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New Meters Require Palmer Tynch
Nickels and sDimes,'New Operator Of
No Pennies
' The Town of Hertford 'has in
stalled new parking meters in
' the congested area to replace the
Acid meters which have been in
.operation since 1947 and which
' had begun to give trouble. :
r The new meters require, dimes
and nickels "and . will not take
pennies. For a nickle you get
: an hour's parking, a dime two
tional and will take a quarter
and give you two hours'time.'
. The meters, for" the conveni
ent 'nf thp -rfhnnnprfl.. nr twind-
; placed in the same spots as the
" old ones. People working in
town may utilize the parking
' area . behind the stores ' and in
the . additional i parking : jot beV
hind- the , Hertford Municipal
Building. . " v t . ' '
Though the new. meters are al
ready in i operation, violations
. are hot '; being enforced, until
Monday, June 24, at which time
' tickets will be given for vover
parking. 'Violators will :have to .
present their
station.' at the
Hertford Municipal Building, of-
fice d the city clerk, and will
be required to pay a fine for,
the violation.
Juna 23- '
J: Dave Hallock
June 25 '
Mattie Banks
' Gay'Eure 1
. Mr. nd Mrs. George Byrum y
x. ' (wedding snniver,mry
Trs.vEettywriJrce."'' j.
'.jfsint s-' M&fr jtsfo&jf f
? Don Danchise ' .
Jutt 26 -
Jaycee Dinner ' , "
- Thomas Gregory
Jesse T. Bail .
...... Kim Norman
' Mrs. John Coston
June 27
.' Bethel Ruritan
American Legion . :
John H. Hendrickson, Sr.
Gloria Eure -Debbie
Sue Sawyer '
Johnny Corprew
- Laura Sutton
June 28 . y ' , , -
Chas. Shelton Skinner '
Bobby Eure '
Bill Decker , ,
June 29
Mrs. Marion Hendrickson
Pete HoweU ' 1
Charles Han-ell , . '
Frank Mansfield "
Lucille L. White
June 30 . .-
l 'Tommy Cox -J.
Dilbbn Voung ;
Mrs. Jack Burbage
. iRay White - ,
1 Wallace. Nelson
Hertford Pest Office Gets ZIP
Code 'NuniLSr To Speed Mailing
- The Hertford Post C-ice five
digit ZIP Code is 27944, Post
master. W. W. -White has an
nounced, v ' . . j
i , "Everyone in Hertford will use
this ZIP Cods 'oh .all their cor
respondence to speed mail deliv
eries and reduce the chance of
mistsent mail," I r. V. aite said,
A Zip Code, U.e Post 0"ice De
partment's rev.' "-nary new
sys,tem of improvt:
patch and di U- , ,
Ject nationDl';'- ; ."
t Postmaster v.
the importer. tf t
mml dis
s into ef-
7 I-
: jssed
i .:s rf
Hertford 1 r
Code and i
turn ad'" i
; t" 's Z
it ; n-
ence. Li f
said, Z'7 C
Jurn t
shouU . t
"The I ' ' C
Inst W j. 1 1
r i
1 i-A
Local Fish Market
Palmer Tynch of Rocky Hock
opened the Tynch Seafood Mar
ket here' this week in the old
Cannon Grocery Store located
on Market Street. The business
was operated previously by Tom
Tynch. ' "
The new business, under the
management ; of Palmer7 Tynch,
will offer residents- here I the
very best and freshest seafood
JVir. ivncn navmg
been in the fishing business for
the past 25 years, -knows his
fish and stated it will be his
pleasure to serve :, the v 'people
'Lost Colony'Vni
Opsn (to June 23
Rehearsals are under way for
the 22nd season of Paul Green's
symphonic : drama, "The 1 Lost
Colony," " which has ' been pre
sented continuously since 1937
for fQur war years-m
the erside Theatre on Roa-
"e "IB,,U
Opening night on Saturday,
I June 29, will feature observance
of the North Carolina Charter
Tercentenary with Andy Grif-
fith, TV star and alumnus of
"The Lost Colony", as special
guest The show will be pre
sented 'every night except Sun
day at 81S P. M. (EST) through
September 1. j Also, special Sun
day ' night performances are
scheduled Tune'76TTuIy"2ftAin
sikt lR 'andf Seotember' :
r r lri- '
his appearance at intermission ; ,The fishery is. scheduled to
oh opening night. . Andy played be8in Promptly at 6:00 , Pt M.,
Sir Walter Raleigh from 1949 Friday' June 21- -hd the auction
through 1953 and his Wife," Bar-,sale wiu start ar0"n 7:00 P. M.
bara, had the lead role .of Eleah- ' Auction Items,
or Dare from 1948 through 1953.' Marion Swindell,., Solicitation
i Willjam I. : Long, a- native chairman reported that he had
North Carolinian who heads the items such as negligees, lawn
Department of Dramatic Arts at furniture, silver platter; paint,
Winthrbp College, ' Rock Hill,,0"' 8a. "oral .arrangements,
S. C. has takpn ovpp ao nrn-lwater cooler, electric clocks,
durtinn Hiwrtor An . mnwpd th
late Clifton Brihoh. Long has
been a memD. of th nnmnanv
lor . 19 years and served as Tech
nical Director the last 14 years.
Summer Schedule
At Holy Trinity .
For two Sundays Holy Trinity
Episcopal Church has been on engaging in a very spirited bid
its summer schedule , and will ding, v . v v .. ,
continue "through the first Sun-j Tickets Available
day in September.. . The sched- j Anyone who has1 not purchase
'Ule consists of a -Celebration of ed a ticket for the fi3h fry may
the Holy Communion at 8 A-, M., 'do. so at the Recreation ' Lot
and Morning Prayer and sermoh, during the fsh ' fry or contact
at 10 A. M. On first Sundays at John Beers, Ticket Chairman.
10 A'. M.. there is a celebration
of Holy Community.
. Postmastjer'
J U. S. Post Office, - -'
Hertford, N. C, 27944
The new ZIP Code plan, Mr.
White said, for the firsttime
will permit the post Office De
partment . to short-cut repeated
address reading. ' , ' ,f
The address on mail ' must
Often be read as many as eight
or ten times by -postal employ -
ees, to get it to the proper des-
tination," Mr,
White said.
"Each handling slows the pro-
cess of mail dispatch, and adds'
to the opportunity "for human New Hope 3.' v ; . :
' ror. ' , Y Pony League Winfall 19, New
"Vith ZIP Code,. a clerk needs, Hope 17. " !'",,.;.
?y to glance ; at ; the -code to
1 immediately to what na
1 area,' state and post office
- latter is destined,- and ton
i it on its way, cutting up
. i hours off the time between
t fc J delivery." " .
'. ,'hii.e said that ' when
' Co."; i3 in full swing, the
-tl '. will . have; "the
i a i ii, -y i.i ex,
Hertford, Perquimans County, North
Assist Project
Vf. C. ! Strowd,-. Perquimans
County Negro Farm Agent, , re
ports that one hundred persona
are needed to assist the Peace
Corps-Heifer Project, Inc., pro
gram in Ecuador. V , .
This team of Peace Corps Vol
unteers will include specialists in
agronomy, forestry;"' horticulture,
home economics, poultry, as well
as persons with -general experi
ence in homemaking .and farm
ing. Scheduled to begin train
ing this summer they will later
join , 50 . volunteers . who , have
I been at work in Ecuador since
' October 1962. - -y '
Married couples are encourag
ea to apply lor JCCUaaor-Heiter
Project if they have no depend-
ent children., while some do
sitions call for college training '.
in agriculture there are many i
other opportunities for persons
:LTrS honakmg.ofiHigh School Observes Reunion
' For further , information on v :
this project and , other Peace I Perquimans County . High (Horace Webb, Elizabeth Byrum
Corps projects, contact County
Agent W. C. Strowd.
Fry Schcuuled To
Be Held Friday
Everything is in readiness for
the benefit fish fry and auction
sale to be held tonight (Friday)
on the Perquimans Recreation
Park grounds here.
Proceeds from the fish fry and
auction sale will go toward fur
ther development of the lot.
. Adwn i isato. -of -Uickets was
.beguq recently.; , andi.' a-f large
''number ef Perquimans. .residents
dresses, coffee table,
shoulders and hams, pictures and
an auto battery for the auction
. Cakes And Handicraft
.Several wotaen ih-4he county
are donating cakes, pies, candies
and handicraft items. Last year
the men really showed their ap-
for these items by
! Don ,N ormart, , Chairman, stat-
ed that local civic and. com
munity development clubs were
participating- in the event and
that ' all of them- had shown a
great deal of interest in. the
project. He stated that local
citizens . who : were not mem
bers of these- clubs could tup-
port their Recreation Lot by at
tendance at'v the fish , fry and
auction sale. ,
, Support Your Recreation Park-
Attend The Fish Fry And..
Auction Sale Tonlghtl ,
Lciiflrus Gtandinsrs
xCr Ltt!e League
! '- i y "
Following are the Standings of
the Little League and
Baseball League:
Little League , Winfall
.. Little League Belvidere 6,
Hertford 8. ' ' " " 1
viJ.e 15. , .
Pony League - Whiteston
Bethel 2.' ' '
19C3 r.zxT cr3
Wheat m; ' -tir.J c:r?: are
r " rpd p-' r i V-i -' " 1' nn
at t"e county ACS t s when
Boating On Perquimans River
.IL.mi imm ii . i. i i 'iniiillWMWflMiwBiwiiiwiMiiipi
Afiove is lhe 'Xinda," 22-foot
Iivan. in a sid alide Jhrouoh
Aboard, are Miss Cheryl Barton
Sullivan and John Matthews.
Class Of 1948
P '
Sohools graduation class of 1948
met here early this month in
reunion. The home, room teach
er, 'Mrs. Carroll R. Hoimes.Jwho
taught the class , her' first year
teaching the seniors, was spe
cial "guest. ; '
; Howard Broughton, ' president
of the senior class in 1948, now
an attorney at Pinehurst, ,K. C-
presided with Mrs. Peggy Cook
Webb, Who read the class pro
phecy. As each name was read
they told how much of the pro
phecy had come. true through
the years. 1 ', Each " senior., intro
duced " their wife ot husband.
Broughton , also read the ; class
superlatives and each one stood
to see-if any Changes had taken
place.';.. ..
: Jean4Hurdle Vick-read Jthe
class poem' she had "written in
n senior year, lho i um
her - senior year: Lean - Lane
the class a year following grad
uatian. ' 1 ' ;
The class secretary,- Myrtle N.
Elliott Glur, was unable to at
tend the reunion. Elizabeth and
John Ward read letters from
those who could not be. present
for the occasion. '
Forty-four members of the
graduating class ! were present,
with only nine more that could
not attend to total the 53 gradu-
ates ot the 48 ear class'
Ann Proctor Moss traveled the
fartherest to - attend, coming. was roses. An arrangement of
here from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, red roses and carnations Were
The senior with the . most child- used on the table for the ban
ren was Mildred Skinner Lamb- quet, . compliments of Howard
din, .who has seven 'children. I Broughton. ' '.
The only senior with twins (a Following the banquet and so
boy and girl) were Mr. .and Mrs. cial hour the class dismissed' by
H. B, Miller, ' The only one to taking a tour, of the new addi-
escape t marriage through the
years was Leon Elliott, - Seniors
picking class, mates for njatri -
mony were Peggy Cook and
iyirnr)iriri-i--i--ri- -T----"-""
Bills Introduced
By Archie Una
Introduced in the General As
sembly 'by Perquimans County
Representatfve .Archie T. Lane,
Sr., on May 27 Industrial devel
opment' tax authority HB; 1113
on June-tl3' was .amended in
House , to delete provision per-
I (mMing1,,. Perquimans1 (to , expend
funds from levy through private
organization. ,
' On, Friday,' June 14, passed
House.., . j
The bill was introduced by
Lane on - May 27. - "To amend
the General Statutes, relating to
industrial 'development tax elec
tions, so as to : make the same
,' vfOontlnuad on aga 8)
. ..The loan rate is 78 cents per
bushel, for oats grading Nq, 3.
The support rate was determ
ined on ithe basis of the na
tional1 average 'support price of
M inti wr htifttieL Oata for
'1963: to be eligible fon 'price
Support, must grade No. 2 or
better of No. 4 on the factor of
test i weight : only; but, otherwise
No. '3 or, better. " Oats 'meeting
these1 requirements but grading
Garlicky" Will be eligible ' for
price support loan or purchase
' agreement. '
Carolina, Friday, June
sailboat owned by Henry C. Sul-
iha. ftnantiftil P.tmiimnn. n.
oi New Bern, Jimmy and Jerry
and John Ward.
Seniors who did not altend
were Laurastine. Britton (Phil
ips), DuBois, Pa.; Maryland
Boyce, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Myrtle
N. Elliott Glur, Columbus, Neb.;
Doris Butt, Washington, D. C;
Margie Davenport Sawyer, Glen
Burnie, Md,; Leon Elliott, Wash
ington, O. C.;,. Eugene Hurdle,
Clinton, N. C; Traftan Phillips,
Hawaii; Mildred Skinner Lamb
din, Faerburn, Ga.
, Those attending weee John
and Elizabeth Ward, Lillie Rae
Chappell Askew and husbahd,
Ventrice Chappell Sawyer and
husband, Anna Faye Copeland
Stallings and husband, Willard
Copeland, Carl , Dail and wife,
Dr. Reginald .Tucker, Emmett
Elmore and wife, Eloise' Godwin
Landing and husband, Jean
HuKdle Vick and husband, Cath
erine Jordan Markham and hus
band, Leon Land, and wife, H, B.
Miller and wife, Catherine Per
ry Layden and husband, Made
lyn Phillips Long and husband,
Mary Julia Harrell Parrish and
husband, Eula Smith and hus
band, Ann Proctor Moss, Ches
ter Winslow and wife Peggy C.
Webb . and husband, Horace
Web, Howard Brouhtgonv and
wife and special guests, Mr. and
Mrs. C. R. Holmes. i
The class colors in 1943 were
red and white,:, the class flower
tian of the Perquimans County
High School. Plans were made
Jto have another reunion in five
years. ' - ' ?'
-,. r-n--r'Mw-,rV1ii-.-i-w-v-i--i- - ------"-r-
Car Fails To. Make
Curve; Total Loss
Edward Henry Richardson of
Route L .Belvidere, driving a
1955 Oldsmobile, entering tdwn
from . the Harvey Point Road
last Saturday night about 4:30
failed to make the curve" ai , the
North endv-of. Church Street,
knocked" down a half of a ' utili
ty pole jthat had been anchored
five feet., (ieep in front y of ! the
house it struck occupied by 'El
la Mae Lane, Negro, doing about
$300 damages. The car continued
on into the adjpining house oc
cupied i by . Willie Webb, .JJegro,
, Coatlnuid from Pas 6.i .
- t " . '
-The price- support- loan and 'Home Demonstration Club meet
purchase agreement rate is $1.83 'ing Tuesday, night, June 4, at
per .hundredweight for grain
sorghums grading No. 2 or bet
ter.' This rate is based on j the
national average price support
loah rate of $1.71 per hundred
weight , Grain Sorghums tfor
1963, to be eligible for. price sup-
port, must grade No. 4 and con
tain not , in excess 6f 14 per cent
moisture. Grain sorghums meet
ing these requirements but grad
ing "Sm itty" or "Mixed Grain
Sorghums" will also be eligible
for price support ' loan or pur
chase agreement, ,
21, 1963.
Guest Spsc!(er
Dr. E. L.- Spivey, director of
the Division of Missions for the
North Carolina Baptist Conven
tion, will speak at both the
morning and evening worship
services on Sunday, June 23, at
ithe. Hertford Baptist Church.
Dr. Spivey is a native of
Windsor, N. C; and a graduate
of Wake Forest College and
Southern Baptist Seminary. Af
ter graduating from college he
was principal of Wilton High '
School in Oxford, N. C. He has
held ' pastorates , in Kentucky,
South Carolina and North Caro
lina. He was a member of. the
General Board and Council of
Christian Education of the Bap
tist State- Convention. He left
the First Baptist Church in
Mooresville, N. C, to join the
convention staff in 1943 as as
sociate in promotion and mis
sions of the Baptist State Con
vention. In 1953 he was elected
Secretary' of Missions of the
Baptist State Convention. He
is married to the former Olive
Blake. They have three child
ren," Jane Earl, Lowell, Jr., and
Lydia. Dr. and Mrs. Spivey
live in Raleigh, N. C. .
The public is invited to at
tend these WQrship services at
11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M.
Banquet Planned
To Honor Indians
The Hertford Lions Club will
sponsor a banquet Thursday
aight, June 2.7. .in the Per
quimans ""County High School
Cafeteria f 7 o'clock, honoring
the merribers of . the Perquimans
Indians basaball team in recog
nition -"of their victory in win
ning the Class AA State
ball Championship.
Julian C.' "Bill" Jessup, a na
tive of Perquimans County, how
of Wilson, N. . C, president of
the Carolina ' Baseball League,
will be the guest speaker.
Proceeds ' derived from the
banquet wil!,be given the Ath
letic Fund, toward the purchas
ing of a motion picture camera
for athletic events.
Anyone interested in attend
ing the banquet are requested
to contact members of the Hertr
fnrd T.ions C!lub for tickets. This
will be a good time to meet tne j
members of your winning ball
team who hold the State AA
Baseball Championship. .
Legion Auxiliary
Officers Installed
The American Legion Auxili
ary held its June meeting in the
home 'of.,. Mrs. Elsie t Gregory
with Mrs, Maude Jones and Vera
Batten as co-hostesses. '
The meeting opened witk the
usual Auxiliary ritual. Reports
were heard 'from all committees
present. ' , '
Mrs,. Ruth Powell, president,
announced ; that two additional
girls would attend Girls State.
They are Beth Hurdle, co-sponsored
by the Durants Neck
(Continued n Po 61
Mark Thompson
4-H Club Speaker
Mark Thompson, member of
the Short Cut 4-H Club, ."was
guest speaker at the. Whiteston
the Community House. Mark
spoke on and demonstrated how
to grow a. pine forest and hew
to properly ;. thin r your forest.
The club .members enjoyed! , his
talk and ; gained much- knowl
edge on 'how to grow St pine
forest. ' " ' '
. Mrs. Ila Grey White, county
home economics agent, talked
on .how to , (prepare foods for
freezing. ,
Mrs. Russell Baker gave the
housing" leader's ' report ' on pic
Coatlutd e Ptgt l .
At Baptist Church
As State Champs
Perquimans Indians Down
Granite Falls To Capture
State A A Baseball Crown
Five Perquimans
Students Graduate
At East Carolina
Five students of East Carolina
College from Perquimans County
were among the more than 1,050
seniors and graduate students to
receive their diplomas at the
54th Commencement Exercises.
Annie Marie Riddick, with a
BS degree, of Hobbsville, was
among the 15 members of the
Class of 1963 graduated magna
cum laude.
John Broughton III received
his M.A.; M.A. in Education,
Johnny Harris Phillips; A.B.,
Pailen Ray 'Lane; B.S., Jimmie
Ralph White, Hertford; Dan
Reed Winslow, Winfall.
72 Students On
PCHS Honor Rolls
Perquimans County High
School's honor roll lists 72 stu
dents in the sixth and last grad
ing period of the current school
year. Un the honor rolls A
honor roll includes students mak
ing all A's and A-B honor roll
students making A's and B's.
A Honor Roll
.Eighth Grade Joe Haskett.
Freshman Bobby Hollowell
Sophomore-Margaret Ainsley,
Wayne Stallings, Mary Lee
Newby, Howard Robertson, Phyl
lis Nixon.
Junior Wayne Chappell.
Senior Bob Hill, Betsy Bar
bee, Kathleen I Story, Rachel
Winslow, Judy BaKef Verna Ann
Perry, Janice Stanton.
' A-B Honor Roll
Eighth Grade Jan White, Lela
Mae Long, Andy Rogers'on, Larry
Godfrey, Grant Chappell, Dc-va
Outland,- Jqyce Copeland, Philip
Graham, Jay1 Dillon.
Freshman-tjames- Lilly, Beth
Harris, Archie 'Miller, Jerry
Sophomore Billy Brown, Paul
Ward, Wayne Winslow, Wayne
Owens, Mary Barbee, Gene Per
ry, Reggie Webb, Michael Wins
low, Betty Ruth Smith, Russell
Sawyer, Judy Owens, Phyllis
Williams, Larry Stallings, Lot
Winslow, Marcia Copeland
Junior Jimmy Perry, Billy
Williams, Lois Ann Chapnell,
Sandra Jennings, Dianno McDon
nell, Norma Cartwright, Eliza
beth Ann Harrell, Susan Nixon,
Gloria Umphlett, Reggie Baker,
John Stallings, Sydney A.nn
Blanchard, Susan Cox, Gloria
Miller, Patricia Rcuntree, Joan
Green, Faye Long, Aundra Spear,
Tommy Harrell, Price Monds.
Senior Wayne Winslow, An
nette Pierce, Jimmy Bonner, Jo
Ann Hurdle, Carolyn Rogerson,
Ann Baker, Gloria Riddick, A.
C. Layden,' Eugenia Long.
Eastern Star To
Meet June 24th
The Hertford Chapter, of the
Eastern Star will meet Monday
night, June 24, at 8 o'clock in
the Masonic Lodge room in the
Perquimans : County Court
House. This will be the last meeting
of the chapter for the summer
months. The meetings will re
convene in September.
' All members are urged to attend.
Tetanus Booster Injection
Qinic Set For Friday v June 21
Free tetanus iniestion "booster
shots" are being offered at. a
clinic to be conducted today
(Friday, June 21) at the offices
of Dr. R. 'L. Poston in Winfall
and Dr. T. P. Brinn in Hertford.
The , clinic will begin at 10
A. M. and ast through the -day
jintiP 4:3:0 P. M. : , Free shots
will be given to people ;of the
county applying at either of the
"-A' regular-tetanus- immuniza
tion, clinic ' sponsored by the
5 Cents Per Copy
Local Team .Wins Two
Of Three Game Se
ries 2-0 and 3-2
The Perquimans .' Indians be
came the State AA L'-iseUill
Champions here last week after
defeating Granite Falls Hi&h
School two consecutive games
in a two out of three series.
I Coach Bobby Carter's Indians
won the series opener 2-0, led
by Jimmy Hunter's 13 strike
Out and 'two hit pitching.
1 The Indians' tallies came in
the fourth in.ning when Gf-ne
Nixon singled. Ikey. Stokely
took first when hit by a wild
pitch. John Stallings singled to
drive in Nixon. Stokely wai
thiown out at heme plate. Stal
lings scored on a single by
Wayne Winslow.
Thorenburg was the losing
pitcher for Granite . Falls.
The Indians took the second
game 3-2. Freddie Comb-; was
the winning pitcher with 10
strike outs and allowing six
Perquimans Indians .-.cored' '
their runs when Hun1-r hit a
j triple and crossed the phlc on
an error. Gene Nixon followed
with a triple. The pitcher balk
ed,, allowing Nixon to score.
Tho Indians added another
run in the sixth innmu when
Jimmy Hunter, Alvln Kirby and
Ikey Stokely singled. Hunter
scored on Stokely's single.
The North Carolina Slate
Champion Perquimans Indians
stand. 24-2 for the season. Gran
ite Falls has a season record of'
Negro Migrant
Held In Fatal
Stabbing Incident
Rosg Lee Harvev, 50-vear-old
Negro migrant worker of-Bovn-
itan Beach, 'Fla., is being held
in Mie Perquimans County jail
following the fatal stabbing of
Albert Wise, 29-year-old Negro
migrant worker from a rural
section of Delaware.
Hearing was waived at the
Tuesday session of Perquimans
Ccunty Recorder's Court and the
woman was Ordered by Judge
Charles E. Johnson to be held
for Superior Court action.
The Harvey woman is charg
ed with murder with malice
aforethought in the death of
Wise, who was stabbed by the
Harvey woman in this county
last Friday.
Wise's body was removed to
the Lowe's Funeral Home here
awaiting the location of the
man's next of kin. On Wednes
day of this week the body was
still at the home. .
, (Continued on Page 6)
Diplomas - were presented to
graduates of The College of The
Albemarle last " Friday. Com
pleting theif work 'and among
the graduating - class were
George'j White of Hertford, son
of Mr. and Mrs. George Arthur
(White, and Johnnie Everett u
Durants Neck.. 1
m m m ivviiifxi-uwTln
Parkville Ruritan Club and the
Hertford Jaycees. was Held Wed-
Jiesday, May 1" and 16. '
Individuals who received the
injections at the .clinics on May
1 and 16 may secure a third or
"booster injection" at the clinic
today. Residents are urged, 1 to
take , advantage of the free In
jections to help protect from
possible - lockjaw, commonly a.
fatal disease, i entirely-' prevent
able to those Immunised or who
need, the "booster injection." ;

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