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Volume XXX. Number 49.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, December 6, 1963.
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D2S f-lco&a Cdlcd FcrChristmasSed
A county-wide committee for
the constitutional amendment on
redisricting is being organized
tri Perquimans County Thursday
night, December 12, at the Mu
nicipal Building in Hertford at
7:30 o'clock, it was announced
today by .Hollo White, president
at the Perquimans County Farm
"All organizations of Perquim
ans ..County are being extended
an invitation to participate in
. this important meeting,' includ
ing the Euritan Clubs, Lions,
PTA, Chamber of .Commerce, Ro
tary Club, "Women's Business
and Professional Club, county
officials and others.
Plans are being made for the
county-wide committee to be se-
looted and in ; turn organize a
. Perquimans County rally on the
" vital, issues confronting all vot
ers of North Carolina in the
referendum to be held on Janu
ary 14. "
- ;. The issues involved do not
concern agriculture alone but
; the whole economy of Perquim-
ans ", County, stated , President
White. Many leaders of the
county feel that this is our best
opportunity to retain our proper
representation and voice in the
state government of the future.
The constitutional amendment
on redisricting provides for in-
: creasing the membership of the
Senate from 50 to 70. and re
ducing the number of Represen
tatives from 120 to 100.
.. Also being voted upon will be
a constitutional amendment on
property rights ; for J women
which calls for toe elimination
of written euosent by the hus-
' band in order -for the wife to
sell property, owned by her.'
47:3 Offer
Ccccir.-Cr 913
, Week of ; Prayer for Foreign
, Missions will be 'observed by the
Women's, .Missionary - Union- of
the Hertford Baptist Church De
cember 9-13. The services will
be . held Monday, Tuesday and
Thursday at 3:30 P. M. and
Wednesday and Friday at 7:30
P. M: , 1 '
: The theme for the week is
"Crown Ilim Lord of All." The
programs will v be as follows:
Monday afternoon, Crown Him
Lord Among the Peoples of the
Orient. . Tuesday afternoon,
Crown Him ' vLord Among the
Ptfoples of t Africa, Europe and
the ,.Hear tjEiist.' Wednesday
evening, Crown''; Him Lord of
Every Kindred Every Tribe.
Thursday afternoon, Crown Him
Lord ..Among s. the- Peoples- of
Latin America. Friday evening,
Clown Him Lord of Life. , , '
i everyone is urged to aiienu;
Reviewing Area Brochure
I ! J?
Pictured above, left to fight, are Larry Aydleit. Perquimans
Chamber of Commerce Manager William C. GlidewelL Jr., and ,
Richard S. Atkinson, Jt looking over proposed new ien-county
brochure planned to attract tourists to this section of the state.
A." L. Aylllett,. Jr., chairman
of the Tourist .and Recreation
Division of the Albemarle Area
Development Association, has
lamiounced lhat .the ten-county
brochure hoa been published and
-Is. being distributed, The 504)00
r brochures -are designed to.'Cn
' tice tourists to the Albemarle
area and to take tours through
'.. out this historic section' of North
Carolina. The brochure will be
available at the AADA annual
banquet for all the members.
Included in the brochure are
two tours of thr- Albemarle
' -ea.- They covw areas of rec
otion, history, lodging,-camp
) s, boat launching ; facilities,
Gotrd of Education
In Special Session
. - j. i .
The Perquimans County Board
of Education met in special ses
sion Monday- night in the home
of - Perquimans Superintendent
and Mrs. John T. Biggers. In
addition to all beard members,
the following were present:
Miss Thelma Elliott, Mrs.R. S.
Monds, Mr. and Mrs. -Thomas
Maston and Ike P. Perry.
Following dinner the business
meeting was presided over by
Dr. A. B. Bonner, chairman:
Interesting and informative
wcie "f
tendance counselor, Mrs. R. S.
Monds, Jr., the supervisor, Mrs.
Maston and the principals, Miss
Elliott, 'Mr. Perry and . Mr.
Maston. .-
Chairman Bonner stated that
a request for funds to employ
secretarial help at Perquimans
High i School was presented to
the Board of County Commis
sioners on 'Monday, December 2.
He had been assured by the
Commissioners that favorable ac
tion would be given at a later
meeting. , School ' officials -were
authorized to look for a quali
fied person, i
After much discussion and ex
pressing of varying .opinions
concerning the contract for class
rings in the county high schools,
a motion was made and second
ed that authority to purchase
class rings for the nigh schools
be delegated .. to the - principal
oftd that this, be ' added to the
resolution of August 19, which
reads that three or more bids be
obtained. - The.motion' carried
upon request for a vote.
GoacTss I;li3u ;
Fprpcriipiis; j
., Ike. uPeriy, principal of the
Perquimans County High School,
announced here Tuesday ; the
coaches for the school year at
the local school. . r .
Robert (Bobby) E. Carter was
named head football coach and
head1 baseball coach. :! .
Floyd "Dutch" Overton was
named girls'- basketball, poach,
track coach and, assistant foot
ball coach. '
Gilliam Underwood will coach
the boys': JV basketball and JV
fool ball. " 1
i-.a.-.i-' "';
The Hertford Grammar School
PTA will .meet Thursday night,
December 12 at 8 o'clock at the
school. . All members are' urged
to be present.. . V ,.
' The financing of the bfochure
come from each of the ten
coDniics ' represented in the
This division . has also begun
ja cultural development group
, designed to promote cultural in
Urest in the ten-county area. At
a meeting last month a number
of interested individuals repre
senting Pasquotank, Perquimans
and Camden Counties met at the
Elizabeth City Country Club' to
discuss plans for ' initiating the
cultural development- in the Al
bemarle area; This would cover
such fields as history, art, ? mu
sic,, crafts, etc. It is anticipat
ed that eventually ell of the ten
1 .,. : i
counties will be participating ta.pecembe 14U
1 Uus. movement ,..- J,
sprats 3W'J
InFirst Ten Days
First returns from Christmas
Seal letters mailed out to resi
dents. ' of ' Perquimans County
have' brought in $375.50 to the
Tuberculosis Association in the
first ten aays of the campaign
to raise funds' for tiie tubercu
losis prevention and control ac-
tivities. Although only 100 peo
ple have sent in their returns,
Billy White, Christmas Seal
chairman, said he expected 'puB-
lie response to be. even more
generous than in past years. .
The association, plans an ex
panded TB program for 1964 on
respiratory diseases: - 1 He also
urged the Perquimans citizens
that extra contributions will en
able the TB Association to con
tribute to tne X-ray unit for the
Perquimans Health SDepartment
White said that films and so
lutions to make v the "X-rays in
the Perquimans! Health '. Depart
ment are furnishod by Christ
mas Seal fundsThis is one of
the best means to find the people
with TB so that they can be
treated and cured. ,
All letters with funds may be
returned to the Christmas Seal
Post Office Box 635 in Eliza
beth City and White urged those
that plan to mail , in their con
tributions to do so early before
the Christmas rush. People are
urged to be sure that their name
remains on the letter so that
Perquimans can be filed and
credited properly. He also re
minds the people that contribu
tions are deductible' and that
78 remains in the county and
22 goes to research and pro
gram development for the bet
terment of ialL ' j
Fifteen Cases In
Recorder's Ccarti
. ' ' ' ?
V Perquimans Recorder's Court
convened hero' Tuesday with 'a
docket of 15 cases being dis
posed of during the session be
fore Judge Charles E.1 Johnson.
: Samuel Louis Phillips,1 charg
ed with failure to report an ac
cident arid reckless driving, was
given a 30-day sentence, sus
pended upon payment of $50
fine and court costs,
i Raymond V: Horn, cHarged
without having a valid, operat
or's license, was given 30 days
td be suspended upon payment
of $25 fine and costs.
Nicholas R. Perry, charged
with failure to drive on right
half of highway and without
having a valid operator's license,
was fined $25 and taxed with
the court, costs. - ,;, - v ; f
dward R.. , Saunders, charged
with , speedmg, ; Was : given 30
cta,ys. Sentence to be suspendec1
upon payment of 24 fine, costs
of fourt to come therefrom:
James H. Jordan, charged
with overheight, paid the court
cost, as , did Charlie P. Hunter
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December 6
.Doris Harrell '
Cindy Cox
- Russell Lassiter
December 7
Glenn R. Matthews
Tammy Horman
; Donna Thatch
Freddie Colson t
December 8
- Lloyd A. Lane 1
J. E.-Jones (In Memory)
Julie Boyce .
December. 9
j Joe Perry, Sr.
i Bill Crummcy
j Marjorie Lou Fields
'') Billy Ward ,
December 1QV
4 Eddie Williams
g Jackie Wai-d
: America Roberson ,.
Verna Ann perry
Margaret Lynne Ainsley
December 11 1
Joan Hobbs
5 Wayland Butler
Decemebr 12
Hazel Howell i ' -I
Kim W. Rose ' )
S Murray Dail 1
I Mrs. Ethel Nixon
December 13
Janice i Boyce ' . , , .
Van Harris . , .
. Johnny Caddy '-' '
New Industry
rtWTO . -
Shown in the above ' picture are the employees of the new
G It R Packing Plant, now operating in Perquimans County.
Reading left to right is Mrs, A. M. Godwin, Mrs. W. A. RusselL
Miss Mary Godwin, W. A, Russell and Hilda Russell.
William Alden Russell of
Route 2, Hertford, and Archie
Godwin! have been operating a
new sausage plant in Perquim
ans County now for the past
two months. The new plant is
located just outside of Winfall,
one-half mile behind the Archie
Godwin Service Station,- and
started producing 200 pounds of
link sausage per week and has
increased to 650 this week.
Mr. Russell anticipates a con
tinuous growth to eventually
reach 2,000 pounds per week.
Besides himself, four people are
employed in the production of
the sausage. The product is sold
in Perquimans, Pasquotank,
Camden, Chowan and Bertie
counties. . '
Come To Hertford
Tuesday, Dec. 10
The Hertford Fire Depart-
ment, Hertford Jaycees and tne
Perquimans County Chamber of
Commerce are jointly sponsor-'
ing -: Santa " Ctttus "t his ' season.'-' ;
A Christmas parade has been
scheduled for .next. Tuesday, De
cember 10 at 4 P. M.1 in Hert
ford. "' V -; ,,
Santa Claus will come in on a
fire truck with the parade and
will be available to the children
on . the Court House Green
shortly ffter the parade.
, Santa will also be in Hert
ford on December 14 and De
sember 21 at his headquarters
on th,e Court House Green from
2 to '4:30 P. M. to take orders
for Christmas from all good
little boys and girls.
"Jimmy Hunter, ace pitcher for
the Perquimans' Indians base
ball team last season, was acci
dentally shot in a hunting acci
dent last Saturday morning.
Hunter's foot was struck by
an accidentally discharged gun
and lost a toe that might put
h;m out? of the Perquimans In
dians' lineup ;this season.
He was taken to the Albe
marle Hospital in Elizabeth City
where he is a patient, and is
reported getting along nicely.
Special Notice To
New Subscribers
To our many new subscrib
ers who joined our subscription!
roll during 'the' recent campaign!
we wish to .advise that you will
begin receiving your paper
very shortly. , .
, In adding ' hew subscriptions
and changing, addresses of sub
scribers it takes a - little time.
Just bear with -us and you will
Ixfgin getting your -paper soon
and your subscription ' time
will run from the first issue
you receive- and not the date
you subscribed.
limmy Hunter Is
Shot in Accident
Old Santa came once on a pre-Christmas visit v
To give one small family a pleasure exquisite
He'd left Off his uniform, bright crimson and white,
To don later, on Christmas Eve night : .
The children sat round, their eyes open wide, -
While Santa tossed greetings from side to side.
"Have you been a good boy?" he asked each small tot,
And of course they said "Yes," past misdeeds forgot.
, Then, alter promises and kind words galore,
,' He bade them farewell and was out the door. '
"With long-drawn breath aaidilone little (tyke,
"Why Daddy and Santa have suits Just alike." , '. '
..-..- " --D, T, R.
Jn Perquimans
t -J--,-- . , t n
Mr Russell, who is also in
the egg producing business,
along with the Perquimans
Chamber of Commerce and the
Department of Conservation and
Development, are working to
wards the expansion of his egg
bu.'incss in the county also. It
is anticipated that the home
office, along with a new build
ing housing the operation, will
be moved from its present of
fices in Elizabeth City and- New
Hope to a single unit near the
New Hope operation. The egg
operation now employs six peo
ple and handles . 1,000 to 1,530
dozen crates per week. These
eggs are sold to major stores
from Eastern North Carolina to
Maryland and in both North and
South Carolina.-:
State College
Has First Meeting
On Saturday, ' November 23,
the "Ladies From Perquimans"
met at the Stale College Fac
ulty Club for, a lovely lunch
eon. ' This Was" the' 'first' of such
luncheons and it is the hope of
the group that this- may become
an annual affair. Mrs. . Jack
Porter served as hostess for the
program. Mrs. Hubert P. Dale
and Mrs. R. H. Stephenson, Jr:,
worked hard to locate each - of
the ladies and to send attrac
tive letters of invitation to each.
.Those attending were as fol
lows: Mrs. R. C. Glover (Bcr
nice White) and her mother,
Continued on Page Five .
Ownley Graduates
At Purina School
James Ownley of the Albe
marle Chemical Company, was
graduated i from a special tsales
and service school held at the
Ralston Purina' Conip'any' Re
search Farm in St. Louis,
Missouri. :, ; !-
: Ownley spent six days with
key Purina research men and
learned about latest develop
ments in livestock and poultry
Senator P. O. Midgetl, Jr., of
Engelhard has announced ' the
names of all Coastal History
land Association Committee
members and the committee
chairmen to serve during 1963-64.
Representing this area is Mrs.
tAicille Winslow, vice president
of the Executive Committee,
Claude Brinn and 'Mrs. Lucille
Winslow, Planning and Projects
Committee. Attractions and Ac
commodations, George Attix of
Elizabeth City and W. A. White
of Hertford.- - v ;
The regular meeting of the
Hertford Chapter of Eastern Star
will be held Monday night, De
cember 9, at 8 o'clock in the
Lodge Room in Perquimans
County Court House.
Faculty dub
ggg iQ ' j
Concert Dec. 8th
, The Perquimans County High
School Glee Club will present
its annual Christmas concert
Sunday, December, 8, at 4 P. M.,
at the high school. The prelude
of familiar carols will begin at
3:45 P. M.
The program consists of the
anthems "Allelulia, Christ Is
Born," "It Came Upon the Mid
night Clear" and "Break Forth
Into Joy." The Christmas
hymns "Watchman, Tell Us of
the Night" and "O Come, O
Ccme Immanuel" will make up
a portion of the Christmas story
told in Scripture and song.
Linda Sutton and Pam Perry
are the soloists for Part II.
Part III will include carols of
many lands. 'Carolyn Paige
Long is the Glee Club accom
panist. The public is cordially invited
to attend 'this service of music
and praise.
Cotton Allotment
Notices of individual farm
acreage allotments for the 1964
upland cotton crop are now be
ing mailed to farmers in Per
quimans County, according io
George Bellmon, Perquimans
County ASCS office manager,
lie pointed out that any ques
tions about the allotments should
be taken up immediately with
the ASCS County Committee.
Mr. Bellmon declared that the
intention is to let farmers know
how the allotment program will
affect their farms well in ad
vance of the December : 10 ref
erendum on marketing quotas
for the, 1964 upland cotton crop
The law requires a" favorable j
vote by at least two-thirds ol
lhev growers voting in order to
teep . marketing quotas in ef
fect: Growers eligible lo vote are
all .those farmers who engaged
in the production of upland cot
ton in 1963. -
Perquimans County received
an, 'allotment of 1,185.0 acres for
distribution to growers in pro-1
ducing their 1964 upland cotton j
crop. This represented the,
county's share of the national)
allotment acreage of 16,200,000
acres, including a national re-'
serve of 200,000 acres.
Perquimans List
The Perquimans County Board
of Commissioners met here
Monday morning in their De
cember meeting. R. L. Spivey,
chairman presided, with Com
missioners W. W. . Bundy, W.
Savage Jolliff, Riley S. Monds,
Jr., and Thomas D. Nixon.
The board appointed the fol
lowing list takers and crop re
port listers for 1964: Mrs. Elton
Laydcn, Belvidere Township; T.
Julian Long, Bethel Township;
Percy Rogerson, Hertford Town
ship; Melvin Eure, New Hope
Township, and Mrs. Belle Proc
tor, Parkville Township.
' The board voted to hold a
special meeting on Monday, De
cember 16 at 10 o'clock A. M.
to instruct the tax list takers of
their duties for listing 1964
taxes, and any other business
which may come before the
Mrs: W. II. Pitt and Mrs.
Jesse Lee Harris, members of
the Librarry Board, were reap
pointed for another term by the
Commissioners. ' '
The board approved the peti
tion submitted by C. M. Bundy
requesting the addittion to the
state maintained road system of
Bundy Drive and part of Rus
sell Drive, approximately seven
tenths of a mile located in Park
ville Township. -
By request Of the State High
way Commission, the board ap
proved the abandonment and
deletion from State Highway
Secondary Road System the fol
lowing roads and streets:. Sun
set Drive as it is now in the
extended ' town limits of Hert
ford. Major Loomis Road, old
Winfall School Road, River
Street and Albemarle Chemical
Company, as they are now in
the extended town limits of
Takers Appointed
Polling Places Announced
For Cotton Quota Election
Tuesday, December 10th
Dies Wednesday
Mrs. Julia Mun-den While
Miller, 73, of Route 3, Hert
ford, died Wednesday forning at
1 o'clock in the Albemarle Hos
pital. A lifelong resident of
Perquimans County, she was the
widow of John Kelly Miller and
daughter of the late James and
Mafic Overman White. She
was a member of the Oak Grove
Methodist Church.
Surviving are live daughters,
Mrrs. Elizabeth Matthews of
West Palm Beach, Fla., Mrs.
Edna Cartwright of Prove,
Utah, Mrs. Myrtle Riddick of
Aydleit, Mrs. Matlie Banks of
Elizabeth City and Mrs. Gaynell
Gregory of Houte 3, Hertford;
three sons, John Henry Miller
of Portsmouth, Robert Britton
Miller of the USAF in Texas
and John Kelly Miller, Jr.,
USAF in England; one sister,
Mrs. Murdcn Stokley of Route
3, Hertford; three brothers, Dan
White of Grimesland, N. C, J.
Kelly White and W. W. White,
both of Hertford; 20 grand
children and 13 great grand
children. Funeral services will be held
Sunday iat 2 o'clock in the
chapel of the Swindell Funeral
Home by the Rev. C. P. Pierce,
pastor of the Oak Grove Metho
dist Churoh. Burial will be in
Cedarwood Cemetery.
The family will be at the
home of Mrs. Hersey Earl Greg
ory, Route 3, Hertford.
Postmaster W. W. "Bill"
Whii. of the Hertford Post
Office is preparing for an
other big Christmas season
and has announced that the
local Post Office will remain
open extra hours during the
holiday season.
The Hertford Post Office
will start on December 14
by remaining open from
8:30 until 5 P. M. Begin
ning on Monday, December
16 the Post Office will be
open each . day through Fri
day, December 20 from 8:30
until 6 P. M. daily.
On Saturday,' December
21 hours will be from 8:30
until 5 P. M. and on De
cember 23 and 24 from 8:30
until 5 P. M.
Mr. White stated the regu
lar schedule of the Post
Office, 8:30 until 5 o'clock
will be Tesumed on Thurs
day, December 26.
The Hertford Town Board will
meet Monday night at 7:30
fo'clock in the Hertford 'Munici
pal Building.
Rat Feeding
Left to right rear: G. N
Reid, chairman; J. A. Dempsey,
principal... Seated, left to right:
Miss D. N. Jennings, ' H. E.
Daughtry, Mrs. T. E. Ebron, Mrs.
J. S. Thompson and T. E. Bolden.
Omitted is Mrs. Lula Newby.
The purpose of the demonstra
tion is to develop an apprecia
tion for the value and use of
,milk in the diet. There are five
sets of the rats to be distri
Polling places where Per
quimans County farmers may
cast ballots in the referendum -on
marketing quotas for the
1964 upla.nd cotton crop were
announced this week by George
Bellmon, Perquimans County
ASCS office manager. The ref
erendum will be held Tuesday,
December 10.
The polling places are located
as follows:
Belvidere Community Charles
Lay den's store.
Bethel Community Lawrence
Corprew's store.
Hertford Community Agri
cultural Building.
New Hope Community R.
W. Tumor's store and Ervin A.
Turner's store.
Nicanor Community "Wink"
Winslow's store.
Parkville Community Fred
Winslow's store:
Polls will open from 7 A. M.
to 7 P. M.
Bellmon explained that every
effort has been made to inform
farmers fully about the allotment-quota
program, so that the
outcome of the referendum may
represent the considered opin
ion of all the voters. Farmers
eligible to cast ballots are all
those who engaged in the pro
duction of the upland cotton
crop in 1963. Approval by at
least two-thirds of the growers
voting is necessary if the quo
tas are to go into effect for the
1964 crop. '
Issues 'to be decided in the
December 10 referendum are (1)
quotas or no quotas, and (2) the
level of price support to be
available for . the 1964 upland
cotton crop. 1
If the vote is favorable, quo
tas will be in effect for the
crop with penalties --on' .any
"excess" cotton produced on a
farm, and . price support to
growers who comply with their
farm allotments will be avail
able at a level of from 65 to
90 per cent of parity.
If the vote is not favorable,
there will be no quotas or pen
alties applicable to the 1964 up
land cotton crop, and price sup
port to cooperalors will be at 50
per cent of parity, as directed
by law.
Growers who nave any ques
tions about their eligibility o
vote are urged to get in touch
With the ASCS county office:
Over $1,000 Given
Scoreboard Fund
Donations to the Woodard
Memorial Scoreboard Fund are
being received at a very rapid
rate. Approximately $1,100 has
been collected to date without
The public is reminded that
donation is on a voluntary basis
and any contribution may be
made to any member of a civic
club or school teacher: .
buted throughout the school
Half of the rats are on a milk
diet , jnd the. other half is on a
bread and Soft drink diet .
These are Albina rats. They
came from Charles River Breed
ing Laboratories, ; Brookline,'
Mass. ',v The white rats were se
lected for the demonstration be-
cause they respond to the effect
of milk human beings,
stated Mrs. M, B, Taylor, Home
Economics Extensioa Asent, !
- r Jr

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