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'"The new 'Parish House of
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church,'
completed recently, was' ' dedi-
,'cated. Saturday, April 20. .
J Service for the dedication of
; Winslow Parish House was by
the Right Reverend Thomas H.
k. 4K .h.immunltwi clinic being spon-
rector, the Rev; Edwin Pi Mose-
$ ley. i .--' -
i Prayers appropriate far the
. dedication' were made. During
. ' Church's Foundation," the choir
T J And nAnMKAitn4inM 1 VkfUtAAaAtt'l lift
the walkway, wmcn was i v
. v"v bZJ, 7 rr-
in toyuig : ow of CMheAne
Winslow, Hudson The all n-
terei the Parish House, which
j .7 . . . ..... '.j .....
: - was dedicated to the glory ., of
, God in loving memory of Mi. "' W twattled $10 based on weekly
' tha- Leigh Winslow and Ellen f8 ."1" "'propertyr improvements. Any
; M TmhZ. J,,M.'4' r- t: Poston and Dr.
for the older children and adults. .,.. . . .
i ii -ii. u ci t . T. P. Brinn are giving of their
. ; of the Church School was aea- ,, . .,. . v
' WinelAni ofQ fMlrM An altar I
1 1! me.f
";r.: :r:
children- was .dedicated to the
glory of God and in loving mem
ory of Penelope Norcom and
Rachael Harvey
The Rev. E. F. "Moseley is rec
tor of the Holy Trinity Episco
pal Church. Mrs. ' H. A, Whit
ley is organist. The Vestry
consists, of Or Allan Bonner,
senior-: warden; Charles Payne,
junior !v warden; Nathaniel ' Ful
ford, -Herbert Nixon,, Julian
WinsIbW and Joe Towe, Jr.
t The'hjiiWini '.committee' for
Ihe.'new Parish House was com-J
pose i iof " ex-off icio, the Rev,
F.1 I 'oseley. Mr., and Mrs. Em-)
mett Winslow,, A Walter.. Oakey.i
W, Cnnippn, , Mrs;, Silas; iwrtflhftr-'attfjM: the - clinic
KdbefcV L .-Jit Clrlot dMe
late J.J. Rowland, '- 'v.' ri-:r:.. r.. ;
Trader Constructic Compan4'C'Cjl CtOr
was:the contractor for the new
' buildfng. "'t '.': V . V
Ends Thursdjy
i ,' ' " ' Church, Hertford, by dedicating
The April term, of Perquimans itg new parish hali in hia bonor.
County Superiqr Court was con- The Right Re'v. Thomas H.
eluded here Thursday. The mix- Wrightl D.D., Bishop of the Dio
nd term of , criminal . and civil ce of East caroiina, presided
court; was presided over.f .by at the dedicatiol aBd the unveil
Judge Elbert -S. : Peele, ' Jr., of ln f tee commemorative1 plaque
Wiuiamsion. . - ,
Clarence, Twiford, charged wlthl ..Moseley Han .
arceny, no operator's license, es-.To the Giory of
cape and simple,, assault, was
given a ; 24 month Jail sentence!
a- l : w 1 lU ..mmJh Ia
work under the supervision of
the State Highway and Public
Works Commission. It was, rec
ommended that Twiford be given
psychiatric car and treatment
Cleveland Sutton, charged with1
breaking and entering and lar
ceny., was given a six months
sentence on each county;,,to be
assigned to the roads for ,work
under the supervision of the
State 'Highway and Public Works
Commission, .sentence to run
4 1 consecutively." , .
Elijah Privott .charged . with
forgery; aid and abetting, plead
. ed guijtyv 1 It was ordered by
the court that Privott be con-
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Bctoy Dr:4oe Is Outstanding
1952 Tccnnjer
The Hertford Junior Chamber,
of Commerce Wednesday night
at 7 o'clock inUalled a new slate
of officers for the coming year
and honored fh j recipient of its
teenager of the ycr award In a
special ladies' r ' t fctutquet held
at the' new Vn
Farish House
r.iscrral C:
Mas s rv-i "
' Trinity
; ( r'-p
' r ' " -8
' J
of t: c
of the c.
Eatsy :
r 1 I.!rs.
1 .
The first, of the two tetanus
i Club and the Hertford Jaycees
will be held Wednesday, May 1
at 6,-30 o'clock to 9:30 and will
in the Winfall Com-
munity Building. . .
j v The tetaenus shots are, free to
nd lt h by the pame
Ruritan Club, the Hertford Jay-
ahrthe:Wquirhans Coun
. , ; . ,, . ., . ,
idents of the county will take
.... . ... . . . T.
' kiiBiMAflS wit
Umr of the first clihic to be
'held wi Wednesday night from
9:30 until 9:30. : Dr. T. P. Brinn
will conduct the clinic to be
held on May 16.
' Perquimans residents of all
ages are urged to take advant
age, of " the. free injections, to
help' protect you from possible
lockjaw ' commonly a fatal ; dis
ease entirely preventable to
those : immunized or . who need
only the .booster shot.;' Spring
and summer months bring about
accidents, .which could give you
lockjaw. . Protect -yourself,' show
up at the clinic Wednesday night
for' your thoU Meet ii in i.Win-
; fall at the Community- Puilding
j:3(j U'
the time is im-
On Sunday last St. Mary's
' Episcopal Church, Kinston, hon
' lored its ' long time rectqri the
' Re Edward F- Moseley, ; now
I rector of Holy Trinity Episcopal
. rt mpmnrv. nf F.dwin Poun
, tain Moselev
1959 , '
By whose devoted and untiring
; efforts. . this ' church : was
erected.". , ,
Mr. Moseley 1 graduated , from
Pxford University, . Cambridge,
England, as a Rhodes Scholar
and subsequently , served four
years as a -Methodist Missionary
deep in the Interior ' of China,
Among his other S8rvlces of that
. - Continued on Pa 3
The Hertford Chapter of the
Eastern Star will meet Monday
night, April 29, at 8 o'clock in
the Masonic Lodge room in the
Perquimans County Court House.
In Perquimans
ot Americ4 Club, school pianist
and Glee Club accompanist, a
member of the Beta Club, on the
staff of the . school . year book
and member of ; thei Student
Council. 1 She" was chosen as
Student of the Month' during the
school year, also was selected
to (represent Perquimans as a
maid of honor in this year's an-
Itad Sunday
niversarry celebration of the In-'boy, Kenneth Hendreil; best all
Ui'nstional Azalea Festival in i around boy, Tim Brinn; best ail
rTolk April 15-21 of this year, around girl, Prue Newby; most
".aen U-Etalled at the ban- attractive girl, Naomi Spivey;
t were: - President. Hilliary most attractive boy, Carlton Bar
'.; vice president,' Don Nor-'clift; cutest girl;. ?Yary Wood
; secrl y, - Welly White; Koonce; cutest boy, Carlton Bar-
1 I
irmon; state di-
" ', br-rd of
r hi. l.lett,
vT ',
Hertford, Perquimans County, North
first l','::!ir;;::r
The Holy Trinity . Episcopal
Church has been named winner
of the first '- week' under the
Clean-up Paint-up Fix-up
campaign; : sponsored j by the
Chamber of Commerce. Rev.
E. F. Moseley, pastor, has re
ceived the check for $10 on be
half of the congregation, , ;
The church , was '. named this
week's winner on the .basis . of
ground improvements around the
new addition and Dot for
new ' addition, ; The 217 points
came from such improvements
as the , amount of grass sown,
walks trimmed, curbs trimmed,
shrubs planted (60), dead trees
removed, stumps- removed, etc.j
Other landscaping : including a
parking area to accommodate , 25
cars next to tye Parish House
was listed in the total points.
Each; week for. the four weeks
of the campaign a winner will
home or business within the
county ; )s ; eligible and ' entry
sheets may be obtained from
merchants or - the . Chamber of
pal Building. AH entries must
Commerce. Office In the Munici
be received by the Chamber of
Commerce on Friday "12 'o'clock
P. M., each week,
lledth Spacer
, Dr. 'i Robert Fink,', consultant,
mental ! health section of the
North; Carolina State Board 6f
Health.' will 'T meet Thursday,
April 25, with the .county com
missioners from he four-county
area and; all intereftecL persons,
tp discuss the proposed mental
heiHfrQniei''. tk -thw areaj ' .' -
the neJ Vin64JmA
!lsh House or the Holy Trinity
Vnisl Church In Hefffdrd.
yTmOi ljive "flreadjf-'bsi tede"nre Ve, ' V00 - roaa lumDer
avallabter'ior W"- estiiblisnWentCWyoOl ! riglif'inowi-iif you donft
of - mental "neaitli'.'cttnie' itf this 1 already j jchow yotir humberr and,
r' mental health "clmic' itf this already know your iramoerr una, sought revenge with two tallies
; provided, . loc' runds are' writeiillj 'down1 where it. will be -m ,the bottom of the- first , in
s'd'ani' 'there Ik local' 'desire handy iri case'' you" have to rei ning: i Tim Long ; advanced to
for the
e'stablishment . of such
a. clinic.
The 1 establishment of the
clinic depends on the action of
thA nartirinatinS counties Cam-
s: if sjfln Friday Wight
missionsr have designated funds , , ( S .9t
for the clinic for the liscal year
beginning July 1, if the other
counties do likewise.
Reed Matthews .
In Charity Game -
Reed Matthews has been se
lected to play in the Lake Wac
camaw . Boys' Home Charity
game on- August 9 at East Caro-'
Una College.
The game is a charity compe
tition between a team of foot
ball stars V selected -irom' high
School teams in the- northeastern
part of .North .Carolina, and a
team of football stars selected
from high.sphools in the south
eastern part 'of the state. The
proceeds from the game will be
used for the benefit of the Lake
Waccamaw Boys' Home. V
This honor was accorded Mat
thews, a member of the trophy
winning Perquimans High foot?
ball team, for his excellent rec
ord as a fullback.
His reDeated
powerhouse slams, into enemy ! speed as result of a one-car -ac-defense
lines gained valuable dent which caused some esti
yards and points for the Indians., mated $350 'damage to his 1961
- , Ford Falcon. ' . - ' '
A hook Backward
1 WfMkly 111m 1 Telerjrit v.
MAY 193B
Senior Clau Names Yi's Su-
pwlaii-es: - The superlatives of
the Senior Class of Perquimans
XX1&1 ,-., "O- ,
week are as follows! Prettiest
nr&i.f1.' Knn1arkm0l
Bi4t, . iStKVA mw.'.",
clin; . Desi uresseu gin,- -uiui -
Everett; best dres-1 boy, Jesse May . 2, with Ws. Annie .Miller
Lre ' Karris; mo.t j rrular girl, tat her home in Woodland Circle.
nth Fvnrett; r" t popular boy,!.' All members are urged to be
" ' r; i present f Jr t- -S mcct.-j. ,
Kino Cnri!!tos SooJiino
rjill Do t!c!j
Hertford' voters will have a
selection of . nine candidates to 1
chose from, when they go to the
polls here on Monday, April 29,
to select a mayor and four com
missioners. Candidates seeking office are1:
V, N. Darden, seeking re-elec-
tion to the mayor's offce and
: opposing, hirri is Emmett Land- .
For the four seats as Town
Commissioners W. A. (Billy)
White and Henry C. Sullivan,
both seeking re-election on the
board. Other candidates are
John Beers, Willie F. Ainsley, J.
W. Dillon. Erie Haste, Jr.. and
"Bobby" J Elliott, Hert-
ford Fire Chief, is asking the
help of the residents of Perquim-!
ans ; County. -He urgently re-
quests that when residents of the
county call in to report a fire
that - they give the number of
the road on which they are lo
cated, .s 'V:'
The State Highway TJepart-
ment has erected signs at all.
rural roads with numbers of the!
roads on them. If the persons '
reporting a fire will give that t
number when they make a fire
call it will enable the fire;. de
partment to reach its destina-
tion much quicker and possibly
will cut the destruction of the
Chief Seeks Help
fire ' by the department being Combs doubled to centerf ield and
able to locate the" fire . by the advanced to third on a ground
road number. ' j ' lout to first. Francis Combs dou-
1 Chief Elliott- stated that iri bledto icenterfield to'.score Fred
some ' cases the department , has die. j Then Gene Nixon ; doubled I
f.MfH'aiSB't directtow-'.giv Coiriba;);'- A--' purtlt run-making
jjflehfHe' calls', are -made. double; this- one by Alvin Kirby,
, plessewHen 1 you; call i.-thescored Nixon to round out.Per
Fire Department to- report' a quimans' ' three runs for the
port a fire.
Senior Class Play
The Senior Class of Perquim
ans High School will present its ( Carl Sawyer was elected pres
anriual dramatic production at S ident of the Albemarle ; Beagle
o'clock' 6ri Friday nighty April club at a recent meeting; Joe
26 in the high school auditorium, j Tunnel will serve as vice presi
The public1 is invited to Attend , dent;', Jimmy . Sawyer, secretary
'this presentation; ' admission will and treasurer; Jack Phillips, as-
be " fifty ' cents for adults and
twenty-five cents for students.
' The ;play" is' a comedy entitled
"Let Me Out of Here". Prac
tice for the play, under the di
rection 6f Mrs. Fenton Britt, has
been in progress for the past
month. ' 1 .
The cast of the play features
Verna Ann Perry, Betsy Barbee,
Carolyn Rogerson, Becky, Felton,
Philip Lane, Vick Roach, " Jim
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David Wold Hurt"
In Auto Accident
David Wold, 26, of 315 N.
Church Street, Hertford, was
charged with" exceeding a safe
Wold was driving toward Rab
bit Corner Friday afternoon on
Halls Creek Road in Pasquotank
County, . when he ran off , the
left, Side, traveled 500 feet, hit
a culvert which' threw him to the
other side of ' the road, hit' a
driveway entrance and . buried
the nose of the car in a sand
bank, according to State Trooper
-.lli-14 i : -
;V" c'""-""""s
fiCr. 1 V- , -
, , , , ' , - ,
, ocaiues uB uaniac iu Alia vat,
Wold suffered a few abrasions
about his face. '
' The Prequimans County Chap
ter of ,the American Legion Au-
Carolina, FridayApril
n April 29
C. C. Winslow. Therefore, there
aro four , seats , available and
seven candidates seeking a seat
on the Hertford Town Council,
' The primary election will be
held Monday, April 29, at the
Perquimans County Court House
in vHertford. The polls will open
at 6:30 A. M. and close at 6:30
P. M. 'Registrar is Mrs. Mattie
A. White; judges, Mrs. Francis
Nixon and David Pritchard.
The high candidate fcr mayor
and the first four high candi
dates for commissioner will be
placed upon a ballot for the
regular election to be. held on
May 7.
Tlie' Plymouth Panthers took
I the: Perquimans Indians for their
first defeat oh Friday, April 19.
'The panthers pulled in five runs
to better the Indians score of
Ray Nobles pitched the length
of the game for the Panthers,
allowing six hits, striking out six
and walking five. Freddie Combs
started on the mound for Per
quimans and allowed four hits
and one walk, and struck out
three. Jimmy Hunter came to
the mound in the. fourth inning;
he allowed one hit arid struck
out seven. -: ?r- Y-- , , ,
i The Indians opened ithe game
, by : scoring three runs. : Freddie
gumk..: " . v.
,TJje Panthers immediately
sought revenge with two tallies
first on a hit batsman. Bob Hall
Continued on P0
Of Beagle Club
sistant! secretary; Field Marshals
are Ed Benton and Ben Owens.
The Albemarle Beagle Club
will hold a field trial on Sun-
day( April 28, at the running
grounds just outside of . Hert
ford on the Brinn farm.' r
The 13-inch, class will be
drawn at 7:30 A. M., and the
15-inch class will be drawn at
1:00 P. M. All dogs will be
measured thirty minutes before
each drawing. ....
Entry fee will be $2.00 per dog.
You do' not have to be a club
member to enter a dog at this
trial, it was announced by the
president.' . .
PTA School To
Be Held April 27
The Rev. F. L Andrews an
nounced today that the annual
School of Instruction for .District
T Parent-Teacher Congress will
be held in Hertford on Saturday,
April 27, at the King Street Ele
mentary School, beginning tat1
9:30 and lasting through 12:30.,
The theme will be "Drop-outs
the Cause and Remedy".
Participating In ; the program
will be Dr., George Walker,? of
the. State Teachers College and
Dr. Louise Sutton, head of the
Department of Science at State
Teachers College. Also, the
youth will present' a skit entitled
'.The Great Anniversary". ,
, Ralph ; E., Winslow . has ac
cepted a position in the sales de
partment of the Winslow-Blan-chari
Motor Company here, r ?
. . Mr. Winslow assumed his du
ties as car salesman last week..
26, 1963.
iurcrs For Oare
. 0( P.
quimans County whose names
were drawn to serve as jurors for
a special term of Superior Court
in Darp County, which convenes
on Monday, April, 29, are 'sched
uled to meet at the Hertford
Bus Station at 7:30 for trip by
bus to their destination.
A special' term of Dare Coun
ty Superior Court is scheduled
to begin April 29th in the Court
House, for the trial of Edwin G-
Moore III, who is charged ia
three separate bills of indict
ment with the unlawful burning
of the Parkerson Hotel at Nags
Head April 25, . 1961. The case
has been postponed for more
than two years because of inde
cision as to where it should be
The case was scheduled for a
special session last June 8th,
over which Judge Henry Stevens
was presiding. Judge Stevens,
however, decided against a previ
ous ruling by Judge Chester
Morris, in which Judge Morris
refused to let the case be moved
to another county after the de
fense counsel claimed that Moore
could not get a fair trial in Dare
Judge Stevens ruled that the
case be transferred to Pasquo
tank County. An appeal by the
State Solicitor to the State Su
preme Court resulted in a re
versal of Judge Stevens' ruling,
and finally the case is to be held
in Dare County with a jury from
Perquimans County.
According to Clerk of Court
.Chauncey Meekins, a list of
sixty names as a selected jury is
now in his hands. He has no in
formation as , yet as to which of
the persons are to be excused.)!
; The W. . M. Morgan Furniture
Compariy. here is this week cele
brating : jts 49th anniversary of
the-business in Hertford.
Each ! year since W. M. Mor
gan founded the store in 1914
the store . has observed the an
niversary with an annual sale
during the month of May. Mr.
Morgan invites the public to
visit the store during the anni
versary sale.
Mrs. Sylvia W. Winslow and
Miss Mildred Pate, supervisor of
Gates County schools, accom
panied Miss Annie Maie Murray
of East Carolina College on' Fri
day, April 19 to Miami Beach,
Fla., to attend the Association
Childhood Education Interna
tional convention.
The 1 theme, for the week's
convention that drew educators
from all parts of this and sev
eral foreign countries will be
"Essentials For Every Child."
April 23
Rotary Club, 6:15
Masonic Lodge
R. C. Murray ,
Evelyn Fields
Carl Sawyer
Susan Rogerson
J. W. Hampton
AprU 24
Jaycee Dinner
Rolac Webb
Jo Hunter
April 25 :
Bethel Ruritan - . .
American Legion ,
Garland Eure '
i Betty Carol Broughton
April J6
; Nathan Sawyer "
, Irene Byrum
Rachel Bass
Susanne Towe '
Welly White vr . ,
April 27 1 T - ;
Lynne -Marie Rose i
Dina Beers , ...
-'Pearl Chalk
April 28 . '
; Michael Winslow -
Mrs. Willie" Lamb ' '
April 29 :i ,ff
First Meth.. Official Board i
Mary Beth Hurdle
Gail Pearce ' '
Etta Turner ' '
CD... White
Lto's Observes
49th Anniversary
First One E.undrcdYcnrs
Attracts (anscitv Crowd
ln Court House Saturday
Teachers Elected
For Local Schools
For 1963-64 Term
Members of the Board
Education for Perquimans Coun
ty met in special session on Fri
day .night, April 19, with all
members present and approved
the election of principals and
teachers for the schools for the
1963-64 school term.
The board met jointly with
the district school committee to
witness the members taking the
oath of olfice and organization I
of the committee.
Carroll Williams was elected
chairman of the district school
committee and Mrs. Thelma Rog
erson was elected secretary.
The superintendent, J. T.
Biggers, discussed briefly laws
concerning the school commit
tee, their duties and powers.
Harry Winslow appeared be
fore the board in behalf of his
brother, Waldo Winslow, to dis
cuss an insurance claim.
Perquimans County Represen
tative Archie Lane, Sr., sent the
board copies of several bills
now before the General As
sembly. After reading portions
of the bills and discussing them
ContinuM on Pag Fit
Historic Group
The North Carplii giftgric
Coast Line Association 'met -In"
Greenville, N. C, Monday. April
22. Representatives from Hert
ford were Mrs. J. Emmett Wins
low and A. L.;Ayd1etU Jr.
John W. Crawford-of. the; Con
servation and Development was
ejected directpj'! 'i "'-
The constitutiotv was read. by.
Glen Tucker. The by-laws were
not ready.
Appointed were:
1 By-laws Committee.
2 Organization Committee.
3 Executive Committee, which
will be the Membership Com
mittee. Memberships for the organiza
tion were discussed:
1 Brochure ideas were pre
sented. .
2 Suggested "Blue Ridge
Parkway" brochure as a mcdel.
3 A full time executive sec
retary will eventually be neces
sary. Types of memberships sug
gested were:
1 Individual. 1
2 Business.
3 ,. Non-profit organizations
(Chambers of Commerce, His
torical, Societies, etc.)
4 Sustaining memberships.
Governor Sanford was present
and made a short talk.
New Bern was designated as
the next meeting place.
'64 Wheat Program
Topic Of Meeting
A meeting to explain the 1964
Wheat Program will be held at
the Agricultural Building in
Hertford Wednesday night, May
1, at 7:30 o'clock. All wheat
producers are encouraged to at
tend and hear -the program dis
cussed bk 'the , District ASCS
FieldmarT, W. R. Carver. :
Wheat farmers who wish to
participate in the program for
1964 and vote in the referendum
on May 21 must state their in
tentions by May 13, therefore, it
is important that they have an
understanding of ' the program.
Work Rapidly
Water Line To
' Work began this week and is
moving at a .rapid pace on ; the
new water line to the newly an
nexed section just South; of
Hertford on .the Hertford-Eden-ton
Highway. Mayor.-V.'iNi Dar:
den stated Wednesday jthat he
was very pleased with the pro
gress being made on this pro-
i ject , . ,j, j , ( , t ;l ,
5 Cents Per Copy
"Perquimans' First One Hund-
red Years," an historical drama
was presented' Saturday tught to
an over-flow crowd tt the Per
quimans County Court House.
The drama was a series of tab
leaux based on old records and
documents found in the Court
House, sutih as the first deed on
record in Carolina that of thd
isale of Jand to George Durant
by Kilcocanen, king of the Yeo
pim Indians in March, 1661. '
Other scenes included the first
Justice of the Peace Commis
sion and Apprentice Bond, a land
gront from the eight Loads Pro
prietors to William Barclift, the
first suit in a Court of Chancel
lory, a marriage bond, a guard
ian bond, a license for an Ordin-
ary (or tavern), an act estab-
lishing the Town of Hertford and
a Quaker petition that asked that
Quakers be excused from jury
The Rev. Fred Still narrated
the program in the role of the
ghost of George Durant. Carroll .
Berry acted as Clerk of Court
and presiding over the court was
the Hon. Francis K. Winslow of
Rocky Mount, chairman of the
Carolina Charter Tercentenary
Commission, Following the dra
ma Mr. Winslow made a closing
The drama was written by
Mrs. J. Emmett Winslow of
Hertford with an introduction by
Bill Sharpe of Raleigh. It was
directed by A. Laurence Ayd-.
lett, Jr.. and sponsored by the
Perquimans County Chamber of
An estimated 400 to 500 per
sons saw the presentation with
more standing outside the Court door or looking in through
the windows. .. .
Mrs. 0. M. Jackson
"f D. M. Jackson of Hert
ford Wori first place for colonist
ostuming at . Dare Shrine Club
Saturday night. A new buc-.
-aneer king and queen, David
Stick of Kitty Hawk and Dolores
Ward of Manteo were announced
luring the Jamboree Feast of the
Pirates Dare Shrine Club Sat
irday night after being selected
by a secret committee which
i designated them as man and wo
man of the year on Dare coast.
The Jamboree coronation cere
monies will take place at Fort
Raleigh on May 11. William
Davis of Kitty Hawk and Mrs.
D. M. Jackson of Hertford, won
first place for their colonial cos
tumes while Ann McGraw of
Kitty Hawk and E. Burton Light
ner of Hampton, Va., won first
place for the best pirate . cos
tumes.' River Surveyed By
Highway Commission
The State Highway Commis
sion brought in a ferry from ha
Outer Banks this week and be
gan surveying the river from the
highway near the Oak Point
Service Station across for . tha
' proposed bridge that will cross
the water in the event the road
goes in that direction.
Three other points have been
surveyed, in other directions of
the county already. . , -;
The Perquimans County Board
of Education will meet Monday
night, April 29, in the Court
House. ' The budget for 1963-64
school .term will be discussed at
this meeting. .'
Progressing On
Annexed Area
Virginia-Electric Power Com
panjr gave the Town of Hert
ford the land on which the. deep
Wells are' located near the Pow,
er . Company's sub-station f oi
Rabbit Road just off U. S. 117
south of Hertford, and the Norfolk-Southern
Railroad gave the
right-of-ways to the town.

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