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Volurr ?B-No. 46
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Thursday, November 16, 1972
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Judge Walker Presides At
Perquimans District
.Tndee Wilton Walker oresided
at the regular session of
Perquimans County District
Court and heard the following
cases: .
Ida Ange, charged with
failure to send minor child,
received a 90 day sentence
suspended for S years with the
condiUons-1. pay fine of $50.00
and costs of court-2. shall faith
fully comply with requirements
of sending minor child (Janet
Lyn Lee) to school and see that
child is not absent without a
valid excuse; Cornelius
Snowden, Jr. charged with
driving under the influence of
intoxicating liquor, was given a
90 day sentence suspended for
lj months upon payment of a
line of $125.00 and costs, and
ordered not operate a motor
vehicle for 12 months;
Alphonso Hudson was taxed
itJuh costs1 for selling malt
Averages to a minor; ;
Frank Wallace Overton,
charged with failure to drive on
right half of the highway and
leaving the scene of an ac
cident, received a 4 months
sentence which was suspended
for 12 months upon payment of a
fine of $100.00 and costs;
Vernon Hue Barnett, charged
with failure to stop at scene of
accident and failure to reduce
speed to avoid accident,
received a 4 months sentence
suspended for 12 months upon
payment of a fine of $100.00 and
Curtis Earl Edwards,
charged with driving under the
influence of intoxicating liquors
and speeding, a Nol Pross with
leave was issued on the
speeding charge, the defendant
was given a 90 day sentence on
the DUI charge suspended upon
payment of a fine of $125.00 and
costs, and ordered not to
operate a motor vehicle for 12
months and turn his driver's
license over to the Clerk' of
Superior Court to be forwarded
to the Department of Virginia
Motor Vehicles;
Millie Ann Lancaster,
charged with driving under the
influence of intoxication liquor,
was given a 90 day sentence
suspended for 12 months upon
payment of a fine of $125.00 and
costs, and ordered not to
operate a motor vehicle for 12
months, and turn over her
drivers license to the Clerk of
Superior Court to be forwarded
to the Virginia Department of
Motor Vehicles;
William Edward Skinner, Jr.,
charged with affray, was
sentenced to 30 days suspended
for 12 months, given a fine of
$25.00 and costs, and ordered to
be of good behavior and not
violate any State or Federal
Elsie Harris, charged with
public drunkeness, received a
(Continued on Pgt S)
Miss Marion L. Holley (left) of 203 King
Street and Miss Phyllis A. White of 315
Stokes Street, Hertford, practice aiding
their patient. Miss Elsie J. Billups, during
a class of the College of The Albemarle
Nursing Aide course. This course, part of
ARPDC Endorses
Four Year School
A four year medical school to
be located at East Carolina
University was endorsed at the
regular meeting of the
Albemarle Regional Planning
and Development Commission
in formal session Thursday
afternoon. The presentation
was made in behalf of Plymouth
Mayor William Flowers.
Flowers is currently serving as
Chairman of a North Eastern
North Carolina Citizens'
Committee to secure the four
year school. Flowers said that
the medical school would
greatly enhance the possibility
h of physicians locating in the
Region. The staff of ARPDC
was instructed to work with the
Citizens' Committee in tbeir
efforts to accomplish this cause.
ARPDC activity report in
dicated the efforts of . the
Commission within the Region
which was directed toward
development. This included: an
application for a Water System
at Ocracoke, a Neighborhood
Facility at Stumpy Point and
Hatteras, the successful fund
ing of Columbia's Sewer
System and Hertford's Water
System. Also, assistance is
being rendered in obtaining
funds for the restoration of
Newbold-White House in
Perquimans County, the Outer
Bands Water System, the
Plymouth Airport and the Albe
marle Regional Library in
Elizabeth City.
The Albemarle Council On
Aging reported gross sales by
Senior Citizens in the amount of
$2,000 at the recent Senior
Citizens' Bazaar held at
Southgate Mall in Elizabeth
The Commission went on
Local School Board
Represented At
State Convention
Superintendent C.C. Walters
and Mrs. Walters, Miss Thelma
Elliott and Clifford Winslow of
Hertford represented the
Perquimans County Board of
Education at the North Carolina
School Boards Association 3rd
Annual Convention recently.
The meeting, held Nov. 2-4 at
the Grove Park Inn in Asheville
gathered school board mem
bers and superintendents from
across the state to discuss such
current topics as school finance,
teacher tenure and legal
During the convention a
Legislative program was form
ed for the Association and
Resolutions were passed.
As Nursing
v : V '
Nn j , f , , .. . -
record in form of a resolution
requesting the Norfolk-Carolina
Telephone Company to continue
its efforts to include all of Gates
County in the six-county Metro-
Telephone System.
Wesley Cullipher, Director of
ARPDC reported that this
Region has been selected by the
State Planning Department as
one of the five Regions in the
state for a water and sewer
study in this fiscal year.
The meeting was presided
over by Chairman William B.
Gardner and was held in the
office of the Regional Com
mission in Edenton.
Carson Spivey Is
New Perquimans
Tax Supervisor
Carson Spivey, was appointed
by the Board of Perquimans
County Commissioners to finish
the unexpired term of Julian
Powell as County Tax Super
visor effective December 4 to
July 2, 1973, at their regular
session on Monday.
In other matters of business,
the Board authorized the
general Jail Budget to be
amended in the amount of
$7,300.00, to be funded from
invested general fund money.
Reports were heard from the
Agriculture Extension Service
and Social Services Depart
ment. Bids Open On
Nov. 2 1 For
Highway Projects
The State Highway Com
mission today released details
of 30 projects in 34 counties
containing 278 miles.
. The announcement said that
bids on, the projects will be
opened on November 21, 1972, in
the Auditorium of the State
Highway Commission Building
at 10 a m. to determine the low
bidders. ,
The list of bids for the,
Chowan, Perquimans, Camden
and Pasquotank area follows:
37.15 miles of sand and asphalt
base and surface, bituminous
concrete surface and
bituminous seal coat for
resurfacing 11 sections of
Primary Roads and 2 sections
of Secondary Roads.
the college's Project COA, was taught by
a registered nurse. The students in the
class were trained to work as nursing
aides on private duty at the hospital, with
a patient at home or in a nursing home.
Published. -
In Who's Who
Cynthia Norman, a Senior at
Perquimans High School, was
one of the less than 2 per cent of
the students from 24,000 public,
private, and parochial High
Schools in the Nation to be
selected for the Honorary
Award of having her biography
published in the Sixth Annual
Edition of Merit's Who's Who
among American High School
Students 1971-72.
Cynthia's achievements
through high School have been,
Church worker, Chorister,
Sec. of Church School, member
of Christian Education Dept. of
A.M.E. Zion church, Junior and
Cadette Girl Scout, Pres. of
Guidance club, member of
English, French, and Glee Club,
and Pres. of 4-H club. She has
won Awards for her Demon
strations of Dairy Food in the
local 4-H club.
Cynthia has been a part of the
Upward Bound program at
Elizabeth City State University
for two years in which she has
won awards in Drama,
swimming, Physical education,
and best acting. She plans to
continue her education at
Elizabeth City State University
and major in Sociology. Her
parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
C. Norma a
Birthdays And
Civic Meetings
T.T. Harrell
Arlene Cartwright
Stuart White
Claude Williams
Viola Winslow
Chamber Com Bd. Dir.
Hertford Rotary Club
Masonic Lodge
Donna Elliott
Jonetta Ward
Anthony Jones
Myrtle W. Winslow
Paula Bryum
Eva H. Ward
William F. Ainsley
Cathy Evans
Helen Mansfield
Haywood Divers
Bethel Ruritan
Rlfcabeth K. Benton
Frank Briggs
Rl. Stevenson
Nam ed Farm City
Week Chairman
R.L. Stevenson, EVP Peoples
Bank has been named
Perquimans County Farm-City
Week chairman for the 1972
observance of Farm-City Week.
The appointment was an
nounced by James B. Hunt, Jr.
of Wilson, state Farm-City
Week Chairman.
Serving with Mr. Stevenson
as co-chairman for the county
committee is' Richard H.
Bryant, County Extension
Farm-City Week will be
observed across the nation on
November 17-23, ending on
Thanksgiving Day. The purpose
of the event is to help create a
better understanding between
rural and urban people.
In appointing county Farm
City Week chairmen, Hunt
stated that North Carolina is
fortunate" to have a fine
relationship between urban and
rural citizens. "Farm-City
Week can help to maintain and
strengthen this relationship,"
he said.
Miss Margaret Decker of
Asheville is serving with Hunt
as state vice-chairman.
This will be the eighteenth
annual observance of Farm
City Week. Last year's ob
servance, according to final
reports received at national
headquarters, involved the
active participation of more
than 15,000 communities in the
U.S. and Canada.
Farm-City Week is under the
direction of a National Farm
City Council, Inc. headed by Dr.
Homer C. Folks, Assoc, Dean,
College of Agriculture,
University of Missouri,
Columbia, Missouri. Kiwanis
International will serve as
coordinating agency for Farm
City Week and act as
headquarters for the National
Farm-City Council for the
eighteenth consecutive year.
The National Farm-City
Council is composed of
representatives from more than
150 major farm organizations,
industries, businesses,
associations, governmental
agencies, educational in
stitutions, and church groups. A
the inception of the event.
Farm-City Week has won the
Freedoms Foundation's
Distinguished Service Award,
which carries the same
distinction in the community
Clifford s. Winslow
Elected To State
School Boards
Clifford S. Winslow of Hert
ford was elected to the Board of
Directors of the North Carolina
School Boards Association at
the NCSBA Delegate Assembly,
Nov. 4 in Asheville. Winslow is
chairman of the Perquimans
County Board of Education.
Mr. Winslow will serve on the
board for a two-year term, 1972
1974. He is one of 18 directors
chosen by the Association.
The NCSBA Delegate
Assembly, composed of school
board members from
throughout the state, approved
Board Of Directors
To Meet Monday
The Perquimans
County Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors regular
monthly meeting will be held
Monday at 8 p.m. in the
Municipal Building.
All members are urged to
attend and new members are
invited to sit in, a traditional
custom for incoming board
President R.L. Stevenson
asks that all be present. ,
Newspaper Drive
a The Chowan Academy is
collecting newspaper for a
special project If you have
papers, please contact the
Chowan Academy at 221-4277 or
any academy student
service field as does the famed
"Oscar" in the motion picture
industry and the "Emmy" in
the television field, and the
Silver Anvil Award from the
Public Relations Society of
America for being the best
community relations program
of 1966.
LW. Savland
Marion Swindell of Swindell
Funeral Home announces that
L. Wayne Sayland has joined his
firm as funeral director and
Sayland, 21, graduated with
honors in September from the
Gupton Jones College of Mor
tuary Science in Atlanta, Ga.
where he was a member of Pi
Siema Eta the nrnfpssinh.!
funeral directors' fraternity. He
received his. funeral directors
license in April 1972 and his
embalmer's license this month
aftpr nassincr thp ctnto nnrf
national board exams.
A native of Pitt County, he is
the son of Mrs. Marvin A.
Sayland of Asheboro and the
late Mr. Sayland. He graduated
from Ayden High School and
began serving his ap
prenticeship with the Farmer
Funeral Service in 1969.
Since arriving in Hertford,
Sayland who was active in the
scouting program in Ayden has
begun assisting the local scout
leaders. He is an Episcopalian.
Swindell in making this an
nouncement states that he is
proud to have a person of
Sayland's integrity and interest
and concern in the funeral
profession with him.
a Legislative program and
passed resolutions which
outline the Association's con
cerns for the coming year. For
1973 special emphasis will be on
a state-wide bond issue,
teacher-board negotiations, and
expansion of the public kin
dergarten program.
First Year At
UNC School
Joseph Ray Haskett, Jr. of
Hertford has begun his first
year of training at the
University of North Carolina
School of Medicine at Chapel
One of 110 new students,
Haskett is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Haskett of Carolina
Ninety-seven of the first-year
medical students are North
Carolina residents with the
remaining thirteen coming
from six states and one foreign
country,, the Cpngo.
The entering students
represent 33 colleges in 14 states,
including 12 North Carolina ,
universities and colleges.
Twenty-six or about 24 per
cent of the Class of 1976 will be
composed of women. This is the
largest number ever admitted
to the UNC School of Medicine.
A graduate of Perquimans
County High School, Haskett
received a A.B. degree from'
UNC, Chapel Hill
He is married to the former
Sharman Taylor, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Taylor of
Penn. Ave. Hertford.

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