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"Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina. Friday, May 24, 1963.
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U..iltVjL Xe
.J 10 :
Lj s
. L..JL.7 C.L... JCi
j J-! U Horace Cohoon, Willie Pro
,-ijJ tector, reports that the Wildlife
. .S Resources Commission Will hold
; ! ! i : a public hearing in the Chowan
' County Court House Friday
' night, May 31.' The meeting will
' begin at 7:30. o'clock and will
give hunters , an opportunity to
express their views on a set of
proposed hunting and trapping
' regulations for the 1963-64 sea
; Mr. Cohoon said that if Tar Heel
hunters agree to proposals to he
presented by the North Carolina
Wildlife - Resources : Commission
. they will have an uncomplicated
' statewide squirrel season from
October 15 to January 1 a nine
day bonus for rabbits and quail
. hunting, plus a first-time spring
: gobbler season on "Wild turkeys;
- At the hearing, the commis
sion will present its- proposals
and then listen l to opinions -of
hunters Who" would .be affected
by ; them. Following the hear-,
" ing the Commission will meet ini
Raleigh' to weigh opinions, facts,.
, and biological principles, and: to;
' set up hunting regulations design-
ed to give hunters the best possi
ble harvest and at the same time
assure, a supply of, ame for )he
years aneaa. , v
r:. Open, House will be observed
on Sunday, May26 at the new
ly dedicated Winslow Memorial
Parish House of .'the Holy Trim?
ty Episcopal : Church, , from the
hours'! of 4 o'clock, to St , was
announced this week by the
; Rev Edwin F.' Moseey,' rector
of Ute church.' . - t- -, .
' A cordial invitation to the peoJ
rpl of perquimanr County is is
sued by-the church to attend
Kthf vfmn house. -
Morgan's GhC ,, ; V
Gifts To SenLs
. i - I,., ;) :ii i :v
. ; W. M. Morgan Furniture Com
pany again this year;- as' they
have for many years tn the 'past,
' ' will present ' the girt graduates
' of Perquimans County High
School and Perquimans ; Union
School with miniature Lane ce
dar chests. ' -
The gifts are now on display
in the window of -the. Morgan
Furniture Company. Graduates,
ere requested to call for their
chest on May 27 s
Four Chosen Td - .
Attend Girls' Stte ;
Miss Susan Cox, ' daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cox, and Miss
Sidney Ann Blahchard, daughr
teer of . Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
Blanchard,' Ifave been chosen by
the American Legion Auxiliary
of William Paul StaUings Post
No. 126 to attend the 23rd an
nual Girls' State at WCUNC,
Greensboro,' irt June. v v
Faye Long and Beth Hurdle
have also been chosen to attend,
Therefore, Perquimans is repre
sented by four girls this year
instead of the usual two.
Selection of the girts is made1
on the basis of outstanding men-,
tal ability, leadership and good
citizenship. ,;''
' 1 ; ' . ' i ;
Letitia r.IcGc:n
Presents Rctll
On Friday, nlsht, I.Tay 17, Miss'
Letitia McGocn presented her
senior piano recital in Odell Me
morial Audjto.ium,, Crcensboro
College, Greensboro, N. C ,
Marshals , for her reci:al were:
Miss Carolyn' Ai'-s, I wland,
N. Ci Miss C'Tolyn " i-nethy,
' Badin, N. C; T'::s I.-., h rer
guson,, Murfr oro, tl. C; and
Miss Carrolll "'oni.'J, l-Jrtrd,
- all of the n:
.nts at
Green.boro C w;.
Following t..e r
and M-MiaCr i
r ter..V
r other
at a rrty for Le ,
erS, n.x
On 1
I Pi'tfa v
'i T
and a
y n
1 v 1 . I , ,
1 Mrs. L. B. 'Elliott; Perquimans
County Health Educational Lead
er, : announced ' that Chronic
Cough and Shortness of Breath
pamphlets; will be made ; avail
able to all Health Club members
in Perquimans County. The fol
lowing Health Leaders are get
ting Information to their clubs:
Mrs.; d Harrell, Mrs. Myra Rid
dlck, Mrs. Oliver Winslow, Mrs.
John Hill, Mrs. Elmen Banks,
Mrs. Charles White, Mrs. Walton
Lane, Mrs. J. E. Wood, Sr., Mrs.
Carroll Baker and Mrs. George
Boach. i ,
Mrs. M. B. Taylor, home 'agent,
has ' also made arrangement to
get information to each of her
club leaders in the county.
This is a public education cam
paign effort from May 1st to
June 15th, said Mrs. Elliott. Ef
forts from the ferquimans Coun
ty-Health Leaders will be back
ed a major effort , on the
state , and national : level also.
Respiratory y diseases including
Tuberculosis are - serious . road
blocks, to. your health and must
be of concern to your Pasquo-
tank-Perquimans-Camden Tuber
culosis' Association.. ,, , I
Of ffccrs Elected.
The Hertford Business and
Professional Women's Club met
recently at the home of Mrs.
Betty T. Swindell, at which
time . officers for the new year
Were elected. Elected as presi
dent .was Mrs. Ann Elliott
Young; first vice president, Miss
Hujda, Wood; : second vice presir
dent Mrs. ; Oora ,T, i Riddick;
secretary' -Mrs. Essie :Burbage,
and treasurer, t Miss Thelma' El-
Mrs. Roxatma C. Jackson gaveL.wata i-.t--,.: th(, mBetto
a most, iai'm MrfcWebb .cWl' the.,meet
tive program on . the Umted Na-, int nvfted ve'rvone to i a
tions. . starting Uia program
with. Jtr j; reading of "Uie; pre
gmble1 iton ' the charter ' of the
Nntinna' Mrs .TnfVcfin
a w b, origin ' 1 of the' UN, Ife'l
purpote1 and 'the basis for man
berthk), -.! She then disMssed the'
sijtf . rtaini. Wgans 1 6f ' the " pN,
listing! ttieS fimotion 6f eacih. Mrs.
Jackson wlsv discussed 'the" cost
of ruhning Uie UN, breaking it
down to the cost of each Am
erican., She pointed out ; that
membership in the UN was now
110 as compared to 51 at its be
ginning. She also listed ac
complishments of the UN as well
as . - the controversies ' avoided
since the start of the UN on Oc
tober 24, 1945. She closed her
program by showing colored
slides of the United. Nations
building. ..-'
Mrs. Essie Burbage, president,
presided over the short business
meeting; after " which she pre
sented Mrs: Swindell with, a
housewarming gift . from , the
club . 4
The next meeting' will be on
June 20 at the home of Mrs.
Burhage. ,
New Summer Crop
Several j Perquimans farmers
have, seeded hairy, indigo on
their diverted acres this spring.
This -is a new to summer cover
crop in Perquimans County and
is recommended on land where
peanuts are to be grown in ro
tation with other crops.' It will
not become a pest in the rota
tion as no seed is produced un
der , North Carolina conditions
and plants germinating the fol
lowing year from hard seed -can
easily be controlled by normal
- The seed should be broadcast
from April 18 to July 1 at the
rate of 8 to 10 pounds per acre.
Inoculate--seed with the peanut
group of inooulun. '
Hairy indigo ( is an eligible
summer seeding under the 1063
ACP, at the rate of $2.00 per
aore.v ' " " '
Jack and Gene FLIilips, own
ers cf r:..::'rs aimet shop
Vcre, srent last we U in Greens-
boro at!
can .' V."
an1 E "
f.. i i
" )
1233 Ameri
Machinery .ry five
r . lore than
-t i
; u 1
1 I ;t -j
t-The Central . Grammar. School
PTA met ' in jthe : school audi
torium Monday; night;. May . 20.
George Baker,-'president,' open
ed the meeting? and welcomed
the parents and guests. ' -1'
f The first grade children, un
der the direction of Miss Caro
lina i Wright,'1 presented the de
votional .and program. The chil
dren recited the 67th Psalm and
sang a hymn. Wade Winslow
sang "The Whole Wide World",
accompanied on the piano by
Sylvia Gregory. , ."School- Days"
was sung by all the children and
enacted on the stage by Stevie
Morgan, Peggy James Copeland,
Rose Marie Whitehurst, John
Morse, Debbie Babb, Joy Steven
son, Dona White ana Barry
Lane5 "A", delightful rendition of
Side Byy SideM was presented
by Angela Cliiappell, Tony Cope
land, Ray Eure, Betty Bryant,
Donald Hurdle , and Linda Lou
Qnley. .. - v--
I Mrs. Joanne Stallings, secre
tary, read .the minutes of the
last meeting wmcn stooa ap
proved as read.
Mrs. Margaret Maston install
ed the new PTA officers who
are as follows: " Mr. an Mrs,
Guy Webb, president; :Mn and
Mrs. ' Walter Nowell, vice president-Mr.
and Mrs. William-On-ley,
secretary ' and Mr. and- Mrs,
Vernon V Lee .Perry, treasurer.
Mrs. : Maston thanked Mr. and
Mrs. George Baker for the won
derful work they had done as
president and presented to them
past-presidents', pins.
George Baker turned the gav
el over to Mrs. Guy Webb who
called upon the hospitality chair
man, Mrs. Virginia Miller for a
report. ;3 Mrs. Mary White's first-
grade b won first, place; Mri.
Otha Tunnell ; arid Mrs. Julia
Bryant's i first grades tied for
second place and MfS- Helen
Winalow's1 sixth erade won third
place.!; Over 400 members and
rs'ocial hour., in. the . school cafe.
teriaav.. n -wf; ,t :- ' '
The Albemarle
Beagle Club
held a field trial May 18 and, 19
at the running grounds.
Some of the members from
the Colonial Beagle Club at Wil
liamsburg, yan and the Hamp
ton Roads Beagle Club, Hamp
ton, Va., attended this trial.
Of the 20 dogs entered, the
results were as follows.
. 15-Inch Class
siFfrsHBen's-Money, owned by
Ben Owens.
Seconds-Moore's Jack, owned
by Alton "Moore. s
Third-J-Nopo Bell, owned by
Ed Senton"' .
Fourth-Carline Toby, owned
by Carl Sawyer. ,
Fiftbp. R.'a Billy, owned by
B. R. Inscoe. ' ' .
p- - 13-Inch Class
First Norview Pilot, owned
by Jimmy Sawyer. , -
Second Stamper's McGmty,
owned by G. L. Stamper.
Third Pine - Grove Sheba,
qwned by G. 1 Stamper.
Fourth Singing bam, owned
by T. R. Lane. ,
Fifth Hogan's Jackie, .- owned
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TB Directors To
Meet Mav 29th
. v I
The Pasquotank -Perquimans -
Camden Tuberculosis Association
board of directors meeting will
be held May 29 at 8 P. M.
the-. Agriculture Building in
Elizabeth , City, J. W. Jennette,
president, announced. He urged
that board members come, and
bring friends' to see "Signpost,"
a new film that deals with res
piratory diseases i based on the
story of two people who ignored
the symptoms of chronic cough
and shortness of breath. Due
to the present respiratory disease
campaign from May 1 to June
15, many people, have been In
troduced to this subject in their
organizations and, therefore, will
find this film of interest.
Mr. and I
r, Jr., 6
' "r f." t ("
1 ' r 1
nirwood Bar
itLe birth of
Deagla Cfiib
, 'i net Leish,
arle Hos-
rL!) '" " !
iy0! 'v'6 ' - y4 f A
ir-rinw i T wi iKat'ii mf'n- , t'rm in ' if r'n' -r -m'-fi'n'" i r LM
Governor Terry Sanford has designated May 27 through June 2. 1963. as Vacation Planning Week
In Variety Vacationland. After signing the official statement, the Governor here joins' "Miss Va
riety Vacationland," Betty Lawhon of Rutheriordton, Coastal rlpreseniarive Karen Ray of Wilming
ton, and T. Ed pickard,, Jr of Charlotte, In pointing up tha numerous travel attractions with ihe
aid of a Variety Vacationland
Mrs. Georgia Roberts will pre
sent her piano students in re
citals beginning this week with
the first recital with piano stu
dents at Winfall Central Gram
mar School , Friday night, May
24, at 8 o'clock.
Music students of the Hertford
Grammar . School will . present
their recital on Thursday night,
The seventh, grade students
and high school ' music students
will : be presented together in
their recital scheduled for Sat
urday night, June 1, at 8 o'clock.
Mrs. Roberts ; has issued a
cordial invitation, to the public
to attend the recitals.
King Lid Queen
The; - Annual ' 4-H King and
Queen, of Health and Miss Per
quimans County Program was
p;;" -
P. M,.-on -he Academy Green
in Hertford:' The program open-
64 with a processional march.
The Drocessional included the car-1
iicipants in the. .4-tH -King; and
Queen of Health and Miss Per
quimans County. They were led
by Mrs. Lucy Johnikins and Mrs.
Emma Burke, 4-H Leaders from
Pools Grdve 4-H Club. The
march was played by P. W-
Moore Junior and Senior High
School Band, Elizabeth city, fol
lowed by The Star " Spangled
Banner; ' P. W. Moore's ; Band.
The Pledge of -Allegiance and
4-H Club pledge- were led by
William O. Creecy, vice presi
dent of ' the 4tHi Leader Organi
zation., The invocation was giv
pastor o a the.y First r Baptist
en by ihe Rev. F. L.' Andrews,'
Church of. Hertford, .followed by
a special . selection by the D. F.
Walker High, School. Band f
Edenton.i ; The purpose of the
ceremony was given ' by 'James
P. Skinner, chairman of the pro
gram coijtmittee...: Special greet-
ings were given by J. T- Big-
gers, ; supt. or . county scnoois .
and V. N. Darden, Mayor of the
Town of Hertford. .1
The audience was filled with
inspiration after receiving such
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Chesson Graduate
At Wilson School 1
T 1 J rl 1 - J
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Chessoh of
RFD ,3, will-graduate from the
Wilson . Industrial Education Cen
ter on MQriday, May 27. Chesson
is graduating in Mechanical Pro
duction, Option. , " .
The i. Baccalaureate t Exercises
will be held, at St Timothy's
Episcopal Church. Sunday even
ing, May 26, at 8, P.-M. The
Rev. Jpho ,A. Gray, minister of
St Timothy's will deliver the
baccalaureate sermon. '
Commencement Exercises will
be held at Wells School audi
torium Monday evening, May 27,
at 8 o'clock. The Hon, J. Rus
sell Kirby, State Senator, Wll
s6n ' County, .will r deliver the
commencement address, ' Mrs.
Frances , Moss Bennett, president
of the Wilson Pilot Club - will
present the Pilot Club award to
the outstanding senior. Of the
,28 counties, from Pasquotank to
j Duplin, rrrresentoi by the stu-
dent boi'y, V 21 graduates Will
be L-c.-i .iles. -
map. Pickard is president ot tne
Lawrence Curtis Collins, in
Perquimans , County Recorder's
Court here Tuesday, y charged
with driving while under the in
fluence of intoxicants ' or nar
cotic drugs, was given a 60-day
sentence by Judge Charles E.
Johnson, the presiding judge.
The sentence to be suspended
. upon payment of a $100 fine and
court costs
An appeal was noted and col
lins' bond was set at $200.
Grandy White, charged by
Annie Mae White with- non-
siipport. The case was con
tinued for 30 days upon the un
derstanding that credit in the
amount of $20 per week be es
tablished for the : children of
Grandy White. . i
Wilbert A. Allen, charged with
disobeying a stop sign, was
taxed with the court costs.
i John Francis Payne, charged
with speeding, was - fined $5.00
And. court costs. '
- Each of the following were
charged with being drunk on
the streets of Hertford, Levi
Revell, fined $2.00 and court
"8: Elsie Harris, $2.00 and
'" ; 7 U1UC1'' CllJ,
7 - "u ana - :
Soil Supervisors
Sponsor Contest
The supervisors of the Albe
marle Soil and Water Conserva
tion District sponsored a wood
land conservation contest , for
FFA boys again this year. Tne
contest was held at Camp Perry
on May 16. , The contest con
sisted ?f proper tree plahtiHg,
woodland protection, control ' of
undesirable hardwoods, . tree
identification, wildlife ' food
trees- proper thinning, age de
termination, -tree volume and
value and commercial wood
products. '. ,.' .-'. ."' ; .
r JTA teams from Perquimans,
Camden, Chowan, Central, Gates,
Knapp and Weeksville High
Schools participated in. the con-
Foresters with the North
Carolina Forest Service for this
area . worked with the vocational
agriculture teachers in training
the boys. , The foresters also laid
out the contest at Camp Perry,
i The UnionBag ; Camp Paper
' Continued on Page five f
r :,T,,'- ' i' , '-.'
Mrs. Sumner Dies
At Nursing Home
Mrs. Nellie Hurdle Sumner, 68,
of Route 2,; died Monday , after
noon at 2:35 o'clock in the Lane
Nursing Home after a long ill
ness, A ; native, of Perquimans
County, she was the daughter of
the late John Wesley ! and Mrs.
Virginia Keaton Hurdle and was
a member1 of the Pleasant Grave
Methodist1 phurch.S'i' -j4 ." ,";p "
-Surviving are her husband,
John JudSan Sumner; a daugh
ter. -Mrs: ; Emily Arm Hall of
Norfolk; three' sons, Leslie (Rip)
Sumner oi Route 2, Wilbur Sum
ner and Joseph Sumneis both of
Norfolk; a sister, Mrs. Jennie
Harrell of Route 3i" two 'broth
ers, Qulnlton Hurdle of Camden
and M. M. Hurdle of Ehzabfeth
City; ten grandchildren and fve
rancKmidren and irve
dchildren. ' "-'j' I
services will; be' hpd
at 3:30 in the chapel
great , grandchildren.
Funeral services
of the Swindell Funeral Home,
Burial was in Cedarwood
Travel councu ot N. C, inc.
lance Recital
Friday, May 31
. Perquimans students of Dance
instructor Ernie Fields of New -
port News, Va., will present a:
dance recital ' on Friday even-
ing, May 31, at 8 P. M., in the;
auditorium of the
Grammar School.
The students making up the
class range in ages from 5 to
12. They will be presented in
ballet dancing, tap and baton.
' Extra talent will perform from
the Perquimans High School.
Mrs. Claude Brinn is chair
man of the dance school in this
county and has announced that
the program planned is one that
will be enjoyed by all who at
tend. :
Union School PTA
Presents Travelogue
The PTA of the Perquimans
Union School held its May meet-'and
mg Monday night, "May 13, at-
7:30 o'clock with Mrs. I. E. Rog-
erson, president, presiding.
During the business.'--sessSon..
Mrs. ' Lillie .-. Jordaoi f StigSSer,- who relieved in the sixth
reau vne repori oi tne aeiegase wnen qamDs, Decame tired, com
to the District PTA rWwkshfflp. jbjn for a. two-hitter against
' Reports werei&Unj byJreofe-.ihtiei.; Hunter also,, had two
sentatives of thdJMldwirig "com-
mittees: Membership, project,
budget, ways and means, special,
social and recreation.
Mrs. M. W. Strowd presented
Miss A. M. Hoffler, who was in
charge of the program. Miss
Hoffler showed colorful slides
which made a very interesting
travelogue. The scenes depicted
many of the highlights of her
western tour of the United
States and Mexico. Because of
the time limit, Canadian scenes
were not included. : .
Immediately following the pro-,
gram Various awards were pre
sented. ".
3. A :"" Dempsey, principal,
made brieff timely remarks rela
tive to the school.
The hospitality committee cli
maxed ;the meeting by serving
dainty refreshments. . .
We are wishing all a pleasant
summer vacation.
Milton Dail, Sr., Dies
Thursday Morning
Milton ,Dailj Sr., 71, of Route
1, Hertford, died Thursday morn
ing at 3:15 o'clock in the Cho
wan Hospital after a day's ill
ness. .
A native of Perquimans Coun
ty he was the son of the late
Nathan J. and Josephine Brinn
Dail. He was a prominent farm
er and retired merchant. Having
founded the Milton Dail & Son
Fertilizer and Farm Produce in
1936 and which he operated un
til his retirement in 1961.
He was a member of the Hert
ford Baptist Church and a di
rector of the Albemarle Produc
tion Credit Association.
Surviving are his wife,' Mrs.
Evie Broughton Dail and two
sons, Milton Dail, Jr., of Route 1,
Hertford and Broughton Dail of
Woodland Circle, Hertford; one
brother, Clifton S- Dail of Bal
timore, Md., ' and two sisters,
Mrs.. Pasha S. Weaver ' Char
lottesville,; Va.,' and Mrs. Wortley
Demers of "Bhode Island, and
four grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held
Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock in
the chapel Of the Swindell Fun
era! Home with the Rev. Norman
Harris, pastor of the Hertford itlst Church, and the Rev. Time
Baptist Church,, officiating. In-(thy Bailey, pastor of Berea
terment will be in Cedarwood Church. Burial ' followed in
Poppy Day S;:!es
Set For Saturday
Mrs. Julian Powell, , president
of the American Legion. Auxili
ary, announced today that the
1963 Poppy Day will be ob
served here Saturday, May 25.
Auxiliary poppy chairman is
Mrs. Lessie E. White.
The Girl Scouts will again as
sist with the sales, which will be
conducted from the Court House
lawn. A member of the Ameri
can Legion Auxiliary will be on
hand during the day, exchang
ing shifts of two hours each
throughout the day.
Poppy Day as a memoria to
American war dead one a tri
bute to disabled servicemen
originated after the first World
War. Soldiers returning from
Europe in 1918 were familiar
with the wild poppies which
bloomed in the battlefields of
France and Flanders. The Am
erican Legion Auxiliary says
the first national Poppy Day in
the United States was held in
Kemember the original con
ception of "Poppy Day" has
changed. At the beginning of
offering the poppies, it was
to commemorate our
war dead,
Today our annual
Poppy Day campaign honors our
veterans of all wars living and
dead. Today, with so many vet
erans, of such varied ages, the
annual poppy program is vital
'in raising money to care for all
needy veterans and their fam
ilies. ' The slogan today is "Re
member the dead by helping the
living." "
Indians Defeat
Perquimans County High de
feated ; Gates County, 5-1 here
Friday night in an Albemarle
Conference preliminary playoff
will begin a three-game se-
ries snexV' Week wHhPlynwith
to determine the conference
champion. , ,;
-.JTriedriiP Cnmhs and Jimmv
hits, including an inside4he-park
home run.
Score by innings
G- County ,
R. H. E.
1 2 2
P. County
000 0
101 x 5 5 3
Taylor and Story;
Freddie Combs, Hunter (6) and
Francis Combs.
Youth Fractures
Shoulder In Fall
Woodly Bundy, Jr., son of Per
quimans County Commissioner
and Mrs. W. W. Bundy, suffered
a , fractured . shoulder . recently
while attending a 4-H Club meet.
The youth was treated and re
turned home and is reported do
ing fine. Incidentally, he had a
part in the May Day exercises
at the Hertford Grammar School
arid even went through his part
on the program with the in
jured shoulder.
J.T. McPherson
Dies In Elizabeth City
Johnnie Thomas McPherson,
48, died Sunday morning at 5:45
o'clock at his home in Elizabeth
City after a short illness.
He was a native and lifelong
resident of Pasquotank County,
son of the late John T. and Ola
Pritchard McPherson, a veteran
of World War II, and the Ko
rean War, was employed at the
Norfolk Navy Yard, and was a
member of Berea Baptist Church.
He is survived by his - wife,
Mrs. Lucy Hampton McPherson;
five daughters, Judith McPher
son, a student at. Woma'ns Col
lege , in Greensboro,.'. Martha,
Carliss, Karen and Barbara Mc
pherson, all of the home; one
son,' John T, McPherson of the
home; three sisters, Mrs. W. P.
Harris, Sr., of Route 2, Eliza
beth City, Mrs. M. O. Jackson
and Mrs. W. E. Bundy of Route
3, and one brother L. P. Mc
Pherson, Route 3,
Funeral s ervices were con
ducted Tuesday afternoon at 3
o'clock in the chapel of Twiford
Funeral Home by the Rev; T. D.
Austin, pastor of Corinth Bap-
Memory Gardens Cemetery.
Girls' May
Pfeis To Ota
53Ui Annrcrsqy
In observance Of the fifty
golden years of the Girls' Aux
iliary, a Mother-Daughter ban- ;
quet was held at the Hertford
Baptist Church.
Miss Lou Vickers, president of
the Girls' Auxiliary of the Hert
ford Baptist Church, presided at'
the banquet. The welcome, was
given by Doris Newton and the
response by Mrs. Leo Ambrose.
A prayer of thanks was given
by Mrs. Carroll R. Holmes. A
skit was presented by Allen
Mrs. T. W. Allred brought the
message for the observance of
the fifty golden years.
The aim of the GA is to be
awake to conditions about us
even to the end of the world, to
be alert to guard our minds
against evil, to keep our bodies
as temples of God, to cast sel
fishness out of our hearts, to
align ourselves With all our de
nomination does to make Jesus r
Christ known.
The Girls' Auxiliary now
forms a strong and necessary
"mission link" in the family of
Woman's Missionary Union.
May 21
Rotary club, 6:15
Masonic Lodge
Chamber of Commerce Dir.
Bobby Harrell
May 22
Jaycee Dinner . y
Elizabeth Roberson
Eugene Landing
May 23
Bethel Ruritan
J. W. Dillon
Mrs. Delwln H.
Troy Harrison
Paula Miller
Paul Miller .
June Paige Chappejl
,. vilii)1
May 25 'ciii
Judy Winslow
'Betty yr.. Beers . " "
Edgar Lee Lane '
. "Elwod Perry, Jr. - "
Doha B. White h
Colon Jackson
Durwood Barber
May 27
First Meth. Official Board
Doris M. Nixon
Betty Thatch
Final Meeting Of
PTA Held Monday . ,
The final meeting of the Kin2; .tit'
Street Elementary School PTA
was held Monday night at 3
o'clock. Devotion included "Holy,
Holy, Holy", and prayer by Mrs. -
Cleo Z. Felton.
Previous minutes were read
and approved. The treasurer's '
report revealed a balance of r
$44.65. The present . officers,
with the exception of the secre- :
tary, were elected to serve for
the 1963-64 school term. Mrs.
Alline Jones is to be the secre
tary. The president appointed
various persons to the program,
finance and membership commit
tees. Mrs. D. S. Newby, principal,
reviewed PTA accomplishments
and praised the parents for their
interest and participation.
Refreshments were served.
.Two registered Guernsey cows '
in the herd of Clarence Chappell,
Jr., of Belvidere have recently
completed top official production
records, according to The Amer
ican Guernsey Cattle Club of
Peterborough, N." H. AH are 305
day, 2 times a day, mature basis
records. The testing was super- -vised
by North Carolina State ,
College. , ; . ;
Chappell' s winners Were Chap
pell Proud Dame, a junior two
year-old, producing 10,519 pounds
of milk and 517 pounds of fat,
and Chappell Proud Gaynelle, a
junior two year-old producing,
13,218 pounds of milk and 668
pounds of fat ,' i
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Williams,
Jr., from Newport News, Va.,
announce, the birth of a second
son, born Sunday, ' May - 19, t .
Riverside Hospital in Newport '
News. Mrs. Williams Is the for-
jmer Miss Margaret Anne 1 ' ,
. .tr,
J ':

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