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Volume 28-No. 11
Hertford, Perquimem County, North Cerolina, March 23, 1972
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SgL Monds Earns
Force Outstanding
Sergeant John P. Mondi. son
of Mr. and Mrs. Rily S. Monds of
310 Front St., Hertford, N.C.,
has been recognized for helping
his Strategic Air Command
Wing at Wurtsmith AFB, Mich.,
Deadline For
To Vote In May 6 Primary
W.L. (Buddy) Tilley,
chairman of the Perquimans
County Board of Elections
announced today the deadline
for registering to vote in the
May 6 primary in April 7 is the
last day to register or transfer if
you have moved to a new
precinct. The books must close
21 days before election.
Realsteration books will be
jjgen Saturday, March 25th and
Apm l irom me noun 01 a.m.
to 1 p.m. at the Soil Con
T, R. Winshw Passes After Illness
Thomas Robert Winslow, 86,
of Starr Route, Winfall, died
Wednesday night at 11:50 in the
Albemarle Hospital after a long
A native of Perquimans
County, he was the son of the
More Soybeans And
Cotton Less Grains
North Carolina farmers in
tend to plant more soybeans anc
cotton, about the same acreage
of peanuts but less tobacco and
feed grains than last year.
These findings are based on an
Intentions Survey conducted
about March 1 by the N.C. Crop
Reporting Service. Acreage
plans, to a large degree, renect
changes in the farm program
' for 1972.
Soybeans are expected to
, Increase 11 per cent to 1,175,000
acres despite the uncertainty of
an adequate supply of good
seed. High soybean prices and
changes in the farm program
which allow soybeans to be
planted to protect the feed grain
base are major factors behind
this increase.
N.C. farmers intend to plant
205,000 acres of cotton this
spring - a 8 per cent increase
from a year ago. In January
fanners reported intentions to
hold cotton acreage ' to last
year's level.
Flue-cured tobacco acreage is
i expected to drop 1 per cent.
4 intentions for barley are;up 6
per cent. Peanut acreage at
' 1,537,000 is virtually unchanged-
BPW EntcrfcSns District Directors
Tenth District Director.' Mrs re.tore t51.wh"Newbold
Parbara Dixon, and Tenth house. This informative
. ascreurv Mrs Isabel program should make
' ffSTSSJ.,E Perquimans County citizen,
i wsguest. of the
ixwtfnrd FPW C1UD wnen m
i entertained with a covered dish
; tupper in the fellowship hall of
the First United Methodist
Church Thursday evening,
March 16th.
Mrs. Addle White, club
president, welcomed those
present and the club collect was
n-aved In unison, as the In-
Nation. Then, a bountiful
vocauou. - - " -
supper, served buffet style, was : .. ;
Following the supper, Miss
Thelma Elliott introduced Rev.
Edwin T. Williams who showed
slide and explained plans to
U.S. Air
Unit Award
earn the U.S. Air Force Out
standing Unit Award.
Sergeant Monds is an x-ray
specialist with the 379th Bomb
Wing which received the award
'for exceptionally meritorious
service from July 1, 1970 to June
30, 1971.
The sergeant and fellow
airmen were cited for out
standing performance of
simulated emergency war
order exercises, for global
support in deployment of tac
tical units and for conducting all
training programs required by
the wing.
He will wear a distinctive
service ribbon as a permanent
decoration to mark his af
filiation with the unit.
Sergeant Monds, who has
served in Vietnam, is a 1964
graduate of Perquimans Co.
High School. He received an
A.B. degree from East Carolina
servation Office on Dobbs
The registration books are
also open on Monday, Wed
nesday and Fridays from the
hours of 9 a.m. til l p.m.
Voters of Bethel Township for
the May 6 Primary will vote at
Charlie Wards BP Service
Department. An advertisement
appears elsewhere in this issue
of The Perquimans Weekly with
complete details.
late George T. and Mrs. Sabra
White Winslow and was the
husband of Mrs. Nora Alma
Layden Winslow. He was a
retired farmer and a member of
Piney Woods Friends Meeting.
Surviving besides his wife are
four sons: Claude Winslow and
Oliver Winslow, both of Starr
Route, Winfall, George Winslow
of Rt. 1 Hertford, and Wilford
Winslow of Rt. 2 Hertford; three
daughters: Mary Elizabeth
Hendricks of Chesapeake, Va.,
Eva Wrae Landing of Hertford,
and Norma C. Bunch of Starr
Route, Winfall; two brothers:
John E. Winslow of Virginia
Beach, Va., and Charles Ellis
Winslow of Norfolk, Va.; one
sister: Mrs. Geneva Shaffer of
. Pensecola, Fla.; 12 grand
children; and 14 great grand
children. Funeral services were held
Saturday at 2:30 in Piney Woods
Friends Meeting by the Rev.
Larry McEntire, Rev. Waldo
Smith, Rev. Elmer Thomas,
and Mrs. Bertha Smith. '
"Then I Met The Master" and
"Face to Face" were sung by
Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Thomas.
Mrs. Judy Rlddick - ac
companied them with the piano.
The pall was made of red
roses, white chrysanthemums,
lilies, baby's breath and fern.
' Pallbearers were Preston
Winslow, Johnny Winslow,
Wayne Winslow, Jarvis Win
slow, Stanley Winslow, Eugene
Landing, and Michael Bunch,
all srandions.
Burial was in Uprlver
Cemetery with Swindell
Funeral Home in charge.
iJ' r
the economy in the future. Since
it is the oldest house in the state,
it should be a great tourist at
traction. In addition to the above
named guests, the club was
happy to have the following
guests: ' Mrs. Edwin T.
Williams, Rev. and Mrs. C.J.
Andrews, Miss Elaine Prit-
chard, Mesdames-Auce vean
Blancht Kin0V) Rutll
. . . a - tn J
chard, Mesdames-Alice Jean
Winslow, Carolyn Trueblood,
Bobby Tilley, Fannie Hurdle,
Ruth Sutton, Kay Whidbee,
Thelma Appleton and Sandra
Hollowell. "
Con"nittee To tei5e
4fl Development Funds
Robert P. Holding Jr., board
chairman of First-Citizens
Bank & Trust Co., will head a
special gifts committee to help
raise $750,000 for 129,000
youngsters who benefit from
North Carolina "State Univer
sity's 4-H Development Fund.
NCSU Chancellor John T.
Caldwell announced the
selection of the Smithfield and
Raleigh banker Saturday and
noted that Holding's committee
has assumed responsibility for
securing half of the $750,000 goal
during a five-year campaign.
The other half will be raised by
100 county organizations in a
statewide grass-roots cam
paign. The largest share of the fund,
$541,450, is earmarked for 4-H
camps. Also inclded are $133,550
for leader training, program
development and the In
ternational Farm Youth Ex
change Program. The other
$75,000 is North Carolina's
share frthe National 4-H Center.
Norfleet Sugg of Rocky
Mount, vice president of
Planters National Bank & Trust
Co. and 4-H Development Fund
president, noted the fund is
being sought for "all the youths
of North Carolina whether
they live in Charlotte or
Dr. Chester D. Black, State 4
H Club leader at NCSU, said the
campaign represents "an in
vestment in leadership
development" among the boys
and girls of North Carolina
between the ages of nine and 19.
Black pointed out that current
4-H participants "come from all
types of communities and socio
economic groups black and
white, affluent and disad
vantaged." Sugg and Black pointed out
that the national 4-H movement
was originated as the Corn
Clubs in Hertford county in
Father Of Patrolman
Mims Dies In Raleigh
Word has been received here
of the death of Virgil G. Mims,
father of Charlie H, Mims, local
state patrolman. Mr. Mims, a
resident of Raleigh died
Wednesdav at Lake Wheeler,
near Raleigh. He was a retired
fireman for the city of Raleigh,
having retired as captain in
He' is survived by his wife,
Mrs. Irene Mims; five sons,
V.G. Mims, Jr. of Greensboro,
W.J. Mims, of Jacksonville,
C.E. Mims, of Cincinnati, C.H.
Mims of Hertford and R.D.
Mims, of Wagram, N.C; one
daughter, Mrs. Tom Brock, of
Cedartown, Ga.
Funeral services were con
ductedSaturdayat 3 p.m. In the
Brown-Wynn Funeral Home,
Raleigh. Burial was in a Real
elgh cemetery.
Hoftr.ye9 Nsmed
Campaign Manager .
Congressman Nick
Gallflanakis today named
Hertford businessman Joel
Hollowell, Jr. as manager of his
U.S. Senate campaign In
Perquimans County.
Hollowell, former mayor of
: Winfall, Is chairman of the
Hertford County Indistrial
Development Committee and a
member of the North Carolina
Petroleum Association, the
North Carolina Oil Jobbers
Association, and the National
Fuel Oil Institute. He is a
member of the Ruritan Club
and a past District Governor of
Ruritan National. He will be
coordinating his efforts in
' behalf of Gallflanakis with state
campaign manager Russell
Walker of Asheboro. '
Annual Heart Fund Variety
Show At PCHS Sat. Night
The curtain will go up at
Perquimans High School
Saturday night and reveal some
excellent talent In Perquimans
County, when the annual Heart
Fund Variety show will be
staged. -:'-rv--.
ine snow is unuer uie
.direction of Mrs. Jane Cherry
Rev. Jillson Dies Wednesday
The Rev. Edmund Talma
Jillson, 89, retired rector of The
Church of The Holy Trinity,
died Wednesday at 2:00 in the
Winslow Memorial Home in
Elizabeth City following a long
A native of Providence,
Rhode Island, he was the son of
Edmund snd Mrs. Emma
Halkyard Jillson and the
husband of the late Mrs. Betty
MacKay Jillson.
A 1907 graudate of Brown
University, he entered the
ministry in 1912 and served as
rector of The Church of the Holy
Trinity in Hertford from 1924
until his retirement in 1952. He
served as a chaplain in the
Army during World War I.
During World War II, he was
chairman of the Perquimans
County Chapter of the Amer-
Producers Will
Vote April 5
On April 5, 1972, Swine and
Beef Producers will vote on
whether or not to continue the
assesments now on these
At present, Pork Producers
are assessing themselves five
cents per head on top hogs sold.
This money is used for
promotional, educational and
research programs approved
by the Board of Directors. The
association operates under the
supervision of a Board of
Directors composed of the
president and secretary of each
of the organized breed
associations and fifteen com
mercial swine producers
elected at the Associations
Annual meeting.
The North Carolina Pork
Producers Association speaks
for the swine producers and
encourages a unified program
for progress. It assists in
research and educational
programs to increase" income
from swine. It works with
research, educational and
regulatory agencies in
programs of concern to Pork
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Parents Welcome At
Chowan Academy
At Chowan Academy parents
are necessary. They are con
stantly helping and are
welcome at all times.
For the past three weeks the
students have invited their
parents to school to a luncheon
and to visit the school. This
picture was taken during the
luncheon for parents in grades
four, five, and six. In the
foreground is Mrs. Rudolph
Perry of Perquimans County.
Parents are important to our
school. We do not have anything
to hide. We want our parents to
be involved in all school ac
time to
time classes
field trips
and parents
chaperone and, sometimes,
and Mrs. Billy Miller. Proceeds
derived will go towards the goal
for the 1972 Heart Fund Cam
paign in Perquimans which is
$3,165. , -
John Beers is Heart
Association President, for the
The benefit show promises
ican Red Cross.
Surviving are a brother.
William H. Jillson of
Providence, Rhode Island;
cousin, Miss Nellie Jane Jillson
of Providence, Rhode Island
and a niece, Mrs. Harry
Robinson, 2nd. of Cincinnati,
Funeral services were held
Friday at 3:00 in The Church of
The Holy Trinity by The Rt.
Rev. Thomas H. Wright, D.D.,
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese
of East Carolina and The Rev.
Edwin Williams, Rector.
The flower pall was a white
cross made of lilies, white
carnations and greenery.
Pallbearers were Roulac
Webb, Silas Whedbee, W.H.
Oakey, Carlton Davenport,
Charles Campen, and Corbin
Dozier. Honorary pallbearers
' were members of the Vestry
and former vestrymen.
Burail was in the Church
Linda Krause
Linda Sue Krause, was
among those capped at exer
cises held March 5, 1972 at De
Paul Hospital school of nursing
In Norfolk, Va.
Linda is the daughter of Mrs.
Hazel Dail Krause a native of
Hertford. She is a graduate of
Perquimans County High
drive their can. Classes have
been to Chapel Hill to hear Allan
Bean, Raleigh to see the
legislature in session, Tryons
Palance, Williamsburg, and
many places in the immediate
Parents alsocontrlbute time to
functions such as: Mrs. Marvin
Ashley trains the Chargerettes,
a group of 3rd and 4th grade
girls who twirl and march, and
6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade girls
Softball team," coached by Mrs.
Johnny Woolard, and music
programs directed by Mrs. C.A.
The Board of Directors feels
that the school belongs to the
parents. We believe in total
this year to be another foot
slapping, hand clapping per
formance with laughter for
every moment.
Don't miss the show if you can
possibly do otherwise. You owe
it to yourselves to forget your
troubles and laugh a lot.
Mrs. Window Is
Chairman of Roanoke
Membership Campaign
Mrs. Julian E. Winslow Jr. of
Hertford has been named
chairman for Perquimans
County for the 1972 Roanoke
Island Historical Association
Membership Campaign.
Mrs. Winslow appointment
was announced by Mrs. Voit
Gilmore who is General
Membership Chairman for the
annual drive.
The Roanoke Island
Histroical Association is the
producer of THE LOST
COLONY which is presented
each summer in the company's
Waterside Theatre, located at
the Fort Raleigh National
Historic Site on Roanoke Island
in the Outer Banks area of
North Carolina.
Memberships available in the
Association are: Regular $5.00,
Sustaining $10.00, Sponsoring
$25.00, Patron $50.00. These
entitle the 1972 Member to one
reserved seat ticket for each
$5.00 value of the membership
and a copy of the Lost Colony
Souvenir Program.
Life Memberships are
available at $100 and each
receives a lifetime pass to the
production; Donor Members at
$250 receive two lifetime
passes; Benefactor Members
at $500 receive two lifetime
passes and their names are
inscribed on the Benefactor's
Panel In the Lost Colony
Building at Fort Raleigh. These
members receive the Souvenir
Program for life.
All memberships in the
Association are tax deductible
as contributions. Members are
invited to attend the annual
luncheon and Association
meeting held In December as
part of North Carolina's Culture
Week activities.
Former member Board of
Directors of the RIHA, Trustee
Museum of the Albemarle.
The J1972 season for... THE..
LOST COLONY will open on
Tuesday, June 20 and will
continue through Saturday,
August 26. This will be the 32nd
season for Paul Green's
historical symphonic drama
wltlch has been acclaimed as
"the flrsYand stiU the best of the
outdoor dramas." Using words,
music and dance and utilizing
spectacle and pageantry, THE
LOST COLONY recreates the
story of the first English set
tlements in America. Sir Walter
Raleigh's colonies on Roanoke
Island date some 20 years
before Jamestown, Virginia and
(Continued on Pige 6)
Clinton Perry Dies
In Auto Accident
Funeral services for Henry
Cimton Perry, 19, Route 1,
Merry Hill, who died March 4,
1972 as the result of an auto
accident, were conducted at
2:30 p.m. March 6, 1972 at
Capeharts Baptist Church,
Merry Hill, by the Rev. R.D.
Byrd. The choir sang "God Will
Take Care of You." Soloist
Elaine Taylor sang "Beyond the
Sunset." Pallbearers were:
William Todd, James Overton,
Roger Overton, Richard
Overton, James Carol Har
dison, and Tommy Ward. Burial
was in the church yard with
Byrd-Walker Funeral Home in
charge of arrangements. Henry
was a member of Capeharts
Surviving are: his wife, Mrs.
Sally Bundy Perry (formerly of
Route 3, Hertford) ; his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Perry of
Merry Hill; a brother, Clarence
Perry of the home; a sister,
Mrs. Arnold Bundy of Merry
Hill; his paternal grandmother,
Mrs. Mae Cobb Perry of Merry
Hill; and his maternal grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton
Butler, of Windsor.
Fire Department
Bake Sale
TheBelvidere-Chapel Hill
Fire Department will sponsor a
bake salt oh the Perquimans
County Courthouse lawn on
Saturday, April' 1st.
Proceeds derived from the
bake sale will go toward the
expenses of the Belvldere
Chapel HUl Fire Dept.
The Big One
Got Away,
" "i
Jim Bass, proudly displays a 27 lb. rock fish he landed in
the Chesapeake Bay. (This fish looks like it might be kin to
some about the same size caught recently in the
Perquimans River.)
Mrs. Taylor Says Big
Reason For Family Plan
Mrs. Taylor stated today that
there Is a big reason for family
planning. She further stated the
the old saying "Have your
children young so that you can
be young with them." is
And Civic
William Harrell
Clinton Ray Winslow, Sr.
Kay Winslow
John G. Beers
Nathan Downing
Janie Boyce
Belv.-Ch. Hill Firemen
Perq. Co. Rescue Squad
Historical Society
Larry Elmore
Hertford Rotary Club
Masonic Lodge 8:00
Belv. Homemakers Club
Donald Morris
Mary Dale Lane
Paul Smith
Deborah Pendleton
Allen Ray Stallings
Eugenia G. Tarkenton
James W. Copeland
Mrs. Imogene Umphlett
L.E. Umphlett
Dennis Symons
Tim Morgan
Addie W. White
Llllie Mae Lane
Donna Dail
Notice To Perquimans Parents
The guidance office of
Perquimans County High
School wishes to make known to
parents and students in
Perquimans County the several
Demonstration School
Programs to be held at Western
Carolina University this
summer. . The following
programs will be in action
beginning June 12: Programs
for the gifted, Special
Education, Reading Im
provement, Recreation,
Enrichment Program In
These programs are enrich
ment programs and do not
carry credit. These programs
encompass students in grades 4
9. The students enrolled in
probably just another of our
popular misconceptions. Many
of us tend to think that older
mothers are easily fatigued and
not able to express love to
children as easily a younger
mothers. A classic study of
child rearing does not support
this belief.
Sears, Maccoby, and Levin
classified younger mothers as
those age 27 or less who have a
child in the first grade. These
mothers will have two children
by age 21 or 22. Older mothers in
this case are those who start
having children at age 22 or 23
The authors found that the
older mothers were somewhat
warmer or more affectionate
toward all their children than
the younger mothers. For the
first child there was very little
difference in the two groups of
mothers. However, for all
children past the first the older
mothers were more af
fectionate. This fact was true
regardless of social class, sex of
the child, or time between
The common assumption that
younger mothers have more
energy, moreflexibility , and thus
more affection for children is
not supported by this study.
The authors mention
two explanations for
(Continued on Page 6.)
Historical Society
Meets Monday Night
The Perquimans County
Historical Society will hold its
regular meeting at 8 p.m.,
Monday, March 27th, in the
County Library.
All members and interested
persons are urged to attend this
these programs will be housed
in one of the University dor
mitories under the supervision
of a competent staff.
The cost of tuition, room,
board, book rental, recreation,
health services and laundry is
Interested parents and
students should apply at the
Principal's Office of their
respective schools. April 15 is
the deadline for receiving ap
plications. For further information,
interested parents and students
should contact Mr. Mldgettt,
guidance counselor at
Perquimans County High

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