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Wolume 28-No. 5
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina. February 3. 1972
10 Cent Per Copy
Peoples Scholarship Ruskay's Memory Will Linger Hertford Farmers
Awarded Williams Long Tnrougn Don JuQn
Exchange Expands
.' Bankers in North Carolina
are continuing their; award-
: winning service to agriculture
through the sponsorship of the
two-week Short Course in
' Modern Farming at N.C. State
University. The 20th annual
session is set for January 31
February 11 in Raleigh.
, Scholarships for 2,089 young
North Carolinians involved in
agriculture have been provided
by the home-town banks since
; the short course began in 1953.
This week, the County Key
Banker, R.L. Stevenson, for
Perquimans County, announced
that the Peoples Bank & Trust
Co. will send 1 young farmer to
Raleigh for the short course. All
expenses will be paid by the
Attending the short course
- from this county will be Billy
Williams, Route 1, Hertford,
. N.C.
The short course begins
Monday morning, January 31,
and ends on Friday, February
11. A total enrollment of more
ithan 90 is expected. While in
I Raleigh these, young farmers
from all sections of North
Carolina will learn to recognize
Commemorative Postage 100th
Anniversary Of Nat. Parks
The Cape Hatteras com
memorative postage issue
second in the series marking the
100th anniversary of national
parks will be released April 5,
at Hatteras, North Carolina, the
U.S. Postal Service announced
: The issue is unique in U.S.
postage production, in that
blocks of four 2-cent stamps
combine to complete a design,
yet each stamp is an entity. The
upper left stamp in the block
shows a snip's hulk, pounded by
the Atlantic Ocean. Upper right
is the Cape Hatteras lighthouse,
surf castes and surfers. Bottom
stamps are laughing gulls
lurched on driftwood. Each
Eighty Six Students
r --
Receive Honors
Eighty six Perquimans
County High School students
" who made the school's honor
Volts as announced by the
principal are listed as follows:
9th Grade A-Honor Roll .
Earl Lane
9th Grade A-B Honor Roll
Cathy Evans. June Jordan,
" Huthie Ward, Terry Chappel.
Bonnie Parker
10th Grade A-Honor Roll
'' ; Roger White. Janet Bunch.
' Diane Eure. Joyce Hollowell.
Wade Winslow. Phyllis Blan-
chard, Stan Winslow, Glenn
joth Grade A-B Honor Roll
Judy Harrell, Trena Terry,
Gloria Banks, Anita Rouse. Kay
-White, Stevle Dail. Charlie
Harrell, Martin Perry, BetUe,
" Bryant, John Symons, Karen
Copeland. Debra Nixon.:
Cheryle Phillips, Sara Bowser,
Sylvia Gregory Ernest Johnson
'Linda Ownley Debbie Perry,'
. Linda Thomas, Wilma White,!
"'. Wilson White, David Godfrey,
Barry Lane, Rebecca Hurdle.
f ;
and evaluate modern
technology in a changing agri
business environment. The
program covers broad areas of
interest to agricultural leaders
and specific commodity in
formation. Mr. Stevenson was appointed
County Key Banker last year by
Gaude C. Armfield, Jr., of
Asheville. President of the N.C.
Bankers Association. Mr.
Stevenson is Executive Vice
President of Peoples Bank &
Trust Co., Hertford. Working
with him has been County
Extension Chairman Richard
The short course is one of the
numerous agricultural projects
sponsored by the NCBA. For 27
years, consecutively, the
Association has won a national
award for its outstanding farm
Injured In Vietnam
Captain Timothy Gregory of
Chesapeake, Va. was injured in
Vietnam on January 4. He has
undergone extensive leg
surgery and will be transferred
to the States soon, to continue
stamp has the inscription
"National Parks Centennial
Cape Hatteras National
Seashore-U.S. 2c." Combined,
the four stamps will pay the
basic first class surface rate.
The stamps are horizontal in the
size of the current regular
The Postal Service has twice
issued twin stamps, both on a
space theme, which complete
one design, but this is the first
fourfold effort. To Walter D.
Richards, of New Canaan,
Connecticut, fell the challenge
of creating a cohesive design
that could be broken into
quadrants. He worked at the
11th Grade A-Honor Roll
Kathy Marrcn. Frances
Uth Grade A-B Honor Roll
Lee Slallings Willie Faye Dail
Mary Foltdn. Freda Godwin.
June Lane Gail Proctor, Sybil J.
Bateman. Mary Jones. Susan
Humphlett. Eva Newby. Brad
Fiels. Wanda Brooks. Barbara
Gail Eure. Valerie Knight.
Cleopatra Perry. Robin Perry.
Juanita Turner. William
Bowser. Bryan Perry. Mary
Ward. Sylvester Welch.
12th Grade A-Honor Roll
Mackey Lewis
12th Grade A-B Honor Roll
Bobbv Hollowell. Jann Dillon.
Cathv Keel. Betty Jo Nowell. Lu
Ann Stallings. Millie White.
Terry Copeland. Betty C.
Russell. Klnley Dempsey.
Aaron Harrell. Edgar Rober
son. Linda Evans. Paulette
Mallory. Marcheta Perry. Myra
Watson, Jack Harrell.' Ronnie
Owens. Sally Bundy Lynne
Landing. Margo Perry. Wayne
Proctor. Stanley Winslow. can
Chappell, . Ellen Long. Janet
Everett S. Ruskay, President
of Don Juan Sportswear, died on
January 10th, 1972 of cancer, at
his home in Woodmere, N.Y, He
was 54 years old.
Funeral services were held on
January 11th in Far Rockaway.
N.Y. Mr. Ruskay's active and
diverse life was reflected in the
hundreds of friends, relatives
and colleagues who gathered to
pay their final respects.
Everett Ruskay was born on
December 24th, 1917 in Far
Rockaway, N.Y., the son of
Sophie and the late Cecil
Ruskay. He inherited a great
deal of his zest for life from his
parents, who were active in
community affairs, and in the
religious and literary worlds.
Mr. Ruskay attended the
Woodmere Academy and was
an outstanding athlete. He was
a member of the varsity
baseball, basketball and
football teams, serving as
captain of the football team for
two seasons.
On August 2, 1936, Mr. Ruskay
and his high school sweetheart,
Peggy Lipschutz, began the
happy marriage which was so
full for 35 years.
That same year, Everett
Ruskay started his career in the
shirt industry, going to work for
the Publix Shirt Co. During his
17 years, he became involved in
all phases of the manufacturing
and selling of shirts. He left
Publix to join Paulker
Boyswear as Vice President in
charge of sales and advertising.
Then in 1957, he became a
partner of the late Irving Sch
wartz and the late Sidney
Rubinstein in Don Juan Sport
swear Inc. Bringing with him
his endless energy and talents
as master stylist and salesman,
he led Don Juan through 13
years of growth and progress,
helping to establish it as one of
The stamps will require three
passes through the offset press,
where yellow, buff, red, blue
and black will be applied. A
bass through the Giori press
will add black and
brown. A single plate number
will appear on each pane. Sixty
five million of the stamps will
be printed.
Modeler is Howard C. MUdner
and engravers are Joseph S.
Creamer, Jr. (vignette) and
Howard F. Sharpless (let
tering! of the Bureau of
Engraving and Printing.
The Cape Hatteras stamps
follow the 8-cent Yellowstone
National Park stamp, which
will be issued March 1 on the
100th anniversary of the world's
first national park. The series
will be completed with issuance
bv midsummer of an 11-cent
airmail stamp for the City of
Refuge, Hawaii; a 15-cent
stamp for Mt. McKinley,
Alaska; and a 6-cent Wolf Trap
Farm stamp, Virginia.
The series of stamps is
designed for collection as a
harmonious set and will point
up the diversity of parks. The
parks are administered by the
National Park Service of
the Department of the In
terior. Collectors may address first
day cancellation requests to
"Cape Hatteras Stamps.
Postmaster. Hatteras. NC
27943." with an addressed en-'
velope and remittance of 8 cent
each. The request must be
postmarked no later than April
Congress authorized the Cape
Hatteras National Seashore in
1937. preserving 45 square miles
of beach land which have been
developed for recreational use.
This long, narrow strip of
barrier islands attracts more
than one million visitors a year
for fishing, surfing, sailing and
nature study. Birds and wild
flowers are profuse.
Area history is colorful. On
nearby Roanoke Island was
founded in 1585 the short-lived
first English settlement in
America. A few miles distant is
Kitty Hawk, where the Wright
Brothers first flew in 1903.
the leading manufacturers of
boys sportshirts in the nation.
Between the time he joined Don
Juan and today, the company
expanded from 85 employees to
over 200. 1
In the Spring of 1971. one of
the leading Japanese
congolmerates, Marubene Iida
of America Inc.. purchased a,
controlling stock interest in Don
Juan. Plans were finally drawn
this past Fall to realize a life-
pong dream of Everett Ruskay--
the building of a modern, air-
conditioned plant for Hertford
The family recalled that even as
Mr. Ruskay lost strength during
the late Fall, he followed every
detail in the building of the new
plant which will open in March.
Despite his heavy in-
Conservation Poster Contest
Underway In Perq. School
Mrs. Grace Coston is shown
with students of the 6th grade at
the Hertford Grammar School
on Monday afternoon as she
observes Mrs. Linda Long
(teacher) point out items of
interest in a Conservation
exhibit in her classroom.
Again this year, Mrs. Coston
is assisting the Perquimans Soil
tt Water Conservation Com
mittee launch its annual Con
servation Poster Contest, which
the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades of
Perquimans, Chowan,
Pasquotank, Currituck and
Camden counties hold in their
individual counties during the
month of February and in the
district in March.
"Plants, How They Improve
Our Environment" is the title of
the new booklet made available
by the sponsors to students
eligible to participate in this
cbntest. Other vauable resource
materials on the problems of
our environment are being
shared within each grade for
added emphasis. Many of the
grades plan their study on
natural resources such as soil,
water, forests, air, etc. to
coincide with this educational
A vital message on con
serving all our natural
resources was given by Mrs.
Coston as she visited each 4th,
5th. and 6th grade classroom in
the county this week. She also
Meets Thursday
American Lecion Post 126 will
hold its regular monthly
meeting Thursday, rebruary 3
at 8 P.M. at the Post home.
Commander Llovd Stallings
has asked that all members
keep this date in mind. Im
portant matters concerning the
Post will be discussed at this
meetine. Commander Stallings
has asked that members who
have not paid their 1972 dues to
do so right away,
- m 17 A 1 I
f y
I . i(
ivolvement with the destinies of
Don Juan, Mr. Ruskay had
much time for (Community and
national affairs. From his
youth, he had a committment of
the defense of civil liberties, to
the building of world peace, and
to equalizing social and
economic opportunities for all
Americans. He was a lifetime
jmember of the National
Association for the Ad
vancement of Colored People
NAACP). a member of the
Board of Directors of the Five
Towns YMCA. and a supporter
of progressive causes.
His love of sports and the
outdoors never waned. A typical
Summer weekend consisted of
two sets of tennis in the mor
nings, sailing at noon, and a late
afternoon walk and swim at the
explained the rules, poster
materials, and basis upon which
all posters would be judged,
namely: 50 points for how the
conservation idea is presented;
25 points for originiality ; 15
points for artistic ability ; and 10
points for neatness.
She urged each student to do
his best in representing his
class and school. County win
ners for each grade will receive
cash prizes of $5.00; $3.00; and
$1.00, according to Mrs. Coston,
and first and second place
county winners will compete in
the Albemarle Poster Contest to
be held in Elizabeth City in
Free Phone Service
Available OnlyDuring
Working Hours
taxpayers use the free long
distance telephone lines to the
Internal Revenue Service
during non-working hours and,
of course, receive no answer,
says J. E. Wall, District
Director of Internal Revenue
Service for North Carolina.
Centiphone-the toll-free
telephone service offered by
IRS-is in operation each
Monday through Friday from
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The
boards are not manned at any
other time. They are also closed
on legal holidays.
Director Wall urges all
taxpayers, with an income tax
question, to dial toll free long
distance 800-822-8800 between
8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. any day
except weekends and legal
holidays for tax information.
Due to the volumn of calls
being received, a taxpayer may
have to dial several times
before making connection with
a taxpayer assistor in Greensboro.
beach. Even in winter the feel of
salt water on his face in
vigorated him. He climbed the
Swiss Alps, took his family on a
seven-day raft trip down the
rapids of the Middle Fork of the
salmon River in Northern
Idaho, raced his sailboat: skiied
in New England and Europe,
was a member of the National
Ski Patrol, and was a Past
Commodore of the Woodmere
Bay Yacht Club.
And yet with all this
dynamism, there was a side of
Everett Ruskay that few knew.
His family remembers him so
often sitting in the back yard
with his pipe, watching the sun
set. They recall, too. his
listening to the opera with tears
in his eyes as he followed the
libretto. Or his gardening, his
loveof quiet, the solitary sail, or
Ihe last ski run down the
His devotion to his family was
complete. He leaves his wife,
and life-long comoanion.
Peggy, his son John. 25, a
igraduate student at Columbia
University, his daughter, Judith
Kabinor, and a four-month old
grandson, Zachary, and his
mother Sophie, three sisters
and a brother.
Everett Ruskay's life was
short-but full and rich. His
accomplishments stand as a
wonderful memory to all who
knew and loved him.
Harne Museum
Needs Historical
(Special)-Efforts are
currently underway in the 3d
Infantry Division to establish a
"Rock of the Marne" museum.
Items of historical interest,
dating back to the division's
distinguished history.
Known for its combat
prowess, the Marne Division is
particularly interested in ob
taining memorabilia from
World War I, World War II. and
the Korean Conflict.
Description of situations,
items forwarded, date obtained,
unit and any other data con
tributors feel is partinent will be
greatly appreciated by the
museum curator.
Anyone who wishes to con
tribute to the museum should
forward the items to:
3d Administration Company
3d Infantry Division
APO New York 09036
Library R eceives
Memorial Books
The Perquimans County
Library has been given eight
memorial books recently. Three
are in memory of Mr. L.E.
Umphlett, Americans at
Home; All Your Building and
Remodeling Questions An
swered; and Guide to Historic
American Houses. Two are in
memory of Mr. J.B. Basnight:
Hunting and Shooting, by
Brandis, and The American
Coast, by Stafford. Agriculture
USA is in memory of Mr. Jacob
L. White; American Cut and
Engraved Glass, by Revi; and
American Cut Glass for the
Discriminating Collector are in
memory of Mrs. Charles
Johnson and Mrs. Olivia Hobbs.
Other new non-fiction titles
are: Price Guide to American
Cut Glass by Daniels; Guide to
Spectator Sports, by Koppell;
and Diving for Sunken
Treasure, by Cousleau.
New novels are: The Fatal
Friendship, a story of Marie
Antoinette; Glory, by Nabokov;
Listen for the Whisper, by
Whitney; Savanna Purchase,
by Hodge; To Kill a Witch, by
Knox; The Trial of Judas Wiley,
by Patten; Reason with Honey,
by Glasner; A Nurse's Quest, by
Sears; The Belle Claudine, by
Muse; Colorado Gold, by
Curry; and the Feb. issue of the
American Heritage.
Three books for young people
are: The House at World's End,
by Monica Dickens, grand
daughter of Charles Dickens; A
Horse Called Dragon, by Hill;
and How Big Can it Grow? by
4 '
"'4 "' t ;
Hertford's Farmers Ex
change, owned by Howard
Williams, Jr.. has expanded and
now has two locations from
which to serve the farmers of
the area. The locations are the
Hertford Farmer's Exchange,
Grubb Street extended. Hert
ford, and in Winfall formally
J.F. Hollowell & Sons,
In taking over the Winfall
location. Mr. Williams said, "it
is our intention to offer the
farmers of this area a complete
farm supply outlet and we feel
that we can now do this with our
two locations. One-Stop farm
supply buying can save
valuable time in the field.
Hertford Farmer's Exchange
is a dealer in fertilizer, seed,
feed, insecticides, etc. They are
buyers of grain. Almost
anything the farmer needs.
Employes of Hertford Far
mer's Exchange are in addition
to Mr. Williams: Steve
Williams, Ned Nixon, J.D.
Young, Grady Lawrence,
George Holley and John White.
Hertford Farmers Exchange
was started by the late C.C.
Hostess To
Bridge Club
Mrs. J.R. Futrell was hostess'
to her bridge club Thursday
afternoon at her home on Front
Street. Those playing were Mrs.
T.W. Wilson, Mrs. C.A.
Davenport, Mrs. S.P. Jessup,
Mrs. J.H. Newbold, Mrs. H.A.
Whitley, Mrs. T.P. Brinn, Mrs.
W.G. Edwards, and Miss
Elizabeth Tucker.
Mrs. Edwards won the high
score prize. A sweet course was
Please Help Mother Find Us!
The following is a letter
received by the Perquimans-
County Chamber of Commerce
and turned over the
Perquimans Weekly for
publication. Please read the
entire article, you may be able
to help a "Mother" in distress:
I would appreciate it very
much if you would forward this
letter to your Newspaper
I would very much like to find
my five small children, of whom
I have custody, and thought that
maybe the Editors would print
this open letter to my son Billy,
age 11. The picture on the en
velope was taken several years
ago, but they all resemble each
If any of these children are
located, I can be contacted at
the address listed below. I
believe they have a step-mother
lamed Guillermina, who
speaks only Spanish. Their
Caucasian father's name is
Robert W. Flesher.
Thank you for any help you
can give me.
T r
T ! 4
(Cliff) Banks who operated the
business for many years just off
Grubb Street beside Reed Oil
Co. The late Mr. Banks built the
present building on the location
Grubb Street extended and was
in the new building only a short
time before his death.
Following the death of Mr.
Banks the business was pur
chased by his son-in-law
Howard Williams, Jr.
Helen Gaither
Club Meet
The Helen Gaither
Homemakers Club met
Thursday night, January 20th
with Mrs. Vera Batten as
hostess. The president, Mrs.
Maude Lane, presided.
"America the Beautiful" was
sung. Mrs. Batten gave the
devotional taken from Matthew
25:14-28 and the Lords prayer
was said in unison.
The Rev. Edwin T. Williams
gave us a demonstration on
"Restoration Society", showing
us slides on old houses in
t") : ".,..... it.
rciijuiiiiaiia tuuiuy. ne gave
comments on them. Everyone
enjoyed this very much.
The president then conducted
the buiness meeting. Our
covered dish supper, for
February, was discussed. This
will be held at the County Ex
tension Building, families are
invited to this. Mrs. Donald
Madre was appointed to take
part in the A and B award from
our club.
For closing the collect was
repeated and the Meeting was
Delicious refreshments were
served, by the hostess, to the
fifteen members and one visitor
iDear Billy,
I am writing you this letter
because you are the eldest of
my five. By now you are 11
years old-four years have
passed and I am so lonely.
I have contacted many people
to help in my search-and am
sending this letter all over the
United States and a few to-
Mexico in the hope of finding
Your grandfather and
grandmother live in Sand Point,
In March of 1967, you father
ran away from Nevada with all
of you-and I am wondering if
you still remember your
brothers and sisters Manuel,
Richard, Abbie, Carmelita',
Venida, Maria and Roberta?
They: rnjss you, June, Patty,
Lupita and Rafael as I do We
love you all very much!
Since I have custody of all of
you, I hope and pray my efforts
will not be In vain. Somewhere,
somehow I'll find you.
My address it:
Dorothy Flesher v
225 East Barnett Street '.
Ventura, California 93001
Phone: (805) 643-5020
Much love from your Mom
r v

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