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Vblume 28-No. 25
Hertford, PenjujmaruCounty, North Carolina, Thursday, June 22, 1972
10 Cents Per Copy
. District Court
Has Busy
Judge Wilton Walker presided
at the Wednesday session of
Perquimans County District
Court and heard the following
cases: ".
Richard Hawkins, driving
under the influence of in
toxicating liquors and speeding,
the State took a Nol Pross on the
speeding charge and the
defendant was given a 90 day
sentence suspended upon
payment of a fine of $125.00 and
costs, and ordered not: to
operate a motor vehicle for 12
months except as authorized by
restricted driving privilege;
Others charged with DUI
were as follows:
Booker T. Coston, received a
90 day sentence suspended for
12 months, given a fine of'
$125.00 and costs, and ordered
not to operate a motor vehicle
for 12 months except as
authorized by limited privilege ;
Louis Eason, received a 90
day sentence suspended upon
payment of a fine of $125.00 and
costs and ordered to operate
a motor vehicle for 12 months;
Edgar Marvin Brothers was
given a 90 day sentence
suspended upon payment of a
fine of $125.00 and costs and
ordered not to operate a motor
vehicle for 12 months except as
authorized by special driving
John Henry Carter (2nd of
fense) received a 6 mo. sen
tence suspended for 2 years
with the following 1. $125.00 fine
and costs; 2. not to operate a
motor vehicle for 2 years or
until his privilege shall be
Ernest Skinner, received 90
days suspended upon payment
of a fine of $125.00 and costs and
ordered not to operate a motor
vehicle for 12 months;
Emanuel Miller charged with
assault, received a 30 day
sentence suspended for 2 years,
paid costs, and for 2 years was
ordered not to bother, threaten,
or molest Annie Goodwin in any
way; :.
Alvah Eugene Cartwright,
charged with assault, prayer
for judgment was continued for
6 months and the defendant was
ordered to regularly . attend
Mental Health Clinic in
Elizabeth City as they direct
and accept, treatment as
prescribed by Clinic; ; , .
Traffic violations included:
Quinton Ray Copeland, im
proper equipment, $10.00 and
costs; Deborah Smith Williams,
speeding, costs; Bruce Hebra
King, Jr., speeding, $10.00 and
costs; Shirley Jane Clifton,
unsafe movement, $10.00 and
$500 Reward
Offered By
Local Firm
Howard Williams of Hertford
Farmers Exchange is offering a
$500.00 reward for the arrest
and conviction of the person or
persons who unlawfully entered
his place of business June 6 and
took the safe containing
valuable records.
Williams is asking ail of his
customers who purchased
anything from him 2 weeks
prior to the break-in to please
come in at their earliest con
venience and assist them with
their records.
Bea Sklpsey
Makes Dean's List
Af Elon College
Miss Bea Sklpsey was named
on the Elon College "A" Dean's
List for the recently completed
Spring Semester. The names of
421 students who attained at
least a "B" average in all
academic courses undertaken
during the semester were on the
In announcing the names of
Dean's List students, Dr. Theo
Strum, Dean of Instruction at
Eton, pointed out that 32 of the
students earned straight A's in
their academic work.
Mist Sklpsey is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Britt of
Pennsylvania Avenue.
costs; Larry Mitchell Spruill,
failure to observe stop sign,
$10.00 and costs; Wayland L.
White, Jr., speeding, 90 days
suspended upon payment of a
fine of $125.00 and costs and
ordered not to operate a motor
vehicle until privilege has been
restored; George Edward
Davis, Jr., speeding, $100.00 and
costs; Robert Hulcher Gam
wood, speeding, $10.00 and
costs; Jacksie Lean Cartwright,
speeding, 60 . day sentence
suspended for 12 months, a fine
of $80.00 and costs, and ordered
not to operate a motor vehicle
until privilege has been
restored by the State Dept. of
Motor Vehicles; Thomas Phillip
Roby, reckless driving, $50.00
and costs; David Allen Byrd,
failure to yield right-of-way,
$10.00 and costs; John Henry
Gordon, speeding, 60 days
suspended for 12 months and
given a fine of $80.00 and costs;
Cecil Elliott was found guilty
of possession of intoxicating
liquor for sale without license or
permit and was given the
following sentence 4 months
sentence suspended for 2 years
and 1. a fine of $25.00 and
costs, 2. not operate the Pigpen
or any other public place where
alcoholic beverages are sold for
2 years, 3. be of general good
behavior for 2 years.
Home In
i .
! Damaged By Fire;
, A Coast Guardsman and his
! wife and their five children
! were left homeless last Wed
nesday when fire swept through
their home in Qiapanoke.
' The fire was discovered
around 2:30 p.m. in the home of
C. A. Lucus. A motorist
detected the blaze as he was
passing the residence.
Volunteer firemen from the
Tri-County and Woodville Fire
Departments responded to an
alarm. Each department sent
two vehicles.
The origin of the. fire is not
known, but firemen believed the
fire began on the second floor.
Fast work of both departments
saved a room and a half of
furniture and a portion of the
The Pasquotank County
Chapter of the American Red
Cross is making a plea for
children's clothing for the
According to Mrs. Sally
Leister, executive secretary of
the Pasquotank Red Cross
chapter, Lucus is attached to
the United States Coast Guard.
Ages are girls, 14, 12, 10 and 9
years. A boy 8 years of age is
also in need of clothing. The
sizes are not known. -
Persons wishing to donate
clothes are asked to stop by the
Elizabeth City Red Cross office
located on Hughes Boulevard
across from the Holiday Inn.
Hours are from 9 a.m. to noon
on weekdays.
Troop 155 Takes
Outer Banks Trip
Saturday June 10th, and
Sunday June 11th. eleven local
scouts and leaders earned the
"Outer Banks Historical Trail
For a scout to receive the
award he must complete the
following requirements.
1. Before making the trip he
must have the signed approval
of his parents. Read a book on
the Outer Banks or Wright
Brothers and turn in a book
report to his unit leader.
2. Visit the First Flight Site.
3. Visit Fort Raleigh.
4. Visit Cape Hatteras
Lighthouse and Museum of the
. 5, Hike along beach from
Whalebone Junction to camp
ground, participate in at least
one night in camp, cook two
meals. He also must perform at
least two hours of a con
servation project for the
National Park Service.
6. After making the trip he is
required to complete and
submit to the Tidewater Council
an Essay of 250 words or more
on the highlights of the trip.
Two New Business,
Ventures Planned For
Perquimans County
t , 1 ' " -ir"-
f ' - . , . ' k - .... ; . .1 ,
','' .. t . , ; . : " -',
Li,.jn Jiit'iriniit 'iniiiiiii'i'..'iiii. i ' 1 1 ffilrCli zzl .,L -r i fiTi"f 'TiiNi''lii!ir.'l J, a
John Carney; an executive
officer of Indian Creek, Inc.;
has this week announced plans
for two new business ventures
here in Perquimans County.
Both of these ventures involve
food marketing, a field which
Carney has extensive prior
experience and knowledge.
Carney said that work is
presently underway for a
resturant to be located in the
Bethel Community on the banks
of Indian Creek, locally
referred to as Bethel Creek, and
that it will specialize in seafood
and carry a good selection of
choice steaks. This resturant
will be named "The Fisher
man's Wharf' and will feature
schooner decor. The resturant
will be acessable both by car
and boat. Dredging permits
have already been applied for
to extend a canal from Indian
Creek to the resturant. A free
boat launching ramp will be
constructed on , the
canal. Carney said the building,
which'will house the resturant is
being extensively renovated at
a cost of about $35,000.00 and
that the facility should be open
in forty days or less. The
resturant has a planned seating
capacity of 100 people and will
be open for both lunch and the
evening meal.
, The second operation an
nounced by Carney is a
resturant catering to con
venience foods and ice-box pies
and is to be the pilot operation
for a string of convenience food
outlets known as "Lil" Champ".
The parent organization for "Lil
Champ" is Carney, Sons and
Perry, "of which Carney is
president, and their present
plans call for five more "Lil
Champs" to open in the
Birthdays And
Civic Meetings
John Danchise ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kirby An
niversary Bill "Bunk" Smith
Grace Coston
Pattie Melton
Linda Bundy
Thomas Gregory
Ruth Spruill
Perq. C. Rescue Squad
Belv.-Ch. Hill Fire Dept.
Debbie Sawyer
Laura Sutton
Hertford Rotary Club 6:15
Masonic Lodge 8:00
Belv. Homemakers Club
James Roy Ball
Donna Jean Baker
Shelton Skinner
JUNE 29 ,
Frank Mansfield
Charles M. Harrell, Jr.
Luke Butt
Joel B. Perry, Jr.
Dilbon Young
Essie Burbage
Gene Brum '
LuRee Copeland
Timmie Layton
William W. Bundy
Elizabeth Haskett
Mr. Willie Jones
Frances F. Kepchar
Carolinas in the next 12 months.
The second "Lil Champ" will be
open in Midway, Bertie County,
in what formerly was the
Midway Resturant and Motel.
The property has already been
purchased for this second
The pilot "Lil Champ" will be
located in Hertford on Business
17 in the building that was
formerly Brown's Resturant.
Carney said that he hoped to be
able to open in about 4 weeks.
The "Lil Champ" will be open
from 11 A.M. til 11 P.M. with the
exception of Fri., Sat., and Sun.
District Health Dept.
Only Recognized Home
Health Agency In Area
People inytlre Albemarle area
need to become more familiar
with the (local Home Health
Agency and the type of service
it provides' to people under
The District Health Depart
ment in Pasquotank,
Perquimans, Chowan and
Camden Counties is the only
recognized Home Health
Agency in the Albemarle area.
It serves only the residents of
Fire Department
Asks Cooperation
Of Local Residents
Jimmy Chappell, Chief of the
Chapel Hill-Belvidere Fire
Dept., asks the residents of the
area to please cooperate with
the Department by staying at a
safe distance from the Fire
Truck when on call. This is very
dangerous for the individual as
well as a hinderance to the
Firemen in doing their job. :
Horse And Pony
Club Prepare For
July 4th Show
Preston Nixon, Route 1, Hertford shown with Trophy won
in Halter Class at Perquimans Horse and Pony Show this
month. The club Is making preparations for their next
showJuly 4, 1:30. Please plan to attend and enter your
horse. Make this the biggest show yet!
when it will remain open until 1
A.M. Carney indicated that the
"Lil Champ" would feature a
rather unique menu that would
appeal to both young and
Tom Brown, Director of
Perquimans County Industrial
Development Commission said
that he was delighted to hear of
Carney's plans to invest in
Perquimans County. "There is
always a demand for good food in
the right atmosphere and I am
sure that these resturants will
be a real asset to the County,"
Brown stated.
tfrat four countyara. It
provides services for people
under either Part A or Part B of
Some of the services it
provides are occupational
therapy, part-time services of
home health aides, medical
social services, medical sup
plies and appliances furnished
by the agency. It does not
provide for full-time nursing
care, drugs and biologicals,
personal comfort or con
venience items or meals
delivered to your home.
There are different
requirements to qualify for
these services under Part A and
Part B of Medicare, but under
either part of Medicare you
must need part-time skilled
nursing care, or physical or
speech therapy; you must be
confined to your home ; a doctor
determines you need home
liealth care; and a doctor sets
up and periodically reviews the
plan for home health care.
Trim While Wilson
Dies At Age 80
Trim White Wilson, 80 year
old businessman of 318 N. Front
Street, died Friday morning in
the Albemarle Hospital
following an illness of 11 days.
A native of Perquimans
County, he was the son of the
late James Christopher and
Mrs. Gertrude Banks Wilson.
He attended Whitchitt Institute
in Greensboro.
He was a member of the Oak
Grove United Methodist
Church, the American Legion
and during World War 2, he
served with the Army in
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Minnie Toxey Wilson; two
brothers, Dr. Tiffany Wilson of
Savannah, Georgia and Jesse
Wilson of Edenton.
Funeral services were held
Sunday at 4: 00 in Old Hollywood
Cemetery in Elizabeth City by
the Rev. W.R. Pinner and the
Rev. Norman Harris.
The casket pall was made of
red roses, white chrysan
themums, baby's breath and
Pallbearers were Crawford
Wilson, Curtis Wilson, Calvin
Wilson, John Wilson, Billy
Wilson and J.C. Sawyer, Jr.
Swindell Funeral Home was
in charge of arrangements.
Rites Held Saturday
For Lisle L. Mathews
Lisle Leroy Mathews, 75, of
200 S. Church St., died suddenly
early Thursday morning at his
A native of Richmond,
Illinois, he was the son of the
late Samuel and Mrs. Maude
Acker Mathews.
Surviving is a cousin, Mrs.
R.H. Whiting of Waukegan,
Funeral services were held
Saturday at 2:00 in the Chapel of
the Swindell Funeral Home by
the Rev. Norman Harris.
"Nearer My God To Thee"
was played during the service
by Mrs. Preston Morgan,
The casket pall was made of
red carnations, . white
chrysanthemums and fern.
Pallbearers were Melvin
Owens, George Butler, Herbert
Eure, Julian White, William
Stallings and Tom Cox.
Funeral Services Held
For Sadie W. Bogue
Sadie Whddbee Bogue, 90,
died at 1:40 a.m. Sunday at the
home of her daughter, Mrs.
R.L. Spivey on Route 3.
A native of Perquimans
County, she was the daughter of
Elsberry Whedbee and Mrs.
Margaret Keaton Whedbee and
the widow of Haywood E.
She was a member of the
Woodville Baptist Church.
Surviving are four daughters,
Mrs. Edith Spivey and Mrs.
Catherine Spivey of Route 3,
Mrs. Margaret Butler of
Elizabeth City and Mrs. Sallie
Pierce Sharber of Route 5,
Elizabeth City; a son, William
A. Bogue of Route 3, Elizabeth
City; a sister, Mrs. Nancy
Williams of Portsmouth, Va.;
two brothers, Elsberry
Whedbee of Route 3 and
Richard Whedbee of
Pleasantville, New Jersey; 6
grandchildren and 10 great
Funeral services were held
Monday at 2:30 in the Chapel of
the Swindell Funeral Home by
the Rev. Leonard Nix, pastor of
the Woodville Baptist Church.
"The Old Rugged Cross" was
played during the service by
Mrs. Preston Morgan, organist.
The casket pall was made of
white carnations, pink car
nations, baby's breath, and
fern. V . .
Pallbearers were Charles
Sharber, Billy Bogue, Carson
Spivey, Jr., Richard Williams,
Jr., Gaston Williams, 3rd. and
Thurman Whedbee.
1 Sales Tax Is
$5,970.96 For May
The 1 per cent Sales and Use
tax collection in Perquimans
County for the month of May
amounted to $5,970.96 it was
announced today by G.A. Jones,
Jr., Commissioner of the State
of North Carolina Department
of Revenue.
1970 Census Shows
2,535 Homes In 'I
County Have TV
The. 1970 Census of Housing
counted 2,894 housing units in
Perquimans County, and 2,535
households had at least one
television set (262 UHF
equipped), the Bureau of the
Census, U.S. Department of
Commerce, announced today.
The figures are from the first
report for North Carolina which
presents detailed statistics on
housing for each county.
The report shows that in the
There were 582 housing units
with air conditioning (496 with
room units and 86 with a central
system), 2,050 units with a
clothes washing machine, 333
with a clothes dryer, and 90 with
a dishwasher.
The 1970 population was 8,351,
with an average of 3.3 persons
per housing unit.
A total of 1,747 housing units
were built before 1949, 361
during the 1950's, 304 during
1960-64, and 406 within the five
years preceding the April 1970
Utility gas was used to cook
the meals in 23 households,
electricity in another 1,690, and
bottled, tank, or LP gas in yet
another 930.
There were 2,264 housing
units with complete kitchen
facilities and 1,783 with com
plete bathrooms, both for the
exclusive use of the households.
The number of bedrooms in all
housing units ranged from none
( in 0 units) and one (in 207
units) to four or more (in 588
Owners occupied 1,749 units,
Graduated From
Asbury College
Miss Katherine Lee C ippcll
recently graduated from
Asbury College, Wilmore,
Kentucky. She was one of 180
Seniors who took part in the
college's 82 commencement
Miss Chappell is the grand
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace Goodwin of Route 1,
Class Reunion
To Be Held
Af Holiday Inn
Cecil E. Winslow, 1947 Class
Reunion Committee, Chairman,
asks everyone who plans to
attend the Class Reunion at The
Holiday Inn to please send your
letters to Mather Hurdle, 1216
Glendale Ave., Elizabeth City.
Food Aid Given To 851
Perquimans Residents In April
There were 851 low-income
Perquimans County people on
the U.S. Department of
Agriculture's donated foods
program in April as compared
to 903 the previous month
reports Russell H. James,
Southeast regional ad
ministrator of USDA's Food and
Nutrition Service.
Taking the state as a whole,
Riddick Makes
UNC Dean's List
Wayne Taylor Riddick, of
Hertford, was one of the
students who was on the
University of North Carolina's
spring semester dean's list.
To be on the dean's list at tne
University, a student must be
taking a full academic load of at
least 15 hours, and make no
grade below a C. The grades in
all courses must average a 3.0
(or B) quality point average.
Schools and Colleges in which
students can qualify for the
dean's list are the College of
Arts and Sciences, the General
College, the School of Business
Administration, ine scnooi oi
Education, the School of
Journalism, and, in Health
Affairs, Dental Hygiene,
Physical Therapy, Nursing and
Riddick is a student in the
College of Arts and Sciences.
renters 751 units, and a total of
318 units were vacant year
round with 15 for sale and 41 for
Copies of the report, Detailed
Characteristics, 1970 Census of
Housing, North Carolina HC (1)
-B 35, are available for $2.50
each from the Superintendent of
Documents, U.S. Government
Printing Office, Washington,
D.C. 20402, or from U.S.
Department of Commerce field
offices located in major cities.
Kathy Lane New
Marching Unit Chief
Miss Kathy Lane,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Lane, has been chosen
chief of the 1972-1973
Perquimans County Mar
ching Unit. She is a rising
senior at Perquimans
Count h Mhool.
Kath.v's duties will include
leading the unit in all npr.
lormances and acting as the
club president. Other of
ficers chosen were: Vice
President, Eva Newby;
Sec-Treasurer, Diane
Winslow; Publicity,
Frances White; and
Historian, Blanche Mans
field. The unit has been prac
ticing during the month of
June. They participated in
the 250th Celebration parade
in Edenton on Thursday,
June 15. The unit has ac
cepted several future
parade invitations. Their
next performance will be at
the 4th of July Parade in
James noted, there was a
decrease in the number of
people on the food assistance
programs. The number on the
food stamp program increased
2,034 while the total receiving
donated food was down 5,975 to
give the overall decrease. -,
In the 53 North Carolina
counties operating food stamp
programs, 191,386 people were
issued $4.8 million in food
coupons. Of this total $3.3
million was bonus stamps. This
was an average of $16.62 in
bonus stamps for each person
on the food stamp program.
The counties operating food;
distribution programs gave 3.4;
million pounds of USDA-
donated food to 108,451 needy:
people in April. '-".;
Homecoming At
Warwick Baptist
Church June 25
An invitation to attend;
homecoming at Warwick.
Baptist Church, Hobbsville,;
North Carolina, on June 25,
1972, is extended to all members .
and former members of the"
church. ' : :
Following the regular morh-;
ing worship service lunch will
be served. Dedication services;
for the new pews and carpet will -be
held in the afternoon. ' . 4 .

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