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Volume XXVll-No. 47
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, December 9, 1971
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PCHS Honor Roll Is
Released For Semester
William Byrum, principal of
Perquimans County High
School, released the following
honor list for the second grading
period of 1971-1972.;
A-Honor Roll
9th Grade: Earl Lane.
10th Grade: Wade Winslow.
12th Grade
Ellen Long, Linda Evans,
Bobby Hollowell, Mackey
Lewis, Terry Copeland, Jack
A-B Honor Roll
9th Grade:
Jackie Overton, Nancy Long,
Rita Byrum, Waverly Copeland,
Ruthie Ward, Bonnie Parker,
Terry Chappell, Teresa Cobb,
Cathy Evans, Carolyn Felton,
June Jordan.
10th Grade:
Lois Eure, David Godfrey,
Barry Lane, Glenn Phillips,
Alton Wayne Ivey, Sylvester
Welch,' Thelma Askew, Bettie
Bryant, Joyce Hollowell,
Brenda Mansfield, Gloria
Banks, Janet Bunch, Diane
Eure, Vickie Meads, Dona
R.L. Stevenson Named
County Key Banker
A leading Hertford banker has
been named "County Key
Banker" for Perquimans
County. He will coordinate the
farm and agri-business ac
tivities of the N.C. Bankers
Association in this area.
NCBA President Claude C.
Armfield, Jr. of Asheville has
announced thqt R.L.Stevenson
will serve as Cwinty Key Banker
during the next 12 months.
Mr. Stevenson is Exec. Vice
President of Peoples Bank &
Trust Co.
For 27 years the NCBA has
- iMceive4-1' national-4cogniljon
for its notable program of
' service to agriculture and agri
business' in North Carolina.
President Armfield in noting
this record, thanked the 100
County Key Bankers for their
Stokely Completes
Pulpmaking Course
.Jerry M. Stokely, Jr., has
becomcHhe third employee of
The Chesapeake Corporation of
Virginia to complete the 34-unit
course in pulpmaking offered by
International Correspondence
Lawrence H. Camp, president
of the corporation,
congratulated Stokely on
finishing the lengthy technical
training and presented him with
his diploma.
Stokely, a native of Hertford,
N.C, began work at Chesapeake
as a pulp mill extra in 1964 and
is now first helper in the batch
digester room. He has lived in
King William County for the last
11 years. His father is manager
of Old Town Farm.
, The first two pulp mill em
ployees to complete the course
were Russell E. Sibley, of
Syringa, wash room operator,
and Clarence E. Bristow, of
Eltham, dry machine lender.
Sibley has been employed at
Chesapeake since 19S9 and
Bristow since 1963. ' '
Other employees from time to
time have completed similar
, courses , in papermaking and
other technical subjects useful
in the making of pulp and paper
products at the mill in West
Operation Santa
Claus Reminder
December 10 is the deadline
(or contributing your gift to
project under the auspices of the
Albemarle Mental Health
Association which will insure
that all patients from this area
in Cherry Hospital and Caswell
Training Center will receive a
new gift at Christmas.
, When you do your Christmas
shoDDing. won't you buy an
. ytttra gift and drop it by either
- V Woodland press Shop of the
County Agriculture uuuaingT
Or, you may contact the project
chairmen for Perquimans
County, Mrs. Keith Haskett, 428
320 or Mrs, Marion Swindell,
42S4S11 . . I :
White,-Trena Terry, Judy
Harrell, Peggy Copeland,
Phyllis Blanchard, Sarah
Bowser, Sylvia Gregory, Debbie i
Perry, Linda Thomas, Wilma
White, WilsonWhite, Stan
Winslow, John Symons, Debra
Nixon, Kathryn Skinner.
A-B Honor Roil
11th Grade:
Ben Berry, Brad Fields, Susan
Humphlett, Eva Newby,
Frances White, Vickie Haskett,
Kathy Marren, Mary Felton,
June Lane, Willee Faye Dail,
Larry Felton, Wanda Brooks,"
Gail Eure, Valerie Knight, Gail
12th Grade: Jann Dillon, Betty
Jo Nowell, Betty Russell, LuAnn
Stallings, Millie White, Kinley
Dempsey, Virginia Copeland,
Paulette Mallpry, Marcheta
Perrv. Myra Watson, Gail
Chappell, destine Garrett
Dianne White, Don Burke
Ronnie Owens, Dutchie Spear,
Debera Brookins, Sally Bundy,
Darleue Goodman, Lynn
Landing, Rosetta Nixon, Margo
Perry, Janet Spivey.
Armfield noted such projects
as the annual Farm Credit
Conference, the two-week Short
Course in Modern Farming at
N.C- State University for over
100 young farm leaders from
every section of North Carolina.
These scholarships are provided
by the hometown banks and
2,089 have been awarded.
Another project is the annual
land judging meet in the interest
of soil conservation.
Banks in North Carolina
continue as a chief source of
money: for farming, Armfield j
Perquimans County
Allocated $60,800.00
For Road Work
Perquimans County has been
allocated more than $60,800.00
for three secondary road con
struction projects, it was an
nounced today.
Approval of the projects was
voted at the regular December
meeting held in Raleigh, North
- The projects and the money
allocated for each were: Grade,
drain and pave from Sr 1109 to
NE 0.16 miles at an estimated
cost of $10,000.00. Countywide
spot stabilization at an
estimated cost of $20,000.00 and
Grade, drain and pave from SR
1202 to SR 1002 0.80 miles at an
estimated cost of $30,800.00.
Sgt. Hollowell To Participate
In SAC's Combat Competition
: ))
r i! i
U.S. Air Force Sergeant
Johnnie M. Hollowell, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Elijah Hollowell of Rt.
3, ., Hertford, N.C:,t has been
selected to participate in the
Strategic Air. Command's (SAC)
elite Combat Competition at
McCoy AFB, Fla. Dec. 12-17.
: Sergeant Hollowell if a
security policeman with the
416th Bomb Wing from Griffiss
AFB, N.Y. He was chosen on the
basis of job proficiency and
outstanding performance. '
Two FB-111, 22 B-52
.' "K z '.r "' ''-V'"-. '''-- '. ,: '.'' . ' '
XW ' .i':Af l r
v. xmliy
kf m 4:' fol IK
if, ff "V II rL f X
LitoSxraM,., ,n rf ' ' i ii
Last week's Christmas parade was
described by its sponsors, the
Perquimans County Chamber of Com
merce, and by all who participated in it
. and yjewed H, as the best one ever Jn. the.
"'County, ..''.
More floats - and the best ones yet - and
more bands, made for more excitement,
PCHS Glee dub To
Present Christmas Concert
As in the past, the Perquimans
High School Glee Club will
present a Christmas Concert of
sacred music in the high school
auditorium on Sunday,
December 12 at 3:45 PM. under
the direction of Miss Caroline
J.S. Bach's "Glory to God"
will open the concert. Songs
included in the first part will be:
"Ding, Dong Join,: a Merry
Chime." "Long Ago in
Bethlehem," "O Come, O Come
Immanuel," and , "Thou Didst
Leave Thy Throne." These will
be sung by the entire group.
Part two of the program will
be made up of a French,
Moravian, and Czech Carol,
Stratofortress and 30 KC-135
Stratotanker crews from SAC
and three Royal Air Force
(Great Britain) delta-wing
Vulcan bomber crews will
compete'in the "world series of
bombing and navigation." The
General Dynamics FB-111
SAC's newest bomber will be
making its second appearance
in the annual meet. . ;,:
Each bomber team will fly
two scored missions and will be
judged on navigation, coupled
with simulated bombing from
both low and high altitudes.
Tanker crews will fly one
mission, vying only for
navigation honors,
Tha wins with the hlffhest
J point total in combined bombing
and navigation win . win me
coveted Fairchild Trophy. The
Saunders Trophy will go to the
tanker teams compiling the
most points in navigation.
Accuracy of simulated bomb
releases will be computed by
mobile radar scoring units
located along the bomber route.
Sergeant Hollowell Is a 1962
graduate of Perquimans Co.
Union High School, Winfall, N.C.
His wife, Bobbie, is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. R. Wingo of 1422
Beach St., Flint, Mich.
Parade Big
along with the spiritual, "Rise
Up Shepherds,"
"The Virgin Mary Had a Baby
Boy" is the opening song for
part three. A quintet made up of
Karen Watson, Ellen Long,
Barry Lane, Jann Dillon, and
Margo Perry will present this
number. Next, Shirley Hinton,
soloist, will sing "Sweet Little
Jesus Boy."
The remainder of the program
will consist of sacred songs and
carols sung by the Glee Club.
Guitarist and accompanist
will be Karen Watson and Barry
Lane, respectively. A prelude of
familar carols will begin at 3:30
by Barry Lane and Ellen Long.
Annual Perquimans
Christmas Program
For PTA Tonight
The Hertford Grammar
School PTA will have its annual
Christmas program tonight
(Thursday at 8 p.m.
Special seasonal en
tertainment will be provided by
some of the - students, and
refreshments will be served by
the PTA Hospitality Committee.
President Frank Roberts
urges all members to be
The PTA also wants to give
special thanks to everyone who
had a hand in making last
month's Harvest Festival the
exciting success it was. r
Festival ., Chairman Mrs.
Joseph Rogerson reports that
over $450 was taken in, making
it one of the most financially
successful endeavors ever
undertaken by the PTA.
The money will be used for
needed improvements to the
grammar school library, v
PTA Will Meet
The Perquimans County
Central Grammar School will
hold its regular PTA Meeting on
Monday, December 13, 1971 in
the school auditorium at 7:30
P.M. The third grades will
present a Christmas Program.
enjoyed by a very large crowd in spite of
cold, wet weather.
As you can see by the picture there were
lots of pretty girls and lots of clowning
around...TJie joung ,aly is. Angela Osnion,
a member of the Northeastern High
School band - and the clown is Clarence Z.
'Shack' Shackelford.
"tck Concert
Planned For COA
The Student Senate at College
of The Albemarle is planning a
Rock Concert on Firday, Dec.
10, 1971 at 7:30 p.m. in the gym.
Five well known groups will be
performing during the four hour
show. The groups are: Mason,
Box Tops, Showmen, Fawn, and
Mad Wax. This will be the first
time such a large array of talent
has been assembled in the
Elizabeth City area, and the
C.O.A. Senate is expecting
very large turnout. Because of
the crowd, seating will be on the
floor, so spectators may bring a
blanket, A section of bleachers
will be available for those who
prefer conventional seating
Dancing will be permitted if
there is enough room to move
Advance tickets may be
purchased from Hills Con
fectionary, Froggy s sport n
Hobby Shop, Bill Foreman at
C.O.A., or from various C.O.A
students. An advance ticket is
$3.00, and admission at the 'door
will be $4.00.
Ostomy. Club To
Meet Here Dec. 12
The Northeastern North
Carolina Ostomy Club will hold
its monthly meeting on Sunday,
December 12, 1971 at 2:30 p.m.
at the Rural Electrification
Building. Hertford. N.C:
The local club became af
filiated with the United Ostomy
Association, Inc., in August of
this year. Three other groups
located in North Carolina were
also recommended and ac
cepted for affiliation at this
time. They are Central Carolina
Ostomy Club, Raleigh, N.C,
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Ostomy
Assn., Charlotte, N.C. and
Asheville Ostomy Assn., of
Asheville, N.C A new group
forming but not yet affiliated
with the United Ostomy
Association, Inc., is the
Southeastern Ostomy
Association in FayetteviUe, N.C.
All new groups who have applied
for affiliation are formally
accepted at the annual con
ference of the U.O.A.
Today Marks Grand Opening For
Two Perquimans County Businesses
Today (Thursday) is grand
opening day for not one. but two
Perquimans County businesses,
a sure sign of progress, ac
cording to the Chamber of
There will be ribbon-cutting
ceremonies and invitations to all
area residents to visit Phillips
Bros. Furniture Store and the
Dr. Harold White Accepts
Call To Rocky Mount
Dr. Harold White of Belvidere
has accepted a call to serve as
pastor of the Bethlehem and
Morton Memorial Presbyterian
Churches in Nash County near
Rocky Mount. N.C. Dr. and Mrs.
White plan to move to Rocky
Mount about February l.
For ten years Dr. White has
represented the North Carolina
Council of Churches in the work
of ministry to migrant farm
workers in the Albemarle.
Before that he was English
teacher and debate coach at
Perquimans County High School
in Hertford. He and his family
have lived in Belvidere since
March, 1953. Mrs. White teaches
sixth grade in Perquimans
County Union School at Winfall.
"Since our home is here, our
decision to leave was not easy to
make, and we hope to return to
live in Belvidere some day," Dr.
White said. "Since I am
chairman of the North Carolina
Council of Churches Committee
on Ministry with Migrants, I will
still be involved in the Migrant
Ministry, although I will miss
Amburn Succeeds
Charles M. Harrell
President Of AADA
L.F. Amburn, Jr., of Edenton,
Friday night was elected
president of the 10-county
Albemarle Area Development
Association as the organization
observed its 10th anniversary at
a banquet held in Elizabeth City.
Some 300 people from
throughout Northeastern North
Carolina attended the event.
Amburn, president and
general manager of The Chowan
Herald, succeeds Charles M.
Harrell of Hertford in
Perquimans County.
The AADA is composed of
Gates, Chowan, Perquimans,
Pasquotank, Camden,
Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell
and Washington counties.
, U.S. Senator B. Everett
Jordan was banquet speaker
and community development
awards were presented.
' Winners in county competition
were: Tyrrell, first; Chowan,
second; and Hyde, third.
Winners in large communities
(those with 65 families or more)
were: Nebraska-Lake Landing
in Hyde County, first; Oak
Grove in Chowan County,
second; and Gum Neck in
Tyrrell County, third.
In the small community
division, winners included:
Hertford Road in Chowan
County, first; Beech Spring in
.Perquinfans County, second;
and Ivy Neck in Camden
County, third.
Honorable mention in the two
divisions went to: Belvidere in
Perquimans, Newland in
Pasquotank, Salem in
Pasquotank, Alligator in Tyrrell
and Macedonia in Washington.
In addition to Amburn, new
officers included: Stanley Peel
of Elizabeth City, vice
president-east; W. P. (Spec)
Jones of Edenton, vice
president-west; and Doward
Jones of Plymouth, vice
president-central. ,
Amburn came to Nor
theastern North Carolina in
November, 1964 to become
publisher of the weekly
newspaper. He is president of
the ENC Press Association and
Executive Director of Edenton
Housing Authority.
Thirty days before he sighted
the new world, Columbus en
countered the Sargasso, a great
sea "covered thickly with vege
tation resembling small
new Super Dollar Store.
At 8:30 a.m. Mayor Bill Cox
and others will be on hand to do
the honors at Phillips Bros., at
the site of their present location.
U.S. 17 bypass.
At nine o'clock the entourage
will go to the Harris Shopping
Center and do the honors at the
opening ceremonies of the new
the direct contact with migrants
in this area each summer, and
with the people of many
chruches who have supported
this ministry in this area. I urge
all Christian people to maintain
and increase their concern in
this work."
Dr. and Mrs. White have two
children. Charles, a senior at
Westminster Theological
Seminary. Philadelphia. Pa.,
and Geneva Lucy, a sophomore
at East Carolina University in
Greenville. N.C.
Night Before Christmas
Theme Of Homemakers
fVV :-JS
Shown above is Greg and Linda Carol Barclift. son and
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CD. Barclift, and Monica
Roach, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Roach.
"The Night Before Christ
mas" was the theme of the
Extension Homemaker's
Holiday Exhibits which were on
display December 1,2, and 3 at
the County Office Building.
During the three days the
following clubs participated in
the sharing of Christmas ideas:
Helen Gaither, Snow Hill-White
Hat, Bethel, Winfall, Whiteston
and Belvidere, Beech Springs,
and Burgess.
"There were many highlights
of the events'," states Mrs. Paige
Underwood, Home Economics
Extension Agent; including
originality, artistic talents, and
cooperation among
homemakers in the county. The
combined efforts brought the
Holiday feeling to the 300 men,
women and children who at
tended. Christmas trees became the
focal point of the seven exhibits
as a special theme was selected
by each club. The felt theme by
Helen Gaither featured a tree
trimmed in hand-made padded
felt ornaments. Other felt items
included a Wall Hanging of the
Twelve Days of Christmas, felt
tree skirt, pillows, door knob
covers, can covers, pictures,
card holders, flowers, bells, and
The Old Fashion theme by
Snow Hill-White Hat featured a
tree dressed with popcorn
draping, small packages and
candy canes. Other old
fashioned ideas included can
dles, fruits, and wreaths.
Winfall Club dressed their tree
in white doves and white satin
ornaments to carry out a green
and white theme. Packages
under the tree and fresh slower
arrangements completed the
Egg shell and egg carton craft
were featured by Bethel Club.
Covered Egg shells with lights
inside were used on the tree.
Other ornaments for gifts or
table use had been decorated
carefully with braids, laces,
fabric, and jewels.
The Unique Tree by Whiteston
was a curiosity to all. It featured
decorated household articles
usually thrown away such as
pill, alcohol, detergent and
and enlarged Super Dollar
Note that both of these events
:ome just in time to make
Christmas shopping a lot easier.
The Chamber of Commerce
invites everyone to join them at
both locations this (Thursday)
Quartet To Sing At
Bethlehem Church
The "Spokesmen Quartet" of
Roanoke Bible College in
Elizabeth City will present a
program of favorite gospel
songs and Christmas songs at
Bethlehem Church of Christ,
Route 1. Hertford on Wed
nesday, December 15 at 8
The quartet is made up of
students of Roanoke Bible
College and are well known
throughout Eastern North
Carolina Churches of Christ.
They would like to meet you at
this program.
t 111 ,j i .
bleach bottles; empty spools,
light bulbs, clothes pins, old
Christmas Cards, egg cartons,
handles, and just by using
imagination, many new
decorations skillfully assem
bled. Touches of braids,
sparkles, and glitter, made the
castaways become Christmas
treasures. Whiteston also
exhibited wreaths,
arrangements, and gift ideas of
unique quality.
The Red Velvet Theme by
Belvidere featured a Table
Setting for Christmas Dinner
arranged as a giant package
tied with Red Velvet Bow.
Fifteen yards of red velvet cord
showed contrast as it draped on
the live green cedar tree. Also
red velvet bows, drums and
packages completed a
traditional Christmas look.
The children's Christmas tree
was a bare branch tree dressed
with Christmas cookies and
handmade items that would
appeal to children. Beech
Springs Club also displayed
games and gifts on their table
and around the tree.
Christmas foods were on
exhibit including: Cheese ball,
Apple Sauce loaf cakes, walnut
coffee Strips, Christmas Cakes,
Salads, candies, cookies.
The miscellaneous table
featured arrangements, stuffed
animals, candles, decorated hat,
wreaths, and several gift ideas. .
Since there was so much to see,
many returned to make a second
visit to a Christmas Shop of
ideas. ,
Refreshments were served by
Burgess Club and the table was
decorated with red cloth, silver
candleabras, and fresh fruit.
Those welcoming guests for
the three days were: Mrs.
Belvin Eure, Mrs. Joe Towe
White, Sr., Mrs. C.T. Rogerson,
Jr., Mrs. Dewey Perry, Jr. and
Mrs. George Winslow, Mrs.
Leslie Narron, Mrs. Kathy
Gossage, Mrs. Joel HollowelL
Sr. Mrs. George Roach, Mrs. ;
Lona Stallings, Mrs. Fred
Matthews, Mrs. Emily Harrellr;
Mrs. Gordon Shaw.
Many others helped to make ;
the Christmas Exhibits a sus;
cess. -:
- s

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