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Tree Service: Topping, pruning
and removing. For free
'; estimates call Joe Towo
., . White, Jr. 426-5873 after 6
,' p.m.
, s Jan.13-Feb.24C
'Mechanics Special - 1969 Opel.
Stationwagon,. air-cond.,
radio, auto, trans., new tires,
34,000 mil. clean, trans,
needs work. $650 221-4296.
Wanted 100 acres or more of
marshland in Eastern North
, Carolina. Write J. C D.
Bailey, Box 1828, Rocky
Mount, N. C. 27801 or phone -days
Jan. 13,20,27; Feb. 3 c
FOR RENT: 3 room apartment
furnished, with heat and
water and 1 car garage. Call
426-5455. Feb. 3-C.
(Experience Not Necessary)
To train for local and over-the-road
hauling. Can earn up to
$5.16 per hour after short
training. For application, call
iw-3!H-43i:o irom a a.m. 10 v
P.M. or write NATION
Belhaven Blvd., Charlotte.
. N.C. 28216.
Would like to buy riverfront
property, preferably on
Perquimans River, (.'all
collcct-703-397-0746 or write
' to Harold C. Beaver, 3403
County Street, Portsmouth,
- Virginia 23707.
Having qualified as Executrix
of the estate of Mary S. Riddick,
deceased, late of Perquimans
County, North Carolina, this is
to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of said
LP-Gtt U delivered automatically
We chtck your supply regularly. If you need
more, we mane a new delivery automatically!
Mi uo uul iuuay. van
Dial 428-5453 -
EAT. 9 A.M.
. .; ..! .i .i
f j V L All the chicken you can eat,
J ' I - Plus dessert & drink
rMz& $1 QR
II! w II vowmo, i ,
1 A I Hotdog& Coke '
deceased to exhibit them to the
undersigned at 715 N. Road St.,
Elizabeth City, N.C. on or
before the 1st day of August 1972
or this notice will be pleaded in
bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate
will please make i immediate
This 21st day of January 1972
Anne O'Neal Smith
Executrix of
Mary S. Riddick, Deceased
Jan. 27-Feb. 3,10,17-C
Having qualified as Ad
ministrator of the estate of John
C. Simpson, deceased, late of
Perquimans County, North
Carolina, this is to notify all
persons having claims against
the estate of said deceased to
exhibit them to the undersigned
at Route No. 2, Hertford, N.C
on or before the 1st day of
August 1972 or this notice will be
pleaded in barof their recovery.
All persons indebted to said
estate will please make im
mediate payment.
. This 21st day of January 1972
George T. Roach, Jr.
Administrator of
John C. Simpson, Deceased
Jan. 27-Feb. 3,10,17-C
Having qualified as Executor
of the estate of Nancy Pilchard
Payne, deceased, late of
Perquimans County, North
Carolina, this is to notify all
persons having claims against
the estate of said deceased to
exhibit them to the undersigned
at 2535 Country Club Lane,
Charlotte,, N.C. 28205 on or
before the 25th day of May 1972
or this notice willbe pleaded in
bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate
CO. 03
Hertford, N. C.
- 8 P.M. - SUN. 12-6
1 D
will please make immediate
This 12th day of November
Richards. Payne
Executor of Nancj( Pilchard
Payne, Deceased.
Jan. 27. Feb. 3,10.17-c
Having qualified as Ad
ministratrix of the estate of
Jacob B. Basnight deceased
late of Perquimans County,
North Carolina, ujis is to notify
all persons having claims
against the estate of said
deceased to exhibit them to the
undersigned at Route No. 1.
Hertford, North Carolina on or
before the 25th day of July 1972
or this notice will be pleaded in
bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate
will please make immediate
This 18th day of January.
Ida S. Basnight
Administratrix of Jacob B.
Jan. 27. Feb. 3,10.17-c
. OF
Under and by virtue of an
brder of the Superior Court of
Perquimans County, made in
the special proceedings entitled
Willie Thomas, et ai,
Petitioners v Raymond T.
White, et al, Respondents" the
undersigned commissioners
will at Noon on Friday,
February 25, 1972 at the court
house door in Perquimans
County, Hertford, Nortn
Carolina offer for sale to tne
highest bidder for cash the
Willis White Estate Farm, as
hereinafter described, located
in Belvidere Township,
Perquimans County, North
Carolina and more particularly
described as follows:
BEGINNING at an iron post
located in a common corner
of the lands now or formerly
owned by Richmond Cedar
Works; Henry White and the
Tuttle Tract and running
thence South 49 degrees West
and along the North line of the
Tuttle Tract a distance of 50
chains to a cypress stump;
running thence and along the
East line of the Simon
: Stallings Patent 1781 North 19
degrees 51 minutes West 1.5
chains; North 22 degrees "21
minutes West 2.25 chains;
North 0 degrees 21 minutes'
East 4.50 chains; North 18
degrees 39 minutes East 26.55
chains to an IfSh post;
running thence ancfaTong the"
South line of the Henry White
Tract North 82 degrees 39
minutes East a distance of
20.0 chains to a ditch; run
ning thence South. 80 degrees
51 minutes East a distance of
10 chains to an iron post,
together with all easements or
right of way running with or
connected to the title of this
property to the State High
way. "
This tract containing 57.17 acres
and being designated as the
"Home Tract" as described
and delineated on a plat
prepared by T.J. Jessup,
N.C. Registered Surveyor,
dated August 21-25, 1961 and
- November 23. 1966.
For a further description and
chain of title to this property,
reference is expressly made
to the above plat now duly
recorded in Plat Book 4, page
93 in the Office of the
Register of Deeds of
Perquimans County, Hert
ford, North Carolina and
i Deed Book WW on page 88
and Deed Book II. page 343.
This sale will be made subject
to the county taxes on said
The highest bidder will make
a 10 per cent deposit of said bid
Smith On C.C.
Dean's List '
Havwood A. Smith, a Chowan
College student of Hertford, was
invited to a reception in tne
'home of President and Mrs.
iBruce E. Whitaker for the 164
student receiving recognition
for academic achievement
during the past - semester.
Academic honors are grouped
' according to President's List,
rwn't l ist and Honors List.
The Dean's List includes
'students who made an average
of B on all work attempted
with no grade lower than C.
Haywood is one of 36 such
s students among the 1.533
! enrolled at Chowan. " , '
Haywood is the son of Mr. and
i Mrs. JcGiah Smith of Hertford.
1 Ke is a graduate of Albemarle
! Academy. At Chowan Haywood
is enroEed in the business ad
ministration curriculsm.
with the Court.
Dated and posted this 21st day
of January, 1972.
Russell E.Twiford
Christopher L. Seawell
. . 203 North Road Street
Drawer 99
: Elizabeth City, N.C.
Diggers Elected
President Bethel
Ruritan Club
John T. Biggers has been
elected president of the Bethel
Ruritan Club in Hertford for
1972. Elected to serve with him
are Thomas Ed Chappell vice
president. R.S. Chappell. Jr.
secretary, Marion Riddick
treasurer and Donald Madre
Sgt.-At-Arms. Directors are
Elliott Layden. R.S. Chappell.
Sr. and Dewey Perry.
At the January 27. meeting
held at the Bethel Community
House, the club voted to hold a
Ladies' Night meeting on April
12 to celebrate the 25th an
niversary of the organization of
the Bethel Club.
As one of their main money
raising projects, the members
voted to rent a farm this year,
using the profits from the sale of
the crops to carry out the club's
Signed: Marion S. Swindell
70 Volkswagen
Air Conditioned
70 Maverick 2 dr.,
6 cyL Std. Shift
69 LTD, 4 dr., H. Top,
V-8, PS, PB, V-Roof
69 Custom. 500, 4 dr., .
V-Air, Condition
68 Chevelle 2 dr., H. Top,
V-8, 4 Spd. Trans.
67 Plymouth Fury II.
4 dr. Sdn. Air Cond.
67 Chev. Bel Aire Wagon,
6 Pass., AC
156 Mustang, 2 dr., 6 cyl.,
Std. Shift
70 Chev. Pickup, Auto.
Trans., Radio, V-8
Mtr., Low Mileage
65 Ford F100 Pickup,
V-8 Mtr.
Hertford Fire Dept.
Has Busy
During 1971 the Hertford Fire
Department had 55 fire calls to
come through their Depart
ment. Of the 55 calls, 34 were
county calls and 21 town.
There has been an average of
Anne Simpson
On Dean's List
Students who made the Fall
Term Dean's List at N.C;
Wesleyan College here have
been announced by Dr. Jack W.
Moore, academic dean at
Wesleyan. To be eligible for the
academic honors, students
must be enrolled full-time and
score above a B average.
N.C. Wesleyan, a fully ac
credited coeducational
Methodist-related liberal arts
senior college, has adopted a
new curriculum.: effective
January 1, 1972, which" allows
the student several options in
planning his educational
program. -Wesleyan's in
novative Three-Track
Curriculum has received
widespread acclaim from
educators in the Southeast.
Anne Harris Simpson,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester
H. Simpson of Rt. 1, Hertford.
1 1
70 Dodge Swinger, 2 dr.,
H. Top
65 Chev. CIO Pickup,
6 Cyl., Auto. Trans.
71 Ford LTD, 4 dr.,
No Air
69 LTD., 4 dr., H. Top,
V-8, PS., PB., V-Roof,
Air Condition
69 Chev. Bel Aire, 4 dr.,
Auto. Trans., Air Cond.
67 Ford Gal. 500,
4 dr., Sdn.
64 Ford Gal. 500 2 dr.
H. Top
67 Fairlane 500, 2 dr.,
H. Top, V-8, Cm, PS.
66 Gal. 500, 2 dr., H.
Top, V-8 CruisOmatic
69 Chev. Pickup, 6 cyl.,
Long Body, Low
17 firemen responding to each
fire call.
There were 24 dwelling
structural fires, of these, 3 were
flue fires. 2 roof and attic, 4
heating units, 6 appliance, and 4
furniture fires. There were 3
commercial building fires.
Three farm buildings burned,
and 1 flammable liquid fire
There were 6 grass fires. 6
woods fires. 3 vehicle fires, and
2 accident fires.
During the year there has also
been 3 false alarms. The other
calls were mutual aid.
Total firefighting man hours
625. The department spent 1200
man hours training.
The department operates
with -27 men headed by Chief
F.B. Nixon. New officers
elected for 1972 are assistant
Chief Charles Harrell, Com
pany One Captain C..T. Skinner,
Jr., and Lt. John Danchise.
Company Two: Captain Jack
Harrell. Lt. Henry G. Stokes.
Jr.. Sec. & Treas. Billy Griffin.
; The department purchased a
new oxygen breathing unit with
money donated by the employes
of Colonial Stores.
The Hertford Fire Depart
ment would like to take this
opportunity to thank all of you.
(n b h
DnArl.hrAiiVinfli nauj VnrA
low-mneage oeauues gaiore. ah
70 Ford LTD, 4 dr.,
Air Conditioned
69 Torino GT, PS.,
CM., 3512V AC
69 Gal. 500, 2 dr., H.
Top, V-8, PS., Air
68 Plymouth Fury, Sports,
2 dr., H. Top
67 Mustang Conv.,
CruisOmatic V-8
67 Ford Gal. 500, 4 dr.,
V-8, Auto Matic
66 Mercury Wagon,
6 Pass.
65 Comet, 4 dr., V-8,
Auto Matic
68 Ford F100 Pickup,
V-8 Mtr., Overdrive,
Custom Cab
66 Chev. Pickup, 6 cyl.
Mtr., Long Body
71 Ford F800 Tractor,
477CI, V-8 Motor.
The Perquimans Weekly, Hertford, N. C, Thursday, February 8, 1972-Page t
j Farm Expenses
Farm expenditures and-
pesticides usage will be the
subjects of a sample survey of
farm operators to be conducted
by the Federal-State Crop
Reporting Service. According to
R.P. Handy, chief statistician of
the service, the survey is a part
of a nationwide effort to obtain
up-to-date Information on the
costs associated with farming
and the extent of pesticide
usage on the nation's farms.
Approximately 420 North
Carolina farmers will be in
terviewed during February in
14 counties of the State. The
counties were selected by
scientific sampling methods as
were those to be interviewed
within the counties.
Data collected from the
survey will be used (1) to help
determine the costs of farm
production and the relative
importance of various ex
penditures, (2) to provide in
firmation on purchases and
methods of use of pesticides and
chemicals, and (3) to assist with
the Department's estimates of
net farm income..
Handy said "A primary
output will be new and up-to-date
'weights' for the Prices
Paid Index." This index is used
to establish Parity Prices, the
basis for the administration of
several farm programs.
There is little doubt that the
pattern of farm costs has
changed since the last survey
was made in 1955. It is
rii oj m
ra UnnAlnit nur Infe uilfk 4)rala-lne
priced to sen . . . now. tome tane
70 Ford Torino GT,
351 V-8 Mtr., 4 Spd.
69 Gal. 500, 4
dr., V-8, PS.
69 Fairlane 500, 2 dr.,
H. Top, Std. Shift
68 Plymouth Fury II,
4 dr., Air Cond.
67 Mustang Conv.,
CruisOmatic V-8
67 Mercury Comet, 2
dr., H Top, V-Roof
66 Ford XL, 2 dr., H.
Top, Bucket Seats
65 Ford Gal. 500 Conv.
69 Ford Torino GT
64 Ford Gal. 500 4
dr. Sdn.
67 Chev. Pickup, Recond.,
V-8 Mtr., Long Body
f f
Subject Of Study
; necessary that the Parity Index
reflect the latest production
techniques and associated costs
of inputs.
The selected farm operators
will be interviewed by trained
local enumerators)
Enumerators attended a 4-day
school in Raeligh during the last
week of January. Funds were
appropriated by Congress to the
Statistical Reporting Service of
the United States Department
of Agriculture to conduct, the
survey... :
Enumerators for Perquimans
County are Mrs. Anna
Holloman of Nags Head and r
Mnol Ton nf Woohinatnn ' '
Corn And Soybean
scnooi l o tie iieirt i
A one day corn and soybeaji,;
school will be held Tuesday,,'
February 8, at the County Of fice M
Building in Hertford, North, .j
Carolina. School will convene at;
9:30 A.M. and close at 3:30 ti;WL;j
Lunch will be served free ot';;
All corn and soybean farmers
are encouraged to be here to ge' j
the latest information on the:
production of these two crops,:.
The course will involve a
discussion on Corn Price -Support,
Loans and Feed Grain
Program, Soybean Production, :
Weed Control, Corn Production, .
Seed Selection, Disease QiW
Insect Control, according to
W.C. Strowd, Extension AgenU
I ta-MtAlAl
your pick!
70 Ford Gal. 500,
4 dr. Sdn. T"
69 Gal. 500, 4 dr., V-8,
V-8 PS., ACondition
69 Chevelle 2 dr., H. ;
Top, Stand. Shift, ;;'
68 Ford Gal. 500, 4 dr., :
Air Cond. ':X
67 Plymouth Conv. 'r
Fury III ,r:r
68 Pontiac GT0, 2 dr., -
H. Top ; r.'-
67 Mercury Cougar, V-8,
V-Root y
66 Mercury Comet
65 Chev. Impala, 4 dr.,..,
62 Fairlane, 2 dr., V-8
67 Ford Ranger Pickup,
Radio, V-8 Mtr.
70 Ford F100 Pickup,
V-8, Overdrive,
Custom Cab i

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