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i ''
:rdrPerquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, July 5, 1963
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i ' '
The North" - Carolina State
f Highway CorfimLaioni Raleigh,
has made application1' fcr ap
proval of plans to - construct a
brie across Perquimans"- River
near T Ttford, approximately 0.9
. mile c? stream of the existing
..drawl 1 " ' '
i n 3 submitted show that, the
; new structure, is to be fixed
- bridge and will provide1 hori
" I zontal clearance of 55" feet and
. a vertical clearance of 33,0 feet
above .normal water level!
v As- information,. 'th ,' existing
v , 'swing bridge , at - Hertford will
i itemain in place.
4 Objections or protests' that the
proposed wortt , will adversely
-Cl ".TJSn: ZZJZ ?Z
f ' .""l' ; "r"". ""
TV . ' " u"
neiau vo luruisn -a near unaer-
? standing of the" reasons for such
trWtment of the Arm- iwrnitl'MWr kP his informed
.merely expresses 'assent's far
the public right of naviga-
ttwi are concerned. Information
frWi interested parties on M.
. h iw
tukn noviMiin. ni
.j ..-VH. T
and made a part of the record
on" the application.' However, in
cases of conflicting, property
rights the . Corps of Engineers
i caanot undertake to adjudicate
j ril claims. J , 1 ,
) ' . dbjecticns as outlined , above
. wty be received in the office of
I thefu. S. Army Corps of Engi-
neers, 308 Custom House; Wit
3 mirlgtoni N, C, until July 25,
5 1964. ' - ' '
. f v. v : t -,. -J , ' " v. '
' yCcrpMfa L C. . 1 " " '
that,, the HyrhwV'V J
use all it means arnf L.
in ' promoting highway
over the Fourth of. July ,w
... 1 . i A -.. )' s .' -., . . 'i ; " '
"We all realize that fh high
ways -will be loaded over the
week-end, - so let's do out part
in - making' the highway . safe
place to be," says Mr. ifeiggs..
' "Motorists, let's be vractlcal
5 this holiday week-end. tracti
' eal according t6 . Webster,
means skilled or experienced and
jl both are good terms to apply to
L holiday motor 'travel." For ex-
ample, the. . practical . minded
I driver will observe all the traf-
fie rtilea. he will oheV fh sneed
limits, he will ghre the right of
way to .others, he wilt pass with
extra : caution: So" members of
t the State Highway Patrot are
j urging all drivers' to- be prac
tical, really practical, (his big
1 Fourth, of July hpliday week-
i nd.
p "For the past three, yew we
1 Save net had a highway fatal-
2k iU.i ' .-.
iljf '' so lev a CCLF uu WVJ.
and . diver4
of allotment
i crops
f Tes has
i Been completed
I uimans
4 County and the las ct the no
)tices of -mesr'-c4 ' were
mailed June 23. T .cse notices
should 'be read carnally and if
adere are any' que ")- farmers
should contact the AZ.t3 office.
The' time' limit for ,rrrsUng
tiMmeasurement or disposition of
lot'.ton, peaniit "or xc or 're-
. (gntttnurement or J . 3 acre
I 1
r r
Is n
ii t from
;e t7
I c'
' .'A?;:-'-'
'Uforg-. -U
Jl CO j
h a
i r
) 1 (
- s r p -
)' L-LiUOJ.
if 8.aM4kl
By fato Group
Cecil E. Winslow of Winslow
Blanchard 'Motor Company of
Hertford, has been ' reappointed
area chairman of the North Ca
rolina Automobile Dealers As
sociation for Perquimans Coun
ty,' according to an announce
ment made by Troy Smith,
' betwecn new car
County and NCADA and the Na
tional Automobile Dealers Assb-
It -will be. Winslow's responsi-
? tete "nd ntlT a ff"
the automotive industry
W turn- ,to advise the state
national associations of
'events on the local scene. He
"wi" head a county-wide
membership campaign for both
organizations in the fall.
A graduate of East. Carolina
College, Winslow has .been af
filiated in the automotive in
dustry since 1946 and has served
as area chairman of Perquimans
'County since 1960.
Tie appointment of' Hender -
l M. Nixon to a three-year'
rro as rtiA area- committee
I ,
n is. announced by the a;
cy's county supervVorv Donald
"T. irorman. ,
. :Nixw replaee Marvin 4.
Evans. whoB'erm' ejtniredron
iuik:,0U,. .. i, ,,,, ,
"Mr. Nixon bonducts a -general
rqw crop '.'farming, opera,ion- .in
the Rocky Hpck section, ,ol Chr'
wan County. ' In addition to
eeneral - truck oteration. htl
raises corn, soybeans, and, pea
nuts. ' He 'fa well "known to Jnany
Chowan f County . farmers -and-
business ' meW. Mr.. Nixon and
his wife reside on the farm in
the Rocky Heck section.
.The area committee on which
Mr. Nhpon will serve, with Mar
vin Caddy" of New , Hope and
Herbert , L. Williams .of Behu-
dere, reviews - all , applications
recejived from Chowan and Per
quimans Counties . to ' determine
eligibility and soundness for all
types - of loans 1 made .why- the
Farmers Home Administration.
InsiCs Officers
Induotion. of officers for the
coming year and presentatiorVi
of national quality awards fea
tured the monthly , luncheon
meeting of the Northeastern
North ' Carolina Association k of
Life .Underwriters;
' ' New officers include John Bell,
IpresidentjRobert . Gordon, : first
vice president; George Meiggs,
second vice president; Xubrey
Gellop, secretary-treasurer; Roy
Stallings,! state, director; George
Jackson, national committeeman;
Charles Bennett, 1. V; Banks,
Craig Sowerby,; Francis Nixon
and R. K. Hollowell, directors. ;
;, Phil Sawyer, state president,
was the installing officer, '' .
: Quality , awards were present
ed to George Jack son for six
years; George Meiggs and
Charles' Bennett,: three 'years;
G; W. Wood, two ' years, and
, V.tcr Vmphlett 1 and Delmar
iwyr, one year,
r 1 r Eawyer
reported .on
held in
included Joe A. Vann
' n; N. ,R. Ccoeland
'". I ; s of Windsor;
Z. D.
w IC, '
I rn-
" ;ne
' 1 and
Donald Richard" Matthews, 29,
of Route 1, Hertford, reported to
Perquimans ' County Sheriff
Glenn Matthews, following 'the
finding of the .body of.Williaro
Wallace Hendricks'; of. Route 1,
Hertford, who was found lying
face down in, a ditch along: the
H!arvey Poin Road Jast' Wednes
day ' morningy that an outside
mirror was missing from his car,
which was found at the scene of
the accident' Matthews was
placed under a $5,000 bond,"
Matthews told the 'sheriff that
he wrecked ' his '. "car about a
mile and one-half from - where
Hendricks' bodj was.' found, i
! The body .of . Hendricks .was
found lying face down in a ditch
along the Harvey Point "Road on
Wednesday ; morning by Mack
White, operator of motor grad
er for the State; Highway De
partment. .' ""
State Highway Patrolman D.
R. Cumbo, who was called to. 'the
scene, said evidence Indicated
that Hendricks was walking 'east
on "the left shoulder of the road,
the same direction as the car
which hit him. . :
The patrolman stated that
Freeman Long, who lives near.
line scene, saia no. neara a noise
about' 9 o'clock: on Tuesday
night and observed a dark-colored
old model car which is be
lieved to have been the car in
volved.' Patrolman Cumbo stated an
outside mirror from the vehicle1
was found at the scene. Long
reported he saw Hendricks walfc
ing on the, road; about half, a
mile from his home. A search
was immediately ; launched for
tne aeatn car, ana a request was
I-J- M ... t...lH 1-.. J
made for anyone having any in
j formation about the accident to
Iron tart hiAn. :.!...
' ' FpUowing the, finding of,' the;
umimueo on rw a j
B. : , . .... .... ...
r" r ' re.
The ,; Perauimaiis County
tf0 i observe Jury 4th as
a hojfiflayv.Th-bqotanoblle ' wijl
not gp,on .its prout through Dur-
ans neckt mat oay ana tne n
brarv . will not l be tobehi that
"rijus'clay njght: yuf
, tJeginnlng .Mly the library
will open each morning at,. 0:30
and remain open until 5:30 P. M.
during Jhe, summer .months ex
cept for ' the 12:30-1:30 hinch
hour and the 'regular summer
closing on, Saturday afternoon.
This earlier opening, will enable
the library to conform to the
national standard of small pub
lic libraries being , , Open more
than 30 hours weak; i . ,! u
' Thii 'week, a humber - of new
books! are bein' processed for
rlrrjilatirtn " " V . M-
'Vor.adOlte, 'non' fiction titles Proves once again that with ade
includei ' The , Terrible Swift,luate cred'r d1us technical ad
Sword, ' bV Catton'; The . LoWvice on Jarming, problems, small
Couhtnes,;t' by the .editors of,iarmer5 can Peraie
Life; My Darling- Clemfntihe,
a biography of Lady Churchill,
by Fishman; Thes Ruins Are
Inhabited, by Beadle; Peace In
the fleart. by Rutledge;. .The
Pbliticiarf, by Robert Welch, and
Stamps, a guide to Your Collec
tion, by Turnei. ., f &, , . ,
- Fiction titles are: , The Far
Side of Home, a Civil War story
by. Davis; Grandmother and the
Priests - and ? he ' Late Clara
Beame, both by Taylor Cald
well; Elizabeth Appleton, " by
O'Hara, and The Tall Woman, by
Dykeman. ,' ' ,
For young, people the library
has 20 new biographies of people
famous in history, science er the
world o'f sports. Also new 'in
the library are 15 teenage career
stories and romances, ' ; 1
EniilyHu.30rt I
Chsvan Dr-n's L?:t
' One Perqui"icrJi County stu
dent; Emi!y Frf --:s I'Jrdle, has
'been n: i to t', i. ing sem
ester" T n's I ' t at Chowan
CftTWn'- F'-k It i n Jan 'iter of
Mr and Mrs. IL'irlan Hurdle of
TVlvl ' - " "- . , '
Vl s rjrdle r-aduatad from
Perqul.nans Co. y 1Z S School
where she wej a cn.' v of the
nua ici-h. 4 c: -, ,n:A,
r.s'.'f col- !, r
r 1 c' s c
a Club
v'ss al-
ta '8 i
r-c; t"e"l ,ttall
PATTERN OF COMBAT Clad in battle fatigues, members of the Foreign Legion rei
hearse a routine which they. wijl perform in a show called "Light and. Sound." The
Marseille, France, show marks the 100th anniversary of the Legionnaires of Camerone.j
Farmers Of Albemarle
Section Receive Over
$632,000 From FHA
uring 1963 fiscal year a total
- . junoim in loans to farmers
End other rural famiiies of this
area were made, by Farmers
Home Administration, Donald
w Norman, county supervise
of the agency has announced
from his office m Hertford.
i I
Of , the $632,120 loaned by
Farmers, Home Administratiori' in
the, .area during the past nscai
vear. $223,600 went to 57 farm'ci .-o v,n
era to Duy equipment, nvestocK,
Uortilirpr npctiriHpc fppH trsw -
itpr fuel and other supplies for
'farm and home. ;
v , , 1 , , -.
Fawn -ownership-loans totaling
$145,830 Pwtefe ' rnade- to nine
farmers' to; develop, or enlarge
their farms and " to; refinance
debts, i ; Private lenders advanced
all of these funds under the
Fanners Home Administration's
insured loan program. , , .
' Rural' housing loans totaling
'$187,050 . went to 17 , families to
buitd or improve houses and
service buildings' on' farms and
in rural communities.
-' During the past fiscal year
farmers of this - section repaid
over - $200,000 in , principal and
interest on loans from the Farm
ers Home Administration. A
total .of 19 farm families in the
'ar"ea completely ' repaid their
Farmers , Home Administration
loans ..this last year: , .' '"
. Mn Norman , said; - "The record
of farm . families; in the Albe
marle, section .using Farmers
Home ' Administration credit
miiy uiiQCT iuoueni ojiitiuiuiai
conditions." 1 - i
'"The family farmers is not
obsolet as( some commentators
charge. : Given access" to"the best
farming information' available
and capital to do a modern job
of farming, he is, and: will re
main Jtrle mainstay of the state's
agricultural economy." . . -
The Food and Agriculture Act
of 1962, ; signed ssby President
lennedy in. September, added a
.number of new loan authoriza
tions to the Farmers Home Ad
ministration "program; of super
Vised "credit in i the state, Mr.
Norman..' reported. , .
'Farm bperating and. ownership
loans were broadened, to include
thfe financing. of recreational en
terprises, designed' to help sup
plement farmers' incomes. One
loan of this, type in the .amount
of fllrfOO was approved in the
area. - This ' loan, was for the
purpose of providing lodging and
lining facilities for hunters and
fishermen. t ' ' 1
Small towns v and associations
I 'of farmers and other rural resi -
.ttents -now , may aiso doitow
funds to finance-changes in landnnd Miss ' Elizabeth ChappelL qf
ruse, including development of i Elizabeth City will be guest
recreational facilities, water sys-
terns; labor housing comps and
rental housing for senior citizens.
The Senior Citizens Housing
Act of , 19C2 established a Farm-
ers Home Administration . pto-
gram of loans to individuals,
Cot." iuti Fi;
S I'
. 'a '-''' ;
Mary i Beth Hurdle "'"'.a "rising"
spninr nt jPerauimans Hieh
at -.! Perquimans Hign
I onn tponaopra whn Hniipd the
. ,l i n ; . v-..tu
lourin annual, uuvetnoia : iuuui
Mary Beth Hurdle
Efjtnesa Conference, --Jor-i North ,theu-presentt academic standing
jamiina hM HAS. Alt.7C''.-8r8M??.''5'h,!'J?ta? to;
sessions of the conference were
held in Carmichael- gymnasium
at N. C. State "College, Raleigh. !
j ; The theme, for the,. two-day
I meeting was "Fitness Relatioh-
ships," After each of the three
general sessions, there were dis
cussion group meetings in which
to analyze the problems of fit
ness 'in North Carolina,. . v
. . . ... ( .
Governor Terry Sanford pre
sented awards to . Martha Jo
Chambers of Winston-Salem and
Ronnie England of Morganton
for their contribution to the
cause of youth fitness in - North
Carolina at a banquet' ending the
conference. j
The 200 delegates from high
schools i throughout the stat.e
heard the Governor say that
"physical, mental and moral fit
ness in , young ; people is ' our
greatest j bulwark against com
munism. '
He pointed out that it is "hot
enough to be a good athlete un
less you use " your : body to' de
velop other ' talents." '
"In this state," he said, 'we
have emphasized opportunities of
unequalled . excellence in getting
people ready for whatever deci
sions must be made." ' '
"America has been' challenged
to show- the world -we stand for
freedom," Sanford told the dele
gates, and a'dded, "you have a
cause for freedom here at home
in every one of your towns. You
have the.' mission of getting
ready, of staying strong." .
Church Groups To
Hold Joint Meeting
The Woman's Society of
Christian Service and the WA-
leyan Service Guild of the .First
Methodist Church will meet
jointly on Monday night, July 8
at 8 o'clock in the Fellowship
Hall" of the church.
A special . program has been
planned 1 to promote better un
derstanding of : these two or
' ganizations and how they are
co-orainaiea. mrs. veisn www
, All members
of the two .or
ganizations are urged to' attend,
,' Perquimans Lodge No. 106, Ai
F. & A: M. will meet Tuesday
' night at 8 o'clock, " ' ' ,,',
John Peri
and Alvah Price
of Mr. and Mrs.
'Monds, Jr., of 310
are attending the
Monds, son;
Riley Sidnei
Front Stre
fu-st sessio
of the Reading
Writing Improvement Program at
North Cardjina Wesyan College
at Rocky Mount.
The program , is om? of two
pretparatori programs V- funda-1
mentals inj the physical sciences
and;, reading -writing improve-
ment offefed by the college this
. . ,, , ;
.Each prdgram is especially de -
signea icr nign scnooi juniura
and seniors who wish. to. imm-ove
, . 7 ... t . . T. , '
COJiunue wiWfeigaqpp,;uivi
falL" ui; V.."
ML i.., ..,.,.',(..,.. " . . I
The programs are taught in
two .four-week sessions. The
fir$t. began June 15 snd will end'
iuly : , .12..,; .TThe second session
will begin i July 16 ' and dontimie
through .August 14. ' ' '
Although , the number of stu
dents in these programs is very
limited there are still 'a few
spaces open, in both classes, ac
cording to Ronald Sherron, di
rector of admissions at - the col
lege. He will furnish further
information upon request:
Homecoming Sunday
At Pilgrim Church
The, Bagley I Swamp Pilgrim
Church congregation will hold
its annual homecoming Sunday,.
Jury 7;. The Rev. Graham Ren
ter from' ' Salisbury, , Maryland,
will speak ' in the 11 . o'clock
mommg worship service. Spe
cial singing ill be provided by
the local congregation , v
Following ' the :( morning ser
vice, dinner wiu oe -served .in
the church yard. , '
Friends- of the church are
cordially invited to attend,
Birthdays 1
July ,8 - " -(Hertford
Town Council
Anderson Methodist Men
Margaret M. Maston
Joe R. Rogerson
Margie Corprew
Mary Anne Jranholm,
July 8 1
Rotary CluV 6:15 : ',
Wesleyan Service Guild ; '
Susannah Wesley Circle , ,
-Masonic Lodge 'tH m '
;Judy Felton-
Coleman Weob;-
July 10
Jayceei Business s M
Susan Harrell' - """ "
; Blanche Campen- ' ""T.
July 11 ' v
No birthdays
July 12 " v
Mrs. C. C. Mansfield, Jr.
Toni M. Divers :,
July 13 ..
Wayne-1 White ":"'.
July 14 . C"
Eugene Boyce '
July 15-," " r tt
Anne B. Winslow . . - . ;
Linlia .Sutjba " 1'J J"1
Wesley Nelson 5 -
j -
Two Local Boys
Attend iteming
County Commissioners
Adopt Budget Calling
For Mew $1.63 Tail Rate
On Thursday, the 27th of
June,, several members of the
Perquimans County 4-H Club at
tended District Elimination Day
at Bayboro, N. C. "The object
of this trip was to allow our
county winners
in talent and
to compete
against the winners from the
other 15 counties in the Eastern
District and to elect .new district
4-H Club officers for the next
year," states Tom Brown, assist
ant agricultural Extension agent.
Those attending District Day
from, Perquimans County were:
Harriette Williams, Nancy Mat
thews, Beth Hurdle, Judy Long,
Barbara Harrison, Peggy Am
brose, Lou Vickers, Carolyn
Long, Betty White, Breid.v By
rum, Gayle Thompson, Wanda
Winslow, Carolyn White, Kitty
Reed, Maureen Nixon, Billy Wil
liams, Tommy Harrell, Mark
Thompson, Joe Towe White, Jr.,
Steve Riddick and Charles
Perquimans County gave a
good account for itself by bring-
ing back eight blue ribbons and
four red ribbons. Those winning
blue ribbons were Judy Long
and Billy Williams, poultry dem-
onstration; Tommy "Harrell,
corn demonstration; Joe
, Towe White, Jr., peanut demon-
stration; Mark Thompson, fores-
try demonstration; Nancy Mat-I
, lcut, . imunK
Judy Long, Barbaras
numsan, .reggy
Ambrose, Lou i
Vickers and. Rrenda-Bvruni sons
and dance talent number; Betty
White,; Cayle Thompson and
anda Winslow, tap dance tal-
ent number, and Harriette Wil-
liams, girls' public speaking.
.Those winning red ribbons were
Carolyn White and Kitty Reed,
wildlife demonstration; Steve
Riddick, entomology demonstra
tion; Maureen - Nixon, electric
demonstration, ': and . Charles
Woodard, boys' public speaking.
: CenUnued oa Page 8
Class Of 1958
Holds Reunion
The class of 1958 held its fifth
year class reunion June 16 at
Perquimans High School cafe
teria with 46 present. The wel
coming speech was given by
Hazel "Skip" Matthews, class
president, , 'jh4, presided'.' The
invocation we given by Jimmy
Batts and Beth Skinner Jethro
Elimination Day
read the class history. The class , tributes of successful adult liv
rcll was called with 28 class line -- sportsmanship.'- teamwork.
members present. Each member
introduced their wife - or hus
band and . told a . little about
themselves. All in all there
were not.tpo many changes ex
cept for a few pounds added and
the families growing a- little,!
larger. .Johnnie Phillips was the
only class member to have re
ceived a master's degree.- Myrtle
Asbell Bunch and June White
Coleman had- the most children
with two each. Mable Matthews
Stallings had been- married the
longest and Otho Winslow the
shortest. Sophia Godfrey Schaef
4er traveled the fartherest, com
ing, from Washington, D. C. Mrs.
George Barbee. and Mrs. Louis
Stallings, class sponsors, were
special guests. . ,
Those attending were Ervin
Mansfield, Skip Matthews, Jake
J.Myers and wife, Marion Harrell
and , wue, lnurman . ana ivay
Matthews Whedbee, Mable Mat
thews ' Stallings and husband of
Hertford; Myrtle Asbell Bunch
and husband, Amanda Corprew
Harrell, Luther Overton,: . Billy
Hudson and wife, Thelma Quid-ley-
Divers - and J husband r -of
Portsmouth; Janice ChappeU,
Craftom, Colson, Sally Ruth
Hurdle, June White Coleman
arid, husband of Norfolk;. Jimmy
Batts fend wife Jean- Edwards
Fearing and husband ct Raleigh,'
Janet - Elliott' Bunch and hus
band, Lois Hurdle Nixon ahd
husband, Beth; Skinner Jethro of
Coatlnutd w 9qt n
The Perquimans County Board
of Commissioners meeting here
Monday adopted the budget and
tax rate' for the fiscal year
1963-64 that was tentatively ap
proved by the Board.
The Board adopted- the tenta
tive budget as presented by D.
F. Reed, Jr., County ; Accountant,
for the fiscal year 1963-64, and
. set the tentative lax rate at
$1.63 per $100 property valua
tion and ordered same to be
published and may, be found
elsewhere in this paper.
Last year's tax rate was $1.47
per $100 property valuation, thus
i me new laie is a lb-ceius i.-
t'he Perquimans 'County Civil
crease in taxes.
The Board voted to c'Lconlviue
Defense program, of which R.
Maricn Riddick is Civil Defense
director, effective July 31, 1363.
Julian C. Powell wa; reap
pointed Tax Supervisor for the
county for two years.
In establishing a four-county
.Mental Health Authority, in
cluding Camden, Chowan, Pas
quotank and Perquimans Coun
ties, a motion was passed by the
Board to include Perquimans
.County in the program. Tl-v
'appointed Dr. T. P. Brinn, Mrs.
Russell Baker, Elijah White an 1
R. L. P'pivey, members of the
larlvisory board of the Mental
Health Authority
for Pcrquim-
ns County,
The Board of Comniir-iopevs
voted to hold a special n-eeting
on Wednesday night, July 24, at
8 o'clock at its regular meeting
place in the Court House for the
purpose of .adopting the 1SIC3-64
budget and any other bu-mie
that may come before the L-jai 1
' : J
' A baseball program for boys
is' the most dynamic youth,
movement of" our : times. The
boys who participate, the adults
who contribute their services
and the parents who share the
contagious enthusiasm aU get
something out of the program.
The objective of Little League
and Pony League baseball is to
provide baseball for boys under
good leadership and the whole
some atmosphere of community
participation. The real benefits
lie both in concrete results and
in intangibles which become in-,
creasingly evident as the pro
gram develops in the community-
Little League participation
teaches a boy much more than
just how to play the game. It
acquaints him with many at-
fair play, courtesy, and 'respect
for rules. He also comes to the
realization that adequate pre
paration is necessary to excel in
any worthwhile activity and
that success usually comes to
those who work the hardest.
There ; is no official Little
League or Pony League program
iin Hertford or Perquimans
County. However, there are
some dedicated individuals few
in number who are endeavor
ing to keep a summer baseball
program going for the thirty or
more eager boys who feel along
with these ' adults that "a dia
mond ; is a boy's, best friend."
The odds . are pretty . big most
of the time becai'.se cf lack of
parent participation, lack of
public interest," lack o.f volunteer .
help and last, but not least, lack
of funds. ' .-1 - V '. . ;
Strange as it may seem, even
a small baseball program such
as exists here requires money to
operate. Balls costl$21-a dozen,
bats cost .$27 a dozen (this
equipment needs frequent re
placing) and such other items as
catcher's gear, . bases, batting
helmets, etc., 11 add up to dol-
lars ' and cents. ' This year uni
forms which add so much to
the boys'morale ani the team's
aippfcara.nce1: were imrchased.
Contributions 1 from some of the -local
merchants,. Town pf Hert- '
ford and some, xivic' clubs, have
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Littleleague And
Pony League Ball
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