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olume XXVII-No. 60
Super Dollar's
Errand Opening
i Wf
I Mi l V
i-.i. i
I In last weeks issue of the
jerjquimans Weekly ' the
jtlines were lost for the picture
f the Super Dollar store ribbon
fitting, thus we are runing the
ctune again this week with the
irnes and also the statement
ayof W. D. BiU Cox made
phcerning both the Super
ollar Grand Opening and the
jhillips Furniture Co. opening
ith which . occured last
mrsday morning.
nY'rtie above picture reading
9jnlef to right: Bill
reeman. Supervisor, Hugh
How, vice president; Mayor
ill Cox, Super Dollar Store
anager, Donald Crady,
sistant manager Mrs. Velma
bb; Cafeteria Manager,
: . If
Savings Bond Sales' In Perquimans
les In Perquimans County
; November were $7,632.00.
"aery-November sales
tjid $84,484.00. This
Jesents 128.5 per cent of
nsiimans County's goal of
3,780.00, according to R.L.
venson, Perquimans County
'nteer Chairman,
avember . sales , of U.S.
vings - Bonds in North
rjolina ' were 16,548,797.
acting an increase of 11.2
cent over sales of November
year ago. Sales of Series E
I H Savings Bonds for the
i amounted to $S9,104,537, an
rase of 13.7 per cent over
:s lor the same period last
r...and the test peacetime
s in the history of the Bonds
-am. .'
..ionally, total cash sales of
?ni H Bonds for the first
n months of 1971 amounted
',:: million, 18 per cent
V yeaP earlieri Ac
Oiristmns Eve
Community Service
Ct closer to your deepest self and nearer to your God.
the Christmas Eve Holy Communion and . Candle
t Service at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Hertford, on
y December 24th beginning at 11:00 p.m. Every
:d Christian is welcome to take Communion at mis
Christmas Day ; the Holy Communion will be
" i at 11:00 a.m. .
1 J i
Dorothy Nixon und Super Dollar
Supervisor Harold Lamb.
After the opening, mayor, Bill
Cox, had this to say:
Today has been a very im
portant day in ou town aijd
area. The opening of Phillips,
Brothers furniture store and the
opening of the New Super
Dollar store. Both of, these
stores are a credit 'and an im
portant step in the growth of our
area. We need more of this. We
need to improve our shopping
facilities and have a greater
variety. For I belive that one
business compliments another,
that competition is the life of all
business. I hope that this is the
beginning of continuing growth
in our town and county.
cumulation of interest, during
1971 on outstanding E Bonds
amounted to $1,990 million,
January-November . redemp
tions, at cost price, at $3,867
million, were 18 per cent below
last year's $4,718 million (at
cost price). Accrued interest
paid out on E Bonds (and un
classified Freedom Shares)
redeemed during 1971 totaled
$941 million. "
Mistletoe And Kisses
; Traditionally,, when a boy
kisses a girl under the
mistletoe, he must pluck a
berry from the bough and give it
to her. When all its berries are
gone, the mistletoe loses its
magic and the kissing stops.
Tradition also held that a girl
who wasn't kissed under the
mistletoe would not marry in
the coming year, the National
Geographic Society says.
i v
Hertford BPW dub
Christmas, Party
Husbands of club members
and other special guests were
present for the Hertford BPW
Club party which was held
Thursday Night, Dec. 17th., at
the Edenton Rstaurant.
' Mrs: Roxanna Jackson had
charge of the program and,
upon arrival, each lady was
presented a Christmas corsage
and each gentleman was
presented a boutonniere.
Hiss Hulda Wood gave the
invocation after which a
1 delicious turkey and ham
dinner was enjoyed.
Mrs. Dora Riddick recited an
I amusing, original poem en
titled, Santa s pre-Christmas
I visii . men miss ineima
tl ml m ml 1 .
Elliott gave a timely reading
pertaining to the art of
. gracefully receiving presents.
In closing, all stood and sang
Silent Night. -
Winslotc Hurt
In Accident
Arba Winslow, 26, of
Belvidere was injured in a one
car accident last Friday
morning on N.C, 27 in
Perquimans County according
to the N.C. Highway Patrol.
i Winslow, ' driving a 1962
Renault, lost control while
rounding a curve. He ran off the
road, struck a tree broadside
and totally damaged his
He was treated for multiple
-bruises and lacerations at
Albemarle Hospital.
Tofvn Liceh "
HertfereV? motorists
notified thai the town vehicle
'license piaies win t" m 0(110
Tuesday, Jan. 4th.
. Plates may be pVchased at
the City Clerk's Of Hoe i the
Hertford Municiple BuiJtfng,
and the license must be
displayed by February 15th.
While buying your town tags,
you can pick up yaur state
license right ' in the same
building, in the Perquimans
Chamber of Commerce office.
Blootimobile Visit
Being Sponsored By
Rescue Squad
The Bloodmobile will visit
Hertford on Wednesday,
December 29th and is being
sponsored on this visit by the
Perquimani Rescue Squad.'
It will be at the First United
Methodist Church from 12:00
until 6 P.M. 1
The ; Perquimans Rescue
Squad urges donors as the quota
of blood needed at this time for
this county is 100 pints.
Full support of this visit is
asked by your Perquimans
Rescue Squad.
Perquimans 1
Sales Tax For -
November $$,714.60
Local 1 per cent Sales and Use
Tax collection in Perquimans
County- - for : the month of
November amounted to
$6,714.60 It was announced by
I.L. Clayton, Commissioner of
the . State of North Carolina
Department of Revenue.
the amount collected this
November shows an increacs
above the lCTQ collection which
was $5,803.53. .
Hertford, Perquimans County,
Make no bones about it, we wish
you the merriest of holidays!
At this time of year, we'd
OtW, our loyal friends and
our consideration -and
throughout the year.
May you and your family
XChristmas, and a bright New Year, with
1 fie thope that it will be rich
osperity and enduring
ird Fire Dept.
This Christmas make" sure
Santa andjiis.reitideernet the
men irpn weste, eKmpraeni -arethfe
dnjly orifes- .en "your
r The very' things which make
Christmas "a favorite holiday
can reduce the seasotv to a time
of tragedy '1 . fire- safety
precautions are rtotpbserved,"
points out Fire Chief F. B.
According to National Fire
Protection. Association records
quoted by toe Chief, each year
lives-are .lost la fires directly
' Throughout this Christmas issue of your Per
quimans Weekly, the merchants and business con-
AC cerns of Perquimans
tnru in uyfirvuttnjn jui men uuvw-
tion with you during the past year of 197 1!
' Please take time out to read each of these
Greetings at they are sent to you most sincerely
by your friendly businesses here in our own home
town and county. i
And when you shop in the new year 1972, re
member these friendly folks, who took time out
of their busy schedule ' to send you their
Christmas Greetings and to express their thanks
for your patronage during the past year. .
North Carolina, December 23,
Seasons Greetings
like to thank
subscribers, for
enjoy a happy
in good health,
related to the Yuletide season,
and last year holiday fires
destroyed, or damaged homes
and other property valued at
guidelines from Chief Nixon for
keeping the "merry" in "Merry
Christmas" in your home:
1. Natural trees should be
fresh-looking and firm-needled
when you select them. Saw off
the butt an inch above the
original cut, stand the tree in
water, and keep it in water until
you dispose of it - soon after
Christmas Day. Don't rely on
do-it-yourself flameproofing
County are sending you
Virginia White Transeau, Editor
(Centered in the wreath above is Phyllis
Transeau. We have mentioned Phyllis in
the paper and have had a lot of inquiries
as to "Who" she is. Phyllis is your
Editor's year old German Schnauzer
treatments, as none is truly
effective. Set up the tree away
from heat and where it won't
block doorways or stairs. . . .
Artificial trees should be
clearly marked as made of
slow-burning materials. Look
for the Underwriters'
Laboratories (UL) label on
trees with built-in electrical
systems. . . . With metal trees,
use only indirect lighting to
avoid the possibility of electric
2. Check lighting strings for
frayed wires, loose connections,
broken sockets. Replace only
with UL-labeled sets. Bulbs
made in the U.S. generally are
safest; imported bulbs may
have dangerous hot spots.
Electric cord sets with built-in
fuses are strongly recom
mended, -i Always turn off
tree and Jther indoor holiday
lighting when leaving the house
or retiring for the night. . , . For
outdoor lighting, use only sets
UL-Iisted for this purpose.
3. Noncombustible materials
such as metal, glass and
asbestos should be used for
decorations ' as much as
possible. Make sure cotton
batting, flock and decorating
paper are , flameproofed.
Natural evergreen decorations
dry quickly, burn readily, so
keep them well removed from
candles, the fireplace and other
heat. Don't use polystyrene
foam for table or mantle
ilAAAiatiAne inltAMk IUama mma
lighted candles.
Santa & Reindeers
At Byrum Home
" w .
Another pretty decoration is the Tommy Byrum lawn with
Santa his sleigh and reindeer.
Perquimans Chamber
Had Typical Year
The Perquimans County
Chamber of Commerce had a
typical year in 1971 - a very busy
It has published in this
newspaper and in. itr
newsletters through the year
lists of most of its major ac
tivities, but there are still some"
people who ask - "what does the
Chamber do?,s
At its December meeting the
Board of Directors decided that
a yerend report, similar to the
managers report given at the
annual banquet, would be
another satisfactory way of
explaining Chamber work.
Speaking of the banquet, like
its predecessors it was the most
successful one yet. Very well
attended, it lived up to past
standards in providing an ex
cellent speaker and en
tertainment, and a bevy of gifts
and prizes, plus an excellent
meal provided by the Hertford
Grammar School PTA.
, A week earlier the Chamber's
annual Christmas parade
proved to be the best yet - with
more floats and bands than
ever. In spite of bad weather,
there were plenty of people on
hand to enjoy the fun.
Suffice it to say, great
preparation is always required
to get both events ready.
In December, 1970 another
touch was added to the
Christmas scene - a Chamber
sponsored competition was held
to help beautify the area. Prizes
were given to the best decorated
homes and the best decorated
businesses. This will be
repeated in 1972.
The Chamber, through the
year, continued to work with the
Restoration Association, in
helping to make the Newbold
White House and the Theophilus
White House eventually become
major tourist attractions in the
One of its most important
tasks was taking slides of both
buildings, putting them into a
presentation - a presentation
which has already been shown,
To The Citizens Of Perquimans County
What Have Christmas Seals done for you Lately?
They've helped to fight Emphysema and T.B. Two dread
diseases that can strike anyone at any time. That might not
sound like a lot if those diseases have never touched you or
anyone in your family so take a deep breath and read on
. Christmas Seals are helping in the fight against air pollution,
too. An that's everybody's problem, from teen-ager to old
ager. So please, use Christmas Seals. Do it for yourself, your
family, everyone. They do more for everyone.
; , If you have not already mailed your check for your T.B. ;
Seals do so today. ... V
Your Board Members of
Eastern Tuberculosis and
Respiratory Disease Association
Mrs. Marion Swindell
Mrs. D.M. Jackson
10 Cents Per Copy
n a mi
and already resulted in a $300
incentive grant. The Chamber
has also been instrumental in
publicizing the work of the
Publicity being one of it:,
main jobs, the county has
received lots of that in area
newspapers - more than ever
before. Many of the articles that
appeared in the Daily Advance
were based on suggestions
made by the Chamber.
In addition, many articles and
pictures emanted from the
Chamber office. It resulted not
only in area newspaper
coverage - but some fine
coverage in both State and
Wildlife magazines.
Publicity of a quieter sort also
emanated from the Chamber
Through letters, support of
projects important to the
Albemarle area were shown.
This method was used to show
our backing of a medical school
at East Carolina University
(Chamber President Erie Haste
Jr. also attended a meeting in
Washington, N.C. on the sub
ject.). Letters were used in support
of the idea of making the
Dismal Swamp Canal into a
park (but not changing the
area's ecology). The Chamber
distributed to its members, and
others, names of state
representatives - and a
suggested letter to write to
them showing support.
Of course the Chamber was
also responsible, for the most
part, in bringing a doctor into
the area and in helping to build
up the clinic now in use. It also
worked with one of the nation's
leading medical magazines
Medical World News - in
publicizing ths county via a
story and a front page picture.
It conducted a contest to
promote July 4 sales it acted as
mediator between member
complainants and the telephone
company - it is continuing its
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