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Volume XXXIV No. 40
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Thursday, Oct. 5th, 1967
10 Cents Per Copy
PTA Subscription Drive
Of PerquimansWeekly
Parent . Teacher Association
members of the Hertford Gram,
mar School, Central Grammar
School and Perquimans Union
School opened their annual drive
for Perquimans Weekly sum
script tons Here Monday October
".na, ana will commue tnrougu
October 81.
1 Mrs. Preston Divers will head
I ' lln 4 It A MAmnnlfm In Uftl4lMf( eVkta
the Hertford- Grammar School
1 PTA, and Mrs. Jake White Jr.,
for the Hertford Grammar School
PTA during the drive. At Cen. '
tral Grammar School Mr. and -Mrs.
Clinton Wlnslow are In
charge of the drive.
The annual project to raise
funds is conducted by the PTA's
of the schools mentioned each
year. They began Monday acting
again as subscription agents for
The Perquimans Weekly.
The PTA groups will solicit
new and renewal subscriptions
to The Weekly during the cam
paign, receiving a generous
commission. This is your op
portunity to help fill up the
PTA's treasury of your choice
during the subscription cam.
; palgn.
The Perquimans Weekly urges
all persons who now subscribe
to the paper, to check their sub.
scrlption, If It is out, to renew
during this drive In order that
you may not miss receiving your
paper, and to help bolster your
PTA's during the drive;
Again we urge you to give your
name and address when renewing
your paper, just as you have been
receiving It. If you send someone
the paper out of town, please In
' dude the Zip Code, we must
have it to assure that those per
sons receive the paper, and too
it is required by the Post Of.
flee Department.
White Cane Drive
Is Underway
1 The Hertford Lions Club will
launch its White Cane Drive
Friday, October 6th.
When you join the White Cane
Drive your dollars turn Into
these services
Medical Eye Clinics '
The Visual Aids Clinic
The N. C. Eye Bank
The Research Laboratory for
Experimental Ocular
Pathology '
StateWlde Glaucoma
Detection Clinics
Prevention of Blindness
Educational Materials
, White Cane Walking Sticks
Many Other Services
, . Lion President Will Simmer
son and White Cane Chairman
C. C. Walters attended the White
Cane Workshop in Willlamston
Mi Santamhar ITth At thla mast
ing it W8S learned that 50 perp""'
cent of Blind cases can now be
cured. This Is possible because
of research, and the eye Bank
operated by the Association for
the blind, supported by funds
from the White cane Drive. State,
wide the Association has 63,000
, Eye Wills.
Don't miss this opportunity to
support a cause that has helped
so many. The Lions will be
calling on YOU.
Local Family Receives Check
. 1.
T The Louis Stallings family of
.'oute 1, Belvldere, were recent.
?f presented a check from the
i - erlcan Red Cross for dam.
j sustained when two dsrent
: 1 m toes struck their property
r - 'y. presenting the checi
t I-rs. Nasan Ewyer, Per.
s County Chapter Chair.
1 tor-"'! t
During Oct.
Youth Promoted
In Marine Corps
i ,
V .
Lieutenant E. Trafton Phillips
Jr., U. S. Marine Corps, was
recently promoted from Second
to First Lieutenant, at Marine
Corps Air Station, Beaufort,
South Carolina. He is Assistant
Provost Marshal (Military Po.
lice) at the Air Station, and is the
son or Mr. and Mrs. E, T.
Phillips sr., of Route 1. HerU
prd. ;..
High School PTA
To Hold Meeting
The Perquimans County High
School PTA will hold its first
meeting of the 1967.68 school
year on Thursday night, Oct. 5,
it7 at s o'clock.
Pi Chapter Holds
Nags Head Meet
PI Chapter of Delta Kappa
Gamma Society held Its Fall
meeting at the Carolinian Hotel
In Nags Head, with the Dare
County members as hostesses.
Preceding the business ses
sion, an initiation ceremony was
meld at which time the following
new members were welcomed!
IDr. 1st Costen Grant, as an hon
orary memoeri Mrs, Eva Jack
son White, as an associate mem-
ber; and as regular members,
Miss Carrie R. Collins,
Mrs. Wllma Phillips Griffin,
Mrs. Christine BowenMangum,
Mrs. Helen Haynes Matthews,
Miss Evelyn Arlene Manning,
Miss Anna B. Pr 1 vott, Mr s. M ay.
wood Modlln Scarborough, Mrs.
Sue Todd, Mrs. Mary Creole
White, and Mrs. Edith Dowdy
Mrs. Margaret Maston, pres
ident, presided over the busi
ness meeting.
Mrs. Pauline Cllnkscalesgave
a study of the Lord's prayer as
the devotional. -
The program was given by
Miss Minnie Hollowell. The
theme, - The Nurture of Crea.
tivlty. 'A Bridging Program
Daring and Dreaming".
neighbors, were rebuilt, only to
be destroyed again by another
tornado several days later. Mr.
Stallings suffered 4 heart at.
tack at the time of the first one
and was hospitalized for several
In presenting the check to Mrs.
StaiBwt, Mrs. sawyer stated
. t t ,'s c!-rck was a gJt
' " " " n ri -'Tien p '
' to c - -
I. ; -f -K
White's Dress
Shoppe To Have
Models In Show
Mrs. Eleanor White Bass, own.
er of White's Dress shoppe, an.
nounced this week that her dress
shop will have the following
models, Miss Hattle Nowell of
Norfolk, Vs., Mrs. Edison
(Hazel) Harris and Mrs. Robert
(Polly) L. Hollowell of Hertford,
modeling clothes from White's
Dress Shoppe, In the Fashion
Show, Oct. S in the S. L. Sheep
Auditorium, at 8 o'clock.
The show is sponsored by the
Junior Woman's Club of Eliza.
both City.
Craftsman's Tour
Set October 16th
Eighteen persons have signed
up for the Craftsman's Tour,
the highlight of which will be the
Craftsman's Fair of the South,
era Highlands at Gatllnburg, Ten.
The group will leave Eliza
beth City early October 16 and
visit at Straw valley Craft
Center on their way to Gatlln
burg, Tennessee, where they will
spend the night. The second day
will be spent at the Craftsman's
Fair at Gatllnburg and visiting
other craft shops ,ln the area.
On October 18 the group will
start back and visit the Highland
Guild and Craft Center at Ashe.
The entire 3-day trip will only
cost $38.00 according to Mrs.
T. P. Brinn of Hertford, who Is
chairman of the Tour Arrange
Those persons wishing to go
should advise Ben Hill, Presi
dent of the Albemarle Crafts
man's Guild, at the College Of
the Albemarle, Elizabeth City,
Hill said first choice would be
given to guild members and their
friends who wish to go with them,
and then the bus will be filled
with other persons who wish to
take the trip. At this late date,
Hill said, the $38.00 per per
son should be mailed with the
Mrs, Brinn said, "We are
looking forward to the fellowship
.with other -craftsmen on the trip
and broadening our Ideas' on our
particular craft by watching
other, more experienced, crafts
men at tneir traoe. Ana in aa
dltlon to this we will have the
pleasure of seeing the mountains
in full color. This alone would
be worth the trip."
Area Girls Serve
As ECU Officers
Former College Of the Albe
marle students have been select,
ed to serve as officers of their
dormitory. Woman's Hall, at
East Carolina University for the
coming year. The officers areas
follows: President, Miss Pa
tricia Berry, daughter of Mr, and
Mrs. Allen Berry of Weeksvllle;
Vice President, Miss Constance
Lilly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Sawyer of Old Trap;
Secretary, Miss Harrlette Wil
liams of Hertford; Treasurer,
Miss Carolyn Paige Long, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Long
of Hertford; Hall Proctor, Miss
Diane Chory, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. s. A. Chory of Elizabeth
Beck Is Chowan
College Bravette
Alleen Beck of Hertford has
been selected to perform with
the Bravettes, Chowan College's
precision marching and drill
team, this year.
Pep squads chosen for Chowan
College's 1967.68 school year
are adding 32 colorful per
formers to scenes Of athletic
events, parades, and pageants.
Alleen is the daughter 01 Mrs
W. F. Tarklngton of Hertford,
and is a 1967 graduate of Per.
qulmans County ' High School.
where she was a member of the
Perquimans County Marching
Unit for several years.
Beta Club And Student
Council Sponsor Supper
The Beta Club and the Student
Council are sponsoring a supper
Friday night, October 6, to be
held in the high school cafeteria.
On sale will be hot dogs, ham
burgers, french fries and cold
drinks. The supper will be serv
ed from 8:30 to 8:00 pjn.
Please attend the supper and
support these clubs. No waiting
inline. -
LUTON. England (UPlW
Charles cans was sentenced to
one mon:h in rul for stealing an
alarm clack from a local
dT"rTj store. He was
w -I if -n the alarm west
i t e c'- was In t'z
-I , - f. "nJr Jt I
1 nnmin -r--
Pictured above with Bob Consldine, National Associate Cru
sade Chairman, are two ladles from Hertford, Mrs. D. M.
Jackson, Perquimans County Crusade Chairman, (left), and
Miss Thelma Elliott, president of the Perquimans County
Unit of the American Cancer society, (right). The picture
was taken at the recent State Klck.Qff Meetlngheld in Raleigh.
Cancer Warning Signals
Act As Radar For Body
If every American knew and
acted promptly on Cancer's
Warning signals thousands of
lives could be saved and untold
suffering prevented each year
from cancer, according to the
American Cancer Society.
Years of experience have de
veloped evidence that these warn
lng signals are part of the body's
early warning system a radar
that signals the presence of
disease. If any signal appears,
and persists for more than two
weeks, it should be brought to the
attention of a doctor even If there
Is no pain. He can determine what
it means. Chances are It Is not
cancer. Or, it may be a pre
cancerous condition which can
be easily removed and cancer
However, if the signal should
be a symptom of cancer, the
patient has a much better chance
of survival and cure if he heeds
the Warning Signal than if he
Ignores it.
This Is based on the fact that
cancer Is among the most cur.
able of the major killing
diseases If it Is found early,
and treated promptly and proper,
ly. :
However, the patient's re
sponslblllty for his own health
does not end with the Warning
Signals. Cancer is often a "silent
disease" and does not always
give a warning of its presence.
Thus, a patient has a .better
chance of avoiding the- disease
by not only knowing the Warning
Signals, but by having an annual
physical checkup.
Through such checkups, many
cancers can be found in their
early stages even If the patient
has noticed no symptoms. For
A Look Backward
plans for this week were swing
lng into the final stretch In
preparation for the opening Mon.
day of the county's first major
slx-day festival. The exhibit tent,
larger tnan was first thought
necessary, is being erected on
the Fair Ground on the Municipal
parking lot on Market and Front
Streets (now in 1967 three beautl.
ful homes are located on the old
lot formally used for the County
Fair, they are Attorney and Mrs.
W. H. Oakey's home, Mrs. J. H.
Newbold and the Henry Griffins.)
A mysterious blaze, discovered
Friday night by a guest In the
Hotel Hertford, was squelched
before it could do more than
slightly damage it storeage shed
behind the hotel. tj
CONTEST: Sybil Layden Is nam
ed Miss Hertford, Nita Newbold
wins Miss Perquimans title.
Beauty queens named at the State
Theatre Beauty Contests last
Thursday and Friday nights and
thereby entitled to try-outs for
"Miss North Carolina" at some
later date In Blowing Rock, N.C.
and subsequent screen tests,
were Miss Sybil Layden as Miss
Hertford, and Miss NitaNewbold
as Miss Perquimans County.
Miss Nonle Lou Lane as the
"Junior Queen". Called back by
f 1 1 i s-c"'-stionson
example, the Pap test can de-l
tect cancer of the uterus before!
the symptom of bleeding. A
"procto" examination of the
rectum and lower bowel can find
cancers when they are still very
Thus, the best insurance!
against cancer Is see your
doctor regularly and learn Can.
cer's Warning Signals.
4 Unusual bleeding or
I dliehirfi
2 A lump or thickening In
the breast or elsewhere
Q A lore that dots not heel
4 Change In bowel or
blidder Dibits
lj Hoarseness or cough
6 Indigestion or difficulty
in swallowing
Changs In 1 wart or mole
These signals do not usually
mean cancer, but they are
warnings; If one lasts mora
than two weeks, It Is
important to go to your
the first night, were the winner
Miss Layden. Miss, Ruth Hoi.
lowell, and Miss Polly Tucker.
Called back on the second night
were Miss Nit a Newbold, Miss
Margaret Whedbee and Miss
Esther Ward. Mayor V. N.Dard.
en crowned the queens each night
and Manager B. L. Glbbs pinned
on the ribbons. -
TION: J. H. Tose and w. w.
pill) White, namesakes of the
Joe and Bill Service Station has
recently been moved to elaborate
new buildings on Dobb Street.
Mr. Towe is the agent for Sin
clair products which the new ser
vice station handles. Both men
are members of the Hertford
Lions Club which sponsors the
Perquimans County Fair, open,
lng next week In Hertford.
Editor Undergoes
Minor Surgery
Mrs. Virginia W, TranseauJ
editor ot The Perquimans week
ly, underwent minor surgery last
week in Wlnston-Salenw
She reports that she Is feeling
much better and as soon as she
regains her strength, shell be
back at her desk. -Mrs.
Transeau Is at the home
of her brother and slster-ln-law
in Boonevllle, and hopes to re
turn home during the week. .
Sunday October 8t h
Is Big Day For P.P.K
More than 60 boys 8 through
13 years of age are eagerly
waiting the opening gun at 2:00
a.m., on Sunday, when the 1967
Perquimans County Punt, Pass
and Kick Competition gets under
The public Is invited to watch
these young entrants punt, pass
and place.klck their way toward
one of the eighteen handsome
trophies awarded by Wlnslow
Blanchard Motors, to first, sec
ond and third place finishers In
each age group. The Perquimans
County Area competitions are be.
lng held at Perquimans County
High School Football Field.
These Perquimans County
Area competitors wlH be testing
their football skills at the same
time as thousands of others their
age compete throughout the coun
try. Local first place winners
will go on to Zone competitions
and then, hopefully, to District,
Area and Division contests on the
way to the National Finals.
Top performers In each com
petition receive suitable trophies
and runner-up certificates, with
Area winners competing In NFL
stadiums with their dads in at
tendance and Division winners
going on a "Tour of Champions"
with both mother and dad. The
"Tour of Champions" begins in
Washington, D. C, and is cli
maxed by the appearance of the
fnwiuii wiiuma ill jvii-uui,
Florida's Orange Bowl during the
NFL Play-off Game on January
7th, for the National finale, which
will be televised nationally.
The "Tour of Champions'
to the national finals Is an all
expense paid trip for participants
and parents by the Ford Dealers
Pass and Kick with the National
Football League. 1
"It's sure to be a great event,"
said Cecil E. Wlnslow. "The boys
have had some great preparation
ESEA Personnel
and Secondary Education Act
(ESEA) personnel from 28 East
ern North Carolina counties met
at East Carolina university re
cently for talks on problems
of getting school started again
and how to best use teacher
They attended morning and
afternoon panel discussions of
the first ESEA school directors
seminar sponsored by the Uni
versity School of Education.
Three ESEA directors In the
morning panel discussion out
lined "Problems of the Fall."
One of the panelists, Raymond
Robertson Jr. of Martin Coun
ty, said: "ESEA is a great boost
to our educational system; we
must make lt work."
Another, Philip L. Beaman
of Wilson, maintained that "one
of the major problems facing
ESEA Is related to the neces
sity for communicating the pro-
i gram In terms of its objectives
and limitations to those in
Appearing with Robertson and
Beaman on the panel was Jamie
Keeter of Pitt County.
On the afternoon panel, four
more ESEA directors discussed
"Teacher Aides." They were
Jlmmle Armstrong, Rocky
Mount; Mrs. Sally Ingram, Dup
lin County; W. Loys May, On
slow County; and James EakerJ
Wilson County.
Moderator was Dr. Ralph
Brlmley, professor In the ECU
School of Education and con.
ductor of the seminar.
R. Marlon Riddlck, ElemenJ
tary and and Secondary Edu
cation Act Director, of HerU
ford attended the seminar.
Bloodmobile Visit
Here Successful
The Bloodmobile visit to Per.
qulmans County was, while not
wholly successful, more gratify,
lng than lt had been in the last
two years. Donors numbered 63,!
up from 38 last June. Quota was
75. v
Union High . School students
responded enthusiastically with
24 donors from the senior class.
With more and more medical
treatments and methods requlr.
ed, blood becomes more com.
pies, and the fantastic drain of I
human blood needed for Amerk
can troops in Vietnam, Per.
qulmans County Inhabitants can
thank their neighbors who ones
again have Insured a supply for
any family who is forced through
illness to avail themselves of this
all important service ot thel
American Red Cross. ,
for the competition and are
looking forward to the contest.
It wouldn't surprise me in the
least to have some boys from
Perquimans County go on to Dls
trlct and Area events, even the
National Finals at Miami."
Mr. Wlnslow reported that
members of his committee have
been busy preparing the Football
Field, for the competition on Oct.
Perquimans Historical
Society Visits M 0 A ,
Lt. Gov. To Speak
At Club Meeting
Lt. Gov. Robert W. (Bob) Scott
from Haw River, N. C. has
accepted an invitation to speak
to the Albemarle Schoolmasters
Club on Monday, October 9th at
6:30 p.m. at Perquimans High
School Cafeteria,
C. C. Walters, president of
the Albemarle Schoolmasters
Club and Superintendent of
Perquimans County Schools
made the announcement that Lt.
Bob Scott had accepted the In.
vltatlon to speak.
Pvt. ErvinW. Fields
Completes Training
FT. POLK, La. - Army Pri
vate Ervln W, Fields, 20, whose
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
M. Fields, and wife, Cherry,
live on Crescent Drive, Hert
ford, N.C. completed nine weeks
of advanced Infantry training
Sept. 29 at Ft. Polk, La. His
last week of training was spent
in guerrilla warfare exercised.
During his guerrilla training,
he lived under simulated Viet
nam conditions for five days,
fighting off night attacks and
conducting- raids on "enemy"
villages. He was taught methods
of removing booby traps, setting
ambushes and avoiding enemy
Ohter specialized training in
cluded small unit tactics, map
readine. land mine warfare.
communications, and firing the
M-14 rifle, M-6U macrunegun
and the 3.5-inch rocket launcher.
Class Officers
Are Elected
On Monday, October 2, the
Senior Class of P.C.H.S. elected
Its class officers for the school
year of 1967 to 1968. Elected
were: Ray Wlnslow, President;
Shelley Bateman, Vice Pres
ident; Sharon Bundy, Secretary;
and Kay Dall, Treasurer,
MmmvaaMama iiiuiihii.iimi mi .
;v; i ,
PCHS Class Ilsscots
On Tuesday, October 3, the Senior Class of PCHS chose its
class mascots. Chosen were D arlene Morgan and Phil Woodell.
Darlene is the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Morgan of Hertford. Phil Is the five year old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Bryant Woodoll, also of Hertford. For their talent,
8, 1967. "Should there be any
ties for the top spot in the com
petition for any age group," Mr.
Wlnslow added, "the ties will be
played off immediately. Well
have a winner, eligible to go on
to Zone competitions before the
events are concluded."
Sponsors for the Perquimans
County Area pp&K competition
is Wlnslow-Blancard Motor Co,
The Perquimans Historical So
ciety held Its September meeting
at the Museum of the Albemarle
with thirty members In attend
The meeting opened with a
moment of silence In memory of
Miss Kate M. Blanchard, a loyal
member. The society will place
an historical book In the Per.
qulmans County Library in
memory of "Miss Kate".
Reports were given by the com
mittees dealing with the walking
tour of the historical places in
Hertford and the annual year
book which will soon be publish
ed. '
After the short business meet
ing, Miss Susan Stltt, director
of MOA, explained the general
layout of the museum. Miss Stltt
then gave the members of the
society a guided tour of the many
Interesting exhibits, as well as
a look behind the scenes in the
work rooms.
The gift shop of the museum
attracted much attention with the
many crafts and books on dis
play. A visit to the museum will
prove to you that Perquimans
County Is making contributions
to the gift shop and to the ex
hibit areas.
The January meeting ot the so
ciety will be held In the Per
quimans County Library on Jan.
uary 22.
Red Cross Seek
Aid For Overton
The Perquimans County Chap,
ter of the American Red Cross
Issued an appeal today for help
for Thomas Overman of Route 1,
Box 206, Belvldere whose home
was destroyed by fire last Tues.
day. Overton, who lived alone,
lost all his personal and house
hold belongings in the fire.
He plans to re-establish house
keeping in perhaps two rooms
and is in need of a bed, coal
stove, bedding, linens, bedroom
furniture and kitchen furniture
and utensils.
Since all of his clothes were
destroyed, he Is also in need of
the following: Pants Size 30;
shirts 15; shoes 7 medium.
Anyone having anything he
would like to donate, may do so
by contacting Mrs. Nathan saw
yer, local Red Cross Chairman
at 426-7648 or Mr. Overton's
daughter, Mrs. Menola Parker at
M i " IS :

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