
Rotary Club, 6:15
Masonic Lodge -Geneva
March 27
Jaycee Dinner
Jack Brinn, Sr.
March :
Bethel Ruritan - i
Americani Xegion
Eugenia Q. Beck , v
Neil Coleman - T
Mary Dale Lane
W. A. Rust'el) " ',, " i
March tlt&-T:W!ti:. f :
Gill Underwood . . s ' "
March 30 ' - J
'Rev; Norman' B- Harris ,;
March 31'ff'' ii -v-viST;
Marvin "Red!; Caddy ;
Daryl Hurdle ,,,'.
April 1 ; " ' ' .
County Commissioners - i
Faye Lamb , '- -
Chris Baker ' ;
Betty jane Harreu v
AUk. jiy i .rrri::
' The Amt' ican Legion A
ary of Tl'i iiarA Taul Stall;
Unit 1.3 ill t Thur
night. ' o'c' .
the, 1 " "i',,'.'
very 7 t, - to , .
? rc

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