Standard Printing Co. Lotdsiille, Kj7 40200 MUM AM S WEEKLY Volume XXVII-No. 45 Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, November 25, 1971 10 Cents Per Copy THE FE Perquimans District Court ' ' ? fa Regular SeSSion - i The following cases were ' beard Wednesday at the regular ' Session of Perquimans County District Court: Linda Barrett, charged with Issuing a worthless check, was taxed with costs and ordered to pay the amount of check; Stuart Alfred Davis, charged with driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, received a 1 90 day sentence, : which was suspended upon payment of a fine of $125.00 and costs and ordered to surrender his driver's license for 12 months. The defendant was Kiven a j-iywBinciea anver s permit irom rj ...... . .. . Jp Monday Friday from 10 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the sole purpose of collecting Life , Insurance (in t Chowan and Perquimans - Counties) and told not to operate , a vemcie aiier naving aniyuiing to drink; Ralph D. Allen received a fine of $35.00 and costs on a charge of :;. speeding; . Thomas Earl Perry, charged with issuing a worthless check, Was ordered to pay the amount of check and costs of the court; . Jesse Edward Jenkins, charged with driving under the influence, (3rd offense) received ; an 18 months road sentence. An appeal was noted and the case was placed on the Superior Court Docket for trial; ' ' McKinley Jones, charged with i burning the habitation of Robert Revel, received a 30 day sen tence suspended on condition that he stay away from home of Robert Revel and pay costs; : Oscar White, Donald Vernell Broady, Leonard White, Darrell White, and Grandy White, all charged with an affray in- volving Malachi White and Raleigh Purnell Morris, were , each given a 30 days sentences suspended upon s payment of i costs and ordered to pay 14.00 each (total of $20.00) for medical :mg of wiirtrairfisTisr .. Donald Ray "Moore, charged with non-support, received a 12 month sentence suspended on Sen. B.Everett Jordan To Speak At AADA Banquet The .' Albemarle Area Development Association will celebrate its 10th Anniversary December 3 with a banquet beginning at 7 o'clock at Nor- An Orchid To Mrs, M. B. Taylor ' The Extension Homemakers . of Perquimans County offer Vspecial congratulation to our j County Home Economics Ex . tension Agent, Mrs. M.B. Taylor. As coworkers we want efU commend ourselves for having an agent to receive the ' President of the United States to , attend the President's White ' Washington, D.C., November 28, - December 2, 1971. We are ' calling on the Perquimans County Citizens to Join us in ; prayer that God will send special blessings ; for a sue . c-sful trip for Mrs. Taylor. We ; are. looking forward to her return. . , , ) i Congratulations. Peoples Bank Declares Dividend ' The Peoples Bank and Trust Company, headquartered In tocky Mount, declared its r.ular quarterly dividend of 18 - .ts and an extra dividend of 8 - s to make a total of 28 cents - -jsre for the fourth quarter. , j dividend is payable ' on ' cember 31, to shareholders of . .-cord December 45. This oikes a total dividend of 80 aits per shawl for 1971. v v At the present time Peoples Sank has deposits of $117,000,000 and resources in excess of 30,0C3,CC1). They operate 29 rices in 13 northeastern North tc"TM communities with the trJJcs in Rocky Mount "or construction and with oval for branches in Dd and Tarboro. - ' . w condition that ; he pay $100.00 immediately and $40.00 monthly beginning December 1. An appeal was noted and Bond was set at $500.00 and the case was placed on the Superior Court Docket for trial; V i -Jessie Mae Arneson and Richard D. Arneson, both charged with assault with a deadly weapon by Patricia A. Bernaides, received sentences of 6 months suspended upon condition : that the child be surrendered to mother by 3 p.m. of the afternoon of November 17, pay fine of $200.00 and costs as to each Willie Mack Bell, charged with speeding, was given a fine of $81.00 and costs; Wayne Burke Perry, charged with destruction of real property, received a sentence of 60 days, which was suspended upon payment of a fine of $200.00 and costB; William Arthur Clifton, charged with driving under the influence, received a sentence of 6 months suspended on condition that he surrender his driver's license for a period of 12 months and pay a fine of $200.00 and costs; Edward Lee Jackson was found guilty of assault on Iris Lee and given a 30 day sentence suspended for 2 years (on condition of good behavior) and given a fine of $25.00 and costs; Thomas Lee Danchise was taxed with costs on a charge of having and improper muffler; Larry Wayne Chanhan and Michael Paul Sawyer, both charged with misdeameanor, were given 6 months sentences suspended for 3 years, given fines of $300.00 and costs, and ordered to make resi lution to Motor Co. and placed on probation for 3 years, surrender driver's license for 12 months, to be at home by 0 p.m. unless accompanied by parents -or attending a school function and not to consume any alcoholic beverages. theastern High School in Elizabeth City. AADA president ' Charles Harrell stated that he is proud to feature Sen. B. Everett Jordan as guest speaker. Jordan has served in the United States Senate since 1958. Born in Ramseur. N.C. in 1898. Jordan has a long distinguished record of service to his country and his native state. Married since 1924 and the father of three, be served with the Tank Corps during World War I before entering an industrial and then a political career. The senator is chairman of the Senate Rules Committee and a member of the committees on Agriculture and Forestry and Public Works. ':' An added feature of this event will be a 10 year history of the association. . - Singing entertainment will be provided by Bill Thorn's Barber Shop Quartet and catering by Pasquotank Home Demon stration Clubs. Spray Apple And Peach Trees Now The season of the year has come when many fruit tree growers : are seeking in formation about when to spray, what chemicals to use, and how to use them to control certain diseases and Insects affecting fruit trees. Generally, there is no Such spray program as a once over treatment. Chemicals used for controlling diseases do not necessarily control all of the insects. Some of the chemicals used to control diseases and insects in the early stages may not bs too f ffecttve during the later stages of growth. The occurence and severity of at tacks vary from one area to another and from one season to another.; For roe most economical and effective cen tral, each grower should first understand his disease and insect problems in order that proper control practices can be applied at the right time. Mrs. Taylor ib Attend White House Conference To Perquimans County Citizens: Within a few days I will be leaving the county to attend the President's White House Conference on Aging in Washington D.C. May I say to you, this is an Open Conference and an action Conference. It is an open conference at which all problems of aging are opened for consideration. This con ference will be governed by one "word" and one "concept," namely Action. Congress called for recommendations and plans for action that will achieve the objectives clearly set forth in the law. authorizing the con ference. This law calls for a report on plans for action not later than 120 days after the Conference concludes. It also directs that 90 days later the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare should submit both to the President and to Congress his recommendations for ad; ministrative and legislative action. We know that many hopes and . aspirations at the Conference in Washington will be expressed in the area of employment. The Nations Older people want to be a part of our . mainstream of living. If their hopes and aspirations are to be realized ' action programs' must deal effectively with the prejudices now reflected in employment policies that, in effect, slam the door of op portunity in their faces. May I solicit your prayers that Christ will be the good part of the Presidents' White House Con ference On Aging, States Mrs. M.B. Taylor, Home Economics Extension Agent, Perquimans County. Fruit Tree Pooling Project Initiated A Pooling of Order Project for different varieties of fruit and nut trees is being attempted at the Agents Office Building. The idea is to get all of the request for fruit and nut trees together, These orders will be made into one large order. In this way, the nursery will allow a price reduction. The purpose is to save both money and time while getting for less money the quality and approved trees recommended for this area According to W.C. Strowd, Agricultural Extension Agent, any one desiring Jo establish a family orchard, increase the size of his present orchard, or replace trees in the home or chard are asked to contact the agents about this project. 1 Sales Tax For The Month Of Oct $7,111.46 In Perquimans County the 1 per cent Sales and Use Tax collection for the month of October amounted to $7,111.46 it was announced by I.L. Clayto, Commissioner of the State of North Carolina Department of Revenue. " This is an increase of $1,278.71 over the month of September. To Hold Xmas Meeting Dec. 2 The Wm. Paul Stallings American Legion Auxiliary Unit 128 will meet with Mrs. Lessie White for their Christmas meeting December 2, at 8 o'clock. , : Gifts will be exchanged at this time. All members are urged to attend. Assigned To 6th Armored Calvary Army specialist four Reginald S. Winslow; 22. son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred S. Winslow. Box 253, Belvidere. N.C. recently was assigned to the 6 th Ar mored Cavalry. ' Spec. 4 Winslow is a Clerk typist In headquarters troop at Ft. George O. Meade. Md. 51 Leningrad's Hermitage MuJ ceum ana Moscow rutmwra Museum jointly own the world's largest collection of French Im' preulonlsf and PoSt-Impres-l slonlat paintings- Mayor Signs Proclaimation Chi Rubella Week vY Mayor Bill Cox is shown signing Nurse, and District Health Director, proclamation calling public attention to Howard Campbell witness the signing of Rubella Week. the proclamation. Mrs. Flora Carter. Public Health Winners Of Last Horse And Pony Show Members of The Perquimans County Horse and Pony Club wish to express their thanks to each and everyone who attended their shows, and that helped to make this 1971 Show Season a success. .' " The Club's last show was held Saturday afternoon November 6, 1971 with Mr. Goodman "Goddie" Bradley from Moyock, N.C:- judged the 100 entries, listed below are the winners in each event PONY HALTER CLASS 1. "Scout" Shown by Cheryl Stallings, & owned" by Johnnie Stallings, both of Belvidere. N.C. 2. "Nlcanor" shown by Donna Stallings, Belvidere, N.C. Owned by Tommy Stallings, Belvidere, N.C. 3. "Jack of Diamond", Cole Hines, Edentonr N.C. . HALTER CLASS (2 YRS. & UNDER) 1. "Nicker's Tater" J.A. Tilghman, Va. Beach, Virginia. 2. "West McCue" Pattie Roy, Elizabeth City, N.C. CHILDREN'S WESTERN GO-AS-YOU-PLEASE 1. "Secret "D" Michele Boyce, Belvidere, N.C. 2. "Gee Gal" Chuck Tilgh man, Owned by Hoss Cart wright, both of Va. Beach Va. 3. "King Kelly" Shirley Jones, Barco, N.C. v 4. "Sandy" Donna Stallings, Owned by: Cheryl Stallings, Belvidere, N. C. 5. "Jack of Diamonds" Cole Hines, Edenton, N.C. COSTUME CLASS 1. "Secret "D" " Eric Boytfe, Belvidere, N.C. 2. "Jack of Diamonds" Skipper Hines. Edenton, N.C. 3. - "Missey" ' John Phillip, Edenton, N.C. : PONY BARRELL RACING 1. "Little Bit" Gail Sawyer, Belvidere, N.C. . OPEN ENGLISH GO-AS-YOU-PLEASE , 1. "West McCu" Pattie Roy. Elizabeth City, N.C. , 2. "Jack of Diamonds" Cole Hines. Elizabeth City, N.C. 3. "Apollo" Tommy Etheridge. Edenton, N.C. " 4. "Missey" v Elizabeth Woodland. Edenton. N.C. - , 3. "Cricket" Cyndie Phillips, Edenton. N.C. CHILDREN AND YOUTH WESTERN PLEASURE , 1. "Sandy" Cheryl Stallings, Belvidere, N.C. ' 2. "Secret "D"' " Michelle Boyce, Belvidere, N.C. . v 3. "King Kelly" Shirley Jones, Barco. N.C. . 4.. "Gee Gal'V Chuck Tilgh man, Va. Beach, Virginia ' 5. ."Klondike King" Debbie Sawyer, Elizabeth City, N.C. MUSICAL CHAIRS 1. "Sandy" Cheryl Stallings, Belvidere, N.C. 2. "Missey" Elizabeth Woolard, Edenton, N.C. 3. "Apollo" Tommy Etheridge, Edenton, N.C. 4. "Jack of Diamonds" Cole Hines, Edenton, N.C. FASTEST HORSE AROUND THE RING 1. "PETE" Lisa Ellis, Williamston, N.C. 2. "Little Bit" Gail Sawyer, Elizabeth City, N.C. OPEN WESTERN GO-AS-YOU-PLEASE 1. "Korkow Star" Paul Medley, Virginia Beach, Va. 2. "Gee Gal" Hoss Cartwright, Vs. B6dch Vfl. 3. "King Kelly" Shirley Jones, Barco, N.C. 4. "Ann" James Harrell, Hertford, N.C. 5. "West McCue" Pattie Roy, Elizabeth City, N.C. OPEN BARRELL RACE 1 1. "Fooler" Sherri Small, Elizabeth City, N.C. 2. "Four Barrells" Robert Thomas, Chesapeake, Va. 3. "Paso" Debbie Sawyer, Elizabeth City, N.C. 4. "Hank" Sharon Hetherington, Elizabeth City, N.C. ' 5. "Patches" Christ White. Elizabeth City, N.C. OPEN ENGLISH PLEASURE 1. "Jack of Diamonds" Cole Hines, Edenton, N.C. 2. "Missey" Carroll Etheridge, Edenton, N.C. 3. "Apollo" Tommy Ethridge, Edenton, N.C. OPEN ROADSTER PONY 1. "Nicanor" Tommy Stallings, Belvidere, N.C. 2. "Scout" Johnnie Stallings, Belvidere. N.C. . 3. "Step Right In R.P. White, Belvidere, N.C. 4. "Del Mont Mist" B.G. Owens, Elizabeth City, N.C. LADIES WESTERN PLEASURE 1. "Klondike King" Debbie Sawyer. Elizabeth City, N.C. 2. "Gee Gal" Sharon Hetherington, Va. Beach Va. 3. "King Kelly" Shirley Jones, Barco. N.C. 4. "Sandy" Cheryl Stallings. Belvidere, N.C. OPEN RING SPEARING ? 1. "Copper Joy" Joe Meads, Hertford, N.C 2 ; "Fooler" Sherri Small, Elizabeth City, N.C. 3. "Pal" Curtis Stevenson, JamesviUe, N.C, 4. "Jody's. Lass" Harry Culpepper, Chesapeake, Va. OPEN RING SPEARING (JACKPOT) 1. "Pal" Curtis Stevenson, Jamesville, N.C. 2. "Sacious Bar" Walter Tharrington, Elizabeth City, N.C. 3. "Fooler" Sherri Small, Eliz.City, N.C. 4. "Copper Joy" Joe Meads, Hertford. N.C. 5. "Paco" Wilber Parker, Chesapeake, Va. MEN'S WESTERN PLEASURE 1. "Gee Gal" Hoss Cartwright, Va. Beach, Va. 2. "Ann" James Harrell, Hertford, N.C. 3. "Korkow Star" Paul Medley, Va, Beach, Va. 4. "Windy" Johnnie Smith, Hertford, N.C. 5. "Star Bar" Preston Nixon, Hertford, N.C. WESTERN PLEASURE CHAMPIONSHIP 1. "Ann" Preston Nixon, Hertford, N.C. 2. "Gee Gal" Hoss Cartwright, Va. Beach, Va. 3. "Klondike King" Debbie Sawyer, Elizabeth City, N.C. 4. "Korkow Star" Paul Medley, Va. Beach, Va. 5. "King Kelly" Shirley Jones, Barco, N.C. FASTEST HORSE AROUND THE RING 1. "Poco" Wilber Parker, Chesapeake, Va. 2. "Sacious Bar" Walter Tharrington, Elizabeth City, N.C. . 3. "Commache" Bobby Pitt man, Pine tops, N.C. 4. "Copper Joy" Joe Meads, Hertford. N.C. 5. "Raider" Joe Meads, Hertford, N.C. MAIL BAG 1. "Raider, Joe Meads & "Copper Joy", Richard Owens, Hertford, N.C. 2. "Poco & "In The Nude" Ricky Johnson & Wilbur Parker, Chesapeake, Va. . 3. "Pal" & "Twister" Jimmy Chesson 4 Curtis Stevenson, Williamston, N.C. & Jamesville, N.C. MAIL TRAIN 1. "Pal" Curtis Stevenson, Jamesville, N.C. 2. "Twister" Jimmy Cheson, Williamston, N.C. 3. "Plug Ugly" W.C. EllisJ WUliamston, N.C. WEASTERN PICK UP 1. "IN THE NUDE" Richard Doucette & Ricky Johnson Virginia Beach, Va. v Bill Wilson Speaks To Hertford BPW Club Mrs. Bettie Swindell in troduced Bill Wilson of Greenville, N.C. as guest speaker at the Hertford BPW Club when it met on Thursday Night, Nov. 18th. at the REA Building. Mr. Wilson, who is Program Director for the Eastern Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association, showed a film on the detection and treatment of tuberculosis. In his talk he stated that turberculosis was third on the list of com municable diseases in North Carolina. Although it is quite easy to cure by medication, there has been only a slight decrease in the number of cases in the state in the past ten years. He urged adults to have a TB skin test and chest X-ray yearly. The Eastern T B and RD Super Dollar Moving To New Location The Super Dollar Store will be closed Sunday, November 28 through December 1, for their move just five doors down from the present location in the Harris Shopping Center on Grubb Street. The new store will have two times the space in eluding a cafeteria serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with seating capacity of 65. The Super Dollar Store will carry a wide assortment of clothing for the entire family name brand items for the home and will also feature a new department of fabrics, all first quality at discount prices every day. The discount health and beauty aid "Medi-Center" will also be enlarged to bring to Hertford a much larger selec Don all at Discount prices. In July 1967 the present Super Dollar Store was opened and was the Sixteenth retail outlet of the chain. Since that time this North Carolina Corporation, with headquarters in Raleigh, has opened stores in the Carolinas and Virginia to sixty one in number. The uniqueness of Super Dollars Stores is its program of taking discount retailing to smaller towns. Its capital is 2 millions dollars and it is reported to be the fastest growing chain of discount stores in America. Other Super Dollars stores in this area are located in Local Cancer Crusade Goal Reached The Perquimans County Chapter of the American Cancer Society; is proud to report the Crusade goal has been reached and passed. The Crusade Co Chairmen Mrs. Warner Madre, for the rural area, and Miss Mary Helene Newby, for the town area, have worked hard to make the Crusade a success. The rural area contributed $844.95 and the town area con tributed $706.57. They extend thanks to the workers and the interested people who made contributions. It is hoped that many will continue to use the Memorial Procram to further support the activities of the Chapter. ' Reaching our goal will enable us to reach more patients and be able to give aid within the budget limits. The quarterly meeting of the Chapter will be held Monday, November 29th. at 8 p.m. at the REA Building. It is hoped the attendance will be good and that many Crusade Workers will attend so that they can be properly thanked for their work. Christmas Ideas (hi Exhibit Christmas Ideas will be on exhibit , by Extension Homemakers' Club, Wed nesday, Dec. 1 at 7:30P.M. -9:30 P.M. at the County Office Building. Christmas Themes will be featured along with Food and miscellaneous Christmas Gifts and Decorations. There is no charge to attend. The exhibit will be open Thursday and Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The public to invited to attend, states Mrs. Paige Un derwood, Home Economics Extension Agent. Association is a non-profit health organization to prevent, detect, and control TB and respiratory diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis, etc. Their work in carried on through educational programs in schools, with civic clubs, Health Departments, and physicians. The sale of Christmas seals finances this work. After the program, a business session was presided over by Mrs. Addie White, president, She announces that the Christmas Party would be held at Boswell's Restaurant on Dec. 16th. Mrs. Swindell reported that plans were underway to have the float ready for the parade Dec. 3rd. After adjournment, refresh ments were served by Mrs. White and Mrs. Swindell. Edenton, Windsor, Williamston and Scotland Neck. Mrs. Velma Cobb is excited about the new and beautiful store and invites all of her friends and customers to attend the grand opening, Thursday, December 2, 9 a.m. Mr. Harold Lamm, Manager-store Development, is in charge of the store opening. Rubella Clinic To Begin November 29 Beginning November 29th a five-day immunization drive in Perquimans, Chowan, Camden and Pasquotank schools against red measles and german measles (rubella) will be con ducted throughout the four county health district. A pre -school clinic will be held . in each county December 5 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. School children up to 12 years old will have an opportunity to receive the combined vaccine that protects against both kinds of measles. Vaccine will be administered free through services of the district health office and the State Board of Health. More than 11,000 children in the health district are eligible for the combined vaccine said District Health Director Howard Campbell. Needles will not be used in the immunization. Instead, public health service nurses will use pressure guns that administer the vaccine painlessly. Consent forms for im munization of the children have been passed out in the schools. "Parents are reminded to return those forms as soon as possible. Only children retur ning forms marked yes and signed by parents will be eligible for the vaccine" said Campbell. If your child has not already had both a Red measles shot and a German measles shot, then he should get the new vaccine. The one-dose vaccine works whether your child needs just a Red measles shot, or just a German measles shot, or both shots. If you are not sure that he has had both kinds of shots, then your child needs this vaccine. February Designated Restoration Month The Perquimans County Restoration Association has designated February as Restoration Month, and that subject will be . discussed Monday at 7:30 at the REA Building, U.S. 17 north. The money raised in February will be used, for the restoration work now being done to the Newbold-White House, oldest house in the state. The aim is to make the building a prime tourist attraction-an idea designed to be of import to mis area historically and economically. Some money for the project has already been raised, but more is needed and Joe Nowell, association president, said be hopes a number of money raising ideas will be brought up at the "Monday night meeting. The project is one of the most important ever undertaken in Perquimans County. The help of everyone is needed.

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