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Volume XXX. Nr-iber 29:
jv Lua.wJU.uv t.jy
Perquimans County Farm 8u
ieau President - Rollo White is
urging county- farmers to apply
this year for tax refunds on
gasoline used for non-highway
purposes during the fiscal year
just ended, .
.'. "Perquimans County farmers
lost a total of $11,988 in 1981 by
not applying for gas tax re
' funds," White reported. County
, a farmers who did apply received
: a tot3r of $49,197 in refund for
gas used during 1961. , "
! .The average received per farm
during 1961 in Perquimans Coun
j ty. was $108, he said. '
- "It is a well known fact hat
. farmers are caught in a tight
; cost-price squeeze," . thef Farm
Bureau leader said. i "And5 fatav
' ers certainly . should fbe ftiore
aware of this than anyone else.
These refunds should be consid
' ered as added income. r
"It is a pity when, farmers do
not reclaim (his money simply
because v they do
trouble to apply"
not take the!
Assistance and counsel is avail
able to members again this year
: through the County Farm Bu
reau, White said. Those desir
ing help in filling out, properly
the forms should contact tbe of
i lice secretary at the Farm Bu
. reau office,.,... . 1 1 ' ' -' ' '
. Farmers who have"- applied
, previously will receive official
forms in the mail.. ' Application
. blanks are available through the
County -Farm Bureau for those
" who have . not filed 1 before.
.Members may also obtain spe
cial tax refund record books for
use during v the present fiscal
( year, i 1 A refund of ten cents" per
gallon is available -on gasofine
used for non-highway purposes
during 'the fiscal ": yW anded
June 30, 1963.. The-i,efnd iri
. eludes the 'entire four cents 'paid
'per galldp-"in federal tay , and
. six cents of the seven cents paid
- in -state otftrsinc4n- Ct'of
the state gas, tax is charged to
pay the highway bond debt it W
not refundable.,: Tax funds hot
reclaimed ;;by users;' lare chan
nelled into highway mse. ' ,J"
: : The final idate tor- application
Is September .30il96S. ' Tha N. C,
Revenue Departmerit ' will ' iidt
' accept forms postmarked after
this date. ; Invoices for gasoline
used during the fiscal year for
non-highway y purposes must ac
company the application.
; The fall ACP signup ' will be
- gin August 15 and go through
. August 31. , Any ; farmer desir
ing to carry out. a conservation
practice this, fall? may receive
cost-sharing assistance" "by mak
ing their ' request at the Per
quimans County ASCS office
during this signup- period. ASCS
provides cost-sharing'4 assistance
a under the AC -program for the
following practices; ,
Permanent Pasture or May. '
Additional ' Vegetative Cover
in Crop Rotation, i ,
i f Liming Materials ; oft Farm
land. ' - .
. Forest Tree Planting.
Farm Ponds. -1
'-' Forest Improvement, . :
' Open Ditch Drainage. . -Tile
Drainage. 7"
Winter Cover, Crops. ' ; '
All farmers are urged to de
, termine their conservation needs
( and make their request during
the signup. s
Revival Cervices At
Ecrca C-ztCa To
" A revival will be hell St Ca
res Church of ChW -t;' 2
Monday, July '23 t-,
through ; Saturday , t: ( i of
ugust. The servlctf v 1 be
( eld each evening t r r ; ' j at
3 o'clock.
The Eev. Davii E s, x 'vt
n Creswell, N. C, ' I I J t
- "elist.
. e Rev. c:.r ' i I . ':
rf Eorea C ' -.
le the s- . ' r!
i dr.inj
fullic is -r
' '.
Community1 Sing
Planned July 30
The Whiteston Community
Development will have a com
munity sing Tuesday, July 30 at
8 P. M. at the Whiteston Com
munity House,' featuring singling
groups ' from neighboring com
munities. '
1 Admission is free and home
made ice cream and cakes will
be pn sale. . .-: . - .
; The public isxordially invited
to attend.
Officers Named
; : The Snow Hill - White Hat
Home Demonstration Club met
Tuesday, July 16 at the home
of Mrs. Ralph Harrell.
"Onward, Ever Onward" was
used as the opening hymn, ac-
compamed by Mrs, Dewey
Mrs. Ralph Harrell gave the
devotional, using ; as ' her' topic
lime, ot wnicn everyone
seems to have such a small
amount. Yet each of us has the'
niWA amntini if irn itrsi i 1-1 lir
Duoget our time. , All tne mem-
bers repeated the LordV Prayer.1
Mrs. John Harrison, -president,
welcomed all guests and mem-
bers. Mrs. Paige Underwood,
assistant agent, gave the dem-
onstraticm entitled "Look, Cook, Bible College is to have a spe
Freeze Ahead." She showed c;ai service at the Bagly Swamp
how 1 to r pre-cook food, meats, " piierim rhurch Monday even-
vegetables,', breadjand desserts jng at 7:30 o'clock;" JUiy' 29th;
and have 'them ready for busy Miss McConnell is an ordained
days or when guests drop in unv minister of the x. Methodist
expected: She, also gave book- church. Many years ago," God
lets .on freezutg'. .. , ,v,laid it.on-her. heart to. start a
i The minutes of the last meet- school In the' Kentucky moun
mg ere rea,d and approved and , tains. ? God has blessed this ef
the roll balled witl. 16, mem fort ftjntr 'igreat way. .Today
'batr&rti'4h$'$tf&&r 'present. ' ;lthere ; iiare valuable,)! talented
The ' treasurer's. v "report ' ' was
'Continuad on rage Five
In Soviet Area
, faculty member in the person
- Secretary of Agriculture Or- 'of Miss Reed will also be pres
ville L, .Freeman departed last ent to speak. Everyone is . wel
Saturday ' for a ' month - long "come to attend this unusual ser-
study tour of agricultural areas
in the Soviet Union, Poland, Ru-
mania. ' Bulgaria " and Yueo -
slavia. In rhis t- official- party
were six United States Depart
ment of - Agriculture scientists
and economists- and'- - two 'staff
members who w ill Investigate
farming problems and achieve
ment ' of ' interest i to American
farmers, researchers - and ' busi
ness men. .' i t - 'K - 1 '
i Last October- the Soviet Min
istej; of Agriculture ' headed a
group of top ttussian -farm" ipol -
icv makers who studied recent
developments:, in . I.the United
States: agricultural economy, '
v The final 'leg of the secretary's
trip will take the USD A group
through the four East European
countries Poland, Rumania, Bul
garia and Yugoslavia.
Enjoys Ccf :t-put
The Hertford Business and
recently for a cook-out at the
home of' Mrs. Jack Burbage.
; Following t the supper Mrs.
Dora' Riddick, '' introdtfoed , Mrs.
Thomas ' Lee Df ' Norwich; - Eng
land,: - wife i of; the exchange
minister" at the. First Methodist
Church. In a question and an
swer discussion Mrs. gaye. a
nisiory : oi ner iowii hu . yvi y
fc'arestingly answered questions
.'out the customs ,and -practices
of her people and country. Her
asic conclusion is that people
very much alike the world.'
evor aad Cat she elt very for
tnrxte for having had the dp
jnrtunity of coming to Hertford
to live for a few weeks, f
tlrs. Ann , Young, president,
V d 0"r the short business
,5 & v .'i r .:"ntepa guests by- a fellowship to psychologist
t iiIuJ.. 3 Mrs.' L.yrtle of UNC to 'study t'..e. effects of
ams, I'rs. Pnrbara Rose and, earlier education r upon; later
r " ' "e. ' ' 'leamirj. .' , :
Hertford, Perquimans County; North
The Rev. Corbin Lee Cherry,
son of Mrs. W. C, Cherry of 217
Church Street and the late Mr.
Cherry, a graduate of Emory
University, was ordained in June
at the Methodist Conference held
in Greenville. ''
The RevV Mr. Cherry was ap
pointed to three churches in the
City Methodist Dis-
trict and serves a church at
Bath, Bethany and Pantego, N. C.
. The young minister is a grad
uate of Perquimans County
High School and graduated from
Emory University class of .1963,
where he received a Bachelor of
.Divinity decree
Special Services
. l
At yiQfrifl1 l.tllirPlI
I Hfcl llll WIIMI wis
rir. Tlia McConnell. president
0f Mt. Carmel High School and
voune" Deoble in many parts of
the world that received much of
their, training from Mt. Carmel.
The Superintendent of Public
Schools, of the State -of Kentucky
places Mt.-Carmel at the top in
it-, .quality of training'., A young
men's quprtet'will be present to
sing in this special service. A
vice to. hear from an unusual
school and college. .
1 , I .
Classes Planned
For llomamaking
A vital part of the homemak
ing program in high School is
.imrlrincr with n1iilt nnH mit Of
school youtlj in .the school corn-
imunity. i ine need, and vaiue oi
adults for continuing education
is t perhaps greater today ; than
ever before because of the rapid
changes of bur times.
Many youths 18 years old and
over who. left school early may
have an opportunity on continu
ing their education for more
satisfying family living through
adult education classes. ''.
The adult , -program j serves
young people whq are preparing
to establish homes and assume
the responsibility: of parents as
well as experienced, homemakers
who desire further education to
meet i new problems in Jiome
making. Besides , classes being
offered, the honemaklng teacher
is happy to give individual help
whenever , it is desired ,by the
adults in her community.; :.: ,
Af "present "plans are. being
made for a clothing, class ,-for be
ginners. The classes will be
held in the homemaking depart-
ment . 11,
AnnBrihnWill ;
Teach In Efbhd
Arm Brinn, daughter of Tjf.
and Mrs. T. P. Brirwt, graduated
from UNC with an AB ' degree
in elementary education - and
will teach in Efland, N. C, in a
kindergarten. 1 . -
The kindergarten is"' provided
Two Dg n Hospitalized
As Elesuk Of Shooting
Koar Hertifj)rcl IJlonday
Richard C.
22.' .Of.
rvrismouin, va., was n trujua
condition in. Norfolk .General
r...A . i
Hospital Tuesday night after a'
shooting near Hertford Monday )
night. ! Hogan was" admitted i
early Tuesday; morning with a;
Hopnn'a fathpi'-i.n-la'w- r 15
Bright, about 45, also of Ports-
mouth,, was hospitalized over-
night in Albemarle; Ho-spital for
treatment of a bullet wound in
an ear. . . ;.vv"-
Lawrence Winslow, 41, . of
Star Route, Winfall, was arrest
ed and placed in the Perquimans
C!nnntv inil rhnrppH hv Ppr-!
quimans County Sheriff Glenn . crt costs; Bernard Allen Ry
R. .Matthews with'assault with a 'a'1 a"d Seymour Retknecht, each
deadly weapon with intent to 10-25 P)us costs: L- E- Burbage,
kill. He was revised on $5,000' W plus costs; Raymond L.
bond Wednesday morning and Fulmer, Jr., Adam L. Decker
will be given a hearing next i8" Linwood L, Spencer, each
Tuesday' in Perquimans Record- 7 25 Plus costs; Fred Louis
er's Court.
Matthews said Winslow admit
ted the ' shooting and told 'him
Bright was the .intended victim.
He said Winslow was waiting
behind a tree near the driveway
with a .22 Calibre rifle when the
car containing the two Ports
mouth , biscuit ' company em
ployees and Bright's teenage son
drove into the yard. '
Winslow at once opened fire'
and shot at least six times,
Matthews, said.
Bright swung the car . around
without stopping and drove to
Hertford for help. His son was
not injured..
' Matthews said Bright had
gone to Hertford to take his wife
home as soon as he heard she
was visiting tne wmsiows.
Bright's daughter, Mrs, Hog.m
and granddaughter also were
there. -J'
Matthews1' said Bright ;, and
winslow tpld.him they had been
on unfriendly terms for some
time.' Winslow - is married'-find'
his feurchildren. i
National Award
u;Gedrge! LK. Jackson ' special
representative for the Jefferson
Standard ' Life Insurance Com
pany in Hertford and 'Elizabeth
City, has been granted: the Na
tional Quality Award from the
Jefferson Standard Life Insur
ance Company. I
'..This institutional citation is
awarded to qualifying represen
tatives in ' recognition of a su
perior : quality of life insurance
service,,-, to , the , public.-. : The
award, in the form of',a certifi
cftte , is made by the. National
Association of Life Underwrit
ers .' and the Life , .Insurance
Agency : Management Jj Associa
tion.". "'" "
Revivalln Progress
At Bagley Swamp
A series' 'of evangelistic ser
vices 'began last-Friday 'evening
at the' Bagley Swamp Pilgrim
Church. ?The. Rev. George Farah
of Des 'Moines', Iowa, is the evan
gelist. His . . messages , have -been
very "inspiring ' and" Challenging.
The crowds have been good
The services will close with
the Sunday evening service at
7:30 o'clock July 28. ':
t Service - will be held '. each
evening until then at 730 P. M.
The public is cordially invited
'to thcee special services. : '
liwi'irw - - if:'- -f n-nf , in,
Carolina, Friday, July
traffic Cases
Tam Caaaiaii ft
1 WF
traffic violations
dominated the Perquimans
. County Recorders Court docket
hcre ' Tuesday. The following
were charged with exceeding
Hie speed limit and were fined
by Judge Charles1 E. Johnson.
Randolf S. Hunter, $11 and
ros, Morton D. Finn, William C.
Rogers a.nd Lawrence P. Mc
Neice, each $6.25 plus costs;
John K. Porter and Jack D.
O'Neal $5.25 each plus costs.
John M. Benton, Jr.; charged
Continued on Page Eight
A Lucky Day
For New Hope
BECAUSE On August 14
there will be an irresistible
fragrance of that tempting and
delectable dish known as "deep
fried flounder", wafting over the
countryside of New- Hope, spon
sored by the Durante Neck
Home Demonstration Club. No
where, - but nowhere can this
piece de resistance be duplicated
for the best cooks in ther coun
ty have been persuaded to don
UheJr thef bonnets that new find
old members and their families
may partake of the nectai1 of the
sea. The happy event will take
place at Long . Beach? Estates,
The hour 6 o'clock." '
Business as usual, presided, by
the president, was discussed ) at
the July meeting' pf the club
with the added attraction of an
informative talk by Mrs. Billy
White, county agent, with ref
erence to freezing foods ahead,
a very timely subject. The club
was also very happy to welcome
Mrs. Paige Underwood back to
the fold.
The hostess, Mrs. Linwood
Godfrey, conducted the devo-
tionals and read the always
comforting and reas--ing 23rd
Psalm.; Her hospitality also sat
isfied the physical being by re
freshing July parched throats
with soothing ice cream sodas
and cakes.. The meeting was
adjourned by reading the club
Perquimans FFA
Boys At Camp
Members cf the Perquimans
FFA Chapter X are enjoying
themselves this week at the
FFA Camp at White Lake, N. C.
All the boys will participate in
the following sports: Softball,
ping pong, shuffle board, check
ers, horseshoes, ? water ball, vol
ley ball, basketball,' track events
and swimming events. All sports
are well supervised and played
strictly according to official
rules. Stunt night Friday con
cludes the program for the week.
The following boys made the
trip: Joseph ; Riddick, Thomas
Dale, i Bruce White, Paul. Smith,
Johnny ' Danchise, Don Yohn,
Jimmy Sawyer, James Pierce,
Billy .Nixon, Billy Cale, Lot
Winslow, E. L. Chappell, Archie
Miller, Pete Proctor, Gene Per
ry,., f Mike j Winslow and J. A.
Joe L. Tunnell and family ac
companied the boys, on the trip.
Howard Mathews
On Dean's List
, Howard 'Blount 1 Mathews, Jr.,
was .' recognized f by the Dean's
List released at Campbell Col
lege this week for academic ex
cellence during the spring term.
' The son of Mr. and Mrs. How
ard B. . Mathews of Route 1,
Hertford, he, was a member of
Campbell's first graduating class
of college seniors.
26, 1963.
Rev. Thomas Lee,
English Minister,
At Local Church
The Rev. Thomas Lee
Chapel Field Road Methodist 01 men Irom "eruora ana rer- j
Church, Norwich, England, whouimans County have hade an!
exchanged pulpits under the di -
rection of the World Methodist
Council, with. the Rev. Frederick
Still, pastor of the First Metho
dist Church of Hertford, arrived
recently with Mrs. Lee and is
conducting the services at the
local church.
The Rev. Mr. Lee was born
near the famous Lake District
and close to Scotland. Ho en
tered 'the ministry ' from New
castle Upon Tyne. ' His training
took him , to the college at
Hands worth in Birmingham,
England, and . from there into
many parts of England and
Wales. During his long . minis
try in South Wales he served as
. District ' Home Missiqins Secre
tary. S..',; .
: Mrs. Lee shares to-the 'hill her
husband's love for the Methodist
Church. ..She?, a graduate , of
iiity in Honours History School.
She was a teacher before her
marriage. The Kev. and Mrs.
Lee have two daughters. Both
are married. 1 v '.
The Woman's Society of Chris
tian Service and Wesleyan Ser
vice Guild of the First Metho
dist Church honored the Rev.
and Mrs. Lee at a reception on
Sunday in the Fellowship Hall
of the church.
July 23 : "
Rotary Club, 6:15
-' Masonic Lodge
1 Betty T. Swindell
July 24
Jaycee Dinner
Daly Rountree
Beverly Harris
July 25
Bethel Ruritan
.-. American Legion
'Beverly Lynn Taylor
Lina Caddy
; Richard Narron
, Bryant Woodell
July 26
Mrs. Henry C. Stokes, Jr.
'Elizabeth Reed Felton
, Mrs. 'L. D. Myers ,
Vickie Walker
Pearly Barber
Nancy Perry : "
Myrtle Williams
July 27
James White
Ann Hunter ,
Ella Mae Hurdle
Pat Haste
Leslie Thigpen'
July 28 .."
Mrs. J. W. Dillon '
...Herbert White.
; David Phillips
Willard Stallings , ,
Linda Decker
i Joel Hollowell,' Jr. , , , ..
4 Ronnie Baker
July 29
' First Meth. Official Board
5 Joe Towe White, Sr. .
j Shirley Elliott" t '
Sylvia C-. Matthews; 1
Final Feed Grain
Checks Soon Ready
Cards will be mailed t within
the next few jdays to, notify
farmers when tiieir final feed
grain i;; payments ,; are ready.
Farmers should not call at the
office ' for their, payment until
they are notified, ;
Donald Rithard fJkUhavjs
Held In Connsction With
Death VI W. Hendrftks
Exams Called For
Football Players
Perquimans County High
School football players will re
ceive their pnysical examina
tions Wednesday, August 7 at 1
P. M. .at the high school gym
nasium. I All football players must
have a physical examination,
plus the required polio and I tet-
U11UO U1IU l.vl PJ-1 V- hll-J VT 111 W I
allowed to practice.
Annual Trek To
Football km
1 or several years now a group
!annual visn to wasmngton,
,'D- c- via train from Richmond,
Va.; to attend one of the Red
skin football games.
The first year the group con
sisted of one car with six per
sons. Since that time the popu
larity of the outing has grown
so that last year over 70 from
this area attended and plans are
now' being made for 125 to at-
tend the Redskins-Giants game
which will be played on Oc-
tober 6th. The group , will have
a special air conditioned railway
car reserved for them and there
is the possibility of having a
Trailways bus take the group
to the railroad station in Rich
mond a.nd return. t
' Anyone desiring to attend this
year's outing to enjoy the game
j'""" " F
Dillon, Emory , White or Henry
C. Sullivan. The fare is only
$9.95, which includes -all trans
portation from Richmond to
Washington and return plus re-
served ,seats for" the game. The
tickets for this event will be
ordered August 1st.' ; , '
Forty-six 4-H
Clubbers At Camp
Forty-six 4-H Club members
from Perquimans County attend
ed 4-H Club Camp at Millstone
during the Week of July 8-13.
Sandra Webb, Bobby Harrell
and Johnny Caddy were recog
nized as superior 4-H campers
and were awarded certificates
by Camp Director Edward West.
The 26 girls and 20 boys were
accompanied to 4-H Camp by
Miss Carroll McDonnel. former
4-H Club member; Ed Nixon,
4-H adult leader; Mrs. Paige
Underwood, associate home
economics agent and Tom Brown,
assistant Extension agent. Dur
ing the week Perquimans Coun
ty 4-H'ers camped with Chowan,
Camden and Scotland counties,
giving the boys and girls the op
portunity of making new friends
a.nd exchanging ideas.
The entire camp was divided
into four groups, Head, Heart.
Hands and Health Five group
captains, Jennie Chambers, Car
Continued on PJ 3
Twenty Local Boy
Scouts At Camp
Twenty boys from Boy Scout
Troop No. 155 spent last week
at Camp Durant near Wake For
est. While there they had
classes on nature, wildlife, pio
neering, swimming, life .saving,
rowing and canoeing. ' '
Eight boys received the mile
swim patches, Eight the swim
ming merit badge, five the row
ing merit badge, five the canoe
ing merit . badge and one the
wildlife badge.
.The boys were : accompanied
by John Ward, assistant. Scout
master, and Dilbon, Young, Scout
Part of the money for the trip
was paid from the proceeds of
money made -from the paper
drives. , , T . . ,
The troop would like to thank
each and every one who helped
jto make this fMssible.;
Now Being Planned
5 Cents Per Copy
A Perquimans County cor
oner's jury of six men, R. 1 E.
Vickers, Howard Pitt, Bill El
liott, Cecil White, Jay Dillon
and James Wilder, held a Hert
ford service station operator over
for indictment Tuesday in the
June 25 hit and run death of
William Wallace Hendricks, 67,
a Route 1 farmer. After a two-
uui ' i- u
Richard Matthews, 29 also of
1 Route 1. Bond previously set at
$5,000 was lowered to $2,000 at
defense request. 1
Matthews will be tried during
the October 27 term of Superior
Hendricks' body was found
June 26 at 9 A. M. about 12
'hours after his death. Dr. T. P.
Brinn, coroner, reported. . Hend
ricks died instantly of multiple
skull fractures and a broken
Freeman Long, who lives near
the scene on the Harvey Point
Koad, a half mile east of Hert-
ford, testified he saw Hendricks
walking past near his home. He
had seen a car approaching
weaving down the road in the
same direction and heard a
noise that suggested the car
struck something. When ' the
car did not -'stop, however, he
. did not investigate, Long said,
He described the vehicle as of
the same body type and color as
Matthews' car.
f Highway Patrolman D. R.
Cumbo reported finding a brok
en auto mirror at - the scene.
Cumbo said it fitted the mount
ing on Matthews' car, which ran
into a ditch, later June 25, ' two
miles farther east. ; '
Matthews reported the ditch
accident the next morning but
said he did not know anything.
.about 'the mirror at the death
scene. ,
Defense Attorney W. H. Oakey
offered n,ev'dence Tuesday.
The inquest had been post
poned o allow time for physical '
evidence1 to be checked by the
FBI laboratory in Washington
but the: report still has not been
received here.
Reception Is Held
For English Couple
The Rev. : and Mrs. Thomas
Lee of. Norwich, England, who
are serving the First Methodist
Church during the summer
months, were entertained at a
reception Sunday afternoon, July
21 from 4 to 5:30 o'clock. The
reception was held in the newly
decorated Fellowship Hall cf the
church and was given by the
Woman's : Society; of Christian
Service and the Wesleyan Ser
vice Guild, . ;
Mr. and 'Mrs. J. W. Dillon and
Mr.; and Mrs. Claud, Brinn wel
comed the guests and introduced
them to the receiving line: Mrs.
J. L. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Tunnel! and the Rev. and Mrs.
Punch, cookies, sandwiches
and salted inuts were served
from a table covered with a lace
tablecloth and decorated with
silver candelabra white tapers
and mixed summer flowers. Mis.
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Couple To Celebrate
50th Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ownley
will celebrate their 50th wedding
anniversary , August 4 with a
party at the home of their son,
William Ownley, at Route 3,
Friends and. relatives are in
vited to vivit between the hours
of 3 and 5 P. M. No invitations
are being mailed. "
Mrs. Winslow ,
Colonial Winner
Mrs. George Winslow of Route
1, Hertford, Was' r' winner last
week in the Colonial Store Spell
Cash contest 'Mrs. Winslow is
the second winner In the contest
in Perquimans " County. : The
prize is $100.
Mrs. T. B. Sumner of Front
Street, Hertford, was . the iirst
1 winner in the contest.

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